Among Pakistan's awe-inspiring architectural gems, Chiniot – a historic city of Punjab – is a true treasure of magnificent palaces, mosques and dazzling buildings.

Here is a list of places you must see in Chiniot:

Umer Hayat Palace

Standing proud in the heart of the city, Umer Hayat Palace is one of the famous 'mahals' of Pakistan. With a touch of Mughal architecture, the facade of the building is adorned with a fine inlay of bricks. The dazzling shine of marble and exquisite interior adds to its beauty.

A successful trader, Sheikh Umer Hayat decided to construct the palace for his son in 1923 for which he gathered famous artisans who worked day and night to complete the palace.

The work on the structure finished by 1935 but sadly, Sheikh died the same year, a few months before the gorgeous palace was complete.

It's a tremendous piece of art with stucco work, finest carving and patterns of wood in the form of jharokas, doors and window panes, which makes it looks like the “Taj Mahal” of Chiniot.

Shahi Masjid

Built by Nawab Saad UlIah Khan during the regime of Emperor Shah Jahan (1628-58), Shahi Masjid is another attraction of Chiniot.

It is said to be a replica of Mughal constructions in the region like Jamia Masjid Dehli, Dehli Fort and Laal Qila Fort in India due to its wooden interior and art work.

Chillah gah of Shah Sharaf Boo Ali Qalandar

Sheesh Mahal

Saeen Sukh Shrine, also known as the 'Sheesh Mahal' of Chiniot, stands adjacent to the Shrine of Shah Ismail Shah Bukhari

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Sheesh Mahal is beautifully decorated with intricate designs made from mirrors.

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The Big Temple

The classic Hindu temple also known as big temple was built by Maharaja Gulab Singh.

The impressive temple is believed to have been built amid the second Anglo-Sikh war.

Shrine of Ismail Shah Bukhari

The tomb of Hazrat Sheikh Ismail Bukhari is another charm in Chiniot that manages to lure hundreds of travelers and backpackers annually. Sheikh Ismail was a famous saint of Chiniot and his excellent way of teaching provoked many non-Muslims to convert to Islam.

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