Less than 25% of KP development budget utilised

Published March 28, 2015
Only 24pc of the total ADP budget has been spent on sector-wise development projects ─ Photo: KP white paper 2014 - 2015
Only 24pc of the total ADP budget has been spent on sector-wise development projects ─ Photo: KP white paper 2014 - 2015

PESHAWAR: A document released by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government showing the sector-wise allocation of the KP budget for Annual Development Projects (ADPs) for 2014 – 2015 displays scant utilisation of the budget assigned to the province for development.

During the past nine months, of the total Rs139,764 million budget, Rs85,988m (61 per cent) has been released, of which Rs33,864m — 24pc of the total ADP budget — has been spent on sector-wise development projects.

The document reveals poor utilisation of funds allocated for the labour sector in KP. The labour sector is allocated an estimated budget of Rs26 million ─ only 0.02pc of the total budget. However, although all funds for the budget have been released, less than 1pc have been utilised.

Five sectors allocated the smallest proportion of the total budget:

  • Labour ─ Rs26m (0.02pc)
  • Environment ─ Rs57m ( 0.04pc)
  • Auqaf, Hajj, religious and minority affairs ─ Rs149m (0.11pc)
  • Transport ─ Rs200m (0.14pc)
  • Information ─ Rs224m (0.16pc)

Of the largest chunk of the estimated budget assigned to the elementary and secondary education sector —at Rs19,902m ─ only 37pc has been spent of the 61pc released.

Five sectors allocated the largest proportion of the total budget:

  • Elementary and secondary education ─ Rs19,902m (14pc)
  • Roads ─ Rs17,307m, (12pc)
  • Regional development ─ Rs16,994m (12pc)
  • Health ─ Rs11,207m (8pc)
  • Urban development ─ Rs8,760m (6pc)

According to bureaucratic sources, delays in the decision-making process, and strict rules and regulations are to blame for the poor utilisation of funds.

The source added that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak in a meeting expressed his displeasure over the weak utilisation of budget funds, and had ordered the expenditure of at least 40pc of the provincial budget. The previous KP government was criticised for lapsing billions of dollars allocated to ADPs.

The current KP government, however, has displayed commitment towards pursuing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)for 2015.

In a bid to eliminate power shortages from the province, the PTI government launched a Green Growth Initiative (GGI) in 2014, following which it declared war against timber smugglers and explored various energy options for off-grid localities.

The government's 'Sehat Ka Ittehad' anti-polio drive has also been praised by Bill Gates and touted as a viable model for polio drives in other provinces.

In order to facilitate conflict resolution, PTI Chairman Imran Khan launched dispute resolution committees to dispense quick and cheap justice for those who can't afford litigation and attorneys.

However, not all of PTI's efforts towards a 'Naya Pakistan' have been successful. The afforestation drive, a part of the GGI, has been hit by a shortage of funds and saplings ─ even though 60pc of the forestry budget has yet to be spent.

The situation for sanitation in lesser-developed areas of the province is still bleak, and under-enrollment in one fifth of the schools in the province is proving to be a financial liability on the government.



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