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WASHINGTON: The United States (US) administration is withholding funds earmarked for Pakistan's purchase of eight F-16 fighter jets, BBC Urdu reported, citing an unnamed senior US State Department official.

The State Department official told BBC Urdu on condition of anonymity that the Obama administration is still willing to sell the fighter jets to Pakistan, but will not contribute US funds towards the deal.

The US administration took this step with directions from US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker because only Congress has the authority to dispense or withhold the funds, the official said.

As a result of this move, Pakistan may have to foot the bill of $700 million for the eight fighter jets.

As per the earlier arrangement, Pakistan would have paid $270 million while the US would grant the remaining $430 million for the purchase.

The $742 million earmarked for American military aid to Pakistan in the 2016-2017 budget has also been put on hold, but may be released if Congress changes its mind, the State Department official said, adding that the Obama administration is working with Congress in this regard.

"The sale of weapons is a long process and we cannot comment on such unique circumstances at this time," the spokesperson for the Pakistan embassy in Washington, Nadeem Hotiana, told the BBC.

The F-16 sale faced stiff resistance in the US Congress earlier this year, when lawmakers moved resolutions both in the House and the Senate, seeking to block the sale.

The US Senate in March blocked a bid to derail the sale, but Corker had vowed to block the use of US funds to finance the deal.

Corker and other lawmakers have expressed concern about Pakistan’s nuclear programme, commitment to fighting terrorism and cooperation in the Afghanistan peace process.

The State Department, however, maintained that the sale of eight F-16s to Pakistan would assist counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations.

In February 2016, State Department spokesperson Helaena W. White said, “Pakistan’s current F-16s have proven critical to the success of these operations to date," and endorsed Pakistan’s position that it had effectively used its existing fleet of F-16s in counter-terrorism operations.

India, and some US lawmakers, have rejected this claim, saying that the F-16s have not been useful in such operations and would ultimately be used against India.

White, however, noted that the operations Pakistan was conducting in Fata with the help of F-16s, "reduce the ability of militants to use Pakistani territory as a safe haven for terrorism and a base of support for the insurgency in Afghanistan" and "these operations are in the national interests of Pakistan, the United States, Nato, and in the interest of the region more broadly."

Comments (356) Closed

shuaib Apr 29, 2016 02:48pm

Better don't buy. Look for Russian or French jets

Vap Apr 29, 2016 02:50pm

The sooner we get rid of US strings that come with these equipment, the better. Its about time to take a stance and get rid of dependence.

Fact Apr 29, 2016 02:50pm

I guess India's power is playing a big role here. Slowly and steadily India will control US in future.

Proud Pakistani Apr 29, 2016 02:52pm

Just leave it. They will come to give you by themselves. They are in a shock of Panama leaks failure.

salman Apr 29, 2016 02:59pm

It will happen, dont worry guys. We know how to defend ourselves

Azmeen Apr 29, 2016 02:59pm

Indian lobby succeeds here & a post in the moral is terrorists fighting against the people of Pak & Afghanistan.

Shakil Ahmed Khan Apr 29, 2016 03:00pm

Lockhead and US defence industry will be in problem, Pakistan can do without these 8 jets! In the end it will go through like it sailed through congress before!

AIZ Apr 29, 2016 03:02pm

Pakistan should stay positive and explain US that Indian influence is baseless..........

stranger Apr 29, 2016 03:03pm

Pakistan needs to check quickly with France if sale of highest specifications jets to Pakistan will be made. If yes, then let us buy 25 top of the line jets from France. If we are paying money, let us dump F-16 and buy better and more planes.

rana Apr 29, 2016 03:07pm

we will be highly grateful to USA, it it bans sale of outdated scrap F16s to pakistan

Aamir Apr 29, 2016 03:06pm

The US should stop expecting Pakistan to fight US' war against terror. Pakistan should develop lethal weapons with China to stop its dependency on US.

syed Apr 29, 2016 03:09pm

It is very clear that Americans dont want to be stabalise. Its time for Pakisatn to look fowards Russia and China and go for tech transfer

We know its not an easy decision as whole support system for Airforce is based on Amwrican tech but there has to be a work around

Faisal Apr 29, 2016 03:09pm

I believe it is high time that Pakistan should shift our focus towards China. China alone can fulfill all our needs. Rather then the F 16s we have more options like the J 10s & J 11s from China. We will have a better technical support and advanced fighter jets. I believe its time to take a stand. Pakistan Zindabad.

Combatiucs Apr 29, 2016 03:13pm

Indian lobby in D.C. hard at work.

And 700 million for only eight planes ! Wow. They better be worth the money. With 700 million, we could start our own aircraft and avionics school. Or a small submarine with two or three nuclear warheads, that is a better deterrence against Modi and Co.

alinut Apr 29, 2016 03:14pm

how can they treat a regional superpower like this-why should we pay for gifts-unbeleivable!

Dr Nabeel Apr 29, 2016 03:13pm

It's a blessing in disguise, Pakistan JF 17 thunder is a much better fighter jet and Pakistan should use the money for their own indigenous fighter jet.

Awan Apr 29, 2016 03:15pm

Meanwhíle America is building one of the biggest Embassy in Pakistan. It will house more than 3000 personals at any given time ( Including Intelligence officers and highly trained marines) and that too just miles away from the Power center of Pakistan. Our government was silent on this multi-billion Dollar project because of coalition support fund. Now it is stopped, so i hope our government will take the clear stance on this issue. Kindly stop this American project. Why America needs a 1.5 Billion Dollar embassy project in our country?. Also stop buying these old jets and concentrate on JF17 development only.

Mujtaba Apr 29, 2016 03:14pm

Good time for Pakistan to focus more on its jf-17B and make it way better than the f16

BM Apr 29, 2016 03:14pm

Pakistan has total Foreign Exchange Reserves of $20 Billion. IMF will not pay anything now as programme has ended and Pakistan has not followed their directions.

Redback Apr 29, 2016 03:14pm

I think it is right move by American congress and they should offer this money for development projects or secular educational institutions in Pakistan.

Azi Apr 29, 2016 03:15pm

Need to stop this F-16 obsession

mustafa Apr 29, 2016 03:18pm

lets really just stop cooperating

khalid Apr 29, 2016 03:17pm

why do we need F16 when we have JF17 made in-house?

Khan Apr 29, 2016 03:17pm

Well, it's the power of Indian diplomacy

Steve Morrow Apr 29, 2016 03:19pm

Leave US and shake hand with Russia !

Desi Dimag Apr 29, 2016 03:20pm

@Combatiucs try it too. But it needs money.

Redback Apr 29, 2016 03:20pm

@Combatiucs Wish you all the best.

Zak Apr 29, 2016 03:24pm

Sensible move by US

Adnan Anwar Apr 29, 2016 03:25pm

US has proven to be unreliable partner in every aspect and Pakistani need to really look at alternate partner other than USA . China is already a reliable partner but we need a reliable western partner.

Stealthy Apr 29, 2016 03:25pm

Being a Pakistani, this move doesn't come as a surprise to me. The US doesn't need to waste taxpayers money on us. Be self reliant or just don't beg others when it comes to weapon procurement.

Sajjad Apr 29, 2016 03:28pm

Now we are exploring and expanding our interests with Indian, there is no need to do this with Pakistan! America. And this is big mistake.

Bored Apr 29, 2016 03:31pm

@Steve Morrow Russia dont give AID like US has done to Pakistan...

Muhammed Apr 29, 2016 03:31pm

lets not buy it - make your own capability - develop Pak-Chinese plane more modern - it would be better

Common Pak Man Apr 29, 2016 03:32pm

Hope the deal doesnt go through, we dont need these outdated expensive jets!

Ali Apr 29, 2016 03:31pm

Blessing in disguise....! don't buy these planes.....Russians SUs are better

Mahmood Apr 29, 2016 03:32pm

Good. Pakistan should simply say 'No Thanks' and walk away from this deal.

Next time the U.S calls to ask Pakistan to do more to fight Talibans, the response should be: 'Sorry, wrong number!'

Zak Apr 29, 2016 03:37pm

We should look at producing world class weapons , aircrafts and use the money we spend on buying for R&D , when we are self sufficient and self reliant ,we get respect from others , not otherwise.

Zak Apr 29, 2016 03:37pm

We should look at producing world class weapons , aircrafts and use the money we spend on buying for R&D , when we are self sufficient and self reliant ,we get respect from others , not otherwise.

Erik Apr 29, 2016 03:37pm

Without the USA, paying part of the bill the deal is just too expensive. It would be much more produc-tive for Pakistan to cancel the deal & divert the funds for JF-17 Block-III development.

Zak Apr 29, 2016 03:38pm

@Fact not so. It is the Israeli lobby that does India's bidding, India itself has no clout anywhere. Harry Pressler of the infamous 'Pressler amendment' against Pakistan was the chairman of the Israeli-American friendship committee and he was Chairman of the American- India friendship committee. These same anti Pakitan group in congress and senate are die hard Israeli supporters as well. We just need to go independent.

splash Apr 29, 2016 03:40pm

@shuaib as if french are going to sell planes to pakistan.

Faizan Apr 29, 2016 03:41pm

USA has never been a friend to Pakistan, it has always used it for its own benefits. Had it been some other country it would have said we dont want your help.but when u have beggars as leaders then such things happen..they show vanity in places where its not required but are humbled by the westerners!

Skeptic Apr 29, 2016 03:41pm

Please tell the U.S. 'my way or the highway'. Better yet, invest the money at home to develop local industry. $700 millions is a too much money for 8 out-dated planes.

Mohammed Apr 29, 2016 03:44pm

Pakistan needs to stop this neurotic obsession with the F-16. No doubt a very capable jet, one of the best and most tested out there, but the time has come to move away from this 1990's mode of thinking. We have other options and they are equally good. By all means squeeze what you can but there must be concerted efforts to wean ourselves off the USA as a supplier of any type of defense equipment. Too many strings attached. We have access to military equipment from China which is rapidly gaining on Western tech and in 5-10 years will be at par with any Western development. The Russians are opening up to us tentatively, the Turks are working on their own 5th Gen fighter etc etc...We have options. Good ones. American defense sales will always come with strings which go against our National interest and direction. China, Turkey and Russia should become our mainstay defense suppliers apart from what we can make at home.

Syed Ali Asad Jafri Apr 29, 2016 03:48pm

Pakistan should just buy Russian jets.

taimoor khan Apr 29, 2016 03:53pm

@Zak We should become the R&D powerhouse of muslim world, their is no dearth of funds in muslim world, what we lack is a technology powerhouse and Pakistan is in the best position to become one and supply latest weapons needed by muslim nations .

M. Malik Apr 29, 2016 03:56pm

Blackmail, and U.S. duplicity is remarkable.

On the one hand, their puppet regime in Kabul keeps asking Pakistan to do more to help fight terrorism. And on the other hand, U.S. ties your hands by holding back weapons sales to fight....

Time for Pakistan re-evaluate its arms suppliers, or invest at home and create jobs, research and development to become self-sufficient to garner respectability. The more you depend on others, the more chances of exploitation you provide them.

abdullah Apr 29, 2016 03:56pm

This is greatt news.dont waste money on such foolish things.we dont need it anyhow.

Toori Apr 29, 2016 03:57pm

Pakistan has suffered a lot being US ally.

Khwarezmi Apr 29, 2016 03:58pm

F-16 is an old platform and NATO countries are moving away from it. Pakistan should not buy American weapon systems at all as in the end of the day it is not worth the effort.

Also, this is not coming as a surprise at all considering the history of Pressler Amendment.

Insanity is : "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" -Albert Einstein

Tahir Lone Apr 29, 2016 03:59pm

About time Pakistan stopped all cooperation with US with regards to Afghanistan as its become a safe haven for anti-Pak terrorists and RAW agents.

Unless USA stands shoulder to shoulder with Pak in its war against terror, we dont need your F16's.. there are plenty of options from Russians and Chinese.

Stop blackmailing and treat Pak with the respect it deserves.

changez_khan Apr 29, 2016 04:00pm

US cannot afford to lose its most trusted frontline ally on war against terror, US will soon release funds and apologize .

Raj Apr 29, 2016 04:03pm

The United States has made the right step in inviting Narendra Modiji to address a joint meeting of the Congress. This invitation is given only to a select few important people. He should use the platform to highlight the great partnership between the two largest democratic countries. He is the greatest prime minister India has ever produced. His focus on development and job creation is commendable. The fruits of his hard work will ripe in the coming years. What Abraham Lincoln is to America, Narendra Modiji is to India.

SK Apr 29, 2016 04:03pm

Pakistani should have China as their sole partner in getting a fighter plane

Akash Apr 29, 2016 04:04pm

All the comments here are suggesting to shift towards China. Guys you are still talking about relying on someone else. Why don't you do it yourself. Be independent and self-sufficient.

sana Apr 29, 2016 04:06pm

No need to spend anymore funds on defence , we need to make our basics strong first, we should allow PLA to establish permanent basess all over Pakistan, PLA Navy bases should be established in gwadar and other seaports.

Khwarezmi Apr 29, 2016 04:07pm

I am very happy if this deal do not materialise. I am 100% against spending money on American systems. I also hope America stop all money transfer to Pakistan for the Afghan war so Pakistan can move forward and stop one of the world's larget embassy projects in Islamabad: American footprint in Pakistan must be reduced.

rahat Apr 29, 2016 04:09pm

Pakistan is entangled in a cobweb of security problems only because it sided with the US in it's absurd war. Sensing their worst failure despite spending billions and causing thousands of deaths, their congressmen have now started blaming the victim. They have shared responsibility with us to clear this mess or the region will remain in chaos indefinitely.

DJ Apr 29, 2016 04:08pm

No problem this will enable us to explore other opportunities,it's right time to get out of US influence.

Basit Ali Apr 29, 2016 04:09pm

The deal is not off all they want is us to pay up the whole $700 paycheck, what's wrong with that? There are no free lunches in the world anymore. Does India or any other country get gifts?

Hitesh Apr 29, 2016 04:18pm

Pakistan should still buy the jets and show the world that they were not asking for jets just because US was providing grant. Pakistan should let everyone know that, they really need the jets and thats why they are ready to Purchase them by paying the full money.

Khan Apr 29, 2016 04:22pm

If we have friend like USA, we don't need enemies. We have to look for trust worthy friends like China. Probably Russia could be the alternate, their record shows that they never change their face nor they ever leave their friends in tough times, recent example is Iran & Syria. USA is under tremendous influence of Indian and Jews lobby and we will always face problem there.

Brahmdagh Apr 29, 2016 04:27pm

Block their supplies

M. Siddique Apr 29, 2016 04:28pm

Pakistanis have stashed billions overseas should lend the money to the country and pay for these planes. Then the country can get that loan written off.

Naveed Apr 29, 2016 04:28pm

@@ Assuming you do, because you speak for both governments? Can you write, or just like texting!?

XoF Apr 29, 2016 04:29pm

Then US musnt demand .. 'do more'

Such decisions will make our domestic R&D production more reliable as it has done in many forms.

M. Siddique Apr 29, 2016 04:29pm

@Fact, Indians can do everything to control US but remember political influence will be limited as they are brown in color.

lafanga Apr 29, 2016 04:34pm

These congressmen blocking the sale need to realize that why would Pakistan use these F-16's against India when it can unleash a flock of pigeons with devastating results ;)

On a serious note. Probably a blessing in disguise. If Pakistan has to spend $742 million of it's own money on outdated F-16's then why not go for a better option e.g. Buy Rafaele from France. They don't attach any strings or may be buy three times as many J-17B thunder jets.

sheryaar Apr 29, 2016 04:43pm

well time to say bye bye to US. we dont need their help.. it seems they got the msg that pakistan will no longer be involved in any stupid fight of US. now US govt is being exposed like our prime minister. blessing in disguise i guess...

Blithe Apr 29, 2016 04:42pm

We have far more constructive development needed in the country

Karachitee Apr 29, 2016 04:43pm

I guess Pak Army knew American policy makers psychology better than anyone else based on previous experiences. That's why Pak Army kept engage them to get military equipment as much as it is possible because they knew once Afghanistan is done it means something like Presseler amendment is on its way. This is the first episode.

ZAFAR Apr 29, 2016 04:44pm

@Steve Morrow Allegiance is no issue here, money is. Whichever country you buy it from, you will have to bear the $700 million on yourself.

akram Apr 29, 2016 04:45pm

maybe Pakistan should halt all the transit of all US goods to their army in Afghanistan. Maybe then Congress will see some Pakistani teeth.

imran altaf Apr 29, 2016 04:46pm

Influence of India and while Pakistan fight Terrorism, put up with US Drone bombing etc,. We should cut the US strings and make better relations with Russia our neighbour!

Zak Apr 29, 2016 04:46pm

Better pakistan buys it outright and take no aid from US on this.

QURESHI Apr 29, 2016 04:48pm

The issue isn't about any country, rather about financing of the jets. Whichever country you buy from, you have to bear the full $700 million on yourself.

imran altaf Apr 29, 2016 04:46pm

2nd most powerful lobby in the USA is Indian and the first is obviously Israel.

Guest101 Apr 29, 2016 04:48pm

If there is money for 2 just buy 2 this year and 2 after 2 years.

divergence Apr 29, 2016 04:48pm

The biggest democracy of this world is extremely moody and biased when it comes to Pakistan. Pakistan should sought to release the funds held by US and find another buyer, stop wasting time on america.

Tapish Apr 29, 2016 04:49pm

The JF 17 are sufficient to curb the terrorists. Good opportunity for Pakistan to prove and improve their technology.

Salim Apr 29, 2016 04:52pm

F-16 are obsolete. They are not going to manufacture them anymore. We must buy better planes for Russia

akram Apr 29, 2016 04:54pm

@khalid this is a stop gap measure the F16 has a targeting pod, The JF-17 has not yet developed one (but it will). The targeting pod helps in precision bombing. Hence the Pakistani looking for more F-16's. Regardless we will get the technology one way or the other its only a matter of time.

Dawn Apr 29, 2016 04:54pm

USA - a friend of Pakistan! Realised they just want you for all the dirty work they have failed to clean-up. I suggest you work with Russia.

Indian Apr 29, 2016 04:54pm

@changez_khan , Agreed,

Sachin Apr 29, 2016 04:57pm

End of the day Pakistan should decide whether they are interested in obsolete F-16 or not.

zaid Apr 29, 2016 04:57pm

@Zak Just because they are Jews doesn't mean they are an Israeli lobby.Lobbies are not based on religion, they are based on business interests.

Raja Parekh Apr 29, 2016 04:59pm

It must be Chinese lobby at work. China doesn't want Pakistan to buy USA planes and want to push their planes. Pakistan should understand tactics. Apr 29, 2016 04:58pm

Well done team Modi...NaMo NaMo

ZAQ Apr 29, 2016 04:58pm

It's simple nothing is free in this world!

Rohit Apr 29, 2016 05:00pm

Will Pakistan still be buying the jets?

Masood Apr 29, 2016 05:00pm

@Adnan Anwar ; Which and what partner are you talking about ? Your closest partner should be India, Afghanistan, Iran, China, because they share a border with you, and here you people go about partnering with USA. how can a country that is 8000 miles from you, with a completely different life-style, be your PARTNER?

Ganinkhan Apr 29, 2016 05:02pm

Why we think russia will give us altra morden jets?

They stull have good friendship with india.. And india will not allow these kind of sell to us.

Amin Apr 29, 2016 05:02pm

Stick to JF-17, Why we need expensive Jets,

akram Apr 29, 2016 05:03pm

@splash Why not? they sold us the Agosta Class Submarines and the previous generation of Mirage 3 and Mirage 5 planes.

The Outsider Apr 29, 2016 05:04pm

@Fact Please stop the jokes. Influence certain policies? Maybe yes. Control US? Lets not become absurd.

M Azam Apr 29, 2016 05:04pm

When will Pakistan learn that it is being used as tool for America' s strategic ploys - to be used and abused and at America's every whim.

Jazib Apr 29, 2016 05:08pm

Good. Very good. Let's focus on JF-17 block 3 upgrades and our training. Do not beg, make the case and back off.

Ali (Proud Indian) Apr 29, 2016 05:15pm

@taimoor khan Why limit yourselves to the "Muslim world"? Why not just "the world"? Why bring religion into this at all?

ROHIT PANDEY Apr 29, 2016 05:17pm

That is one great article by Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy.

Zulfi Khan Apr 29, 2016 05:19pm

This is a smart move by US - keeping both Pakistan and India occupied. Instead we should focus on growth and progress under inspiring leadership of Mian Sharif.

Justice Apr 29, 2016 05:22pm

When US and others countries sees that country's leader like Pakistan PM is getting richer and richer then they knows that Pakistan don't need any foregin aid, thir correct leaders should pitch in to pay if they want to buy defense equipments from the money they have stashed in secrets foreign accounts, if they really cares about security of Pakistan.

Samad Chaudhry London Apr 29, 2016 05:29pm

Untrustworthy allies. Always took Pakistan for a ride in spite of Pakistan's great sacrifices for them. Modi has ignited the fire further,

Dev Apr 29, 2016 05:29pm

Lockheed will make there money come what may.

Muhammad Tayyab Apr 29, 2016 05:29pm

Please don't buy these. I don't think it's a good deal.

TINA Apr 29, 2016 05:29pm

It is better for Pakistan to keep US on distance than to expect anything good without first giving something in return and anyways US seems more interested in India and would be very cautious of not weakening its ties with the latter.

Javed Arshad Apr 29, 2016 05:33pm

Defense analysts can advise Pakistan Govt better on the next strategy, however, on diplomatic front we have to take a step back and analyse critically as to why are we failing to convince the congressmen on our position despite so many sacrifices by civilians and military. Its good to have such failures as long as we learn from such events.

seth sarwar Apr 29, 2016 05:32pm

Strange how opinions change. When USA needs Pakistan support to fight terrorists all is made available but in lull times of preparations they back off or say all is put on hold does not help in planning strategy. Wake up, don't put all marbles in Indian lap . Putting laser safety system will not help on boarders but talsk and negotiations are the real way to progress.

Rohit Apr 29, 2016 05:33pm

@lafanga How many Rafales you can get for $700 million? Are French willing to sell it to you?

Rehman Apr 29, 2016 05:35pm

We have the technology to build much better planes than F16. So we should make our own planes, and also sell to the rest of the world.

Mulla Apr 29, 2016 05:36pm

This is payback for cpec from usa....more than india its uncle sam who does not like chinese get access to indian ocean....

Rohit Apr 29, 2016 05:40pm

@akram it was 20 years back my friend and in era of cold war. India would block any major arms sale from US, Russia or EU country.

Nasir Apr 29, 2016 05:47pm

Good! Good spend money on R&D.

dheeraj Apr 29, 2016 05:47pm

@Combatiucs 700million ??? no its 270million rest amount would be granted by USA

ilyas Apr 29, 2016 05:55pm

Yes, we can build out own Jets and Submarines, if our Politicians stop transferring aid received from US and other countries to their offshore companies

Khalid Ayub Apr 29, 2016 05:56pm

Pakistan is a blessed country with all the resources, but we are not blessed with true and committed leader-ship who relies on IMF and do not know how to use our own resources. F-16 a big concern for India as they have the advanced Jets like Su-30Mki

joe Apr 29, 2016 05:57pm

@Zak Before you draw your conclusions ,I do hope you have a look at Indians holding important positions in all department of US administration. India is powerful and doesn't need anyone supports. But yes Israel is a close friend and well wishers of India.

Na Ji Na Apr 29, 2016 05:59pm

@stranger Each top of the line plane cost around $200 million. Do you have 5 billion USD to buy those 25 fighter jets?

Akib Apr 29, 2016 06:02pm

Used against India? Idiotic commentary from our neighbours

Khalid Ayub Apr 29, 2016 06:04pm

@Raja Parekh Wow you know better than the PAF.

Imran Apr 29, 2016 06:04pm

For that much money it is better to go with French or even Soviet planes and upgrade the instrumentation. If US wants full price then they should also be competitive.

Gerry D'Cunha Apr 29, 2016 06:09pm

Indian lobby is very strong,their embassy has strong influence on the American senators

rizwan Apr 29, 2016 06:09pm

Dump the deal and look for better options than the U.S

Shahid Apr 29, 2016 06:12pm

It's nothing but a result of a weak leadership. Now must publically announce that our cooperation with USA will be equaæly proportinate to their own responce.

Saad Apr 29, 2016 06:13pm

Interesting how everyone here is outraged at this decision but nobody has thought to question what better uses we could have for that $230 million dollars we were originally going to pay (health, education etc)

Imran Apr 29, 2016 06:17pm

@Raja Parekh What a joke. Chinese lobby influencing the US congress! What are you smoking?

Irfan Baloch Apr 29, 2016 06:17pm

good that this deal is over now

first time Indians and Pakistanis will celebrate for different reasons

Indians will celebrate for their low esteem and pathetic win and Pakistanis will celebrate by saving money for cheaper options

ahmet Apr 29, 2016 06:20pm

So eventually american bowed down to Indian pressure however it was expected. Now US is defeated in Afghanistan and have gone back therefore they don't need us anymore our role is over, their next big alliance(in South Asia) is with India as they can sell so much stuff there. No hard feelings guys it is all business.

भारतीय Apr 29, 2016 06:22pm

@Imran Russia would never supply lethal arms to Pakistan as its main export market is India. so Russia would not risk loosing worlds largest arm importer

Syed Ali Apr 29, 2016 06:24pm

It is time to rethink defense strategy.

Syed Ali Apr 29, 2016 06:25pm

@Proud Pakistani Optimistic thinking.

Syed Ali Apr 29, 2016 06:30pm

@khalid You should this question to your elected members of parliament.

JATT Apr 29, 2016 06:30pm

@shuaib agreed

Yaqoot Apr 29, 2016 06:30pm

Don't need to buy these jets anymore no worries Jr. 17b is starting this year end inshallah.

Aditya Apr 29, 2016 06:31pm

Long live India Israel friendship.

JATT Apr 29, 2016 06:32pm

F-16 are not worth that price and it is better to buy from elsewhere and better to move away from the USA

Mirza Shirazi Apr 29, 2016 06:35pm

It is time Pakistan looked somewere else. No doubt there is a little trouble in changing systems but it is well worth it.

mandy Apr 29, 2016 06:37pm

Meanwhile India gets its own GPS after successful launch of seventh navigation satellite and joined the elite club of U.S.A, E.U and China.

Basit Ali Apr 29, 2016 06:38pm

@lafanga You are right

Abdul Apr 29, 2016 06:38pm

JF-17 Thunder needs to be improved. We have to get Russian engines in it. USA is not a partner to help in any case. After Trump probably the world needs to stay away from USA.

ASH Apr 29, 2016 06:40pm

@alinut Nothing is free in this world

Basit Ali Apr 29, 2016 06:41pm

@Ganinkhan India is building Su-35 fifth generation fighter planes, please see wikipedia. F16 will shortly be built in Banglore

Omar Apr 29, 2016 06:40pm

@Awan "our " government, you really think so!

aslam shaikh Apr 29, 2016 06:42pm

Let's save this money and expand JF-17 program and develop JF-20 locally locally China's cooperation

Khurram Jadoon Apr 29, 2016 06:42pm

Just spend money on building missile and nukes and research - for other purposes use JF ...

Shailendra Sapra Apr 29, 2016 06:47pm

Great news. We succeeded in our efforts.

Indian No.1 Apr 29, 2016 06:50pm

Seems like victory for India's foreign policy.

LM Apr 29, 2016 06:55pm

As a Pakistani I say this is a great news. We don't need to fight somebody else's war

NORI Apr 29, 2016 06:58pm


Hello, do you know how much 25 French jets cost ? Around $ 12 billion.

Khanra Apr 29, 2016 07:02pm

It's time for Pakistanis to wake up and strengthen the Pakistani lobby in Congress.

RIZ Apr 29, 2016 07:03pm

Just build your relationships with your true friends and be stronger this will be the slap on your enemy's face.

Mahmood Apr 29, 2016 07:06pm

@NORI You mean each copy costs $500 million ?

More than an F-35, F-15 or the Stealth Fighter!!?

Check your math, you are too liberal with zeros!

Bilal Apr 29, 2016 07:07pm

This is the Osama Effect.

Monsieur S Apr 29, 2016 07:13pm

@imran altaf .... Putin just refused to visit Pakistan ...

Inqelab Zindabad Apr 29, 2016 07:13pm

@shuaib Well, its not about options, its about money...

raj Apr 29, 2016 07:15pm

@stranger France has fail to give aircraft to India within period.

Iqbal Khan Apr 29, 2016 07:16pm

India is more shrewd than Pakistan to not let itself dependent on USA. A blind closeness towards west and the USA since 1947, and avoidance of other powers like Russia and China resulted Pakistan a humiliating position in international community. Pakistan needs to mend its ways and revamp its foreign policy with bold farsightedness. The first step is to provide justice. revisit its economic structure, expand its tax network. Curb corruption heavy handedly. When there is rule of law and justice and harmony in a society there is no way that a country's foreign policy would be not strong.

ehsan Apr 29, 2016 07:20pm

US has never been friend of Pakistan they use us and than withdraw. The same is happening now. Just like they cant trust us we cant trust them either.

Ali Apr 29, 2016 07:24pm

United States and Pakistan have been strategic partners during the Cold War. USAF flew U-2 spy flights from Pakistan. Pakistan was front-line state confronting Soviet Red Army invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and now its the front-line state against the global War on Terror. Pakistan was designated as major Non-NATO ally.

Pakistan Air Force has been flying F-16s for over 30 years with 80 in inventory. They are vital for precision strikes against terrorist movements at night in the mountains of Afghan - Pakistan border region. Obama Administration approved 8 new F-16s, but its being hampered by machinations of the Indian lobby in Washington.

United States should not allow India to dictate US foreign policy? This is India's duplicity when Indian Air Force is getting 36 Rafale jets from France for $9 billion, with total order of 126 Rafale jets for $20 billion. India is also acquiring 200 latest Russian helicopters and 150 most advanced 5th generation Russian fighter jets.

Shaukat Ali Khan Apr 29, 2016 07:25pm

You can never trust US.

Mamma sadeeq Apr 29, 2016 07:27pm

Therefore China is trusted and respected in Pakistan and not America ;)

Zaki Apr 29, 2016 07:29pm

Say somehow Pakistan does manage to get this money to pay for the jets but once the money will be transferred, they will find new excuse not to deliver the planes. And the money already paid could and would be returned back in form of wheat or something else.

shakeel Ahmed Apr 29, 2016 07:31pm

Spend those $270m on improving the indigenous Thunder. Pak engineers will make it more than an F16. PZ

saje Apr 29, 2016 07:32pm

I think it is not due to Indians. Rather it is due to our policy of considering Afghan Taliban as good guys. Now Afghan Taliban are winning in Afghanistan and it is making Americans go nuts.

Imran Apr 29, 2016 07:39pm

@ehsan There are no friendships but only interests between nations. US's interests coincided with ours always against the Russians. Now they do not. As US interests coincide with India to contain China, Pakistan should not expect any kudose. The best strategy would be to deepen our relationship with China and Iran as Afghanistan is a lost cause for a few years to come. We should stay out of afghanistan and let them handle their own mess. India will soon find out that afghanistan has never tolerated foreigners on their land for long. We should be ready to defend both the eastern and western borders and at least half of our western borders with Iran should be secure.

raja Apr 29, 2016 07:40pm

@changez_khan you are forgetting one thing, they are not friends to anyone, its just business

JUST THINKER Apr 29, 2016 07:41pm

@Zak Most sensible comment on this forum so far. When you have JF-17 why to care about outdated F-16s.

Kevin Apr 29, 2016 07:42pm

@Shakil Ahmed Khan what an analysis? Lockheed and US defence industry do not survive on mere 8 F16. Grow up mate.

Rocky Apr 29, 2016 07:43pm

@Proud Pakistani Pakistani PM has to visit UK to absorp pressure of Panama leaks.. Us has nothing to do with Panama..

KJ Apr 29, 2016 07:52pm

Why don't India and Pakistan collaborate and build our own Indo-Pak F-16s. We have enough brain power, don't we? LOL. If India and Pakistan can unite and work together, we may not even need any F-16s. Can we (Awam/Janta) convince our politicians to steer our countries towards uniting with each other and collaborating in fields of education, farming, technology, law enforcement, industries, housing, tourism, sports, eliminating poverty in both countries? Both countries are so beautiful and scenic, let's not waste our time and resources on building military. If India and Pakistan unite, no one can touch us.

Sachin Apr 29, 2016 07:55pm

Not just for these planes, even for past equipment, spare parts from US is critical. What use is a ship or a plane if a key computer coded 10 inch spare part is blocked. Pakistan and its newer naval and military relations with China has spooked both US and Russia. Russia wants to sell their own stuff, so China is a competition for Russian arms sales.

US Tamilian Apr 29, 2016 07:58pm

@shuaib :-> why look for Russian or French jets?, what happened to the billions spent on the Chinese Pakistani JF17 ??

JUST THINKER Apr 29, 2016 07:57pm

@Hitesh Your advice sounds great. Also advice on how to get 700 million dollars.

Expa(k)t Apr 29, 2016 07:58pm

F-16 =$99M each Sukhoi Su35 = $65M each

Choice #1: Get 12 Su35's and the latest generation/technology Choice #2: Get 8 F-16's, upgraded, albiet, older generation Choice #3: Get 8 Su35's and save $125M

No brainer ...

Voting is now open!

Jason Apr 29, 2016 07:58pm

@Raj i am glad you feel that way. Others will significantly disagree. I do not see him lasting very long in power, as he is creating internal conflicts, and many external ones. Impossible to alienate and conquer, but he does not seem to understand. You can have the richest friends but if your home is on fire, then good luck.

Shakil USA Apr 29, 2016 07:59pm

Pakistan should take stand and let US know that Indian influence affect the deal and we don't have to depend on US and look for Russian jest or what ever good for Pakistan.

Shakil USA Apr 29, 2016 07:59pm

@Mamma sadeeq - Agreed and China is all time friend.

M.Saeed Apr 29, 2016 08:04pm

This is a slap on the face of our foreign policy!

JUST THINKER Apr 29, 2016 08:09pm

@Zak Very good suggestion. Also suggest where to get 700 million dollars.

Rahim Apr 29, 2016 08:09pm

No problem. Lockheed Martin is closing its F-16 division unless they move the production line to India. F-16 believe it or not are becoming an obsolete technology especially with new generation fighters with stealth technology , better avionics and far better maneuverability that's on the rise. Dog fights are a thing of the past now its all about avionics. If Pakistan doesn't get the proposed sale they should invest in getting 5 highly upgraded SU-35 from Russia.

US Tamilian Apr 29, 2016 08:12pm

@joe :-> Very true, there are highly educated and influential Indians in almost every US dept.

Tarik Apr 29, 2016 08:16pm

Forget it.

Trump Apr 29, 2016 08:16pm

Time for Pakistan to wake up and build cordial relations with India. Peaceful relationship with India is in Pakistan's long term interest.

Bitter truth Apr 29, 2016 08:17pm

@Tahir Lone seal the border with Afghanistan and India but think why Pakistan does not interested in it??????????

Rohail Apr 29, 2016 08:25pm

Just concentrate in completing CPEC and after prosperity the world will come and offer you things.

Red Dawn Apr 29, 2016 08:29pm

Find a better use of USD 270.000 million. Universities and hospitals anyone?

Faisal Apr 29, 2016 08:30pm

Pak has no money. Only US financing comes with Grant and soft terms.

XPakistani Apr 29, 2016 08:34pm

We already know which side the US is on, not surprising. Anyway, India is already so heavily armed that 8 F-16s would not make much of a difference, and everybody knows this

Ash Apr 29, 2016 08:36pm

US Congress going in the right direction.

Ghani K Apr 29, 2016 08:35pm

Joint Indian & Jewish lobby is working overdrive against Pakistan. Time to question Musharraf what did he gain when he made Pakistan a proxy after US invaded Afghanistan. Having lost thousands of our soldiers & officers fighting Talibans, What did we get in return ?

Zeeshan Apr 29, 2016 08:37pm

We must get rid and dump USA now. Game is changing around world. We have to move with our friends more friendly and independly move forward.

shahzad Apr 29, 2016 08:38pm

@Zak totally agree with you.

Zain Abedin Apr 29, 2016 08:37pm

Block the NATO supple line! Bunch of nonsense by these politicians who don't understand Pakistan and their needs!

sana khan Apr 29, 2016 08:41pm

Reject the deal and buy it from India.

tamil Apr 29, 2016 08:48pm

russian and french jets cost WAY more

US Tamilian Apr 29, 2016 08:48pm

@Gerry D :-> The Indian lobby and diaspora's influence is extremely powerful in US, Russia, France, Britain, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel and even some Arab nations as well. None of these countries will support Pakistan against India. Pakistan should realize this for its own good.

putin Apr 29, 2016 09:04pm

@salman if trump becomes president US soviet relations will improve

Khurshid from Kalabat Apr 29, 2016 09:05pm

Good, please use the money to build world class university.

Vijay Apr 29, 2016 09:08pm

@Proud Pakistani Panama leaks failure how did you figure this out? Uptil now not a single US politician, businessman, or prominent figure was listed in the Panama Papers, the same cannot be said about India or Pakistan. Please get your facts straight before you post anything.

Battleaxe Apr 29, 2016 09:08pm

@shuaib they are no longer cheap, this f16 was the cheapest as the assembly line is closing.

RR Apr 29, 2016 09:11pm

Trust US to stab in the back.

watson Apr 29, 2016 09:17pm

India is scared of the F16 fighter jets even if there quantity is small, and it has a strong lobby as it uses the services of Mr Corker and others to block any sale of military hardware to Pakistan, it wants to deal with a weaker Pakistan both militarily and politically so it is best for Pakistan to start making more and more fighter jets with China and look for other countries who are less reluctant to supply them with fighter jets and other military hardware.Pakistan should not consider the option of paying for these aircrafts instead it should cancel the deal.

Malik W Apr 29, 2016 09:18pm

Rely on the JF-17 and also buy the better Chinese jets. China has better plane than JF17 as well. F -16 are out dated anyways

Rakesh Apr 29, 2016 09:19pm

Pakistan should immediately place an order of 100 Rafale fighters.

Sam Apr 29, 2016 09:21pm

Cold war is long over and Pak need to realize US priorities and interests are in totally different direction. Only true ally is China.

PakistanFirst Apr 29, 2016 09:23pm

Pakistan needs to evaluate its relationship with USA and India. If these superpowers are treating Pakistan poorly, we should eliminate issues from our end which is causing this anger and wait for time to pass until relationships heal.

In the interim, we should work hard on our economy and law/order situation as well as striving hard to uplift all social indicators including literacy rates.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Apr 29, 2016 09:27pm

What else can they do under the prevailing circumstances?

tariqCanadian Apr 29, 2016 09:34pm

Failure of Pak diplomacy and lobbying

Simple Apr 29, 2016 09:36pm

This is US contribution on Pakistan war against terror.

Now US should not say Pakistan to do more.

As usual US proved that US is not reliable.

Whatacountry Apr 29, 2016 09:36pm

A total failure of foreign policy.

US Tamilian Apr 29, 2016 09:38pm

@PakistanFirst :-> Well said Pakistani brother !!

Insaf Apr 29, 2016 09:46pm

US thinks if Pakistan PM has all the riches they can certainly pay full price out of their pockets.

T.M.Wazir Apr 29, 2016 09:51pm

Pakistan must drop the idea of buying F16, they are out dated and far behind than the F22 planes.

I.H.. Bokharee Apr 29, 2016 09:58pm

We need to become self sufficient in production of our own planes and not rely on the west for Arms. We've done it with China and should broaden the production. Time and Time again we will see U.S. back out. We have to learn and rely on US for our Air Force needs. U.S. Admin's and Congress is only friendly when they need us, they have done this on many occasions yet we still refuse to learn. Time to move on and move away.

Dinesh now in Mumbai Apr 29, 2016 10:05pm

@Vap You can just pay 770 million. Then you are totally free. The strings are when you want to pay only 200 million

E.Lodhia Apr 29, 2016 10:05pm

@Zaki I agree

Shehzad Apr 29, 2016 10:10pm

In the end the US will grant subsidies and Pakistan would have to pay $270m for the 9 planes.

Still pretty expensive.

These would be the last of the US planes PAF would be flying.

Arsal Apr 29, 2016 10:10pm

@Aamir how quickly we can develop those it will take years & lots of money that we don't have thanks to our politicians.

wshaikh Apr 29, 2016 10:25pm

Pakistan should rely on China and Russia. US can keep their jest in hangers.

US Congress has 20% approval rating in America. Most probably there will be a big political change in American political system during this election in November 2016.

lafanga Apr 29, 2016 10:28pm

@Rohit "How many Rafales you can get for $700 million? Are French willing to sell it to you?"

French even sold missiles to Argentina during Falkland war. They like money and nothing else. Pakistan can probably get the same number or one or two more. It has a 100 million Euro price tag. Do the math.

Sam Apr 29, 2016 10:27pm

@shuaib Russia or France is not going to give it free. you still have to pay for it and much more than F-16.

Unshackle Pakistan Apr 29, 2016 10:27pm


Pakistan should review its foreign policy and start looking east - towards Russia.

pervez Apr 29, 2016 10:29pm

@Expa(k)t do u know the cost of inducting a new fighter plane. Even India has trouble getting spares such as tyres su30mki. Russian engine suvicibility is high. Many other factors. F16 will come.

lafanga Apr 29, 2016 10:31pm

@Trump "Time for Pakistan to wake up and build cordial relations with India. Peaceful relationship with India is in Pakistan's long term interest."

You can't. It's Indian state policy to weaken and destabilize Pakistan. They want Pakistan to end up like Myanmar or Nepal ... basically living on Indian bread and butter. Forget it.

Unshackle Pakistan Apr 29, 2016 10:31pm


Time we start asking US to do more.

jamshed Apr 29, 2016 10:32pm

A another lesson for Pakistan to learn to stand up own its own feet, but US never learns from its mistakes and keep repeating the same over and over again. US knows specially the congress lobbyists these restrictions will never work but they drag their feet as it their old habit.They know Pakistan just cannot and will not depend on 100 even 200 F16 for its defense.These F16 are a bonus to the exiting fleet to buy time for newer hardware from China that is coming fast.Whatever (little) leverage US had on Pakistan it is eroding. Good news all the way !!

Kashmiri Nationalist Apr 29, 2016 10:37pm

Focus on JF17!!

hyat Apr 29, 2016 10:44pm

but our beggars will be there very soon. we keep our trillions of dollars in offshore banks and let our country beg for little money and make overseas pakistani look stupid front of other which pakistani run pakistan to send billions of dollars.

Jamshed Apr 29, 2016 10:48pm

@Erik They already have allocated money and had this in mind when JF17 was started because US was unreliable then and they are as or more unreliable today. This is Pakistan premier defense project so nothing and no one can stop Pakistan from going ahead.

Ranbir Singh Apr 29, 2016 10:50pm

@Proud Pakistani there was US companies or person involved in Panama Leaks. Time is changing in the United States. Trump is leading in the polls.

Omar Apr 29, 2016 10:52pm

Why we block their troops through Pakistan. two can play at that game.

Ranbir Singh Apr 29, 2016 10:55pm

@stranger You are missing the point. The United States is willing to sell you the f-16, but at full price. 770.00 millon dollars. no more discount.

Ranbir Singh Apr 29, 2016 10:57pm

@Combatiucs how about take 770 million and invested in education?

Legally Apr 29, 2016 10:59pm

In 1999 war India requested from U S to give GPS system against Pakistan, US rejected India's requst. Now after 17 years India become only 3 rd country in the world to own GPS system. Good opurtunity for Pakistan to show something in world.

Jamshed Apr 29, 2016 10:59pm

@Khwarezmi No one is moving away from this world class fighter as it will be in US service for another 25 years (USAF just announced it will be until 2040). It will will be slowly phased out but new fighters specially F35 is slowly being inducted because of its exorbitant price and technical issues at the same time Europeans are cutting their defense budgets. It is US that want to push this plane down their throat. Europeans have two very potent fighters one from France and the other from joint consortium of UK, Germany and I came it is Italy...

Ranbir Singh Apr 29, 2016 11:02pm

@Mohammed yep! that's actually maks sense. bigger concern is that how do you maintain all the f-16 that Pakistan has if US stop providing the replacement part for it?

Ranbir Singh Apr 29, 2016 11:04pm

@Zak since 2001 United States gave Pakistan close to 30 billion dollars.

akhay Apr 29, 2016 11:29pm

@PakistanFirst Well put.

Bharat Apr 29, 2016 11:35pm

Please don't worry my Pakistani brothers, when we Indians start producing these F-16's in India in near future, we shall provide you at much cheaper rates. So, bear the heat this time and wish us good luck for our efforts to manufacture F-16s.

Girish Chandwani Apr 29, 2016 11:40pm

@Zak . The Indian lobbyist is far more stronger and efficient than you can think and the Indo-Americans have a great clout in view of the strong positions held by Indians across America in different spheres of life.

Dinesh now in Mumbai Apr 29, 2016 11:47pm

@BM Lets spend 770 million on F16

GAK Wazir Apr 29, 2016 11:47pm

The US must realise the sacrifices of Pakistan in the war against terror. Islamabad has no aggressive intention against any one nor is its nuclear programme so vulnerable as a handful of members in the US Congress express the apprehension. It is a mere Indian nightmare and a malicious propaganda to halt the deal of F-16 between the two countries. Bob Corker should review his anti-Pakistan conspiracies as the latter's efforts to clear the region of militants are beyond question and have even lauded by the world community.

Baba Bandook Apr 29, 2016 11:47pm

I am happy that US is showing its true colours. It's good in a way as if the sale of f-16 doesn't go through then Pakistan will have no options but to look for alternatives and may become self reliant As evident from the production of JF-17 Thunder.

Fayez Mufti Apr 29, 2016 11:51pm

Let's educate our masses with this money rather than spreading weapons of war..

RIZ Apr 29, 2016 11:53pm

What Pakistan have is more than enough to defeat enemies and enemies are also aware of this.

Lucky Star Apr 30, 2016 12:03am

@Whatacountry Absolutely not true. There are other factors.

Irshad Khan (CAN) Apr 30, 2016 12:05am

I think U.S is doing the right thing to halt the financial aid to Pakistan for the purchase of its eight F-16 fighter jets. if Pakistani prime minister can afford to wear a watch worth 4.7 million dollars and buys cloths from Harrods stores London then Pakistan does not need U.S tax payers money. President Obama and P/M Trudeau have wrist watches of less than thousand dollars and they don’t shop at Harrods London. World has realised that most of the aid Pakistan is getting is being used to buy huge properties and businesses by Sharif family and billions of dollars going to heir family accounts. I wonder how many politicians from U.S, U.K, India or Canada live in 75 million pound Penthouse in London or a Chateau in France, it is only king Nawaz Sharif and Zardari who have money to buy that penthouse in London and Chateau in France.

Satnam Apr 30, 2016 12:07am

Good that Indian diplomacy has some muscles now

hanifsmile Apr 30, 2016 12:15am

Another Indian diplomatic success, and Pakistani diplomatic failure, incompetent government has incompetent sad

optimistic Apr 30, 2016 12:21am

Pakistan has to come out of this F16 fiasco to other reliable and sustainable options including indigenous missile program and JF17 thunder. US will not give the parts for the maintenance of fighter jets in the hours of need. This will be wastage of money to purchase the fighter jets which Pakistan may not effectively use for her defence.

Humanity Apr 30, 2016 12:23am

@भारतीय Russia can look for other buyers as it knows that we are tilting toward USA and not making many deals with them and also looking to setup ourselves as a future major exporter of weapons and not be an importer forever.

Abdul Karim Apr 30, 2016 12:25am

Kabul government and India have joined hands with US to work against the security and national interests of Pakistan. US is now showing its ugly face, its true face and people of Pakistan need to understand that US, Afghanistan's Kabuli government and India can never can have any thing positive towards nation and people of Pakistan. Time to change the course and take measures to secure people of Pakistan from the venom of these countries. THIS IS GOODBYE TO YANKEESTATES FOR GOOD, BESTWISHES FROM PAKISTAN. Pakistani nation NOT for sale for few hundred million dollars. Government of Pakistan should say THANK YOU and look towards self reliance and join free nations of the world for its national progress.

Alpha Bravo Apr 30, 2016 12:30am

Blessing in disguise, the old technology was otherwise of no use, secondly Pakistan needs to understand that the romance between USA and Pakistan is over and now India is USA's new darling. Pakistan should cease to help USA in war on terror .

Nkhan Apr 30, 2016 12:34am

Why we r so desperate to buy F-16 fighter planes.please stop begging.we should depend on ourself and on our best friend China.

Ravi Vancouver Apr 30, 2016 12:39am

It is high time say bye-bye to US. Pakistan is nuclear powered big military power in the region. US can not at present give threat of bringing Pakistan to stone age as it did with Pakistan when Musharraf was in power and dragged Pakistan in its so called war against terror. Pakistan can buy modern fighters and other equipment from China, Russia and France with no strings attached also it can make its own advanced equipment. Pakistan should fight anti-terror war on its own terms not as per US orders. America can keep its outdated F-16s.

UA Apr 30, 2016 12:43am

Such fuss over eight F16s. Rehne do Bhai.

Samir Apr 30, 2016 12:47am

You're looking at the future, more goodies!

amir Apr 30, 2016 12:48am

all this commotion over 8 freaking jets?! to hell with there jets their old anyways .....

Pakistani Apr 30, 2016 12:52am

This was inevitable..once the US was done in Afghanistan it would abandon Pakistan.Pakistan should use the remaining NATO supply routes as leverage.

jamshed Apr 30, 2016 12:54am

@Raj He is the same person (very few , one of his stature) who was denied US visa? Such is US flip flop a flake and its credibility. Good for you and US...We had our fair share of friendship with US, it is your turn now.. enjoy

Omer Maqsood Apr 30, 2016 01:06am

Pakistan should strategically move away from America. Any other country is a better option. The equipment they do give us might have dead switches in them. who know?

asim Apr 30, 2016 01:07am

$ 700 millions should not be a problem for Sharif family.

ENGR OSMAN Apr 30, 2016 01:27am

Pakistan should just drop the deal and let Lockheed Martin die its corporate death.

There are much cheaper and better jets with Russians and build its own jets!

The future belongs to drones anyway!

Raptor Apr 30, 2016 01:34am

Time to move on to Russia and to increase indeginious production of JF17s.

Imran Apr 30, 2016 01:50am

@भारतीय Your honeymoon with US is new. We on the other hand, have the weight of history behind us. You are dreaming if you think that Russia will not change its stance when you go to bed with the US. The great game has not changed and Pakistan can provide Russia with access to warm waters. So you bet they will sell us anything we want.

Sami Shahid Apr 30, 2016 02:07am

If Pakistan will not unveil the dirty hand and face of Afghanistan...obviously US will stop providing funds

Imran Apr 30, 2016 02:27am

We don't need them anyway. Thanks US Congress, you can keep your precious toys. We will make do with what we have.

Mazhar Apr 30, 2016 02:30am

US congressmen love to play power tactics when it comes to make some decision making, it has been their history. These congressmen are actors, work hard to prove that they are doing something. Look a few years back when they play this game with Obama administration over budget, finally approving it after long delays. trust me folks, this F-16 drama is not less than the budge drama, you will hear soon that Pakistan is getting F-16s. Here I have a big IF/BUT on this situation, we (Pakistan) should look for other sources to get weapons, Russian option is wide open with SU-35, gunships etc. We should stop going after US for our defense hardware needs. As US sanctions in 90s helped us to develop a potent missile force, these new hurdles from US will open new doors for us. INSHALLAH.

Shahzad Apr 30, 2016 02:33am

We should not buy that expensive old technology that is marginally better than JF17. Not sure when Pakistan will learn from the past mistakes. Pakistan should focus on building strong ties with Russia and China. They are our neighbours, track records shows that their friends can trust them. We should start an active social media campaign asking Pakistan Govt to cancel this deal and invest this money on creating jobs for our youth in Pakistan. We should try to create a word class commercial Innovation/Research house in Pakistan (Defence, Technology, Counter Terrorism, Medicine etc).. with close collaboration of China/Russia..under the leadership of our Armed forces. Maybe a "China-Russia-Pakistan Innovation house" project needs to start? This will also allow us to attract Pakistani talent and investment from board. I wish our leaders can focus on self respect, self reliance and investment in Pakistan people.. !

jd Apr 30, 2016 02:59am

@Iqbal Khan excellent point.

Amir Apr 30, 2016 03:13am

People who are still dreaming of 'business as usual' should come to their senses now!!

Zak Apr 30, 2016 03:16am

@भारतीय Russians have long memories and will not forget India's betrayal. If Pakistan starts buying Russian arms, the gulf will follow, as Pakistan trains most of them and advises them on armaments as well. Russia don't mind losing India and gaining pakistan and Mid East.

Nasir Apr 30, 2016 03:18am

We could open one of the best hospitals in Asia with that money - what are we going to do with 8 more jets ?

Zak Apr 30, 2016 03:18am

@JUST THINKER from massive earnings from CPEC operations.

Zak Apr 30, 2016 03:22am

@joe clinton's Pakistanis are in high positions in government, and business as well,in US. But media , money and politics is in Israeli lobby hands. Sole reason, otherwise a no brainer.

Anwar Saeed, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA Apr 30, 2016 03:24am

Pakistan must develop his own R&D ( Research & Development ) so they do not have to depend on other countries. Pakistani have lots of talents in them, just needed to find such God gifted people to invent in the defense department and government should pay these people more money so they will not leave the country. Most Pakistanis leave the country for better living because private sector is very small and they do not pay them to live better life. Government jobs with corruption is just impossible to get for a common man. A well qualified candidate seeking any job in the government sector must have some connection or have to pay money.

Sam Apr 30, 2016 03:48am

This makes it clear that soft power succeeds by end of the day.

sukhera Apr 30, 2016 04:28am

This is the best opportunity for Pakistan to diversify its sources of military equipment. US imposed sanctions on India when it exploded a nuclear device in the 70,s. Now US is begging India to purchase its aircrafts and even offered to build a F16 plant in India but India opted for French fighter Rafael. French fighters are as good as F16 and there are strings attached. French government even offers easy credit terms.

sajid Apr 30, 2016 04:41am

if that's is the case then Pakistan should cancel the fighters altogether and look else where which would hurt the USA in their pockets and jobs . give them the taste of their own medicine . Pakistan should not be dependant on US weapons. there are plenty of others who can fill the void.

Harmony-1© Apr 30, 2016 04:43am

@Fact - It's funny to say "India will control US in future" but absurd how many actually approved it - utter naivety!

sajid Apr 30, 2016 04:55am

@Raj I. think you are taking about wrong subject here . nobody is talking about Modi here . check again

Robert Apr 30, 2016 05:19am

@Aamir And why would China do that ?

Tanweer Hussain Apr 30, 2016 05:54am

How many Fighter Jets can Pakistan make of its own with $ 740 plus million. I think at least 74. Don't you think having 74 jets is better than 8. Ask the Defense Production Ministry of Pakistan to start spending money on research and manufacturing their own Fighter jets. They already have manufactured, keep doing more RESEARCH..................

$ 740,000,0000.00 = Pak Rs. 740,000,000,000.00 ( HOPE I AM CORRECT.)

Syed Ali Apr 30, 2016 06:10am

This is the beginning of sanctions to control nuclear arsenal of Pakistan. For God sake please wake up and stand on your on foot and stop dependence on foreign help and trade. There is no space for selfishness, bad governance and corruption.

Moly Apr 30, 2016 06:24am

@alinut you are right

Mike Savage Apr 30, 2016 06:32am

Spend this money on Education.

Mike Savage Apr 30, 2016 06:33am

Why would you spend hard earned cash on things which keep only few people employed

justice Apr 30, 2016 06:50am

On receipt of this money US will freeze it like last time, will never give money nor will deliver the planes. Here is what Pakistan should do invest $ 100 million dollar in R&D produce replica or even better plane than this damn US jet, give it to PAF and also sale to other countries.

Amin Daha Apr 30, 2016 06:52am

The US has never been a true friend to Pakistan except on one or two occasions.

Pakistani Apr 30, 2016 07:11am

Yea buy Russian planes

Hindutavi Rakshas Apr 30, 2016 07:31am

F16 is old junk now do t buy blessing in disguise go for mig 35.

Kala Ingrez - کالا انگریز - काला अंग्रेज - কালো ইংরাজি Apr 30, 2016 07:37am

Do not blame Indians or others for the incompetency of the Pakistani Defense and Foreign Affair departments- this deal should have been locked solid long time ago - The leadership and Pakistani bureaucrats have failed the country one more time. And do not blame the Indians they did what they supposed to do,

concerned citizen Apr 30, 2016 08:58am

I think it is quite clear that all the sacrifices we have done in the name of fighting terror has not appreciation by US. I believe it is time to tell them enough is enough and keep your old F-16 gets to themselves. Remember it is not the plane but the pilot who flies the plan and our Air Force are quite capable to handle anything. It is time to invest in pak-china collaborated Aircraft and make them modern so other countries would want buy from us. One thing we need to do is get rid of our corrupt government and bring back who cares about this country. We are in this shape because our current government is too busy looting the country instead of building it for better future.

Anonymous Apr 30, 2016 09:05am

@Zak if India doesn't have clout anywhere ? Why does Israeli lobby working for it ? I guess for fun sake !

Mukul Apr 30, 2016 09:05am

@Ali I am sure the entire US Congress was waiting to hear from you and will follow your advice

Daniel Apr 30, 2016 09:22am

What if they block funding? Pakistan can buy it with our reserves. Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure and poverty alleviation will all be solved with CPEC. It can wait till then.

We need those F-16s immediately.

Jimmy Rocks Apr 30, 2016 09:32am

@Combatiucs "With 700 million, we could start our own aircraft and avionics school. Or a small submarine with two or three nuclear warheads, that is a better deterrence against Modi and Co."

First learn to make railway engines and put up pipelines and laying down highways. Submarine with nuclear warheads and aircrafts?

Adam Apr 30, 2016 09:50am

Good for Pakistan now they can more focus on nuclear power, conventional weapons do get obsolete in one to two decades. Pakistan can put industry for more jets for same price they are paying for F16, may be time to get more involved with China and other more powerful neighbors but continue good relations with US. Let India buy all expensive hardware from US. Conventional weapons are no match for nuclear power.

Shamshad A. Quraishi Apr 30, 2016 09:53am

This is not the first time they have ignored our sacrifices and support. We are doomed if we forget this as Gen.(retd.) Musharraf forgot.

Atomic Apr 30, 2016 10:12am

Some readers saying Pakistan being atomic power does not need conventional arms

But fact us that atomic weapons are by nature deterrents not offensive type

Any sensible nation will think 10 times before using atomic weapons on another atomic powered nation

N D Gaur Apr 30, 2016 10:29am


Maybe because despite all the hoopla these "old jets" are still far better than JF17 which even China does not induct in its AF.

Abdulla Hussain Apr 30, 2016 11:06am

@Fact: The sooner India controls US the better it will be for Pakistan because India can never control Pakistan so the equation of both will favour Pakistan

Abdulla Hussain Apr 30, 2016 11:13am

First of all this news has not come from White House of Pentagon, an unnamed source (The State Department official told BBC Urdu on condition of anonymity), when it comes officially from White House then it should be considered correct & debated. As for now this news looks no more than a tiny dead fish being used as a bait.

azfar Apr 30, 2016 12:25pm

Pakistan will have to decide between strategic depth and world isolation.

Abdulla Hussain Apr 30, 2016 12:30pm

@Atomic: So you mean to say that it acted as deterrence in Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Bombs are made to be delivered. Even the lilliputians used Gulliver (equivalent to Atomic bomb then) for offensive against Blefuscu.

Abdulla Hussain Apr 30, 2016 12:37pm

@Amir: After waiting for the famous Seventh Fleet to come, sensible peoples have stopped thinking so again. It is the new generation that needs to understand the rules of the game.

Abdulla Hussain Apr 30, 2016 12:38pm

@Ravi Vancouver: I have no reasons to disagree with your point.

Abdulla Hussain Apr 30, 2016 12:45pm

@Sachin: Friend congratulations on learning the lesson so quickly. Like the Master you have really learned to ditch you partner of critical times. You are now being critical of you best friend who actually taught you to fly, swim & use guns. With Russian planes, ships & submarines & guns you have learned to exist & now you say those are faulty weapons, should people not laugh at this.

Parvez Apr 30, 2016 12:53pm

This is how countries send messages to each other...... America is telling Pakistan something but it has nothing to do with defense capability.

A Shah Apr 30, 2016 01:12pm

The power of India

Skeptic Apr 30, 2016 02:05pm

@Fact U.S. is already being controlled by a group or entity. U.S. Congress does not act without tacit approval of, or against its interests.

Sajjad Khan Apr 30, 2016 02:09pm

@shuaib 8 jets don't matter and they are very expensive too. The Chinese have cheaper alternatives with no strings attached and no future blockage of parts etc. Secondly they are transeferring the assembly line to India soon as they need this for the for JF 22 and Raptor.

Muzzamil Apr 30, 2016 02:14pm

Just cancel this deal. We need to invest trillions in Education. This F16 is a temporary deal to stop extremism. By the way we don't need F16 to fight Taliban. They are uneducated people who don't know anything. We just need drones to stop them.

Lone wolf Apr 30, 2016 02:23pm

You dont need F-16 or any other sophisticated jets to fight terrorists holed up in caves and mountains. If air power was the solution then USA could have done it with their drones and jets without pakistan's help. What you really need is will power, intent and boots on the ground.

Concerned Apr 30, 2016 02:36pm

700 million dollars for 8 F-16's? With that much money, we can fund 10,000 school teachers paying Rs 60, 000 per month for 10 years. But, education is not important. Children can't go to school, can't get jobs, become 'militants'. I'm sorry, F-16 are important.

tatvavetta Apr 30, 2016 02:40pm

Vijay Mallya owes 9000CrINR (1384 Million US$to banks). You can borrow from him. To fight India 8no. F16 are not sufficient. For fighting Taliban Chinese J17 and J20 are OK and will be cheaper. 450million US$ will be spent wisely if they are used for education , health and infrastructure in FATA .Present resources are sufficient to tackle Taliban and India if necessary.

Curious mind Apr 30, 2016 03:01pm

We should spent our all resources to built our own technology, we are capebble of dong this we have done it in the past, we need to believe on ourself and start moving towards becoming self sufficient, create our own crafts as we did in misail technology. Just believe and stop relaying on US.

truth Apr 30, 2016 03:15pm

US-India entente will strengthen PAK-Russia allaince,its not a zero-sum game.No problem at all.

Zak Apr 30, 2016 03:38pm

@Ranbir Singh since 1948 US gave India the most aid it ever gave, $62 billion Dollors. India no 1 in aid hand outs list.

Zak Apr 30, 2016 03:46pm

@Fayez Mufti good start with India and its occupation of kashmir nation.

inqelabzindabad Apr 30, 2016 03:57pm

@truth the world has changed buddy, its not the same as 50 years ago, just climb up that wall and see

Azeez Apr 30, 2016 04:23pm

@Expa(k)t : SU-35 cost approximately 195m USD per aircraft.

Zak Apr 30, 2016 05:09pm

National security is most important. Pay the full cost as there is no need to take favours and handouts. It is not difficult for a nation of 182 million people to find $700 million. Nation first.

XoF Apr 30, 2016 05:10pm

@A Shah

its called insecurity, not power.

prakash Apr 30, 2016 05:42pm

If India can block this deal then how can we think that it is possible to purchase from country like Russia or France..

prakash Apr 30, 2016 05:56pm

We should try our best to get these f-16s at subsidised cost..because they are better than su-30mki in dogfight combat.

prakash Apr 30, 2016 06:09pm

@Zak what a joke..

Russian always prefer India because still 70% of India's armament is from Russian... In fact everyone prefer Indian market.

So we should not dream in day and check the ground reality.

Rahat Apr 30, 2016 06:56pm

@prakash geopolitical situation is changing fast and new alliances are being formed. India has entered into partnership with the US because the latter wants to pit it against the rising power China and also take advantage of its big market and Pakistan which already has strategic alliance with China is getting close to Russia. Russia will not shy away to partner with Pakistan as its old ally

JFK Apr 30, 2016 07:10pm

The unit cost of these fighter planes is $14.6 in 1998 dollar value. Depending on advanced avionics and upgrades/negotiated prices it translates to $25-35 million per unit for today's cost. At an average of $30 million for 8 units Pakistan should pay $240 million. The $270 million Pakistan is actually paying is the full cost already. If we were paying $700 million for 8 F-35 (at a per unit cost of $85-90 million), that would have been worth it. There is no way F-16 are worth that much. Pakistanis should realize what US is doing is not fair. Wether US congress approves it or not, and leaving politics aside, this deal is just financially not sound.

Ayub Apr 30, 2016 07:17pm

Better if that $700 million is diverted for the elimination of Hepatitis-C in the country.

Ghulam Apr 30, 2016 07:24pm

MR. Nawaz This is what you get for not attending the nuclear summit.

jaan marri Apr 30, 2016 07:38pm

@Rehman we cant even make a diesel locomotive for the railways

keroj Apr 30, 2016 08:16pm

why not use this money in building our own F-17 jet?

keroj Apr 30, 2016 08:16pm

why not use this money in building our own F-17 jet?

bladeeee Apr 30, 2016 08:18pm

with 700 million Pakistan can buy all the technology and expertise needed to built jet F-17. can it not?

Np Apr 30, 2016 08:37pm

@lafanga "French even sold missiles to Argentina during Falkland war. They like money and nothing else. Pakistan can probably get the same number or one or two more. It has a 100 million Euro price tag. Do the math."

100 million Euro = 115 million dollars. Follow your own advice and do the math. You will find that you can buy 6 for $700 million which is 2 less NOT 2 more than the number of F16 you are able to get for the same amount.

maalik Apr 30, 2016 08:53pm

@stranger they will not give subsidy

Laila Apr 30, 2016 09:09pm

Saudi Arabia stopped funding for Pakistan after Yemen refusal and even the recent oil prices. USA has no more CSF (caoalition support fund) as their operations wind down in South Asia. Now USA says they have no money for F-16's to sell to Pakistan. They are in fact economically headed in the direction of the USSR. Seems like we as a nation of beggars is asking the nation that's the biggest debtor, creditor, and deficit spenders for cash i.e. USA and KSA. Makes no sense to do that when your "friends" are broke being a burden on them! We have to learn the way the others did that were part of the Eastern Bloc that the more we rely on those who are not in good shape yet perceived to be like the USSR was then, the moer crippled we will become. For years those nations in Eastern Europe were crippled before the USSR fell and even after. Same slippery slope Pakistan is headed down based on lack of lessons learned from history that repeats itself if the writings on the wall are not heeded to.

SAEED MASOOD Apr 30, 2016 09:11pm

Please get rid of this American stuff, they are not friends they only use Pakistan, China is our only friend...get more and more close to China...

Zak Apr 30, 2016 09:12pm

@Zak Correct. Russians have long memories. So lets not forget we were on opposite sides during the soviet invasion of afghanistan. Lets be prudent and rationale in our thinking without making jingoistic feel good statements.

Mesotwisty Apr 30, 2016 10:36pm

Been hearing about this since I was a kid. Isnt this really outdated weaponry? Bet they dont even have Bluetooth or a usb jack :). We can do better.

Naim Khan May 01, 2016 03:45am

@stranger No sir we do not buy French jets, if you remember during Kagill conflict, France let us down by holding our Miraj jets, the ones we sent and paid to be upgraded. After upgration were ready to fly to Pakistan, but Indian lobby told France not to send jets back to Pakistan and France did not send the jets, held them till Kagill conflict was over. Than PM Nawaz Sharif did not have the guts to talk to France, we can only trust China and only China.

Zaheer Khan May 01, 2016 05:31am

Look at the Forex reserves -- pakistan has 20 billion dollars -- which is less than bangladesh's 27 billion dollars! :) -- and of course, much less than India's 360 billion dollars.

pakistan is going to spend 5% of its forex reserves on 8 F-16s!! :)

Zaheer Khan May 01, 2016 05:32am

pakistan just does not have the cash to buy any jets -- pakistan is so dependent on hand outs, and will only get these jets through another generous hand out by the American people.

Monsieur S May 01, 2016 03:42pm

@shuaib ...... when you can pay all products are available .....

Monsieur S May 01, 2016 03:44pm

@Vap means , you have to pay hard cash in exchange of product

Monsieur S May 01, 2016 03:46pm

@Fact not India's power .... but Pakistan's inability to finance its purchase .... basically you want the American taxpayer to finance your spurge of purchase

CITIZEN May 01, 2016 04:57pm

its better to buy some better technology

adventurer May 01, 2016 05:26pm

The real truth is out - all the fuzz. No price reduction but pay up in full. US means business only.

Abrar May 01, 2016 07:32pm

Whenever India gets a chance, it hurts Pakistan's interests.

Citizen May 01, 2016 08:14pm

Makers of F-16 are sitting idle since there is no buyer for some time, and no one in future other than india, so they are using their own funds to sustain at this time, as one report in Dawn earlier. The only option to make some money at this time is Pakistan, so it will come thru some way if Pakistan declines to chip in more than it already agreed, unless the "commission" is changed for the people involved.

jamshed May 02, 2016 01:50am

Most Indians talk about F16 out of ignorance as their aerospace knowledge is rudimentary , cursory and biased. The whole arguments by Indians that F-16 is junk, obsolete or whatever is bogus when Indian air force itself still flying (and continue to fly in near foreseeable future) the most dangerous and obsolete planes in the world. This is still a first class, 4th generation plane that has gone through major upgrades in its forty years of flying history. If it was not the case why US plans fly for another 25 years till 2040? The fact is that 28 air forces in the world fly this plane including Israel that operates 362 the largest fleet outside USA ,Turkey 260, Egypt 220 and many Europeans with hundreds of these planes and will continue for at least 3 more decades. BTW with wide choice of weapons, ease of maintenance this the best plane money can buy. And it has one of the best kill record against its adversary and equal fighter like mig-29 and several mig and su variants.

Darshan May 02, 2016 10:09am

So what, Pakistan can pay the addition 470 US$, however its not technology but bravery wins the battle, and Pakistani Soliders' is well know & test in the world...

Darshan May 02, 2016 10:15am

@Faisal U r right, China is the way to go

Darshan May 02, 2016 10:16am

@Combatiucs deterrence against MODI??? Didnt you listen, he talks and live peace.. Trust him

MH May 02, 2016 10:48am

It is true that 8 f16s will not make any difference in regional stability but you should clear India's stand also. All the buzz was not about uses of f16s against India but about 62% subsidy which Pakistan was taking in the name of fight against terrorism. Pakistan should have full rights to use their aircrafts whereever they want but for this they should pay full amount for these aircrafts.

SYED NASEEM AHMED May 02, 2016 12:21pm

Pakistan should stop helping Afghanistan and USA Govt in Afganistan . USA will then beg for this deal of F-16 even for F-18 .

Syed Naseem Ahmed