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Pakistan asks US to support its NSG bid

Updated Jun 09, 2016 08:37am


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WASHINGTON: Pakistan has formally asked the US administration and Congress to support its application for joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama formally endorsed India’s application to join the group.

Pakistan submitted a formal application in Vienna last month, expressing its desire to join the group. But the US administration and Congress are both unwilling to support Pakistan.

In a letter to the US Senate Committee on Foreign Rela­tions, Pakistan’s Ambassador Jalil Abbas Jilani reminded Congress that Pakistan had taken a series of steps that qualify it for joining the NSG.

“Pakistan’s desire to participate in the NSG stands on solid grounds of technical experience, capability and well-established commitment to nuclear safety,” the ambassador wrote.

“Pakistan has operated secure and safeguarded nuclear power plants for over 42 years. Safe and sustainable civil nuclear energy is essential for Pakistan’s future energy security and its economic development,” he added.

The letter, shared with Dawn, expresses Pakistan’s willingness to accept the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards on all foreign supplied nuclear reactors and nuclear materials similar to the current IAEA safeguards in place on all of Pakistan’s civilian nuclear facilities.

Pakistan argues that its presence in the NSG is in the interest of nuclear trading countries, as it will further promote NSG non-proliferation objectives by the inclusion of a state with nuclear supply capabilities and its adherence to the NSG guidelines.

“Pakistan has consistently maintained that criteria-based, non-discriminatory approach, which treats both Pakistan and India equally, while also simultaneously binding them to appropriate non-proliferation commitments, will not only strengthen the non-proliferation regime but also promote strategic stability in South Asia,” the letter explained.

Editorial: US support for India on NSG

Mr Jilani argued that Pakistan’s view has been “corroborated by incontrovertible evidence and public export analysis that the approach of granting country-specific exceptions, such as the NSG waiver in 2008, has neither benefited the non-proliferation regime nor the objective of regional strategic stability”.

The letter warns that publicly available reports on “significant upcoming fissile material facilities and build up of unsafeguarded weapon usable fissile material in Pakistan’s neighbourhood raise larger security and stability concerns for the region.”

Pakistan argues that a non-discriminatory and equitable approach by the participating governments of the NSG would help South Asia achieve a safer and more prosperous future.

“Pakistan remains ready to continue its constructive engagement with the United States and international community at large as a mainstream partner in the non-proliferation arrangements,” the Ambassador said.

Last month, Pakistan and the US held the 7th round of “Security, Strategy, Stability and Non-proliferation” dialogue to discuss a range of issues in nuclear non-proliferation. Both countries agreed on the value of Pakistan’s continued engagement, outreach and integration into the international non-proliferation regime.

The US also helped Pakistan develop Strategic Trade Controls. But these engagements did not translate into US support for Pakistan’s bid to join the NSG.

The US is not only supporting India’s application but is also encouraging other countries, including China, to back the Indian move.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered unconditional support to India’s entry into the NSG but China opposes the move as it discriminates against Pakistan.

Without China’s support India cannot join the group, as all membership applications need consensus of existing members.

Published in Dawn, June 9th, 2016


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Comments (157) Closed

S Karani Jun 09, 2016 08:43am

Some people in Pakistan believe that they are already a province of China. China helps with all military aid and help to Pakistan. The economic corridor CPEC has China's name at the start. So, why would Pakistan want to join NSG ? Just officially merge with your iron-brother and become part of the family.

xmaestro Jun 09, 2016 08:50am

I guess we need China and US to work things out.

sandeep Jun 09, 2016 08:50am

Entry into the group means impetus to the energy production ability to our nuclear plants which are currently not running at full capacity. This in turn will lead to economic growth and stability. China doesn't want that because with the Western economies failing India and China are on the path to becoming economic superpowers in the future. So China wants to hamper India's progress as much as it can but eventually India will enter the group. Pakistan's entry into the NSG will anyways be rejected which is a known fact even to China. They themselves wouldn't have allowed it inspite being on good terms with Pak. But they have propped up Pakistan's entry issue just to halt India's progress.

Singh Jun 09, 2016 08:55am

Good Step but, not sure if, someone will support except china.

Dwaraka Nath Jun 09, 2016 09:22am

All nations who supported India for NSG bid convinced that India will utilizes nuclear materials for nuclear reactors only .Will Pakistan will able to convince all nations in this regard ?

Naveed Jun 09, 2016 09:23am

I think this is a very wise path to pursue. Pakistan should put all it's effort in getting this membership.

Sajjad Jun 09, 2016 09:24am

Pakistan has rightly applied for the membership of NSG group . That is a proper step by Pakistan to avoid isolation . India is taking all the measures to isolate Pakistan . Our Muslim brothers Afghanistan and Iran have joined hands with India to isolate Pakistan . Our only friend is China . China is helping Pakistan to gain membership of NSG group. America is promoting India's move to obtain membership of NSG group . China is our only friend !

Srini Jun 09, 2016 09:27am

Partners in progress. Good job dear Modiji..

logic1 Jun 09, 2016 09:27am

@xmaestro No dear.You need world to believe in you.

bilal Jun 09, 2016 09:29am

US won't deny its ally

Vimal Jun 09, 2016 09:31am

Abdul Career Khan should carry this letter to US congress.

saad Jun 09, 2016 09:33am

Desperate attempt. Bad. Timing.

Rehman Jun 09, 2016 09:35am

I am sure Pakistan become an NSG member before India. We are a very responsible power.

hitesh Jun 09, 2016 09:37am

Pakistan should also "ask" Swiss, Mexican, Russian, British and other governments to support its NSG bid

Jalil Jun 09, 2016 09:41am

Pakistan is able to sell nuclear materials even without being a member of the NSG, courtesy AQ Khan. No need of NSG membership.

MindShare Jun 09, 2016 09:42am

An opportunity to develop our own nuclear technology stack.

Shobhit Jun 09, 2016 09:42am

Safe record, 42 years ?? One person, A Q Khan.

Jonty Rhodes Jun 09, 2016 09:45am

India has been lobbying for years very actively to get entry into the NSG. This is not something that has happened overnight. Modi visited Switzerland & Mexico to convince them because they had showed hesitation about India's entry into NSG. The only reason Pakistan has sent this letter now is because of China. China wants to deny India entry into NSG and for that to happen, they need to have some explainable reason. That reason is Pakistan also applying for NSG membership. Pakistan has never seriously tried for NSG membership but without them applying, China can't blindly refuse India's entry into NSG having no good reason. China very well knows that majority of member countries would not agree at this time to allow Pakistan become a member of NSG, but that would give China a reason to deny India become a member as well. China is shooting from the shoulder of Pakistan to achieve their own objective. I hope Pakistan leadership wakes up and sees this game.

Sunil Jun 09, 2016 09:45am

Application for joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) might go down the drains for Pakistan.

abhay Jun 09, 2016 09:52am

Pakistan can try .. after all China is supporting you. . Good luck

Ash20 Jun 09, 2016 09:53am

Pakistan does not know diplomacy. You never berate any country/person to achieve something. This is diplomacy 101. Pakistan knows it has almost nil support in NSG and they have applied on behalf of China. India may or may not get entry into NSG but China cannot stop India. Opposition of India will ultmately start hurting China as China will have issue with all major neighbours. India may also stop some of the big Chinese companies who in turn will pressurize Chinese govt.

Chacha420 Jun 09, 2016 10:05am

India needs to abandon all strategies for help as it is sufficient in thought ideas and accomplishments to achieve NSG capabilities.

Just surprised why it is begging usa and china

But one last lament --- wish brother Pakistan was a partner in achieving this NSG independwnce of NSG

Prahlad Jun 09, 2016 10:11am

The problem with Pakistan is that it always tries to apply short term solution to long term problems. They think the World is receiving India merely on the basis of a propaganda. It thinks all it needs is an image makeover - and boom - all problems will vanish in thin air. What we have achieved has taken us close to 3 decades. There is a huge difference between Perception and Reputation.

Singh Jun 09, 2016 10:13am

There's no end to wish list ...

Ranjit Jun 09, 2016 10:13am

Just a question? Why do you need to show a missile to highlight the request to be part of the NSG? Wouldn't a picture of a reactor be more appropriate?

Lambardaar Jun 09, 2016 10:15am

What about asking other countries as well ?

splash Jun 09, 2016 10:18am

why there is no news about indian entry in Missile Technology Control Regime. where china's application is pending since last many years ?

yasir Jun 09, 2016 10:20am

what a two face attitude by the US administration. On one hand it declared that those states who are not part of NPT would not be included in the NSG. But alas here we are seeing something else. Pakistan must convince Russia as well for its membership to the group.

newport_cymru Jun 09, 2016 10:31am

Why is Pakistani politicians create a national embarrassment when they know they can't win, as per current diplomatic scenarios.

Ashok Jun 09, 2016 10:34am

China will support India as there are natural reasons for doing this. The confidence that India reposes on China to take fair measures will be shaken to the core, if for paltry reasons it opposes India's NSG bid. Let's keep fingers crossed on how things emerge.

Prakash Jun 09, 2016 10:36am

Sorry guys.

But you can't compare a $ 2 Trillion, fastest growing economy with second largest population and World's largest democracy with a politically un-stable, sluggish $300 Billion economy and a mid-sized 'me-too' country.

Nothing good or bad about it, but that's the truth.

Rakesh Jain Jun 09, 2016 10:38am

India's population is 6 times bigger, economy is 20 times bigger, in science/Space/ IT India is almost 30 years ahead .... so exactly on what basis Pakistan seeks equal status??

Common Sense - USA Jun 09, 2016 10:40am

The US Congress runs on Foreign Lobbying. Its Legal in US for foreign lobbyists, lawyers that contribute funds to the US Congressmen. They are known as PACs (Political Action Committees). Pakistan once had a strong Lobby in the Washington up till 1990's. Why Pakistani government is negligent now, and not hiring Lobbyists, that contribute "Funds" to the US Congressmen. US Congress functions on Votes, and US congressmen vote in favor of countries they "like". And they like the countries which give them "paychecks". Very sophisticated form of corruption, but they made legal, and made some very complex laws. Even US Presidential Campaign benefits from Foreign PAC's Lobbying. And once that candidate gets elected as US President, he favors that Country, which supported him during election campaign via PAC. Right now in US, India and Israel have a very strong PAC Lobbying. Pakistan needs to think about PAC's and hiring Lobbyists in Congress and US presidential elections.

Sachin Jun 09, 2016 10:43am

Vladimir Putin offers unconditional support to India. Thank you Russia. Thank you US and all nations for support

srinivas Jun 09, 2016 10:45am

Its a pakistan's reaction to India's foriegn policy developments.

Satnam Singh Jun 09, 2016 10:46am

Pakistan can not seek equity with India. Pakistan should sign NPT and join NSG. India will join this group without signing any agreement due to its unmatched and impeccable nuclear non proliferation record recognized by world community. Pakistan doesn't have this recognition.

Ramesh Jun 09, 2016 10:46am

In some day India demand for XYZ then Pakistan also demand XYZ without thinking they need it or not

Sachin Jun 09, 2016 10:47am
  1. It would be in the interest of Pakistan to apply & work for its membership on merit without being remained focused on India. The blackmailing tricks won't work.
  2. Pakistan must act firmly against the culprits /state actors who were responsible for proliferation in the past. It would help in wiping its image globally.
  3. All out efforts from Civilian as well as Defense forces against all type of terrorism & ensuring law & order in the country with complete control of civilian government over all affairs of the country would push Pakistan as more responsible state.
  4. Yes, Pakistan too require energy for its development just like India. But ensure to work sincerely & effectively towards the development & upliftment of the people & the state at large with complete diversion of existing resources on economical path. International community would ensure & guarantee the safety & protection of your existing boundaries against any external threat. Also, you are already nuclear power.
Sachin Tandon Jun 09, 2016 10:48am

China will not be able to restrict India's entry into NSG, as China knows how important is India for their business as well as they don't want to be felt as enemy of India. If India imposes ban on Chinese goods, that will harm more China than India.

vicky Jun 09, 2016 10:49am

China is already isolated in the NSG....just wait and watch.

mkp Jun 09, 2016 10:49am

what about nuclear proliferation to north korea and other countries.

gaurav Jun 09, 2016 10:50am

what request - is some joke going on here? where is pakistani PM?

Mahakaalchakra Jun 09, 2016 10:50am

Pakistan is already a founding member of KSG (Khan Supply Group). Dual memberships are not allowed. AQKhan is alive and not accessible to outside world.

Hamza Jun 09, 2016 10:56am

I think, we really need to stop all those foreign asked army operations in our country.. Main reason we are doing everything but getting very less response from them.. We should save our money and invest on defence system

Zak Jun 09, 2016 10:56am

Without China’s support India cannot join the group, as all membership applications need consensus of existing members.

End of story.

Kranti Jun 09, 2016 10:58am

They should remove China first because it is a proliferator...Pakistan talking about strategy and peace is a joke, as if whole world is waiting for Pakistan to sign the convention...

JABBAR-HIND Jun 09, 2016 10:59am

While Pakistan has just put up an application, India meantime has almost reached final stages of entry into NSG. Good luck Pakistan, it is long process so keep the calm. Don't worry we will sort out China's objection towards India with the help of USA.

rs Jun 09, 2016 11:01am

Finally China will stand isolated. No international forum will be complete without the participation of India, a country of 1.25 billion people.

A Shah Jun 09, 2016 11:05am

Come on, this is just embarrassing!

athar Jun 09, 2016 11:13am

It seems that our foreign policy is on the brink of collapse as Indian PM has visited USA and successfully lobbied for nuclear club whereas Pakistan is just requesting. Decision of keeping important profile of Foreign Office with PM is coming up with devastating results. We are isolated and losing friends also. Time to revisit our priorities and policies.

Black Indian Jun 09, 2016 11:17am

Pakistan needs energy like other nations. They need to be accommodated . Its need of the hour. Energy poverty anywhere is dangerous everywhere.

Only point remained as on what conditions.

Pakistan needs to adhere the terms which might be conflicting to her earlier stand, but she must put end to earlier stand and start new beginning.

Politics has no end and no one should play politics on energy issue as it is directly to humans living.

CK Jun 09, 2016 11:17am

One of the main reasons why India gets a favourable treatment is because they have unilaterally announced a "NO FIRST USE" policy which spells out responsibility on India's part.

Muhammad Jun 09, 2016 11:18am

@Satnam Singh

Impeccable Record. Right... how about the country that introduced nuclear weapons to South Asia in 1974.

Ranjan Jun 09, 2016 11:18am

Pakistan is a member of N(K)SG already. (K) for Korea....

It is right time, Pakistan stop comparing itself with India. Comparison would restrict its vision, development, progress and image...

Yuvaraj Jun 09, 2016 11:19am

All the best Pakistan

AKKS Jun 09, 2016 11:19am

Mexico too has now supported India's bid to enter NSG. All the major countries including Russia offer unconditional support. China will not oppose at the end!

Light tunnel Jun 09, 2016 11:22am

India can offer huge business potential to American companies in return. India is expected to get $45B USD investment in next 2-3 years. Pakistan can not match that. Hence they will not get adequate support. It is better Pak sign NPT and demand for NSG admission. Can you do it?

rich Jun 09, 2016 11:23am

@Sachin Vladimir Putin offers unconditional support to India. Thank you Russia. Thank you US and all nations for support

thank u world minus china/Pakistan for helping india, we need help of all to eradicate poverty and develop 18% of world population

Desi Indian Jun 09, 2016 11:24am

@gaurav They can't see the contrast. US was after India to sign nuclear treaty and here Pakistan is demanding to have similar treaty with the US because India has it! If India gets NSG membership, Pakistan too wants it. It does not matter whether Pakistan qualifies or not in the eyes of the world. In Pakistan's eyes Pakistan is much superior than India, so if India qualifies for anything, then Pakistan of course qualifies!

BRILLIANT LOGIC Jun 09, 2016 11:24am

They will. Provided Pakistan guarantees that its nuclear material doesn't end up in North Korea.

Light tunnel Jun 09, 2016 11:24am

NSG is not more important than Kashmir. Pakistan instead should focus on getting attention on Kashmir

Yao Jun 09, 2016 11:24am

@Mahakaalchakra India is a member of Canadian deception tech transfer group i.e. steal technology in the name of peace and then use it for military purposes!

Yao Jun 09, 2016 11:25am

@Sachin Tandon You are too nive and do not know Chinese!

Sandy Jun 09, 2016 11:34am

I guess nuclear war threats do not go unnoticed in the world.

Parag Shripad Jun 09, 2016 11:41am

what you really lack is reputation and credibility in the long run. I don't know what you really achieve my maintaining so called "strategic asset" but u certainly lost a lot and still loosing. There is still time. Grab that friendship offered by India.

Ind VS Pak Jun 09, 2016 11:41am

Pakistan wants to beat India whether it may be in NSG, UN, GDP, Kashmir, nuclear weapons,war or in sports. Pakistan wants to give a tough competition to India and it wants its hegemony over India. Lets see who wins.

Neel Jun 09, 2016 11:54am

Only way for Pakistan to get entry in to NSG is build credibility first. As long as millitary rules ur land no one listen to you. world want to deal with strong civillian governments not millitary dictators. u need is strong government, education, powerful economy before sought any help from world.

Sk Jun 09, 2016 12:10pm

China's only argument against India is parity for Pakistan. Even a cursory analysis will indicate that this position is untenable considering the reality on ground. China's self interest will force it to be pragmatic ultimately.

freddy Jun 09, 2016 12:16pm

Once again proven that China indeed is our all weather friend.

Long live Pak China friendship.

Afzal Jun 09, 2016 12:22pm

@Ramesh This is how a country should remain alert in a malicious neighbourhood!

Muhammad Jun 09, 2016 12:24pm

@Dwaraka Nath ... This is purely your biased mind set.. All nations who are supporting India just looking in their interest..

Ahsan Gul Jun 09, 2016 12:26pm

That's what a country gets when their is no unity among its political parties. USA and other westren countries do not respect Pakistan's politicians. We have no credibility on international arena. Years of dictatorship and political turmoil caused instability and distrust. Western countries know that they can use Pakistan whenever they need by providing a little bit money to any ruling party. Now even Arab countries have no respect for us.

Timeto stopthis Jun 09, 2016 12:29pm

The main issue for Pakistan is to decide whether its a democracy or a military run country. At the moment, the democratic set up looks like a sham and is fooling no one. The world knows who calls the shots in Pakistan.

HRK Jun 09, 2016 12:39pm

A lot of Indian comments, well I would like to remind India that their nuclear energy production is only 2.8 percent of the total production. So I so not see anyone else benefiting from the 'huge' potential in India. Secondly, the NSG waiver given to India and sale of enriched uranium by Australia under US influence without being part of NPT is against all international laws.

Anaya Shahid Jun 09, 2016 12:45pm

Pakistan has been the U.S. oldest ally and has given support to the U.S. policies even if they are big failures. No doubt now the political and strategic interests are changed but still asking the U.S. straight forward is good option. Even India has not acquired those set of skills which Pakistan has to handle nuclear technology both in security and safety.

Zak Jun 09, 2016 12:47pm

@mkp accusations not proven or even followed up. But only in India it is taken as fact. North Koreas Nucleuar facility is more Russian design than pakistan or chinese. Research before being taken as gullible.

Zak Jun 09, 2016 12:47pm

@vicky China is next super power, what China says-goes.

Sunny Jun 09, 2016 12:54pm

Whatever achievements India is getting today is because of its own hard work done from Many years.

Sunil Jun 09, 2016 01:01pm

If USA did not give Pakistan the F-16 fighter jets, why would they support Pakistan for NSG bid?

Richard Verma Jun 09, 2016 01:02pm

Russia is indeed a best friend India ever had. There are very few friendship among two nation like Russia and India. And in future it will only get better. As we all know what kind of friendship western countries offer. Russia won minds and hearts of Indians. Kudos to Russia kudos to Putin.

james Jun 09, 2016 01:09pm

@bilal we r not allies. ....

Afzal Jun 09, 2016 01:14pm

@Sachin All sounds good.Pakistan is least concerned about its border being redrawn, thanks to its capability to defend and attack.Indians continue to believe they have isolated Pakistan when in fact the Later has expanded its links with most of those who were previously known as adversaries.America's unfavourable statements are aimed at hiding their failure in Afghanistan and instead holding Pakistan, their frontline state on fighting terror, responsible for the mess they have left behind.

Some countries like our neighbours have difficulty in accepting that terrorism in Pakistan has its origin in the American Afghan as well their direct impact on our economy. Unfortunately Pakistan failed to benefit in return for its services to the Coalition forces and worst it had to take in millions of Afghans refugees.No more"do more" Mantras please...Pakistan has liberated!

As for who should rule Pakistan? Neighbourhood conditions require that civil and military leaderships work in tandem.

INDIAN LOVE Jun 09, 2016 01:16pm

@Mahakaalchakra Its group members are North Korea , Lebia & Iran .

Kranti Jun 09, 2016 01:17pm

@Sachin correct analysis...

Chris Jun 09, 2016 01:39pm

It is very sad to see that our Indian friends think they justify to apply for NSG without signing NPT. The path to get access NSG is coming through signing from NPT and this path is same for both Pakistan and India. Both countries need lot of work to do before even think about getting any access to NSG.

lafanga Jun 09, 2016 01:40pm

"Without China’s support India cannot join the group, as all membership applications need consensus of existing members."

This sums up the Indian frustration and they are blaming Pakistan for it. Does India really think they can poke the dragon in the eye and not face any consequences?

Shahan Jun 09, 2016 01:40pm

Ironically Pakistan does not have any foreign minister and this is why Pakistan foreign policy is not successful.

Khwarezmi Jun 09, 2016 01:42pm

If history thought us anything: do not expect much from your over half a century old friendship with the United States.

Ironman Jun 09, 2016 01:45pm

It's like you did no preparation for the exam and when the final exam is near you expect others to pass you with flying colours.

Anuj Jun 09, 2016 01:55pm

Irony killed itself after this news. BTW Pakistan already supplying nuclear technology for peaceful purposes to Iran, N Korea and Libya

Sachin Jun 09, 2016 01:58pm

@Rehman The most responsible person being A.Q.Khan - YOUR Rogue Nuclear Scientist....& then you have all the terrorist groups in your country......superb...great responsible nation Pakistan

Desi Dimag Jun 09, 2016 02:07pm

India is lobbying for its entry to the Group,

Azmeen Jun 09, 2016 02:14pm

No discrimination on this important international issue. China's stand on this issue is just.

Anaya Shahid Jun 09, 2016 02:18pm

Pakistan has been the U.S. oldest ally than India and has given support to the U.S. policies even if they are big failures. No doubt now the political and strategic interests are changed but still asking the U.S. straight forward is good option. Even India has not acquired those set of skills which Pakistan has to handle nuclear technology both in security and safety.

Irfan Baloch Jun 09, 2016 02:23pm

wont happen but always good to ask America is prepping India against China, nothing special.. India also sees China as a rival so it has American support

Abdulla Hussain Jun 09, 2016 02:25pm

Now it is time for America to do more & show to Pakistan that all the promises it made in the past stands valid, america should support Pakistan in joining NSG

Taimoor Khan Jun 09, 2016 02:25pm

Pakistan must ask America in no uncertain term as to if American intend to support Pakistani application in NSG or not. America failing to comply, will mean, going forward, Pakistan will be going it own way in this region and beyond which in layman terms mean, against American interests. As they say, it takes two to tango.

Farishta Jun 09, 2016 02:30pm

Pakistan Zindabad

VV Jun 09, 2016 02:30pm

One one hand you say including India in NSG will affect strategic stability in the neighborhood, on the other hand you want to be included into NSG. It seems duplicitous and confusing. Yet to see another country act like this.

Harmony-1© Jun 09, 2016 02:36pm

@S Karani - Why is it a problem to you if Pakistan also joins NSG? There is no need for such jealousy!

MHK Jun 09, 2016 02:41pm

@Rehman Did you say responsible???????

Mohammed Jun 09, 2016 02:44pm

Pakistan is just trolling America. We know what the answer is. That 'No' will be ued in future to support interests contrary to America's. We have China watching our back. China will again veto India's membership as they have already stated that both India and Pakista must join at the same time otherwise China's major strategic partner (Pakistan) will be vetoed forever by India. This is actually very clever.

Shehzad Jun 09, 2016 02:45pm

Poor showing by Pakistan's foreign ministry.

Bad governance reflects poorly on foreign services.

China will agree Jun 09, 2016 02:46pm

When all countries agree for India's NSG membership then China will be forced to agree for India's membership into NSG.

Voice of Reason Jun 09, 2016 02:52pm

@Zak - "China is next super power, what China says-goes." - you may be right but most countries want to do what is best for them and make their own decisions.

Do you not find it embarrassing this sycophancy for China? How about some self reliance, pride and trust in the abilities of Pakistan? The cure to the ills inside your country will only be solved by your own hard work.

You can see in India many problems, but what people admire is the determination to do something about it.

Salman Jun 09, 2016 02:55pm

Why do we have to join nsg and other things only when India is doing it? maybe we could focus on other problems instead. They have done their homework for their nations interest while we don't even know what nsg stands for. If nsg was that important to us we should've applied long ago. it's time to realize we have different needs and are completely different nation.

immo Jun 09, 2016 03:04pm

US will never help pakistan, they have always deceived and betrayed Pakistan from 1971 to Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan and now this NSG, Americans want someone to counter China in the region and India is hired for that role Aka satellite state so india will get all the perks for now until something changes

Anuj Jun 09, 2016 03:06pm

@Muhammad you mean like Sin-Pak freinship? All because of India.

divergence Jun 09, 2016 03:12pm

Pakistan should curtail relations with both USA and India, USA does not even have a large chunk of trade volume with Pakistan, it just uses Pakistan to threaten and boss around. About India, what do we have to do with India, same goes for trade with India? Just recently, Indians prevented our ambassador from attending a ceremony, making some lame excuse why it did so.

divergence Jun 09, 2016 03:13pm

It is about time to say goodbye to these "friends", some countries have to fare alone and they will.

Umair Jun 09, 2016 03:18pm

Why every indian commenting here thinks that China will be arm-twisted to allow india into NSG ? "Otherwise we will ban Chinese imports into India." Trade sanctions are impossible to be imposed on China as it is too big a power. Open and search for Rare Earth metals monopoly. You'll know why no country can afford sanctioning China.

NSG Jun 09, 2016 03:25pm

Pakistan citizens will appreciate that their government has at least started working due to India's pressure...

aryan Jun 09, 2016 03:25pm

@Muhammad - agreed...its 100% true,

Zakir Jun 09, 2016 03:28pm

@Sajjad Nah, the Chinese are only using you. Once their work is done, they won't know what and who Pakistan is. Actually, you have no 'true' friends. Thanks to your amazing foreign policy.

Arslan Jun 09, 2016 03:28pm

Indians will cry over everything Pakistan does.

alliance Jun 09, 2016 03:32pm

@immo Agree with you India is going to work for America's interest in return America will work for India's interest this is called alliance.

r k hastir Jun 09, 2016 03:36pm

@Rehman LOVELY

Pak China ally Jun 09, 2016 03:40pm

Pakistan is china's ally and hence America shouldn't support Pakistan membership into NSG.

Ashraf Jun 09, 2016 03:41pm

Best of luck for both countries.

Raj Jun 09, 2016 03:43pm

Indian PM is visiting all those countries which object to INdia's joining of NSG and he has been successful in convincing them. Why nobody from Pakistan at a ministerial level is doing such an exercising in garnering support for Pakistan's entry into NSG. Even the Pakistani ambassador to the US is sending only 'Letter' and not even meeting in person. DOes this mean that, is it a foregone conclusion that, Pakistan will not get membership of the NSG?

Indian Jun 09, 2016 03:43pm

On one hand pakistan oppose india to join NSG Group that india would build nuclear bomb.and on other hand asking for joining NSG group.choose one option.eigther you choose to oppose india or try to get membership.not both.

Umesh Jun 09, 2016 03:58pm

No need to worry about NSG inclusion for India.Because India has Thorium based nuclear reactor can produce electricity for centuries.

Kk Jun 09, 2016 04:00pm

If Pakistan doesn't have a hospital to treat a general Heart disease and PM has others leader have to go abroad for treatment to how can one ask other membership. Trump should impose one hospitals first and see it success for 8 years and then decide.

INDIAN 1 Jun 09, 2016 04:12pm

@Umair Indian Govt will not impose sanction in Chinese Goods but Indian people will boycott the substandere Chinese product

Zak Jun 09, 2016 04:15pm

Time for 'you are with us, or against us' attitude.

Zak Jun 09, 2016 04:17pm

@Voice of Reason odd coming from a country whose leader has no other topic but whinning about Pakistan wherever he goes. India should learn to stand on its own feet and not grovel at US feet.

Zak Jun 09, 2016 04:51pm

@S Karani yes, we will economically integrate with China, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Central Asia and on to Europe. Why does it bother you.

East indian Jun 09, 2016 05:52pm

What USA replied?

Vikram Sood Jun 09, 2016 06:08pm

Someone should tell Pakistan diplomats that while they were busy with panama and dharnas ....bird has flown!

Mo Jun 09, 2016 07:21pm

India cant enter till China says YES, . I see so many Indians making a fuss but its a fact that India does not deserve to be in this group. They have not taken any measures to be a part of this group and the US is showing its hypocrisy once again. The Americans know China will not pass this but they love to see the Indians gawking and chirping just to show some modicum of support. I find it hard to believe how so many Indians on this thread cant see this gimmick for what it truly is.

Namo Jun 09, 2016 07:34pm

To gain the trust of the NSG member nations Pakistan has to apply s coordinated diplomatic effort .India does not have to isolate Pakistan and we do not wish to do so either.There is a distinct lack of coordination in your govt circles as to what your foreign policy is

iTellYou Jun 09, 2016 08:10pm

Chinese stand in NSG is getting lost in the geopolitics of the subcontinent. China does not want new members who are not party to NPT. This means China is opposed to Pak and India. If China was so opposed to India, China would not have given a waiver in 2008.

ASH Jun 09, 2016 08:15pm

@Mo What you don't see is a game behind this. USA, and India both know China is not going to agree, but they want to expose China and corner it. China is falling right into the trap of USA-India.

Taimoor Khan Jun 09, 2016 08:41pm

Actually this is a masterstroke by Pakistan. By publicly demanding America to support Pakistan bid to NSG, it will put America is very awkward position, because if it oppose Pakistani bid, it will get itself exposed in this so called partnership with Pakistan for last few decades. The 200 million strong nation of Pakistan will be watching this very carefully.

Malik Jun 09, 2016 09:04pm

A declining trajectory of pak us relationship rests squarely on our incompetent and unimpressive pedestrian style ambassador of Pakistan who needs to be relived to see better days in the bilateral relationship. We lost F16 deal, India gets endorsed for NSG, our assistance package gets stuck in the congress. Come on and bad press on an terrorism where pakistan's contribution to eradicate this menace are second to none. Before it is too late and we let some irrapairable demage to our generally shaky relations with US please get this incompetent and inarticulate person out of diplomatic service . He had it all through nepotistic culture of Pakistan which must end as he retired and is continuing on contract. We have brilliant minds in our beloved country who can do a far better job.

S.R. Jun 09, 2016 10:34pm

Why China is opposing India? I think its because Chinese know they have no hope of earning billions trading nuclear with India. So this is pure revenge for that. If Chinese are truly for safeguarding against non-proliferation why they are not against the Pakistani application?

N.Sid Jun 09, 2016 10:39pm

@Taimoor Khan @MALIK Absolutely right here. United states with us or against us. Also the rules are so simple China will support India bid if it supports Pakistan bid as well. Simple as that. I agree with Malik observation about brilliant pool of diplomatic persons on the sidelines and a select few who have no qualifications and skills at the helm of affairs. About time to throw them out.

Omar Sadiq Jun 09, 2016 11:23pm

The same India which is objecting to CHINA's refusal to allow its entry into the NSG club, will be the first country to not allow at all PAKISTAN's entry into the NSG club.

N.S Jun 09, 2016 11:25pm

@Rakesh Jain check again...India's population is seven and a half times that of Pakistan, so is the economy. It's not 20 times as you have mentioned. You people have a habit of juggling with the facts and posting fake and fudged figures everywhere.

Sam Jun 09, 2016 11:55pm

@Taimoor Khan Do you really think America cares about being exposed in front of Pakistanis? The drone attacks clearly mentions it in capital letters!!!

Another Indian Sri1 Jun 09, 2016 11:55pm

I am very eager to listen to the response from the US to their all important ally. No follow-up or media silence after this article should convince the readers of the real status and value of the relationship. Ditto if China ends up acceding to or abstaining from the vote on the Indian addition to the NSG without any preconditions.

Dervaish Khan Jun 10, 2016 01:35am

Pakistan certainly needs a govt who is fair with it. Our current rulers only strengthen their personal relations and promote their offshore businesses whenever they visit US, Turkey etc. And ironically, we do not have a foreign minister even.

Ramesh Sharma Jun 10, 2016 01:39am

@Afza What If that country is the root cause of all this maliciousness in the neighborhood?

mike major Jun 10, 2016 02:18am

Brothers against Brothers ? what a shame!!!

Its time for the wake up call to all our leaders . Everyone needs to participate.

Scarred13 Jun 10, 2016 03:24am

@sandeep we should work together to break the power the west has over other regions of te world. After all we all have to live with each other. China pakistan and india should compete positively. As far as indo pak problems are concerned it's india that has a bigger role to play because it's a bigger country than pakistan and pakistan should assist in resolving china india issues. Unfortunately other corners of the world inference and take sides and create more mess while playing holy and just

Lafanga Jun 10, 2016 03:58am

Here is an idea. How about India supports Pakistan's inclusion and Pakistan will reciprocate then China will automatically agree. What is the priority for India. Join the NSG club by trying to force the issue with China or amicably join so both India and Pakistan can benefit? Think about it.

Lafanga Jun 10, 2016 04:02am

@vicky China is a 11.3 trillion economy with trade deals all over the world. China was isolated in the 1960's. Its 2016 now. Stop day dreaming.

Arun-KS Jun 10, 2016 09:30am

Pakistan in no way going to get entry into NSG, if India enters then perhaps never. Even India's membership is not certain now. But well preparedness of India will only expose China. Viewing China's enmity towards India and unjust Dominance over world issues, western countries then support India to counter balance China in South China sea. China will certainly try India not to be close to European & American nations.

Ashok Saigal Jun 10, 2016 10:36am

Maturity of approach in approving or turning down application to join NSG is not n automatically processed Govt application where the submission of Affidavits and letters of recommendations is enough to tick all the right boxes and obtain sanction. It is correctly an assessment based on historical data such as the attitudinal and ground realities and many subjective factors. It is a matter of creating confidence,which takes years. Pakistan needs to walk that path and not only NSG but many other doors will open to it, including that of economic progress, end to internal strife and violence, and confident tolerance of all points of view. Hope that day comes soon for the benefit of all of Pakistan and its neighbourhood.

Rajesh Jun 10, 2016 11:47am

A day will come when both India & Pakistan will be one like germany

Random Indian Jun 10, 2016 12:13pm

Nuclear? Who needs nuclear when solar is so cheap?

NSG or otherwise didn't prevent Russians from setting up some huge nuclear plants in India, nor did it prevent Westinghouse/Toshiba from their deal.

niks Jun 10, 2016 12:39pm

Do u really believe pakistan is the reason for China's opposition. They are using you as a tool

RB Krishnan from India Jun 10, 2016 03:28pm

Pakistan and India busy spending billions on destroying each other many hundreds of times over. Millions in both countries living in squalor and misery. Defence suppliers in China and US laughing all the way to the bank!

adit Jun 10, 2016 05:43pm

one will support..india has 44 out of 48 in their pocket already..move on.

G. Rajendra Kumar Jun 10, 2016 08:54pm

Better try next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitr Jun 10, 2016 09:06pm

While readers on both sides are making bullish claims, I do not see any discussion about nuclear technology being inherently safe. The fukushima disaster occurred not too long ago. We are aware of the environmental impact, human risk and economic impact due to such a disaster. While developed countries are moving to renewable/green sources of energy, we are fighting for a dangerous source of energy which they are discarding. Yes, we need energy to grow...but not at ANY cost.

Tamil Jun 11, 2016 02:24am

Looks like we won't get in, as we are in China's bad books. Not a good situation for us.