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Federal Minister for Inter-provincial Coordination (IPC) Riaz Hussain Pirzada. — Photo courtesy:
Federal Minister for Inter-provincial Coordination (IPC) Riaz Hussain Pirzada. — Photo courtesy:

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Inter-provincial Coordination (IPC) Riaz Hussain Pirzada has accused the Saudi government of creating instability across the Muslim world, including Pakistan, through distribution of money for promoting its ideology.

Addressing a two-day 'Ideas Conclave' organised by the "Jinnah Institute" think tank in Islamabad, the federal minister said 'the time has come to stop the influx of Saudi money into Pakistan'.

Read: Saudi Arabia loaned Pakistan $1.5bn to shore up economy

He also blasted his own government for approving military courts in the presence of an 'independent and vibrant judiciary' and said that military courts reflect 'weak and coward leadership'.

"Such cowardly leadership has no right to stay in power," Pirzada added.

In her opening remarks, Chairperson of Jinnah Institute Sherry Rehman said that the two-day conference would deliberate upon new ideas needed for a progressive and better Pakistan.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leader Shafqat Mehmood said the government has failed to address the problems being faced by the common man.

Also read: Parliament passes 21st Constitutional Amendment, Army Act Amendment

Awami National Party (ANP) leader Afrasiab Khan Khattak expressed regret over military courts and said their establishment 'has eroded democracy'. He called upon democratic elements to play their role in reversing the 21st constitutional amendment.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Farooq Sattar supported military courts and said there was no other option to deal with terrorists.

The Federal Minister for Commerce Khurram Dastgir while addressing the conference, said that for an elected government to deliver, they need at least a modicum of security that their leadership will exist tomorrow.

He said that lawmakers have little incentive to read legislation. They are judged by their constituents on how much patronage they can deliver.

"We are answerable to the people. No general would stand up here and take your criticism," said Dastgir.

He further added that there is no excuse for not holding local body elections.

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Comments (340) Closed

Moosa Jan 20, 2015 12:58pm

so now u all realize that Saudi money has actually burnt us from within....

Ahmed Iqbal Jan 20, 2015 01:06pm

He said enough, But Golden words "Such cowardly leadership has no right to stay in power"

Confused Jan 20, 2015 01:08pm

If all these people were so against military courts, why didn't they resign? A wave of resignations from the parliament against military courts would have killed these courts once and for all.

Merchant Jan 20, 2015 01:08pm

I am glad we as a nation now realise the true face of Saudis and those politicians who support Saudi Royal family. Eventually whatSaudis do is to promote the American propaganda in the rest of the Muslim world.

Hasaan Jan 20, 2015 01:10pm

Finallyyy!! Stop saving "The Kingdoms" and start strengthening democracies.

Justice Jan 20, 2015 01:14pm

I doubt PM will stop Saudi funds coming into the country. One of the conditions to provide safe heaven to Nawaz Sharif & his family in Saudi Arabia was that should he became PM he will not stop Saudi Arabia in carrying out its policies in Pakistan. Help always come with conditions attached as we all know. lol

Arshad Jan 20, 2015 01:15pm

Sir you voted for the same bill. You should have resigned before making it a law.

zafar Jan 20, 2015 01:15pm

Better late than never. .

Akhtar Jan 20, 2015 01:17pm

Saudis have done more damage to the muslim world than any enemy could of done on its own. They have corrupted muslims and caused disunity. Instead of building and supporting other muslim countries they have seemed to destroy them.

lalai Jan 20, 2015 01:17pm

Too courageous.

ahsan Jan 20, 2015 01:18pm

If only we were able to use our own resources and not be dependent on Saudi,US, our country would have been really peaceful and secure. Saudi/ US money comes at a cost, when will we learn this lesson.

Adnan Naz Jan 20, 2015 01:19pm

Thanks God after all time has started striping saudi-israel nexus. People should raise their voices against them now at least.

Tahir Jan 20, 2015 01:21pm

While I appreciate the bold stance of accusing Saudia Arabia for destabilizing Pakistan just for the sake of promoting its ideology, I don't buy his remarks where he criticized military courts. These courts are here because of the fact that this government is weak.

Hasan Hasni Jan 20, 2015 01:22pm

May be this is last speech of Mr Pirzada as Federal Minster.

Padmakar Jan 20, 2015 01:22pm

Such thinking will save Pakistan from further destruction.

baakhlaq Jan 20, 2015 01:23pm

Money always comes with strings.

Fuad Jan 20, 2015 01:24pm

If this statement is not denied, 1) Pirzada is not getting an Umrah Visa for sure, 2) We have a new topic for the channels (should they dare) to discuss and dwell upon till the next crisis hits Pakistan

Rogers Evans Jan 20, 2015 01:25pm

This minister is saying right things, although he may be in danger of losing his ministership. He semms to be fearless and unselfish person.

Napier Mole Jan 20, 2015 01:26pm

Hats off to the minister for speaking out his mind. It takes some guts to say this out. Obviously, there would be denials and condemnations and glossing over by other miniisters etc but it remains the fact that it is the money flowing in from Iran on one hand and Saudi Arabia and its gulf allies on the other which have made Pakistan the centre of their proxy wars. It is for PM and/or COAS to say out as well, Enough is Enough. Hands off Pakistan.

Sajid Jan 20, 2015 01:26pm

Wherever there are kings, queens and prince/princess in the World, Saudi Govt likes it. NS and his family are one example.

Husain Jan Jan 20, 2015 01:28pm

Well done....very well done indeed Pirzada saheb for speaking the truth. Hope our other core ministers will also show some courage by speaking about this fact which is already known to all but none of our govt legislators ever dared to condemn Saudi Arabia in clear terms. Perhaps they are fearful that the so-called grants / gifts would stop. Also hope that our rulers will not term this bold statement of Pirzada saheb as his personal opinion but instead will take publicly announced corrective measures to ensure that from now onwards not a single rial of Saudi govt reaches terrorists in our country.

Azam Jamil Jan 20, 2015 01:29pm

Finally!!!!!!! Someone has the courage to speak the truth.

Azam Jamil Jan 20, 2015 01:31pm

If we start refusing Saudi funding ( of any kind ) half our problems will be over.

usman Jan 20, 2015 01:34pm

At least minister has exposed the bitter truth, He must be given credit for speaking against his government. It is great courage to speak against the monarchy of Nawaz Sharif and his family. Hats off Pirzada sb.

Ahmed Jan 20, 2015 01:34pm

Finally someone who knows what he's talking about...

DBIndian Jan 20, 2015 01:35pm

So Saudi govt is Indian RAW agents??? LOL.

Pak govt blame India for terrorism in Pak; but when they trace the links, they (the terror links) points to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi and other muslim nations. Strange but true!

Atif Bangash Jan 20, 2015 01:36pm

That's a courageous statement which should be applauded. Roots of all evils in Muslim Countries lies in Saudis.

Ali Jan 20, 2015 01:42pm

Then why Raza Rabbani gave vote, cried, posed regret for his act, but still he sites inside fake parliament, what a topi drama.

Tranquil Jan 20, 2015 01:42pm

Finally Finally some one speaking

athar Jan 20, 2015 01:45pm

My dear Minister, rest assured, we will also fight for Saudi Arabia in case of any attack from the neighbour countries. Our policies after the Iran revolution has put us in such position. In the name of Muslim brotherhood, we have destroyed our own home. Fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves.

Azam Jamil Jan 20, 2015 01:47pm

Is he a serving Federal Minister? If he is, he can start packing. The PM has little tolerance to hear anything about his benefactors.

Optimist Jan 20, 2015 01:48pm

One should appreciate the mister for speaking the unspeakable truth. Any independent observer will notice that the Saudi funds influx in last couple of decades has poisoned the minds of simple god fearing Muslim population not only in Pakistan but other parts of the world as well. Glad that some ultimately gathered the guts to speak out.

Valiya Jan 20, 2015 01:49pm

Actually it was not India but Saudi was doing all these things to destabilize Pakistan.

Imran S Jan 20, 2015 01:49pm

Finally someone spoken about the fact how this money influx from SA is destroying us.

Haridas Jan 20, 2015 01:50pm

Are you sure Mr Riaz Hussain Pirzada and do you confirm your statement in view of the news reading "Saudi Arabia loaned Pakistan $1.5bn to shore up economy"? Saudi govt may respond....

Ayaz Jan 20, 2015 01:50pm

That is a bold statement ... we need to confront the Saudi government ...

Adeel Jan 20, 2015 01:52pm

Dear Honorable Minister If you feel so bad about decision of your own government then why you are still part of it ? Indeed Saudi influence should be stopped along with Irani influence. As Pakistan has become battle field of these to countries.

Sane Jan 20, 2015 01:54pm

Saudi money contribute towards the weakening of already dwindling society and military courts make it worse.

Ilyas Jan 20, 2015 01:54pm

Iran matched dollar for dollar from Saudi Arabia. Even college student knows Pakistan in ground for proxy war. Many people with huge stake now survive and thrive under this proxy war. Our successive governments have turned a blind eye towards this issue that has changed psyche of this nation. Better late than never. Lets wake up and fight out sectarianism.

Waseem Jan 20, 2015 01:55pm

All foreign govt. including Iran and Saudi Arabia and their people must be stopped from sending direct or indirect finances to private people/parties in Pakistan.

jj Jan 20, 2015 01:55pm

This man's, days are numbered. Where were you when the dharna was taking place. We are a nation of beggars.

Mansoor Sajid Jan 20, 2015 01:56pm

Bravo - At least someone from within the governing party has the courage to speak truth irrespective of the consequences.

Prince Jan 20, 2015 01:56pm

Thanks God. ! Finally a Pakistani spoke the truth. Its time for a uprising in Saudi to overthrow the corrupt SaudI regime. They are the root cause of extremism and terrorism around the world.

Ali Jan 20, 2015 01:56pm

There is always the top concern had mistakes and ultimately the poor citizen of Pakistan faced the music and people like him come on the stage and very bravely accusing others, rather to bring our own house in order. This is what our leader are and since 1947 we are having statements of the clowns.

weq Jan 20, 2015 02:00pm

He wants Saudi Money to not go to Public funds, he will pay us the money from his own deep pockets instead or will ask his friend Israel as that is where he wants the money to come from. Strong nations generate their own money and weaklings ask others, we are one of the latter and better Saudi money than US money.

nilor khan Jan 20, 2015 02:01pm

So true.

weq Jan 20, 2015 02:01pm

@ Moosa It has not burnt us within, from outside maybe, this nation has burnt itself by not generating any money. Think well before you write.

Umer Ali Jan 20, 2015 02:02pm

The influence of Saudi and Iran both have malicious effects in the politics of Pakistan. The only problem is while Saudis are sharif friends and Iranian are Zardaris friends. So Pakistanis wake up and eradicate these two partners at once if you want peace and prosperity in this country.

m h kayani Jan 20, 2015 02:03pm

No, the saudi has been feeding you for at least 60 years, without their help you will be NO more, so, stop being stupid and blame them for your own corruption.

Burjor Rustomji Jan 20, 2015 02:03pm

A very truthful, honest, statement. This statement should have come many years back, when this ideology came to notice of those concerned. But as we all know, we Pakistani's are a reactive entity, never pro-active, always re-active, still it is never too late. I am sure this man will be sacked, or transferred, or a clarification issued to cool matters down, being pliant has its limits. Pliant at the cost of 50,000 innocent lives, many thousands injured, billions lost, is there a need even to think. More Pakistani's should wake up especially the media. I salute Shada Islam for writing boldly in last Saturday's Dawn about the "tentacles" that this country has sent to our country.

bazil Jan 20, 2015 02:03pm

This Saudi ideology which has been rammed down our throats for the last 40 years has done more damage to Pakistan than America can ever dream of doing.

Intesar Jan 20, 2015 02:04pm

Finally someone in the government says what's been known for so long.... we need to distance ourselves from these so-called "brothers" and their blood money...

raza Jan 20, 2015 02:05pm

only true he says

syed wasim haider Jan 20, 2015 02:07pm

What an undiplomatic statement? NS will not sleep tonight for sure.

Mathew Jan 20, 2015 02:08pm

What about Iranian money in Yemen,Iraq,Syria and Lebanon?

Free Soul Jan 20, 2015 02:08pm

So Mr. Minister, when are you dissociating yourself from the 'weak and coward leadership' and resigning from the government?

fida sayani USA Jan 20, 2015 02:11pm

In 67 years of Pakistan history, Mr. Pirzada is the first Minister who had the conscience to stand up and criticize the government he represent. So after all Pakistan is not dead. Mr. Rabbani should learn from him instead of shedding crocodile tears.

Dan Jan 20, 2015 02:11pm

Even bribery in Riyal seems legit.

Merchant Jan 20, 2015 02:11pm

Salute to you Pirzada Saheb, I will vote for you if you stand for the Prime Minister. Your statement proves that there are still politicians in Pakistan who have the courage to stand for fairness and justice.

Azam Jamil Jan 20, 2015 02:13pm

Well said Mr. Minister. Truly spoken.

Hamid Niazi Jan 20, 2015 02:14pm

No one has brought greater ruin to Pakistan the the US with its painful "Loans" and importation of its agencies who regularly reak havoc!!!!

threatning Jan 20, 2015 02:18pm

Ironically NS just came back from Saudi visit......

Azam Jamil Jan 20, 2015 02:18pm

The Saudis need to realize there is a difference between humans and houbara bustards.

muhammad Jan 20, 2015 02:18pm

Thanks God someone from Government side dared to speak out the truth Saudi Arabia is the main source of all problems in Muslim world whether it is Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain or Pakistan. Saudi Monarchs should realize that they are playing with the fire and they will have to bear the brunt of such disastrous actions very soon

Khangul Jan 20, 2015 02:22pm

Bravo Mr. Pirzada for finally admitting what most of Pakistanis knew and spoke, in vain, for many years. Millions of innocents lives could have been saved if people in power, like you, had spoken earlier. But, alas!

tellmore Jan 20, 2015 02:22pm

Be Practical. With the Saudi money only thousands of Madrasas are running in Pakistan. With the cheap oil given by Saudi, pakistan is meeting the energy needs. Is it practical to stop the influx money from Saudi?

Rafi Jan 20, 2015 02:23pm

@ Moosa Stop Saudi money ....... Pay for your petrol first Mr Minister.

Adventurer Jan 20, 2015 02:24pm

Pakistan's dependence on Saudi funding in turn to promote Saudi ideology - has resulted in what is Pakistan - religious extremism. Look back at what it was before - was that good or bad?

Urooj Saifi Jan 20, 2015 02:26pm

You are my hero for saying what you said - well done

Muhammad Tahir Jamali Jan 20, 2015 02:26pm

@m h kayani It is fact.

khan saheb Jan 20, 2015 02:27pm

well said, May Allah keep him safe from all the evils

Zeeshan Jan 20, 2015 02:28pm

very true. everyone will realized it with the passage of time but it will be too late for Pakistan if we don,t stop it right now. The are using us for the strengthening of their kingship. There should be good and fair democracy in Sadi Arab as well.

Muhammad Tahir Jamali Jan 20, 2015 02:28pm

@raza What about himself

Rehan Jan 20, 2015 02:29pm

Definitely, time has come to decide fate of nation. self reliance must be the main vision of movement. first and sole Muslim nuclear power of the world should now stand against external influences by removing own incompetencies.

Rizwan Hamid Jan 20, 2015 02:31pm

Has he tendered his resignation? and who is his replacement going to be. His days are numbered

Adnan Khan Jan 20, 2015 02:32pm

What we have to understand that the land is holy and the holiness of the land or titles does not make the rulers holy. We all know that Saudi rulers are supporting a specific group of people in Pakistan to spread and support Saudis view. The root of this problem lies in vast majority of Madrassah being funded by Saudis. From These Madrassah are producing a brain washed generation. Get rid of these Madrassah’s and make available to these children proper school. But the big question is who will do this, in a country where we cannot even plan for few months of petrol, where we have refused to make investment in dams, where education budget is hardly 2% of GDP, where we are 126th most corrupt country in the world, there is seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Asif Jan 20, 2015 02:33pm

In fact we have to learned from the past and the ideology of Saudi Govt. 'the time has come to stop the influx of Saudi money into Pakistan'.

Owais Jan 20, 2015 02:34pm

I believe and have the same opinion with this factual and truthful statement, Saudi Government wants to impose their opinions, their ideology, their communal belief in Pakistan and for this way they have spent and are spending a lot of money. They are also employing their agents for imposing their thoughts.

Asif Jan 20, 2015 02:35pm

In fact we have to learned from the past and the ideology of Saudi Govt. Well said 'the time has come to stop the influx of Saudi money into Pakistan'

Parvez Jan 20, 2015 02:37pm

Never heard of him.......and Minister for Inter Provincial Co-ordination.....looks like a title created to accommodate someone.......but what he says is hard fact lets hope it resonates in the right places like the PM House..

Ajamal Jan 20, 2015 02:37pm

This minister should be fired forthwith. You cannot so openly accuse such an important ally.

Multani Jan 20, 2015 02:38pm

At least someone in courageous enough to call a spade a spade

Ajamal Jan 20, 2015 02:39pm

@bazil. What is "Saudi idealogy" that you have so brazenly swallowed in the last 40 years?

Gurprit Singh sirna Jan 20, 2015 02:40pm

Allah Kareem. Finally someone in Pakistan who has the strength to tell the Saudis the truth.

Azam Jamil Jan 20, 2015 02:41pm

In this unfortunate environment of perpetual deceit and lies, how refreshing does the truth sound !!!

Ajamal Jan 20, 2015 02:42pm

Mr. Minister - tell your boss to improve governance and provide relief to the people from load shedding, gas shedding, CNG shedding and finally now petrol shedding. Please stop blaming the others for the affairs of your own country.

sami Jan 20, 2015 02:43pm

He will be sacked with in hours,Nawaz sharif has billion dollars investment in saudia.

Kamal Gupta Jan 20, 2015 02:44pm

Good to see some politicians still have the guts to speak out.

usman Jan 20, 2015 02:45pm

@m h kayani

Saudis have been sucking our blood, we have been serving them as a spoiled woman since last 4 years. We should get rid of iran and saudia influence if we wanted progress. Ban saudi money into Pakistani medrassahs. Saudi has spoiled its relations with all its neighbours ie Yemen, Egypt, Iraq and Syria. It is not only pakistan, they have burnt all muslim countires for their sole wehabi preaching.

Taimur Jan 20, 2015 02:46pm

Being a Pakistani I believe that our real enemy is Saudi Arabia and not India. If we stop Saudi interference our 80% problems will be resolved.

Azam Jamil Jan 20, 2015 02:47pm

@Ajamal The "Boss" you are talking about is controlled by the people the Minister is speaking about.

shaz Jan 20, 2015 02:47pm

Regarding m courts . I think he biased . Where was vibrant active judiciary in last five years . Justice need to be quick and easy. And current judiciary lack both of them

Imran Azam Jan 20, 2015 02:53pm

bold statement

kind-hearted Jan 20, 2015 02:53pm

I think he didn't get his share ;)

Vicky Jan 20, 2015 03:02pm

@Ajamal agree

Vicky Jan 20, 2015 03:02pm

dear mr minister pleaseeeeeeeeee stop blaming others for your own mistakes.

Faisal Jan 20, 2015 03:04pm

Irresponsible reporting

Such headlines should not have been made in a paper with international circulation.

muhammad Jan 20, 2015 03:05pm

@Ajamal And the important ally should keep supporting terrorists / extremists openly ?

sauron Jan 20, 2015 03:05pm

@Adnan Naz Saudi-Israel?? You do understand that they are enemies right? The conspiracy theories just won't die.

muhammad Jan 20, 2015 03:07pm

@Ajamal The other Saudi Arabia is fueling extremism in our country and we should stop the corrupt rulers of Saudi Arabia immediately

arshad kamal Jan 20, 2015 03:07pm

Cowardly Leader ! Longing for General r Musharaf ?

Raja Jan 20, 2015 03:12pm

FM Pirzada is speaking the truth. Nawaz Sharif government pay attention to what he is saying.

Nitin Jan 20, 2015 03:12pm

In reality, the Saudis are not even a shadow on the descendants of the glorious Indus Valley civilization. One wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry at pakistanis playing second class citizens to the tribal saudis. Wake up and claim your rightful legacy, Pakistanis.

Riaz Jan 20, 2015 03:14pm

Whose directives are you following, Mr Minister?

Pakistani Jan 20, 2015 03:15pm

I agree, "brotherly" Saudi Arabia, and "brotherly" Iran have to be requested to stop fightung their wars in Pakistan.

If they wish to fight, they should fight amongst themselves

Ayyalusamy Jan 20, 2015 03:15pm

No, the saudi has been feeding you for at least 60 years, without their help you will be NO more, so, stop being stupid and blame them for your own corruption

desi Jan 20, 2015 03:15pm

With crashing oil price, Pakistan cannot milk free annual supply of 2 Billion worth of oil anymore from KSA. By next decade the oil well there will dry up. We may get cheap labor from KSA. Until then fuel shortage will be the norm in Pakistan.

Salma Jan 20, 2015 03:15pm

Bravo Pirzada. At last somebody has spoken. The truth. With courage and conviction. Let Pakistan or any other country be a wagging tail of Saudi Arabia which is sowing seeds of destruction everywhere.

bkt Jan 20, 2015 03:16pm

@Merchant : American propaganda? The Saudis promote Saudi propaganda.

Riaz Jan 20, 2015 03:16pm


What a statement? Are Saudis selling arms and ammunition to the world? Which point do you want to score?

ayesha Jan 20, 2015 03:17pm

Well you are Nawaz's govt... The Sharifs and Saudis are best friends so dont cry foul

Dr Ghulam Ali Jan 20, 2015 03:19pm

More serious debate is required on the role of Saudi Arabia in Pakistani politics. It is a serious issues.

shaz Jan 20, 2015 03:20pm

Unforttunately. We are still struggling to meet our financial challenges. It would be better our goverment talk with them to tranfer money in govt a.c and govt would deceide about distribution of money. First govt registered all medrassas of all sects in one entity and scrutinize medrasses beofore disbursing. Pakistan must make them agree on our national interest.

Muslim Jan 20, 2015 03:21pm

Muslim world started bleeding since 1990. Had Saddam Taken over Saudi Arabia, the mother of evil would have finished. Saudi Arabia is house of USA and Israel. It has created all non-sense in Muslim world. Time has come when IRAN, TURKEY and Pakistan takes a lead to unite the Muslim world and replace the Muslim traitors from face of the earth.

Rafiq Ali Jan 20, 2015 03:22pm

At last someone is showing some spine.

SadFace Jan 20, 2015 03:23pm

So after spending the money on your lavish life, you go to the lenders and say that you have economically shored up and there is no need for you to do anything for them. Same story with America, World Bank and other lenders.

Jason Jan 20, 2015 03:25pm

Finally, someone with some common sense

Mohammed Murad Jan 20, 2015 03:25pm

Wow. It is about time that polititians realize that. I still think it is long way to go to cut of Saudis from Pakistan. They have ruined Pakistan with extream thinking.

T.M. Reddy Jan 20, 2015 03:28pm

So, what is the answer? Questing is not the answer. Answering the problem is important to problems. We are fooling the public all the time due to ignorant people... Real causes of terrorism is military might of twisting the tales, government and rulers of all nature...

Qudratullah Marwat Jan 20, 2015 03:29pm

Its base less allegation. KSA is the only country which help more than any other country while the country in Crises.

farhan naseem Jan 20, 2015 03:32pm

Beautiful is one word and very true

Shafiq khan Jan 20, 2015 03:32pm

It is about time somebody spoke up , it has been a long time coming. Saudis have only one goal to save their control. not many people remember thier history. The rivals, the al Racheed (spelled in different ways) who sent them packing out of Arabia to Bhrain, have been wiped out of the land. They were ruthlessly hunted and killed . Not a single person of that line left alive irrespective where they went to seek refuge. It shows the Arab way. Haroon ul Rasheed did the same to a family who served him and his line so faithfully, in fact he would not succeed to power without their help and advice. One of them had relationship with his sister, he was butchered in front of the courtier s , he had his sister killed and chased her son in all over Arabia and had him killed in the holy city. They will do anything to make sure that there is no possible threat to their kingship, Islamic or unislamic means. There official institution of religious issues the C.R.L O is there to issue "Fatwas" to promote their version of Islam. More often than not to use weak Traditions to give creadence to unislamic determinations. They demean women mandating obedience to husbands, but they also contribute to the general denigration of the moral status of women.

Thay openly defy the practices of the Prophet(pbuh) in terms of subduing well documented they forget how the prophet treated his wives and respected his wives. His wives were not his slaves, but the Saudi C.R.LO determins women so.

Viking Star Jan 20, 2015 03:33pm

Probably this minister is not been served as per his wishes by the NS govt so he decided to issue such statement before he eventually is thrown out. Nice gimmick Mr. Minister! And I loved the joke by this minister where he says "'independent and vibrant judiciary'' - we all know it very well....if we had such a vibrant judiciary, there wouldn't have been a need for military courts. We all know of the corrupt ex CJ. And the present judiciary is spineless, limbless. And a country like Pakistan who begs Saudi's for aid, how dare you show your eyes to your masters?

dost mohammed Jan 20, 2015 03:35pm

Dastgir has admitted why parliamentary democracy is failing in Pakistan. The purpose of Parliament (the Legislature) is to deliver laws and not patronage. But instead the MPs are mostly concerned about using their office to patronise favours for themselves, their cronies, and constituents - in that order.

The judiciary is also grandly failing. The judges and lawyers are not acting out of any lofty ideals but power hunger for themselves. Decisions against the ultra rich and powerful, the ultra corrupt, or ultra dangerous terrorists are rare if any.

So the civillian institutions - the people who occupy its powerful positions - are largely to blame for the extra-constitutional dominance of the Pakistan Army.

Chi ben Jan 20, 2015 03:36pm

Saudi Wahhabis have their own version of Quran. They are the cause of many of Muslim world's problems. One need to obtain a copy of the Holy book from Saudi Embassy and compare the foreword with other versions of Quran and one will notice what hatred Saudi version of Quran distributed freely by the embassy is. Hatred against Ansari, justifying killings and use of force justified etc. Minister Pirzade is right on this one. I give him credit to speak his mind freely and pinpoint one of the root causes of Pakistan and Islamic World's problems.

minority Jan 20, 2015 03:39pm

Finally.....someone musters up the courage in the brown nose regime to say the truth.......lets see how long the takla duo let him be in this position before their Saud masters ask them to do something about it.

Sami Qureshi Jan 20, 2015 03:45pm

It is a futile attempt to cover the weaknesses of the politicians on one hand and to pacify the growing frustration of the masses on the other that has turned their life miserable due to the mental bankruptcy and bad governance of the ruling elites. It seems that the main objective of the seminar was to oppose the establishment of the military courts. Majority of politicians are involved in corruptions and they are aware of the results if the military courts turn their direction towards them. By criticizing Saudi Arabia, the minister intended to create sensation so that people could have diverted their attention on the other side of the national integrity as a prestigious nation. How a minister of Nawaz's cabinet could dare to raise a finger towards Saudi Arabia?

Karachi Wala Jan 20, 2015 03:48pm

Finally, someone spoke the truth.

S.M.Shabbir Jan 20, 2015 03:49pm

I think it is time to tell Saudi monarchs to bring democracy in their country and stop providing money to religious zealots of this country.

Babu Jan 20, 2015 03:50pm

As an Indian non Muslim ,I found preferential treatment and favour towards Indians by Saudis,to the extents non Muslim Indians in all spheres of employment in Saudia .Indians where hardly checked on arrival at the airports and treated better in govt agencies compared to Pakistanis.This was my experience nearly 20 years back.

Ali Jan 20, 2015 03:50pm

@weq enough is enough we don't want that any country should give us money, because till we will not work we will not stop all those clowns who are using our people. We should start think on these lines.

GKBaloch Jan 20, 2015 03:51pm

Federal minister of Nawaz Sharif's government said this ? MNS is on his way to Saudi Arabia to apologize to our ' dear brothers' .

kasif Jan 20, 2015 03:52pm

Do we have a choice? If Saudi stops money flow, our wazir-e -ala will go mad. They will extract their pound of flesh. Our rulers are more than eager to barter our interests to please US and Saudi. Disgusting but true.

Irfan Baloch Jan 20, 2015 03:53pm

Bravo Bravo brave words I hope by the time this report is printed, the said Minister is not forced to retract his words and not made to resign and apologise. Saudi global funding of its ideology is very aggressive and destructive and specially it it has made been successful in disrupting peace & leading to violent extremism where the countries were poor, had corrupt and dependent leadership

bauke Jan 20, 2015 03:53pm

If Pirzada remains minister or will become minister of foreign affairs, then there is some freedom of speech -at the highest level- in Pakistan.

Imran Jan 20, 2015 03:55pm

Salute your courage Minister. As it is said "a drop of water makes pond." So dear fellows we have made a beginning. Today there is single voice against the so-called royal kingdom tomorrow it will multiply.

Rafi Jan 20, 2015 03:55pm

@Ayaz While India is forging strong ties with Iran and Afghanistan here we are confronting the only long term friend we have in the region. Modi last week called the Saudi leaders to wish good health to the saudi king and u want NS to call them for confrontation.

FerozeKN Jan 20, 2015 03:57pm

I guess minister 's criticism of his own government tantamount to jumping off the sinking ship.

Lord Jan 20, 2015 04:01pm

Society is formed by what your are taught , what do you expect from a Wahabi madressa docrtine ?more intolerance ! finally somebody had the guts to address the elephant in the room , if you don't address the root cause how will a nation survive, worst part is this ideology has produced nothing but death , oil is a natural gift ironically from dead fossils, As someone mentioned being part of a civilization 5000 years old learning comes naturally ! Important thing is what is being taught ! garbage in garbage out!

khanm Jan 20, 2015 04:05pm

@Ahmed Iqbal... most top notched cowards be the leaders... if they are fortified by money...remember fools with money in their pockets always rule, come in power... this is what our history is....After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.

El Indiano Jan 20, 2015 04:07pm

Nearly every time I visit Dawn, there is some news about a Pakistani being beheaded by the Saudis. It seems that the Saudis take great pleasure in chopping human heads, specially Pakistani heads. They chop Pakistani heads the way the rest of us chop onions for salad. Given the way the money trail for global terrorism invariably leads back to Saudi, one would think its about time they started chopping some of their own heads.

khanm Jan 20, 2015 04:07pm

@Confused please don't be confused..if they resign they will have no money.... no money no say so... that is how our society works...

sami Jan 20, 2015 04:08pm

Half statement both Saudia and Iran sponsoring terrorism through out the world.

Azam Jamil Jan 20, 2015 04:10pm

There goes our last hope of getting some petrol. :-)

AHA Jan 20, 2015 04:10pm

Is Riaz Hussain Pirzada fired already. I hope for his safety. He has earned my respect.

Thoroughthinker Jan 20, 2015 04:13pm

Any money with strings is a bait. Often it is a bribe and more often a ploy to enslave masses.

Fareed (usa) Jan 20, 2015 04:14pm

$1.5 billion , 'charity' had a precondition, dance to the tune set by Saudi Royals.

khanm Jan 20, 2015 04:14pm

@Merchant ...Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves.

khanm Jan 20, 2015 04:15pm

@Justice nothing comes in this life with out a price tag

Thoroughthinker Jan 20, 2015 04:16pm

Don't forget Mr. Minister, Saudi Monarchy had saved NS from the gallows !

Moosa Jan 20, 2015 04:16pm

@weq I think you need to broaden your mind before you can even understand what the minister has said and what i mean by my comment.

khanm Jan 20, 2015 04:17pm

@Akhtar if you have a philosophy either my way or high way... what do u expect....

Rajani Jan 20, 2015 04:20pm

Truth prevails no matter how long it takes.

N.G. Krishnan Jan 20, 2015 04:20pm

Here is a daring person calling spade a spade being critical of military court.

The Hindu paper in today's editorial similarly said "The courts are to begin trying cases soon. In the eyes of the public, the Army is bound to be seen as being more efficient than the elected government — military trials do end quickly and military-appointed judges may be more daring than those in Pakistan’s civilian antiterrorist courts. But speed does not always serve the interests of justice, and opens up the danger of misuse of the process against innocent civilians, including those involved in legitimate political activity. Years of patronage by the security establishment of terrorist groups have radicalised all sections of society. Pakistan can tackle this malaise only by strengthening its democratic institutions."

Yousuf47 London Jan 20, 2015 04:20pm

The Minister has quite rightly pointed a finger on the Saudis of supplying money to promote their ideology whip has proved detrimental in the Islamic world and be contained. The Saudis perhaps have to clean up their act at home as Muslins are akin to lean with the Saudis being the guardians of two of the most holiest shrines for Muslims of the world. Pakistan should seize any such amounts coming into Medrassas or other similar set ups.

Ghani K Jan 20, 2015 04:22pm

I guess minister is voicing Nawaz Sharif' resentment , seems Royals refused to supply free oil , turned down PM's request when he visited them last week.

Salma Jan 20, 2015 04:24pm

@Salma Correction of a misprint. Let NOT Pakistan or any other country be a wagging tail of saudi Arabia

Chi ben Jan 20, 2015 04:25pm

@Babu , You are right on that one. Subtle discrimination is there. Rich sheikhs will develop real estates and prefer to have whites and Indians (in that order) as their tenants than Muslims from Asian continent. They frequent those expatriate compounds to drink (home brewed wines) sitting by the side of swimming pools. On thursday afternoons they troop to Bahrain to enjoy their life to the fullest and on fridays they drive back to wahhabi wonderland. Double faced, double standard exporters of extremism.

Parivel Jan 20, 2015 04:25pm

Money power has done enough damage to Pakistan.... On other hand Pakistan rules used these power to stick to power. It is started from US funds to SA funds...... Atleast Pakistan realize now..... Pakistan is victim of terror plans of USA & KSA..... Pls., come out and see the world.... It has changed enough.... Force your govt to change the rules which were used to cheat Pakistan's common man.

hp Jan 20, 2015 04:26pm

wow... He has courage...... but saudiz will take him out

Taimoor Jan 20, 2015 04:26pm

"Such cowardly leadership has no right to stay in power," Pirzada added.

Put your money where you mouth is and resign from minister-ship and from PML(N). Otherwise its all hogwash.

Riaz Jan 20, 2015 04:29pm


Never believe in one sided stories; was there something new that he spoke of? Why was he quiet till now?

Riaz Jan 20, 2015 04:30pm


We are suffering due to such thinking; talking at the behest of others.

Ghani K Jan 20, 2015 04:30pm

Wait what Pervez Rashid, PM's "His master's voice" has to say, provided he ignores his first duty for a while - criticism of IK and PTI.

Husain Jan Jan 20, 2015 04:33pm

@Hasan Hasni Yes by speaking against the friend of PM the minister saheb has surely risked his post...either he will be made to retract his statement or face the consequences.

Adnan A Jan 20, 2015 04:33pm

Very gutsy move by the Minister. Knowing how close Nawaz Sharif and company is to Saudi royal family, Minister should know he will be crucified by the PML-N and the religious establishment supported by Saudi money.

Husain Jan Jan 20, 2015 04:36pm

@Rogers Evans May God save this minister saheb from the wreath of PM and his close associates. The nation would not be surprised if Pirzada saheb is trapped in some corruption case.

ANWAR Jan 20, 2015 04:36pm

This person RIAZ Hussein Pirzada's real responsibility to boost coordination between provinces. He can work to build Kalabagh dam and this can be achieved if all provinces agree. Does anyone in this world can tell him are supposed to do some work. As far as foreign relationships are concerned this is none of your business. There are other forums and people who know much about this topic.

Adil Khan Bhittani Jan 20, 2015 04:37pm

My dear fellow citizens, Saudis are paying the band, you dance to the tune they pick.

Husain Jan Jan 20, 2015 04:39pm

@Azam Jamil May God save him from the wreath of PM. Aameen.

OneMoreThing Jan 20, 2015 04:49pm

Impressed with this minister. He's called a spade a spade and there's non blacker than the Saudis.

Shahrukh Fatah Jan 20, 2015 04:53pm

Well done, Mr Pirzada! Finally a Federal Minister speaks up!

Jatt Jan 20, 2015 04:55pm

Stopping Saudi money will make no difference as we also should stop Irani, UAE and Qatar money. All is needed but above all we should make our own country and culture secular where religion should not be allowed to benefit anyone in the temporal field and also should not be allowed to harm anyone in the temporal field. Secularism as espoused by Ataturk has worked wonders for Turkey a land without Gas or Oil that has an economy and society better than Iran, Saudi and Iraq all lands were they have wasted there national treasure on useless pursuits.

Jatt Jan 20, 2015 04:59pm

@Atif Bangash Not true at all. Saudi influence is really only in Pakistan and not in other muslim countries. The reason is the same as to why Iranian influence is here as well. Pakistanis are generally willing to accept anything to do with religion and this is their downfall be like arab muslims, is my advise, they generally do not waste too much time on religion visit Morrocco, Tunisia, Egypt, UAE,Lebanon and other arab states no one wastes much time on religion it is sadly us who talk about religion all day long.

Liberal Jan 20, 2015 05:03pm

I am glad the Federal Minister said this. Now it is time we realize that this Saudi and also the Iranian interference in our country has caused a lot of damage. They fight the proxy war here in our homeland, weakening us from within by creating a divide. We stand divided on sectarian and ethnic lines.

Abdul Malik Jan 20, 2015 05:04pm

Now I call this a real gutsy minister. He should be saluted. Not only he has told these Saudis point blank to stay away from interfering and creating uncertainties in Pakistan but he has criticize his own government as well. Bravo.

Keki Jan 20, 2015 05:05pm

Very courageous article as All Arabic Kingdoms treat Muslims from India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh as second class for their menial work and sex! Most Pakistanis will welcome if USA's aid is not received and to realise what happens as American aid does not reach the common man. Saudi's aid cannot be refused as there is no choice for wage earners and others.

Muhammad Astar Jan 20, 2015 05:06pm

You speak the truth Mr Pirzada. There is no doubt that Saudi money is fueling fire in our house. It helped to suppress democratic movement in Behrain and Egypt. This money is involved in Syrian conflict as well. Mr Pirzada you can offer another sound advice to keep away Iran from our affairs. Certainly military courts are against the spirit of democracy. Why Mr Pirzada you remain with Mian brothers. You seem to me a truthful man say good bye to them. Sharifs are minions of Sauds and Sauds are root stock of depots in Islamic world.

raf Jan 20, 2015 05:17pm

Well done, I agree. It is not always good to agree with friends when they are wrong. It is much better to disagree and tell friends why it is so. Another thing I would like ti request Dawn that it should arrange the comments in such a way that like minded people may use the thumb up or thumb down instead of writing their individual comments which may be a freedom of expression but does not answer solutions.

roarwali Jan 20, 2015 05:19pm

Good to hear such news from a federal minister.

Khan Jan 20, 2015 05:19pm

That's a lie, its coming from the pm, when one starts to blame others for there own currupt practices, nawaz sharif has something to HIDE. Pm had big plans!

Saleem Jan 20, 2015 05:24pm

Bravo Pirzada sb! For the loudest slap on his own govt and sharif family politics

Junaid Jan 20, 2015 05:24pm

just came back from dubai and was shocked to see that there is seperate line at immigration or pakistan, bangladesh and most poor african muslim nations for aggressive checking, while us indians go in common lines with european. so much for religious brotherhood.

Stargazer Jan 20, 2015 05:25pm

Truth prevails. These are welcome words, which show honesty and guts of the speaker. Its not easy to name Saudi Arabia, for all what they have done across the muslim world.

muhammad Jan 20, 2015 05:25pm

@Pakistani Their proxy war may have stopped but the funding of madrassas by Saudi Government and their support for banned organizations in Pakistan is more dangerous therefore our government should request the Saudis to discontinue their support to extremist organizations and madrassas in Pakistan with immediate effect

samina Jan 20, 2015 05:25pm

"Such cowardly leadership has no right to stay in power"

well said

Sabir Hameed Jan 20, 2015 05:26pm

Its too late now.

yasir Dhillown Jan 20, 2015 05:27pm

Acually if Saudi Arabia try to stop all kind of oil trade to America and make great relation to Muslim world then no body can defeat us.

M. Siddique Jan 20, 2015 05:29pm

So when a minister criticize the mentors of PM in Saudi Arabia, how long he will stay in his position?

Kumar Jan 20, 2015 05:30pm

That is why China is best friend for Pakistan. China does not give any aid or impose any ideology.

Alarmed Jan 20, 2015 05:34pm

Stop accusing the Saudi's they helped us!

The problem are the Nawaz sharifs of Pakistan and the Zardari's who need to spend $800,000 for one single trip.

Get rid of corrupt leaders like Nawaz and Zardari and Pakistan will never need any monies from anyone.

nasiroski Jan 20, 2015 05:34pm

Hats off to you Mr Pirzada, finally someone in the echelons of Power is talking about evils of Petro Riyals.

jawad Jan 20, 2015 05:37pm

Finally someone spoke the truth.

HZR Jan 20, 2015 05:43pm

@Akhtar As they ...with friends like the Saudis you do not need enemies or clash of civilisation theories.Read articles on how Saudis have destroyed all the sacred sites of islam and built 5 star hotels there instead!

Saleem Jan 20, 2015 05:47pm

Riaz Hussain should be the PM Now. My votes will go for him. A man with courage and right said. Pakistan should have realized it.

Talha Jan 20, 2015 05:47pm

I agree with Mr. Pirzada but I would only feel that he is speaking from his heart if he resigns. If he feels that this government is incompetent, which many of us feel too, then why is he still a part of it?

Agha Asad Raza Jan 20, 2015 05:49pm

He is so right, the Saudis with the Americans have REALLY messed up the world!

Anwar Jan 20, 2015 05:50pm

Riaz Hussein Pirzada remained minster in every government and never had this complain before. I already said like every minister he is is answering his own role and responsibilities in the current government. What he has done under his portfolio. This is his sectarian remark. He favored one sect and pave the way for sectarian debate. He thinks he is a player :) so people will fight and when IK or Zardari will come to power next time he will be again minister for sports because of his 'sporting' statement. What a cheep our leaders are. Please also remember he was also minster in Zardari government. So I am absolutely sure he will be very high profile minister in IK government because who cares about performance. Just check all comments lols...People ask him what are you doing in your current portfolio for the nation. We need to build a dam to overcome energy crisis and your ministry is very important to develop national consensus over this lingering issue.

sameer Jan 20, 2015 05:50pm

I think he has decided to leave Mr. PM.

Ganga Din Jan 20, 2015 05:55pm

"Federal minister accuses Saudi govt of destabilizing Muslim world"

What happened to him? Looks like he didn't get his share from that $1.5B gift from a friend. LOL.

Muhammad Jan 20, 2015 05:56pm

Pakistan's number one enemy is Saudi Arabia.

wizarat Jan 20, 2015 06:04pm

A sitting Federal Minister criticizing his own government's performance. It is rather unique for Pakistan.

I wonder how long would he be kept in by the Saudi Mole.

Although he is correct and one could read the New york Times just of last week and would observe that the US finally is also debating about their relationship with the Saudis for the same reason.

The Saudis do provide the money to various Islamic Organization throughout the world with one caveat - "You will teach our Ideology" and this was done during ZAB's regime (Blasphemy Law); Zia's process of Islamization (Saudization ) of Pakistan and last tenure of Mr. Nawaz Sharif when he wanted to be declared Amirul Momineen (we couldn't find any momineen to call him Amir)

However it is interesting and a hopeful sign for Pakistan. The first thing in a process to fix the problem is to identify/recognise the problem and then according to the Saudi Monarch, to kill a snake you must cut its head off. Cutting off the funding from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries would tantamount to cutting the head off. Jan 20, 2015 06:05pm

Most people on this forum are agreeing that Saudi and USA skullduggery is going on in Pak and they are inflaming a bad situation. So: Why do the Pakistanis not stop it? Why re-elect the same crooks again and again who are in the pocket of USA and SA? We need to correct ourselves first..

Kamran Jan 20, 2015 06:10pm

If all Pakistanis start thinking this way they will get rid of Saudi ideology which is destructive.

Sadogarhiwal Jan 20, 2015 06:11pm

I wish some had the courage to call spade a spade when the saudi petro dollars started pouring in and we called it afghan jehad.

Arsalan Kamal Jan 20, 2015 06:14pm

Hmmm.. now how long is he going to last in Government?...but well done for speaking out.

Talha Jan 20, 2015 06:15pm

@Anwar I think your comment speaks of important points, not that I am being judgmental.

Nisar Jan 20, 2015 06:15pm

Now we are up to the root of all religious problems i.e. the Saudi money for their so called ideology. Pakistan should take it seriously, and fight against this menace of extremism from where it originates. The govt must stop politicizing everything and should work for the betterment of the people as it is the only function of the state to deliver public.

Muhsmmad Faroow Jan 20, 2015 06:18pm

I m happy someone is talking from the Govt side. Good job Minister!

Muhsmmad Faroow Jan 20, 2015 06:23pm

@Hasan Hasni o yea but the best one since he was born. Hope other politicians intellectuals and opinion leaders would come forward to expose the middle eastern countries especially KSA. They fund the nurseries of terrorism.

Anwar Jan 20, 2015 06:23pm

@wizarat When did he address his own government's performance ?

Imran Jan 20, 2015 06:24pm

Oh! cry me a river..... Blame the whole world but never accept your own faults. Pakistan leadership lives under denial. If you have strong and high walls, I doubt anyone can penetrate them easily. You pretend to be clean and progressive but inside there is loads of scum flowing though the veins of the system.

Reddy Jan 20, 2015 06:28pm

Definately a minister with guts but will gain no glory. He has hit the nail on the head but will be immensely unpopular for this comment. Compliment him for the first signs of dissent and protest against mighty Saudi Arabia.

Jat Jan 20, 2015 06:29pm

@Azam Jamil - The Saudis need to realize there is a difference between humans and houbara bustards

Actually this is silly statement if you think deeply. The correct statement would be "The common Pakistanis need to realize there is a difference between them and houbara bustards".

Why would Saudis think for the Pakistanis ?

Whatever Jan 20, 2015 06:31pm

Took you long enough to realize!!!!

N Jafri Jan 20, 2015 06:32pm

Thanks good they realized the enemy after losing so much. No we must change the course

Naghma Jan 20, 2015 06:38pm

Good Points made. Hope his statements catch 'fire' among the masses regarding how Saudi's $ has truly burnt Pk in more ways than one.

Aj Jan 20, 2015 06:38pm

It is your country do something

Ahmer Jan 20, 2015 06:41pm

Biting the hand that feeds.

saeeds Jan 20, 2015 06:45pm

Pakistan politician work hard for democracy. It is because of politician people can give there opinion. I hope democracy continue in this country with all odd.

Minhaz Jan 20, 2015 06:50pm

This guy needs protection... Now that he has said the truth...

ubermeow Jan 20, 2015 06:51pm


His conscience, I guess...

goggy Jan 20, 2015 06:54pm

You always blame somebody else ...

ubermeow Jan 20, 2015 06:54pm


....correct yourself, before Saudi money it was the US money that was keeping Pakistan alive. And still it is the case!! Pakistan took the easy route, now you're floundering.

Zia Rehman Jan 20, 2015 06:55pm

It seems very interesting twist in the politics of Sharifs. If you know them closely you shall appreciate that their ministers dare to speak only what they are allowed to to speak. It seems to me on being shunned by Saudis now they have resorted to cheap tactics. This also shows no love of the motherland. I opine/theorize that this minister's remarks have deep meaning. He has been asked to express that. It seems that there is deal underway which is not liked by Sharifs. TAQ visit to SA maybe related. No one could have dared to kill 14 at Model Town SA has been very helpful to Pakistan I am against unwanted/unwarranted interference, but we need friends like SA. I don't like kingship but we are to live with them. They have been always helpful e.g Kashmir issue. Atomic issue etc etc We need her

Khizr Jan 20, 2015 06:57pm

I appreciate Jinnah Institute for promoting the dialogue and also applaud the candidness of the politicians to accept their failure. Our politicians and parliamentarians have not delivered completely on their responsibilities for decades. In spite of that, we need to expect more from our parliamentarians and spell out our expectations. Think Tanks must help define those expectations (job description), and help enable the parliamentarians to deliver on it.

JAN Jan 20, 2015 06:58pm

Federal Minister for Inter-provincial Coordination (IPC) Riaz Hussain Pirzada remarks are just a true example of " jis thali main khao, usi main chaid karo". shame shame - better resign and join other purist party.

Riaz Jan 20, 2015 06:59pm


I don't think so; he is playing some game.

Imran Mehmood Jan 20, 2015 07:00pm

This honorable Minister should say the same about Iran

Justwsf Jan 20, 2015 07:00pm

10000% agree.. Jan 20, 2015 07:10pm

unbeilievi ble from a Pak politician. this statement will be denied tomorrow

Syed Zafar Kazmi Jan 20, 2015 07:10pm

@lalai Absolutely. Kudos. Goes to show the country has started turning in the right direction of being self dependent.

Syed Zafar Kazmi Jan 20, 2015 07:14pm

@Hasan Hasni Quite likely; but most likely his bold criticism will encourage many others

Real Truth Jan 20, 2015 07:14pm

Mr Pirzada, your statement DOES NOT make any sense at all -- at best, it seems to be a lousy effort at some point scoring!!! You are saying that this coward govt has no right to stay in power, yet you are SHAMELESSLY clinging to your ministership!!! -- a classic case of, "Eat the cake and have it!" Why don't you first RESIGN and then have a go at such silly antics?

ABBAS Jan 20, 2015 07:17pm

Well, said Mr. Pirzada its, true that saudis always engage with other muslim countries on the bases of their fundamentalists approach to islamic teaching which bring about instability in these poor countries.Utimately, there harmonious societies become victim of hatred and chaos.

Idea Khan Jan 20, 2015 07:24pm

Please Google and check how Saudi Arabia is actually and consciously breaking hundreds of years old buildings

jami Jan 20, 2015 07:29pm

well said brave step at-least somebody admitted role of saudi govt in instability of Muslim world....

syed mumtaz ali kazmi Jan 20, 2015 07:31pm

I agree with pirzada. By this time it is bad governance.

Shamail Jan 20, 2015 07:32pm

I will be surprised if we don't get a retraction from the Minister tomorrow, or an explanation that this was "taken out of context".

Yasmin Jan 20, 2015 07:34pm

It's not only Saudis. Our brother countries Iran, Iraq, UAE, Kuwait etc etc are doing the same. They have differences among each other. And the best place to settle score is Pakistan. Where every thing is for sale. At a very nominal price.

Patrick Patel Jan 20, 2015 07:46pm

I agree! Zia took money from them and shifted the nation's culture

Nazir Ahmed Jan 20, 2015 08:00pm

Bravo, Riaz Hussain Pirzada, you speak the truth. You expressed the opinion of millions of Pakistani.

Jay Malik Jan 20, 2015 08:00pm A true leader to me.

Shakil Jan 20, 2015 08:07pm

Saudis agenda is not limited to Pakistan, it applies to whole Islamic world.

Hassan Jan 20, 2015 08:08pm

All the comments here shows that the public has woken up and won't tolerate any non sense

Agha Ata Jan 20, 2015 08:13pm

@Confused They didn't resign because they don't get any unemployment benefits.

ali Jan 20, 2015 08:18pm

Please Google confession of economic hitman by John perkins.

Better Person Jan 20, 2015 08:26pm

Finally Gene out of the bottle. We should congratulate Minister Pirzada telling the truth. Now second Pakistani owner, China will come after unless Pakistanis keep China in check.

Ahmer Jan 20, 2015 08:29pm

Sir, remember that we might need Saudi Arabia again.

rana1 Jan 20, 2015 08:30pm

@Fuad .... Hajj and umra once in a lifetime should suffice the religious fundamental,and performing of hajs and umras is vanity.Why not give that expense to a poor person either go for haj or help a poor family.Government of Pakistan should limit hajs and umras by same persons,as it still benefits those arab businessmen/scrupulous molvis.

zeeshan Jan 20, 2015 08:36pm

@Merchant are the saudis promoting "american propoganda"? did you even read the article?

SBB Jan 20, 2015 08:38pm

Thank you for your courage... thank you for speaking the truth!

An interested reader of Asian news Jan 20, 2015 08:40pm

Finally, some body in the higher up is saying what many in the general public , not the elite intellectuals, have been saying for so long.

rana1 Jan 20, 2015 08:41pm

@Hassan ...........we must thank IK for emboldening us.

Saeed Jan 20, 2015 08:42pm

Finally someone has said something. however, this country has grown because of the Saudi money. I thank the Saudi Govt. for that.

An interested reader of Asian news Jan 20, 2015 08:43pm

This refers to Mr. Sattar's tweet: How many calls will be "final" wake up calls. I think there have been so many that no body wants to wake up any more.

Mohammad Afsar Jan 20, 2015 08:44pm

I admire the minister for his courage to point out that saudi money to export its ideology is one of the main source of problems in the muslim world.

It's time for muslims to look within rather than acting as victims of non-muslim world policies.

InamUllah Jan 20, 2015 08:47pm

Why we, instead of putting our own house in order, blame others for our failures. What is the vision of our leaders? What we as a nation and our leaders have learnt from the past mistakes. Simple logic of demand and supply couldn't be applied after reduction in petroleum prices. The crisis turned more painful when media on aired the reality behind the whole drama of selling PSO to the government cronies.When we will learn to behave like a strong nation?

Haji Islam Jan 20, 2015 08:56pm

For the time being military courts are the right solution. Our courts has failed badly.

Peaceplease Jan 20, 2015 08:58pm

Finally they realised but nothing is going to happen

khurram Khan Jan 20, 2015 09:01pm

I am glad to see some honest people in N League's fold. He knows that his Govt as so far failed, BADLY.

msm Jan 20, 2015 09:02pm

@ahsan and that is a very respectable way of living and possible also only if we can root out corruption from our lovely country.

khurram Khan Jan 20, 2015 09:03pm

@Ahmed Iqbal ..yes, exactly. Must be an honest politician.

Rehan Ashraf Jan 20, 2015 09:08pm

True.. Jan 20, 2015 09:11pm

I never thought any Pakistani will ever have enough courage to to make this statement. Hats off to Mr. Riaz Hussain.

ibrahim Jan 20, 2015 09:16pm

a brave heart .

wiserneighbour Jan 20, 2015 09:25pm

Is it not an open secret that Saudi money pumped into religious charities and other organisations to promote their wahabi ideologies to counter Iran and other countries?This paved way for religious extremism and look at the status today! What minister stated is true and rot is deep into the systems of Pakistan. This destroyed the democratic institutions .

Emjay Jan 20, 2015 09:40pm

I must say, for the first time in my life, and after giving all hope for this country, I'm seeing things I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. Things like civil society led by brave young men like Jibran Nasir protesting against the almighty mullahs, Army's clear resolve to fight extremism, and now a criticism of Saudi Arabia by a sitting minister on a public platform like this. Am I dreaming?

ajit paldhe Jan 20, 2015 09:53pm

audacious comments. it is even more applicable for India.But unfortunately,Indian leaders cutting across all party lines lack courage to acknowledge it.

Venkata Ramana Jan 20, 2015 09:58pm

@Haji Islam. Courts didn't failed governance failed - due to public, who didn't choose right candidate.

safdar Nisar Jan 20, 2015 10:06pm

R Pirzada is right about Saudi government to distribute oil money into underdevelop world to promote Islam.Every such country deny this aid and much energy, time and money should be spent on Science and technology and close down all Madras

Insaan Jan 20, 2015 10:08pm

Either going to be labeled as a foreign agent or kicked out of his ministership or both. Nonetheless, finally someone daring to talk about the elephant in the room.... lets kick all such money influx from KSA and others out of Pakistan and start loving peace again.

Ali Jan 20, 2015 10:08pm

If I ever have the pleasure of meeting Mr Pirzada, I would not only like to shake his hand but give him a big hug for speaking up. The Saudi Military Industrial Complex backed by its oil and ZERO intellect is responsible for taking Pakistan and Muslims backwards. We need to be VERY clear. We are not Arabs and if one dares call himself an Arab in front of a Saudi, he gets berated and belittled. Had it not been for the oil, the Saudi's would still be desert dwellers.

al Jan 20, 2015 10:11pm

Theres two sides to every coin. Saudi and Iran, Both are destablizing mulsim world, In Irans victims of geopolitical influence are Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain

Socrates Jan 20, 2015 10:32pm That also shows who is almighty after all. USA has always been an easy target but Pakistanis, specially the government, have so fare not dared to say anything against KSA or China

Thoughtpurification Jan 20, 2015 10:33pm

Some body is honest

naghman Jan 20, 2015 10:45pm

finally someone has said it,i hope people of pakistan realize it too

Fi Jan 20, 2015 10:46pm

As long as NS and family is in power no hope of getting rid of Saudi influence.

Yasser Haider Jan 20, 2015 10:47pm

This is coming from a nawaz sharifs govt who took help of saudi king to get back into pakistan and is still getting financed by the saudi...

What happened? did the checks stop coming from saudi that now they are saying they need to stop depending on saudi?

Aadmi Jan 20, 2015 10:58pm

Assuming we don't get a "clarification" tomorrow on comments being "taken out of context," it is commendable. I don't even mind that he did not resign. At least he spoke the truth that is always left unspoken.

Now let the media play it's role and confront NS with this question. If he fires this minister then he confirms that he does not have Pakistan's interests at heart. If he is a leader (believe me, I am not holding my breath), he will take a public stand and refuse Saudi aid, with thanks.

anony Jan 20, 2015 10:59pm

Rather than accusing Saudi Arabia, our ministers show grow some guts and blame the real culprit, India, who is creating chaos for us from Afghanistan's border as well as in Balochistan.

Dr. Padri Jan 20, 2015 11:04pm

I love Canada

Monal Jan 20, 2015 11:26pm

Hallelujah! Thank you for saying it out loud. Now stop the influx of saudi money that is supporting terrorism

javed qamer Jan 20, 2015 11:26pm

finally somebody is willing to stand up and be counted. Good Job.

teh frenemy Jan 20, 2015 11:37pm

14 of the 19 9/11 NYC Hijackers were Saudi. Coincidence? I think not.

mian Jan 20, 2015 11:39pm

@al right

pathanoo Jan 20, 2015 11:58pm

@Merchant No. Saudis do NOT propgate American propaganda. They spread hate and sectarianism.

Muhammad Jan 21, 2015 12:54am

@Azam Jamil Sadly to them bustard are more important

tariq Jan 21, 2015 01:06am

@weq :you have no idea what you are talking about. Saudi Money and US money and Israel money! all from the same masters.

Dinesh M. Jan 21, 2015 01:09am

It's great that these bold ideas are discussed in some conclaves. It's good to see the sparks of freedom in Pakistan. More editorial writers need to pursue these bold and independent thoughts and put them in mainstream public dialogue while encouraging civil discourse.

Syed Jan 21, 2015 01:11am

Has this Minister resigned from the cabinet? He should have done so first. Secondly this is no way to deal with our relationship with Saudis or anyone else. This matter should be dealt with through proper channels and not in the press. He and his government are playing with fire. It speaks volumes about the incompetence of our government and politicians.

Hussain Jan 21, 2015 01:23am

@Taimur very true...

tauseef Jan 21, 2015 01:24am

Thanks but no thanks, Saudi Arabia

shaque1 Jan 21, 2015 01:29am

Religious philosophy should not govern modern day Pakistan. I'm so ticked off by people wearing religion on their sleeve. Human mind cannot be this narrow. What happened to science, math and technology advancements to better the lives of the common man and women in Pakistan. Allah never intended people to be so narrow minded and communal. Islamic golden age should be our guiding force. Ameen.

Sabir Jan 21, 2015 02:09am

@ Moosa That easy oil money has also destroyed Saudis.

Sabir Jan 21, 2015 02:20am

@yasir Dhillown
That is why Z.A. Bhutto was killed and Zia-ul-Haq was brought by USA to avoid the practical solution. Zia played the cards to destroy the setups although look like he was working on that agenda but he was actually destroying it.

shah Jan 21, 2015 02:24am

Spoke truth but will now lose job :(

Riaz Jan 21, 2015 03:02am

Riaz peerzada ought to have mentioned Iran as well .Both Saudis and Iranian are the root cause of our problems .Both these countries are supporting and promoting opposing extremist ideologies(fiqahs).They are fighting their wars in other Muslim countries e.g in Pakistan ,Syria ,Lebanon,Iraq ,Yemen and Afghanistan .Obviously the longest and worst affected is Pakistan .It is high time that our leaders(military as well as civilians) have the courage to stand up to both these so called brotherly countries .It will be better not to depend on Iranian gas as it will lead to more Iranian interference as is the case with Saudi oil.

khanman Jan 21, 2015 03:17am

uncle stop depending upon others and let them do what they want

Ali Jan 21, 2015 03:18am

if u keep your house in order no out side force can harm you. U approved military court and now crying crocodile tears. U take Saudi money and then bad mouth it

Baba singh Jan 21, 2015 03:43am

This hut has real guts.

A. Hyder,Ph.D. Jan 21, 2015 04:09am

@Mathew Why should we worry about Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon? Iran did not give billion plus to NS to further its agenda !

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Jan 21, 2015 04:10am

Very soon he will have to pack-up and leave his office in Islamabad.

sukhera Jan 21, 2015 05:06am

Federal minister Mr. Prizada is completely ignorant person who does not admit his or his government's failure to steer the country out of the economic mess. We lack good governance and transparency. What is Saudi agenda he talking about? Gives us us a proof Mr. Minister? instead bashing a Muslim country which provided jobs to millions of Pakistani and helped us financially at difficult times. The country's economy is in bad shape with no electricity for the businesses and the government has no money/foreign exchange to pay its employees or to buy. fuel from other countries. Its easy to blame others but you and your government is partly responsible for country's plight.

True Jan 21, 2015 05:59am

Saudi Money?? lol.

So what about US Money we are taking for decades?

surinder kade Jan 21, 2015 06:21am

At long last there a LION OF A MAN to STAND UP TO Saudi Arabia to tel the effect of their policy on Islamic Countries

rana1 Jan 21, 2015 07:03am

@zeeshan ................listen to John Perkins

wiseman Jan 21, 2015 07:26am

Instead of charity organisations getting directly donations from abroad, government should form a ' national charity fund and donations should be channeled through it. So that government can minister the flow of funds.

Hassan Jan 21, 2015 07:30am

This minister will be sacked by NS.

brmurr Jan 21, 2015 07:38am

Independent and vibrant judiciary? Ideally, this is what it should be. It simply doesn't exist in Pakistan. Thats the problem, and it does reflect on the weak and cowardly leadership (blasphemy laws, etc.).

Anwer Jan 21, 2015 08:35am

Saudi monarchy beware! This is just the beginning, the denizens from the Land of the Pure have spoken. Stop destabilising Muslims from the developing world with your funds....

AJamal Jan 21, 2015 08:58am

Please clarify which Saudi money is used to promote extremism? Money send by Pakistani workers to feed their families or money given by Saudi government to the GOP?

Secular Pakistani Jan 21, 2015 10:11am

It really pains me to say this but the justice system of Pakistan is too weak and too scared to deal with the menace of terrorism.Over reliance on witness testimony coupled with corruption compounded with the painfully slow bureaucracy we inherited from British India has lead to the rise in terrorism.At least with military courts captured terrorists will face justice.Yes many innocent may be killed as well but this is the only way Pakistan can live.

jordar thalia Jan 21, 2015 12:55pm

@weq No sir. You see Saudi money for promoting terrorism. X sum. US money in the name of fighting terrorism. Another x sum received. Fine ? So double the amount goes to "vested interests" while the nation suffers

qamar Jan 21, 2015 02:40pm

Saudi Arabia is at your help and then you have the audacity to say that the Saudi Arabia is not good.

Valiya Jan 21, 2015 05:40pm

But the educated class also becoming fanatics why?

Simranjit singh Mann Jan 21, 2015 08:09pm

You cannot do without them

T. A. Khan Jan 21, 2015 08:39pm

Absolutely wrong

mohammadali Jan 21, 2015 09:13pm

Right on Bulls eye.

S. Khan Jan 21, 2015 09:20pm

"Independent and vibrant judiciary"? Is the minister really talking about Pakistani judiciary? Other than populist antics under the leadership of a previous (infamous) CJ, what does the judiciary have to show for themselves. There is a backlog of unresolved cases, they don't have the spine to bring the terrorists to justice and like most other institutions in the country, appear thoroughly corrupted.

Zulmai Khan Jan 21, 2015 09:35pm

Regretfully Muslim Umma has not contributed in any field of science technology or towards civilisation except the golden era of early Islam. Such countries with rich resources have not even changed their own geography. Barren land with no plantation or irrigations. However a speedy progress on how to humiliate poor, how to slaughter innocents and spread hatred towards other religions, prostitution, gambling and alcohol indulgence and no grace is the land mark of sheikhs with ample support from countries like Pakistan, disgusts every true believer.

Ghulam Rasool Jan 21, 2015 10:52pm

A 21 gun salute to Riaz Hussain Pirzada for stating the fact bravely!

raja muhammad ahmed Jan 21, 2015 11:02pm

@Zulmai Khan when civil judgment afraid to deliver proper decision for the sake of their own life then what is next

raja muhammad ahmed Jan 21, 2015 11:07pm

when civil courts and judges afraid to deliver right judgement for sake of their own life.what is next option?Pakistan military has ability to deal and they can handle all type of risks.let them do....

Ibrahim Jan 22, 2015 01:18am

Courage to state the obvious! Didn't know our ministers had it.

Boston, USA Jan 22, 2015 06:20am

After the fall of Soviet Union, we needed an enemy and The Saudi's provided one.

illawarrior Jan 22, 2015 07:29am

@Azam Jamil Why not refuse ALL foreign funding and have Pakistan stand on its own feet?

NaMaaloom Fard Jan 22, 2015 07:55am

Mr. Pirzada stated what we already have known. As long as we have an addiction to petrol-dollars of KSA, there cannot be a resolution. Pakistan may need its own 12 Step program to shake off its addiction.

KamQ Jan 22, 2015 10:12am

we congratulate and respect you for your stance.

Keti Zilgish Jan 22, 2015 01:45pm

@ahsan for Pakistanis to succeed against the Saudi-US nexus they would have to harness the humility, if any were required, to join up with like-minded people in India as was done at Maastricht by Europeans. Moreover, to that effect, an arms limitation (& not a freedom limitation treaty as our dear Pope would like us to have, so that the Church's worldwide investments can be increased) treaty with India is unavoidable. The international arms and weapons manufacturing industries including our so very dear UN would all turn out to be stumbling blocks we ought to be prepared to contend.

JB Jan 22, 2015 02:00pm

Courageous statement. Refreshing candour. Very true

syed Jan 22, 2015 03:02pm

Federal minister for inter-provincial coordination !! What coordination? Where? When?Why? He has no coordination with his own leader Nawaz Shareef. He is speaking against a Saudi Government which is in love with Shareefs.

Minister Saheb you have no sense of traffic and you are Minister of Coordination

Taya Sup Jan 22, 2015 03:28pm

Truth is bitter. Admit it. Saud family is the root casue of all problems in Muslim countries and defaming Islam. Hats off to Pirzada.

Mansour Haidar Raja Jan 22, 2015 04:38pm

Saudi Arabia is house of USA and Israel. It has created all non-sense in Muslim world. Time has come when IRAN, TURKEY and Pakistan takes a lead to unite the Muslim world and replace the Muslim traitors from face of the earth.

zorkor Jan 22, 2015 04:46pm

At last someone has the guts to speak the truth. Financial aid and brotherhood claims always come with strings attached. In Pakistans case, this has been really really damaging to us. Time to wake up.

Pr0phet Jan 22, 2015 06:56pm

You still have time..

Syed Asadullah Hyder, Ph.D. Jan 22, 2015 09:40pm

@pathanoo It does not cost anything to play the blame game.

Khaliq Jan 23, 2015 03:33am

Pakistan ' s judiciary is a completely incompetent institution. Military courts should be established across the country and general Raheel should should make civil courts functional under his own guidance.

white noise Jan 23, 2015 10:51am

finally, a man with some sense !!!

Strawman Jan 23, 2015 11:27am

What abou the other side of the equation:Iran?