KARACHI: Club for special people planned

16 Dec 2003


KARACHI, Dec 15: Over a 100 handicapped children had fun for three hours in an entertainment programme at an elite seaside restaurant on Monday afternoon.

The function was organized by social worker Jimmy Engineer under his “Fun and Food” programme for the handicapped children that he has been organizing for nearly the last three years.

Under the programme, the social worker takes around 100 handicapped children out to restaurant facilitating them to enjoy and have fun, which other children have as a matter of routine.

Jimmy Engineer urged the parents of special children to take them out so that the special children could have an opportunity to mingle with normal children.

He said that there was no recreational place especially for the handicapped people in Karachi. Considering the lack of recreational places for special people, he claimed that he would establish a club where all the recreational facilities would be available for the handicapped people. He said that he had taken up the issue with Naib Nazim Tariq Hassan who had agreed to help him out in the matter.

He said that the handicapped people were provided with many facilities in the western countries, but, here they were not being provided even their due rights. He urged the philanthropists to come forward and assist the organizations.

Shakeel Ahmad of the Salt and Pepper Village said that Jimmy Engineer had started series of programmes from this restaurant nearly three years back, and it was being organized regularly once a month here. He urged other hotels to come forward and join in the noble cause.

The children from Ida Rieu School and College for the Deaf and Blind, Darul Sukoon, Darul Khushnood, Asra Special School, Scinosa, and Aagosh participated in the function.