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Former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf disclosed that he had received millions of US dollars from Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia back in 2009 to purchase apartments in London and Dubai.

In an interview with Nadeem Malik on Samaa TV, he claimed that he had received "financial assistance" from King Abdul Aziz back in 2009. However, Musharraf avoided to disclose the details, saying that it was a "private affair" so he would not go into details.

"Shah Abdullah was like a brother to me," Musharraf said, adding that they had family relations and he even had access to the residence of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

"I was the only one with whom he used to smoke," said Musharraf while trying to cement his claim.

"King Abdullah himself had invited me to the holy Khana Kaaba and in one instance he brought me forward in Jumma prayers," he said while explaining his relations with the late king.

Musharraf claimed that no one can prove that he had purchased any property abroad while enjoying power in Pakistan. The former military ruler said that he used to deliver lectures abroad and receive payments ranging between $100,000 to $150,000 per lecture.

“I would be held accountable, if I had make property while being in power. But I went abroad in 2009 and then established the property in my individual capacity, so it is my private matter,” he said.

Musharraf suggests operation in Punjab

Talking about the current scenario in Pakistan, he said “Punjab has become the stronghold of militancy”. The former military ruler suggested that an operation should be carried out in the province.

“The problem is that there is a political over tone in Punjab, politicians are involved with them [terrorists]. People associated with the main party are involved (with terrorists) here, so they do not allow an operation there. They are not thinking for Pakistan but for their party and their individual benefits.”

He alleged that an important personality in the ruling PML-N has “linkages with terrorists” and everyone knows this.

‘Hafiz Saeed should be set free’

When asked about recent developments regarding Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), he said, “We (as a nation) remain confused on terrorism, like we are confused in respect to JuD and Hafiz Saeed.”

“India is against them because their supporters go voluntarily to India-held Kashmir to fight with the Indian army.”

He added, “In my opinion they are against Taliban (in Pakistan), they did not commit any terrorism in Pakistan or anywhere in the world. So they should be dealt separately.”

They were banned through United Nations by India and we are following the same line, he said adding that Indian army have been committing terrorism in the held Kashmir and freedom fighters were confronting the Indian army.

“Hafiz Saeed should definitely be freed. They are not terrorists, they are running a very fine NGO, they contributed in relief activities in post earthquake and post floods periods in Pakistan. They are running a great welfare organisation.”

They [JuD] have been engaging the religious youth in relief and welfare activities and if we push them against wall and call them terrorist, the religious youth could incline to Taliban and terrorists, said Musharraf.

Comments (187) Closed

ali Feb 15, 2017 10:13pm

now you have lost all your credibility Don't know who to trust.

ragtag Feb 15, 2017 10:25pm

@ali who you have?

ragtag Feb 15, 2017 10:25pm

@ali or did you not like the sent message and want to start trouble?

kashif Feb 15, 2017 10:28pm

I have no comments

Muslim & Pakistani Feb 15, 2017 10:35pm

The only honest general and ruler of Pakistan.

True Feb 15, 2017 10:35pm


MJS Feb 15, 2017 10:39pm

I have personally attended a lecture from Musharraf arranged by Clinton center in Little Rock, AR. His PR firm charged $200K for that lecture and I am pretty sure Musharraf got at least 60% of that.

rashid nasim Feb 15, 2017 10:43pm

I hope this was a loan and will return the money to the royal family. My Dear Musharaf, I have lots of respect for you. For some reasons, I am loosing the respect. Would suggest to try not to be part of Pakistan politics.

RAHIM Feb 15, 2017 10:43pm

Musharraf broke the trust but still much better than many other politicians of current day in Pakistan, at least he admitted. All politicians are thieves, simply one has to decided who is less and who is more to pick from.

SHoaib Feb 15, 2017 10:55pm

Musharraf had so much pride and when it came to money he accepted the gift

Seneca Feb 15, 2017 10:57pm

At least he is honest and he was a dictator. So called "democratic" rulers admit to nothing even when evidence is clear as water. Thats the respect that they have for you, meaning none whatsoever. Current story of London flats has 23 versions and they too were amended 10 times. I mean who can remember details of such a minor transaction of a million dollar house, right?

Irfan Feb 15, 2017 11:07pm

In our country who ever comes into to power, use his position for his own interest not for the public.

Shah Feb 15, 2017 11:24pm

Receiving a gift after you are out of power is not wrong...But he is declaring it that is honesty. Better he should stay out of politics.

Rajesh Feb 15, 2017 11:28pm

Contrast that to Joe Biden who took the Amtrak railway back home after leaving office and did not have money to pay for his son's cancer treatment.

The politicians from the sub-continent need to learn a few things....

Arshad,Canada Feb 15, 2017 11:28pm

Well I always had proof of his bil 4 Billion Rupees in Four Dubai accounts and he did admit to Waseem Badami that he has friends who helps him. They are all corrupt at the Top .If we just pick one corrupt leader because we do not like him or her than we are not being truthful and honest. ZARDARI WE ALL KNOW ABOUT, WHERE DID HE GET ALL THE Sugar mills, why Malik Raiz built him the Lahore Palace worth a few Billion Rupees, NAWAZ IS FACING THE COURT,IMRAN IS NOT READY TO TELL HIS PARTY'S funding to ECP and now he is in IHC to stop the ECP from taking any action on PTI. Where do we go. GOD HELP US.

Shahid Feb 15, 2017 11:28pm

It should be made a law that any gift by a foreigner (who isn't a relative) given to some one who is in government service or has previously been in service of the ranks above grade 19, including those who held political posts in a government and those who served in the armed forces, should be deposited with the state of Pakistan and failing to do that should be a punishable offence.

suchbaath Feb 15, 2017 11:34pm

Hope Pakistani laws are there to declare any gift from any ruler to any officials or elected person to declare and surrender to Government of Pakistan, and let small souvenirs can be taken. If such laws existed, then President Musharaf violated the law of land, and should be charged of stealing government wealth. No ruler give gifts to any other ruler for charity and needs favors, so laws are made to take gifts to government treasury to avoid personal conflicts, to return favor.

If such laws don't exists, then such laws needs to be framed quickly so rulers or government officials surrender all gifts to them or their families, excepts few souvenirs. Otherwise all Saudi and Qatari or Bahraini excuses will keep coming up to cover up the usurped treasury money. Hope such example can be copied from USA or European countries. Let's protect our treasury plundered by rulers.

zak Feb 15, 2017 11:39pm

@MJS an honest man making an honest living.

VoiceOfReason Feb 15, 2017 11:39pm

There is nothing wrong with accepting gifts as a civilian. Its his personal matter.

zak Feb 15, 2017 11:37pm

@Irfan he has fought for this country, man! What more you can do for public.

mendon Feb 15, 2017 11:40pm

@MJS It is still paid by Saudi King. Saudi King paid Clinton Foundation and Clinton Foundation paid Mushaaraf. No wonder Trump won American elections against Clinton.

Tariq, Lahore Feb 15, 2017 11:45pm

When one accepts sizeable 'gifts' one is open to 'compromise' his/her position!

Abdulla Hussain Feb 15, 2017 11:45pm

Why did he not disclosed this earlier, looks many elite class persons will come up with different financial revelation, credit goes to Imran Khan for blowing hot air.

Sanjeev Feb 15, 2017 11:48pm

Brother Abdulla has given him flats.Wonder what Uncle Sam has given hin.

shahid Latif Feb 15, 2017 11:51pm

General Musharraf! " King Abdullah was like my brother" . So he gave me millions of dollars. Great. Big brothers do take care of younger brothers. So what did you do for your elder brother?

Moghees Adil Feb 15, 2017 11:56pm

All power full politician and Army general are like brothers to Shah Abdullah. Nawaz Sharif has said same thing. why can’t an ordinary Pakistani can be a brother?

Mustafa R. Feb 15, 2017 11:54pm

There is nothing 'private' even for a president, although the saving grace is that it happened when he was out of power. But one cannot put general sahib in the same league as Erdogan, Xi Jinping or Hassan Rouhani any more.

Shahid Khan Feb 15, 2017 11:56pm

No free money for anyone!!! Saudi money and lecturer money from USA was an indirect payments for influence on Pakistani policies. As a result, Musharraf did everything for the benefit of those who gave money. Very Sad!!!!

HYDERABADI Feb 16, 2017 12:02am

@Seneca what is honesty about, could you please educate us, a retired general boasting that he received gifts from rulers of another country without favour? comeon, have some self respect before supporting this corruption at the highest level without any shame.

Hafeez Feb 16, 2017 12:03am

Imagine getting such a generous gift had you not been occupying the public high office of PAK! Such a twisted definition of personal relations , and the corruption.

AW Feb 16, 2017 12:07am

King Abdullah gave you money because you were President of Pakistan. You cashed your position which was a public trust so you are guilty. Return the money to Pakistani treasury which will an honorable thing to do. Any leader receiving money privately from anyone who becomes a friend while the leader is in service of Pakistan or after such public service is clearly not honorable by any standards.

Prashant Feb 16, 2017 12:09am

general might to disclose something new with old age

Qaisar Feb 16, 2017 12:06am

Our leaders took money from the world leaders who already died. So they know this claim can not be verified. By claiming this dont they have any self respect?

Faraz-Canada Feb 16, 2017 12:06am

Please read again the whole article. He never got any favors while being in power. He is an honest person who loves Pakistan

hanif Feb 16, 2017 12:06am

Can anyone tell me if there is anything wrong here, that's what happens when you have a rich friend, there may be other moral arguments, but no ethical arguments

S Haider Feb 16, 2017 12:11am

It is shameful that our leaders find it convenient and proper to take money form foreign kings and princes. Are we to believe that this all very innocent and simple generosity towards the Very poor leaders of our country. It is disgusting.

Ashamed pakistani Feb 16, 2017 12:15am

Ego problem.

Asad Feb 16, 2017 12:17am

except Imran khan who is not a politation every one else is corrupt

Anti-corruption Feb 16, 2017 12:21am

Why would King Abdullah give millions of dollars to Gen Musharraf?? There's no free lunch Musharraf Sahab !!

Satyameva Jayate Feb 16, 2017 12:22am

There is No Free Gift, in today's world.

Parvez Feb 16, 2017 12:23am

....and what did give in return ?

peace monger Feb 16, 2017 12:26am

General Saab, he was not a friend. He kept you close to use your influence for his benefit. Why would you need to buy so much property?? you already have enough from the service.

Not different eh? you are one of them too. Now we hope General Raheel and Imran Khan are not.

Tanwir Zafar Feb 16, 2017 12:30am

@ali musharraf was a great leader and he did not eat any money of this nation

Gerry D'Cunha Feb 16, 2017 12:32am

The cat is out of the bag. Mushraaf did favour to Saudi king of sending ?NS and families with out trial and he got favour from the king when he was in exile in 2009. Who is trustworthy in Pakistan?

ADD (Canada) Feb 16, 2017 12:40am

@kashif That in itself is a big comment. You are confused like all of us.

ADD (Canada) Feb 16, 2017 12:41am

@rashid nasim Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia doesn't lend money. He throws it away.

GaZ Feb 16, 2017 12:44am

@ali totally agree I was a big fan of his but sorry I cannot believe that an Arab leader who will not pay Pakistani labourers a fair wage will just hand over billions to their leaders. May be these Arabs are paying our leaders to ensure we stay so poor so they have a supply of slaves.

Dr.SOB Feb 16, 2017 12:47am

Not an Issue. Who dare to talk about your morality ground Sir. You are not a commom man nor a big politician. You are doing what exactlly wants to see. Thank you. Pak. Zinda bad.

Futurewizard Feb 16, 2017 12:48am

Now that hurts.

Dr.SOB Feb 16, 2017 12:48am

@Seneca You made my day. Now I know the right defination for "HONEST". Please define the word "DISHONEST" too.

SAM Feb 16, 2017 01:04am

Well, if he took the money after he left politics, what is the problem? None, as long as he stays out of politics. Let him live his life as a private citizen.

masood habib Feb 16, 2017 01:09am

@Seneca does that give Musharraf the right to take money from the Saudi's?

sukhera Feb 16, 2017 01:15am

@SHoaib . Its a general rule that any gift given to the head of the state belongs to the government and its not considered a personal gift. He received the gift because he was head of the state. How many gifts he received after his retirement? None.He is keeping these illegitimate gifts and if he was in a western country, there was no way he could keep these gift. These funds belong to the people of Pakistan and if he was a honest man, he should return the funds to the state ASAP. God help us from these corrupt politicians. They find every excuse not to return these funds like "he was a brother to me or we had personal relationship".Pakistan Govt should file a case in UK court and get the properties back to the people of Pakistan.

Najjee Feb 16, 2017 01:18am

They are all dirty, no doubt Pakistan can't progress fast.

Kashif abbasi Feb 16, 2017 01:21am

@Irfan please read his statement again. he received gifts in 2009 , he was gone a year before it from power.

ivehadit Feb 16, 2017 01:20am

no moral qualms in taking money on the basis of your position in the Pakistan government?

ivehadit Feb 16, 2017 01:23am

@RAHIM pretty sad that you would accept this as a least bad option.

anony Feb 16, 2017 01:28am

Long live the General. We miss you and want you back.

Muhammad Feb 16, 2017 01:29am

conflict of interest. why would the King oblige you without being obliged first. our leaders have bitterly disappointed us.

Ahmad Shah Feb 16, 2017 01:32am

You are a retired general like many others before you and one after you. The best course for you would be to shun politics and enjoy your retirement and make the most of it. Yes the only difference between you and the other retired generals is that you toppled a corrupt government and assumed power but unfortunately you did not finish the corruption although you had a golden opportunity and then made a blunder to arrest judges and to listen to George W Bush.

Javed Feb 16, 2017 01:37am

Third rate behavior from a 3rd world nation..corrupt to the core

asif memon Feb 16, 2017 01:59am

Ex Army Chief cum President of Pakistan getting $100,000 for lectures still needs assistance from Saudi king... All these politicians when they caught red-handed come up with these kinda stories. They can make up these stories cause they feel that people in Pakistan are fools and will be convinced by them... Come on Musharaf sahb come up with something more substantial than this...

NHM Feb 16, 2017 02:02am

Just millions of dollars from the King, the general is still poorer compared to the politicians by 100s of millions

Azam Khan Feb 16, 2017 02:15am

@rashid nasim, what makes you loose respect for him ?

Azam Khan Feb 16, 2017 02:14am

@RAHIM, how on earth did he break the trust.

Imran Feb 16, 2017 02:22am

You too Mr. Musharraf. So sad. Is there anyone that the people can trust?

Imtiaz ali khan Feb 16, 2017 02:30am

@Muslim & Pakistani He is an honest man, educated and a patriot. Economy was stable dollar was in 60's through out his time. I do like him, his biggest mistake was NRO, and we all make mistakes. Love to Musharraf and IK both are honest educated leaders unlike Nawaz and Zardari what a joke, these looter of wealth have no standing and credibility. It shows on their faces how corrupt they are.

Skkk Feb 16, 2017 02:30am

Shameless admission-the King loved me so i accepted a few million dollars from him-forget about being CoAS and CEO of Pak for more than 10 yrs.

W G Sheikh Feb 16, 2017 02:35am

Smart and timely move from ex president Musharraf; will mend fence with Sheriffs by acknowledging gift and overseas assets; very good for Karachi.

Zia Feb 16, 2017 02:36am

I am astonished how the people are justifieng this person's greed. Saudis or any one is not that fool to gift millions without any benefit. Mr Musharraf books should be checked whether he got this money during his rule or later.

RJM Feb 16, 2017 02:37am

Generals,guess, are no different than the politicians.

Saif zulfiqar Feb 16, 2017 02:38am

Atleast Musharaff is neither hiding anything nor lying anything. He has not done anything wrong by accepting a gift from a friend of Pakistan.

shereen Feb 16, 2017 02:48am

I wonder what boys like sharif n musharaf did for the dictator kings to get such favours. No king has to date offered to become my brother and offer such help.

hamid gul Feb 16, 2017 03:03am

King Abdullah paid him money against what favor? Such people can never be trusted. All are corrupt and busy in looting.

sms Feb 16, 2017 03:06am

Question is, can HE produce a letter?

Mark Feb 16, 2017 03:25am

Abuse of power for self interest If he is a patriotic person , should donate 90 to 100 % back to poor people . How did he got so much respect and friendship from Saudi , because of the uniform which belongs to the country . So directly or indirectly the gift money goes to the country poor , not for his comforts Shame !

IMTIAZ ALI KHAN Feb 16, 2017 03:25am

When US Presidents, every gulf ruler or king and every major dignitary used to visit Pakistan! Musharraf is a honest and educated man. Education is the key until or unless the leader is educated, well spoken and honest Pakistan will not become a industrialized nation. PPP, PMLN both have to go in order for Pakistan do well. Pakistan first and no to corruption and panama scandals.

asim Feb 16, 2017 03:42am

So he will also be able to provide a letter from a Saudi province?

Najeeb Ahmad Feb 16, 2017 03:43am

Why the Arabs kings and princes are soo generous to our leaders who are the owners of offshore companies.??? Hahaha

Anjan Feb 16, 2017 04:05am

He is the greatest leader and was the army chief.... his Saudi brother helped him like all others who got similar help being in the position of power. This is a long standing tradition and nothing to be ashamed off. Long live General and zidabad Pakistani Army ..... appreciate your true courage, service and standing as equal vis-a-vis our country... you are the greatest.... an admiring Indian

Freda Shah Feb 16, 2017 04:18am

He used his official position to gain favors from foreign leaders What a hypocrite ! He is no better than the other corrupt leaders Pakistan is cursed with.

saleem khan Feb 16, 2017 04:52am

@MJS I attended one of Musharraf's lectures here in Baltimore, Maryland at Meyerhoff Building. I am not aware how much he got paid but I am sure it has to be 100,000 dollars or more. The usual fees.

Gul Hasan Feb 16, 2017 04:52am

So our heads of state are at the mercy of the wealthy kings. How can the country be governed by such people.

Yash Feb 16, 2017 05:00am

@Irfan . Brilliant comment brother.

Azmeen Feb 16, 2017 05:10am

@Irfan fully agree

Vijay B. Feb 16, 2017 05:29am

I have heard Musharraf emphatically declare time and time again "I have nothing to hide, I am not afraid of anybody." And now we hear this. This is definitely unethical by any measure. I don't know what more to say beyond that.

Ashok Feb 16, 2017 05:28am

what is it that you speak that is so valuable or unheard of that will cost $150,000...

Imtiaz ali khan Feb 16, 2017 05:31am

Not even a dime he took from anyone when he was in power. Honest, honest man.

raj Feb 16, 2017 05:54am

Now this is clear that who ever in power, have made personnel relation to other head of states to get so called gifts either in cash or property abroad. Not beneficial to people of Pakistan.

Syed F. Hussaini Feb 16, 2017 06:08am


Ayesha Siddiqa's Military Inc. came out in 2007 and detailing his financial conquests she put his worth around a billion back then.


sarmad Feb 16, 2017 06:12am

And how they became friends. Not sure they attended same school or lived in they same neighberhood while growing up!

Mike London Feb 16, 2017 06:15am

If you scratch my back, I scratch your's.

Larkanavi Feb 16, 2017 06:21am

If in future Musharraf lands a leading position in the Govt. through democratic process or by appointment, would he be able to resist Saudi pressure and not succumb to the demands of Royal family? Why do our rulers, past and present, have to stoop so low? Don't they know why the foreign rulers shower them with money? How credible is Musharraf's claim that Pakistan comes first? Sorry, General you have lost all respect I had for you. You are just one of the many past and present rulers we have in Pakistan.

Mehmood Feb 16, 2017 06:40am

Should he not have paid taxes on this small gift of a few million dollars? Is it not illegal to receive gifts like this while in power?

tariq Feb 16, 2017 06:47am

First NS with Qatar now Mush with Saudi. So they did not steal from Pakistan. Just like the PM of Malyasia claiming 600 million came from King of Saudi another lie he stole it

ZAHID K KHAN Feb 16, 2017 06:50am

Nice story about a dead king throwing millions at Mush. I guess he has enough time to sit around and make up such stories. Mush is no better than the rest of the thieves.

3D PerspEctive Feb 16, 2017 07:00am

@RAHIM .Did anyone ask him to disclose such tantalizing disclosure,or he simply like to pretend that it's not big deal if PM NS family owns flats abroad, and if gift were given by Qatari friends. PML(N) may accept this friendly gesture,and open new chapter of friendship.

Abhishek Feb 16, 2017 07:37am

What can u expect from erstwhile president of nation which constantly in search of aid and assistance

Afzal Feb 16, 2017 07:42am

After Qatari letter, Now is Saudi

Zulfiqar Syed Feb 16, 2017 07:59am

understanding now that why we never get gas from iran

sajjad akbar Feb 16, 2017 08:00am

In the real world, nothing is free. What was the return gift Mr. Musharraf?

cricket lover Feb 16, 2017 08:17am

Why would Abdullah give millions of dollars to Musharraf for free? it smells fishy.

Muslim Medina Feb 16, 2017 08:33am

Gen. Musharraf did not buy properties while in power. He did not have to disclose as his name has not appeared in any leaked document. Also there was no selling and buying as is the case against Sharifs.

Sameer Feb 16, 2017 08:34am

His mistake NRO. And to this date we suffer.

Sheik chili Feb 16, 2017 08:54am

We want you back generalissimo you are a tiger who speaks the truth drive away the impostors who are not brave heros like you who put their lives on the line not their nations, whilst their pomposity in their palaces is almost embarrassing.

Khan A Feb 16, 2017 09:00am

You had such a tremendous opportunity to do good for Pakistan. Such great potential. Alas!

James Feb 16, 2017 09:12am

God help the country whose leaders both civil and military are living on funding from ruling class of another country. A country where leaders have full control on their resources and are not answerable to anyone.

Khaled Feb 16, 2017 09:17am

Was it a part of some deal?

deepu Feb 16, 2017 09:18am

What an irony......service by pakistan and benefit share by one general..

Shuja Feb 16, 2017 09:16am

It shows the intellectual level of the people, who posting in this column without thinking. Musharaff keeps saying he received the money after he was out of the power. No one in Pakistan, including Asif Zardari, and Nawaz Shariff can accuse President Musharaff of corruption. only narrow-minded people in the column are writing worthless posts against President Musharaff. who is very honest, intelligent and statement man on the world stage?

SIAK Feb 16, 2017 09:24am

Musharraf was and is the best leader for Pakistan, PERIOD!!

Future Feb 16, 2017 09:22am

Why does no-one gives me money to buy property? Hummmmm maybe i am in not that position. These folks justify corruption in their own way and are Ok with it.

Fahad Feb 16, 2017 09:25am

@Tariq, Lahore What position? in 2009 he didnt have any position

Ashraf ali Feb 16, 2017 09:28am

@MJS - Lecture by Musharraf? You don't have to explain further.

Khaled Feb 16, 2017 09:32am

There are no free lunches!

khuda hafiz Feb 16, 2017 09:31am

No problem if you are corrupt, used your position to earn money or property - in Pakistan there are many supporters for you. This clearly shows where our country is heading!

Azam khan Feb 16, 2017 09:36am

In our system we have corrupt politicians and corrupt officials. Nothing else.

Saad Razzaq Feb 16, 2017 09:42am

Such a misery for Pakistan. All its leaders have two faces

Addy Feb 16, 2017 10:03am

God bless Pakistan - I wonder someone even think for the under-privileged, the homeless, the people who are hungry, no clothes, people whose children have no access to schools. And then we hear politicians with much given / taken away. Imagine an ordinary person, request for a bank loan for a small amount - rest is history!

Syed Feb 16, 2017 10:07am

That was not because of any friendship, that was conflict of interest, He held highest position in Government. He should be tried by courts like Sharif family .

Jalbani Baloch Feb 16, 2017 10:07am

Mr. Mushraff did not get financial support due to his professionalism and loyalty, but as a compensation of his betrayal for jumping into the war of America, for which, the people of Pakistan are still paying back with their blood.

Javid Feb 16, 2017 10:17am

The King was my brother, Gilani said Mrs Erdogan was his sister, the Sharifs have the Qataris as brethren and the House of Saud as their brethren : since when ? Not till they all became heads of GoP.

Mubashir Feb 16, 2017 10:26am

Private affair? Hog wash!

Arun-KS Feb 16, 2017 10:26am

This is basically a corruption case of (non-democratic) KSA.

mansoor mubeen Feb 16, 2017 10:26am

what an explanation... i built property valuing millions of dollars in london and dubai, when i was not in power. so it is my private affair. ..........brilliant and master stroke. i am appears there is no doomsday. and look at the claims submitted by him in courts..... my property should not be confiscated, as i do not have any other source of income. .........pathetic and poor nation of ours.

Ahmed bin Babar Feb 16, 2017 10:27am

A new addition to the Saudi royals..?!

Ahmad R. Shahid Feb 16, 2017 10:34am

Raheel Sharif got 90 acres for his "meritorious" services. How much land did Musharraf get?

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Feb 16, 2017 10:32am

Can we flash an ad asking all Pakistanis to come forward and tell us who gifted what, whey and why. Qatar took lead and declared that PM Nawaz is a friend ad now my bhaijan Musharraf declares that he had Saudi friend. Questions (a) None friend in Kuwait + Bahrain + Oman? (b) Just one Qatari is friend and not more (c) Saudia also offered just one friend to us. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait

khanm Feb 16, 2017 10:37am

who to praise and who to blame they all are the tit bit of the same paper bag...for all my silent Pakistanis...Be silent and safe — silence never betrays you; Be true to your word and your work and your friend; Put least trust in him who is foremost to praise you, Nor judge of a road till it draw to the end.....The trouble with most of us is that we'd rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism....

amumiya Feb 16, 2017 11:14am

some robbed millions, other billions ,whom to vote ?and whom to elect ? , spend rest of time bragging about CPEC or india`s weakness what else can we do ?

Sajad Ali Feb 16, 2017 11:31am

When anyone reads this, looks like our rulers have taken favors from outside. Once you take loan or favor from someone you become their slave/servant. Have to do what they say. This is not only Musharraf but others as well. God bless Pakistan !!

rich Feb 16, 2017 11:53am

@Rajesh Contrast that to Joe Biden who took the Amtrak railway back home after leaving office and did not have money to pay for his son's cancer treatment.

The politicians from the sub-continent need to learn a few things....

my dear our ex defense minister mr anthony did not have money to treat his wife for cancer, and the govt stepped in and paid his bill as he had no money

our ex pm lal nhadur shastri died a very poor man, modi brothers has 2 buffolos and a very small house, our current defense minister from go who was a chief minister of my state goa a very rich state use to go to work on his scooter

now he is forced to travel by car bec he is defence minister and riding a scooter is securty risk, i think his wife is a teacher

we have 100s of minister, MPs ect honest to the core, but many too who are very very corrupt

Sridhar Raghunatha Rao Feb 16, 2017 11:59am

A clever person. Knows fully well about what to say; how to interpret what and when to say what. My admiration to him about these things, continue to this day

Omer Feb 16, 2017 12:02pm

In 2009 he was not a public office holder, what ever his financial dealings are subject to no scrutiny at all as a civilian Pakistani citizen after retirement.

The man is sincere and honest and is a constant irritant to the Panama groomed democracy of Pakistan.

Wonder why dawn loaded it as a top pager when he has discussed other important issues of relating to Pakistan in the same interview.

My 2 cents Feb 16, 2017 12:10pm

How gives money for free.....

Syed Naseem Ahmed Feb 16, 2017 12:07pm

He is an honest General who did everything for the sake of making Pakistan as a great Nation . In his tenure only Pakistan got rid of IMF loan . This was a great achievement as a Military General . God bless him long life . AMIN

Syed Naseem Ahmed

Law of jungle Feb 16, 2017 12:12pm

He is honest to admit that !!!

Vishal Feb 16, 2017 12:20pm

Saudi Arabia, China - all these so called all weather friends of Pakistan infact uses Pakistan for their own self interest.

mansoor kamal Feb 16, 2017 12:40pm

He had all the power during his rule and could do whatever he wants to do, but all his enemies with all the resources on their disposable not able to bring any case of corruption against him of even single rupees. SInce he was a leader of world stage he needs resources to maintain his status/security that is why in my opinion he accepted gift from his and Pakistan best friend.

shan Feb 16, 2017 01:09pm

Qatris, Saudis ... who is next??

kanwarch Feb 16, 2017 01:10pm

@Vishal There is no friend in this world with out a motive

Musarrat Iqbal Javed Feb 16, 2017 01:49pm

@Muslim & Pakistani -so what is honesty and where is it coming from especially in this case

BAXAR Feb 16, 2017 02:45pm

@Khaled "Was it a part of some deal?" Nobody bribes a retired person. If it is a deferred payment for a service rendered earlier, he has no leverage to claim it after retirement. Logically, there is no hint of corruption. You may say that, if he's back to power with the help of the one who paid him, and gives something in return. But the donor is no more alive. So what may be the deal?

Nasir-London Feb 16, 2017 03:05pm

What can be said of our Generals and our Politicians other then well done sirs.

Only the heads of state of Pakistan have millions thrown at them by the rich of forein countries. No wonder everyone wants to lead Pakistan.

D.K. PAMNANI Feb 16, 2017 03:02pm

He will admit all misdeeds one by one.

Hasan Feb 16, 2017 03:42pm

"Raheel Sharif 'helped me out' in leaving Pakistan: Musharraf "- Dawn Dec 21, 2016

Now he says Saudi Arabia gave him free funds to buy apartments.

Must be great to have such wonderful friends. He is truly blessed. Wish he would have passed on some oh his blessings to the country as well.

Sartaj Feb 16, 2017 04:07pm

@SHoaib dont agree shoeb.

Confused Pakistani Feb 16, 2017 04:24pm

A fully corrupt man with a mask of honesty. Even the God can't help Pakistan.

Ashraf Usman Feb 16, 2017 04:29pm

I am surprised at the innocence or state of denial of our people inspite of the repeated bad experience of last 6 decades with the politicians and generals. Those who think that these are angels are living in fools paradise. As for Musharraf era, I believe both he and Shaukat Aziz smartly looted the country with impunity.

Shakil Feb 16, 2017 04:34pm

He had disclosed this information years ago when his purchase of London flat surfaced. He openly said it was bought

Just An Ordinary Pakistani Feb 16, 2017 04:46pm

Well I am more concerned about the "Gift" he gave in return... NRO??? Pakistan....?

Just An Ordinary Pakistani Feb 16, 2017 04:51pm

What was the need for this disclosure in 2017... Is he expecting some kind of a leak... Wiki...?

Anna Feb 16, 2017 05:26pm

He corrupt but he is honest to accept so let's forgive him . What kind of mentality country man have. Gad save such country.

BAXAR Feb 16, 2017 06:15pm

@Ashraf Usman "he and Shaukat Aziz smartly looted the country" So they were so smart, that even now you cannot tell what exactly they have looted. And those we all know what they have looted, so not smart enough, are still ruling (and looting) you, and you loath the previous smart ones.

ARSHAD,cANADA Feb 16, 2017 06:33pm

@Faraz-Canada . Well,off course he loves Pakistan, all dictators did. Why won't he would love Pakistan, where almost all the politicians were in his pockets. He could arrest and dismissed the entire Judiciary at his will. He owned the entire country. made Billions ( oh ys, by Speaking and lectures only) has over a Billion Rs. worth of properties in Pakistan and over 4 Billion Rs. in Four Dubai accounts ( Ansar Abbasi had given all the account numbers and bank branches and an interview with Waseem Badami your Honest General never denies it and only said some friends helped me and books and lectures made me the money. did he pay any taxes on them or declared the money and all the properties overseas. Just do not kid yourself people, No one is honest at the top.

BAXAR Feb 16, 2017 08:05pm

@Just An Ordinary Pakistani "more concerned about the "Gift" he gave in return" Is it not clear enough what he gave to Saudi royal family in return? Return of Nawaz Sharif as PM, what else?

Insane Feb 17, 2017 08:05am

The ex-president of a country accepting money from brother Abdullah! Was it alms or bribe?? Even if it was neither, where is self respect? Proudly proclaiming accepting such charity money shows the degradation of the mind. Pakistan deserves better.

farid Feb 17, 2017 08:37am

Saudis have destroyed the fabric of almost every muslim country by spreading corruption through their oil wealth.Arabs have the habit to give "GIFTS" to powerful people ,from Malaysian PM,to Nawaz Sharif and now Musharif.

Vish1 Feb 17, 2017 08:44am

@Shah ! Don't you know that accepting high-value gifts, specially, cash, is completely unacceptable for those who are in the decision making positions?

jalil yousaf Feb 17, 2017 09:19am

Dont know if it was King Abdullah giving you that money, or was it paid by Bush administration to you via King for your dirty jobs, whatever the truth will be revealed one day, but if not, then on the day of judgement, you cant escape it General. My question is, and I wonder, that King Abdullah was like a brother to you. What about your own poor countrymen, arent they like brothers to you? You could have donated that money to the poor of Pakistan. You can still do that. I would like to hear your comments General on this.

qamberali Feb 17, 2017 11:11am

this man does not deserve a favour that too a personal favour

Mir ZaHir Feb 17, 2017 11:29am

Musharraf must return the expensive gifts to Shah Abudullah. This is not ethical an bad professional conduct even if it is not illegal. It should be illegal, if it is not, who ever is entrusted with public capital cannot accept expensive gifts from foreign dignitaries. Because, expensive gifts means exchange of favors and directly impact the people of Pakistan, because it is their money & property and interest, and this favor is being given because of the public position. It causes direct conflict of interest.

Syed Mohaj Feb 17, 2017 11:54am

Corruption everywhere. Why to give them plots in prime locations when they get millions of dollars from Middle-East Shiekhs

vishal Feb 17, 2017 12:09pm

Gift of Millions of USD! I wish May God bless all with such brothers.

Pakistani Feb 17, 2017 02:34pm

@ali . He left Pakistani politics behind in 2008. SO if he purchased a property in 2009. What is the problem in that. It is just you all need excuses to hate him. But lets use our common sense please.

Ashraf Feb 17, 2017 02:34pm

It is sad when even the best of our leaders, the absolute best we have had, is also curropt.

Hum bolega to... Feb 17, 2017 03:11pm

@MJS : I have personally attended a lecture from Musharraf arranged by Clinton center in Little Rock, AR. His PR firm charged $200K for that lecture and I am pretty sure Musharraf got at least 60% of that.

Storytelling competitions are not giving this big rewards! Grow up, bro! Usually, bribes are given in fancy boxes in ceremonies to protect beneficiaries from corruption charges! It is child's game! You seem to be partner & beneficiary too!

S. D. Feb 17, 2017 03:22pm

@ali Trust India. You wont find a matching friend anywhere. Everyone try to take advantage of situation but believe me..India won't

Shaukat Brah, PhD Feb 17, 2017 04:16pm

There are no friends in international relations, only national interest.

Tom Feb 17, 2017 04:30pm

That is all fine General. But did you declare your income and pay income tax?

Ajaz Feb 17, 2017 06:31pm

With all his faults. He was a better ruler than all other rulers combined.

Bitter truth Feb 17, 2017 06:42pm

What secret favour House Of saud got from prevez mushraff during his days as a ruler Of pakistan as there is no free lunch in world today.

Salman Feb 17, 2017 09:18pm

@Rajesh God bless you for speaking the truth

Salman Feb 17, 2017 09:21pm

@Shahid There is a law on the books but its never been followed.

Khan Feb 18, 2017 02:03am

lol, yeah right! he was like a brother to you. Was he not the brother of all the poor of the world?

nasr Feb 18, 2017 03:51am

If the general said he got the favors from late King Abdullah when he was not in power then there is no point here to discuss that in the comments

Cyrus Feb 18, 2017 03:54am

And still the HONEST, UNBLEMISHED champion of Pakistan, the one and only IMRAN KHAN!

nasr Feb 18, 2017 04:07am

I have come across many expats working in Mideast with rich there for very long time and has gotten a lot rewarded. So it is very common of million in gift from the rulers to their friends

Arif Feb 18, 2017 04:29am

Every person in this world has a price. Saudis and West know how to handle our leaders. What a shame!

Atif Feb 18, 2017 06:32am

You have read the Qatari letters. Now read Jordanian letters. These prople are milking Pakistan dry.

Junaid Feb 18, 2017 06:51am

General Mushraf was invited to deliver a 1 hour lecture here in HK in one of the university they paid him 50 thousands HK dollars check out the worth of this man

SECULARIST Feb 18, 2017 06:58am

Look at the apologists for the General comment in these columns. Your emperor has no clothes and yet you insist that he is an honest messiah. There is a saying in my language: "It is easy to wake up those who are truly asleep. Not so with the pretenders."

deven Feb 18, 2017 07:20am

From another nation, sir, such personal financial assistance is called BRIBE.

BNJ Feb 18, 2017 09:00am

Very Honest of him!

AN Observer Feb 18, 2017 09:00am

The whole world works like that people. Don't you see how elections are funded and won in the United States and other western democracies.

He was smart enough to get this thing done instead of robbing the country the way others are doing for generations in Pakistan. Instead of replacing him we should have retained him in office the country would have progressed much more.

Hasan Habib Feb 18, 2017 11:02am

The government rules about gifts, who will implement them?

VELLAICHAMY Feb 18, 2017 09:37pm

Money earned through oil wealth belong to the people of Saudi Arabia. The King is only a custodian. He has no right to squander the oil dollars by donations to rulers of other nations in the name of umma. Such acts are the reasons for the spilling of people's blood in Indian sub continent as well as in other Arab nations and Afghanistan.