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UAE minister warns Pakistan of ‘heavy price for ambiguous stand’ on Yemen

Updated Apr 11, 2015 11:00pm


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“Tehran seems to be more important to Islamabad and Ankara than the Gulf countries,” says Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash. — Reuters/File
“Tehran seems to be more important to Islamabad and Ankara than the Gulf countries,” says Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash. — Reuters/File

KARACHI: Pakistani lawmakers’ call for the government to remain neutral on the escalating crisis in Yemen has evoked a strong response from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“The vague and contradictory stands of Pakistan and Turkey are an absolute proof that Arab security — from Libya to Yemen — is the responsibility of none but Arab countries,” UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash said.

As quoted by renowned Emirati newspaper Khaleej Times, Garhash warned Pakistan of having to pay a “heavy price” for taking on what he called an “ambiguous stand”. He added that Pakistan should take a clear position “in favour of its strategic relations with the six-nation Arab Gulf cooperation Council”.

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“The Arabian Gulf is in a dangerous confrontation, its strategic security is on the edge, and the moment of truth distinguishes between the real ally and the ally of media and statements,” Gargash tweeted moments after the Pakistani parliament passed the resolution insisting on neutrality in the Yemen conflict.

Gargash went to symbolise Pakistan’s resolution as equivalent of siding up with Iran instead of the Gulf. “Tehran seems to be more important to Islamabad and Ankara than the Gulf countries,” Gargash said.

“Though our economic and investment assets are inevitable, political support is missing at critical moments,” he added.

The statement comes a day after the Parliament passed a unanimous resolution vowing to defend Saudi Arabia’s territorial integrity and the holy places of Makkah and Madinah. None of these locations appear to have so far been threatened by the conflict.

More on this: Not our war

“Pakistan should play a mediating role and not get involved in the fighting in Yemen,” the resolution stated, adding that “the Parliament of Pakistan ... underscores the need for continued efforts by the government of Pakistan to find a peaceful resolution of the crisis”.

“[Parliament] desires that Pakistan should maintain neutrality in the Yemen conflict so as to be able to play a proactive diplomatic role to end the crisis,” it stated.

Erdogan, Nawaz discuss Middle East situation

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan telephoned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to discuss the crisis situation in Middle East and agreed that both the countries would accelerate efforts to resolve the deteriorating situation through peaceful means, said a statement issued by PM House on Saturday.

During the conversation that lasted for about 45 minutes, both the leaders stressed that Houthis didn't have any right to overthrow a legitimate government in Yemen and affirmed that any violation of the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia would evoke a strong reaction from both the countries.

The Saudi-led coalition launched air strikes against Houthi rebels on March 26 in support of Yemeni President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi after they seized the capital and forced him to flee to Aden. The government of Pakistan has so far not announced a decision on Saudi Arabia’s request for Islamabad to join a coalition fighting Houthi rebels by contributing jets, navy ships and ground troops.

(With additional reporting by Mateen Haider)


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Comments (799) Closed

Abdullah Apr 11, 2015 01:00pm

If arabs wont defend other arabs, why should we?

Gul khan Apr 11, 2015 01:00pm

Mr Gargash, stop threatening. Bury your own deads.

Shamain 2015 Apr 11, 2015 01:00pm


jaypee Apr 11, 2015 01:01pm

The all weather friends of Pakistan. The model Islamic countries that every Pakistani looks up to as. And this is how they view Pakistan.

Abrar Apr 11, 2015 01:02pm

We always play double game. Stop destructive politics and be constructive.

zeeshan Apr 11, 2015 01:03pm

It reminds me of Bush and Musharraf ......let us see how our elected leader respond

Harmony Apr 11, 2015 01:04pm

"Arab security — from Libya to Yemen - is the responsibility of none but Arab countries". But that is true isn't it?

Ramesh Krishnan Apr 11, 2015 01:04pm

A threat from your Big brothers..?

raghav Apr 11, 2015 01:05pm

pak is not feeling insult now when a small country is warning . insted of him if any indian /us minister tell like that what ?

Abdul Rafay Apr 11, 2015 01:09pm

now we are going to get threatened by the UAE as well.

Asim Iqbal Apr 11, 2015 01:09pm

Testing times for Pakistan.

Patriot Apr 11, 2015 01:09pm

Just wanted to tell this minister to shut his mouth up and wake up

Azeem Apr 11, 2015 01:10pm

Pakistan is living at an extremely difficult juncture of history. Currently its all three forces are engaged in a full fledged war against terrorists. The war already has taken a heavy toll on Pakistan's economic conditions as well as civil society structure. Eastern border is already unsafe due to hostile Modi regime in India. Therefore, this will not be possible for Pakistan to open an other front on the foreign soils of Yemen. Security and integrity of Arab countries is very dear to us and Pakistan will offer all its diplomatic resources to resolve the conflict peacefully. Hopefully our Arab brothers will understand this.

O Really Apr 11, 2015 01:10pm

This is test of priorities...people opinion, govt foreign and defence policy, sectarian views, other govts watching pakistani moves and the vested interest of senior poiticians. Interesting to see what prevails.

uhu Apr 11, 2015 01:10pm

Friends not Masters, "brothers" !

Sam Apr 11, 2015 01:11pm

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash's statement is a threat & interference in Pakistan's internal affairs.

R Kashmiri Apr 11, 2015 01:11pm

Yeah whatever UAE. Go fight your own war.

Najam Apr 11, 2015 01:12pm

That should be totally unacceptable to a sovereign country, this arrogant attitude tells a lot of things.

Are we slaves of modern times? Pakistan needs to decide.

Isn't UAE more friendlier to India , at the cost of Pakistan interest. Will they sever ties with India on Pakistan request?

A lot to think by our foreign policy makers.

Karim Apr 11, 2015 01:12pm

This is a pretty serious matter. Pakistan cannot afford to offend Gulf countries but at the same time relations with Iran also very important. A precarious position for Pakistan. Hope Pakistan will seek Saudi help to cool down the temper.

only Pakistan comes first Apr 11, 2015 01:12pm

The foreign ninister of u a e forgot that have fought our wars by our own and not demanded ur force supoort.

SALMAN AMIN Apr 11, 2015 01:13pm

If Pak Choose IRAN ARAB will KICK all PAKISTANIS from ARAB land. Pak must choose ARAB over Iran. Here in KSA all Saudis are waiting for Pak response. If they Choose Iran 3Million overseas Pak Should Pak their Bags. IRAN will gave us Nothing Not a single Penny

Fahd Apr 11, 2015 01:13pm

Iran has always been closer to India than Pakistan. Whereas Saudi Arabia has always been a strategic ally. No point of ambiguous neutrality.

Hockey Fan Apr 11, 2015 01:14pm

Nawaz will not be able to stand up against arabs.

Ahmed Apr 11, 2015 01:14pm

How dare UAE to dare Pakistan. We are a democracy not a monarch. We are muslim and will not be mercenary for UAE or KSA. Look at the size of UAE compared to nuclear Pakistan.

Joe Apr 11, 2015 01:14pm

Now what Pakistan.

only Pakistan comes first Apr 11, 2015 01:14pm

We have fought our wars by our own and not begged ur amies support. Dnt intervene in other countries internal matters. Muslim ummah be united. Not fight among them.

Engineer Zahid Apr 11, 2015 01:14pm

what an interesting moment here. Why Pakistan is most important to Gulf Countries?

gul Apr 11, 2015 01:15pm

Your Excellency! Saudi arabia and Iran both have used other countries including Pakistan as a place for their proxy wars. They either created or exacerbated sunni-shia crisis in other coutnries for their own power politics. Both of them did not mind so far because the conflicts were away from their borders but suddenly fire is much nearer to the homes and they can feel the heat. We in Pakistan have suffered because of our so-called brethren countries foreign policies and short sightedness.
Our prime minster Sheikh Nawaz sharif very eagerly agreed to "rent his army" but luckily we have democracy unlike your rich lands. We wish you all the best and hope this is a wake up call for you all to mend your ways. Can't you all see the smoke filled sky in all over the middle east (Iraq, Syria, Yemen ...)

Sami Apr 11, 2015 01:15pm

@Abrar Its not a double game now. Its a clear stand now. Pakistan should mediate in between Iran and Saudi Arabia to solve this issue.

By either means, Pakistan shall not involve into a countries' internal issues. Yemen issue is Yemen's internal issue. Pakistan cannot have double standard by jumping into this conflict because on the other side if we compare this issue with Kashmir, Kashmir's Maharaja asked for Indian support in 1948 and India sent its troops. The same is the case in Yemen. Yemen's president asked for Saudi Support, we Saudi army started its attacks.

Zahid Apr 11, 2015 01:15pm

All the development in UAE is at the cost of Karachi....Arabs are not our friends anyway...... Pakistan should never make its decisions under fear....When Pakistan was/is fightings wars...where was UAE...UAE was busy taking all the investment in UAE and spreading hardline schools of thought in Pakistan...NO FEAR PAKISAN

spade Apr 11, 2015 01:15pm

Now these goofs will give us warning

Nasir Khan Apr 11, 2015 01:15pm

lets wait for oil to dry then we will see who have to pay heavy price. your defence is your own responsibility.

riaz khan Apr 11, 2015 01:15pm

Such an undiplomatic and unprofessional statement can only come from the quarters who are short sighted lack the understanding of what is going to happen to them They would know soon what they are getting into by indulging in this conflict

George Apr 11, 2015 01:15pm

Now see that pakkistan is being treated as slave by gulf nations. And pakkistan gave this chance to be treated as slave. May god give independence to pakkistan soon.

Ayesha Gul Apr 11, 2015 01:16pm
           Pakistan is ready to protect the holy places in Saudi Arabia and thats it.              
TARIQ Apr 11, 2015 01:17pm

we all Pakistani except few are with gulf countries

abdul malik Apr 11, 2015 01:17pm

they decided not to because of China request..

Nasir Apr 11, 2015 01:17pm

India always takes a neutral stand , that's why they are an economic superpower. We always get involved in other people's wars - this started with Afghanistan and eventually turned Pakistan into a terrorist haven. We must stay out of other people's wars and advise them a friends to end bloodshed

Abdul Rafay Apr 11, 2015 01:17pm

@Abrar: its not destructive at all, IT IS CONSTRUCTIVE, we do not need to make this our own war, we as a nation are still going through some tough phase, whereas the Arabs are enjoying their life. Pakistan has a got a high number of Shia population and we do not want this to happen again by bombarding YEMEN.

Burjor Rustomji Apr 11, 2015 01:18pm

Our "brothers"are showing their true colors.

MSD Apr 11, 2015 01:18pm

Pakistan should make friends understand its internal situation.

arjun Apr 11, 2015 01:18pm

One of the biggest advantages of democracy and parliament. They cannot be pushed around as easily as a dictator can be.

Kyser Soze Apr 11, 2015 01:22pm

Well let the Gawadar port start operating and then tell us who pays the price.

Saeed Apr 11, 2015 01:22pm

Strange reaction considering Arab members of GCC are not participating either.

JA Apr 11, 2015 01:23pm

Pakistan considers them as Brothers and they consider you as slaves. Please wake up

zalmay khan Apr 11, 2015 01:23pm

Friends not Masters....i think now this will apply at gulf states as well

Divyo Singh Apr 11, 2015 01:23pm

Pakistan has every right to be neutral...Now change in current decision will show political weakness..learn to stand on your dcision pakistan.

Javed Iqbal Apr 11, 2015 01:24pm

The question remains if the gulf states supported Pakistan during 71's war between Pakistan and India?

zalmay khan Apr 11, 2015 01:26pm

Friends not Masters....i think now this will apply to Arab states as well....

Tariq Apr 11, 2015 01:27pm

Pakistani armed forces are not mercenaries. Pakistan should play a proactive diplomatic role for a peaceful solution to this crisis.

mba Apr 11, 2015 01:27pm

The line of SA-led coalition seems to be clear: if you are not with us, you are against us! They have learned their political lessons from Papa Busch. I do not expect these Sheikhs to understand the meaning of democracy but my country should continue to be a free and democratic country. We have a long way to go, but we should not allow these rich Sheikhs to dectate our policies. We are not your slaves Mr. Garhash. I am surprised, how anyone can have such an important responsibility without a minimum deplomatic qualification.

Dr. Sadaf Apr 11, 2015 01:29pm

Neutrality stance is fine for the moment but to play the role of a peace maker that I think is beyond Pakistan's diplomatic capabilities, remember we do not have a foreign minister what to say about the office which is supposed to conduct such activities.

Sumair Apr 11, 2015 01:29pm

I don't remember these so called "allies" sending their troops over here to help us against terrorism. Maybe they have supplied capital but not their troops. We don't blame them and we are fighting our wars ourselves. Its a pretty reasonable expectation that they would too, clean up your own mess.

AJ Apr 11, 2015 01:30pm

They should learn to fight there own wars.

shahid Apr 11, 2015 01:30pm

Pakistan should stick to the resolution. We have learnt from history.

roarwali Apr 11, 2015 01:32pm

Happy to see this time we made a decision in the interest of our country.

Asif Apr 11, 2015 01:32pm

@Gul khan . Totally Agree. Fight your own battles . We have enough in our own plate .

Javed Apr 11, 2015 01:32pm

The statement from UAE should be an eye opener for all the Pakistanis and the leaders alike. This is the kind of statement you get if your own house is not in order.

You don't run to save others if your own house is under fire.

Harmony Apr 11, 2015 01:32pm

@gul - Good comment!

Tahir Ashraf Apr 11, 2015 01:32pm

Pakistan has chosen the best path, UAE and GCC should think about long term consequences of war and find a peaceful settlement with Houthi's.

niroj Apr 11, 2015 01:34pm

SA has only complicated the internal conflict in Pakistan with funding radical education system. The problem of Pakistan are mostly lies with oil boom and subsequent funding from UAE. Get rid of them and we will see a new Pakistan.

IMTIAZ SYED Apr 11, 2015 01:35pm

Shut up. There is a difference between a democracy and autocracy. In Pakistan peoples come first. You made billions from Pakistan in telecommunication market alone. Pakistanis are not hubra bustards for prey.

KM Apr 11, 2015 01:35pm

@gul Well brother than might as well lets say bye bye to remmittance from the gulf countries too.

sheeraz ahmed Apr 11, 2015 01:36pm

We shoul play a mediating role in the Yemen current volatile situation it is the Yemen internal affair and must keep ourselves at distance but the UAE should stop speaking

Abdulla Hussain Apr 11, 2015 01:36pm

The present government is not at all manned by intelligent peoples capable of taking bold decision in respect of Yemen conflict. Pakistan has to re do its foreign policy.

Shahryar Shirazi Apr 11, 2015 01:36pm

All those who are writing comments must understand this is a cooked up reality show. Pakistan has already, behind closed doors, guaranteed its support to Saudi. This tough statement from the UAE official is just part of the drama. Pakistan has played it well this time.

KM Apr 11, 2015 01:38pm

@Ayesha Gul But why should Pakistan only say this. None other country in the entire World has said this. You mean protecting of our 2 holiest shrines is responsibility of Pakistan only and morever who gave us this responsibility.

Vicky Apr 11, 2015 01:38pm

Its time to let Iran stop its involvement in foreign sovereign lands of Muslims(Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Saudi Pakistan itself) Iran has been spreading poison of sectarianism among Muslim world; Iran succeeded to destroy the Muslim unity. So, lets protect our Arab brothers from Iran.

ayesha Apr 11, 2015 01:39pm

Oh so now these Arabs are threatening us?

muhammad Apr 11, 2015 01:40pm

@Javed Iqbal Iran Give Pakistan Oil and Airport against India.

Khalil Anwer Hassan Apr 11, 2015 01:40pm

Let's see how our politicians withstand such threats, notwithstanding their billions of Dollars worth investments in UAE, the option of seeking asylum in Saudia, when threatened at home, millions of Pakistanis working in GCC and the remittances sent by them to keep our Forex Reserves stable. A political leader of say Bhutto's acumen would have grabbed the opportunity by undertaking a whirlwind tour of all Muslim countries, meeting with leaders and emerging as the leading figure achieving a detente without having to commit Pakistani armed forces into the fray.

Sab Apr 11, 2015 01:41pm

What the Arab rulers are not understanding that an all out war involving Pakistani, Turkish and Iranian troops will be suicidal for these countries and also for the Arab world. No one will gain. Arab rulers may be smarting over Pakistan's ambiguous stance, but they are failing to understand the price the country has paid. At a time when Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey have young population yearning for education, jobs, peace and freedom and creativity, should we go to another war?

Ayesha Gul Apr 11, 2015 01:43pm

Pakistan will always stay more important to Gulf countries because of Iran. The arab countries know Iran does not like them and Pakistan is the only Muslim nation who possesses nuclear and have military might to threat Iran but why would Pakistan goes against its own neighbor it was Iran who was the first country to recognized Pakistan after Independence from british and also supported Pakistan in Ind0-Pak in 65. It was a wise decisions by our parliament and rest of develop countries back Pakistan for this wise decision.

Mohan Apr 11, 2015 01:43pm

@Saeed They are participating except Oman

Pakistan First Apr 11, 2015 01:43pm

Mr Garash we are with the Nation of Arab Peninsula but not with the so called power grabbers, We support Democracy and Public interest. Even Arab land and Public is not your family property, We will never support Monarchies. You should realize the fact that acting on self with out the UN resolution will be treated as a war crime.

RCS Apr 11, 2015 01:44pm

Its that simple. Pakistan can not remain neutral. it has to take its stand .either itis with saudis or it is against them. Period. call it by whatever way you want it.Count your pros and cons.

omprakash Apr 11, 2015 01:45pm

@Abrar i agree first defend your boundries than think stricking others

Aqil Siddiqi Apr 11, 2015 01:46pm

@uhu They are no brothers of ours. Brothers don't treat brothers as they treat us in the middle east. No, we are not gonna help you......enough is enough.

Hussain Apr 11, 2015 01:48pm

Who we are supposed to kill and why..??

Riaz Apr 11, 2015 01:48pm

Our self esteemed and self respect has been challenged.

Aziz Apr 11, 2015 01:48pm

Excellency, please do not threaten the people of Pakistan or Turkey!

The decision taken is by the Parliament of our country. You do not have parliaments and so you do not know how to respect its decisions. Turkey is also a democracy.

It is an existential war for the t rulers of the Middle-East not the Arab people whose voice have yet to be heard.

farrukh Apr 11, 2015 01:50pm

We need to clearly define where our national interest is.its where 5 million Pakistanis's with the nation's that have given us more aid than all the world combined. It's with nations which have been giving us free oil for's not with a nation who has always had better ties with India than us.for God sake don't be emotional and follow the facts.

Lewanay khan Apr 11, 2015 01:51pm

Thank you Pakistan for not fighting others war. Let them fight and kill the innocents the way they did always

Hussain Apr 11, 2015 01:53pm

If ever we will pay a heavy price, it will be in economic terms and would be a blessing in disguise because we will learn to live within our means like Iran has been living since 1979 and today all the world powers listen to them and give them respect , but the heavy price you might pay would be existential. so watch your words!

KM Apr 11, 2015 01:53pm

@Ayesha Gul Well than face the hard reality too. Forget about employment in the Gulf countries and the remmittance from there. Smile

KM Apr 11, 2015 01:54pm

@roarwali Also please read the comment of SALMAN AMIN

Aftab Alam Khan Apr 11, 2015 01:57pm

“Though our economic and investment assets are inevitable, political support is missing at critical moments,”. A very clear and harsh comments from UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash. It is time for Pakistan to live within its means rather to look and ask for green back to avoid such comments / warning. Mr PM when we will stand on our own leg.

Asad Apr 11, 2015 01:57pm

Well surely its Arab world problem and they should solve it themselves. Yes there are a large number of Pakistanis in Gulf countries but so are people from different other countries. You are not favouring us by employing us. They are doing something that your people are unable to do.

Realist Apr 11, 2015 01:58pm

@Ayesha Gul

Pakistan should be ready to protect the holy places only if these are threathened by non-muslims. Pakistan armed forces must not be used to protect monarchies in the Gulf States.

Farhan Apr 11, 2015 01:58pm

Quite interesting comments from Dr. Gargash, sending out vague threats to us. Lest he forget that it was Pakistani labour who built their infrastructure from the 70's till today. We are the second or third highest investors in Dubai (thanks to black money being funnelled out) property market. The truth is that Gulf states don't have the stomach to fight their own battles and expect their "strategic partners" Egypt and Pakistan to send in their troops.

I don't oppose the concept of "Mercenaries for hire" but would request Messrs. Sharif to negotiate a Egypt-like deal wherein we get at least $4-5 billion a year. Would really like to see how their "Indian brothers" react to any request for troops as they enjoy better relations with Gulf states than us.

Rahul Apr 11, 2015 01:58pm

Pakistan's stand is clear, provide us aid, don't have any expectations from us, and, treat us equally.

Rafi Apr 11, 2015 01:59pm

If Pakistan has decided to lean towards the Iranian side it should be ready to face the repercussions. You can't expect the GCC particularly Saudi Arabia to be happy about it and send u another 1.5 billion and continue hosting 4 million Pakistanis who now represent a potential threat like the Iranians. So dear Pakistanis who support the parliamentary resolution stand up with your politicians and don't crib.

Zia Taqdees Apr 11, 2015 02:00pm

Garhash seems rightly to ask Pakistan for its clear position but warning Pakistan of heavy price is not acceptable at all. At the same time, Pakistan of course has to decide for absolute stand to remove ambiguity considering all aspects and interests as well.

Taufiq Apr 11, 2015 02:00pm

Gulf should understand that Pakistan is democratic country and not monarchy. Decision of sending troops is on parliament not ruling government itself. Pakistan is ready to help Saudia Arabia if any threat to holy places. And now Arabs should should respect a Pakistan integrity and stand instead of issuing threatening remarks

Waqar Apr 11, 2015 02:02pm

What is the point of supporting these Gulf countries when they only pay money to illegal groups to support terrorism in Pakistan !

Asad Apr 11, 2015 02:03pm

Mr. We have been paying too many heavy prices being on your sides since our inception. Get your house in order and stop intervening in ours!

Faraz Arsh Apr 11, 2015 02:06pm

What heavy price. The entire Arab is built by the expertise given by Pakistanis, be it the labour for construction or engineers in IT/Telecom. No one wants to go to the land where there are no human rights, absolute monarchy and above all lack of wisdom.

Asif Apr 11, 2015 02:07pm

Why can't the Muslim leaders meet and discuss and resolve when such conflicts are raising their heads. We don't the Iranian and Saudi leadership meet and work out a peaceful resolution to the conflicts and other islamic countries play a mediator role. But then commonsense is not common.

Mohammad Saleem Apr 11, 2015 02:07pm

Evidently, Saudi Arabia's reaction could well be even harsher than that of the UEA

Asad Shehzad Apr 11, 2015 02:09pm

We must not forget the fact that Saudi Arabia has always given aid and economic assistance during Indo-Pak war. Even during the crisis between Iran and Pakistan, S Arabia took side of Pakistan over Iran. Yes we know the consequences of involving in this war would harm Pakistan in many ways but there bust be another way to clear Pakistan's stance to Saudi authorities that why Pakistan is not ready to jump in Gulf's proxy war.

ProPakistani Apr 11, 2015 02:10pm

It was the best decision we have seen in years by Pakistani Parliament. It's is a war of Kingdoms and Kings. I would like to ask one question, Why Saudi Arabia and UAE didn't form a coalition to counter ISIS? and Why they are so eager to crush rebels in the Yamen. It is not about Shia or Sunny issue, It is a political and power gaining issue. Pakistan did the right decision not involve in war but influence diplomatically. Whatever happens the ultimate price will be paid by our Muslim brothers. In the past, we have survived and we will survive this as well.

Syed Apr 11, 2015 02:10pm

First of all your excellency, you are remarkably undiplomatic for a foreign minister. In international relations there are neither friends nor masters just interests. Each country will do whatever it takes to protect her interests. Whatever GCC does to protect their interest we will understand. We want good relations with all of our neighbors which includes GCC and Iran. We know KSA has done Pakistan many favours over the years and we shall return them when we can. We can't be involved in a foreign war when have so many challenges at home. And honestly we haven't yet recovered from the last foreign war we fought in Afghanistan. For once the elected representatives seem to have made a good decision. Yes , many Pakistanis work in UAE. They were hired because their services were needed in your economy and they were available at competitive cost. Sincerely An Ordinary Pakistani.

Mahmud Apr 11, 2015 02:10pm

If the statement reflects UAE official anger, it is naïve and uncalled for. Pakistan is already overcommitted and overstretched in fighting terrorist of all kinds and shades sponsored by our " friends". Our not so friendly neighbor India ( friends of the Arabs) keeps more than half of our soldiers occupied on the eastern front. Furthermore, can we risk a secretarial conflict in the country? I think the coalition formed for the Yemen intervention is through the Arab League and not OIC. If the Arabs were to go through OIC then Pakistan should join in defending the integrity of member countries but not attack another country.

AW Apr 11, 2015 02:10pm

Mr. Gargash. Pakistan has already paid a heavy price and is continuing to do so for its "friendship" with the Arab countries. Please take your threats somewhere else. Pakistan is not your slave - we need to look after our own interests which is beyond your loans and cheaper oil

Aziz Apr 11, 2015 02:11pm

Excellency, If Pakistan and Turkey were actually to take sides with Iran the results would be unimaginable for you.

Both countries have opted for neutrality and to diffuse this artificially-created war so that our region can enjoy peace and prosperity

Faisal Maqnateesi Apr 11, 2015 02:11pm

@raghav Yes buddy. We are a sovereign nation and will respond to each country according to our own national interests and how we decide best.

Ali Apr 11, 2015 02:12pm

How dare you threatening us, First of all Mr. Gargash stay away from our land you people are involved funding militant in Baluchistan.

Arabs are not capable to defend your own countries?

Showkat Apr 11, 2015 02:13pm

I would certainly favour stopping all aid which pakistan receives frm GCC countries fr the current fiscal to teach these demons crazies a lesson fr life...... Hw much saudi funded pakistan when it was in need, even some elections finance was done by saudis, pakistans nuclear and missile programme wd hv never come into being if saudi arabia hadnt provided crucial financial support to it.......

Hussain Apr 11, 2015 02:13pm

@farrukh During the 1960s, Pakistan was seen as a model of economic development around the world, and there was much praise for its economic progression with countries like Korea trying to copy the Pakistani model. We were teaching these Arab sheiks how to build institutions and how to interact with the world. There was no oil, no 5 million Pakistani labor.....yet it was one of the best times in terms of economic growth for us. Please break this kaskol once for all and regain your self respect and confidence as a nation....and stop being short sighted!

Parvez Apr 11, 2015 02:13pm

Pay the price.....and preserve our dignity.

Luke Furtado Apr 11, 2015 02:13pm

@Asim Iqbal Not really.....It's not Pakistans problem.....You want to add more dead bodies to the existing ones ??? Then go right ahead........

Awais ali Apr 11, 2015 02:13pm

For Arabs they only concern with their Arab land but for Pakistan we concern about whole Muslim Ummah.

dp Apr 11, 2015 02:14pm

@KM will be an other independence for Pakistan if gulf countries decided to leave them alone and develop on their own.

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Apr 11, 2015 02:15pm

Gargash is acting in the very same way as to how the UAE nationals and the government of UAE does to the entire Pakistani community presently living in the UAE. UAE has forgotten how Pakistan assisted UAE in the early seventies to build their infrastructure etc. Now because they have oil and money they think of Pakistan as a poor nation. However, they have forgotten that Pakistan is nuclear power and Gargash should stop acting like a child and actually be thankful to Pakistan for everything that Pakistan has done for the UAE in the past.

Muhammad AbulHasan Apr 11, 2015 02:15pm

Now it shows clearly what this was all about....They want Pakistan to enter in the new chapter of war.Look now who is threatening us now. Bold step by parliament and the should remain bold .

Faisal Maqnateesi Apr 11, 2015 02:15pm

@Ahmed Calm down buddy. These kind of statements are a part and parcel of the political game. I'm sure the UAE are aware of their strength and power comparative to Pakistan.

Youth Apr 11, 2015 02:16pm

@farrukh.. You are right with the reality. Stake holders in Pakistan should understand that by siding with the GCC countries in their time of need in Yemen Pakistan is not fighting Iran besides Iran dont claim this to be their war, so what is the problem in being with the Arabs. Pakistan will only be fighting with 100,000/- anti estate peoples. I think Pakistan should side with GCC countries directly, by the way Pakistan will not be fighting alone in this conflict. It is a fact that GCC countries have always helped Pakistan at the time of need it is Pakistan's chance to help them now & prove its real friendship.

Waqas Apr 11, 2015 02:16pm

@SALMAN AMIN After all Iran is our Neighbor and we don't want war and we will play a role to make peace.

Honey Badger Apr 11, 2015 02:17pm

Absolutely no need to be emotional specially Pakistan & Pakistan people. Just be Logical & we can together resolve this crisis. Its just a crisis of ego & for sure its not Pakistans issue.

Adnan Azhar hakro Apr 11, 2015 02:17pm

I think they have given the right comment. Pakistan will not recieve a penny from the Arabs if they continue this stand .Pakistan will have to take a bold step ....take a one side . Neutrality means Iran , it is clear.

Captain Hindsight Apr 11, 2015 02:17pm

Remember when US paid 27b$ to Turkey of her war. He should think on the same lines. Habibi Rami Baaz al Faloos you know. It will work

Sajjad Apr 11, 2015 02:18pm

@SALMAN AMIN -Do you mean we are Arab slaves. well , in that case, sooner the better we realize our value in Arab World.

pakman Apr 11, 2015 02:19pm

Let us for once not cower down. We cannot be a subject of a blackmail. All Muslims are our brothers. United we stand divided we fall.

Nasir Khan Apr 11, 2015 02:19pm

We are already paying heavy price for being on your side.

Hassan Apr 11, 2015 02:20pm

with " Brother Countries" like UAE who needs enemy.......

Fareed Apr 11, 2015 02:23pm

Ask the UAE minister to define "Heavy Price".

Chourbati Apr 11, 2015 02:24pm

@SALMAN AMIN one most stand for morality not for materialism. Well Done Pakistan for staying neutral.

graham Apr 11, 2015 02:24pm

Now the real face of ummah is showing.

prakash Apr 11, 2015 02:25pm

@Hussain you suppose to kill houdhis fighting in Yemen because you took money over the period

shahzad Apr 11, 2015 02:25pm

dear UAE plz do not make us fool we are already suffering

Sonic Apr 11, 2015 02:26pm

Now Saudi's are putting pressure on Pakistan through UAE also. Hmmm.

Ignoramus Apr 11, 2015 02:28pm

@SALMAN AMIN Only Beggars get a Penny..unless u think Pak is a Beggar and should get a Penny too

Syed Irfan Ali Shah Apr 11, 2015 02:29pm

i would say u all go to hell. If u threat Pakistan to pay high price then mark my words, u will pay higher price by losing friend like Pakistan!

Imran Khan Apr 11, 2015 02:30pm

Oh we are so scared......oh your highness.....


M. Anwar Qureshi Apr 11, 2015 02:30pm

@Abdul Rafay We should not jump into this ILLEGAL war against YEMEN; there is not sanction or approval of UNO.

Dr.Salim Haidrani Apr 11, 2015 02:31pm

We know this threat is not empty with no consequences for Pakistani workers abroad who send their remittance for Pakistan and their families. But the decision so far from the Parliament of Pakistan seems a neutral and politically correct for the future of Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia directly did not say anything about the pakistani decision on the issue of Yemen but UAE always stands for the Royal family of Saudi Arabia.

I hope UAE will not carry out the threat against Pakistan and its labour force which works in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Roar Apr 11, 2015 02:31pm

@Rahul is kehte hen "begani shadi me Abdullah diwaana"

Raghu Apr 11, 2015 02:32pm

Totally unwanted for Pak...It must look for it's own survival. UAE will not help fighting Talibans...They are rich! Pak isn't...

Realist Apr 11, 2015 02:33pm


Agreed 100%. Pakistan should be ready if there is any threat to holy places in Saudi Arabia. However, Pakistan armed forces must not be used to protect monarchies in the Gulf.

Amir Apr 11, 2015 02:33pm

It's the responsibility of Arab militaries to provide protection fur themselves. This guy is off his rocker.

Shahid Apr 11, 2015 02:33pm

@SALMAN AMIN Mr Salman Amin, your argument is not valid. 200 million peoples fate is important then 3 million, even if we not consider it, the logic of Arabs is invalid. Pakistan Army is not available on rent. We are fighting wars within Pakistan and on borders as well. We have not asked Saudis and UAE to come and help us. They are richest and should have contributed in our wars but they have not paid single dollar. Your argument is not valid.

Imtiaz Piracha Apr 11, 2015 02:34pm

Dr. Gargash’s statement is regrettable. Unfortunately, it reflects a vision limited to the immediate irritant of Yemen crisis. The message it sends out is that the Gulf countries, despite of their superior armament and oil wealth, are unable to handle a situation to which they have been a party for many years and which has nothing to do with Pakistan.

Unfortunately, it also reeks of arrogance and lack of sensitivity for other countries. It conveys that Pakistan (and Turkey) should damage their relations with a bordering country – Iran – for the sake of a misadventure by Gulf Arab countries. Thereby, letting the situation in the region deteriorate further instead of focusing on containing it. The present fall out should have been foreseen before bombing civilians in Yemen, not after.

People wish this kind of Arab solidarity happened against Israel, which continues to remains the pivotal issue in the Middle East, instead of creating a new crisis in an already fragile region.

Fayyad Apr 11, 2015 02:34pm

@Taufiq - Pakistan is a democratic country?? Really after the last election is that really true?? This is a joke right? Pakistan may think it is a democratic country but you know and I know that is far from the truth with mass rigging taking place!!

Pune-India Apr 11, 2015 02:35pm

UAE dictate Pakistan

Naveen Apr 11, 2015 02:35pm

@Ayesha Gul But no one attacking holy places ! So why this mockery

only Pakistan comes first Apr 11, 2015 02:36pm

@ayesha it is because of our bad governance and wrong foreign policies.

Shahzad Apr 11, 2015 02:38pm

When was the last time these countries send their troops to fight our wars? These people are not even capable of fighting Yemen, which has almost no military resources as compared to them, why dont they man up and crush Israel, Pakistani's would love to join that war. Asking muslim brothers to kill another muslim brother is stupidity. This muslim world is no wonder suffering because we kill each other. Iran, UAE, Saudi, Pakistan and Turkey should get to the table.

only Pakistan comes first Apr 11, 2015 02:38pm

@Asad right mr.asad

A Khan Apr 11, 2015 02:39pm

Arabs should first warn Oman (a member of GCC) to join the coalition instead of threatening Pakistan.

Ghost Apr 11, 2015 02:40pm

Arabs need to learn to work themselves... winning conflicts require astute starategy not just US made weaponry.. on the other hand Iran is a stable country UAE and Saudis are just declining monarchies.

Mahmud Apr 11, 2015 02:40pm

@Rahul There are no free lunches in this world. The Gulf countries and Saudis need Pakistan for various reasons. That is why they assist Pakistan with loans, deferred payments etc. Their trade, investments and employment is many times more with India.

atif Apr 11, 2015 02:41pm

Pakistan should stay neutral and try to play a proactive diplomatic role to end the crisis. The minister's reaction is just a knee jerk responce. We should ignore it.

graham Apr 11, 2015 02:41pm

@Riaz you never had any in the first place.

lataf hussain Apr 11, 2015 02:42pm

blackmail will get you nowhere mr gargash we have are own prolems to deal with thats why we must say no ty to your beautiful country

Khalid Hamid Apr 11, 2015 02:43pm

Pakistan should ignore UAE foreign minister's threat's and should collect proper taxes from Pakistani people to shut up such kind threats in order avoid charity from UAE or Saudi Arabia and should learn to stand on own shoulders. Wake up Pakistani Regime. Do what is right for people and we (people) are fed up in interfering other wars.Time to show neutrality for God sake…………….or referendum.

Syed Apr 11, 2015 02:44pm

Very shameful statement from the Foreign ministry of UAE.Are we Pakistan their slaves? Our prestigious Pak Army is not merceneries that they are using such langue for us. Yemen war is not a holy war, its the Saudi Arabia who is the aggressor the Arabs themselves face the wrath of their own wrong actions. Pakistan Govt. and Pakistan Army should stand neutral as the people of Pakistan has decided now. For Pakistan our immediate muslim neighbours are more important than any one else.

NASAH (USA) Apr 11, 2015 02:45pm

Pakistan MUST take care of its national and national's interest in the 6 countries of UAE -- because on their billions of dollars worth livelihood depends the welfare of the hand to mouth country.

To say that Hadi is not a legitimate president of Yemen and the minority Houthi's capture of Sana and Aden is not a rebellion -- is TAKING SIDES by Pakistan in favor of the minority Houthi's grab for power in Yemen.

The unanimous NA resolution of 'neutrality' is about to jeopardize the livelihood of millions of Pakistanis in UAE countries causing major economic downfall of a resource limited country like Pakistan.

jehanzaib Apr 11, 2015 02:46pm

They think Pakistanis are their slaves and Pak Army will protect them for money, we should learn from past and stay away from others business. We can live without their money they wand to buy us for. They should adk America fir their help.

Sadiq Ali Bohra Apr 11, 2015 02:48pm

Firstly I was in favour of a mediating role by Pakistan. But now I think its time we take one side. I think its time the SAVE the holi places.... FROM SAUDS / ARABS.

Those Pakistanis who want to give a solid reply to this Arab open threat "Recommend" by comment.

Nawaz Apr 11, 2015 02:48pm

Now little kingdoms threaten nuclear powers what a strange thing LOL

Akram Apr 11, 2015 02:49pm


Pakistan will do no such thing, Saudi Arabia and UAE depend on Pakistan partly for their security. A move to damage Pakistan interests will also damage UAE's interests. Let us remember who is the large nation here, the future emerging market, and who is the tiny speck of sand in the sea?

Iran plays a vital part in our future, we are sitting between the worlds second largest gas reserves (in Iran) and 40+% of the worlds population in China and India. Both countries are interested in access to that gas, when it transits to both peoples via pipelines, we will make vast amounts of cash out of it. This is even without a potential oil pipeline too. Let UAE have its tantrum, our interests are not the same as theirs.

graham Apr 11, 2015 02:51pm

@farrukh There are more Indians than Pakistanis in the gulf states, but Saudis and others will never dare to ask Indians to fight their war.

ashfaq Apr 11, 2015 02:51pm

Pakistan has been victim of many intrigues, that contributed to today's situation.And now when we are very near to oust that menaces of TTP ,DAESH and terrorists ,the originators of that terror redesign their plans and got plans to weaken Pak Army by dragging into an offensive that's is only meant to shed blood of innocent Muslims and so as to prepare another ditch for Pakistan. Thanks to our parliament and political parties for their sagacious policy on this Yemen issue

Ali Azhar Apr 11, 2015 02:51pm

Now this is hilarious! Almost single city country aka UAE is threatening a democracy of 200 million Pakistan!

TAUQEER Apr 11, 2015 02:53pm

Decision hurts but it's reality, we been fighting others wars from late 70's. What we have got by fighting. we lost too many. Second the most pain full, our brothers earn trillions look at the oil prices we had for last eight years and the earning from Haj. where are we spending money? Any brother like to comment.

Faizan Apr 11, 2015 02:55pm
            Not our Job Nor our BUSINESSS

We are at war with militancy where is GCC ? if we fought our war along you are bound to fight your war alone too.

From Oman Apr 11, 2015 02:56pm

We must learn from the wise example of Oman, which shares a border with both Saudi and Yemen. The wise Sultan of Oman also decided to play a neutral role too, even providing humanitarian assistance in the form of opening up its hospitals for Yemenis affected by the conflict. One mustn't forget that Oman is a part of the GCC. What will the UAE minister's comments be regarding Oman who also shares a border with UAE. Pakistan must follow Oman's example and remain neutral without spoiling its relations.

i2t Apr 11, 2015 02:57pm

@KM the loss that will begin after joining the war far outweighs the unskilled labour remittances. Arabs don't give any special treatment to Turkey or Pakistan citizens. Let them sort their kingdoms and Emirates out themselves.

waseem Apr 11, 2015 02:59pm
            I am sure abouy what people think about this

If our wars are ours and ours only...... why Arab wars are not theirs own?

Yasir Ikranm Apr 11, 2015 03:01pm

Did these ARABs come to fight on our behalf on Afghan border, northern areas of Pakistan? If not, then why do they expect us to fight their wars?

zak Apr 11, 2015 03:02pm
            This is an unprofessional approach. Has the FM thought it out, Pakistan is the frontline against foreign funded terrorists and you want it to get into a fight with Irans proxy in yemen, making the western border a hot zone. This is a selfish attitude. Besides such matters should have been discussed behind closed doors. Infact a positive statement should have come out saying, we appreciate Pakistan and turkey trying to mediate a peaceful solution to the yemen crisis. The  territorial integrity  of Saudi and I am sure UAE is something Pakistan will come forward to protect. Pakistan is a regional power, it cannot get involved in conflicts lightly. Once in it will decimate its enemies. But when the supposed opposition is muslims as well, then its even more difficult.     
pk Apr 11, 2015 03:02pm

Dear pak politicians What kind of friendships do you make for common citizens that your friends threaten you...America and Saudi both made you terror hub and you still go for shelter and say to your people friendship stories while your citizens are treated like... your history and culture is not Arabia but S Asia, if religious affiliation is all then why Saudis play to the West rather to the Arabs. Pl.see writing on the wall. Save previous lives of South Asians and create good environment to bridge the gaps. Arab American have a common goal of political policing..

nazish Apr 11, 2015 03:03pm

Dear we have enough worries in homeland.Please mind your own.

Tariq, Lahore Apr 11, 2015 03:03pm
            The whole Muslim world is 'burning' due to short sighted leaders! We should stand by our resolution and tell UAE minister in no uncertain terms!              
Adil Haider Apr 11, 2015 03:05pm

Oman being a GCC country is also not supporting the Saudis. Nobody is saying anything to them....

Muhd Adil Apr 11, 2015 03:10pm

Iran has always preferred India over Pakistan. So why give more importance to Iran compared to Saudi & UAE. Moreover, Saudi & UAE governments have employed hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis. Iran has hardly any in comparison. Moreover, Iran would never side with Pakistan in times of need. Saudi & UAE have proved time & again that they are real friends in need. So why deny them support when they also really need it. Pakistani Government will be making a big mistake in annoying their long time Arab friends & brothers. Bad times ahead for the Pakistani community in the Arab Gulf States if Pakistan sticks to its neutral policy.

Sacred Apr 11, 2015 03:12pm

This is not our problem and we don't owe you anything. And speaking of choosing between Iran and you guys, I choose Iran.

Hasan Apr 11, 2015 03:15pm

We are living in interesting time. This is the time of Great Game of Middle East—period of intrigues, strange bedfellow, threats, and buying influence. I am amazed but have not figured out the game. Note: 1) The war in Yemen is going on since 2012; 2) Evidences are that Iran has been supplying cash and arms to the rebels; 3) Saudi Arab is militarily and politically involved in Yemen for a very long time; 4) This is not a religious war. Houthis are Zaydis who are not mainstream Shias. In fact, their doctrine is closer to that of Fiqh Hanafi; 5) To my knowledge, the Houthis have never threatened the Saudi Arab verbally or through their actions. So what is new? Why this sudden alarm in Arab World? Only new thing is the nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1 countries. The Saudis and other Arabs (and do not forget Israel) are staunchly against the deal and are willing to go to any extent to stop it. Now go back and read, the UAE FM's statement in this context. My be it will make more sense.

Yawar Apr 11, 2015 03:16pm

@SALMAN AMIN I see this as an opportunity to invest back in home country and start living a first class citizen life

Ahmed Awaiz Apr 11, 2015 03:17pm

@Rahul: plz stay out of this. We are not looking for aide from them. We are fighting war against terror and comments like yours are not helping at all.

Irshad Apr 11, 2015 03:17pm

I am eagerly waiting for foreign office response to this threat.

TV Sinha Apr 11, 2015 03:17pm

As a well wisher I would like to compliment Pakistan for its neutral stand which is in the national interest of your country. Pakistan has sizeable population of both Shias and Sunnis. By taking a pro KSA stand, Pakistan would have been essentially been seen as a Sunni supporter bringing this conflict to within the country. Kudos for staying away from this.

I wish Pakistan had taken a similar neutral stand during the conflict between USA and USSR. As subsequent events have proven, it would have been far better in the national interest of your country.

Attarad Ali Apr 11, 2015 03:18pm

Thumbs up Pakistan,,, Love you

Salim Apr 11, 2015 03:18pm
            Exactly only blaming nuclear Pakistan

but not Turkey and Oman

Pawan Apr 11, 2015 03:19pm

@Ahmed Pakistan a democracy?

animesh Apr 11, 2015 03:20pm

When you were fighting with India it was your ego and Saudi were helping you they was not your neighbour then how Pakistan could deny to Saudi.

Ashok Pandey Apr 11, 2015 03:21pm

Pakistan is a super power. It should go ahead with KSA and fight in Yemen. No need to worry about Iran as it is a Super power, can deal with it.

sohail Apr 11, 2015 03:22pm

Wisdom has no substitute; leaders and authorities should remain relax and work hard to reach an acceptable solution for all stakeholders of the conflict.

Hasnain Ashraf Apr 11, 2015 03:22pm

Pakistan says NO

Syed( Australia) Apr 11, 2015 03:24pm

@From Oman. Good like it seems to be only sensible state in the whole Arab at this stage. Keep up neutral position and nothing is more important than the integerity of one's own nation. Good job govt of Oman.

Imran Apr 11, 2015 03:24pm

West in conjunction with Saudi And UAE decimated security situation in Pakistan by feeding their petro dollars to anti Pakistani elemens. Consequently, trade and investment and tourism made to shift to UAE. UAE under the umbrella of Saudis are actually foes of Pakistani people and state. Peace situation not from Libya to Yemen But from Algeria which has recently emerged from civil war to Iraq and Yemen has been destroyed by you people.

Danyal Apr 11, 2015 03:25pm

They have to.make their own defnc we are not responsibl for evryone. Yes protection of haramen sharefen is our first priority but instead of making largest building and cities they should make their strong defence

Sudhanshu Swami Apr 11, 2015 03:26pm

Remaining neutral may be good decision if Arabs have not given aid and support to Pakistan. If they supported economically then Pakistan should support them back. Else Pakistan should be neutral or be mediator.

akshay (india) Apr 11, 2015 03:26pm

why should Pakistan go and touch the fire..... the problem has been created Arabs let them sort it.Pakistan has lot of other issues to deal with......they can't further invest in this proxy war and get in troubled water with Iran.....already internal problems have gone up with release of lakhvi......

I think Pakistan has taken right call and I support them.


shri Apr 11, 2015 03:27pm

interesting times indeed! This is what happens when you live on doles from others.

Saudi and Others in the Gulf have thrown money at pakistanis making them do lots of menial tasks - Like fighting their wars and propagating their ideology.

Pakistanis have played along and rented out their country. Not even birds are spared.

Now its time to pay them back! if Pakistan does not take a clear stand - It will have to pay a heavy price. there is no doubt about that.

Now, what nawaz will do will be interesting to watch!

Haji Adam Apr 11, 2015 03:31pm

Americans are fighting a proxy war in Yemen using Saudis and Emiratis. They want Pakistan in there too but indirectly via Arab pressure. No can do. Pakistan is a peaceful nuclear nation. We will instead offer our reconciliation and humanitarian assistance.

Voltaire Apr 11, 2015 03:32pm

Oh please! The Turks and Iranians don't treat us like subhumans . They have no problem with Pakistani's marrying their citizens. Their not spreading their violent and extreme version of Islam (or should I say Wahhabism) in our country. They treat us like equals unlike the Arabs. A 100 years ago, the Arabs were living in tents out in the desert chopping each other's heads off and that's where they will be in another hundred years when the oil runs out. So yes, If we had to choose a side, I'd say we go with Ankara and Tehran on this.

Usman Apr 11, 2015 03:33pm

.... my say is .... we should not give attention to his words ..... @Gargash please check your country's statistics pertaining to the employment sector .... You people provide employment/jobs to Indians .... and then ask Pakistanis for help .... correct yourself first ....

Asif Kashmiri Apr 11, 2015 03:33pm

Well done Pakistan.

Naseem Ahmad Apr 11, 2015 03:36pm

@Abdul Rafay and why not, when you have always something to give in exchange for money.

Jatin Apr 11, 2015 03:36pm

@Ahmed so you think Pakistan is a democracy? hahaha

Arif Apr 11, 2015 03:37pm

Isn't Yemen an Arab country?

pakistani Apr 11, 2015 03:37pm

Is it a threat??

muhammad khan Apr 11, 2015 03:38pm

"Arab security — from Libya to Yemen - is the responsibility of none but Arab countries". But that is true isn't it? Because specially UAE do more profligatry and give tough time to pakistanis in UAE.... so this is reply from PAKISTAN, so be good . do good then PAKISTAN is 1000 times will do good.......

Zia ul Qamar Apr 11, 2015 03:38pm

@Abrar Dear Abrar, its not a double game, Pakistan always play an intelligent role with all muslims countries. Political dialogue is the only solution of Yemen / KSA issue, rather making enemies muslim countries versus muslim countries.

Noman Apr 11, 2015 03:39pm
            Arabs... Let alone defending each other they fight with each other.. 
Persian Apr 11, 2015 03:42pm

Dont involve in this and time will prove....

UAE is the black money hub of Pakistan. If relationswill be bad this money will stay here.

Pak people are investing infact second highest in their property after Indians. People will invest in Pak

UAE never supported Pak in wars and will not do so

UAE is home of Baloch separatist leaders. Dubai will never let Gwadar development.

Its time Pakistan will say goodbyd to Arab friends

To be honest they cant defend themselves, its a black hole dont sink in it

Dont see tomorrow....see the next decade

Adil Apr 11, 2015 03:42pm

This is a threat to those people who have invested in Dubai. They are not going to kick out all Pakistanis immediately.

Mr. Honest Apr 11, 2015 03:43pm

There are 2.5 million Pakistanis working in Saudi Arabia, and hundreds of thousands more in other GCC countries including Qatar and UAE. Almost 75% of Pakistan's foreign remittances which are its major foreign exchange reserves also come from these expats... I hope they don't replace them with Indians, Sri Lankans, Indonesians, Philippines... Pakistan should plan accordingly. NO MORE FREE LUNCHES FROM GCC.

Viking Star Apr 11, 2015 03:44pm

@Karim Relations with Iran are important but relations with Arabs are more important. If Iran is not sponsoring Houthi rebels then why it concerns Iran if Pakistan joins Saudi led war? Some people here are talking about tiny UAE threatening us. I would like to tell all those that its the same UAE helping Pakistan each time we are at financial crisis. UAE/KSA all help us even when they know Pakistan is having all that corruption. Moreover its a moral and religious responsibility to crush rebels as they have overthrown a "legitimate" govt in Yemen. This is just not the end, Iran is eyeing to control KSA in the long run. If you look at history, Iran has never been a trusted friend of Pakistan, it is rather more inclined towards India.

Qamar Apr 11, 2015 03:44pm

They (GCC) never needed Pakistan's military equipment, they have enough fire power. Their main purpose was to show Iran that it’s alone in the region. We should ask why Saudi is an ally to Israel. Why they are so keen to make a sectarian division in Muslim world. UAE deported more than 100,000 Pakistanis in last few years just because of their names. They should be reminded to learn that all Muslims are equal.

Owais Mangal Apr 11, 2015 03:45pm

Lets see how Arabs weigh Pakistan's friendship.

faraz Apr 11, 2015 03:45pm

Pak should stay neutral and firm on its decision taken by democratic parliament. UAE must stop dictating its decisions over Pakistan. Pakistan will fight for its own purposes not for others. UAE should ask anybody for help.

Owais Mangal Apr 11, 2015 03:45pm

Arabs can be this much threatening, my goodness.

raza Apr 11, 2015 03:46pm

@gul Do you see Iran asking you for your Army ? or threatening you ?

Owais Mangal Apr 11, 2015 03:48pm

Mr. Gargash. Can you please elaborate on your threat.

Ahmed Apr 11, 2015 03:48pm

No one is supporting this war. From Russia to China and Pakistan turkey. So this is a useless war fought for egos. Even the UN is stepping in soon to call this an illegal war. Pakistan is wise not to join this and this whole useless aggression will end soon as the validity of this war is being questioned all around the world now.

Pakistan has its own policy and has its own issues to resolve. Let's not give into threats and cry baby tactics.

Haji Adam Apr 11, 2015 03:50pm

Time to develop Pakistan into a global powerhouse. Call back Pakistanis from Middle East and provide them opportunities at home.

acc Apr 11, 2015 03:51pm

Pakistan parliament has done the right thing by declaring neutrality in the yemen war , that is the stand of a mature and responsible nation,a nation who knows its long term interest rather than carried away by emotional or misplaced sense of loyalty.wars will come and go ,but a nation's fundamental interests are dictated by economic and geo political factors. acc

Fawad Ahmed Apr 11, 2015 03:52pm

Pakistan should take care of its interests in the gulf. I am not talking of any muslim brotherhood because it is non-existent. I am an expat in gulf and for me there are Arabs and Non-Arabs. But the important thing is we have economic interests in the region which should be our prime concern with regard to the economic state of our country. Before the government or the foolish parliament makes any decision. i would like to remind them that Arabs have sizeable investments in Pakistan plus there is a handsome population of Pakistani's in the gulf who are sending remittances of upto $10 billion. And this is perhaps one thing which is keeping our balance of payments right. Now is the time to take advantage of the situation and reak benefits from the Arabs which we have never done before.

Okay Apr 11, 2015 03:52pm

@Abdul Rafay yes because the pays

Shopaholic Apr 11, 2015 03:53pm

Arab countries and Iran should learn from Pakistan and Indian wars... have gained nothing but human, economic losses and endless enmity towards each other. While Pakistan is trying to change its foreign policy towards Afghanistan and Iran for more peaceful environment, the Arabs wants to push us back from where we are trying to escape

Ali (CA) Apr 11, 2015 03:53pm

Can they also come out of their nutrality on Kashmir and tells us who are they with?

Javed USA Apr 11, 2015 03:53pm

A threat for people; Pakistan considers itself to be closer to than the South Asian countries.

S. A. M. Apr 11, 2015 03:55pm

it's a very serious threat. the Arab states have been funding the seminaries and they can create lot of problems inside Pakistan

ayub khan Apr 11, 2015 03:55pm
            Pakistan should support KSA. That's all!! KSA is always helpful to Pakistan, so support KSA!!              
imran Apr 11, 2015 03:57pm

First all Arab countries have their own differences and fight each other and accuse each other in every OIC meeting, what are you talking about Arab unity??

DV Apr 11, 2015 04:00pm

Hahahaha, Dual Chracter..

Lahoree Apr 11, 2015 04:00pm

Your excellency, Pakistan has spoken. You are not dealing with just one guy anymore. Democracy is knocking at your doors too. Watch out!

MyTake Apr 11, 2015 04:01pm

This is what happens when you cannot stand on your own foot but take help. And when in need have to take tough decisions.

Kumar Apr 11, 2015 04:01pm

@KM This may be good thing in long run. Too much dependency on any one , specially Arab countries, not good for the political and economical health of Pakistan.

Nasser Apr 11, 2015 04:02pm

@SALMAN AMIN Saudi Arabia will collapse uf the Pakustanis leave. They need us a lot more than we need them.

JC Apr 11, 2015 04:04pm

Pakistan should politely tell them to get lost

Kabeer Apr 11, 2015 04:05pm

"He added that Pakistan should take a clear position “in favour of its strategic relations with the six-nation Arab Gulf cooperation Council”. Pakistan should clearly tell these Monarchs that Pakistan will not be part of their uncalled for aggression against any nation especially against a poor Arab Muslim Country

Adeel Gill Apr 11, 2015 04:06pm

Appreciate Pakistan's decision. Backup..

Zia Apr 11, 2015 04:06pm

@Ahmed we are beggers frist Than pakistani

Khan Apr 11, 2015 04:06pm
            Why should we defend these arabs, and get into their mess. No matter what the media portrays, Pakistan is still way better than many countries in these region. Why should we risk creating / widening the sectarian divide in our own country , for this war           
Adnan Aftab Apr 11, 2015 04:07pm

No doubt , not to intervene in Arab countries is appreciable. It is somewhat a demand of current scenario. In history ,it will be deemed as a positive instance of opposition leaders against government policy over Yemen conflict. Statement issued by Gargash actually unveiled their inability to overcome crisis.He gestured meaningfully with a threat to an islamic republic. Mr Gargash do not you see , we are in state of war. We left to be alone since 9/11. Where were Arab countries when Pakistan image was spoiled and deteriorated before world. Beside knowing the fact that master mind of 9/11 was a Arab.

Ironically, ask these Arab (UAE,KSA and Qatar) countries, how they behave with muslims labors particularly who belong from Pakistan , and Bangladesh. Discrimination in salaries and other facilities are common problems been seen very common among muslims labor class in gulf countries.

ilias Apr 11, 2015 04:09pm
            Now Pakistan should warn them back that, we are not a side taker among the Muslim states! 
DV Apr 11, 2015 04:10pm

Good for you to be on back foot. Don't dare such offence.

guest Apr 11, 2015 04:10pm

Question here comes why they are said that Arabs? why not Muslims? we know that the holy places are for all Muslims believers place of worship and all Muslims will not compromise if anyone dare to see with bad eyes towards our holy places and we know how we will protect our holy places, because one particular group or community or country cannot claims the security of our holy places.

As long as our government decisions are concerned we support our government decisions, because this is a first time that this government is decided to respect public opinion. Moreover if the Arabs as Muslim are threatening and giving warning to us, which is against the ethics and diplomatic protocol, then they are dividing Muslims, which is not acceptable to the Muslim Ummah and present time demands from all Muslim that we have to be united. Iran should also resolve the issue with Saudi Arab, so their shouldn't be any hatred in the region.

Kabeer Apr 11, 2015 04:10pm
            @muhammad futher Iran was the first country who recognized Pakistan in UN and Iran supported Pakistan in every war and last but not least Iran is our closet neighbor we cannot offend our closed neighbor              
Zargham Khan Apr 11, 2015 04:11pm

The war in Yemen is a sectarian war and Pakistan must support Gulf in order to put a stop to this Shia Terrorism. Pakistani media is dominated by Shias. And the biggest voice of Shias in Pakistan is Chaudry Aitezaz Ahsan. They have been successful in Pakistan by disinforming the Paksitani nation and calling this war a regional tribal war. Media is scaring Pakistan that this war will come to bite us in future. It never will. Bangladesh is an example of that. Distance and boundaries matter.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Apr 11, 2015 04:11pm

Now it is real testing time for Pakistan.

Alethia Apr 11, 2015 04:11pm

Pakistan's democracy came to the fore with full force and held its head high with the House Resolution on Yemen. It was truly the will of the people, the parliament, the administration and the media.

It shows how much Pakistan cares for the unity of the Ummah over all other concerns...

Zaheer Apr 11, 2015 04:12pm

@Sam A strong protest be lodged

Noman Apr 11, 2015 04:13pm

@George Independence from your countries too... George

Hassan Apr 11, 2015 04:15pm

First of all this minister should realize that Pakistan is not a dictatorship like Arab countries and in a democratic country this is what the parliament thought of the request. Arab countries just think of Pakistan as laborers and it is showing.

tariq Apr 11, 2015 04:17pm

So the games begin!

R.Kaushal Rao Apr 11, 2015 04:18pm

I think Pakistan has taken a very sensible decision of not getting involved in Yemen militarily , even though pressure is being mounted by Gulf countries. I am of the view that Pakistan has both Sunni and Shia sects living in peaceful coexistence for centuries. It will be great strategic mistake on part of the Pakistan to get involved in crisis.

ND Apr 11, 2015 04:18pm

"Either u r with us or with Tehran". The last time v were threatened with these words Mr commando preferred to sit in America's lap and gave in to 7-point agenda which surprised Americans also. The rest is history. This time Arab shieks r demanding more than just shooting the prohibited birds in Pakistan. Moment of truth for Shareefs.

Imran Apr 11, 2015 04:18pm
            I dont know why Arabs are so annoyed with us? When did they ever send their soldiers to die on our behalf. Even when our territotrial integrity was threatened on more than one occasion.              
ahmad Apr 11, 2015 04:18pm

Rather unwise comments sir. Remember, some powers want our brotherly relations to be bad with Arab countries. let's don't add fuel. thanks

Saudi Apr 11, 2015 04:19pm

@Nasser really .. what about ur neighbours India

R. Ahmed Apr 11, 2015 04:22pm

Our "strategic relations" with the "arab countries" through, the so called "arab gulf cooperation council", are squarely set on the love in our muslim brotherhood. Rest assured, the oppressing arab ruling families, would find a befitting eventuality through their final engagement with the faithful.

Zaheer Apr 11, 2015 04:23pm

@ayub khan Supporting KSA dynasties are snot supporting rulers we are not slaves that they will draw our policy who is UAE ruler to devise policy for us

Fi Apr 11, 2015 04:23pm

We are not at your beck and call. Respect our sovereignty.

Jason Bourne Apr 11, 2015 04:23pm

Pakistan Should Not Get Involved in regional wars and maintains a stand like India. Neighbours are not relatives but strategic partners who will try to take advantage at every decision.

aditya Apr 11, 2015 04:23pm

@Nasir Khan I think the free oil for pak will dry up long long before arab oil underground will mian.

Arvind Apr 11, 2015 04:23pm

@only Pakistan comes first Actually Pakistan has got unlimited funding for its nuclear program from Arabs as well as other "gifts". Arabs have supported Pakistan internationally. Pak claims "strong" sunni bonds with them. Now Pak has to pay up or be shunned

Wandering Around Apr 11, 2015 04:23pm

He is right. Tehran and Ankara are more important to us and it should stay that way.

ilias Apr 11, 2015 04:24pm

@Abrar ...Actually which policy is constructive in your views is a policy of destruction of Muslim ummah in my. please reconsider your plea? We should never go for discriminate Muslim countries regarding their faith as shiat or sunnies.

Farhan Jafri Apr 11, 2015 04:24pm

Mr Anwar, Although your statement is very strong, yet it also reflects your personal thoughts about Pakistan or Pakistani nation. Please let us live in peace as nothing is happening to Arabs. The GCC is strong enough to rely on its own resources. Let us think 'all muslims' as one ummah, there should be no divide on the basis of ethnicity, color, arab, ajam etc. And yes where has Pakistan denied that they will not help KSA ?

Arvind Apr 11, 2015 04:25pm

@Aziz Pakistani parliament is subservient to its military so really its not a true democracy

Agha Asad Raza Apr 11, 2015 04:26pm

These people need to fight their own battles. There is NO threat to the Holy sites, they use it as a trump card to gain sympathy. We MUST stay out!

shafiq chughtai Apr 11, 2015 04:29pm

UAE go to hell.well done parliament.

Danish Apr 11, 2015 04:29pm

Pakistan should summon their Ambassador to Foreign office and ask for explanation. Pakistan is not part of their Kingdoms so they should not dictate us.

Naxalite Apr 11, 2015 04:30pm

This happens when a country runs on aid!

devinder singh Apr 11, 2015 04:31pm

@Fahd if you think saudi will help you against india in future then you r in dreams

Ajamal Apr 11, 2015 04:32pm

UAE should confiscate all properties of Nawaz Sharif and his family in the UAE and Saudi Arabia including his in-laws.

Ali Apr 11, 2015 04:33pm

Its good time to make Gawadar functional. show them the real face.

Muzaffar Ali Apr 11, 2015 04:34pm

Pakistan can be proud of their decision.

It is the type of decision a dignified, self respecting nation makes.

Ashi Apr 11, 2015 04:35pm

Go to hell!

Moona Apr 11, 2015 04:37pm

Yes of course it's their own responsibility. Why would it be our responsibility?

ilias Apr 11, 2015 04:37pm

Nothing is ambiguous about anything here, its a matter of unity among the Islamic States and we (Pakistan) is not gonna take a side here.

Our role here is to reunite Muslims, so the stance Pakistan take is absolutely right!

YVY Apr 11, 2015 04:38pm

@Ali Azhar Its less Population power and more money power

Muhammad Adeel Apr 11, 2015 04:41pm

How dare UAE use such words!? Are they seeking help by threatening us?

rs Apr 11, 2015 04:42pm

When you take their help all through the year, Pakistan will find it difficult to take decisions in its interest. More pressure will come from Soudis. No free lunch in international relations.

rs Apr 11, 2015 04:43pm

@Abdullah They have helped you financially and now is pay back time.

Keti Zilgish Apr 11, 2015 04:43pm

@Sami You've got an interesting theory! You mean we've got to be against intervention in Yemen in order to retain our own part of Kashmir? If so, thanks for sharing that view.

Nasir Ikram Lone Apr 11, 2015 04:44pm

OF COURSE NOT, this is not our war plus what do we get out of it defending these so call Arabs. Our political leadership must stand up to this threatening language.

faizan Apr 11, 2015 04:46pm

they need to grow up and learn to fight themselves

Rajesh Apr 11, 2015 04:46pm

Iran-Pak gas pipe line is on the cards.

Prince Apr 11, 2015 04:48pm
             Why they are trying to get Pakistan involved? Stop threatening Pakistan. Pakistan has got nothing to do with what happening in Middle East.              
Merchant Apr 11, 2015 04:48pm

Why don't these Arabs ask for American help?? After all Arabs are the biggest arms buyers from USA. Arabs also happen to be America's best friend despite being an uundemocratic lot!!

Hamza Apr 11, 2015 04:48pm

@Rafi My friend, it is Pakistani manpower that has helped make UAE what it is today...UAE supports India more than Pakistan, why does it not ask India for help?

How much has UAE helped us in combatting our own terrorism?

Ragu Apr 11, 2015 04:49pm

Pakistan can play a vital non-combatant boots-on-ground role like the international Red Cross. Help in relief to civilians on Yemen, help in prisoner tracking and exchanges. Help in peace talks. As a major Islamic power, Pakistan can do a lot towards peace. Pakistan will win the hearts of all parties involved. This is essential for Middle East as well. Pakistan provides support to UN peace keeping force. Why not create an islamic-peace keeping force as well.

hassan Apr 11, 2015 04:53pm

has ever Saudi or UAE taken the side of pakistan against US drone attacks....

Aaqil Apr 11, 2015 04:53pm

@Abdul Rafay We are "now" threatened by UAE too. But why not ? UAE and / or other Arab kingdoms / states know it very well, and in fact proud of this too, that Israel and US are with them. Proud to have Israel on their side ? yes. Moreover, they are intoxicated due to petro dollars...and Israel / US etc are with them for this reason only - the petrol.

noman Apr 11, 2015 04:54pm

He is partly right.. We will pay heavy price by getting involved in the conflicts. Our soldiers and their lives are more important!

Aaqil Apr 11, 2015 04:55pm

@Karim Seek Saudi help ? As if Saudis are happy at decision of our parliament !!

syed Apr 11, 2015 04:56pm

UAE and Saudis talk about arab security,where was these gulf countries when Israeli entity was bombing palestine,where was these arab royals at that time.

Sunil USA Apr 11, 2015 05:01pm

@From Oman There is small difference , Oman does not take aids from Saudi or Yamen. So they can dictate terms.

Shahid Abro Apr 11, 2015 05:02pm

We are already fighting war here. A war with the remnants of what Saudi had created. Can't you see that?

Keti Zilgish Apr 11, 2015 05:06pm

This threat would not be forthcoming if we had not issued any Houbara Hunting Licenses.

Javid Apr 11, 2015 05:07pm

Is there some1 who can make these people understand than Iran is also a Muslim country. No shia or sunni, all are Muslims. Arabs don't create a divide in the Muslim ummah

ahmed Apr 11, 2015 05:10pm

Our foreign policy failures are coming to light because of 'freedom of expression'. Firstly, thanks to the media hype we annoyed US, who used to give billions for the benefit of our economy and armed forces.Then we disliked the arabs for hunting, which is allowed bt islam. Now it is saudi arabia,who has always been helpful financially. China is coming under media's negative focus because of the projects being initiated to benefit Pakistan.What does the media want? An isolated Pakistan that [GOD forbid ] India can hurt?

Fahim Khan Apr 11, 2015 05:10pm

Is Palestine is not Arab and not Sunni?

PAKISSTAN Apr 11, 2015 05:11pm

Yemen is Part of Arab Peninsula, Yemen is Not part of Persian Peninsula. Therefore. foreign military support to Houthis in Arab Yemen is uncalled for. Iran's alleged involvement in Yemen has no moral and legal grounds.

Iran and Arabs should reach out to each other to resolve Syria and Yemen issues. Give and Take might save the day.

Pakistan's military capacity has also been badly affected due to 10 years old war on terror.

Abid Apr 11, 2015 05:11pm

Where is OMAN why oman is not part of this war and why UAE is not used to thread OMAN. OMAN is one of the member of GCC.

Muhammad Apr 11, 2015 05:13pm

First time a decision was taken in favor of people of Pakistan instead of rulers of Pakistan. What UAE know of democracy and parliament? All instability in Pakistan is to benefit UAE and nobody else...

sami ullah swati Apr 11, 2015 05:15pm

we should stand on our feet and vouch for peace. No more Arab wars as they have been doing this for centuries. Arabs need to learn how live in harmony.

Fuad Apr 11, 2015 05:17pm

The Statement is an obvious sign that there is panic in the GCC, as Pakistan plays its cards for its own survival.

Sameer Apr 11, 2015 05:18pm

World is laughing at all of you as you are still divided. You should be united.........

sanatani Apr 11, 2015 05:18pm

Now where pakistan will play it's home matches in cricket..

Fahim Khan Apr 11, 2015 05:19pm

Pakistan, Turkey and Iran have parliaments while GCC is ruled by dictators. Oman (GCC member and next door neighbor of Yemen) is also against Saudi aggression.

TAIMUR_FLYBOY Apr 11, 2015 05:19pm

root of all problems , ambitions are beyond capabilities, perforce genroicity of benevolent is required and he becomes master. first was USA, now arabs tomorrow china

Aisha Apr 11, 2015 05:19pm

It's sad how Pakistan considers the fight in Yemen an "Arab problem"! Who will you call for help when they invade your country? We are all Muslims and should help one another.

Muhammad Apr 11, 2015 05:20pm

First time a decision was taken in favor of people of Pakistan instead of rulers of Pakistan. What UAE know of democracy and parliament? All instability in Pakistan is to benefit UAE and nobody else,

komal s Apr 11, 2015 05:21pm

Pakistan will send troops under the guise of protecting holy places, but actually would be foot soldiers in Yemen. Iran and others will see thru this anyway.

Keti Zilgish Apr 11, 2015 05:22pm

Pakistan should make it clear that we want democracy in the Arab World and not monarchy. Then we'll see where Egypt stands. The Muslims of this world have as much a right in Mecca and Madina as any Arab does.

Parveez Apr 11, 2015 05:24pm

Petrol dollors what was that for the USA would come to Saudi Arabi aid and they mot coming The Saudi have kept the USA rich by seling oil in dollers and invested in the West Why not make Islamic club investing in Islamic countries and helping one another. Like Butto wanted in the early seventies Today Islamic countries would be strong and no one would mess with them We should mot be devided and rulled by third party

MNKhan Apr 11, 2015 05:24pm

Even though Iran has been stabbing in the back since 1947; be it in Afghanistan or unrest in Baluchistan, the stand taken by government is sensible. The way Pakistan has supported Arabs in all political issues particularly Palestine cannot be ignored and these so-called Arab friends have always shied away from guarding our interests publicly so Mr.Gargash should stop threatening and start polishing their lazy troops if they have any. We are already fighting on many fronts inside and on borders and I would love to know what UAE has done for us in our fights.

Stop playing the Arab nationalism card, be a muslim only and act like muslims

Dekh Magar Pyaar Se Apr 11, 2015 05:24pm

Lo G - UAS (United Arab ShoppingMalls) too is now threatening us

Sohail Apr 11, 2015 05:27pm

Pakistan does not need dictation from UAE. Pakistan still lone survivor from terrorism which was initiated by Saudia years ago.

Iqbal Apr 11, 2015 05:28pm

Oh wow. And I thought these were the good friends of Pakistan. Not even US has given such a direct threat to Pakistan, the supposed "worst ally".

Fahim Khan Apr 11, 2015 05:29pm

If we have peace in Pakistan and operate Karachi, Gawadar and PIA on its full potential (like it was before UAE was developed at the cost of Pakistani institutes) then we don't need our people to live like worst than animals in GCC countries.

Naveed Apr 11, 2015 05:29pm

Why should we intervene in a civil war which we know we can't win. Yes we will intervene if there will be a threat to Saudi monarch. Moreover why don't Arab ask troops from Bangladesh.

mayank,bhopal Apr 11, 2015 05:30pm

I think this stand of pakistan will solved kashmir issue.bcs gcc countries will be opposing pakistnd stand of kashmir issue.and iran is already oppeses in oic. US have no intrest in kashmir.

Ammar Apr 11, 2015 05:30pm

Irresponsible statement from UAE that calls for a serious and appropriate response from our government. Iran is as much a brother country as other Muslim countries.

mohammad shafique Apr 11, 2015 05:30pm

i dont see gargash threatening USA for making friends with Iran

Wasim Raja Apr 11, 2015 05:34pm

History repeats itself, you are either with us or against us, George Bush famously said this after 9/11 and now from our muslim friends delivering the same msg.Let,s wait and see what price we are gonna pay.

Barrister Apr 11, 2015 05:35pm

Well done Parliament, well done Pakistan.

Let the voice of the people and the voice of sanity prevail, come what may.

Mikaeel Apr 11, 2015 05:35pm

Its not that they are non arabs but it is because Pakistan has the second biggest shia population in the world and Turkey is run by the Muslim brotherhood. Allahu alam.

komal s Apr 11, 2015 05:35pm

@Lewanay khan don't worry Pakistan is fighting the war. They cannot afford to ignore the Arabs. I know Pakistan felt special when new Saudi called for a 1 on 1 meeting. Now we know what was really going on.

Kabeer Apr 11, 2015 05:36pm

@ayub khan "Pakistan should support KSA. That's all!! KSA is always helpful to Pakistan, so support KSA!!" You mean Pakistan should help KSA in her aggression against poor Muslims of Yemen because KSA is attacking Yemen

Kabeer Apr 11, 2015 05:38pm

Will so-called religious parties especially Jamat e Islami take out rallies against UAE ?

akhan Apr 11, 2015 05:39pm

Mr. Gargash needs a crash course on international diplomacy.

Waqas Apr 11, 2015 05:39pm

why r we always dragged in other nations wars and their lust for power.. Now we'll b dragged into yemen, n the bombs wont blast in saudi arabia or uae but Pakistan. Treatning will only make it worse .. Its a shame they offered no help in palestine iraq libya or syria .. No one cared about afghanistan.. Pakistan is not a mercenary..

Samina Apr 11, 2015 05:39pm

Arabs are mad as they expected our soldiers to die on Yemen soil instead of their men. This is a decisive moment, we need to rise as a strong nation without relying on these so called 'brothers' who anyway treat us like crap. I say stop intimidating us, we are a democratic nation with our own ideologies and preferences and for sure we are not Arabs!

Gfellow Apr 11, 2015 05:42pm

Time for Pakistan to choose sides. Sitting on the sidelines will create more problems for Pakistan.

Dr. Sadaf Apr 11, 2015 05:42pm

@Abrar ,safeguarding your own interests ins not double game.

Farooq Apr 11, 2015 05:42pm

Its time for emiraties to come out of their luxury houses, lavish lambos and ferraris and fight for themselves, which they are obviously finding it hard to do and asking Pakistan to do the job for them and put our lives and country at stake.

samir Apr 11, 2015 05:42pm

Having fought an asymmetrical war for a decade, pakistan's push for diplomacy is in best interest for GCC. Take it or leave it

Fahim Khan Apr 11, 2015 05:42pm

Yemenies and Palestinians are also Muslims and also Arabs.

There is already enough mess in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Egypt.

Have you asked us before started bombing Yemen?

Even your best friend USA is not ready to join!

Pawan_saini Apr 11, 2015 05:43pm

@Abdul Rafay Don't under estimate UAE. All black money of your leaders and almost all of your foreign remittance come from UAE and Saudia

Iqbal Apr 11, 2015 05:43pm

Do we have any respect left. Now third world countries like UAE are threatening us. This is the result of Pakistan getting involved in the mess of other countries.

arun Apr 11, 2015 05:44pm

No more wars. where is UN. It seems there does not exist any UN force. I appeal to all head of States to think above politics, religion or size to reform UN and make it acceptable to all.

Ali Apr 11, 2015 05:45pm

Pakistan should stand firm. The Arabs should fix their own house, their attitudes, their discriminatory and insulting practices against non Arab Muslims and workers who have been used and abused for years by their arrogant an unethical practices. Yes we Pakistanies are willing to pay the price. Go hire more low wage Indians and abused them and cancel Pakistani visas. That's all you can do.

Ali Apr 11, 2015 05:45pm

UAE should be careful about what they say about Pakistan. The so called GCC is based on common monetary benefits emenating out of crude oil. Pakistan might have it's economic problems but we have one mean army of soldiers not a few thousand mercenaries for hire.

Dr. Sadaf Apr 11, 2015 05:45pm

@Ramesh Krishnan , please stay out of it, it doesn't concern you.

khan tariq abbas khan niazi Apr 11, 2015 05:45pm

mr gargash has rightly highlighted the price tag for the stance that pakistans parliamentarians have taken on the GCC security and threats.unfortunately the muslim ummah is divided intwo camps.the sunnis and the shias. both are loaded with petro dollars.and both try to export their brand. may be shias r more this divide pakistan a predominantly sunni nation will sooner or later be taken on by if pakistan stands aloof from the sunni group of countries then at that day and time it too will be left alone .our manpower export and earning is main support to our economy.this may be cut the history of nations there always has been groupings,pacts,alliances. how can we be an exception

Zeezoo Apr 11, 2015 05:46pm

tell this to oman first..

komal s Apr 11, 2015 05:47pm

@waseem But your relationship is based on subservient model. Count the no.of times your PM visits Saudi and the no.of times their monarch visits you. You also do the same thing with China. You already sent a message to them that you will bend backwards to accomodate their request. Unfortunately both of these are due to your anti-India centric foreign policy. You did this with USA and you know where it has taken you.

Hasan Apr 11, 2015 05:48pm

There is opportunity in every adversity. We should look for the opportunity. A true statesman will not worry about remittance dollar or potential aid at this time. This is the time of strengthen our democracy, our foreign policy and our standing among the nations. UAE (read Arab) threat is void of substance. If they stop doling out dollars. It will be a blessing. If they send the workers back, it will hurt but only temporarily. The real question is whether they afford to antagonize a determined nuclear power? If they have any sense, they would know that a neutral Pakistan is better than an economically cornered Pakistan because than it will start looking towards Iran for its economic needs particularly since UN sanctions on Iran are likely to go soon.

Dr. Sadaf Apr 11, 2015 05:48pm

@SALMAN AMIN , please try to understand it is not choosing Iran or any other country, it is only a matter of doing something which does not put Pakistan into a precarious situation, our priorities come first.

XYZ Apr 11, 2015 05:48pm

@Jatin ..good- better- best- are three forms so may be we are at good; relates to democracy...will be on best..time to improve..

Masood Apr 11, 2015 05:48pm

Pakistan - Stand up and be counted. We must not let countries like UAE threaten us.

DV Apr 11, 2015 05:49pm

@Naveen, It happens in Pakistan so, they are predicting.

Pakistan Apr 11, 2015 05:49pm

Pakistani workers are in UAE and we need their oil. Pakistan army is highly indebted to Arab Countries for help in times of need in the past. Its payback time for Pakistanis otherwise Pakistan will be considered as people that dont return the favour.

Mumtaz Apr 11, 2015 05:49pm

UAE Minister is right .It is now the time to payoff. We have a cordial friendly relations with all Arab countries especially with Saudis and Emirates.We must support gulf countries at this crucial time.Iran is a dangerous country ,fueling sectarians differences among our nation. We must send strong msg to Iran ,not to indulge,mingle with affairs of other countries specially Saudi Arabia. 120 millions Pakistanis are ready to protect the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia.Moreover Pakistan should relocate its troop from Afghan border to Iranian border to keep eye on this pathetic mess.

Azadi Apr 11, 2015 05:50pm

Today is the day of Azadi(independence) for Pakistan from its Arab masters(GCC countries).Today Pakistan a bonded labourer is free. India, Iran and Pakistan should bring peace and stability in this region, Pakistan should establish peace in Kashmir and Pakistan should become Secular Liberal Democratic Progressive Pakistan. Congrats for your Azadi from an Indian. Pakistanis celebrate Azad Pakistan. If UAE threatens Pakistan then Pakistan can threaten UAE and Saudi with Atomic bomb.

Hussain Apr 11, 2015 05:50pm

Really good and bold decision by Pakistan. Next up, recognize Israel and establish diplomatic relations. Promote trade with India. Focus on economic development by leveraging Chinese interest in Gwadar. Job creation will ultimately help eliminate militancy.

Malik Sb Apr 11, 2015 05:52pm

Where did he use the words "Heavy price"? I can't find them in his quoted words. Can someone elaborate?

noaid Apr 11, 2015 05:54pm

We don't need aid from GCC or any other country we are self reliant and we have stood up on our feed. Azadi is more important for us than aid.

Ghaznavi Apr 11, 2015 05:57pm

Immature polititions have read it all wrong. Even before the resolution a symbolic gesture should have been made by sending troops to Saudi -Yameni border and our ships should have guarded Yemani waters for any outside interference. Now the Iran backers will get jobs in Iran and Sunnis will come home after being booted out of Arabia. This will start a new round of sectarian violence in Pakistan.

Rbaruah Apr 11, 2015 06:00pm

Much respect Pakistan for standing up to bullies! More power to you and your Parliament.

bigb Apr 11, 2015 06:00pm

We will not fight your wars.

Ghaznavi Apr 11, 2015 06:01pm

@Karim relations with Iran are not at all important. These may be important to those who think they are Iranian first and then pakistani. A blunder has been committed by the parliament. This is good day for India. We have been now really isolated.

tariq Apr 11, 2015 06:02pm

Threat from Arabs. .so funny they are showing their true colors. Pakistan should abandon these useless,half wit,brainless, arrogant SOB.

Khalid Baloch Apr 11, 2015 06:02pm

This is a hard time for Pakistan, Pakistan should respond wisely because it can create a good relation with Arabs or destroy relations with Arabs. We can not afford bad relations with Arab countries. Arab relations are more important to Pakistan than evil Tehran.

Truth Apr 11, 2015 06:02pm

UAE for your information Pakistan isn't a sunni country.

MH Jamshed Apr 11, 2015 06:02pm

Says the country (UAE) who sub-leased Pak air base to the U.S. What was your stance while Pak has been fighting insurgency since 8 years!

Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Apr 11, 2015 06:02pm

What is ambiguous about the decision? It clearly says that we will defend SA "IF" their sovereignty is compromised in anyways. By the look of things I don't see that happening.

Stargazer Apr 11, 2015 06:02pm
            Has any Arab country ever supported Pakistan ? why should we poke our nose now?              
Zak Apr 11, 2015 06:03pm

It is forbidden for muslims to fight muslims. We should be the facilitators of peace.

Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Apr 11, 2015 06:06pm

@Abdul Rafay

Yes we are being threatened. Thanks to our corrupt politicians who has their business, billions of dollars and mansions in their countries

I hope this answers your question

bkt Apr 11, 2015 06:07pm

Yes, yes, but the Yemen conflict is not threatening the Gulf countries.

eastern neighbour Apr 11, 2015 06:11pm

first step from pakistan civil gov to make own foreign policy . happy to see .....

umesh g Apr 11, 2015 06:15pm

@Parvez Most laconic but apt.I am no friend of Pakistan but anybody who suggests Pakistan to go to war alongwith KSA & UAE is an enemy.Pay an appropriate price and be steadfastly neutral.Develope a culture of thinking and acting independantly. Arguments of loosing employment opportunities and free oil are escapist.You have sought the company of NATO,US.THE UMMA, CHINA for too long and have developed a dependancy syndrome.Say NO and you will emerge stronger.

khan Apr 11, 2015 06:16pm

Too much thanks to all comments, they are too much couragous towards our determined policy. In the past, we didn't take care of our interests but took care of AID. Others still take care of our AID and to them our interests doesn't matter.

Sami Hashmi Apr 11, 2015 06:18pm

Nations who can't defend themselves bound to sink in the black hole of history. Threats won't achieve genuine support. Sami Hashmi

sana Apr 11, 2015 06:19pm

Huh now UAE will threaten us???? first of all learn to protect yourself then talk about a nuclear power's involvement!

We have already said that we are ready to fight for saudi territory but we are not fighting for saudia's interest, there is a difference between the two and you better know that!

p.s., We care about KSA not UAE you should know that whatever your name is !

fida sayani USA Apr 11, 2015 06:19pm

Mr. Gargash, if you are a good friend of Pakistan and KASHMIR, get rid of all Indian working in UAE, because the money they earn in UAE is sent to India and that money is used to buy arms, which results in a genocide against your Muslim brothers of Kashmir.

Harsh Apr 11, 2015 06:20pm

Iran under Shah made the mistake of giving free oil to Pakistan during India war. This mistake was corrected by Iran once the great Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Hindi came to power who established close relations with the land of his ancestors prominence. Since then Iran has always had closer and respectful relations with India in spite of occasional Indian vote against Iran in UN. The bilateral trade between India and Iran is 4 times larger than that between Pakistan and Iran in spite of India's reduction of oil import from Iran.

Most Pakistanis are unaware but India is the preferred destination for Iranians for medical and education. Indian universities have the highest proportion of Iranian students compared to anywhere else.

Pakistanis on the other hand beg to be recognized by Iranians, they harp on the 2% blood ties with the Persians while denigrating their 98% Indian blood, a yearning which is not reciprocated by the Iranians in the least.

W. Shaikh Apr 11, 2015 06:22pm

Pakistan should take a firm stand against UAE and any other Arab State that threatens us of any consequences as a result of the resolution passed by the Parliament. It is a time for our political leadership to show that Pakistan's interest is the corner stone of our foreign policy. It is also time to show that Pakistan is a regional power and Saudi Arabia and GCC cannot dictate us their will.

Iran Apr 11, 2015 06:23pm

Everyone knows how Arabs treat Pakistani nationals and now they want us to defends them

USA_BOY Apr 11, 2015 06:23pm

Puppet of Saudi Arabia, if pakistan pays a heavy price after getting involved in the war in terms of casuality, reputation, secatarian conflict within pk , will he rescue change in strategy and KSA will make peace with yemen and pakistan will be left suffering...

Truth Apr 11, 2015 06:27pm

UAE for your information we are not Arabs, our ancestors are not from Arabia.

Truth Apr 11, 2015 06:27pm

UAE for your information you are not our Masters.

kanakasabhai Apr 11, 2015 06:28pm

Saudi Arabia and UAE employ a very large no. of Pakistanis and the cost to stay neutral can be very heavy. Pakistan is struck between pan and fire. Saudis may also ask for returning back $1.5 billion given recently and may ask for payments for oil given on deferred terms. This is the cost of not staying independent and depending on large countries for support all the time. The US did it with a call to Mr.Musharraf threatening to take Pakistan to stone age and now UAE is threatening.

Iran Apr 11, 2015 06:29pm

Iran will always support Pakistan against Saudi Arabia and UAE. Iran and Pakistan are made for each other.

Yawar Apr 11, 2015 06:30pm

With all due respect sir, just like Pakistan's security is the responsibility of Pakistan, "Arab security — from Libya to Yemen - is the responsibility of none but Arab countries." General Zia and his cohorts made the mistake of joining with you and the Americans in creating and nurturing the Taliban to fight the Russians. And see what happened to Pakistan?

phast eddie Apr 11, 2015 06:31pm

Pakistan thinks Arab nations should fight there own wars? Mmmmmm. How many billions of US dollars does Pakistan get to fight her war on terror?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke

Iran Apr 11, 2015 06:32pm

India, Iran and Pakistan friends forever.

jag chadha Apr 11, 2015 06:32pm

@Dr.Salim Haidrani The Arabs don't employ the Pakistanis for good will. They get value in return by the workers. They can not just dump all the Pakistanis like that.

Raj indian Apr 11, 2015 06:33pm

After all Pakistan is democratic ..Uae and Saudi monarchies cannot undermine a parlimentary decision of a democratic country

naeem Apr 11, 2015 06:33pm

Did UAE and other Arab nations come to the defense of the Palestinians? If Arabs won't defend other Arabs then why does it expects Pakistan which is a non Arab nation to defend their cause. Instead of fighting with each other they should learn to live peacefully!!!

Yawar Apr 11, 2015 06:33pm

@Karim "Hope Pakistan will seek Saudi help to cool down the temper." What makes you think the Saudis are not behind this threat?

Pragmatist Apr 11, 2015 06:33pm

Certainly Tehran is more important as it is our brother. Arabs should take care of themselves. They should know killing of their own brothers and starting fires in each others home will eventually burn the entire neighborhood. UAE and Saudis should stop terrorizing the people of Syria and Yemen.

Kalbe Ali Apr 11, 2015 06:34pm

can anybody pls tell me what is the defence budget of Saudi Arabia ....... so why is it that they need equipment like ships and planes help from a poor XYZ ...etc country like Pakistan. And that too against a rag tag force of a small population, in an under developed country.... strange

Canada Apr 11, 2015 06:34pm

Who cares, Irans FM was here he didn't threaten us. Its a small price to pay in the long term. Now sanction will be lifted against Iran and a golden opportunity will arise. China has already agreed to finance the IP pipeline which will be beneficial to China, Iran and Pak. This will further develop Gwadar and the economy. We should also try to resolve all difference with India and have strong economic trade with them. Finally Russia is at a testy time, we should seek opportunities there. We can easily make up the financial loss by making wise decisions. I consider Indians more brotherly then those good for nothing Arabs.

MJ Apr 11, 2015 06:35pm

Only the scared ones can give such a statement.......

Yawar Apr 11, 2015 06:35pm

Sir, please don't forget, Turkey and Pakistan are democracies

Boomerang Apr 11, 2015 06:37pm

Threatening from a small country exposes Pakistan's vulnerabilities.

Xenia Apr 11, 2015 06:37pm

Pakistanis should Bring their money back deposited in UAE Banks.

Raja Apr 11, 2015 06:38pm

STOP threatening Pakistan. This is your war you deal with it and when was the last time any Arab country fought any war with Pakistan?

MH Jamshed Apr 11, 2015 06:39pm

@graham Its got nothing to do with Ummah. Do other countries have a say in the Holy sites of Ummah! Saudi is the whole sole force. So let them protect it now. I want my country and other Muslim countries' national heads to have a say in our Holy sites. Then when the time comes, I will volunteer to protect it. Right now, I need a visa to go and protect it....I don't think i'm going to volunteer any time soon.

Pankaj Apr 11, 2015 06:40pm

Pakistan should put conditions: If Arabs are ready to give citizenship to all people living in Saudi Arabia or UAE and to all people who will go there to defend them, then their demands may be reconsidered.

TooTrue Apr 11, 2015 06:40pm

What rubbish. Of course Turkey and Iran are more important to us then a bunch of camel jockeys. Fight your own war. And what's the threat? Can you make life anymore difficult than you already do for South Asians?

naeem Apr 11, 2015 06:42pm

@RCS Pakistan is fighting its own war- the hardline extremists schools created by Gulf and Saudi money and backing. First , we will destroy them one by one and then destroy all monarchies in the region for democracy. So become a democratic state before you ask for Pakistan's help!!!!

Hyder Apr 11, 2015 06:42pm


This statement shows the disrespect for Pakistan in the eyes of these autocratic monarchies and they should be left alone to deal with their internal demons!!!


Human Apr 11, 2015 06:42pm

cant say much about iran.......but Turkey is more important to us than Saudi kings ...

Dave (Kolkata, India) Apr 11, 2015 06:42pm

@sanatani . This is one is pick of all the comments (and yeah I went thru each one of 'em).... hahahha. Hilarious bro. Made my I was stressed out from work.

Rizwan Apr 11, 2015 06:45pm

I have mentioned this on other forums as well that Pakistan's problems are other countries (S. Asia, Middle Eastern) gain. Pakistan leadership should step up and put smaller countries in their place if they want to keep some pride in the world.

just Apr 11, 2015 06:47pm

This time is one of the significant times of Pakistan history. The decision Pakistan takes will point the direction where the country heads. Its pass or fail time for Pakistan.

Yawar Apr 11, 2015 06:49pm

Instead of polarizing the Muslims any further and wasting Muslim lives and money, SA and the GCCs should make an effort to identify and fix the root causes of unrests like we have in Yemen.

Atif Apr 11, 2015 06:50pm

No surprise here.

I don't know why so many posters have written "Friends, not Masters". Have they not seen how Pakistanis are treated? They might have stopped saying Miskeen to our face (which they actually did in the 70s and 80s), but their attitude is still the same.

More telling in his naked threat is the call to Arabs. That's the reality. The Arabs bond as one. We may cry ourselves hoarse over "one Muslim Wall" and "Muslim brotherhood", the reality is that Arabs still have a caste system of Arab and Ajam. We will always be Ajam.

Stand up for yourself and don't be dragged into "land disputes" between those who call us brethren (and rip apart our society through funding for madrasahs and extreme interpretation of Islam) and those who may not call us anything, but mean us no harm.

Ali Apr 11, 2015 06:51pm

UAE never treats Pakistanis with respect. They are treated in such a bad way from Dubai airport to everywhere. Pakistan should stand its ground to earn some respect

Aafaaq Ali Khan Apr 11, 2015 06:53pm

Following the Policy of "Right is Right" is always better than "Might is Right"

sovereignty Apr 11, 2015 06:53pm

One thing Pakistan has to realise is that GCC(UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.) countries are rich and rich dominate the world one can't take on the rich because rich are powerful and difficult to oppose, Pakistan will suffer if they take them on, but in a way if it opposes it will maintain its sovereignty and peace.

Ahmed Soomar Apr 11, 2015 06:54pm

A big failure on foreign policy due mishandling of issue, let hope that PML N find a competent foreign minister, at present too many persons handling foreign policy, the jack of all but master of none, has resulted in such unpleasant situation.

ailly Apr 11, 2015 06:54pm

@raghav ............. UAE is our younger bother, we dont mind whatever they say... we will come up in win win situation with all Arab countries, you don worry raghav.

Salman Apr 11, 2015 06:56pm

The disappointment from Mr. Gargash is understandable. All gulf countries have supported Pakistan through thin or thick. Iran on the other hand is involved supporting militants inside Pakistan, and it has a long history. Iran never stood for Pakistan ever, despite threatening every now and then. Example is the Gas Pipeline. Pakistan should support Arab Coalition as its a natural alliance. Also, Pakistan should pressurize Iran to withdraw from Yemen as it's one of Iran's business there.

Krishna Apr 11, 2015 06:56pm

Is this the result of forgetting your history & culture, and warming upto clans who have nothing to do with your forefathers? Remember Mohenjadaro and Harappa, remember Taxila, remember Yoga & Ayurveda originated in Pakistan.....Be friends with those countries that share your history...You will be fine

ailly Apr 11, 2015 06:56pm

we should indeed seek valuable advice from UAE rulers, as we are brothers in good and bad days. and we should act in line what UAE is advising us.

raj Apr 11, 2015 06:56pm

Glad Pakistan made this one right decision, now learn to stand on your own feet and stop talking alms so your pride wont be hurt in the future.

Haider Apr 11, 2015 06:57pm

Pakistan has to be with KSA,how can we choose otherwise,are we just ungrateful and forgetful and simple opportunists , just like the USA is universally considered a 'not friend' by Pakistanis, it wont be long before Pakistanis will be seen as USA is seen by us, from Rabat to Muscat. In Iran Pakistan has always been looked down upon, they have always supported India, they have handed their Shahbahr port to India, they have been the voice of India in the OIC and other forums in opposing Pakistan on issues such as Kashmir. The Pakistan should redeem its pledges to KSA. we have experienced been abandoned and not honouring pledges made to us, we can not do the same to our true friends, it will be monumental error.

Fraz Apr 11, 2015 07:02pm

The Arabs along with USA pushed us in Afghan war. We have learnt our lessons .

frkh Apr 11, 2015 07:05pm

Whom did they call on when Kuwait was attacked by saddam?

Syed Chishti Apr 11, 2015 07:05pm

Pakistan allies are the same as the Saudi Arabia and the six nation gulf countries. The Zardari government demonstrated depth and kept mute unless it was necessary to speak at appropriate time particularly on foreign policy issues.

The present government and parliament seems to be making mockery of the clear cut position that Pakistan is ought to take, side with it's allies those are supported by United States.

Why make so much fuss about Pakistan's position when it is clear that beggars are not choosers.

At this time apparently there is no threat to Saudi Arabia's sovereignty and no holy places in the country's Kingdom is under any threat at all.

Yemen's war is a militia style warfare and would continue inordinately. Iran will become Pakistan's enemy only if Pakistanis soldiers boots would be seen inside Yemen without UN mandate.

Pakistan must deny its such commitments without UN mandate. Pakistan has to start to learn to have it's clear position on its foreign policy issues.

ally Apr 11, 2015 07:05pm

"Tehran seems to be mote important.... " .... You are right, Neighbours have more rights!

Eli Apr 11, 2015 07:06pm

Pakistan should warn UAE of using such a language against great people of Pakistan....should take a tough stance against this madness going on.

M. Saeed Awan Apr 11, 2015 07:07pm

Well, no country in the world can go ahead without others' cooperation in all walk of life. If Gulf states provide us job opportunity and timely financial help then why not Pakistan to help them in limited scope. Its our pride that Gulf states are requesting who have had a long history of arrogance towards South Asians. In this way we can enhance our honour and other materialistic benefits. But one thing must be kept in mind that Pakistan should ask both Iran and GCC to ban its religious idealogy which is major root cause of Pakistan's disaster. Further FM UAE should adopt soft tone that could show request not threat.

stop terrorism Apr 11, 2015 07:10pm

UAE warns Pakistan of ‘heavy price for ambiguous stand’ on Yemen

So you mean to say there will be more terrorism sponsored from GCC countries?

Hashim Khan Apr 11, 2015 07:10pm

Here is what you do, send in a covert support and don't involve parliament or any low level politician. Get the job done as it is a low intensity proxy war. Iran must not be fought directly as they are also our neighbors however Saudi demands must be partially met. We should use the excuse of internal war on terrorism to evade such useless inter Muslim wars.

aamin Apr 11, 2015 07:11pm

Religion and Community groups are not crucial factors, reality is first. The reality is that Arabs countries politics standing on undemocratic and unethical conditions.

Akteruzzaman c. Apr 11, 2015 07:11pm

Pakistan will lose at least $8 billion per annum as remittances, grants and gifts. But not participating in a Sunni Shia war is the right decision. Peace and order in the country is worth more than that money. Saudi should ask for help from other muslim countries that don't have big shia population.

Zainab Apr 11, 2015 07:11pm

What a glaring example of blackmail ! What have these Arab Countries done to defend their own Arab "brothers"? They are giving lip service to the Palestinians, but at the same time they are covertly conspiring with Israel to maintain status quo in Palestine. I bet that if Israel attacks Iranian installations, Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries will provide their Air bases to be used by the Israeli war planes.

Amin Bhaila Apr 11, 2015 07:11pm

Y doesn't UAE kick out the Iranians who r doing business there in Dubai. They know once embargo is taken away from Iran they will loose a lot of business and service income. UAE will come to its knees if pak takes back the corruption money invested thesre in hoardes.

Imran Bajwa Apr 11, 2015 07:12pm

OMG, Now who is threatening us. I wonder how minnows are telling us what to do! Pause!

Faisal Ladak Apr 11, 2015 07:13pm

Let's pay the price and get our sovereignty back.

Talha Apr 11, 2015 07:14pm

Please Mr. Minister work on this diplomatically rather than with arms. We can help you diplomatically and only protect our Holy Lands. We don't want to enter in any third country so don't force.

Qaisar Zaman Apr 11, 2015 07:14pm

@Fahd --there has always been a reason -

Amer Apr 11, 2015 07:25pm

You keep your war with in your borders, Pakistan is already paying a lot for your hypocrisy

neanderthal Apr 11, 2015 07:26pm

Haha... Excellent!! Waiting eagerly to see if government will change its stance

asif Apr 11, 2015 07:26pm

Really they seems too worried because they though that Pakistani are paid killers and will do their bidding shame on UAE I request all Pakistanis to bring back their money from UAE to Pakistan these cowards and lazy Arabs enjoy on our money and our labour

Combaticus Apr 11, 2015 07:27pm

Their is no neutral position in diplomacy ! The parliament made a mistake by passing a resolution on maintaining neutrality in Yemen. If we are afraid of escalating sectarianism in Pakistan,I have news, sectarianism is already a major problem that we are solving. Supporting the Saudis wont effect sectarianism , in fact, give us leverage over the Saudis to stop the flow of funds to secterian religious organizations from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. The opposition, MQM, PPP and PTI, and the Army are happy that PML-N has decided to stay neutral. In the past PML-N has benefited from its relationship with Saudi Arabia. The neutral stance on Yemen has created deep rifts between PML-N and Riyadh; the sole benefactors of which are the opposition and the Army that wants to undermine the civilian government.

Jamal Apr 11, 2015 07:47pm

Good riddance

Haris Maqsood Apr 11, 2015 08:04pm

Some one should tell these Emiratis to shut their mouth up and concentrate on building the world's tallest whatever.....

asad Apr 11, 2015 08:04pm

we cant stay neutral with GCC & Saudi Arab n all we are too dependent on them consider next time there is a earthquake or any other calamity and these countries remain NEUTRAL on that ? For UAE all it has to do is deny our cricket team from using there stadium as home venue then good luck finding venues to use from Bangladesh and Sri-lanka . let alone all the pakistanis living there and the foreign exchange they send.

My point being friends lets join GCC along with turkey and build Iran-pak pipeline thats how you stay neutral while being realistic.

A state can only be neutral if it is economically stable which unfortunately we are not.

kashmir Apr 11, 2015 08:04pm

i thought the islamic stance was to stay neutral and resolve the conflict. the omani's are neutral, the algerians are neutral, the malaysians are neutral.

Cairo: Ahmad Bin Mohammad Al Jarwan, Chairman of the Arab Parliament in the Arab league said he ‘disappointed’ with the Pakistani parliament’s decision to remain neutral in the Yemen conflict. His comments came a day after the Pakistani Parliament decided not to participate in Operation Decisive Storm in a move that drew sharp criticism from the UAE.

Al Jarwan described the Pakistani decision as ‘inconsistent’ with Arab and Islamic stances.

Haris Maqsood Apr 11, 2015 08:04pm

@Kyser Soze Well said!!!

Haris Maqsood Apr 11, 2015 08:05pm

@Abdul Rafay Well said!

Haris Maqsood Apr 11, 2015 08:05pm

@Ahmed Well said Ahmed!

fawad Apr 11, 2015 08:06pm

@Sami BUT you forget, in Yemen these are internal rebels, in Kashmir those were armed tribal sent by Pakistan, when British General of then army said no to invasion.

Syed Apr 11, 2015 08:07pm

We need Musharraf to navigate through the tough waters ; Nawaz Sharif and his entourage has no clue how to handle the Saudi Arab and Iran issue.

He steered the nation through the toughest times before like 9/11 and nuclear issue

Weirdity Apr 11, 2015 08:09pm

This is the Arab equivalent of what Bush said " You are with us or against us". Pakistan has put itself in a position where even the arabs ....yes...even the arabs can threaten Pakistan like this.

Weirdity Apr 11, 2015 08:11pm

@Abdul Rafay "now we are going to get threatened by the UAE as well."

Its cool. UAE is part of Ummah.

Mohammad Apr 11, 2015 08:12pm

Pakistan army might fight if holy cities are in danger. Who are you, I know how you guys treat Pakistani labors or foreign people in KINGDOM of SA and UAE. All your donation towards Pakistan did not reached common people or army of Pakistan other than our rulers. Change your ignorance and rudeness towards Pakistani people than we will see whether our army should fight for you or ask our corrupt rulers to fight for you.


aa Apr 11, 2015 08:12pm

This is threat from Arab brothers. Thanks, using this uncivilized language. We care and love all of you, but we are and will not be party.

Danish Apr 11, 2015 08:13pm

@Fahd But here the matter is of not choosing KSA or Iran but choosing a principle stance. Thats what the parliament has done.

yousef Apr 11, 2015 08:14pm

Imagine what happens once aid stops..

hari Apr 11, 2015 08:28pm

Why can't the whole world be friendly? Why can't Iran be friendly with Saudi Arabia? Why can't Israel be friendly with Palestine? Why can't Pakistan be friendly with India? Why can't Bangladesh be friendly with Pakistan? Why can't China be friendly with Japan? Why can't India be friendly with China? Why can't North Korea be friendly with South Korea? Why, Why and Why?

Muhammad Zaki Apr 11, 2015 08:28pm

OMG ... wake up PAKISTAN ... wake up ... people are living in fools paradise ... this is the true face of Arabs and Arab world ...

Azi Apr 11, 2015 08:28pm

Pakistan to them is not an ally but a bazooka with trigger always available to them. I'm very glad parliament stood its ground. They itch so much to fight then go all in yourself. We don't need more and more enemies.

Sri1 Apr 11, 2015 08:28pm

@Fahd Yes exactly, please send your air force against the Yemeni Houthis. You will see what being an enemy of Iran means to your nation. Even America is busy mending fences with the Persians.

Aurangzeb Apr 11, 2015 08:28pm

Just wait these all Arabs will be looking for jobs in India & Pakistan, but unfortunately Arabs don't know have any work experience!

hussain Apr 11, 2015 08:29pm

Oh...we are scared....enough is enough....Pakistan will not lower its stature by involving in riff raff fight with no connections. Never again

Touseef Apr 11, 2015 09:19pm

@Ayesha Gul holy places have not been threatened where as ISIS oh sorry Saudia Arabia has bombed Yemen for their man to remain in place. It's like Pakistan being bombed for the sake of Nawaz sharif.

Pakistani Apr 11, 2015 09:20pm

It is not a matter of aiding with Iran vs Saudi arabia. It is a matter of doing the right thing. Saudi aaa tack on Yemen is unjust and illegal. Period.

MAK Apr 11, 2015 09:21pm

Before threatening Pakistan, UAE should remember they will need Pakistan's help if Iran aims their gun towards UAE.

Kamal Apr 11, 2015 09:23pm

UAE is one of the biggest investor in Pakistan but they are minting money too.So,threat is a kind of blackmail and Pakistan should take it seriously and respond accordingly.These Arabs have the most modern war machines more than trillion dollors worth but what a pitty they can't defend themselves. Actually their Monarch is on stake.

Pakistani Apr 11, 2015 09:25pm

The UAE treats Pakistanis are second rate citizens are it is. The moment you land you realize what they think of you.

About time we put them in their place. This bullying is unacceptable to the Pakistani masses.

How dare they threaten us. If India had done this everyone would be up in arms but because we are so dependent on these Arabs we have to act like their slaves.

The PM should stop being ambiguous and tell his masters NO

adnan Apr 11, 2015 09:26pm

@Nasir Khan dear nasir UAE 's economy does not rely solely on oil and some GCC countries are not even oil exporters check yourself

Muzahir Syed Apr 11, 2015 09:26pm

@Karim Absolute rubbish. I think we need to read 'a Riot Act' and warn these mini half states to behave or else we will actively work for democracy to liberate their populations.

Robert Apr 11, 2015 09:28pm

Identify your existential threat, Pakistan. India is not your existential threat. Pakistan will not need nukes once she truly and intellectually identifies the threat that Pakistan does face. There are more Muslims in Pakistan's immediate neighborhood than Pakistan and India does not have any existential threat. All of these require clear understanding and determination of what and who/what are threats to formulate correct policies going forward.

waseem Apr 11, 2015 09:28pm

Mr. Gargash, What your country was doing when Pakistan was fighting insurgency from Afghanistan ?

Did you send your troops ?
Did you financially supported Pakistan's war ?

So stop speaking for the west!

Amit Apr 11, 2015 09:29pm

looks like from now onwards PAKISTAN can't play their home series in UAE.... NOW they have to play their home series in CHINA??????????

Kautiliya Apr 11, 2015 09:29pm

I told you so. Sarataj Aziz now has to go.

Nadeem A - Sugar Land Apr 11, 2015 09:30pm

Best Advise for Pakistan is to get advise on the matter with USA, China and EU. If are on board with whatever action needs to be taken, then Be It. They will matter in the long run. The GCC will always oblige the west. Proxy diplomacy is the best solution here.

Kumar Apr 11, 2015 09:30pm

Pakistan being an Arab country should step up. This is the opportunity to show the Arabs, who the real Arab is.

jamal Apr 11, 2015 10:42pm

where were arab countries when we were passing through worst times. we can be your friends but don't expect us to be your janitors

imaran ali Apr 11, 2015 10:44pm

@kashmir Pakistan needs Mushraf again !

Sami Apr 11, 2015 10:46pm

@Abrar "We always play double game. Stop destructive politics and be constructive".

And jump into another war? Do you know the definition of insanity?

Sami Apr 11, 2015 10:50pm

Democracy has spoken!

CYRUS Apr 11, 2015 10:56pm


    It is how many other countries including the United States view Pakistan - not to be trusted.
XYZ-Indian Apr 11, 2015 10:56pm

Happy to see Pakistan taking correct stand , Please dont send your army, UAE , shopping mauls also threatens others.

Ali (CA) Apr 11, 2015 10:59pm

And whats their ambiguous high price means?

CYRUS Apr 11, 2015 11:03pm


Absolutely true. Agreed. Unfortunately Pakistan's decision makes all Pakistanis look like cowards. If you saw a friend struck by a motorbike in the street and injured, would you just keep walking and not stop to help?

Faisal Apr 11, 2015 11:14pm

These are the repercussions when you think you are had free Lunch.

Laeeq, NY Apr 11, 2015 11:37pm

It s time to Pay them back for all their favors over the years. Other wise soon their will be big exodus of all the Pakistanis from their land. Choice is yours. Either you are with us or with other side. There is no middle way.

Farhan Apr 11, 2015 11:39pm

This is how you ask for help from someone you hold in contempt and consider beneath you !

Fazal Karim Apr 11, 2015 11:40pm

Saudi Arabia,UAE and Pakistan may sign a joint defense pact and form a joint command, placing Air force, Navy and Troops at its disposal to fight and defend interest of these countries. Expenses for maintaining joint defense should be borne by the rich countries Saudi Arabia and UAE

Danyal Apr 11, 2015 11:45pm

Now even UAE is warning Pakistan!! That's a new 'LOW '... What's more is in store is now to be seen...

hanifsmile Apr 11, 2015 11:45pm

We are already busy in fixing the mess that Saudi Arabia has created, Taliban. These so called kings only want to save their throne.

Fazal Karim Apr 11, 2015 11:47pm

What about Palestine and Gaza where Palestinians are virtually slaves of Israel. Israel is illegal occupying Palestine and kill Palestinian on some pretext or the other. There is not even a word of sympathy from UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Owais Mangal Apr 11, 2015 11:47pm

Pakistan has most experienced army of the region. They know it very well, but, they want to play big brother.

Matrix Apr 11, 2015 11:52pm

John F Kennedy once remarked that the Hottest Place in Hell should reserved for those who remain neutral in a Crisis. We have done exactly the same. Our Government should look deeply at the Yemen crisis and support one side. Just imagine UAE and KSA telling us the same thing in case of an India - Pakistan conflict....

CYRUS Apr 11, 2015 11:54pm


    The first rational statement so far.
PolarStar Apr 12, 2015 12:09am

At present Saudi Arab is placed at top regarding economical condition as compare to pak. They only lack in defence field, that's why they ask support of Pak. Pak must suppose to warn groups in Yemen to stop killing of innocent people's. But getting pressure from Iran was the main reason which make pak to remain neutral. World willnot.ask for ur weapons but the ccourage by which u face the problem. Our former president Rajiv Gandhi warned Srilanka during its internal war, and send choppers of foods and clothes to innocent people's (Tamils) in Srilanka. He also warned Srilanka if any chopper will threaten to grounded, India will declare war with Lanka. That's make me proud, hope most of u got real meaning of courage. Don't repeat the world nuclear Pak, even north Korea too is armed with it, n ur neighbour Iran too is on way. :-)

Muzaffar Ali Apr 12, 2015 12:11am

"Pakistan's democracy has come of age" .

It is a day of celebration and a milestone!

"Pakistan should engage deeply with the Yemen crisis on the political and diplomatic track and take the initiative to form a coalition of states in the Muslim world that espouse the cause of peace and reconciliation in Yemen. Turkey and Iran are obvious members of such a coalition. This could be not only a turning point in the current history of the Muslim Middle East and also become a defining moment for Pakistan’s own awakening." Bhadrukumar

HAIDER Apr 12, 2015 12:15am

If arabs don't have guts to take the heat then don't meddle in neighboring countries. Time and defence strategies are change. Its era of " low intensity war" where enemy destroy the foreign forces very slowly like a cancer. And Pakistan can't afford anymore wars like is enough. Pakistan already feeling the heat on daily bases of Afghan war.

Faisal Apr 12, 2015 12:18am

difficult times indeed for pakistan. Its a catch 22 situation.

UAE has always shown its bent of mind towards India and amongst the other arab countries it lesser sympatic for pk. which is evident from this statement. any how it proves that how shallow is the vision and thinking of these sheikhs who concider pk as nothing more than a rental sheep

mir ali Apr 12, 2015 12:18am

a friend in need is a friend indeed- Pakistan and Saudi should think about this proverb

ss Apr 12, 2015 12:19am

These guys really have guts to threaten Pakistan, they forgot that most of their infastructure and economy was built by Southeastern workers espacially Pakistanis. Mr. Sharif is not a king or dictator, who on his own-how ever he would be willing to do so- can decide, it has to be decided by People of Pakistan and their representatives, and they have done so which is the right decision for Pakistan.

Shabih Apr 12, 2015 12:21am

Mr. Minister, what makes defending UAE worth it? What has the UAE given the world to be worthy of defense?

Act like equals and you shall be treated as such.

Three cheers Turkey and Pakistan for treading the middle path.

Mohammad S Haque Apr 12, 2015 12:23am

No Mr. Gargash it's not Tehran that Pakistan like. It is rather your evil doing for the past 15 years that is playing.

Kaspar Apr 12, 2015 12:25am

Don't get emotional, Pakistanis. why the statement has been issued may have many reasons behind it. There have been suggestions that the NS group may be behind it; Saudis may be behind it, too,just to put pressure on the Pakistan government. But Pakistan should impress upon them that the most rational thing for them (the Saudis and other Sheikhdoms) would be to let the Yemenis decide their own affairs by themselves. And that Pakistan can help them in this.

Muzaffar Oklahoma Apr 12, 2015 12:29am

The people of Pakistan represented by the parliament have learned their lesson after losing 50000 of their country men when we got involved in foreign wars.Pakistan has regressed in every parameter while the Arab countries kept on developing because of peace in their region.It is the time to take a stand and the stand has been taken.No to involvement in foreign wars.

TARIQ AHMAD Apr 12, 2015 12:30am

As the only Muslim country to have nuclear arsenal Pakistan should play role as meditator rather then taking side.

Farooq Apr 12, 2015 12:31am

What a bad time for us? A small country like UAE starts threatening us simply on the base of our financial weakness and their investments in dollars

Ayaz Apr 12, 2015 12:32am

UAE cannot deal with little Yemen and yet threats Pakistan?

anonymous Apr 12, 2015 12:33am

Who asked Nawaz Sharif to open his mouth? At first he gave an indication that he would help Saudis in their time of need. Now he is backtracking. Why create such expectations prematurely, when you know that you can not fulfill them?

ss Apr 12, 2015 12:35am

Many of the commentaters fear the loss of remmitance from these countries but it works both ways these workers are producing for these countries and they come at a bargain for them, so we don't have to worry about workers losing their jobs. These small countries would lose a lot if they were to take any such action.

Faisal Ayub Apr 12, 2015 12:49am

So Pakistan was the real target... Badluck guys

Babloo Apr 12, 2015 12:53am

Well Pakistan only fights terrorism if its paid for it. Even so, don't expect any terrorism to subside, its a delicate science and there are no guarantees ! Its a business model and nothing personal about it. Ask USA , who have been paying Pakistan to fight terrorism while terrorism keeps increasing ! The only guarantee is that if you do not pay up properly, there will be more trouble.

Muhammad Ali Rizvi Apr 12, 2015 01:01am

These Arabs treat every one like their slaves. They don't have courage to threat Israel. The war in Yemen is not a sectarian war but through this war Al Saud family trying to save their monarchy.

Robert Apr 12, 2015 01:15am

It seems that the Saudis and UAE don't want to use their precious boots on the ground - let the Pakistanis die for the cause.....

anwar siddique Apr 12, 2015 01:15am

Will the Arab states start deporting Pakistanis? I recall when the president of Phillipines complained to the Saudi king on the mistreatment of Filipino servants in SA. The king threatened to deport all Phillipinos; the president of Phillipines(Aquino) kept quite.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi Apr 12, 2015 01:19am

Pakistan is not only an independent sovereign country but a Nuclear Power also which should not be forgotten by those who open their mouths against Pakistan. Arabs must help Arabs. Secondly so many countries including US are already in action and it is really very much astonishing and alarming to know that till now all of them have failed in Yemen to some extent. Say for example if Pakistan jumps in and restores the legitimate Hadi back on the throne as President then will Pakistan be honored or sidelined to give credit to US or GCC? Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /

ashok Apr 12, 2015 01:23am

What sort of nuclear country Pakistan from who even UAE is not afraid off? Why not Pakistan throw the same rhetoric that watch what you say to Pakistan who has nuclear weapons?

Mehtab Apr 12, 2015 01:23am

We won't be a coalition of Saudi aggression. Stop threatening us, fight your own war of nonsense.

T.M. Reddy Apr 12, 2015 01:30am

Now Baluchistan problems will be intensified with Pakistan not siding Arabs in Yemen. Many internal terror activities will magnify. Pakistan is in real threat from external internal turmoil.

Shirin Apr 12, 2015 01:31am

“The vague and contradictory stands of Pakistan and Turkey are an absolute proof that Arab security — from Libya to Yemen — is the responsibility of none but Arab countries,”

Wel..duh!!!...and who else' responsibility should it be? Wait...I recall reading about Arabs coming in drives to assist Pakistan during the '71 war...NOT!!

Last I checked, Yemenis are Arabs, so if you care about Arab lives then don't kill Arabs, especially when the Arabs of Yemen were minding their own country business.

Einstein Babar Apr 12, 2015 01:39am

Wars are waiting for Muslims, its better to join KSA now instead of loosing partners for future.

Amzy Apr 12, 2015 01:48am

Where were these Arabs when their own people in Palestine were being bombarded by Israeli forces recently? And now they want help from another country to bomb a third country which happens to be Muslim too. Shame on them. Stop bullying and fight your own wars yourself.

Jawad Apr 12, 2015 01:51am

Arabs are arrogant. Treat people from subcontinent like dirt. True ! They support us by money -- giving jobs etc -- but people working in saudi and dubai earn their money -- they work like dogs , no self respect , they are 2nd rate citizens If people / laborers from the subcontinent who work there , leave -- what would happen to the sheikhs ? They use people from the sub continent as cheap labor -- nothing else -- and now they want us to fight their war also ? They may have bought all the technology in the world but do they know what to do with it? Do they have the heart to go in the battlefield ? I highly doubt it. Not these sheikhs. Saudi and uae arabs are more discriminatory than any other nation , against people from pakistan especially And they support the extremism in pakistan -- they really think they own pakistan -- atleast the Current PM

Sameen Bawla Apr 12, 2015 01:52am

UAE needs a serious reply.

Abdulla Hussain Apr 12, 2015 01:56am

The territory of KSA has already come under direct attack it is time for action now. Both Turkey & Pakistan should meet its responsibilities now.

Tanveer Khan Apr 12, 2015 01:57am

As Ceaser would have said, you descendants of generations of inbred, incestuous mental defects. How dare you!

Aysha Apr 12, 2015 02:00am

Would these arabs send their troops for Pakistan's war in tribal areas? NO. In fact, these arabs are the biggest funders of those terrorist making factories in paksitan

abdullah Apr 12, 2015 02:11am

Two points. First, This statement from uae is to be considered a JOINT statement from Gulf Arab countries. Second, Pakistan has been helped in trillions over the past few decades by Arab countries. This was the time for Pak to show and prove and acknowledge their favors. You cannot take a middle 'munafiqana' position. Either you are with Saudis oryou are not. No middle ground. Learn from the west. When it comes to supporting Israel, the US ALWAYS supports Israel as their ally. That's how allies should be in TOUGH times. This was the time for Pakistan to prove itself and they have nullified this relationship with a wishy washy position. Regardless of what happens now, pak will pay a heavy price as the Arabs have seen Pak's true colors.

AXH Apr 12, 2015 02:15am

What did countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc., did when Israel was butchering the people of Palestine in 2014? Especially, when these countries consider themselves the champions of Sunni-ism and Palestinians are Sunnis. In their recent strikes against the Houtis, they have killed scores of civilians. The fact is that these are hypocrites who only care about themselves and do not give a damn about the others.

Wachucha Apr 12, 2015 02:17am

You WILL have to pay heavy price not Pakistan. You will be back to desert and like decades earlier start coming to Karachi port to get the job of porters. Good luck!

Mushtaq Aahmed Apr 12, 2015 02:22am

What a bad day in Pakistans life. Gargash has shown the mentality of these cheap Arabs. They manipulate immigrants in their countries (only south asians from europeans and americans they start shitting at sight) What consequences you are talking about, I remember you tried the same tactics with Iran but when Iranian Government warned you and told you to stop you did so most obediently and could do nothing to the iranian immigrants in your counties, By the way more than half of you are of Iranian origin you are not even Arabs. You can threaten corrupt leaders of Pakistan who are your servants because they have parked all the stolen wealth in your countries. Pakistan should tell you in clear terms that if you carry out your threat there will be consequences for you as well. cheap BUGGER

Serious Question Apr 12, 2015 02:24am

Its very funny....Saudis and UAE tried to copy Israel by being proactive and started bombing yemen with fancy aircrafts acquired from west. Now they realized that they are not israel and need ground, air and naval components as competent as israelis. So they turn to Pakistan. Pakistan is surprised....nno one asked Pakistan before starting this war and now these arabs want to outsource their war to Pakistan becase their love affair with fancy western aircrafts is over and now their incompetent military commanders dont know what to do next. Nor are they confident that their lazy, inefficient and incompetent rank and file will even withstand a single engagement with sub coventional houthi warriors.

Asad Apr 12, 2015 02:28am

This response should not come as a surprise to anyone. It is common knowledge that they treat Pakistani workers in the most derogatory manner. A hungarian doctor colleague, in UK, said" the way they treat Pakistanis is terrible". Just because they can throw "a wad of cash" every now and then doesn't mean that Pakistanis should be humiliated like this, quite publicly. Have they sent their forces to fight alongside Pakistanis against the Terrorists ? Ofcourse not !! Why should they !?! They are paying for it.... helping both sides with "cash and kind". We as a nation need to rise, up the game a bit. These oil rich "brothers" of ours should know that they don't own us. This comment is on a public forum is not just against all diplomatic etiquettes but surmounts to a threat. Lets just say " Ya habibi ! shove it up yours .... "

Msc Apr 12, 2015 02:32am

Pakistan needs to stand with Arabs.
They are asking for our help in time of need, we can't just say no. They have been our friends for so long of they will ask us for help. U can't just turn down a friend and expect good relations in the future.

Serious Question Apr 12, 2015 02:33am

UAE can foam at its mouth all it wants but it cant drag Pakistan and its professional military into this mess because professionals never start a war without kowing or deciding its ultimate aim. Never mind the empty threats of labour being sent back, let them get cheap labour from india, phillipines or bangladesh. At this time, it will not be easy without them grinding their economy to a halt in time of war. they also know that if they become hostile to us....then they can kiss good bye to Pakistani promise of their own territorial and personal security (of the rulers). Bahrain will be the first in line.....Only God knows who else will follow.....

abc Apr 12, 2015 02:39am

Dear Excellency: Don't threaten Pakistan. Fight your own fight. Kill your brother brutally. Why you guys are afraid to fight on ground? Why should Pakistan interfere your mess. Do not threaten Pakistan? Hurry up do something by yourselves.

zMan Apr 12, 2015 02:40am

Where is UN ?

raj Apr 12, 2015 02:42am

@MAK dont live in a fools world, who went to rescue kuwait? Pakistan??. They have their western masters to save them pls get out of this illusion. Where there is money to b made USA will dip its hands. They just want their dirty job done therefore they need you.

AXH Apr 12, 2015 02:44am

@jaypee - This is how they have always viewed Pakistan. It is another thing that most people have never realized it.

HAIDER Apr 12, 2015 02:57am

Did Saudis or GCC discuss this operation before attack on Yemen ?....

Salman Apr 12, 2015 03:03am

@Ahmed Nuclear Pak is nothing but a hollow country. Democracy - that is also very fragile. It's better to be neutral and feed your own people.

Saad Apr 12, 2015 03:08am

Well, for starters, Mr Anwar Gargash or Garhash (or whatever your name may be), why should it be such a surprise for you to find out that Arab security is an Arab headache and not a Pakistani one? Seems that somewhere along your rotten, luxurious way, you've missed the fact that Pakistan's own security is a much greater responsibility of Pakistan. But then they don't tell you that back in Vegas, do they?

Saad Apr 12, 2015 03:08am

As for the heavy price you've threatened us with; please think again (if at all you guys are capable of it). For starters, if even half of the Pakistanis who own properties in UAE decided to sell their properties, and half of the Pakistanis who're working there decide to quit their jobs tomorrow, do you even know what would happen to your economy? If by any stroke of luck you have a minister for economic affairs, ask him to ask his American friends to tell him about that. Did I forget to mention that you may even lose your hunting rights in Pakistan? So when you're sober enough (or is that a question of 'if' rather), please think again as to who would have to pay the price.

Let me also remind you, Mr Gargash or Garhash or whatever, Emirates Airlines, your Road Transport Authority and your Central Bank, all are run by Pakistanis. And you know what, EK stands for Emirates Karachi, which was the first ever international flight your airlines had made.

shahid Apr 12, 2015 03:10am

Where were these so called "Muslim Arabs" when Israel were bombing Gaza? They have double standards. Pakistan and Turkey made the correct decision. Houthi can't reach Saudi land. These Arab alliance are creating more hype in Yemen war. Or it can be trap for Pakistan because this Arab alliance can easily defeat Houthis without Pakistan help. Good decision by Pakistan politicians not to involve in Yemen war. Instead, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran must play important role for stability in the region.

anji Apr 12, 2015 03:11am

US plying blood cards in Middleast .... Please look roots for that ..

Saad Apr 12, 2015 03:13am

Btw, what about the rest of the GCC countries? Are they participating in the war?

khan Apr 12, 2015 03:23am

@Awais ali "For Arabs they only concern with their Arab land but for Pakistan we concern about whole Muslim Ummah."

Really?? What about the muslims in China?

gul zar Apr 12, 2015 03:24am

Well in all this some countries are really losing their ability to think...... These countries came to Pakistan with a request to invade Yemen; for God's sake come to Pakistan with some reasonable thing not something so ludicrous and so outlandish; grow up get mature think before you request the Pakistan parliament not just ask them the first that comes to your mind......of course every single vote in the Pakistan parliament was a "NOOOOOOO"

Ravi Vancouver Apr 12, 2015 03:28am

@gul Good opinion I agree. Pakistan should remain neutral, it is in their interest. Shia- Sunni rift shall spread like in Syria and Iraq in Pakistan and IS shall have a good chance to enter in Pakistan. Let Arab countries deal with their problems themselves. Don't repeat same mistake Musharaf made when it joined with Americans in their anti -terror war under pressure and brought terrorism in Pakistan.

MoDas Apr 12, 2015 03:28am

Tasnim Aslam has nothing to say!

Tahir Apr 12, 2015 03:39am

What else can you expect from these dictators.Who were install in these countries by anti islamic forces,ever since they have been doing their dirty work to keep the muslims under their thumb.What i have heard that they do not treat Pakistanis well in these little countries rule by dictators. What have they done for the Palestinians.To me it look like a final plot to destroy muslim umah. I DO NOT TRUST THESE DICTATORS

Khan Apr 12, 2015 03:50am

Where were these Arabs when Israelis attacked innocent Palestinian Muslims. Pakistan should not at all engage in this war against Yemen absolutely no basis

Ravi Vancouver Apr 12, 2015 03:50am

@Zaheer UAE is not India against whom you protest, they are your brothers and part of Muslim ummah. If UAE is behaving rude make them understand Pakistan situation politely.

M Jan Apr 12, 2015 03:56am

There is no free ride in the World, they want us to pay back for all the financial and non financial favours they have done to us. Do not play dubious game with Iran or the Arabs, just tell them our people are tired of wars, nothing personal. It may have some repracation in the short term but in the long term, it will all work out.

Zee Apr 12, 2015 03:58am

We don't see Arab troops fighting terrorists with the Army in Pakistan, even though the problem over there stems from funding provided by these arab monarchs so why the expectation from Pakistan to provide men for a conflict that is not even remotely related to anything Pakistani.

waqar khan Apr 12, 2015 03:58am

Look who is threatening us.

Go and build palaces, gardens, islands.pity that u cannot defend yourself. Shame on you UAE.

Riaz Murtaza Apr 12, 2015 04:04am

The Arabs are not aware of the fruits of democracy. Only democratic mind can see this from the right angle. When it comes to defend the Holy sites of Makkah and Madina, I swear Pakistanis will be in the front and fight for their lives. To protect the both holy sights is their duty and honor. Proud to be Pakistani.

Yash Apr 12, 2015 04:08am

@Zak Rubbish again from you Sir.

Akram Malik Apr 12, 2015 04:14am

I am not surprised by the reaction of the United Arab Emirates and I must confess, that even though the Saudi government has so far refrained from making any public comments, their sentiments would not be far behind. The Saudis and the UAE had always supported Pakistan, not by words alone, but also assisted our country in every other way particularly financially. Now when the need has come and our friends and allies and benefactors, have asked for our support, it was not coming. Since when, has Pakistan stood on moral grounds? In 1965, when Pakistan was in mortal danger, the Saudis opened their coffers, but now the Saudis asked for assistance and it was not coming. One may not like to get involved in this conflict and I can understand the sentiments or the sentiments of the party leaders. Distasteful, it might be, but the present government must also be ready to accept the consequences of its "so-called" stand

ammar Apr 12, 2015 04:18am

Lol one SSG unit should be enough to take over the UAE...These arrogant Arabs must know their place and their strength..

Akram Malik Apr 12, 2015 04:24am

I can understand the disappointment which the United Arab Emirates and the Saudi government felt. The UAE Minister has openly criticised Pakistan for sitting on the fence and even though, the Saudis, have not publicly criticise our country, but one can be certain, that their feelings would not be far behind. After all all these countries had supported our country to the hilt and now when the time comes for Pakistan to play its part, they have remembered long forgotten principled stand. We had supported the US government in killing our own civilians, we had allowed a killer of Pakistani in broad daylight to go free, our successive governments have succumbed to the American pressure and not to get cheap gas from Iran

Mohammad Khan Apr 12, 2015 04:25am

Where does the UAE fm get off threatening Pakistan. For a long time they have exploited their wealth to the detriment of others. They have started this fire in Yemen and now they must pay the price and use their own ground forces not rely onPak army to pull their chestnuts out of the fire. It may be better for them to ask the US to send ground forces since the US usually like to get involved in the middle east.

M Jan Apr 12, 2015 04:28am

Saudis have turned political conflicts in to Shia verses Sunni conflict in Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, and now they want to do the same in Yemen. Guass who are his active partner and supporter in this all. They are Israel, Industrial Millitary complex in US and Britian. Saudi spend over 100 billion dollars in arm purchase from them. This is all to save the Saudi monarchy. Iran role has been mostly reactionary in supporting the Shia groups, it is about time they both stop interfering in each other affairs otherwise they will keep creating ISIS like outfits.

Faruk Apr 12, 2015 04:30am

Dr Gargash be quite can you defend your country ? You can't last an hour front of Pakistani forces!

Surinder Kade Apr 12, 2015 04:31am

Pakistan wake up Arabs dont respect you and they will never accept you as equals, they want to hire you to do their fighting. Forget about your Arab origin ,you belong to South Asian region and your origin lies there. Sit down with your neighbours and sort out all problems and start development work for the hungry masses.

F Khan Apr 12, 2015 04:34am

So, now we know where the country stands viz-a-viz the rulers of the UAE.

The thing to see now is how PM Shariff will react to such statements.

Reminds me of the time of Iqbal Bano singing Faiz's Hum Dekhenge during Zia's reign. The only difference now being that none of us realized that the UAE and KSA also considered themselves our "Rulers".

rama Apr 12, 2015 04:40am

People of Pakistan should understand the true colour of Arabs and how they view/treat the Indian subcontinent people. These people with the petro-dollar money they think that they can they can buy anything including knowledge, bravery .. Religion is associated with the faith and nothing to do with the region. Wakeup Pakistan don't believe the religious fanatics , believe in your ethnic roots. For the current crises if Pakistan bend back to please Arabs , Pakistan will loose the whatever little respect they have.

rav Apr 12, 2015 04:49am

Saudis need Pakistan to fight yemeni war, just like UK needs Indians to fight the world war. In the end the benefeciaries will be Saudi just like the UK after the end of the world war. At the most, Pakistan will get a 2 minutes silence during remembrance day for fighting the war which doesn't belong to them.

umer Apr 12, 2015 04:55am

"The vague and contradictory stands of Pakistan and Turkey are an absolute proof that Arab security — from Libya to Yemen — is the responsibility of none but Arab countries,” . So who does he think is responsible for THEIR security? Go and threaten some poor Pakistani or Bangladeshi laborer. Please desist from using un-diplomatic and insulting language against the will of a nation.

ben Apr 12, 2015 05:05am

Arabs are real desperate for support from an insignificant country like Pakistan. It is not Pakistan's war and without UN mandate KSA and her allies are attacking Yemen illegally. UAE rulers should treat people working in their country with dignity and look for a peaceful solution of this crisis through dialogues before asking for help from democratic nations like Pakistan.

Azi Apr 12, 2015 05:12am


We have heard your threats like these before and laughed unlike here where we have a serious attitude.

When you issue such empty warnings and threats who wouldn't laugh?

saqib Apr 12, 2015 05:13am

@Abrar .. you go and help the tyrants then if you love them so much don't expect the rest of Pakistan to follow you. If we have enough to sort out created by your Arab brethren.

Hafeez Apr 12, 2015 05:14am

Arabs are disunited, fighting each other - why the heck should we get involved? Who is he to threaten us?

Hussain - India Apr 12, 2015 05:14am

Saudi's are very inexperienced, Selfish and Autocratic minds.. Attacking poor Muslims is no way islamic neither safeguarding Islam! Pakistan & Turkey are on right track. Yes to Peace No to War!!!

Balaji Apr 12, 2015 05:16am

Not able to sell double standards to Arabs? No carrots for Pakistan anymore?

saqib Apr 12, 2015 05:16am

@gul well said. Pakistan Zindabad

saqib uk Apr 12, 2015 05:24am

@arjun absolutely. Its the people that made this decision not some king. That's why they're shocked it didn't go their way. Time to forge closer relations with India.

Q. Khatana Apr 12, 2015 05:25am

@Fahd Are you ready to accept Pakistani soldiers getting killed in Yemen in a never ending guerilla war?

Mohammad N. Apr 12, 2015 05:27am

Ok, so now these Emiratis are threatening us. The government and all Pakistanis need to realize and look back on history that we are the Arabs' slaves. We are the ones who they want to expend. They think we don't practice Islam correctly. They think we are the ones who should do everything for them so they can live a great life while Pakistanis have to live through the plight of being harassed by Arabs. I myself experience this on a daily basis. We need to know who we are, fight our own battles, not let anybody intimidate us, become United as a country. It's time that we stop holding our hands together at the Arabs' feet. Maybe not every Arab is like this and I'm not trying to be racist but it is time that our voices be heard.

malick Apr 12, 2015 05:29am

If this a threat we reject with full force and bye bye UAE.

Asif Hussain Apr 12, 2015 05:30am

Take care of your own house and we will take care of ours, Pakistan is not Arab's chowkidar.

umer Apr 12, 2015 05:30am

Before hurling insults at Turkey the minister should recall how the Arabs 'from Libya to Yemen' actively conspired and colluded with Britain, France and USA , that ultimately led to the downfall of the Caliphate in the 20th century.

kirther Apr 12, 2015 05:32am

Did Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries took any serious action against India during 1971 war, did they stopped the oil supply in favour Pakistan.

khwaja Apr 12, 2015 05:33am

True that KSA has always funded Pak but always for their own purpose and definitely with a blessing from US. Eg post sanctions support. Pak people are treated with disrespect in Arab countries generally and often subject to job quotaS. Behaviourally atabs show a lot of direxpect to pakistanis In general. And now this Gargash comes out with harsh statements. Maybe they should go and mend their own ties with Iran first and find a balance in their own neighborhood than drag us into it.

NASH Apr 12, 2015 05:45am

@SALMAN AMIN Saudi Arabia cannot afford to kick Pakistanis out of their country. They cannot even type their own letters.

zq Apr 12, 2015 05:46am

It is about time that Pakistan says "NO" to Saudi Arabia and for that matter any Arab nations. Why should we risk more blood shed and internal problems just because of these Arab countries who would never support Pakistan if there was to be a war with India, most of them would be neutral like in the past. Pakistan should not accept any threats from these arabs!!!!

Well done NA!!

Whistle Apr 12, 2015 05:51am

@Abdullah Because most of Pakistanis believe that they are part of Arab culture and started following it as well.

Whistle Apr 12, 2015 05:53am

@Harmony A govt. must responsible for their actions in the past. No point in finding ways out of it. Pakistan is always messing up everything they came into touch.

Whistle Apr 12, 2015 05:54am

@Abdul Rafay They have the economic power which Pakistan never tried to attain unlike India. Japan too very small country but their clout in the world is telling.

Najum Apr 12, 2015 05:56am

This is what they think of us, give our blood and die for them. While you are a "rafique" ,they make you to stand in separate lines upon entry to their countries, treat you like dirt and expect you fight their war. Why can't they fight it themselves ? At first sign of trouble they will fly out of the country and leave us to deal with the consequences. Imagine, they have started to threaten us at suggestion of not agreeing with them, what if there is a real problem ? Have they stood with us in any trying times (wars with India or war on terror), did they send their troops to help us? Actually they are the stokers and harbingers of the terror e are facing in our country. Stay away frfom their wars, they should have appreciated our gesture of trying to resolve the issue through peaceful means. They dont want peace, their agenda is different.

Shoaib Apr 12, 2015 05:58am

This is extreme idioticity by UAE minister. They are not being attacked nor is there any existential threat to UAE. I am sure if UAE or Saudi were to be attacked by an aggressor , Pakistan will send the troops. But we cannot send the troops while they are involved in a proxy war in another country. Also, this has huge repercussions for Pakistan's internal security. This just goes on to show that they don't give damn about our internal security. They can manage Yemen without us but they will need our support if their countries are attacked. I am all for supporting these friendly countries if they are attacked but not when they are meddling in another countries affairs. It's naive from them to threat us on something not an existential threat for them because they will need us when there is an existential threat.

Whistle Apr 12, 2015 05:58am

@Ahmed Nice rhetoric. But will it work. Stop begging for pennies from the Arabs and start living like Pakistanis instead Arab, no one will ever threaten you. You created the space for them. And now you are paying the price for it.

Anwar Amjad Apr 12, 2015 05:58am

The resolution of Pakistan Parliament is quite clear. It assures that Pakistan will protect the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia if threatened. We have no interest in Yemen and so we should not get involved there. Pakistan should lodge strong protect with UAE if the media report is correct. UAE has never given any preferential treatment to Pakistan in business dealings, commercial relations or investment. How can they force us to tow their line.

malik Apr 12, 2015 06:03am

Saudi Arabian peoples are our brother we have to help Saudi Arabia and save Yemen peoples, all brothers first see situation what's going on as Muslim as Pakistani then comment thanks,

FAM Apr 12, 2015 06:04am


Pakistan is NOT an Arab country

Riaz Apr 12, 2015 06:06am

These Arabs are cause of terrorism in Pakistan they financially support them.Rude and illiterate Arab allway behave strange.The treat Pakistani badly believe people in west lot better than Arabs They need lesson than we will help them.

Brar Apr 12, 2015 06:06am

@SALMAN AMIN And Indian , Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Nepalis will be their to replace them.

FAM Apr 12, 2015 06:11am

@stop terrorism

good one, time to call a spade a spade.

Modi Apr 12, 2015 06:15am

@SALMAN AMIN So what ? How long are you going to remain servants of the Arabs. They never considered Pakistanis or Indian Muslims as equals. We are supposed to be their servants ! Lets ignore their arrogant comments, and for once stand up with self-respect and dignity. Remember, UAE minister will never say anything against or do anything to the Americans and the British, even if their governments take decisions which they don't like. Support for Israel is a case in point.

Whistle Apr 12, 2015 06:20am

Pakistan played their cards foolishly in the past. They tried corner India in Kashmir with the help of Arab countries in the early stages in which Pakistan failed miserably. But Arabs know how to play and they just did that. Pakistan was always behind the OIC believing that they too part of it. And the majority of the population too thought the same, they too thought part of the Arab states. Politically incorrect Pakistan rulers ruined the country by taking sides and continue to take sides even now but on wrong side.

mehkan Apr 12, 2015 06:22am

I am glad Pakistan took this stance! I mean we consider all these muslim countries our friend, and they cannot even digest our choice. Its like everyone just wants Pakistan to always jump in the well for them. I am hoping that our government and policy makers continue to stand for what will benefit Pakistan the most. We need to sincerely be selfish in our wellbeing.

Brar Apr 12, 2015 06:22am

@Riaz You think you have self respect when princes from these countries comes to Pakistan and kill endangred birds even when the HC of Balochistan banned the same.

rana1 Apr 12, 2015 06:23am

@SALMAN AMIN ..........not really as our soldiers were already based in Saudi Arab,so they cannot afford to kick us out.

Whistle Apr 12, 2015 06:25am

@zak It looks like you really want to tighten the screws on your own country while sitting in a very comfortable zone.

Modi Apr 12, 2015 06:27am

@akhan More importantly , Mr. Gargash needs lessons in courtesy, humility and modesty. Who the hell they are to threaten Pakistan ? Pakistan could take over UAE in less than a week without a shot being fired, because all the Emiratis will run and take refuge in the lobbies of 5-star hotels in the West when and if that were to happen, just like the Kuwaitis did during the first Gulf war !

Hansi Apr 12, 2015 06:28am

Saudi Arab and UAE can enter a protection treaty with Pakistan like Korea- US .

Zamaan Apr 12, 2015 06:28am

I think we should not annoy UAE.They are rich & powerful.

rana1 Apr 12, 2015 06:29am

@Kumar .........its very obvious who the real leader of the arabs is,its PAKISTAN!

Whistle Apr 12, 2015 06:29am

@Dr. Sadaf A neighbor's is mess is always others concern and you guys too good in that and blame others. If you took care of your problems, no one would have ever interested in you. Make your rooms tidy before preaching.

sac Apr 12, 2015 06:30am

Since Pakistan claims to be the protector of the Muslim Ummah- it's people who think they are of Arab ancestory, whose idea of Pakistan's geographical position being somewhere in the Middle East, it's much advertised relationship with Saudia, it's acceptance of Saudi billions for no reason, these are all matters which got Pak into this position today. And Pak thought that this was all due to 'brotherhood'? Why does Malaysia or Indonesia or any other Muslim nation has not got into this situation? Are they less Islamic? No.... its Pakistanis psyche to disassociate itself from any South Asian/Indian roots. Some of its population beliefs that they have pure Arab ancestory and that they have nothing to do with the sub continent. The question of identity is much spoken and research and deliberated in Pakistani media. Identity is at the core of this issue- all proclamations, allegiances are made based on this only. A chance to introspect Pakistan?

Whistle Apr 12, 2015 06:31am

@Azadi What you think of you your atomic bomb? You have no commonsense mate. You too will be perished when you bomb close to you. Naive thinking.

Onlooker Apr 12, 2015 06:34am

@Kamal Mate, people are investing to make money. It is not charity as you believe.

ramu Apr 12, 2015 06:37am

There is no need for Pakistani mothers and fathers to lose their son to Middle Eastern warlords who treat their workers like dirt, hang them on silliest pretext and who in fact fund all the violence in Pakistan. This is the most important decision for Pakistan.

Wachucha Apr 12, 2015 06:37am

Look who is talking! A minister of a country club with a flag! Get real Mr Gargash before your unprofessional statements become a severe liability for your country club.

dipak Apr 12, 2015 06:39am

while country has taken billions and billions of aids, and has given employment of lacs of people and also given indirect big amount of help in past then either you obey or follow his request or be ready for the harsh action. very critical situation.what about the economy and debt on country etc etc . forget common man of country for their wel fare education power water etc etc etc . all eye is also on pakistan stand on releaving lakhvi who killed indians americans israelis and others countries citizens, think twice....

pk Apr 12, 2015 06:40am

wake up my friends in Pakistan! Dependency syndrome should go - first on US then on Arab and China! You would remain net looser. No one likes dependents. Time to evolve to a strong prospered and a South Asian nation with whatever religious identities you have. You are not ARAB.. you are son of soil...believe it..

dave Apr 12, 2015 06:45am

When the nukes start flying ull be glad you didn't get involved

rana1 Apr 12, 2015 06:47am

@IMTIAZ SYED ........Houbara Bustards......well pointed out!

P Setra Apr 12, 2015 06:48am

@Engineer Zahid They want their favors returned.

bkt Apr 12, 2015 06:49am

Clearly the UAE is feeling very tensed by the Yemeni crisis and needs to be reassured that everything will be alright and that they dont have to worry about Iran's designs. We should ignore the tone of the statement as it is made in a mood of great anxiety and try to make them feel reassured. These little countries need reassurances once in a while and this one of those times

Brar Apr 12, 2015 06:51am

@hassan Drone attacks are taking place with the consent of Pakistan Army and without the consent of your Army US can not go on in stead of a resolution by the Govt of Pakistan.

Sara Ally Qureshi Apr 12, 2015 06:53am

@Salim They cannot threaten their Overlords!!!UAE was once apart of Ottoman Empire.We are being threatened because of our bad policies.

Rizwan Apr 12, 2015 06:55am

Pakistan will ultimately have to accept Arab request. This is a country that adopted their religion, culture, and borrowed money from them.

Hansi Apr 12, 2015 06:56am

FO should call UAE ambassador to explain statement of Mr Gargash.

sfnad Apr 12, 2015 07:01am

This is the moment to tell every one that Pakistan's National Interest is supreme. What has UAE done to us ? stole the glory of Karachi and created unrest in Pakistan to Flourish Dubai and UAE as a Air Lines' Hub. We need to remember Arabs need us more than we need them. They Can't grow tomatoes and potatoes even. "Its not what we are going through it Where are we going to ! is important.

bkt Apr 12, 2015 07:01am

The threat the foreign minister has made is a real one. Pakistan will now have to suffer the consequences which are not pleasant at all. Meanwhile the govt of Nawaz Sharif will weaken considerably as the economic disasters this invites is very substantial. Only if the govt could find a way to manage properly there would be no need to depend on these neighboring states. We must prepare for a slide in economic conditions for now.

sfnad Apr 12, 2015 07:02am

PIA established Emirates .... and they killed us. "Fool me ones, shame on you. Fool me twice, Shame on me !"

komal s Apr 12, 2015 07:05am

@waseem I am pretty sure lots of Arab money was there during Afghan crisis.

sfnad Apr 12, 2015 07:05am

None of the Arab States EVER gave any statement on Kashmir ...... instead Saudi Arabia recently had a Defence Deal with India..... Arabs - have a life !

dave Apr 12, 2015 07:10am

Do not get involved, anyone that does has signed it's death certificate

waqar Apr 12, 2015 07:28am

@Rizwan It's not Pakistan. It's some politicians in Pakistan. I think the people of Pakistan don't want to see their army fighting for money. Media should keep pressure and show the will of the people of our country. Arab countries don't care about Pakistan but they can buy politicians.

ABL Apr 12, 2015 07:39am

This shows Arab,s anxiety over prevailing situation where Iran has threatened their very existence because of successes in Syria, Lebanon , Iraq and now Yemen. Pakistan being a close ally of Arabs should extend full support to Arab countries so that they over come this eminent threat from Iran.

fed up Apr 12, 2015 07:42am

Correct me if I am wrong, but did any of the Arab countries condemn APC massacre or the multiple incidences of terrorism that have taken place in Pakistan? Did they offer to help or come out publicly and officially to offer us to join in our war against terrorism in our country? We have enough on our hands dealing with peace situation in our own country let alone get involved in another war.

Ilyas Sharif Apr 12, 2015 07:43am

Pakistan have two choices, either fight with Saudis and dye or dye with hunger and poverty

Altaf Apr 12, 2015 07:44am

@Taufiq wow really we have democracy! This is real information.

Altaf Apr 12, 2015 07:48am

@Tariq, Lahore Also please demand Pakistan government to bring back all the Pakistanis from Arab countries and ask Iran to take them in. Right now only 4.5 million Pakistanis in Arab countries against 18000 in Iran.

homie Apr 12, 2015 07:56am

@raghav usa is different do not compare india with us pls. delhi buhut door hi nahi na mumkin.....india cannot come even close to usa

umer Apr 12, 2015 07:56am

@sac Spot on!

Kaz Apr 12, 2015 08:01am

@abdullah Uttar nonsense. Trillions!! Really! Saudia spends in absolute terms far more than in Pakistan. Last king called bharat his second home. Pakistan has defended and helped SA and GCC innumerable times. Mr. minister be very careful with your careless threats.

asad LATEEF Apr 12, 2015 08:02am

let see what china and Russia take stance in the my view we are heading towards coalition of Muslim forces to be stationed in yemen under UN charter.

ishaq Apr 12, 2015 08:05am

Rajesh Sharma Apr 12, 2015 08:07am

Why should Pakistan stand by them? They are not the slaves of Arabs and are a nuclear power.

Pakistani Apr 12, 2015 08:15am

@Msc And exactly what is this 'need' they need help in ? You almost put it as if they are the ones under attack. Now, if Yemen had asked Pakistan's help, that would be understandable ... but helping Saudi Arabia and Co .. what an ironic joke. "Please help us destroy this neighboring country of ours!"

Sam Apr 12, 2015 08:30am

His statement is outright INSULT and reveals disrespect of Pakistan. They treat Pakistan as their slave state. I agree with Shaikh Rasheed Pakistan has ONLY 2 All weather Freinds, China, Turkey.

Faisal Apr 12, 2015 08:30am

Arent these the same Arabs who were financing and supporting the rebels in Syria? So much so that they even facilitated a chemical attack on the people of Syria.

tanvir Apr 12, 2015 08:38am

@Asim Iqbal no testing time buddy. it is easy decision save Arab rulers or Arab countries. It is time of shah's, kinsgs and sultans to go.

tanvir Apr 12, 2015 08:42am

@SALMAN AMIN no my friend the problem is bigger Pakistan Army is not meant to help one Muslim to kill another. If pakistan army is deployed to defend kings and sultans then history of Islam will never forgive this.

Kashif Apr 12, 2015 08:43am

Just say sorry to UAE and Saudi Arabia, and move on.

tanvir Apr 12, 2015 08:46am

@TARIQ you kidding who gave you authority to make this funny statement on the behalf of all pakistanis

tanvir Apr 12, 2015 08:54am

@farrukh the fact is both are Muslims and soldier of Pakistan is not there to help one muslim to kill another

Kamal Apr 12, 2015 08:55am

@fed up@ Well said.They are opportunist.Let the oil dried up.They have never supported Kashmir issue.They here to do business and mint the money.UAE has worst record of human rights.Recently UAE packed Bangladeshi workers on their wage demand. Numerous cases of rights violation.In PTCL sale out deal $800 million not yet pai d to GoV.They are the worst than Israel.Correct me if I am wrong.

ali Apr 12, 2015 08:57am

Till now 435 comments wow and my one is 436...

Abdul Sheik Apr 12, 2015 08:58am

I'm worried about this development. Fellow Pakistanis commenting here don't seem to realize how much we depend on UAE and KSA. Please use your head. IF we have further Economic collapse, then there will be complete chaos in the country and external threats will only increase. Pakistan should support UAE here. Just imagine if all of us working in KSA are asked to leave because of Pakistan's decisions. We will have to pack our bags and return..!! This neutrality can only get ugly whichever way you slice it..!!

MGAKSA Apr 12, 2015 08:59am

Mr. Minister We - Pakistani will defend Saudi Arabia with our lives if KSA is threatened in any way. I am not only talking about Pakistani in Pakistan, also we all Expatriate Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia will stand shoulder to shoulder with Saudi and defend KSA. UAE after your threat to Pakistan, don't stand any where. Good Luck

tanvir Apr 12, 2015 09:07am

if the tribes win nothing will happen to a common arab man, but the kings and sultans will go Arabs will rule themselves their resources shall be better deployed to help educate arabs. most important all the proxy wars using terrorists and so called sunni shia conflict will finish.

Faisal Apr 12, 2015 09:12am

Never start a war which you cannot end.

KHALID SOHAIL SHAIKH Apr 12, 2015 09:21am

Pakistani masses are paying since long time, and others are enjoying the life. What is more to pay.

Nofil Apr 12, 2015 09:21am

UAE has no say in world politics. Pakistan should have no bearing on these threats.

Mirza Apr 12, 2015 09:23am

No democracy is supporting King and Sheik's aggression against a sovereign country and bombing its capital city. This also proves that even the worst democracy is better than best dictatorship. Thank God we have nascent democracy in Pakistan. We are not the slaves of establishment or totalitarian rich states.

dipak Apr 12, 2015 09:25am

one thing is clear that no body will deny. while our economy is worst and we run our economy on aids and loans from develope country like usa britain s. arabia china etc etc then we are becoming slaves of those countries and they will utilise this country for their object the options are to be with them or to be against with them. from both angle big loss.

Masood Apr 12, 2015 09:25am

Tell this Minister, that to us Pakistanis, Pakistan comes FIRST. We are not your pawns to be used by the monarchies . We share a very long border with Iran and we do not believe in ruining our relations with Iran or Afghanistan or India. they are our immediate neighbors. The Arabs cannot blackmail us because they occupy our holy places and if they occupy , they should learn how to guard them. So do not start something you cannot control.

proud-winner Apr 12, 2015 09:28am

Iran has been closer to India whereas Saudi Arabia has been close to Pak. We maintain good relations the gulf nations as well as Saudi Arabia, BUT this not our war. We already sacrificed the most on this so called war on terror. These countries must realize thisfact. We be more focused on india that is constantly planning to weaken pakistan.

suni; Apr 12, 2015 09:47am

Kudos to Pakistan. Pakistan's brave decision, not to support Saudi in Yemen crisis is a great characteristic of democratic country. Please take decision on behalf of people and not for personal gain of leaders.

Muhammad Mirza Apr 12, 2015 09:53am

@Aziz yes they do have parliament dont speak about a thing if u have no knowledge about it.

Niran Salehjee Apr 12, 2015 10:05am

@Ramesh Krishnan They are our little brother son!

Riztiz Apr 12, 2015 10:07am

@SALMAN AMIN There is something called honour. Please do not sell yourself for few jobs and remain like a slave country for rest of your life.

Riztiz Apr 12, 2015 10:12am

Why we should be part of a tribal war. SA want its puppet government in Yemen. Killing on both the sides is poor Muslims. Please Stop your war of hatered.

Niran Salehjee Apr 12, 2015 10:15am

@Fahd It is not Iran being closer to India, it is us being closer to the Arabs over Iran! We do not need anything from Iran, we can take care of ourselves quite comfortably!

Waseemoscow Apr 12, 2015 10:15am

They want to expand their empire on others blood!!!!!!!!!!

Niran Salehjee Apr 12, 2015 10:23am

@Joe I think the middle says it all!!

lulu Apr 12, 2015 10:26am

oh boy !!!nearly 475+ comments....& the conclusion this country is deeply divided on this issue.

Riaz Apr 12, 2015 10:29am

Great: UAE another super power; "You are with us or against us" ? No third option.

Mohd Apr 12, 2015 10:31am

Jinnah's dream while creating Pakistan was to be a Jamuhriat and a position of Muslim world leader.

See where have we come.... Fragmented democracy and a puppet of smaller weaker Muslim monarchies

Abdul Sheik Apr 12, 2015 10:41am

@Riztiz There is something called, debt, bills, commitment to family and necessity to earn. We working in KSA know this. We don't want to be asked to leave back home abruptly. Waging this war will be more Economically prudent than any of the 1000 wars we had with India. Why can't you understand this simple fact..!!

shainz Apr 12, 2015 10:46am

My love and respect for Pakistani PM and parliament has grown million times......very wise decision... Why should we land in civil war that is expected to last for decades...take my words.....I would have been much happier had UAE mister intimidated israeal when it was killing innocent kids....

Shab Apr 12, 2015 10:48am

I find this funny. No country can ask or rather demand. If SA behaves childishly let them. This only makes Pakistan resilient and it is the country's consensus.

M A Mujeeb Apr 12, 2015 11:08am

@Whistle There is a wrong notion in the minds of our Indian friends commenting in this forum that we are Arabs. We are Muslims and we will support all Muslim countries whether they are Arabs or non-Arabs. Simple as that.

Muhammad Amir Hayat Apr 12, 2015 11:31am

yes we do!!!

boby Apr 12, 2015 11:32am

@SALMAN AMIN there are lots of Indian in UAE and in Saudia. Why they don't ask the same from India. Don't be afraid. We are already in worse situation. If this will happen let it be.

XYZ-Indian Apr 12, 2015 11:32am

@Abdulla Hussain :- Saudi should ask its best friend USA and UK who created them.

Chirag Patel Apr 12, 2015 11:34am

No befitting reply

S.Khan Apr 12, 2015 11:36am

Pakistan's parliament's decision not to involve militarily in the Yemen's crisis is quite right. Yemen problems are political problems so those should be solved politically. Saudi Arabia has committed an aggression against another independent country and is killing civilian people for nothing. Instead of solving the crisis, the Saudi airstrikes are deepening the crisis and making it more complicated. Pakistan's stand that Saudi Arabia's territorial integrity is not in danger so it does not need any help to defend itself.And Pakistan can not be a part of an aggression. Pakistan is quite right that this is a political problem so should be solved diplomatically.

abdul Apr 12, 2015 11:44am

why Arab needs Pakistani forces? Is Pakistan the only Muslim country with army left in the world? or if they feels that all the grants, favors which they provided to Pakistan is for this moment when they could ask the best product of Pakistan in return.

N K Ali Apr 12, 2015 11:55am

Why don't you give democracy to your citizens instead of a familial government? Have a nice day and saber-rattle the rich Pakistanis. Salams

Saleem Akhtar Apr 12, 2015 11:56am

Better talk without understanding Pakistan. Let the sense prevail. You are not that big.

Kabeer Apr 12, 2015 11:57am

@Muhammad Mirza What a joke Parliament ? have you ever heard about the general elections in UAE ? you cannot call a club of hand picked elites a Parliament !

khanm Apr 12, 2015 12:12pm

@jaypee... we were looking up to them as our role model... and their interests were only our models.....

Obaid Ur Rehman Apr 12, 2015 12:13pm

Now we have to pay a heavy price of being Neutral!!! Dear Minister we have already paid huge Price of you being Neutral when our country’s billions of dollars were launder illegally into your country, we have paid huge price of your country sheltering Terrorists in your country…we are already paying huge and heavy price when you force our government to have reconciliation with corrupt, dishonest and incapable politicians because they were your friends!! You Shelter them You Provide security to the money which they have looted from our country and then you provide us few billion/million dollars to them (your Political Friend Politicians) Not Pakistan!!! Stop Threatening us it is you and your Kingdom in Problem not the Arabs or the Holy Places!!!

khanm Apr 12, 2015 12:17pm

@Abrar ....Deciding whether to trust or credit a person or a government is always an uncertain task....

khanm Apr 12, 2015 12:20pm

@zeeshan ....Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.

khanm Apr 12, 2015 12:26pm

@jaypee we should learn the lesson in choosing the weathered friends..Wherever you go, no matter what kind weather and friends are with you, always bring your own sunshine.

Harris Apr 12, 2015 12:52pm

Pakistan should establish contact with Israel just like Egypt, Jordan and other arab states hiding their relationship with them...

Riz Khan Apr 12, 2015 01:01pm

When Pakistan was attacked by terrorist, when children were targeted in schools, where were these GCC countries?

Tariq K Sami Apr 12, 2015 01:01pm

Pakistan must protect its interest in the Gulf. Defence is an industry. Its a way to make money. Pakistan Military should take the leading role and project its military might it will enhance its prestige and make the Gulf countries look towards it for its needs. Sending troops to KSA is a win win situation look at it this way. You have immediate employment for 10-15000. Service in the Military will enhance their trade and training. Soldiers and trained for many kind of jobs such as truck drivers,mechanics,plumbers,electricians,cooks,Medics,security guards etc . Travel itself is one of life's greatest experience and getting paid for it is a bonus. Pakistan will be able to sell billions of dollars of arms and supplies. Pakistan can land long term defence contracts. When you are Militarily strong no one messes with you. The UAE minister will be calling us Habibi rather than Rafiq, once our boots land on his shores. Military Power has its own dynamics!

Sultan Apr 12, 2015 01:06pm

Dear Brothers, UAE and Pakistan have a very strong relationship/bond that goes back for decades. Friends and brothers don't point out what has been done in the past that is not a trait of both Muslims and Arabs. Now for the news of Mr. Gargash, I have read both the Arabic and the Urdu version and I can assure you that what was said has been misinterpreted which might have lead to all this unrest especially here given all the comments I have been through. Has anyone here asked themselves this question, what has been discussed between Mr. Nawaz Sherif and the Arab leaders? Did he promise them something which he could not fulfill? Was he emotionally driven when giving his own view of this matter? I'm not a politician and don't know what goes on behind closed doors but what I don't understand is how some users here are stereo-typing and attacking Arabs, UAE nationals and the UAE even Saudis... There is a reason why not all people are given authorities Big/Small and the answer lies below

KHALID SOHAIL SHAIKH Apr 12, 2015 01:08pm

Pakistani leaders are enjoying life in foreign countries and masses are suffering great troubles. Unluckily leaders of poor nations can be bought easily or can be hired to provide temporary services. Poor nations are unlucky and leaders are lucky, funds of poor countries can be theft by the help of west.

Indian Apr 12, 2015 01:39pm

Pakistan use your brains and ally with India and progress with India for the progress of your poor population don't mess your country by the sinister trap of Chinese & GCC group that way there is no betterment of your poor. there is nothing to loss by friendship with India but lot to get, think

Muhammad Apr 12, 2015 01:42pm

Pakistan should help Arabs, not Saudi Monarchs or UAE Shaikhs

SHEIKHDOM Apr 12, 2015 02:23pm

even visionary leadership of UAE has failed to change sheikh mentality among ministers of UAE. Root cause in Yemen is poverty, unemployment, underdevelopment being exploited by external powers. Its forgotten nation. no one worried children dying there. all sheikhs worried if war coming to their doors and gulf people might wake up to end sheikhdom

Akram Apr 12, 2015 02:49pm

@Akram Malik Since when is Saudi Arabia in mortal danger? They are interfering in a foreign country's civil war and expecting us to support them when we have no interest in the fight.

You have completely misrepresented the situation.

Shafiq Khan Apr 12, 2015 03:09pm

@Abdullah Not sure what you mean. You mean you accept the right of one state to entre the territory of another with aggressive intent ? Remember the Golf states are all run by despots ,family enterprise and dictators. Not a single democratic bone . What is that you support?

Shafiq Khan Apr 12, 2015 03:17pm

@Syed Pakistani workers are treated like dirt in UAE.

Shoaib Ahmad Apr 12, 2015 03:20pm

As far as I recall, UAE was the biggest trading partner of Iran in the times of sanctions. What has prompted them to leave Iran?

Shoaib Ahmad Apr 12, 2015 03:21pm

Patriotic Pakistani's should consider with drawing their investments from UAE.

UBAIDULLAH Apr 12, 2015 03:26pm

At the time, when ISRAEL bombing of Plastinies people ............... Where is ARAB 6 Countries. Why they are not apposing Is-real.

Shafiq Khan Apr 12, 2015 03:27pm

@TV Sinha Sir , don't swallow all the narrative re. Pakistan fighting USA war. We had Russia on our borders and our own nefarious dictators in power. Our dictator wanted to stay in power, thank you USA,USA needed Russia away from the warm waters (remember the eastern question). It was our war as well because we could not live with Russia next door. We suffer keeping Afghans as guests for almost half a century.

Amna Apr 12, 2015 03:40pm

Let war against Israel, we Pakistanis will come on our heads to support you. But Yaman?

tauseef Apr 12, 2015 03:45pm

Asking for help in a threating way, that shows the mindset of royal sheikhs. Please do not take Pakistan for granted as we have to first take care of our national interest. Please fight your wars on your own expense and with your own Armies. Pakistan has better things to do than fight your proxy wars.

Malik Apr 12, 2015 03:56pm

Malik we can come forward to help GCC on their unilateral decision to attack Yemen If GCC considers removing all police cases on Pakistanis and allow them visa free entry to GCC? they better coneme up with any suchoffer or to let Pakistanis d biz without sponsorship? GCC countries must accomodate Pakistan in such manner otherwise people of Pakistan do not see benefit earning Iranian anger. Pak politicians musttl play role to negotiate such deal!!!

SHER ALAM KHAN Apr 12, 2015 04:04pm

wow sir wow. what a great joking! with us by UAE we are ready for every challenge. when you want the battle? please inform pakistan The great Gernal we not send the pakistani leopards soldiers for battle.

we odder to our the second force in UAE pakistanis for war

SHER ALAM KHAN Apr 12, 2015 04:09pm


KM Apr 12, 2015 04:11pm

@Najam and pray how does India picture in here?

Irfan Haider Jaffery Apr 12, 2015 04:12pm

Everyone including our and Turkey Govt. a giving the wrong impression to the people. It is the people of Yemen who have decided, not to accept an authoritarian regime any more who is doing nothing but to serve the monarchies of the region. It is also worth noting the leader of this rebel movement may be shia person but this movement consists of many tribes and both sunnies and shias who are tired of this puppet government. By all mean Saleh’s and Hadi’s government was not an elected govt. And this is exactly what haunts the Arab Royalties. A successful peoples elected govt. which can be a trend setter in the region and can be nightmare for the Royalties. Arial attacks are the easy part in the Yemen but the sending the ground forces are the different story. How any country can go in and succeed when the Houthies have clear home ground advantage. Can we do this when we have our own war going on in full throttle.

KM Apr 12, 2015 04:12pm

@Fahd ofcourse Arabs are our Masters buddy.

tak Apr 12, 2015 04:15pm

UAE.better be careful in warning Pakistan,a country that unites against any and all aggressors may they even be oil slick Middle Easterners.

Hasan Apr 12, 2015 04:52pm

@Obaid Ur Rehman And don't forget even our wildlife is paying the price.

ABL Apr 12, 2015 05:05pm

Can someone (historian) please elaborate this phenomenon from the past? Isn't this war a continuation of past battles in Islamic history?

Sarah Apr 12, 2015 05:10pm

UAE and other monarchies in the middle East will pay the price by losing their powers.

Sanjay Guha Apr 12, 2015 05:15pm

Pakistan did a terrific job by not getting involved in what's essentially an Arab conflict. Make friends with India and see who in the Arab world or elsewhere can even talk to Pakistan in this tone.

Sanjay Guha Apr 12, 2015 05:18pm

@Najam Exactly the reason why pakistan should mend fences with India. Imagine a tiny little country from the Middle East talking like this if Pakistan were a friend of India

mb Apr 12, 2015 05:18pm

This is what happens when ministries are distributed because of relations and nepotism. No qualified minister will behave like this. Frustration and fear of gcc is coming out, finally will have to fight a war themselves.

Shahzad Zafar Apr 12, 2015 05:23pm

Wake up! This is how they view us. I applaud the parliament for remaining neutral. We have enough civil wars in our own borders. Let's not get involved in another.

valiya Apr 12, 2015 05:38pm

@Ahmed Then why taking alms from them?If you had self respect no country dare to say like this.

aryastan Apr 12, 2015 05:41pm

Dont understand why Pak is so dilly dallying to support Arab brothers.

Syed Ali Apr 12, 2015 05:48pm

@Sumair Do not forget US is helping Pakistan via drone strikes, Yemen crisis is not new; Saudis were fighting in Yemen against Egypt in 60's. Saudis were helped by British and US.

valiya Apr 12, 2015 05:50pm

@Javed Iqbal Why Gulf states supporting Pakistan against India? India is not their enemy but very good friend from time immemorial. In 1971 no gulf countries was in a position to support financially or militarily to any other country as their economy started flourishing from 80,s only. As long as UAE is doing a lot of developmental activities in Pakistan and showering charities heavily they expect something back is quite natural.

Harmony Apr 12, 2015 05:51pm

@Whistle - What "part of Arab culture"? You guys are good at preconceived ideas!

Abdul Basit Apr 12, 2015 05:53pm

The six Gulf state council, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates should sit on one table with Iran and Yamen to peacefully settle this crisis. There are no winners in a War. This is what we learnt in the Two World Wars and other smaller conflicts.

Moona Apr 12, 2015 06:01pm

@Riaz UAE a super power? HAHAHA

Niran Salehjee Apr 12, 2015 06:04pm

@KM That will be the day!!

Niran Salehjee Apr 12, 2015 06:08pm

@Barrister Well said sir!

Niran Salehjee Apr 12, 2015 06:13pm

@farrukh Not only that you have your history wrong and your facts and figures confused, you have your head in the wrong place!!

Niran Salehj