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Senior TTP leader still alive? Drone 'targeting' Sajna kills 18 militants

Published Feb 03, 2016 01:08pm


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PESHAWAR: Eighteen Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants of the banned organisation's Sajna group were killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan's Paktika province on Monday night, security sources said.

Members of the TTP offshoot were holding a meeting in Paktika's Birmal area during which its leader Khan Said Sajna was expected to appear, sources said.

It is pertinent to mention that Sajna was reported killed in a drone strike last year, but the information had not been independently verified. The Mehsud tribal faction, which Sajna heads, had not denied claims of Sajna's death at the time.

Of the TTP men killed today, 14 belong to the Mehsud tribe and four to the Wazir tribe.

Claims relating to the strike and the deaths could not be independently verified.

Khan Said Sajna became TTP’s deputy leader following the death of Wali-ur-Rehman in May 2013. He fought in Afghanistan and is believed to be involved in the attack on a Naval base in Karachi.

Sajna is credited with masterminding a 2012 jailbreak in which the Taliban freed 400 inmates from a prison in Bannu.

Khan Said Sajna leads the Mehsud faction, which split from TTP in May 2014 after former TTP leader Hakimullah Mehsud was killed in a United States (US) drone strike.

In a public statement following the split, he stated his continued commitment to terrorist activity. The US designated Sajna a global terrorist in Oct 2014.


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Comments (16) Closed

Sajjad Khan Feb 03, 2016 01:22pm

Killing throught drones amounts to murder and is against all Laws of a civilized world.

Dove Feb 03, 2016 02:03pm

well done

Taimoor Khan Feb 03, 2016 02:49pm

How come every single major TTP leader is in Afghanistan?

Kamal Pasha Feb 03, 2016 02:51pm

@Sajjad Khan, You should be civilised only when the opposite side is also civilised.

Nawaz,Zubair Feb 03, 2016 02:55pm

@Sajjad Khan Interesting! So you mean killing of hundreds of innocent children and thousands of Pakistani men, women and children is not murder and acceptable under the laws of civilized world? Please go ahead and drone them one and all.

Gustaakh Feb 03, 2016 03:20pm

@Sajjad Khan Tell that to the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of 50,000 Pakistanis killed by these murderers while arguments like yours delayed military action against them for 6 years.

Kamal Pasha Feb 03, 2016 03:46pm

@Taimoor Khan, Because the present government and past Karzai government of Afghanistan are the bosses of all the extremism in this region

Azmeen Feb 03, 2016 04:26pm

Keep it up,

RIZ Feb 03, 2016 05:23pm

@Sajjad Khan If someone from your family had been killed by terrorists, did you have the same argument?

Iftikhar Husain Feb 03, 2016 05:25pm

This is a great news keep the pressure on they are hardened crimnals. We hope one this land of our will be clear from these rouges.

M. Siddique Feb 03, 2016 05:43pm

Bomb the meeting place and finish off the job.

M. Siddique Feb 03, 2016 05:45pm

@Sajjad Khan, First Taliban have to become part of the "Civilized World" before bombing them becomes against the law. These criminals should be elimnated in anyway possible.

lb 3.2.16 Feb 03, 2016 05:51pm

I totally agree with you

kunjimon Feb 03, 2016 06:25pm

There is no treatment for madterrorist except killing it

sukhera Feb 03, 2016 08:13pm

@Sajjad Khan . You got it all wrong. Killing of innocent young students in Schools is murder/wrong. The members of this group were involved in killing innocent people and they are not civilians in anyway way. This meeting was planned to chalk out more strikes against schools and military installation in Pakistan. These thugs don't deserve any mercy and we should kill them wherever we find them until they lay down their arms and pay for their crimes against humanity. Now they know their days are numbered, they can't hide and can't run away. Good job.

Thoughtful Feb 04, 2016 05:34am

An excellent job! More drone attacks please.