Education in Pakistan

February 22, 2015


PAKISTAN’S educational system is not delivering. The factors responsible are increasing poverty, discrimination among the different segments of society, inadequate teachers’ training and the government’s apathy.

The glaring difference in fee structure is another major issue as it directly affects the quality of education imparted. However, Pakistan’s literacy issues have received greater international attention after the Malala Yousafzai incident.

The government needs to take immediate measures and implement five and 10-year education plans. All political and religious parties need to be on the same footing for this.

The government’s main focus should be eliminating differences in education quality among the different classes of society and to maintain and improve the standard of education. It should ensure funds are always available for education and it should be free and compulsory.

Saima Saeed


Published in Dawn February 22nd , 2015

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