India urged to shun subversive activities

Updated December 21, 2016


QUETTA: Commander, Southern Command, Lt Gen Aamir Riaz has advised India to share the fruits of future development by joining the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project instead of employing subversive activities against Pakistan.

Speaking at an award distribution ceremony at the Balochistan Frontier Corps (FC) headquarters on Tuesday, he said India, like Iran, Afghanistan, China and Central Asian states, should enjoy the benefits of CPEC.

He warned the people not to be misled by self-exiled leaders who, according to him, were on the payroll of the ‘enemy’ to dismember Pakistan.

“Their catchy slogans will not work as people are aware of their designs and will not be misled,” Lt Gen Riaz told the audience.

Praising the 700 FC personnel who have sacrificed their lives while fighting terrorism and subversive activities, the commander said Balochistan had been facing such activities for the past 10 years but the FC jawans had defeated the enemies, forcing them to flee.

Militants imposed their ideology on people at gunpoint by way of intimidation and harassment and had sold the idea of an independent and greater Balochistan, the commander said.

These very militants sitting in Dubai, London and Geneva, he said, were being heavily funded by the enemies to harm the country.

He said the FC personnel would continue to fight bravely and courageously with the enemies who were against the development of Balochistan and perpetually funding militants.

He supported constructive, social and cultural activities and said more roads and highways would be constructed and the Gwadar port would be made operational with exclusive economic zones in various regions.

He said Pakistan and neighbouring countries could benefit from the CPEC projects, while people could enjoy peace by cooperating with the FC personnel.

Published in Dawn December 21st, 2016