Hackers claiming to be from Pakistan defaced websites of seven Indian embassies, high commissions, and consulates in various countries with pro-Pakistan Army slogans on Wednesday.

In an email sent to journalists, the hackers claimed to target Indian missions in Ankara, Athens, and Mexico City.

Missions in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Bucharest, Romania as well as Dushanbe, Tajikistan and South Africa's Pretoria were also defaced by the hackers referring to themselves as "Romantic" and "Intruder".

The text defacing the sites of Dushanbe, Ankara and Athens read brief, jarring phrases such as "Don't Be Panic", "We Rock and U Shock", "Pakistan Zindabad", and "Feel the Power of Pakistan".

When Dawn.com attempted to access the seven sites, only Athens, Dushanbe, and Ankara seemed to be defaced, while the others appeared to be restored.

A representative from the Indian High Commission in Islamabad declined to comment on the issue.

Cross-border hacking attacks have been sporadic yet common since at least 1998. The Lahore High Court's website has been hacked twice by Indian hackers recently, while Pakistani hackers have attacked National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur's website.