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DERA GHAZI KHAN: A man died on Monday after five attackers chopped off his arms, lips and nose, taking away his severed limbs with them.

The brutal crime was committed against Allah Ditta, a resident of Mauza Sabra Nachawn in the limits of Gaddai police station.

According to local sources, Allah Ditta was married and had an affair with a married woman of Paiga village, who had earlier eloped with the victim but after intervention of elders of the both families was brought back to her husband’s house.

On Monday, Allah Ditta was again going to the village to meet the woman when five people intercepted him. After overpowering the victim, the attackers chopped off his arms, lips and nose. While fleeing the scene, the assailants took the severed limbs along, leaving the victim in a pool of blood.

The injured man was rushed to Trauma Centre of Ghazi Medical College and teaching hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Station House Officer Ali Mohammad told Dawn a case had been registered against two relatives of the woman – Iqbal and Allah Divaya – and their three unidentified accomplices.

Published in Dawn, July 19th, 2016

Comments (26) Closed

Khurram Jadoon Jul 19, 2016 08:42am

Where are those NGOs and liberal women right activates???

Ahmad Jul 19, 2016 08:50am

@Khurram Jadoon I didn't understand your comment. Do you mean that Women wight activists only come forward if a crime is against Women? Its their duty to come forward who is stopping men to have their group to protect their right? This crime is also done by men like in other 90% cases.

Sami Jul 19, 2016 09:17am

@Ahmad --- not just 90%, but 99.9% or more

Intrepid Jul 19, 2016 09:25am

@Khurram Jadoon What is a "women right activates" ?

Basit Jul 19, 2016 10:16am

@Ahmad Yes, women rights activists only come out for women. Do you know how many more men have been killed because of intolerance, terrorism and targeted killings? Any feelings for them?

Haris Jul 19, 2016 10:47am

@Intrepid He meant "Activists".

SHAH Jul 19, 2016 11:08am

@Haris ; thanks; Intrepid did not either, good that you clarified for him

Shopman Jul 19, 2016 11:33am

I sometimes feel scared of my self. Reading and hearing so much about these so called honor killing is making me indifferent towards this. This is not the person I used to be 10 years back. I can only hope and pray that better sense prevails in the world.

ABC Jul 19, 2016 01:03pm

What is evident from comments is;

Whenever there is a crime against a woman, most men condemn it. But when there are crimes against men (which are in greater numbers) no woman has guts to condemn it.

Lala mustafa Jul 19, 2016 01:21pm

@ABC @khurram @basit The vulnerable always suffer at the hands of the vile regardless if gender.Dont make it an issue between genders. It was henious crime done against a human. I am appalled at these comments. How can anyone divide humanity on basis of whats between their legs? How can anyone believe that one human's life matters more solely due to their genitals?

Umer Salahuddin Jul 19, 2016 02:20pm

Such barbarism should not be tolerated and responsible should be punished in military courts under terrorism act.

Sarah Jul 19, 2016 02:23pm

How can one do this inhuman act to anyone !

Tariq, Lahore Jul 19, 2016 03:09pm

It's a law of the jungle!

Oad Jul 19, 2016 03:23pm

how anyone can be so inhuman ? Why killing is becoming so common in our society.

R. Azhar Jul 19, 2016 03:44pm

This stupid barbaric tradition has to stop. It seems we are living in the dark ages. There is no place of honor killing in Islam. The nation should stop being the judge, jury and executioner at the same time. Let law of the state take its course.

Ayub Jul 19, 2016 04:02pm

The writ of the government has disappeared and that is why the people have taken the law into their own hands.

Nadir kandani Jul 19, 2016 07:33pm

Only Qazi (judge) can impose punishment to culprit in Islam.Unfortunately every person in our country is Qazi and can kill weak people like girls,boys and poor people.Islam allows marriage with free will.

A human Jul 20, 2016 02:59pm

Its sign of we are moving to danger end of our beautiful planet.

Agha Ata Jul 20, 2016 07:16pm

The greatest culprit is the honour of people which has hosted the real honor. Only good education can arrest this culprit, not the police or law. As these, both powers can deal with only one who is in sight.

Hira Jul 20, 2016 08:24pm

People its not about men and women condemning it or not.A human, a living thing, God's creature has been mutilated. Affair or no Affair, no common person is above the law... and there; this is a Pakistani (woman; since some were desperate) is condemning it!!! These killer have bought dishonour to their family, not the victims

Azeem Jul 20, 2016 08:35pm

Pakistanis have to decide which of the two is the worst offence-sexual impropriety or brutally murdering another human being.Murder can never be justified under any cicumtances when carried out by a mob. Punishment can only be meted out by the judiciary after a fair trial and found to be guilty.

aslam shaikh1 Jul 21, 2016 04:34am

No one from international media will notice because a man was the tortured and hurt in this honor incident.

kazmi Jul 21, 2016 10:08am

@Agha Ata what is real honor?

kazmi Jul 21, 2016 10:11am

@Khurram Jadoon they divide the human being into two groups for their purpose when they need. And declare human as single creature when they need.

aslam shaikh1 Jul 21, 2016 03:57pm

There should be laws to protect men from blackmail and such incidents.

Syed Zafar Kazmi U.S. A Jul 21, 2016 06:08pm

Honor killing-the rampant most heinous crime-is not gender oriented rather it stems from and breeds in misconceived notions of righteousness rooted in not just lack of but absence of education and abject poverty. Whenever a crime of such nature occurs and that tragically occurs more often, different various interest groups jump on the opportunity and manipulate it to their respective group's advantage.