Horrendous scandal in Kasur

August 11, 2015


YET another scandal of most horrendous nature has surfaced in Kasur just 50km from Lahore. A few arrests have been made and a few hackneyed statements by ‘notables’ have appeared.

The Punjab chief minister and the prime minister have expressed their anger. let us examine the merits of this scandal. The ignoble activities have been going on for eight years and the police are busy proving their innocence that no one came forward to register the case.

This means the police were aware of it but did not take action because of the absence of an official complaint. It is as nonsensical as it can be.

Second, the gang which had been perpetrating this crime could not have done so until senior officials were not backing them up? Who are those people? When will we expose them and round them up and jail them?

Third, where are the administration officials such as DCO and those who are so well-paid by the government? Why have they not been taken to task?

This is how big guns escape. Nothing will happen as usual except for a few press conferences and talk shows.

This scandal is a most shameful incident to happen in Pakistan.

A. H. Mirza


Published in Dawn, August 11th, 2015

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