Magnetic poetry

February 06, 2016


When it comes to writing, many kids find it easy to copy and paste others’ work and name it as their own. This is ethically and morally wrong; one can take ideas from various sources but taking the whole stuff and claiming it to be yours is absolutely wrong. This is called plagiarism and it is like fraud.

So for young poets today, here is a site that will boost their writing skills in poetry and at the same time make their learning journey a fun-filled at Magnetic poetry — an engaging free site that lets you play with words online.

The site is not detailed and the homepage is where all the fun begins. You can choose from the six categories of word tiles from the top centre such as, Original, Poet, Love, Mustache, Nature and Geek, and below the menu you will see the blank board with word tiles at the right side. All you have to do is drag the given word tiles and create your poem.

If you want more words click the “more words” option to get additional word tiles. When finished, save it, share it, print it or publish it online. But an email address is necessary to publish it online. A gallery highlights poems created by kids. A similar adult section is available with the use of different poetry kits.

The basic idea behind the site is how you play with the words, and how you create one thing from the other, which is just as amazing as you play it.

The website features the commercial venture to further the sale of Magnetic Poetry with several of their kits. The story behind Magnetic Poetry is quite interesting and inspiring; as its founder Dave Kapell, was suffering from writer’s block while trying to compose song lyrics. So he wrote down interesting words on pieces of paper and rearranged them, looking for inspiration.

When his friends came over, Dave noticed they also started playing with the words and started amusing themselves. This gave Dave an idea to sell his word kits at a local craft fair and luckily the kits were sold in no time.

From this beginning, Magnetic Poetry® has now sold over three million word kits, etc. So play with the words and create something unique at: n

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