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US-India defence pact to impact Pakistan, China

Updated Aug 30, 2016 07:57am


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US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter (L) and India's Minister of Defence Manohar Parrikar attend a press conference at the Pentagon on August 29 in Washington, DC.— AFP
US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter (L) and India's Minister of Defence Manohar Parrikar attend a press conference at the Pentagon on August 29 in Washington, DC.— AFP

WASHINGTON: The United States and India on Monday signed a defence agreement that will have a direct impact on both Pakistan and China.

The Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) allows the two allies to use each other’s military facilities for checking China’s growing influence in Asia and in the fight against terrorists.

Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar — in the US on a four-day visit, his second in eight months — will also carry forward talks on acquiring jet engine technology and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). He met US Defence Secretary Ash Carter on Monday.

The text for the logistics cooperation agreement was finalised during a visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Washington in June.

Read: India, US ‘agree in principle’ to share military logistics

The US and India are also finalising two foundational agreements — the Communications Interoperability and Security Memorandum of Agreement (CISMOA) and Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geo-spatial Cooperation (BECA).

The logistics agreement provides for each country to use the other for supplies, spare parts, services and refuelling. Effectively, US armed forces can operate out of Indian bases, and India can use US bases across the globe.

“China and Pakistan beware — this week, India and US sign major war pact,” warned the Forbes magazine in an article.

The US media noted that the agreement was a key part of the Obama administration’s strategy to contain China, which has been spreading its influence across Asia.

The media reported that the US Navy planned to deploy 60 per cent of its surface ships in the Indo-Pacific in the near future.

The media reports pointed out that unlike Afghanistan and Iraq, where the US had to build everything from scratch, India already had the military facilities the United States could use when needed.

The Indian media, however, warned that such agreements could irk Russia, a long-time Indian ally. But Indian media reports also noted that Prime Minister Modi did not appear much concerned about Russia’s possible reaction to his closeness to the US. The Modi administration had committed itself to building a new alliance with the US and its allies, such as Japan and Australia, the reports added.

The US media noted that India remained on hostile terms with China and this hostility had moved from border disputes to economic and strategic competition for influence.

They noted that the US would like to use the LEMOA to counter China’s growing military might — particularly airbases — in the South China Sea. But the agreement would allow India and the US also to use each other’s facilities against their common enemy, religious terrorism.

The reports noted that a recent bombing by the militant Islamic State group in Bangladesh rang alarm bells in Washington where defence experts were already worried about its efforts to increase its influence in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“Having LEMOA makes it much simpler for American naval and air forces to fight there. The US does not have actual bases in India. But, it has the next best thing — a simple way to use India’s bases,” Forbes noted.

The magazine described the LEMOA as “the key way-station on agreements still to come of military technology sharing of tremendous importance for India”.

The future agreements, like the CISMOA and BECA, would help India “stand up to the emerging superpower of China”, the report added.

But experts warned that India’s ability to build jet engines or acquire UAV technology from the US would further weaken Pakistan’s conventional defence capability as well.

Examine: Pakistan concerned over growing Indo-US ties: Sartaj Aziz

The United States already recognises India as a Major Defence Partner, helped it join the Missile Technology Control Regime and is willing to provide licences for top US defence technology.

The Forbes article noted that arms India acquired from the US would help it “in many friction points”, such as in the fight against terrorist groups like Jaish-e-Mohammed.

It pointed out that the group was considered an enemy both by the US and India and its chief Masood Azhar was on India’s hit list.

Earlier this year, India tried to persuade the United Nations to declare Mr Azhar a global terrorist but China blocked the move.

“So while the South China Sea may seem far off from India, China is breathing down India’s neck, up close and personal,” Forbes commented.

Published in Dawn, August 30th, 2016


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Comments (453) Closed

Atul Aug 30, 2016 07:52am

Equations are changing and world is becoming multi polar. India will strive for economic cooperation with all major countries in the world.

Desi Dimag Aug 30, 2016 07:53am

Congrats to India and the USA for signing the pact. Beginning the Friendship of the 21st century.

Alii Aug 30, 2016 07:55am

US gets the official pass to enter India. We all know what it means when US enters countries...

Dr.Arshad Aug 30, 2016 07:57am

It won't have any tangible impact since India has three nuclear armed neighbours. Of these three ,two are direct rivals of USA. India need to show sagacity in getting too close to its erstwhile benefactor, Russia's, arch rival.

pk Aug 30, 2016 07:59am

Those in India who critized about several visits Modi made would know what Modi and USA were upto. Hats off to Modi.

Lokarlobaat Aug 30, 2016 07:59am

India is doing what is right by her in case of an war scenario. Didn't Pakistan sign similar pact with Bush administration post 9/11? Everyone please calm down. Stop seeing everything as an offensive.

Omer Aug 30, 2016 08:01am

Pakistan needs to invest more on it's submarine fleet to balance this new alliance effect. Need to get or build submarines which can deploy sea to surface missiles. More investment will be required to build air bases along the coastal areas.

OMG Aug 30, 2016 08:00am

India is coming. US Secretary of State is India.Indian defense minister in US.

VKS Aug 30, 2016 08:02am

India is just fullfilling its national interest ...russia is and will remain our partner in defence and science.....

India never put there all eggs in one basket.....

Dhishkyaooh Aug 30, 2016 08:04am

The game is on.

ali Aug 30, 2016 08:03am

offcource it is signed to affect china . India can't stand quite after various chinese steps. now with alliance of both Russian and usa India is far more secure

wellwisher Aug 30, 2016 08:05am

great news.Modi has ability and courage.

JAI HINDU Aug 30, 2016 08:05am

Two largest democracy come together..Its a natural allince.

Bipul Aug 30, 2016 08:07am

Soon China will realise that being amicable to India is the only way out to remain economically powerful and not waste unnecessary resources.

Karachiwally Aug 30, 2016 08:09am

Another proxy war of US against China and Russia. India and Pakistan will be used as on screen actors. Sorry South East Asia.

Salman Aug 30, 2016 08:10am

This pact will not impact Pakistan because US already has access to Pakistan through civilian govt and Afghanustan. This will impact China and hopefully Pakistan is smart enough not to take this pact seriously. US policies focus on China and India will know what they need to know wirh this pact. India is no America.

AHA Aug 30, 2016 08:14am

Now the real game starts. India is acquiring technology only and manufacturing activities to take off. More jobs, thriving economy and over and above good answer to the rogue behaviour of few nations

Smart Solution Aug 30, 2016 08:15am

No surprises. Many saw it coming for a long time. That's how things work in life. Reducing 'dependency' on others is the best policy.

Syed Ali Aug 30, 2016 08:16am

PAKISTAN can do with China; but it will be a tactical one not strategic.

ZAK DIMAG Aug 30, 2016 08:16am

@Desi Dimag Yes, you are right. This agreement promotes never lasting peace in the region. Specially, Pakistan appreciates this effort whole heartedly. And this makes Pakistan dream comes true to bring peace to this entire region. Inshallah

Dr.Arshad Aug 30, 2016 08:17am

Putin is known to be very reactive when it comes to its allies going under US sphere of influence like Ukraine,Georgia,poland etc.Moreover, this pact will have least impact on China.USA is much worried about its NO.1 slot as the biggest economy being replaced by China in 2/3 years.

Sudhir Neyalasinger Aug 30, 2016 08:17am

@Alii There is a huge difference between India US relations and what US has with countries like Pakistan.India has bilateral trade of $100 billion with the US which is expected to scale up to $500 billion in the next few years. Most large US companies in the tech sectors have their design and development centers based out of India. Moving forward, American defence companies will manufacture out of India. This relationship is strategic and long-term and not transactional.

LK Aug 30, 2016 08:20am

World's largest and oldest democracies at work! US again committed to have India in NSG by the year end which is one more wonderful news!

Sudhir Neyalasinger Aug 30, 2016 08:20am

If uncle Sam is deploying 60 per cent of its surface ships in APAC it's really serious on countering China's dominance.

Third Party Aug 30, 2016 08:25am

Waaow.!!..21st Century belongs to India !! Any doubt ??

Sachin Aug 30, 2016 08:24am

I feel disturbed and glad at the same time. Disturbed because Asia (Pakistan, India, China) are becoming a major defence equipment buyer and will continue to spend more and more. Glad because in addition to the long time friend Russia, India is now able to build partnership with the strongest nation US(and its allies) not to just buy but to license and build equipment. Also sharing of bases is no small thing. It means both nations have deep trust and a natural alliance with each other. Indian and Pakistan - its unbelievably sad that the same people 70-80 years back are now at each others throat.

Dr.Arshad Aug 30, 2016 08:26am

Why is there so much hype? Countries do enter into treaties,pacts and agreements.Nothing new in it.

Zak Aug 30, 2016 08:29am

Yes it will impact but in a good way for Pakistan, our defence ties already mature one with China will be enhanced further to include all fields , while US and India are declining powers, China and Pakistan are rising rapidly .

PrakashG Aug 30, 2016 08:28am

India should sign more such agreements with European countries, and indeed with all secular democracies in the world, that have a global worldview and do not see the world through narrow perspective of religion or other ideologies.

Zak Aug 30, 2016 08:28am

@Desi Dimag US has no friends only allies.

isb Aug 30, 2016 08:32am

Two greatest trouble makers in the world the UN should take a note.

Ali Khan Aug 30, 2016 08:34am

@Sudhir , yes Strategic keep china in mind? U.S was never involve that much in India until recently ....

Mea Culpa Aug 30, 2016 08:34am

Good job India, the Chinese threat has been countered. India can now focus on growing its economy.

Ssfaps Aug 30, 2016 08:34am

@Omer Excellent idea but there is no money.

GA Aug 30, 2016 08:36am

Both Pakistan and India are making a mistake by playing second fiddle to major powers. These two should have been strong allies having the same ethnicity and culture. What a pity.

Iztraab Aug 30, 2016 08:35am

It's all about interest. India will pay the price of US friendship soon.

Abdul Aug 30, 2016 08:36am

Doesn't matter, we will do one with China today or day after

Basit Ali Aug 30, 2016 08:38am

@Omer Sir that needs a huge amount of money in $. Our loans have surpassed $70 billion, and we are off IMF for now.

Zak Aug 30, 2016 08:37am

We have rising super power next door as friend and brother, India has US as an ally not as a friend or brother and that too fading one, once we convince OIC and OPEC to accept only Renminbi as currency for their oil exports US rout will be complete and so will India along with it.

shehzad Aug 30, 2016 08:44am

history anyone please East India Company

Nomi Aug 30, 2016 08:47am

Every action has either equal or opposite reaction ......

Abhi Aug 30, 2016 08:49am

@Zak and China is brotherly ? Chinese are better businessmen.
In this age, allies are the norm.

Nomi Aug 30, 2016 08:48am

And finally India is trapped. This bonhomie friendship won't last for more than a few decades. India will pay heavy for being close to US. Self Experienced.

Wasim Cheema Aug 30, 2016 08:49am

Pakistan must make up with USA whatever price it has to pay.

Kris Aug 30, 2016 08:49am

@Zak True. Countries don't have permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests. Applies to China-Pakistan too...

anil sahu Aug 30, 2016 08:48am

@Alii this deal is two way. india also has access to US bases.

Ashok Aug 30, 2016 08:50am

@Abdul ..Why you need defense pack with China... China anyway will use it your bases whether Pak agree or not.

Khan of KPK Aug 30, 2016 08:51am

This agreement doesn't seem favorable in India's interest. It means India would become a Robot. Which would be operated by USA against mammoth China.

KEVIN THOMAS Aug 30, 2016 08:52am

friends Indians are not only living for Kashmir, but also for the entire development, safety and security for the nation and its people. and note we will be one (all our establishments and 1.2B people at K point & Pakistan)

Naveed Aug 30, 2016 08:54am

There is nothing new. The hype is created to put pressure on China. If the leaders of Pakistan and India have the courage to talk to each other in a constructive way in sorting out our problems, external forces will never use us for their purposes.

Nomi Aug 30, 2016 08:54am

@Sudhir Neyalasinger ha ha ha , As a lay man , you thinking is very right, but in global politics scripts are made to fool. Actual is very different. Anyway we wish India and US all the very best, and at the same time also wish we develop good relations with India, after all it's out very own big bharat.

Dev Aug 30, 2016 08:54am

India is not begger. India work in partnership! Two Democratic partnership akwaz works.

MUSTAFA Aug 30, 2016 08:56am

@Omer LOL...Yea..46 Billions CPEC will pave the way for everything. keep on counting

indian Aug 30, 2016 08:57am

Not a bullet has been fired until now and there is peace between India and China, but that is going to change with this pact, US will use Indian bases to attack China and India will suffer not US , sad fact that foolish BJP Govt has not realized. BJP will be a disaster for India.

Syed(Australia) Aug 30, 2016 09:01am

Time for disturbances in India, this India USA friendship will prove to be very expensive for India. India will be split in small states as what USA has done in Middle East.

Amir Aug 30, 2016 09:01am

Hahaha good...US will do the same things to u guys what it has done to all other countries in the past

tota ram verma Aug 30, 2016 09:02am

@Karachiwally , India will never ever work against Russian interest even if we stand to lose some benifits..that is bottom line

Ratan Chandra Aug 30, 2016 09:05am

Non-aligned days were better. I do not have particular good feeling about this.

sansthan Aug 30, 2016 09:07am

@Ratan Chandra Yes when we lost to China and Russia remained neutral.

Viki Aug 30, 2016 09:09am

Let's see how things progress further

SHARMAJI Aug 30, 2016 09:13am

"Hostility had moved from border disputes to economic and strategic competition for influence".

Brothers,this is the core of the issue.Kindly don't see through Pak-China angle only.

Shobhit Aug 30, 2016 09:15am

@Amir This Country is of 1.2 billion people with an established economy, executive and military. Not to mention long term prospect of growth.

Shobhit Aug 30, 2016 09:18am

For everyone who is comparing this with experiences in the past of where US has been involved, this is different. Middle East is an unstable region with monarchs, aristocrats, dictators and very feeble military. This is not the case with India, US is engaging with a continent sized country this time, economy wise, population wise and military wise.

johnpauljones Aug 30, 2016 09:20am

Human race will evolve itself into self destruct.

Rohail Aug 30, 2016 09:20am

India playing with fire.

Akbar Aug 30, 2016 09:22am

US is using india, this shown by the fact india come to US to sign it!

Akbar Aug 30, 2016 09:23am

US inside india now!

Sudhir Neyalasinger Aug 30, 2016 09:25am

@Khan of KPK You forget India has its own relationship with China, a $80 billion trade of which Chinese imports into India are worth $50 billion for China.

Fati Aug 30, 2016 09:29am

@Nomi Every action has equal reaction ...

From some neighbours.

FAZ Aug 30, 2016 09:29am

US friendship.. India learned nothing from Pakistani mistakes! On the one hand religious extremism is slowly creeping up their sleeves and then this..

neer Aug 30, 2016 09:36am

@indian I hold the same opinion dear

RJM Aug 30, 2016 09:38am

@ALII India is not as naive as some other countries.

onlooker Aug 30, 2016 09:39am

India has proven its ability to beautifully balance her geo-strategic interests without annoying all parties concerned. The current situation is not too different as both US & Russia are its close partners while relation with China is rapidly growing. Kudos to Modi Govt.

Arun-KS Aug 30, 2016 09:47am

If China respects India's boundary+verdict on south China see and Indo-Pak relation betters, there is little meaning of such agreements. India should limit its role in world's fight and keep its image of Peace loving country. India has so far not jumped into central asia's & middle-east's issues and should stick with its old stand.

Shaukat Ali Khan Aug 30, 2016 09:47am

Pakistan and China must reciprocate it by a similar defence pact of their own.

Imran Aug 30, 2016 09:48am

Congratulations India you have joined the brotherhood of nations like Afghanistan and Iraq. Brace for the impact this will being. Iraq in particular is a great example of things to come. Modi is the best friend Pakistan ever had.

Janoo Aug 30, 2016 09:50am

Only one loser in this agreement, the history shows that over and over.

freethinker Aug 30, 2016 09:50am

truly.. all hesitations of past have been overcomed..

India Aug 30, 2016 09:50am

India and US has common strategic goals .

Neo Aug 30, 2016 09:53am

What has USA done with bases in South Korea? China cannot be contained.

Tickleme Elmo Aug 30, 2016 09:54am

It's time the natural allies cooperated & worked together.

Hamid shafiq Aug 30, 2016 09:54am

History revise it self but this time country name changed. Aug 30, 2016 09:54am

I think some Arthur said that if you are enemy of USA you can survive but if you are friend of USA you can not survive. It is good for Pakistan and they need to built their relationship with China, France UK and Russia.


R.S. Menon. Aug 30, 2016 09:55am


China and Pak have already signed a secret pact through a CPEC confidential agreement that the Gawdar Port can be used by China for military purposes.

R.S. Menon, Bangalore

D.K. PAMNANI Aug 30, 2016 09:56am

Modi is great prime minister of India. He can do friendship with every country for the security of India. We also want peace-pact with Pakistan. Why not India and Pakistan be in good friendship and set an example for the world. Afterall we were united before 1947.

Tamza Aug 30, 2016 09:57am

@Zak Nations don't have friends, only interests. Capitalism is a system based on pure greed - socialism is less so, and some share of social and mutual interest. India will soon find out.

Anand Sharma Aug 30, 2016 09:56am

@Karachiwally very true

warshah Aug 30, 2016 09:57am

@Karachiwally Only Pakistan was used. We signed agreements with our conditions. They can't use our Air Bases against any nation. It is a big difference. Also we are not on foreign AID.

fida Aug 30, 2016 09:59am

Indo-US evil nexus, the only nexus which is responsible for global unrest.

paban kumar ghosh Aug 30, 2016 10:02am

Politicians of South East Asia must sit together to do what is possible to make peace rather than involving in hyperbolic war situations. When people are dying of hunger, provide roti, not bullets, warship or missiles . Love thy neighbor . don't fall into the political trap of China, America or Russia. It will only benefit them not us.

Indian Aug 30, 2016 10:03am

I think India is moving in right direction. This is just start, just wait for next 20-30 years you would see the real power and growth of India.

Vishal Aug 30, 2016 10:07am

@indian it is for logistics and not waging a war my dear friend.

Aslam shaikh Aug 30, 2016 10:13am

@Nomi Think where India will reach in decades

Kabeela Khan Aug 30, 2016 10:14am

@Bipul You mean INdia will dictate China , cant stop laughing , you made my day !

Rashid Aug 30, 2016 10:14am

Ukraine was uncut, prosper country before defense pact with USA

Ramsay Bolton: Our blades are sharp Aug 30, 2016 10:14am

@Imran: Add Israel, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea to your list as well.

adil Aug 30, 2016 10:14am

India will be the only country to have friends with and have defense packs with Russia and US. Only way to control Chinese aggression in Asia. China has no ethics. And it is up to all democracies to stop their communist ways.

Marc Sivam Aug 30, 2016 10:16am

@Alii What does it mean?

Ramsay Bolton: Our blades are sharp Aug 30, 2016 10:16am

@Karachiwally: And what makes you to think that. This is just a base exchange agreement. Our foreign policy has always been non-inclined. For example, when

SKS Aug 30, 2016 10:19am

@Alii - You are wrong. Read the conditions before comment. It is India under Modi Government. Soldiers are not allowed to put their feet on Indian soil. They will only use base for repair and refilling. Other condition is that America is not allowed to use Indian base against Indian friendly countries. etc etc......

Manoj Aug 30, 2016 10:22am

@Amir INDIA is not all other or like pak us business has invested billions

Tejaswi Aug 30, 2016 10:25am

We are not in comparison terms with China yet. China is a bigger country and much more developed than us. We would not use this treaty to harm China in any way. China is our neighbor (if not friend) and we do lot of trade together. This treaty is only to defend ourselves and our growth. We signed treaty with Russia and Israel also in the past. Everybody benefited by that.

Rahul Aug 30, 2016 10:27am

@Imran - India is not Afghanistan, Iraq or even Pakistan. If you have a powerful economy no one can touch you.

Mittha Khan Aug 30, 2016 10:28am

@Manoj US businesses have invested alot more in China,,, what indians dont realize,,,everything is not money,,

Nav Aug 30, 2016 10:29am

India is world's Fastest Growing major Economy and receiver of Highest FDI in the world. It has to keep the above 8% growth rate with investments from across the world. China has fallen behind with 6.5% growth rate. US is giving technology which it has not shared with anyone in the world, including it's close friends. India has not asked for military aid, but technology transfer and setting up of advanced technology factories in India. This will help India to create on the job trained youths and to create the ecosystem of Advanced technology research. Jet engine technology, advanced Aircraft carrier technology, UAV technology, F-16 factory are some of things offered by US to India for this deal, to advance India by 20 years.

Pune-India Aug 30, 2016 10:30am

@Akbar : Not for drone attack but for development..

Ananth Aug 30, 2016 10:30am

India and US are natural partners. There is so much people to people interaction. Russian and India is just need based partners in business.

Yoga, spirituality, technology and democracy make India a natural partner to first Japan then US and Australia.

Ahsan Aug 30, 2016 10:35am

Cooperation between US and India is not new to China & India..... it is Russia who has to look at this collaboration critically as now Indian bases would be used against Russia by the US for attacks and espionage purposes!!!! Russia Beware!! Americans are coming for the final blow!!!

Gerry D'Cunha Aug 30, 2016 10:37am

Pakistan poor diplomacy has given super hedge to India in bringing America to its feet

Wazir Aug 30, 2016 10:39am

India can never counter China which is 10 times more powerful and right next door to India, whereas US is 10,000 miles away and always unreliable

Ahmed bin Babar Aug 30, 2016 10:47am

We are least bothered as our defenses are strong & secured, these unproductive alliances only reflect the confusion prevailing among those who are scared of China's economic successes in the region and beyond...

Sarah Khan Aug 30, 2016 10:50am

Indo - US booted defense cooperation will have negative impact on already fragile strategic stability in South Asia. US can check China's rise by enhancing economic cooperation which will bring peace and stability in the region. Arms pact resulting in arms race will spoil peace and stability of this region.

Azim Khan Aug 30, 2016 10:54am

@Atul You could be friends of some countries dome of the time but you cannot be friend of all countries all the time. This defence pact will alienate Russia and push China more against India. China is India's neighbor not USA.

Azim Khan Aug 30, 2016 10:56am

This alignment of India will eventually hurt India. China is India's neighbor not USA. China will always be there and USA one day will move out of the region.

Alwin James Aug 30, 2016 10:57am

India is moving with changing lifestyles of 21st Century. Changes can see everywhere on the path from underdeveloped to developed. Long Live India.

kanwarch Aug 30, 2016 10:58am

@Ashok China is our long standing friend and can use our bases but Chinese have a track record of not interfering militarily in other countries unlike USA which has destroyed many countries and killed millions. History is witness to that fact. Good luck India.

kanwarch Aug 30, 2016 10:59am

@adil I suppose Russia is a big democracy

sambathkumar Aug 30, 2016 11:01am

@Naveed Excellent view. Indeed, India, Pakistan,and China should work together in all areas like economic, trade,peace,fighting against terrorism then what is the role of third powers in our country?. we are responsible for all causes in our country.

kanwarch Aug 30, 2016 11:01am

@paban kumar ghosh Totally agree my friend. India and Pakistan should sit together and talk to one another about all issues including Kashmir otherwise other at ions will take advantage of the situation for their own gains

lubna Aug 30, 2016 11:05am

india is making the blunder by friending with an untrust worthy ---india should improve relations with china and viceversa but by pitching two neighbors against each other like one pakistan was not enough,usa is playing a shrewd game in which india is getting trapped--when there is unnecessary rivalry between india and china,indian economic growth will slow down and same effect to a lesser extent will be on chinese economy and thats what usa is aiming to stop both growing economies by igniting unnecessary animosity of which sole beneficiary will be usa same as it just did in europe by alienating brits.I cannot believe india is so foolish to give bases to americans when need arise since the battlefield will be india and its populace will suffer in case of fight with china and american land will not be affected at all,indian soil will be used by americans to fight china--what a foolish deal indians are having when they can be friends with neighbors like china and become economic growth hub rather than a rental battle ground for someones ulterior motives.lastly,dont americans have enough bases in middle east,central asia,europe,far east to add indian bases because these bases and humangous war ships in seas all over in indian ocean,pacific and atlantic oceans didnot help much in the ground situation in afghanistan and iraq.hence the cleverly hidden agenda is to stop economic growth of indo china and this region by igniting two neighbors against each other and selling more arms to india to benefits american firms and down sliding american economy.

Rohit Singh Aug 30, 2016 11:08am

@Ahsan There are terms n conditions of logistics sharing and US cannot use Indian logistics in case of war with India's friendly countries.

Pankaj Aug 30, 2016 11:12am

@Azim Khan I agree. But, don't you think that this neighbour concept does not work in Asia? Let's forget India, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan for a minute - as we know how friendly we are to each other. There is no love lost between west Asian countries, China, Vietnam, Laos, Combodia. We all know about China - Russia border spat. We Asians are not great lovers/admirers of these European & American concept of neighbourly relations.

Iqbal Khan Aug 30, 2016 11:13am

It's seems a start of a new geo-economic war between China and US to use Pskistsn and India as their surrogate countries, respectively. It's opined a step forward by the US to implement its new world order of redemarcation of the world countries into zones of a single globe state.

Tariq Khan Aug 30, 2016 11:17am

Does East India Company ring any bells.

mahesh Aug 30, 2016 11:16am

India is a self reliant country & doesn't strive on any aids from the US.This partnership will be more balanced, unlike others where they have leased their lands to foreign countries

Salman Aug 30, 2016 11:18am

Interesting development. But the bases in Afghanistan and Iraq were developed by the United States itself, and they did not function as desired, although, being used against a technologically weak enemy. Are the Indian developed bases going to be any better, if used against an emerging superpower ?

AKK Aug 30, 2016 11:19am

@Zak But We have both. Russia as a friend and US as an ally.

China as a trading Partner and Pakistan as a neighbor.

Desi Dimag Aug 30, 2016 11:20am

The US has offered a great opportunity to Pakistan to build a powerful image across the globe but Pakistan wasted it playing the double game. Now whining will not work positively.

Bharat Matta Aug 30, 2016 11:21am

India will soon become super power, Russian and US have both agreed to accept India as super power.

lubna Aug 30, 2016 11:23am

@Nav this is how usa use one neighbor against other to stop economic growth of china and india by igniting animosity

SLIDER Aug 30, 2016 11:23am

In International relations no country can be called a Friend or a Foe. Each country would do what would serve its self interest. China is only interested in the economic corridor and wants to boost its economy. The moment it is not feasible or turning unprofitable , it will turn the tables on Pak. For your info Srilanka is languishing owing to the huge Chinese debt servicing . Pak is also not far off from this trap.

Desi Dimag Aug 30, 2016 11:23am

@Tariq Khan Does East India Company ring any bells.

Gone are the days of Mughals. It's the 21st century and Indians are ringing the US bells.

Club Sandwich Aug 30, 2016 11:24am

@tota ram verma "India will never ever work against Russian interest" You don't seem to know how international politics works! Until now, India has been a major purchaser of Russian defense products! But now USA will be taking over that role and Russians won't be very comfortable with selling their technology to a country which USA has access to! This would obviously harm Russian interest!

Sendil Aug 30, 2016 11:25am

India is a peace loving country. India should not encourage any countries to use our military base to attack any country. India has not invaded any country and should not take any side in a war unless our sovereignty is disturbed. Now, this will escalate the region.

Nitin Aug 30, 2016 11:26am

It's now China's turn to think if it's policy of arming Pakistan and protecting groups like JEM has brought any benefit to its national security. Not to mention any economic gain either. Chinese are very smart , they will start realignment quickly, remains to be seen which way now they go , same old path or course correction.

Vikas Aug 30, 2016 11:28am

@Iztraab It's all about interest. India will pay the price of US friendship soon.

Ha! you wish.

Qamar Aug 30, 2016 11:29am

India and US is striving for power only. In their bid if millions die no matter.

sbk Aug 30, 2016 11:29am

Whatever, anybody may say, one thing is very clear. India, under the leadership of Modi, is fast developing in all fields and will become a super power shortly, next only to USA, Russia and China. Any doubt?

Abdul Aug 30, 2016 11:30am

@Zak Rising rapidly in light speed.

tariq Aug 30, 2016 11:35am

It might not be surprising as US was tilting towards India to confined the influence of China in the region. But it is really strange that our politicians are silence on this development and seems irrelevant and showed no reservation to US on this development. It is unbelievable that having such an agreement, the forces of both countries won't use each other basis.

Abdulla Hussain Aug 30, 2016 11:36am

@Alii: There are many living examples, wait & see for how long the honeymoon last. One thing I like most in US policy is "all in american interest"

Vikas Aug 30, 2016 11:38am

@Imran Sorry Imran but the brotherhood was Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, which still exists. We've joint the other one. The one with Britain, France, Germany etc.

Javed Aug 30, 2016 11:39am

@Karachiwally Pakistan and US were never equals while US & India can be considered in the same economic league. India's experience with US is probably going to different and probably better than ours.

yezb Aug 30, 2016 11:41am

ordinary ppl on both sides just want a normal life... leaders... Pls note

Abdulla Hussain Aug 30, 2016 11:43am

@VKS: China & Russia are now very good strategic friends. Anti China element will not please Russia anymore. Lets wait & see.

Lost cause Aug 30, 2016 11:43am

Since when has Pakistan become unfriendly with US. India can offer similar facility to Russians as well. We don't want to lock ourselves in groups. We only see national interests.

AK Aug 30, 2016 11:45am

India is looking for transformation as Economic power house and development of infrastructure and overall business. Strategic alliance like this is must to fight global terrorism and unreliable neighbour.

Abdulla Hussain Aug 30, 2016 11:44am

@ali: A wishful thinking, the new grouping will be China Pakistan Russia & Iran.

waqas ahmed Aug 30, 2016 11:46am

@Dr.Arshad great thought and well articulated

Lost cause Aug 30, 2016 11:49am

@Zak then what will China do to it 3 trillion dollar reserves.

Hind Aug 30, 2016 11:53am

The agreement does not permit US troops in indian bases. India will never form a military alliance unless it faces an eminent threat which is relax

Rohit Singh Aug 30, 2016 11:52am

@Ashok "@Abdul ..Why you need defense pack with China... China anyway will use it your bases whether Pak agree or not."

Correct China already docks its submarine at Gawadar port. you think Chinese are investing in your country for you. Think again!

RATAN CHANDRA Aug 30, 2016 11:53am

@sansthan Well said, but back then 1962, Russia was not in position to open another front against China. Security first, at same time choose your alliances well.

Vectra Aug 30, 2016 11:59am

" US armed forces can operate out of Indian bases, and India can use US bases across the globe."

So India also got the exclusive right to use and operate in the US bases near the China's main land.That's should be a tension for China as this agreement brought one more member close to China mainland which already have US and Japan near it.

Sajad Khan Aug 30, 2016 11:58am

@Zak If we put ourselves in China's shoes. This is not good for China. They have made enemies all over the world as well. See US, Japan, Korea .... Time to think

raja Aug 30, 2016 11:58am

@Alii ask south-Korea, Japan or the western European countries what US help meant for them. Not every country has the same experience as pakistan! Not US but pakistans own bad policies need to be blamed

Mango man Aug 30, 2016 11:59am

@Dr.Arshad Which one is the third nuclear armed neighbor?

Saif Aug 30, 2016 12:03pm

@Kabeela Khan China was defeated and occupied by Japanese, British. Quantity doesn't matter it's the quality and technology.

Hind Aug 30, 2016 12:03pm

@shehzad east india company is owned by an indian now ;-)

Taimur Malik Aug 30, 2016 12:05pm

@VKS well looks like thats what India is justing doing. Dont worry it wont be India call to use Russia basket anymore once US is on ground. Bad days for India just started..

A Shah Aug 30, 2016 12:04pm

This is huge for India. In one go it just became an equal partner to USA and now has a global reach far exceeding China.

sbk Aug 30, 2016 12:04pm

@Abdulla Hussain , Pakistan is seen as a country which contributed for the disintegration of USSR; Russia will never forget that. Iran is always suspicions of Pakistan, because of its proximity to Saudi.

Mrs.khalil Aug 30, 2016 12:06pm

Time will tell ,how much cost India have to pay for this friendship, USA only use its friends until it's requirement is fulfilled and then discard like waste paper.

A Shah Aug 30, 2016 12:07pm

China has now no choice but to become friends with India or it will have a hostile superpower as its neighbor

AKKS Aug 30, 2016 12:08pm

@Wazir Don't give that much power to China, 10 times more powerful, OMG!

Abdulla Hussain Aug 30, 2016 12:09pm

Pakistan will surely prepare for this.

Abdulla Hussain Aug 30, 2016 12:12pm

@lubna: Some takes lesson from other's experience and some likes to experience himself, good.

Nitin Aug 30, 2016 12:11pm

@Zak when are you switching over to Chinese currency? Lead by example please.

Vectra Aug 30, 2016 12:12pm

India already has the sophisticated technology it has built all by itself and this include its Multi layered Ballistic Missile Defence Shield and Scram Jet Engine.Plus India already has a workable Jet engine Kaveri which produces 73-75 Kn thrust which still can power fighter jets if uses in Twin engine mode.Now it is taking help of US to increase the current power from 75kn to 98 kn to 110 kn

But the alarming thing is with this closeness India can acquire those technology that it has not yet built.

Ali Aug 30, 2016 12:12pm

We need to form 3 G of Pakistan, China and North Korea... game on

Sanket Sharma Aug 30, 2016 12:15pm

@Tariq Khan, "Does East India Company ring any bells."

The East India company now is owned by an Indian businessman. Hope that rings enough bells for you.

Zealot Aug 30, 2016 12:15pm

I was expecting is more likely that US will transfer production line of f16 or f18 or even give them f35.but at the same time it had brought Russia and China more close to each other.Russia is very angry at US for Nato that granted Ukraine,maldova and georgia the membership of Nato and thereby sanctions had been imposed on Russia after annexation of Crimea.while china is angry with US for ICJ verdict and US movement of B52,P8A and guided missle destroyer. And aircraft carrier striker group.pakistan has opportunity to be a part of comprehensive defence treaty as sign by Russian Defence minister visit to pakistan....

ARR Aug 30, 2016 12:17pm

Try whatever you can to stop @CPEC #CPEC..its bound to happen

Pratap Aug 30, 2016 12:17pm

After 70 years of enmity Pakistan suddenly remembers tat its our neighbor. We have seen enough of this neighbor. You remain hostile towards us, why expect us not to take counter measures?

Mango man Aug 30, 2016 12:18pm

@shehzad Lol, nice reference to East India Company. Personally, I think, East India Company has shifted headquarters to Shenzen. Just look at the economies which became too dependent on the Chinese. Brazil, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Chad, Zambia, Nigeria, Myanmar, Laos to name a few. Many Pakistani thinkers are warning about the policy of putting all the eggs in the Chinese basket, but given the state of economy, the government has little choice. I just hope and pray Shenzen Inc treats Pakistan better than how East India Company treated India.

Parvez Aug 30, 2016 12:18pm

The question is will it impact India....the country that prided itself on its non-aligned policy.

Deepak Talwar Aug 30, 2016 12:21pm

China's actions in the South China Sea are wanton, aggressive and serve little purpose other than oneupmanship. China is isolating itself over this issue. I thought the Chinese were wise and shrewd. But the South China Sea fracas shows they are just as egoistic as the powers of the 19th century.

M Wasim K Aug 30, 2016 12:22pm

@Alii You are correct, This is all a show leading to a collapse eventually. US does not know what to do in Asia and is using the Indian shoulder to fire.

Hind Aug 30, 2016 12:27pm

@AKK you nailed it , couldn't have put in better way

Hind Aug 30, 2016 12:28pm

@Abdulla Hussain you should have heard about indian policy also - india first

Rajan Aug 30, 2016 12:27pm

India will have the largest economy in the world by 2040 followed by China and USA resp

M Wasim K Aug 30, 2016 12:30pm

@Wasim Cheema - Dear friend it's not Pakistan in need of a reactionary line with US. You will notice how things will eventually work out for Pakistan. It's a Lose lose game for countries creating hype of this nature.

Optimistic Pakistani Aug 30, 2016 12:31pm

It is reminding me the days of 70s and 80s when US was hunting for Pakistan to curtail Russia. Good Luck !!!!!

truth prevails Aug 30, 2016 12:37pm

this is nothing in comparison to CPEC. Because of CPEC US would not be able to touch Pakistan and China!!

Guest Aug 30, 2016 12:38pm

@Dr.Arshad "No tangible impact". Yet these people can not see what you could point out so effortlessly.

Lafanga Aug 30, 2016 12:39pm

When and how will India use American bases? Probably never. This deal is for the Americans and by the Americans. The US/China confrontation has been building up for last 25 years or so and US was looking to setup shop at China's doorstep. No better place for US to get close to China than having bases in India. China has already fired a warning shot towards Indian posturing viz a viz Baluchistan and defence pact with the US thru their most powerful think tank. China warned that it will "get involved" if India went ahead with these. A great game is getting set to be played between US and China/Russia and this time the playing field will be India.

rich Aug 30, 2016 12:39pm

@Alii US gets the official pass to enter India. We all know what it means when US enters countries...

I agree with u but u miss a point

there are 2 types of country the entre democratic and dictatorship

democratic countries benefit immensely eg japan, korea, western Europe, austaralia israel ect

and dictator countries eg Egypt, Pakistan, GCC, some latin American countries ect they do not benefit and usa usualy uses them its pay money and get job done kind of relationship

in democracies usa cannot do that as the people will not allow it

M Wasim K Aug 30, 2016 12:39pm

@Third Party - Just big talk, a lot of sir

M Wasim K Aug 30, 2016 12:42pm

@OMG when someone comes, it also goes back

Dr. Khan Aug 30, 2016 12:43pm

World is forgetting the lesson it learnt from the world war I and II. Indian soil will be used to neutralize China, read again, it is Indian soil.

Wah Bhai! Aug 30, 2016 12:43pm

@Ratan Chandra India was non aligned in theory and while good times lasted. When China attacked in 1962, Nehru had to rush to Kennedy to get defense supplies. Same thing happened in 1965. Indira G signed similar agreement with USSR in 1971 to ward off USA.

Shajoo Aug 30, 2016 12:45pm

More worries for humanity. Instead of building a strong regional alliance, India is bringing the old-tested US strongly back in the region. Facilitating a potential war in the region. Its a spider web and India is into it. Only those in power of resources would get benefit, but Its a disaster for the common people of the region. Too much hunger for weapons and power.

Guest Aug 30, 2016 12:45pm

@Zak Looks like this will accelerate the rate of decline for these declining power. one thing still not clear though whether this will accelerate the ascend of the rising powers Pakistan and China. That is some thing to ponder about a bit more.

adnan Aug 30, 2016 12:45pm

please dont be so exited, americans are just giving lollypop...

adnan Aug 30, 2016 12:47pm

will americans going to secure indian borders on behalf of india????

Guest Aug 30, 2016 12:47pm

@Zak With brothers everywhere Pakistan is definitely in strategically favorable situation.

Indian Aug 30, 2016 12:49pm


US gets the official pass to enter India. We all know what it means when US enters countries...

This is two way and NOT one way. India also gets the official pass to enter USA :)

BTW, I would like to see India-Russia and India-China also signing similar defence pact. That will be more fun!

Zealot Aug 30, 2016 12:52pm

@truth prevails i agree with you bro.china wanted to escape from strait of meleeca strategy and wanted a world where most of her energy imports are not water born nor at mercy of US navy.secondly china wanted support xinjiang which is why they Opted Pakistan.IT IS WE who gave breathe to China via CPEC.otherwise crossing thousands of miles via SCS would be troubling them.even US acknowledges our geostrategic importance in india while giving a befitting reply to indian student.

XoF Aug 30, 2016 12:54pm

New game is on as were the old one's..keep bringing it on..well play it as we always do. Such alliances have brought clear the inner intentions that were at question before.

wise man Aug 30, 2016 12:54pm

Guys, Give both these countries a break. It is only a logistics agreement. It is not like someone has promised India 46 billion USD in investments

Vectra Aug 30, 2016 12:54pm

So in just one shot India now has global reach more than even China because we all knows that the US has bases all over the world.In middle ease,middle of oceans etc etc.SO with this LEMOA pact India can now operate from US bases spread all over the world. So India can now operate from US bases in Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Oceans and South China Sea etc,Can use US base in middle East-Afganistan-Iraq-Syria etc.

Similarly US can now use India's own military dominance Indian ocean ,access to India's tri service command of Andaman and Nicobar Island which sits close to Malacca straight choke point,Can access India's base near Himalayas and in Kashmir near China if needed where Japan is also helping India in building long high ways near the border etc etc.

Man this is really alarming for both China and Pakistan as mentioned by Forbes.

My 2 cents Aug 30, 2016 12:55pm

I hope this brings peace and prosperity to the region - we don't need wars/aggressions!

Chinto Aug 30, 2016 12:55pm

World political dimensions are changing quickly. While India is aligning itself to USA, no wonder if China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran can build a new block. Just wait and see because there is more to come...

Rajan Aug 30, 2016 12:57pm

India is expecting $ 200 billion just in the solar power sector.This will mean no more oil imports after 15 yrs.GDP is4th highest in the world today behind US,China and Japan.By 2040 it will be the largest economy and biggest Superpower on Earth

RUCHIMAH Aug 30, 2016 12:56pm

@Lafanga You are absolutely right. Indian air force or navy is nowhere near american bases. The closest may be Diego garcia. This agreement is nothing but permission for US forces to use indian facilities. India will never need to use US baaes.

Lafanga Aug 30, 2016 12:58pm

@Tejaswi India cannot play naive by handing over its bases to the US. Its like putting a big loaded howitzer in the front yard pointing at the neighbor and then telling the neighbor not to worry. China is worried about this development and they have already warned India. China can make life more difficult for India than US can make it comfortable. Just remember that.

Jayakumar Aug 30, 2016 12:58pm

India and Russia have a very mature relationship which is historic & based on mutual trust. Russia understands the Indian move is to counter China & meanwhile Russia with all its friendship with China remains wary of China .And the agreement specifies that Indian facilities cannot be used against friendly nations of India. So I think Russia also is not that upset with this agreement.

Habib Aurakzai Aug 30, 2016 01:06pm

@lubna..... Good analysis

Erdogan Aug 30, 2016 01:11pm

US will end up stationing it's forces on indian soil and Indians wont be able to do anything about it. What need does India have for US Bases around the world when it's immediate and only perceived threat is China and Pakistan. Well done

Nadal Ahmed Aug 30, 2016 01:12pm

Congrats India and US on this mutual ties,the world will have 2 leading economies the west US and asian India VERY soon.The people of India are highly skilled and competent which has proved recently across globe.We have to set our same vision.Thanks

Lafanga Aug 30, 2016 01:12pm

Sole super powers like the US never ever tolerate competition. China was buulding up gradually for last three decades and it is now at the point to challenge US economically. Why would US tolerate India to challenge it in few decades and that too helping it get to that point.

This is nothing more than using India to counter China and in the process they both get exhausted by over spending on defence in few decades and US remains the economic and military super power. This is how they defeated the Soviet Union. Modi is throwing all the capitol on just getting close to the US. Up until now China only cautioned India in a muted way. Now they are openly warning India not to fall into the American trap.

athar Aug 30, 2016 01:14pm

CPEC may be a major reason as both India and USA are in panic on this project.

Rajan Aug 30, 2016 01:16pm

America is eñamoured by Indias soft power and culture as is most of the world. There are more people practising yoga in the US than in India.June 21 is declared as world Yoga day as proposed by US.

Sami Shahid Aug 30, 2016 01:23pm

Pakistan , China and Iran should also sign such pacts

jaydeep Aug 30, 2016 01:30pm

@Zak India is one of the worlds fastest growing economies and our companies are acquiring several companies overseas , We are doing very well in the IT sector and have several Billionaires , How is India a declining power ??? We are a force to be reckoned with .

s kumar Aug 30, 2016 01:33pm

india has already endured max problems and no benefit from the neighbourhood . Nothing more could be a problem . This was bound to happen after decades of endless needling and too much pressure .. Moreover its not new to us , india already had the biggest partnership and co-operation with US and indian diaspora is very big. Its a win-win situation -.. Everybody is free to do the same

A Singh Aug 30, 2016 01:36pm

The partnership with US on defence matters will be game changer.

joe Aug 30, 2016 01:41pm

@Zak " while US and India are declining powers, China and Pakistan are rising rapidly ." From where do you pick up such wonky ideas".India is a declining power"..Fastest growing economy of world going to touch double digit with in two years ,country that put satellite around Mars(China failed to do),Steam-jet technology mastered by only 3 countries(China is no where near it),holds worlds largest technical manpower. Please be a bit reasonable when you comment here in this excellent newspaper

Haroon Rashid Khan Aug 30, 2016 01:40pm

A lot of countries have experienced that US is not a reliable partner. None of the US allies could stay neutral and suffered from the cold war mind set. It is only US interests that mater in the end and has precedence over the interests of an ally.

s kumar Aug 30, 2016 01:42pm

India US relation will never hurt each others bcos we are not neighbours !

Anil Kumar Aug 30, 2016 01:45pm

@lubna We cant be friend with people whose values, aspirations, culture and politics are far different from ours. India and Indians have lot more in common with democratic, knowledge/skill based countries in the East/ West , US ....... That is one of the reasons why Indians have done very well in these countries. It is also about people being accepted as friends. Mentally they are our neighbors.

Gratgy Aug 30, 2016 01:48pm

@Dr.Arshad India's erstwhile benefactor was the Soviet Union not Russia. USSR no longer exists. After the collapse of the USSR, Russia refused to accept the Rupee Ruble trade agreement.

Erdogan Aug 30, 2016 01:50pm

@Nitin yes China has effectively partnered with Pakistan to keep India in Check. The fact that India has had to run to America and Australia is testament to this.

Vague Buster Aug 30, 2016 01:53pm

nothing will happen, may be India will get a few toys like scram jets from US but nothing big will happen, US knows India is not a game changing nation, they were always ruled by others and besides this, such cooperation is enough to kick start alliance of Russia, China, Pakistan and some other countries.

Gratgy Aug 30, 2016 01:56pm

@Tariq Khan Yes, when we talk about CPEC

Black Dove Aug 30, 2016 01:56pm

For over 50 years Pakistan has enjoyed its closeness with the US. And now when this long honeymoon seems to be over with India cosying up to the Americans, Pakistanis suddenly realise that the US cannot be a reliable partner. We missing here something?

Yousuf Aug 30, 2016 01:59pm

India, beware, a friend like america can ruin you. They are most hypocrite similar to Britain.

Raja Aug 30, 2016 01:59pm if you are not on good terms with USA, you wont ever be able to develop good friendship with UK and France

Raja Aug 30, 2016 02:00pm

@Ahsan US will use indian nases aganist russia?? You need to study world map first to know what you are saying is practically impossible

Raja Aug 30, 2016 02:03pm

This is funny. All people talking about iraq, pakistan and afganistan as examples. No one talks about how australia, uk, japan, south korea , singapore benifited from such facts. All democracies benefited so definetly india will improve. All countries destroyed were either dictators or had religious extremisim influence in govt.

Khalid Aug 30, 2016 02:04pm

This is a totally vandalism by USA, and fairly can be calculated that this pact is to counter CPEC. This pact will bring China and Pakistan more closer, and Russia may also join them. This is a poor strategy by USA which will not be fruitful for them. However India will get benefit by grabing military equipment and building their military mass.

Gruham Aug 30, 2016 02:04pm

India and the US have signed a pact that is mutually beneficial, but what can China benefit from a similar pact with Pakistan?

Raja Aug 30, 2016 02:05pm

@Haroon Rashid Khan really? Did japan, uk, south korea, singapore, australia suffer? Then why you think india will suffer? All strong democracies have prospered as US allies and so will india

Vikram Aug 30, 2016 02:05pm

@Nomi Dear Mr. Omniscient, As laymen, we agree to what you say. But we have witnessed your alliance with the US. You have taught us what 'NOT' to do.....and that's half the battle won. Coming to your alliance with the US, we would request you to remember 1971 once again when the US threatened us to not intervene in the extent that they sent a fleet to Indian Ocean. If it were not Russia on our side, they would have actively participated. Such strong was your alliance. We believe the only thing that went wrong between you both was no discrimination between good & bad.

Minhaj Akhter Aug 30, 2016 02:05pm

@Atul, day by day India is becoming a client US state... In PM Nehru times, India was the one who created Non-Aligned movement... China & Pakistan will react to these moves and try to counter these steps...

Zealot Aug 30, 2016 02:05pm

China and Pakistan beware — this week, India and US sign major war pact,”

Joke of the millennimum

Forbes take a look at strings of pearl strategy of china too and mention increasing Russia China relations.which will become more strong.....also mention Russia-Pakistan relations too in context of defence agreement signed by Russian defence minister visit to pakistan.the Russia-China military power is enough for US.Russian are not idiots as they will keep quiet while their trustworthy Ally india is aiding from US.that has increased NATO military presence in Russia.They no longer India bounded atleast from now on.NOW Russians have reasons to announce that increasing Russian Pakistan relations will not Harm India....FO hope you understood...

Bobb Mack Aug 30, 2016 02:06pm

@pk Only time will tell whether 'hats off to Modi' or wether, as expected, US has trapped him into a long term misery. Their alliance may seem a defining partnership of the 21st century but a similar US-Pakistan pact was no less important which only resulted ruined Pak economy. The main beneficiary of this pact is obviously meant to be the US apart from India expecting to get some bits and pieces of tech such as how to make jet turbine blades and some more space to glamerise nation's morale.But whether the promise of bringing India at par with China will materialise will require long time even to judge.

Pakistan need not worry.America for its own reasons would not like to see Pakistan weakened to the extent that it ceases to be a source of worrying for India.Hence from time to time US will be willing to sell technology to Pakistan ...if only to keep India restless!Secondly Pakistan can expect a historic opportunity to focus attention to its economy without doing 'do more' roles.

Husain Aug 30, 2016 02:07pm

China and other Asian nations are more reliable than Western nations. China, being a super power for centuries, had never conquered other nations in the history. While West's history is apparent, full of conquers and interventions. India can rapidly take millions off the poverty line by aligning economically to China rather than confronting China. Bad choice India.

Raja Aug 30, 2016 02:08pm

@Lafanga on the contrary this gurrantees china will never go to war with india, even a limited war.

Khalid Aug 30, 2016 02:08pm

@Karachiwally I agree with you , at the end of the day India and Pakistan will be used as canon fodder but till last both sub continent countries wont realise. This is beginning of an other cold war. Fairly dealing USA did not needed such a pact.

Gruham Aug 30, 2016 02:08pm

@Alii : There is a difference between the US forcibly walking in and taking away (and taking out) whatever (or whoever) they want and being conditionally allowed to enter a country. The last time anyone did that to India were the British.....and that is the last time anyone would think of doing that again.

J. J. Aug 30, 2016 02:18pm

Pakistan does not understand yet the fact that India has had and has close friends and allies but unlike Pakistan is not subservient to them. So the Pak-USA relationship or the Pak- China relationship etc will always be different.

Khwarezmi Aug 30, 2016 02:24pm

Let's face it people: US is no friend of Pakistan.

Pakistan must focus on the CPEC for economic development and as soon as possible deploy nuclear submarines which is the real strategic deterrence.

Leo Frank Aug 30, 2016 02:24pm

@Raja Your assessment is grossly misjudged and mistaken.

citizen Aug 30, 2016 02:28pm

Guys, when we received billions of american aid, nobody talked about sinister plans of US. When US sign some damn pact with our neighbour, suddenly we discover the evils of America and advising our neighbour to be aware of them. But main difference is that neighbour not depending on American aid or financial assistance !

Iamgold Aug 30, 2016 02:28pm

While China, Pakistan and Central Asia are busy signing trade deals for greater prosperity and elimination of terrorism in their countries, the US and India are busy signing military and arms deals to threaten and contain others. The difference in their objectives for humanity this century is starking. It is very clear that the US is starting an arms war in South Asia and creating a new alliance regime aka Cold War which is prejudice and unhelpful. A wrong road taken by Modi for India's future and beyond.

sushil Aug 30, 2016 02:30pm

@Zak india is growing @ 7.7%, china @ 6% and pak @ 5%

Jitendraa Singh Aug 30, 2016 02:32pm

Given a choice ,India will never attack or fight war with any country because nobody is winner in a war ,in a true sense . For example has USA won Afghanistan war or for that matter...Iraq or Vietnam ..war? Which country has become better after wars.???.Absolutely none.However,India has not forgotten 1962 and never will. So this is just ..a preparation for war that does not happen.

Farrukh Aug 30, 2016 02:34pm

Dynamics are rapidly changing. High time for Pakistan to join India for greater and long lasting prosperity in the region. Who knows India might emerge as Super Power in coming years!

Pra aksha Aug 30, 2016 02:39pm

@shehzad Dear histories are histories, We are learnt & learning peoples, take care! Do not worry about us, we are capable enough for that!

Pra aksha Aug 30, 2016 02:45pm

@Nomi This made you philosophical! Can you see the changes!

Yash Aug 30, 2016 02:53pm

@Naveed Brother I only wish if this dream could come true. We could both be then happy and live to gather in brotherly manner without seeking unnecessary assistance from outsiders.

Peace Aug 30, 2016 02:54pm

@Khan of KPK have you read the agreement.

Santosh Aug 30, 2016 03:00pm

An agreement to use each other's military bases does not signify a major military alliance. Pakistan is still a part of Cento and hence has a more strong military agreement with the US. India and US can be said to be militarily allied if they reach an agreement to treat attacks on either one as an attack on both.

Planettrekker Aug 30, 2016 03:14pm

India is a mature, confident, respected, economically strong, democratic and relatively stable country and does not need the US as protector-in-chief. They are partners both looking out for national self-interests first and foremost.

Lafanga Aug 30, 2016 03:15pm

@Raja Two nuclear armed countries dont go to open war with each other. They exploit the weak points in other side. India has 6 active insurgencies going at the moment. China could easily exploit this and have even sent a strong hint to India given Modi's Baluchistan speech.

P.C.Pandey Aug 30, 2016 03:16pm

China knows US's role in making China a SuperPower when USA piched China against USSR.Now China is replaced by India ,USSR by China.

prashanth Aug 30, 2016 03:22pm

China doesnt like some body saying "No" to it. It also doesn't like someone asking questions.India has been doing both recently. But china is so powerful that they can rub india aside easily. They have the might to take on the best like the US and the Russia. Hence India which now has to show chinese that it can match its capacity with its intent, has no other way than aligning with the USA.

SLDUA Aug 30, 2016 03:24pm

Of course, China is a rising power BUT the way it has ignored the rim countries claims on islands of South China Sea, restricted airways and brought up artificial islands to forcibly occupy South China Sea, its alarm bells have been heard by entire world. To restrain China, such USA-India like co-operation is very much necessary among the threatened countries.

Zulfiqar Aug 30, 2016 03:24pm

I wish both countries (India-US) sign agreement to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and improve health and educations sectors rather instead of facilitating each other forces to use military installations. Such agreements will trigger arms race in the region and escalate tension.

Humanity Asset Aug 30, 2016 03:27pm

India and Pakistan shouldn't be trusting China. Chinese are the ones who would do what is best for them and the proverb of friend in need is friend indeed do not fit them. Chinese help Pakistan to contain India whereas now India has gone ahead and trying to take the bull by the horns. I hope Pakistan can look CPEC projects very closely and identify any security threat for them and for their neighbours from China.

IndianR Aug 30, 2016 03:30pm

Lovely article...the game is on...

joe Aug 30, 2016 03:30pm

@Sajad Khan " "Zak If we put ourselves in China's shoes. This is not good for China. They have made enemies all over the world as well. See US, Japan, Korea .... Time to think" Please add Philistine,Vietnam ,Laos,Taiwan..

joe Aug 30, 2016 03:32pm

@Mrs.khalil So here the fulfillment has to be totally containing China..Suits India too.

IndianR Aug 30, 2016 03:37pm

@Iztraab Everything have got a price.Enemy of Enemy is friend...right now, containing CHINA is what India wants and incidentally, USA want the same...

AKK Aug 30, 2016 03:52pm

@Zak You are making yourself fool. Oil Production dependent countries facing a huge challenge to survive as the alternatives are being developed and deployed seriously and a large level.

Bobb Mack Aug 30, 2016 03:54pm

@OMG It is interesting how small mercies from the US or else where can spin the whole Indian nation into a state of euphoria. Among other news in the media an item of no less excitement at national level relates to a bronze medal being upgraded to silver, thanks to one of the competitors being guilty of doping!

Pak Patriot Aug 30, 2016 03:55pm

@Farrukh India can never emerge as super power or even a big power for US will never let happen. No any country in the history has become super power or big power by working under umbrella of some other big power.

All great nations become super power by standing on their own feet, through some values and attributes very different from all other nations.

No any super power will allow any one to become so big that it feels a threat itself.

Its is an opportunity for Pak to stand on own feet economically and militarily. Pak will be in a better of position if capitalize on this opportunity. You never become strong unless you have a strong opponent. This will turn out to be blessing for Pakistan.

Iftikhar Husain Aug 30, 2016 03:59pm

USA on its own face China by including India the US will feel more secure. This is the big question world would like to know.

Zik Aug 30, 2016 04:02pm

Kudos to the world's greatest democracy for bringing stability and peace with the USA.

Afzal Aug 30, 2016 04:05pm

@JAI HINDU Yes it is natural alliance although India seems more natural oweing to its natural processes all happening out in the open fields.

TM Aug 30, 2016 04:07pm

This agreement will not reduce the dependency of USA on Pakistan for supplies to their personnel based in Afghanistan. Hence Nato and USA cannot ignore Pak and will have to depend on and be good with Pakistan.

Ibrar Aug 30, 2016 04:16pm

@Sudhir Neyalasinger If India is expecting to get high end technology then it knows nothing about the Americans. Yes it would be able to make a turbine blade in about 10 years time which hopefully will help make its next model of Tejas in less than 3 decades.

Habib, Kabul Aug 30, 2016 04:17pm

This is a very good developmento

Hassan Aug 30, 2016 04:18pm

India is living in a delusion - they should understand the consequence of this pact.

ROHIT PANDEY Aug 30, 2016 04:19pm

India is doing what it SHOULD do secure its interests.

@China...ease the gas pedal on aggression?:) An informal alliance is shaping up in Asia to counter you?

I would rather NOT have India join these alliance, but the compulsion of the times is driving it?:)

Shamsuddin Aug 30, 2016 04:19pm

China's policy of threatening and hindering India at every occasion has led to this agreement.

anil sahu Aug 30, 2016 04:19pm

@Zealot lots of indian investments in russia. so dont worry indiaknows how to play card well

RAVI Aug 30, 2016 04:21pm

I have no doubt that India has signed the agreement after considering all the pros & cons. Even if something wrong with the decision, it is better to become a slave of democratic USA than authoritarian China.

Fried Chillies Aug 30, 2016 04:22pm

Indians should work on increasing internal unity. Once we have unshakable unity and a government that works in the interest of the people. It's a far potent weapon than all the nuclear arsenal put together.

Manju Aug 30, 2016 04:25pm

India is the world's fastest growing economy(7.5% gdp growth rate) and destined to become the worlds largest market by 2030 no wonder every world power will be interested in India.China has only exports and no imports

Uday Kulkarni Aug 30, 2016 04:26pm

Those who are comparing the growing alliance of USA- India with any other country or a region are forgetting two basic facts : 1) The alliance is long term aimed at future 20-50 years and is based on mutual benefit of give and take basis. 2) The way India is growing in all sectors; by 2050; India is expected to be the 3rd largest economy in the world after China and USA.

So this alliance between India- USA (Largest economies of the future world) is just incomparable to any other alliances of the world. You have to look at the details of these agreements to understand what India is getting back in return such as growth; jobs; development etc before one starts comparing with other alliances.

Change Aug 30, 2016 04:27pm

@Guest China is a declining now and USA is raising as per current scenarios .

Akbar Khan Aug 30, 2016 04:30pm

China's eyes will open wide now...pun intended

N_Saq Aug 30, 2016 04:30pm

US is using India against China to her advantage just like US used Pak against Soviets. It is a one way streak that only benefits US.

aditya Aug 30, 2016 04:31pm

@Zak do u know the US is energy independent?

Zi Aug 30, 2016 04:33pm

Well, a deal has been signed that India is going to play second fiddle to America. Congratulations for your new found status.

Mayor Aug 30, 2016 04:40pm

New bogey is being raised in the region which one tries to cross the line will be taken care of in future. Meanwhile this bogey will fight the wars of America. Welcome the new status in the world. Enjoy!

logic1 Aug 30, 2016 04:42pm

@Alii Depends how you receive them.Yes you knows what happen when US enter.But that is your experience.They bring free stuff fr you and they pay you money and use your land.Here in case of India we pay them for what we buy. Now there is difference between GET and BUY .So when they come to your country, they consider you liability. When they come India, the consider India as CUSTOMER. Yes they have entered in JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, South Korea and many more countries. So dont dump your experience with USA on rest of the world.It doesn't apply.

Rahul Patil Pune Aug 30, 2016 04:42pm

India controls the Indian Ocean. India is the undisputed king here. I'm glad that such responsibility is taken by India because India is a moderate n soft country

Haroon Rashid Khan Aug 30, 2016 04:44pm

@Raja are you seriously comparing India with Australia, UK and Japan which are in top 20 of per capta GDP (India is not in in top 120).

Shailendra.Patil Aug 30, 2016 04:45pm

@Omer please people of PAK to have proper education, health & good living conditions forget about India & stop buying arms like grocery. India will never harm unless you start troubling, why you worry.

Sukhera Aug 30, 2016 05:05pm

US is trying to build India as a super power to counter China in South Asia. US can,counter China by itself so they need Indian help. What a joke. INDIA can,t contain China for another million years. India is falling in this trap not knowing it's consequences. Wait until they make more demands and sell more obsolete weapon systems to India. India will turn into another colony and this will bring Russia and China closer to each other. Millions of dollars of Russian weapons will become obsolete. Indian policy of non alignment is thrown out of the Window by Modi.

Fried Chillies Aug 30, 2016 05:09pm

There are innumerable articles of what China is taking from the rest of the world. But in terms of advancement what is China offering to the rest of the world? Its a manufacturing powerhouse of cheaper products. Once you move into the hi tech world of medicine, engineering, advanced precision equipment the world is the bastion of knowledge that China is desperately trying to copy and catch up. Nothing wrong with that since thats how everyone learns.

I see the world as one full of locks both visible and invisible which symbolize things of value that people/countries are reluctant to share. Its upto nations and individuals to decide which locks to pry open. India is making the right choices but it should work on internal strife and law n order situation.

Eli Aug 30, 2016 05:13pm

India is making one blunder after another. India can not be a global power in foreseeable future. India's strategic alliance with US will benefit US more than India...and it's aftermath will be weakening of India as a regional power as Russian and China become more and more wary of Indian designs...

BK Aug 30, 2016 05:13pm

China's hard line attitude forced India to enter this agreement with US. The increased cooperation between China-Pakistan, became a serious concern for India.

Rabia Aug 30, 2016 05:15pm

This India-US marriage has already costed so much in the region and there this relationship is further destabilizing the region making other nations to get indulge and further their steps for more and more arms procurement.

MIA Aug 30, 2016 05:23pm

Pakistan has proved its own enemy by allowing US free and unhindered access, in the form of military and civilian supplies through its roads. All the while the US was busy in back stabbing Pakistan by cozying up with India! One cannot imagine a situation as ludicrous as this one. Even now, the Pakistanis can turn the screws on Uncle Sam by closing its supply routes to Afghanistan, and making it feel the heat of its own misdeeds in the Afghan land. But for that purpose Pakistan needs leaders with spine, not the current grovelling and kowtowing imbecile, who thinks more of US than Pakistan.

MIA Aug 30, 2016 05:28pm

Looks like history is sure set to repeat itself on the wrong side of the Radcliffe line this time. In the form of a Sino-Pakistan strategic alliance, with Russia in the gallery. That is the only thing needed to whip the living daylight out of Indians, in any conflict where they have been set up by the US as its cronies. The Sino-Pak-Russia alliance, which seems to be getting momentum by the passing day, is sure to make this so called US Indo alliance like a joke.

Sukhera Aug 30, 2016 05:27pm

It's a win win agreement for US. They have outsmarted the Indians. HOW INDIA is going to use US bases which are over 10,000 miles away.

Tamil Guru Aug 30, 2016 05:30pm

US India agreements in full speed. Ash Carter and Manohar Parikkar are meeting in Washinton and John Kerry and Sushma Swaraj are meeting in New Delhi.

Zafar Ali Aug 30, 2016 05:31pm

No doubt Pak and china will be face big trouble for this Indo-US defiance pact's . They will be Obstruct CPEC also,

سے Shaam (Hanafi) Aug 30, 2016 05:32pm

isn't China USA's backyard (low/cheap end manufacturing hub), check Chinese exports 75% go to the US. Is China not US dependent?

KT Aug 30, 2016 05:33pm

After US elections if new elected US Government cancels the pact then what ?

Django Aug 30, 2016 05:35pm

@Sukhera... Now world means business. What I want from others. India means business, it now how to do it.

Zealot Aug 30, 2016 05:38pm

@anil sahu

Read my post again.and see had i post "worried"anywhere?

Sunil Sane Aug 30, 2016 05:43pm

@Zak good for India that it's rising, but don't know which direction though.

point of view Aug 30, 2016 05:44pm

@Sukhera, India could use US Airbase of Afghanistan against Pakistan and US Airbase of Japan against China at the time of any conflicts.

LINGA Aug 30, 2016 05:47pm

I think india has done correct thing,in the long run it will benefit the india

Culture Vulture Aug 30, 2016 05:50pm

India congratulation for allowing (NEW) East India Company (US) to have military bases in your country.

Taz Aug 30, 2016 05:51pm

@KT for that they will make sure that Hillary wins in the elections. Continuation of the policies is a must even if you have to fix the match.

ZuZu Aug 30, 2016 05:55pm

@Zak you are super optimistic. China technology is no way near to America. You just can say the castle cannot build in weak foundation. India has solid foundation. You wait and watch.

Krish Aug 30, 2016 05:57pm

@Haroon Rashid Khan We are top 10 economics globaly .

Sympathiser Aug 30, 2016 05:58pm

@Alii... So be aware!!!!

paul Aug 30, 2016 06:00pm

@KT : Chalie go get some education. US NEEDS INDIA as much as INDIA needs USA. IT IS PARTNERSHIP and not anything else!

sk Aug 30, 2016 06:01pm

If you think, India would pay the price then you are wrong. Modi is very clever, having a usa base in India, attack on India would be deemed to be attack on usa and ultimately NATO. USA is not interested to occupy india because they are interested in market on land. India has already opened the door / FDI.

Observer Aug 30, 2016 06:06pm

Dear Indian, don't forget that being a friendly country to USA is more dangerous than being Enemy country. Proven track record matter.

KR Aug 30, 2016 06:08pm

Most of our Pakistani friends are forgetting one thing... Indians ability to extract the maximum from the Americans.. the nuclear deal, NSG Push, inclusion in MTCR regime, open support for Security Council and technology transfer.. this what we in india believe as the benefit of friendship with US. To be honest, India was pushed into the American Corner by none other than China. China's unnecessary provocations finally led India to throw away its non-alignment theory. India has managed the last 70 years as poor, underdeveloped and poverty stricken third world county. Now, we are the 3rd largest economy with a knowledge economy. We will exactly know how manage our affairs with our friends and foes.

Observer Aug 30, 2016 06:09pm

India and Pakistan need to invest more in people not on destroying people.

Tirumal Aug 30, 2016 06:09pm

@Haroon Rashid Khan India is the seventh wealthiest country in the world, according to a recent IMF report. Howzatt!

Jawad Aug 30, 2016 06:09pm

US aggressive foreign policies and Indian cunningness will turn this World into an inferno. I have my fears some thing very bad could happen to this beautiful earth.

flying star Aug 30, 2016 06:11pm

Pakistan,china,and Russia must to make alliance,in defence and economie

Rajesh Aug 30, 2016 06:11pm

@Zak Remnembi is already pegged at US Dollars, the stronger the Remnembi UD Dollars gets a boost. Wake up. This theory holds good if yuan/remnembi is a floating and not pegged currency.

Pra aksha Aug 30, 2016 06:15pm

@Khwarezmi Loggerhead it needs money & where is that?

Suresh Patel Aug 30, 2016 06:18pm

Way to go India

Santosh Aug 30, 2016 06:26pm

The whole intention of India allying with US seems to be the desire to gain high level technology but am doubtful if that desire will be fulfilled...

Ranasanga Aug 30, 2016 06:28pm

The bottom line is that India now has a powerful, educated and growth-minded middle class. This is something similar to what you see in developed economies. They will not go and usurp someone else's rights/lands but they are also not going to give up their own land/rights.

Government of India will always be kept in checked by this middle class. But Government of India will also be held accountable by that same middle class for how it deals with trouble makers within and outside its borders.

Rajesh Aug 30, 2016 06:29pm

@MUSTAFA 46 billions...... the largest wealth on Earth, somehow the luckiest country acquired it. Few Indians have such amounts in their left pocket.

Vectra Aug 30, 2016 06:32pm

@Minhaj Akhter "day by day India is becoming a client US state... In PM Nehru times, India was the one who created Non-Aligned movement... China & Pakistan will react to these moves and try to counter these steps..."

Who stopped China and pak to react???? You are free to react btw during PM Nehru's time situation is different and one need to adapt based on changes occurring in this world so NAM fits then so was adopted and also exists even today but with exception in case of China and Pakistan.

M.I.Aslam Aug 30, 2016 06:34pm

Congratulations to india for becoming new US aly. Good time for Pakistan to quit US camp forever & for good. Prospects of a Russia-China-Pakistan equation looks quite likely to counterbalance new regional threats.

rs Aug 30, 2016 06:36pm

@Dr.Arshad It is your third comment. This should answer your question.

F.Shah Aug 30, 2016 06:45pm

India is a very young country. It has to grow and expand.

Banglorean Aug 30, 2016 06:55pm

This is an win win situation for both countries, India will get technology which China got 10 years back and US gets place to counter china, this does not change the internal politics of India, as it is self sufficient. I wish both India & Pakistan should be greatest friends rather greatest enemies.

Pakistani Aug 30, 2016 06:58pm

@VKS, you are right and with this policy, India will left with NO eggs. They never had their own eggs, they always borrowed from their masters. So nothing has changed.

Desai Aug 30, 2016 07:00pm

@Karachiwally Very true my friend

Banglorean Aug 30, 2016 07:01pm

India is a integral part and parcel of Russia and cannot leave it in dreams also, Russia is the spinal cord and may be US is giving new hands to India to come up in World politics.

Ammar Aug 30, 2016 07:03pm

Inviting US to use its soil, India is at the verge of making an ultimate blunder. It is just a matter of time.

Jealouszak Aug 30, 2016 07:05pm

Pakistan going to align with China and Russia to counter this new alliance.

Myview Aug 30, 2016 07:07pm

USA securing its position in power balance game. India benefiting economically in the process. Each one to its own. Where are you Pakistan?

Pra aksha Aug 30, 2016 07:08pm

@Ibrar It looks like that you know better, loves more India, than Indian Government,Citizens of India, Think tanks, Strategists & well wishers of India.

Mumbai-Dude Aug 30, 2016 07:10pm

Five years from now it would be China-Russia-Pakistan vs US-India-Japan. Russia clearly has a score to settle against USA so it would soon ask India to choose between the two. USA would soon ask India to serve the required purpose against China. India should learn from fate of previous US allies. Russia, then Afghanistan, then Pakistan.

Sunnyboy1 Aug 30, 2016 07:10pm

This is the failure of Pakistan's foreign policies of last few years where they thought that interference in Afghanistan by supporting terrorists could provide strategic depth. Pakistan has to rethink it's policies and join it's neighbors to fight poverty and opening cross border trade so whole South Asia can prosper.

Mahmood Aug 30, 2016 07:23pm

Exactly how India is going to use US facilities to check China?

Even US base at Diego Garcia is further away from India-Chinese border....

Skeptic Aug 30, 2016 07:25pm

After finishing with Pakistan, now US is going to use India to serve its purposes. Until it finds another ally more suited to its future needs.

Have lots of fun India...

Imtiaz Faruqui Aug 30, 2016 07:25pm

Love your neighbor but do not break the fence. This goes for India and Pakistan and the USA.

s.khan Aug 30, 2016 07:38pm

This is much ado about nothing. USA has bases around the world including Diego Garcia in Indian ocean. India continues to import weapons from USA, France,etc. It will be more of the same. The real alliance will be if the attack on one is considered the attack on the other and obliges to help repelling the attack. This is not the case. If China and India go to war, USA will do nothing except issue statements.USA won't be able to contain China because both the countries are on different trajectory. China is on the rise while USA is in decline. American debt is the reaching the height of K2 and will accelerate when baby boomers start retiring in the next 10 years and will put increased demand on pension and health care funded by the govt. These will be financed by debt. China has already lent $1 Trillion to USA and probably USA will borrow more from China to finance its budget deficit which will be widening in future. China is sitting on top of huge cash reserve of more than $3 Trillion.

rajiv Aug 30, 2016 07:56pm

@s.khan You are not a Chinese are you?? So I guess you should be boasting more about Pakistan than China.... And not in our lifetime I think any country can overtake USA militarily.... so your points are misleading and too optimistic for your own good....USA still is and will remain sole global superpower along with its network and alliances for a some time....

Mady Aug 30, 2016 08:03pm

@s.khan "China is sitting on top of huge cash reserve of more than $3 Trillion." China has already lent $1 Trillion to USA and probably USA will borrow more from China"

Will Chinese lend this money to you like they did to USA?

China is keeping its surplus in US-treasury as safe-heaven like Japan, India does. That's why when US Fed-Reserve talked about raising interest-rate, investors withdrew #500billion USD from China. Due to which Chinese currency weakened Chinese govt. had to buy its excess currency from market to stabilize the currency.

You have created a scenario out of wishful-thinking.

Kent J Aug 30, 2016 08:07pm

India and US are coming closer. There is talk of assembly line of F 16 and F 18 jets being set up in India. American car companies like Ford and Chevrolet are manufacturing their vehicles in India. Great going indeed.

Pragmatist Aug 30, 2016 08:09pm

Now MODI Sir should sign a similer pact with Russia also.

Payal Verma Aug 30, 2016 08:11pm

@pk Absolutely! We salute you our PM Modi! Long Live India-USA relations!

Mady Aug 30, 2016 08:24pm

@Pragmatist Not sure India will have US-like pact with Russia. Although India-Russia has joint-ventures in energy and defense fields where BrahMos missile, Sukhoi 30MKI fighter-jets are made in India. Similarly Indian co. has invested in Russian oil-sector and Russian co. invested in Indian refineries, energy, nuclear-reactors.

Norman Aug 30, 2016 08:32pm France and UK are the same nexus

Rohit Aug 30, 2016 08:36pm

Guys, I am an India and would just like to say that lets live and let live. I wish Pakistan all the best.

np Aug 30, 2016 08:36pm

@Karachiwally "Another proxy war of US against China and Russia."

India has lose ties with Russia and certainly will not act as a proxy against Russia. As far as China is concerned, India has its own disagreements with China and so collaboration with US helps India with its own national security.

np Aug 30, 2016 08:40pm

@Mahmood US has bases in Philippines and Japan

umg Aug 30, 2016 08:57pm

@Mrs.khalil All Pakistanis have been harping that India will pay heavy price by befriending US, based on Pakistan 's experience.I believe that neither Pakistani government nor the army were sincere in dealing with US.It was a marriage of convenience.You reaped what you sowed.Your anxiety to counter this alliance has propelled us demean this deal.Indian polity is mature and has checks and balances.

Raaz Aug 30, 2016 08:58pm

China and Genl Raheel will tackle this

Zak Aug 30, 2016 09:01pm

@Indian keep dreaming.

Zak Aug 30, 2016 09:10pm

The rise of China and prominence of Pakistan is inevitable. Too late for the conspirators. Both too strong for their respective adversaries.

Mady Aug 30, 2016 09:16pm

@np US has bases in Philippines and Japan

Australia, Saudi-arabia, South-korea as well. I believe South-korea is also protected under USA missile-shield after North-korea missile-tests.

javed khan Aug 30, 2016 09:19pm

@Karachiwally : Very sad, hope Pakistan does not get sucked into this mess.

Payal Verma Aug 30, 2016 09:22pm

@Nomi India - America ties have a track record since past more than 70 years have always been congenial and good friends /ally at many domains. Because the common denominator that both largest democratic countries share is the growth; development and progress! which barely any Muslim country in South Asia share.

Payal Verma Aug 30, 2016 09:25pm

@Kris well said Kris! a profound thought provoking comment you have made!

javed khan Aug 30, 2016 09:25pm

@PrakashG : "secular democracies in the world" is India secular????????????

Payal Verma Aug 30, 2016 09:34pm

@flying star We don't think Russia would take interest in Pakistan -China alliance because their background history - Pakistan synonym to terror and China synonym to expansion. In both cases Russia cannot afford to have Pakistan and China as allies...because Russia prefers to stay neutral and so will never even partake or take sides of Pakistan- China ally. Even Russia knows well for sure that US-India agreement is the part of the pact; agreement and India will always be an eternal friend and ally to Russia as much as India is with USA and other countries of the world. India doesn't believe in theory to estrange relations with neighbors.

javed khan Aug 30, 2016 09:37pm

@anil sahu : Don't fool yourself.

javed khan Aug 30, 2016 09:40pm

@indian : Good foresight!

KJ Aug 30, 2016 09:42pm

@RUCHIMAH - India do not need access to US bases in US mainland but need access to bases in Afganistan, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Iraq, etc. in case of need.

Indian Trol Aug 30, 2016 09:45pm

Indo US relations in scramjet mode !

Indian Trol Aug 30, 2016 09:53pm

@Pak Patriot

You have quoted a great rule,bro -

All great nations become super power by standing on their own feet, through some values and attributes very different from all other nations.

To this rule only exception seems to be Pakistan which is going to be a great nation only through CPEC!!!

Himmat Aug 30, 2016 10:05pm

China has nothing to worry. Trade between India and China will flourish. But for Indians it will be very difficult to trust Chinese. This is due to their unprovoked invasion in 1961, while India was busy in supporting them about UNO and Tibet. So India will take all necessary precautions.

Alam Aug 30, 2016 10:17pm

Chinese investment in CPEC going to be increased to over USD.100 billions. Trouble in South China Sea and Indian Ocean will increase importance of CPEC for China. Windfall for Pakistan. Pakistan will have to increase stockpiles of stretigic neculear weapons.

Scramjet Aug 30, 2016 10:20pm

@javed khan - Yes.

Alam Aug 30, 2016 10:33pm

India will become strong country by just providing logistic facilities to US??? Pakistan have already made the US bases vacated and have seen off 200,000 US and NATO forces on our west flank. Pakistan has nothing to worry about Indian offer to US.

Sara Aug 30, 2016 10:50pm

If Pakistan could get Russia on its side?

AKKS Aug 30, 2016 11:03pm

@Syed(Australia) ,Time for disturbances in India, this India USA friendship will prove to be very expensive for India. India will be split in small states as what USA has done in Middle East.

Oh really? You sit miles away from your country and dream about it!

Ali Khan Aug 30, 2016 11:11pm

Pakistan tasted enough from the US friendship now its Indian turn,

Pranav Aug 30, 2016 11:22pm

@Syed(Australia) try it

Gokul_Ram Aug 31, 2016 12:01am

@Zak Wonder where your friend was when East Pakistan was becoming history..

Wasim Cheema Aug 31, 2016 12:11am

Putting all the eggs in the Chinese basket is not a wise policy for Pakistan.

Akram Aug 31, 2016 12:19am

@indian India or USA will not be able to use each other bases without prior permission. India will take care of own interest.

A shah Aug 31, 2016 12:30am

Two superpowers making plans to rule the world.

A shah Aug 31, 2016 12:29am

On one move, India has put China 10 years back.

Ali Aug 31, 2016 01:04am

@JAI HINDU Get ready to enjoy the fruit of American friendship

Kabir Aug 31, 2016 02:36am

How does India's efforts to develop and progress its own country and people will have impact on Pakistan and why China ? When Pakistan had pact with America and China , did it have impact on India ?

Ali Aug 31, 2016 02:47am

@Kris Totaly agreed!

Nik Aug 31, 2016 03:53am

So india gets access to all US bases across the world... read base in Afghanistan under the pretext of US.. What a move!!!

UD Aug 31, 2016 05:30am

World's oldest and largest democracies g got more closer to each other.

Abhi Aug 31, 2016 05:38am

@Alii your knowledge is based on countries which are low on principles and ethics. If one pretend to be a friend and then build hakani Network to destroy friend, it's not called friendship! It's betrayal... Few counties have history of maintaining such friendship forever...

Ae Dil Hain Mushkil Aug 31, 2016 05:53am

@Dr.Arshad Which 3 Nuclear Neighbours are you talking about. Surely not Myanmar

Mea Culpa Aug 31, 2016 06:20am

Power of India, they sign a pact and all the neighbours have their panties in a knot.

Dr. Ramesh Sharma Aug 31, 2016 06:23am

@KT It is possible and similarly China cancelling CPEC any day if they decide so is also possible. Every country has to guard their own interests.

GLY Mendon Aug 31, 2016 06:23am

@Dr.Arshad India's relations with Russia is very special and that is not going to change whatever happens with relationship with USA

Faisal Aug 31, 2016 07:57am

Current Indian govt is sincere with India.

SABER Aug 31, 2016 08:53am

CPEC fever

LandofIndus Aug 31, 2016 10:10am

This deal will not hurt Pakistan. Instead, it will bring more Chinese investments into Pakistan. China will counter India by bolstering Pakistan. US defense industry will seek to dump high price arms into India. Also, to please US, India must focus East not West, so it must resolve disputes with Pakistan to remain useful to US.

umar Aug 31, 2016 10:21am

Like East India Company , now American / India Company has arrived in what is called Hindustan.

umar Aug 31, 2016 10:24am

@Ae Dil Hain Mushkil China and Pakistan .

Sudhir Neyalasinger Aug 31, 2016 11:30am

@Pakistani India has never had masters and never will.

Indian Trol Aug 31, 2016 12:10pm

When Lion and Elephant come together other animals feel threatened.

som Aug 31, 2016 01:55pm

@Zak China is showing sluggish now a days as it has almost reached the saturation point

kundan Aug 31, 2016 03:02pm

@Dr.Arshad China is not going to takeover US in the current years since China indulged it in a nexus called SCS. This dispute is going to be the biggest barrier of becoming the largest economy. Though chances of was is very less but chances of limited war is very high in coming future, and if it happen, it will affect China badly. China has grown on the shoulder of US and western countries and all countries are in the queue to support India now.

Rehan Aug 31, 2016 03:07pm

@Alii there citizens get better off, like Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand

dinesh Aug 31, 2016 03:46pm

India is already probably working on the agenda to being Russia and US together. Watch out for the next steps.

Balakrishnan Kamesh Aug 31, 2016 04:19pm

India's diplomacy is can handshake with US and Russia, Iran and Israel as well as China.. even willing to do the same with PAKISTAN.. but PAKISTAN is not responding...

Simba Aug 31, 2016 04:36pm

@Indian Trol absolutely right.

Ghaffar Aug 31, 2016 04:44pm

India is making a huge mistake by aligning itself with USA, because they just use other countries for their own sake and leave that country in ashes. Take example of Turkey and Pakistan.

Balakrishnan Kamesh Aug 31, 2016 04:58pm

@GLY Mendon RUSSIA is all weather friend of INDIA, USA friendship was due to the Reputation earned by INDIA as a global economy...

Pak Patriot Aug 31, 2016 05:26pm

@Indian Trol Not at all. This applies to Pakistan also. we should be realistic. Being a patriotic Pakistani I don't see Pakistan becoming a great nation because we lag behind on many fronts. More than half of our populations is illiterate.

we should not brag about or take pride for other countries projects. we should take pride when we are able to initiate mega projects in other countries.

Pak Patriot Aug 31, 2016 05:28pm

@Indian Trol When I say it is an opportunity for Pakistan because as long as Pakistan is with America it will always remain dependent on America.

Pakistan can only see progress and true prosperity when distance from America. America has crippled it.

Khurram Jadoon Aug 31, 2016 06:51pm

Under what circumstances India is going to use US's bases?? Against Canada, Mexico, Cuba ....

Indoaryan Aug 31, 2016 07:31pm

Apart from buying modern weapons and acquiring jet engine tech., India needs to acquire mass production technology in various fields of civil and defense production. At the moment India can produce only four Tejas per year, in a war like situation four aircrafts can be lost in half an hour. This is how bad the India production base is. You can lose a war before it even started, so to speak. Therefore it is in India's interest to urge US to help open new factories capable of manufacturing quality products fast.

AbbasToronto Aug 31, 2016 07:46pm

India always bets on the wrong horse. Always too little too late.

Abhishek Aug 31, 2016 07:50pm

@Wazir not 10 but 4 times bigger. but we are catching fast:-)

Kaushal Aug 31, 2016 08:47pm

India is a peaceful and great ancient civilization there is nothing to fear about ......fear will be only to barbaric and terrorists. There is a demand for safety and security to a growing nation of 125 crores (world's second largest population). Pakistan needs to mend her education, health, gender sensitization and living standards instead of arms race

J USA Aug 31, 2016 09:11pm

@umar... what you need to understand is India is not giving US a military base...

SABER Aug 31, 2016 10:32pm

Good to see India lost its neutral status in world political arena....

Ali Aug 31, 2016 10:38pm

Best of luck to INDIA for having a friend like USA who is worst than an enemy when you are his friend. Just look at the countries which have defence pacts with USA and SEE what they want now (get rid of USA but can't due to pacts).

shah Aug 31, 2016 11:16pm

@Alii We all know the examples of USA entering Afghanistan, Irqa and syria as well.

imtiaz ali khan Aug 31, 2016 11:17pm

@OMG First fix our problems here with your neighbors and then Indian will come to new heights God Willing because we love to see everyone prosper. Pakistan is doing well with billions invested in CPEC. I hope we both prosper for the sake of our younger generation. We must resolve our problems and stop hurting each other with any negative sentiments God Bless.

p r sharma Sep 01, 2016 12:32am

@Zak ; nice wishful thinking. nothing more but a way to be happy. no harm carry on.

Aftab Sep 01, 2016 12:39am

@Omer Are you serious?US-India both together have 100 times more resources and you are asking for a balance?

Rauf Lala Sep 01, 2016 12:42am

Quite amazed... India anyhow is given free hand by US in present and by RUSSIA before. But by this declaration it will only strength pakistan to match india with the help of China. Russia too will side pakistan after seeing such open pact.. So indirectly it is good new for Pakistan

NewPerstive Sep 01, 2016 01:20am

What Pakistan needs to do is, realise. Realise that it is the problem and it is the solution. Increasing its military might wont change a thing.A change in culture is required. Stopping the Brainwash of children with religious stuff ,which they cant even fathom,leading to misinterpretion and grow in extremism.

Wasi Sep 01, 2016 01:42am

@Atul you just became a complete customer state of the imperial power of United States. Congratulations. And its not a multipolar world. It's still unipolar. India is just a proxy state, a client state or in economic terms a customer.

Wasi Sep 01, 2016 01:51am

This is another move in the strategy for perpetual war by the millitary industrial complex. The next or rather simultaneous step will be to take over the natural resources and infrastructure of India a.k.a privatization so that the little wealth that is currently distributed amongst the thin middle class of India will be concentrated trough corporate take over into the hand of the wealthy few. Some new millionaires will be touted as progress through privatization the same paradigm of riches for the ultra rich and nothing for others will be repeated. Welcome to the real democracy, read American Capitalism, read Oligarchy.

Bobb Mack Sep 01, 2016 02:18am

@AKKS Facts are facts regardless how far away one is physically located from a scene under consideration! Number of insurgencies in India along with a progressive trend towards intolerance are certainly driving the country towards internal polarisation. Small mercies from America are being seen as cure for Indian problems which its politicians have kept hidden under the carpet. No doubt India would be benefitted from transfer of technology and may learn how to make turbine blades for its jet fighters in future but the hope that India will be lifted to a level where it can start seeing eye to eye with the Chinese is most likely to remain just a dream. What India is probably not considering is the fact that despite US's concerns about rising Chinese power US and China are almost indispensably interdependent on each other, so a possible return to normalisation could left India out in the cold. Chinese have already warned India that US-Indian ties vs China will hurt India in long term.

Payal Verma Sep 01, 2016 02:35am

@Pragmatist India will always look forward to have such ties with Russia...According to India, US and Russia are like stalwart neighbors just like Britain, France, Australia and so on.. India is on the path to development and growth and our PM Modi has strong conviction in the belief "Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas"! (means : "a concerted effort and togetherness is required from all those who want to progress in life")

Payal Verma Sep 01, 2016 02:38am

@Iztraab why should anyone think negative see also the positive side!

Bobb Mack Sep 01, 2016 02:41am

@Omer CPEC is vital for China as a back up route in case of any future troubles relating to its sea routes, hence its massive investment with little cast to Pakistan. China is also interested to see Pak defence strengthened and is already about to start building a fleet of attack(stealth) submarines for Pakistan on soft loans. US and India do not like the idea of CPEC but for Pakistan it would mean a game changer with economic prosperity and development including job creation for Baluchistan and other provinces. Pakistan must facilitate a speedy completion of the CPEC by developing a consensus without worrying which party is going to be politically rewarded. It should be noted that some forces with in our country are trying to put road blocks in the way of this rare opportunity.

Zak Sep 01, 2016 03:19am

@AKK and all 3 are used to using India for their needs....

Zak Sep 01, 2016 03:22am

@sushil minus the indian concoted figures. The true statistics are China 7.4%, Pakistan at 5.2% and India 4.8% IMF and world Bank figures.

Kulbhushan Yadav Sep 01, 2016 06:33am

@Khurram Jadoon Is that where you think the only US bases are????

Syed Chishti Sep 01, 2016 08:11am

If ever anything good for the world has happened,it's this pact"US-India defense pact to impact Pakistan, China.Pakistan is much more safe than ever before,"will be based on this understanding,“China and Pakistan beware — this week, India and US sign major war pact,” warned the Forbes magazine in an article.”

Anything that now India defies this&India doesn't keep its promises&commitment to the US, it will be a bigger&a very bitter experience for the world at-large&will sabotage the world peace process USA is spearheading.

USA is committed to maintain a world order in which there will be global peace. As a Super Power-USA has to lead for keeping the new world order in place&it has not let it slip out of its control.

It has that global diplomatic clout&the Military might to keep it that way. Any individual country or group of countries across the planet earth tries to disturb this global peace is not a friend of USA&will be seen as an enemy state. USA is the only global Super Power.

amin Sep 01, 2016 09:16am

Monkey and Fox plotting against the Dragon.

Swaoop Sep 01, 2016 10:54am

@Zak reaĺly!!!!!

raghu Sep 01, 2016 11:32am

It will be a interesting mind game between india and usa just as it happens in all economic fora globally......lets hope its a win win situation for all.


sourav Ghosh Sep 01, 2016 11:36am

@javed khan yes it is

Rex Major Sep 01, 2016 12:07pm

@Wazir : Chinese economy is 5 times larger than India's, India's economy is 8 times larger than Pakistan's. In your world, India cannot compete with China but, Pakistan is India's equal. Some world!

Feroz Sep 01, 2016 02:05pm

No one need worry about India taking steps to safeguard its own interests, like others do. India has already said it will welcome global participation in its rise -- in manufacturing, R & D, Defense as well as all other sectors. There is enough on the table for everyone to get a bite, so no need for any jealousy or heartburn. Those who are not comfortable with seeing India rise, must come up with something better they can offer the world, enabling them to move forward and compete. Negative thinking can never bring positive results, my experience tells me.

rahul1 Sep 01, 2016 02:17pm

@Pak Patriot "Its is an opportunity for Pak to stand on own feet economically and militarily. " Inshallah, all Indians wish Pakistan prospers as democratic nation with more sane voices focused on future rather than glories of past. Ultimately, your ancestors belonged to same civilizations as rest of India does.

Daddu-tum? Sep 01, 2016 03:09pm

@Lokarlobaat Dude we might disagree but I really like your username

Pedro Sam Sep 01, 2016 04:18pm

India wants to see a peaceful neigbhourhood. 99.99% of Indians want a prosperous Pakistan. It is for the people of Pakistan to push their government and their religious leaders to smell the coffee and make relationship with India . Getting into arms race with India is a futile job.

PANT Sep 01, 2016 06:08pm

What about India and Pakistan becoming good neighbors and increasing ,travel.It will benefit both the countries

Hindusthani Sep 01, 2016 07:53pm

@Ratan Chandra My friend Ratan Chandra, move with the times, NAM is obsolete.

walee Sep 01, 2016 10:11pm

India is opting a shabby course. I don`t think that US will ever use the bases of India, because if war break out than there will be nothing left... yes bases too!. It(pact) is just a method of bullying China and nothing else.

Lee Chin Sep 01, 2016 10:55pm

@Wasim Cheema Henry Kissinger said in November 1968, after Richard Nixon was elected U.S. president but before he took office “It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal”

bilal-atlanta Sep 02, 2016 07:15am

@Wasim Cheema wrong.. countries should work to be self sufficient. when they look upon others is when they lose their freedom and autonomy.. not a new lesson..

Vish Sep 02, 2016 09:40am

Natural allies ....

Tariq Sep 02, 2016 10:29am

Welcome USA in India. Thank you Barack

Truth Sep 02, 2016 10:53am

@Omer Pakistan should be more concerned with developing its economy than competing with India on arms. Fix the country economy first. eliminate terrorist attacks.

Simba Sep 02, 2016 11:34am

@walee 'I don`t think that US will ever use the bases of India, because if'

You are wrong. They will be used much earlier than what you can imagine. India was deliberating over this US proposal for 10 years. It is signed for a plausible purpose.