Dossiers of Indian hand in terrorism handed over to UN chief: Aziz

Published October 2, 2015
Aziz maintained that Pakistan's sacrifices for the sake of global peace have been acknowledged by the entire world ─AP/File
Aziz maintained that Pakistan's sacrifices for the sake of global peace have been acknowledged by the entire world ─AP/File

NEW YORK: Three dossiers containing proof of Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan have been handed over to the United Nations, Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz told media representatives in New York.

Aziz said that Pakistan's permanent representative to UN, Dr Maliha Lodhi had shared three dossiers containing evidences pertaining to Indian interference in Balochistan, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) and Karachi with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Mon in a meeting.

The advisor said India has been violating the ceasefire agreement with Pakistan at the Line of Control (LoC) and that foreign ministers of 15 countries have been apprised of the Indian aggression in Pakistan.

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Aziz rejected Indian allegation of supporting terrorists and said Pakistan is engaged in a massive military operation against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

He said Pakistan has suffered the most in the fight against terrorism, and our sacrifices for the sake of global peace have also been acknowledged by the entire world.

Exercising Pakistan's right to reply to the Indian allegations, Counselor Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the UN, Bilal Ahmad in a letter to UN too confirmed the development.

The letter sent to Ban Ki-Moon bring to his notice that India’s attempts to deny illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir deployment of over seven hundred thousand security forces in the region.

"Only an occupier would oppose the implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions that promised self-determination to the people of the disputed State of Jammu and Kashmir. Over 100,000 Kashmiris have been killed, thousands of women widowed and raped, and children orphaned by this brutal occupation and the most egregious form of state terrorism by India," read the letter.

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Bilal Ahmed told the UN Secretary General that Independent human rights organisations have confirmed the existence of over 6,000 unnamed mass graves in India-held Kashmir.

The diplomat maintained that India’s insistence on limiting the talks to a one point agenda proves that it is neither interested nor serious in engaging in a genuine dialogue adding that India has not only stalled the bilateral dialogue but also vitiated the overall atmosphere between the two countries using the 'terrorism bogey'.

The diplomat reminded the UN Secretaty Generals' good office that Pakistan’s commitment, and its role and sacrifice in the fight against terrorism, including the success of our ongoing counter-terrorism operations, have been acknowledged and praised by the entire international community.

Earlier on Thursday Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had told reporters at a press conference at Waldorf Astoria hotel after his UNGA speech that if he had a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi he would have handed the dossier over to him.

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He said that Pakistan was keen to have peaceful neighbourly relations but India had not reciprocated with the same sentiments. “It is the time that India should act by coming forward and desist from violating the ceasefire on LoC and Working Boundary,” he said.

Premier Nawaz Sharif had announced on Wednesday his proposal of a four-point agenda at the annual United Nations General Assembly, saying the two nuclear-armed countries should formalise a ceasefire in Kashmir and take steps to demilitarise the divided region.

The proposals were rejected by India which said talks among officials of both countries on terrorism that collapsed in August should be revived.

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