Uber launches rickshaw service uberAuto in Lahore

Updated October 17, 2016


A pink uberAuto rickshaw. —photo courtesy Uber
A pink uberAuto rickshaw. —photo courtesy Uber

Uber has launched rickshaw ride-hailing service uberAuto in Lahore, read a statement issued on Monday.

The service was inaugurated by Punjab Information Technology Board Chairman Umar Saif.

Speaking at the occasion Saif said: "Initiatives like uberAuto are a reflection of the way in which Lahore embraces technology within its transport industry. Such solutions will make travelling in the city safer as well as more affordable and convenient for the citizens of Lahore."

"The newly launched service is priced at Rs45 base fare, Rs 4/km plus Rs 1/minute," said the statement issued by Uber Pakistan.

UberAuto has been launched in Lahore with a free week offer, which means each Uber rider will get five free uberAuto rides up to Rs80 from October 17 to October 23.

The statement said that, "uberAuto will help transform the existing transportation options by using the leading technology to build in another layer of safety, reliability and economic opportunity."

While talking to Dawn, Uber officials said they would upgrade two-stroke rickshaws into four-stroke and will also provide training to drivers — educating them to use smartphone app.

“We have signed drivers on individual basis, starting the programme with several hundred drivers initially,” they added.

Umar Saif said they have discussed to install a panic button in the vehicle next to the passenger seat, in order to report any law and order situation or emergency, since Uber driver was involved in rapes case in Dehli.

In order to use uberAuto, a user will need to download the Uber App from any App store and request a ride from the app.

Uber, the smartphone app that claims to connect riders to drivers at the push of a button, says the newly launched service will provide another low-cost product to their customers and is part of its expansion across the country.