The following contains information documented in the case file submitted to the Supreme Court by the PTI counsel for the Panamagate hearing. The assertions made in these extracts are solely the view of the counsel for PTI. does not endorse or confirm the claims made in the case file.

Included in the PTI's case file are excerpts from a 200-page document submitted by Rehman Malik to the then President Muhammad Rafiq Tarar, dated September 1998. It details charges of corruption against Nawaz Sharif.

He outlined that the FIA, under his leadership was ordered by the government to investigate the following charges against the Sharif family:

  • Money Laundering by the Sharif Family through Foreign Exchange Bearer Certificates (FEBC) and Digital Bearer Certificates (DBC).

  • Transfer of money through Hawalla Group of Peshawar.

  • Import of wheat through Sheikh Saeed Muhammad, a Washington based
    friend of Nawaz Sharif.

  • Bungling in the award of contract to M/S Daewoo of South Korea for the construction of Lahore-Islamabad based Motorway.

  • Opening of Foreign Currency accounts in the names of fake persons for converting clack money into white.

  • Malpractices in the sanctioning of Sugar Mills

  • Privatisation of DG Khan Cement Plant to a close family friend and partner of Mian Nawaz Sharif.

  • Extraction of loan from 31 Development Finance Institutions by the Sharif family.

  • Extraction of loan of $15 million for Brother Sugar Mills from Faysal Islamic Bank in lieu of permission to open additional branches of Faysal Islamic Bank.

  • Ownership of off-shore companies of Sharif family in British Virgin Islands and Jersey Island.

  • Bungling in the privatisation of Muslim Commercial Bank.

  • Extraction of heavy amounts from Mehran Bank.

As a result of the initial investigation carried out by the FIA, two cases against Hudabiya Engineering Ltd and Hudabiya Paper Mills were registered on the complaint of Income Tax Authorities and challans were submitted before the Banking Court.

Rehman Malik claimed that the team of investigators who registered the cases and worked under Malik’s supervision were suspended “the day Mian Nawaz Sharif took over the office of Prime Minister.”

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