KHAR: Majority of tribal people want merger of Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while 68 per cent of them are in favour of introduction of a new governance system in the region and complete repeal of Frontier Crimes Regulation, according to a study.

The study titled ‘Governance Reforms in Fata’ was conducted by Fata Research Centre. It shows that 74 per cent respondents want to see Fata a part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It adds 18 per cent respondents fully oppose the idea of merger of Fata with the province while only five per cent partially disagree with the idea.

The second most favoured option, according to the study, is restructuring Fata as a separate province. It says that 26 per cent respondents fully support the choice of Fata as separate province while 19 per cent partially approves the idea.

The study says that 38 per cent respondents fully and 11 per cent partially disagree with the proposal to make Fata a separate province.

The study says that the option pertaining to amendments in the existing governance system has been endorsed by 19 per cent respondents while 13 per cent of them show partial agreement with the option.

The study says that 68 per cent respondents demand complete abolishment of FCR and introduction of country’s regular laws in Fata. It says that 18 per cent people want introduction of Fata council on the patterns of Gilgit- Baltistan in comparison to 53 per cent respondent, who disagree with the idea.

The study says that 70 per cent respondents fully agree with the notion that FCR is root cause of the problems of tribal people. Similarly, 52 per cent respondents say that present governance system in Fata is imperfect and unsatisfactory while 84 per cent seek provision of fundamental human right to tribal people.

The study mentions that people have also expressed dissatisfaction over the prevailing security system in the region.

Published in Dawn, February 3rd, 2017