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Earlier in April,  Ghulam Ali held a concert in Varanasi, Indian PM Narendra Modi's constituency. — AFP/File
Earlier in April, Ghulam Ali held a concert in Varanasi, Indian PM Narendra Modi's constituency. — AFP/File

MUMBAI: India's far right political party Shiv Sena has called for the cancellation of Pakistan's popular ghazal singer Ghulam Ali's concert in Mumbai, according to a report on India's NDTV website.

Ghulam Ali, one of the most popular ghazal singers of Pakistan, was to perform at Mumbai city's Shanmukhanad Hall on Friday while the hardliner party has called for the concert's cancellation saying, "We can't have cultural ties with Pakistan when they kill our soldiers."

Related: Modi a fan of Pakistani ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali

Earlier in April, the legendary ghazal singer held a concert at the famous Sankat Mochan temple in Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's constituency.

An invitation was sent to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi but he expressed his inability to attend the festival due to his busy schedule.

“I do wish I get the opportunity to attend such a programme in the future where so many well known artistes will be enchanting the audience,” Modi said in a series of tweets on April 7.

“I must share that I have heard Ghulam Ali Sahab in the past that too in person,” Modi said in a tweet.

Read: Atif Aslam's concert in India cancelled after Shiv Sena threat

But later that month, pop artist Atif Aslam had to cancel his concert in Pune after having received threats by Shiv Sena at a time when more than a thousand tickets for his concert had been sold which the organisers had to refund.

Shiv Sena, a hardline outfit founded by the late Bal Thackeray, has in the past threatened Pakistani athletes to deter them from engaging in competitive sports in India.

Also read: Kabaddi: Shiv Sena pressure forces Patna to bench Pakistani players

Thackeray often referred to Indian Muslims as “anti-nationals” and called for Hindu suicide squads to counter what he saw as a rise in ‘Islamic terrorism’.

Comments (130) Closed

maarige Oct 07, 2015 03:44pm

narrow mindedness at its peak....

Amjad malik Oct 07, 2015 03:45pm

Take it easy shiv sinha.He is not going to India for tableegh, he is going there for music concert

Adeel Oct 07, 2015 03:52pm

What a Shame ! there is no difference between these hard liners in India and Pakistan both preach hate and should not be tolerated by both societies

naqeeb Oct 07, 2015 03:54pm

Keep it up Shiv Sena... We are with you... from Pakistan.

We want more and more Shiv Sena type people in India.

Asif Kashmiri Oct 07, 2015 03:54pm

Shame on india and shame on this organisation. TRUE FACE EXPOSED!

Taimoor Khan Oct 07, 2015 03:54pm

Can we for once stop this non sense in the name of cultural exchanges? Lets just stay put in our respective countries and be happy, recognize each other as mortal enemies, which we are if not already abundantly clear, and keep each other at arms length.

sheryaar Oct 07, 2015 03:57pm

classic example of indian mentality... we dont expect anything good from these

Raj Oct 07, 2015 04:01pm

@Adeel Well said Adeel. Fully with you. These guys are only merchants of hate!

tamil Oct 07, 2015 04:01pm

Who cares for any concert , waste of time , instead use same time to do something productive

Bitter truth Oct 07, 2015 04:03pm

I hope my Pakistani brothers don't blame Modi again for this. Shiv Sena is not an ally of BJP.

Farrukh Oct 07, 2015 04:03pm

will the guys from Amn ki Aasha please stand up !

natey Oct 07, 2015 04:05pm

shiv sena is not indian ppl view organisation..its just based in mubai and supported by some marathi ppl dont say bad to indian..majority dont support this group..its wrong to do that..btw im not indian

shiv sena Oct 07, 2015 04:09pm

Why , do we not have enough singers in India that someone from Pakistan has to come to India to sing ?

Awara Oct 07, 2015 04:09pm

Shiv Sena is a junk party....I as an Indian hate their party policies. If they care so much worried of soldiers why they don't join the forces in border

JIJAJI Oct 07, 2015 04:11pm

They can,t and they will never change because extremism is in their blood.

A common pakistani Oct 07, 2015 04:17pm

Pakistanis should entertain their own people, or other peace-loving people in the world. Leave such extremists on their own, why are they dying to perform in India? Pakistani artists themselves seem confused when they are expected to get hate in return.

ramesh Oct 07, 2015 04:19pm

@Asif Kashmiri oh than tell me how many indian singer perform in Pakistan, dear your more than half industry work in India, and you call us SHAM,

Shaam سے Oct 07, 2015 04:20pm

Why travel to India? Is money more important for these singers than their national pride?

AV Oct 07, 2015 04:21pm

@Adeel thank you I wish rest of the world can see that

Hindi Oct 07, 2015 04:27pm

Shiv sena is not respected by anyone in India but it's alive because of politicians.

AHA Oct 07, 2015 04:32pm

Another extremist group. Another pain for peace and humanity.

Wahid janjua Oct 07, 2015 04:33pm

So called champion of democracy has shown its originality because any an individual group has no authority to do so without the consent of Govt. Fun of artist is for all to be shared/ is extreme of narrowness and must be ended.

M.Saeed Oct 07, 2015 04:38pm

Music is the food of every soul.Those who barricade music are not humans

m singh Oct 07, 2015 04:39pm

The program will proceed as sena can stop it.....

Jawad pak Oct 07, 2015 04:41pm

I wanna meet this shiv sena he's very interesting and always in news demanding that and that.

titwal Oct 07, 2015 04:42pm

All those indians being apologists and terming SS as nothing, even you know it is currently India's largest city population wise, not mention being second largest party in India's second largest province, plus they are also part of colation govt there.

Rahul Oct 07, 2015 04:42pm

Shiv Sena has said so, not Govt. of India. Ghulam saheb ka show hoga and it will be a big hit as usual!.. Ghulam Ali hamare dil mein baste hain!..

Harmony-1 Oct 07, 2015 04:43pm

@Tamil - "waste of time, instead use same time to do something productive". So all those great singers like Lata, Asha, Rafi, Kishore Kumar etc never did anything "productive" either???

on looker Oct 07, 2015 04:44pm

Come on guys - have a sense of proportion and perspective here; SS is just a party with narrow views; Generally speaking - it looks India is gravitating towards something we are trying to move away from....

Optimistic Pakistani Oct 07, 2015 04:54pm

The real face. Here is answer to those who don't accept two nation theory.

Gurpreet Singh Sabharwal (USA) Oct 07, 2015 04:57pm

Outfits like the Shiv Sena are a blot on India & do not represent a vast majority of Indians in way, shape or form. They indulge in such antics from time to time to stay relevant & exploit their largely illiterate lower class marathi vote bank. I think that in the next years they will be wiped off the political map in India although I could be wrong.

Pankaj Oct 07, 2015 04:58pm

Shiv Sena should stop being thekedar of all patriotism ..... I am a proud Indian and huge fan of Janab Gulam Ali and I wish to attend his concert. He is not a terrorist or criminal, he has earned so much respect worldwide which none of Shiv Sena leader have earned in India (forget worldwide). You (Shiv Sena) do not represent all Indians or hindus and therefore stop putting your nose everywhere where Pakistanis are involved.

Andrew smith Oct 07, 2015 05:11pm

Well I already bought the tickets for this one. Even if this is cancelled i would go there to show my resentment to the hardline goons.

Mr Umair Oct 07, 2015 05:19pm

Conjoined twins of India Pakistan

Extremists have no religion

Just as the ones about to die here, they gaining strength in India

The Right Left Oct 07, 2015 05:20pm

Its sickening that despite knowing that there is an extremist anti Pakistan government in India, which is actively doing everything possible to defame, humiliate Pakistan, these actors,singers, clowns continue trying to go to India for monetary benefits.

I am against any bans, instead there should be peaceful public display of outrage against those who try to go to India .

Najma Hishami Oct 07, 2015 05:24pm

Why is Shiv Sena using the name of Lord Shiva in vain if they are going to behave like local bullies and thugs. They should give themselves another name like "bombay gangsters" if they resort to such intolerant behaviour. Ghulam Ali Sahib is a master in his style of music

Harisingh Oct 07, 2015 05:27pm

@shiv sena,

Because variety is the spice of life. It is people like you who keep nations backward. Successful societies have people who take good things wherever it comes from.

It is a shame that this simple truth does not make sense to you.

BNA Oct 07, 2015 05:32pm

@Taimoor Khan

Sir,you are perfectly right.I support you . Let us stop this so called cultural exchanges which hardly serve any purpose except to fill the pockets of the artistes and the sponsors. It is all commercial drama in the name of cultural exchange.

khanm Oct 07, 2015 05:33pm

Look who controls the world's so called largest democracy.

Rajeev Oct 07, 2015 05:35pm

@Wahid janjua Dear friend like extremists in your country don't represent whole of Pakistan same way all Indians are not represented by Shiv Sena. Generalization kills all home. I am sure like in India most Pakistanis are moderate and peace loving.

khanm Oct 07, 2015 05:44pm

what a shame we share almost same art and culture and yet the evil forces will do their best to stop it... Culture makes people understand each other better. And if they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers. But first they have to understand that their neighbour is, in the end, just like them, with the same problems, the same questions.

Politics Oct 07, 2015 05:54pm

Politics is greater than Music, Sports, Trade, friendship etc.

Khurram Jadoon Oct 07, 2015 06:06pm

@shiv sena Keep hating Pakistan, once Mumtaz Mufti said, "It's Hindu prejudice which makes be patriotic Pakistani".

AKNasser Oct 07, 2015 06:19pm

This cultural exchange, can we put it aside for a while ? while thousands of Kashmiris have perished under the brutal rule of Indian army of occupation, ghazal singer, Ghulam Ali is going to bring solace to them? There is no common culture, let us leave their culture to them & preserve ours.

dawn Oct 07, 2015 06:22pm

@shiv sena - It is just like the fast bowlers-they are better in Pakistan. Same way better shayri and voice only comes from Pakistan.

Sher Khan Oct 07, 2015 06:38pm

Why Ghulam Ali is there at first place? He should come back,

Uday Kulkarni Oct 07, 2015 06:47pm

Nobody cares about Shivsena in India now a days. They are a big nuisance and a spent force. Reminds me of a sanskrit Shloka "..... Swadeshe Pujyate Raja; Widwan Sarvatra Pujyate" meaning a King is praised only in his kingdom but a learned or a skilled man is praised all over the world. Ghulam Ali happens to be a genius and is praised all over the world.

Akram Oct 07, 2015 06:48pm

@shiv sena "Why , do we not have enough singers in India that someone from Pakistan has to come to India to sing ?" You have plenty of cricketers in India too, right? But you still need other players to come and play. Its called maintaining cultural ties.

Jawwad Oct 07, 2015 06:57pm

Loving it. Extremism has finally reached the gates of Delhi.

amar Oct 07, 2015 07:12pm

Last time they cancelled Atif's concert in Pune and now this:'(

Faith Oct 07, 2015 07:16pm

Very ignorant and jealous people

Abhi Oct 07, 2015 07:25pm

Shiv sena,, is like monkey army,, no one care,,just some ho hall on media... You are most welcome, sir, You are undoubtedly most respected Pakistani in India...

Alam Oct 07, 2015 07:39pm

@Bitter truth need to blame Modi or anybody. We will be happy to see such more gestures from Indians. you can disrupt the cricket match if you are losing then it is not surprising to see the cancellation of concert. Keep it up. Every culture/ society have different values.

Arslan Oct 07, 2015 07:42pm

India blames Pakistan for harbouring anti-India militants whereas in India there are anti-Pakistan political parties (operating under and protected by the umbrella of the Indian constitution). Who hates who more, and who has mainstream political extremists? Answer is crystal clear.

Alam Oct 07, 2015 07:51pm

@Rajeev ...when you elect extremists as member of parliament then they are your leaders.

lafanga Oct 07, 2015 07:56pm

Shiv Sena may only have influence in Mumbai only but their bigger agenda aligns very well with RSS and BJP. To say that they are nothing more than Looney fanatics is wrong. Unless some senior BJP or RSS leader comes out and condemns Shiv Sena, silence would mean that they tacitly approve the ban.

jai Maharashtra Oct 07, 2015 08:00pm

Shiv sena rules

kaliraja thangamani Oct 07, 2015 08:06pm

Latest news says Maharashtra state Chief Minister supports the music concert, it will go on as scheduled.

Mr Universe Oct 07, 2015 08:29pm

@Wahid janjua Whatever sadistic pleasure you get by demeaning Indian democracy please note Shiv Sena is one of the smallest players in Indian politics and no one cares about them outside Mumbai/Maharashtra. Just for your information India supporting Pakistani artists for ages and will continue to shower their love.

Arjun Oct 07, 2015 08:33pm

Its really unfortunate......Gulam Saheb is out of Border,,Because Artist is not of only one country....Its for the people only.........

Pratyush Oct 07, 2015 08:33pm

Being an Indian, I am ashamed. Apologies. We respect Ghulam Ali Sahab and welcome him with open hearts. We will defeat the forces of hatred in our country.

Caught@Glance Oct 07, 2015 08:34pm

No problem for Ghulam Ali,he will inshallah perform.Shiv Sena wish to be on news and therefore make such announcements .The people of India and Pakistan loves music more than fanatics

Ijaz Oct 07, 2015 08:40pm

@tamil You don't have to attend if you don't wish to! No one is forcing anyone to attend a Ghulam Ali concert to the best of my knowledge

mukesh Oct 07, 2015 08:40pm

@khanm that is democracy wher shiv Sinha also have right to protest for something.

Asgher Ali Oct 07, 2015 08:41pm

@kaliraja thangamani - This is a typical Indian game of playing friends and foes.

khalid zaki - Karachi Oct 07, 2015 08:41pm

@naqeeb True that will make the Muslims rise one day to ask for equal treatment. Rightly said.

Ijaz Oct 07, 2015 08:42pm

@shiv sena Well obviously there are people in India who wish to listen to Pakistani (and American, British and other nationals') singers. As a Pakistani I love many Pakistani singers in addition to people like the great Zilla Khan and Sonu Nigam from India and Meatloaf from USA.

Open your eyes ... there is a great world of talent out there!

Ijaz Oct 07, 2015 08:45pm

@Andrew smith Good for you.

Valar Morgulis Oct 07, 2015 08:46pm

Shiv Sena is not just a rogue element and crazy fanatics. Had that been the case, Indian Govt. wouldn't have bow down at their demands and not holding any kind of games against Pakistan in Mumbai in the past. What kind of Govt. rule is there in Mumbai that they can't guarantee security of international teams on the threats of rogue outfits? The only impression coming out of it is that Shiv Sena has a strangle hold in Mumbai, the economic capital of India, and hence ruling out their impact is giving a blind eye to imminent threat.

Valar Morgulis Oct 07, 2015 08:53pm

@Rajeev Why do I not see more understanding and sane voices like yours more here on Dawn. We appreciate open discussion and all Indians and other foreign nationals are equally welcome on Pakistani platforms like Dawn. We like to learn your views and adjust our miscalculations accordingly. But more than 90% of voices coming from India are hysteria prone and to good extent hatred laden towards Pakistan. Why is there so much negativity? Is it part of a campaign or is it just mere perception?

watson Oct 07, 2015 08:54pm

It seems SS runs the country and the government is helpless.

Indus Valley Civilization Oct 07, 2015 08:58pm

Let the political climate between the 2 countries cool down and become stable before we start singing at each other's place !

khalid zaki - Karachi Oct 07, 2015 08:59pm

@ramesh True Pakistani artists go to India bcs you call them and then they get money and fame that they can't get in Pakistan.I am not critical of what shiv sena is doing .

khalid zaki - Karachi Oct 07, 2015 09:03pm

@ Shaam سے Well money is definitely important for most of the Pakistanis, the leaders and the corrupt rulers and government officials. This is out main problem.

Pukudengutha Oct 07, 2015 09:08pm

@naqeeb Keep it up Naqeeb, we also like people like you in Pakistan.

Rational Oct 07, 2015 09:11pm

@Bitter truth ... doesn't Modi policies and ideology aligns with Shiv Sena. Not trying to look down on you of course we have certain if not similar issues in Pakistan too. But accepting the reality is the need of the time.

Pukudengutha Oct 07, 2015 09:12pm

@Valar Morgulis It seems to be a campaign based on perception. Perception part is confirmed, campaign part, possible but not sure.

Rational Oct 07, 2015 09:15pm

@Uday Kulkarni ... Agreed brother. but if they can get the concerts cancelled and organizers have to return ticket money than somebody is taking them serious. Let us both not be in denial.

Namo Oct 07, 2015 09:19pm

Who is Shiv Sena?Well let me answer that question my self they are nothing but disgusting agitators.As for Ghulam Ali he's a living legend.

anony Oct 07, 2015 09:20pm

India should take strict and sincere action to ban these organizations like Shiv Sena and RSS.

Sahil Oct 07, 2015 09:34pm

Why always concerts in Mumbai .Lets not give a chance to these Shiva Sena hooligans . Move the venue to Delhi or Hyderabad. There are more ghazal lovers in these cities than Mumbai.

Rashid Ishaq Oct 07, 2015 09:35pm

@shiv sena Yes you do not have the best Ghazal singers such as no match for Mehdi Hasan and Ghulam Ali; sorry but Jagjit or Pankaj are not at that peak

Nick Da'Greek Oct 07, 2015 09:42pm

That's just retarded of Shiv Sena who is frustrated at having lost power and trying to win back constituencies. Well Mr. Uddhav Thackarey guess what people are smarter and worked out your angle, they know where you stand and what you stand for.

Jalaluddin S. Hussain Oct 07, 2015 09:47pm

In spite of Shiv Sena's call for cancellation of Pakistan's popular Ghulam Ali's Concert, to be held on October 09, the show must go on. After all the Prime Minister of India is reported to be a great fan of the maestro.

The fanatics on both sides must have to be checked. This is a request of a Pakistani Canadian

big Oct 07, 2015 09:49pm

bullets and Music cannot go hand in hand. India and Pakistan has serious dispute of Kashmir and over that there are proxy wars between the two countries in such situation how can we hear Music of a Musician of Pakistan

k k tiwari India Oct 07, 2015 10:13pm

He is a great singer , we all love to hear him , i m a great fan . We must ignore hard liners & extremist on both sides

Hardline patriots Oct 07, 2015 10:21pm

Hardliners, Jingoist, extremists are considered patriots who defend the respective countries against external oppression in every country. Hardliners call the shots and they don't want his Musical performance.

kashmira Oct 07, 2015 10:26pm

90% of Shiv Sena supporters cannot communicate in anything except Marathi and hence they oppose everything non-Marathi. They just look for excuse and in this case, Pakistani is a good excuse. Ghulam Ali is a great artist (I personally put him little above Jagjit Singh) and would love to see him anywhere live. I am from Mumbai and like everything about it except Shiv Sena.

Saira Durrani K, Austin,TX Oct 07, 2015 10:40pm

Why all our talent has to get certification from India? We have lot of Ghulamali fans in Pakistan! No need to go anywhere, Mirzaji are you listening?

Dabangg Oct 07, 2015 10:45pm

This is silly. Ghalam Ali has nothing to do with India-PAK issues.

Valar Morgulis Oct 07, 2015 11:12pm

@Saira Durrani K, Austin,TX Well missy, he has to earn his living too. An artist can go anywhere and sell his art. You too have moved to Austin, didn't you? perhaps for work purposes? I am a Pakistani and don't find anything wrong in it. I know it's a sensitive issue but I always held belief that Pakistan and Pakistanis are not that small to make petty issues out of it. It has nothing to do with patriotism and he isn't going to become any less of a Pakistani by performing and entertaining his fans in India. In fact, he can certainly help us removing misconceptions and ill-informed perceptions people have made about Pakistan over there.

unresolved Oct 07, 2015 11:19pm

It is seen that neither 1)Sports 2)Music 3)People to People contact 4)Talks 5)Proxy war 6)Conventional war have solved the Kashmir dispute which is the cause of enmity between India and Pakistan

P)pand Oct 07, 2015 11:51pm

Ghulam Ali is not possession or product of Pakistan. He belongs to Hindustani art of Ghazel. Keep him out of hate and fear based politics. He is legend who does not need borders like birds and rivers.

gaurav Oct 07, 2015 11:55pm

very bad incident. ...I am biggest frnd of gulam ali.

Rouf Oct 07, 2015 11:57pm

Shiv Sina are the Talibans of India.

Indian Baba Oct 07, 2015 11:59pm

Gulam ali sir is a legend..keep him out off politics.

Shahid Khan Oct 08, 2015 12:00am

@shiv sena can you name any indian ghazal singer better than Ghulam Ali ?? Appreciate the Art not its Origin.. I doubt if you'd understand....

Khan Oct 08, 2015 12:11am

We always welcome indian artists, but they call us the hateful people.

Abdul Muqtadir Oct 08, 2015 12:23am

Both countries have some extremists that we should reject.

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Oct 08, 2015 12:49am

What else can they say?

Nasir Khan Oct 08, 2015 12:58am

I don't know about shev sena etc but my request to Ghulam Ali sahab is to please stay at home.

sidney Oct 08, 2015 01:14am

The thugs in Shiv Sena have done it again! In order to show their power base,cancellation of Gulam Ali concert costs very little but earns support from more thugs! Of all people, Gulam Ali is a wonderful ambassador for music and his big heart was evidenced by his concert at a temple. For all the talk about India becoming a major power, India still has millions of petty people

Shahid Khan Oct 08, 2015 01:21am

India must ban this shev sena party, not only they are spreading hatered, they are also terrorising fans and those artists from pakistan invited by the indians thus depriving a large audiennce from quality music.

xenia Oct 08, 2015 01:33am

@Bitter truth
I agree with you that RSS is not the ally of BJP rather is Big Brother. Recent Power point presentation by Indian Federal Cabinet to Central executive committee of RSS supports my assertion. India is destined to doom not due to Let or Jaish but Modi. Advice to Pakistani Establishment Never Interrupt your Enemy when he is committing Blunders (Napoleon )

gama Oct 08, 2015 01:35am

@Bitter truth Shiv Sena is an ally of BJP for the state of maharashra. also have one seat in Union Ministry. Know your facts

Sonny Afridi Oct 08, 2015 01:41am

Why should we even allow our people to risk their lives going to an outwardly hostile nation whose radical people wish for our destruction? Why? This india is ruled by BJP, RSS and Shiv Sena-like hooligans.

Harmony-1 Oct 08, 2015 01:51am

@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad - Quite a lot!!!

miknateees Oct 08, 2015 02:31am

Ghulam Ali could have chosen Delhi, Calcutta or any other city for that matter. Mumbai was chosen for this exact same reason. They knew shiv sena will not allow and that will shed bad light on India. So well played but not well thought of.

BNS Oct 08, 2015 02:44am

Sure, in a democratic setup, everyone can say what they want. Important thing to see is if majority subscribe to their views. This is an extremist but minority party and do not represent majority of Indians who are more open minded, otherwise why would a business invite a Pakistani singer, in the first place. I am a Pakistani and respect majority of Indians for their open mindedness and inclusiveness.

Annie Oct 08, 2015 02:55am

@shiv sena Pakistani singers are hired for their cost effectiveness.

aatish Oct 08, 2015 03:37am

@Bitter truth
they are not our bros.

Khabchu Oct 08, 2015 03:48am

I am from India No body like Shiv Sena except in Maharashtra (Bombay Area). So that mean 99% people in India like Gulam Ali.. Big Welcome Mr. Gulam Ali.

pk Oct 08, 2015 03:52am


I totally agree with your comment. It is deplorable that this petty organization is doing in the great city of Bombay.

I believe in " if music be food of love then play on" ... Shakespeare.

Shahid Oct 08, 2015 04:04am

@titwal , Yes then also don't forget that we have MQM in Karachi too who may not be religious hardliners but a year or two ago nothing could move in the city without their permission, and yes they were also partners with the sitting governments for last 15 years befor 2013

Voice of Pakistan Oct 08, 2015 04:09am

First of all why Pakistani Artists are so eager to give performance in India. Just for the sake of earning money they are loosing their self respect.

Ashutosh Oct 08, 2015 05:24am

Do you guys remember , Pakistan cancelled the program of Art of living , when whole world was celebrating International Yoga Day .

hewasherejustnow Oct 08, 2015 05:38am

Whats the big deal.. Their ground their rules.. If Shiv Sena decides on stopping something then they just have to inform the organizers. No threatening required.. As it is Marathis were never interested in what Ghulam Ali sings..

Shahid Akbar, New York Oct 08, 2015 05:48am

Among other things, sports and cultural events bring people together.

mithun Oct 08, 2015 06:10am

@Hindi when bjp says no cricket then there is no problem for our all Indians. but when shivsena stop that function every one oppose to shivsena.

singer has no border and cricketer has a border

double stand by bjp

modi give the chocolate to every Indian. he gave too much promises but still general peoples are leave in trouble.

Amer RAO Oct 08, 2015 06:13am

Please cancel the Indian trip, for the time being. And please come to Canada :)

KD (India) Oct 08, 2015 06:15am

sad. The uneducated / naive voters will continue to elect such leaders - whether in BJP/ Shiv sena or others like them. Truly sad state of affairs. No wonder the focus has never been proper education.

And I type this while listening to "chupke chupke" from ustadd sahib.

Zahir uddin. Oct 08, 2015 07:42am

People like Ghulam Ali , Adnan Sami and Rahat Fateh Ali should NOT go to India at the cost of our national pride.

AHA Oct 08, 2015 08:36am

Is it bitter? Its taste of own medicine

Baber Oct 08, 2015 08:59am

Music should not have boundries.

SURUMAN Oct 08, 2015 09:50am

@TITWAL Shiv sena is neither second largest pary nor part of ruling coalition in Centre (India). Shiv sena won 7 seats in indian election 2014.,2014

Prasanna Oct 08, 2015 10:36am

@Gurpreet Singh Sabharwal (USA) In maharashtra 83.7% people literate while in UP only 65% and in bihar 55% literates .

Indian Oct 08, 2015 01:38pm


singer has no border and cricketer has a border

Both are different.

When a singer from India or Pakistan perform in other country, all enjoy the show. The show doesn't cause any ill/bad emotion to anyone (neither Indian nor Pakistanis).

But cricket is different. Indian and Pakistanis both see it as war. Both doesn't enjoy cricket as sport.

So it's better to avoid playing cricket and concentrate doing other things, where we both enjoy it. Then we people can feel good about each other that can be turned into mutual trust, happiness and peace.

Does it make sense?

Mazo Oct 08, 2015 02:07pm

@titwal Don't know what you are talking about - Maharastra is not the second largest state - it is the THIRD largest state but second most populous state. It is also one of the richest, most urbanized and most industrialized states in India.

Pratibha Oct 08, 2015 05:59pm

Is the world going mad!!What is happening to our society ..Why are we becoming more intolerant by day..My head hangs in shame for my country and I worry for the future generations ..

BigBoy Oct 08, 2015 08:36pm

India and Pakistan are ranked 143 and 154 under Global Peace Index (GPI). Not surprised why...