PTI calls for countrywide day of mourning after activist killed in Faisalabad

Published December 8, 2014
- Screengrab from DawnNews
- Screengrab from DawnNews
- Screengrab from DawnNews
- Screengrab from DawnNews

FAISALABAD: Violent clashes erupted between supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in Faisalabad on Monday, ahead of Imran Khan's call for a 'shutdown' of the city.

The PTI has called for a day of mourning on Tuesday in protest against the killing of a party worker in the clashes.

Khan vowed to party supporters that the death of Haq Nawaz, "would not go to waste" while he strongly condemned the PML-N government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Following the deadly clashes in Faisalabad today, the PTI has also called off talks with the government.

Khan had earlier promised that the strike in Faisalabad would be the first of a series to target major cities in the country after leading a months-long demonstration in Islamabad that shut down the city and sparked clashes.

The party has demanded the prime minister's resignation over their accusation of fraud in the May 2013 election that brought him to power.

He says the party's Plan C is to build pressure on the government because they wanted accountability, adding that all parties unanimously agreed that rigging had taken place during the May 2013 election.

Monday's violence has complicated an already tense political situation with both sides blaming the other for the current impasse.


9:40 pm — Haq Nawaz’s sacrifice will not go to waste, vows Imran

PTI chairman Imran Khan addressed a large crowd of workers and supporters gathered at D-Type Colony in Faisalabad to protest the killing of PTI worker Haq Nawaz.

“We will not let Haq Nawaz’s sacrifice go to waste,” said Imran, who was speaking from a makeshift stage on the roof of a vehicle.

“I will go to Lahore, Karachi. Nawaz Sharif, you have always used the police to oppress the people. We will free this country from these oppressive rulers,” he said.

9:10 pm — Imran joins protesters in Faisalabad

PTI chairman Imran Khan has joined PTI activists and supporters who had gathered around D-Type colony in Faisalabad to protest the killing of their party worker.

Workers have gathered in great numbers to hear the PTI chairman speak.

Imran is expected to address party workers shortly.

8:14 pm — Police register case of PTI worker's killing

Police in Faisalabad have registered case of the PTI worker's killing at the Samanabad police station.

According to DawnNews, PML-N leaders Abid Sher Ali and Rana Sanaullah among 10 persons nominated in the case.

8:05 pm — PTI hold protest in Karachi

7:55 pm — Imran, Nawaz will be responsible if something happens to Pakistan: Khursheed Shah

Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, Khursheed Shah warned that PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would both be responsible if something happens to Pakistan, Dawnnews reported.

Speaking in the National Assembly, he said that Imran Khan should realize that this was not the way to achieve power.

“The only way to reach power is through Parliament,” Shah said.

The opposition leader said that what happened in Faisalabad will not make a difference to Imran Khan or the government, but will harm the state.

7:35 pm — Sirajul Haq warns of martial law

Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) Ameer Sirajul Haq has warned of imposition of martial law in the country if political parties do not learn the lessons of the past.

While speaking to the media in Lahore, he said that Pakistan’s problems would only increase if the situation ever came to that point.

“There is still time…the govt and PTI must return to dialogue,” he said.

7:32 pm — CM Shahbaz takes notice of Faisalabad incident

Chief Minister Punjab Muhammed Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of aerial firing at Novelty Bridge in Faisalabad, said a report by the state-run APP news agency.

Shahbaz has sought a report from regional police officers about the incident, APP quoted sources in the Chief Minister's Secretariat as saying.

7:03 pm — PTI protests countrywide against killing of its activist

6:45 pm — Stones thrown at Imran Khan's vehicle in Faisalabad

Stones have been thrown at PTI Chairman Imran Khan's vehicle as it was traveling through Jhang Road in Faisalabad, DawnNews reported.

6:17 pm — Clash between PTI And PML-N workers in Hyderabad

6:14 pm — PTI workers start gathering at Sharah-i-Faisal

PTI workers have started gathering at Karachi's Sharah-i-Faisal to protest.

Traffic on the Karachi's main artery has been completely blocked.

6:10 pm — Sindh Home department imposes ban on pillion riding

The Sindh Home Department has announced that a ban will be imposed on pillion riding on Dec 12 and 13 throughout the province.

5:54 pm — PTI responsible for death of party worker: Rana Sanaullah

PML-N leader Rana Sanaullah says Imran Khan has time and again issued threats of resorting to extreme measures.

He says PTI workers blocked roads and burned tyres to disturb the peace in Faisalabad.

The PML-N leader says the face of the person who had shot dead a PTI worker has been captured by media, adding that eventually everyone would know which party he belonged to

He alleges that PTI was responsible for the death of its party worker.

5:47 pm — Police should have intervened, not PML-N activists, says Shafaq Mahmood

PTI leader Shafqat Mahmood says it is disappointing to see Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid exaggerating the reality.

Mahmood claimed that workers of the PML-N had told him that they would use their activists to stop PTI protesters.

"If our actions were against the law then police should have intervened not PML-N activists," he said.

5:45 pm — PTI, PML-N workers clash in Hyderabad

Supporters of the PTI and PML-N clash with each other in Hyderabad. Activists of the two parties also started hurling stones at each other.

PTI workers were heading towards Dayal Das Club in Hyderabad when the clash broke out between the workers of the PTI and PML-N.

Police, however, intervened and brought the situation in control.

5:40 pm — PTI to protest in Karachi tomorrow

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) is said to stage a protest in Karachi's Regal Chowk tomorrow.

5:15 pm — PTI to observe day of mourning across Pakistan tomorrow

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) announces a country-wide day of mourning to protest the killing of its supporter during a clash with PML-N supporters and police in Faisalabad.

PTI activists have also staged a protest in Karachi outside the Karachi Press Club.

4:15 pm — Protests erupt in different cities

Workers of the PTI came out in Islamabad to protest the violence in Faisalabad. The enraged activists blocked Abpara Chowk, bringing traffic to a halt. Around 250,000 vehicles are said to travel through this route everyday.

Protesters holding demonstrations at Islamabad's Abpara Chowk. - Screengrab from DawnNews
Protesters holding demonstrations at Islamabad's Abpara Chowk. - Screengrab from DawnNews

Assistant Commissioner Islamabad says he hasn't received any instructions from the authorities as to how protesters are to be handled.

A similar situation was witnessed in Multan, where PTI workers came out to protest in the city's Nawa Sheher Chowk in protest of the violence by police in Faisalabad.

Protesters were also seen out on the streets in Rahim Yar Khan, burning tyres and chanting slogans against the government.

Meanwhile, a PTI spokesman said that the party had decided to lead a protest demonstration at Mall Road in Lahore as well as outside the Lahore High Court.

3:15 pm — PTI chief incited his workers to create disorder: Rashid

Speaking at a press conference, Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid accuses Imran Khan of inciting violence in Faisalabad.

"An innocent man lost his life in Faisalabad today, we are with the family in their worst hours. The government believes it is its responsibility to arrest the murderer regardless of which political party he belongs to. Police has acquired footage of the killer and three teams of police are making efforts to arrest him. The police is investigating the incident, I have no further details from them at the moment."

In a statement issued earlier, the information minister had also said that nefarious designs of Imran Khan have been exposed now.

In a statement, he says that Imran Khan is staying at his Bani Gala villa (Islamabad) and has allowed workers to create disturbance in Faisalabad.

He says PTI always violates agreement in staging its protest.

The minister says police has been kept unarmed.

2:37 pm — PPP condemns violence in Faisalabad

The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) condemns violence in Faisalabad and calls upon the government and the PTI to show restraint, according to party spokesperson Farhatullah Babar.

Babar says the party has also demanded an inquiry into the clashes and punishment under the law.

The PPP spokesperson says the provincial government of Punjab was wrong in allowing PML-N workers to come out into the streets and confront workers of PTI with sticks and batons when passions were running high. He says it invited clashes between the two sides adding that "this provocation could and must have been avoided".

2:29 pm — PTI to observe day of mourning against worker killing

PTI's Punjab president Ejaz Chaudhry says the party holds District Coordination Officer (DCO) Faisalabad Noor Ul Amin Mengal, Rana Sanaullah and his son-in-law accountable for the killing of its worker in today's clashes.

He says PTI will observe a day of mourning in Faisalabad tomorrow, adding that he will speak to PTI Chairman Imran Khan to announce a day of mourning across the country.

2:00 pm — Will register FIR against attackers, says Imran

Lamenting police action against party supporters, PTI Chairman Imran Khan says he was going to travel to Faisalabad to register a First Information Report (FIR) against attackers.

Khan says 'Gullu Butts' in the Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) had subjected PTI activists to inexplicable violence.

The PTI Chairman says if the process of recounting had taken place in the first week, following the May 2013 elections, none of this would have happened.

1:55 pm Qureshi lauds decision of Lahore tribunal to open ballot papers in NA-122

Speaking to media representatives in Islamabad's Bani Gala area, PTI vice president Shah Mehmood Qureshi says they were in contact with workers through phone calls.

Lauding the decision of an election tribunal in Lahore to open ballot papers in NA-122 constituency, Qureshi says it was a huge step.

1:50 pm — Election tribunal orders opening of ballot bags in NA-122

An election tribunal on Monday accepted Imran Khan's request for opening the ballot bags in constituency NA-122 to investigate allegations of rigging.

Read more here: Election tribunal orders opening of ballot bags in NA-122

1:40 pm — PML-N, PTI should instruct party workers to remain peaceful, says ANP leader

Awami National Party (ANP) leader Zahid Khan said the state should not harbour hopelessness, adding that when a state becomes hopeless, then it leads to an anarchic state in the country.

He stated that problems should not be resolved by coming out on the roads, adding that the proper channel for resolving problems was the Parliament. He also said that both parties should ask their workers to remain peaceful.

1:34 pm — MQM leader Haider Abbas condemns Faisalabad violence

In a tweet posted on his official Twitter account, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Haider Abbas Rizvi has condemned the violence in Faisalabad, saying that it is deplorable.

1:30 pm — PTI workers reach Rana Sanaullah's area

PTI workers reach the 'dera' of PML-N leader and former Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah, while carrying the body of the deceased PTI activist who was killed in today's clashes in Faisalabad. PTI activists are shouting slogans to mark their protest.

Meanwhile, PML-N workers are also making their way to Sanaullah's area.

1:17 pm — PTI says shooter was PML-N guard

PTI spokesperson Dr Shireen Mazari claims that the man who shot dead the PTI worker is Rana Sanaullah’s son-in-law’s guard.

She says PTI had been holding peaceful rallies since three months, adding that Sanaullah should know how PML-N workers incite violence.

Mazari also recalls that when Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) was holding demonstrations in Peshawar to protest the killing of its party's Sindh Secretary General in Sukkur, the PTI administration in KP had not stopped them and KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak had undertaken a different route in order to travel to Islamabad. She alleged that PML-N don’t have that kind of a democratic mindset and attitude.

Mazari also says that police is not doing anything to cease the clashes in Faisalabad, except for inflicting violence on PTI workers.

1:13 pm — Footage of man fired in protests

1:11 pm — PTI workers arrive at Ghanta Ghar

A large number of PTI workers carrying sticks and shoes arrive at Ghanta Ghar Chowk.

1:00 pm — Sanaullah denies PML-N, police links to PTI worker's death

Speaking to DawnNews, PML-N leader Rana Sanaullah denies PML-N or police association to the death of the PTI worker in Faisalabad. He added that PTI activists, who earlier threatened to stage a demonstration in Sanaullah's area, could take his body "wherever they wanted".

He says police is trying to normalise the situation, adding that he has also appealed to PML-N workers to remain peaceful.

The former law minister says they are trying to remove PML-N workers from the site before the arrival of PTI Chairman Imran Khan in Faisalabad.

12:53 pm — Protesters to reach Rana Sanaullah's home

PTI workers have threatened to take the body of the deceased PTI activist to the 'dera' of PML-N leader and former law minister Rana Sanaullah as a sign of protest, DawnNews reported.

PTI activists carrying body of deceased PTI worker. - Screengrab from DawnNews
PTI activists carrying body of deceased PTI worker. - Screengrab from DawnNews

12:40 pm — Imran should call off strike: Punjab govt

Speaking to DawnNews, Punjab government spokesman Zaeem Qadri says that Imran Khan should call off the strike in Faisalabad and do a press conference in Islamabad. He said that Khan should not call for further strikes.

According to Zaeem Khan, the clashes occurred when the route for PML-N workers was blocked in Faisalabad.

12:38 pm — Death of PTI activist confirmed

A PTI activist, identified as Haq Nawaz, was killed in clashes with police and PML-N supporters in Faisalabad.

Speaking to Dawn, a representative for the District Headquarters Hospital confirmed that a PTI worker had been killed. The deceased was reported to be 22 years of age.

He also said that four others had been injured.

- Screengrab from DawnNews
- Screengrab from DawnNews

12:32 pm — Injured PTI worker shifted to safe location

This screengrab from DawnNews shows an injured PTI worker being shifted to a safe location by party workers after being injured in clashes.
This screengrab from DawnNews shows an injured PTI worker being shifted to a safe location by party workers after being injured in clashes.

12:27 pm — Shah Mehmood Qureshi calls upon PTI supporters to remain resolute

In a tweet posted on his official Twitter account, PTI vice president Shah Mehmood Qureshi has called upon party workers to remain resolute.

12:18 pm — PM calls cabinet meeting on Faisalabad situation

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif calls a meeting of the federal cabinet to review the current situation in Faisalabad, DawnNews reported.

12:00 pm — CM Shahbaz takes notice

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif takes notice of firing on Faisalabad's Novelty Pull and has summoned a report of the incident. He also orders action against those responsible for the firing.

11:55 am — Reports of firing

Incidents of gunfiring were also reported at the scene. Four wounded men, including a PTI worker and a policeman, have been shifted to a nearby hospital.

11:45 am — Traffic blocked

A clash has taken place on Novelty Chowk as a result of which traffic on Millat Road was blocked. Police is now using watercannons to dispel protesters. Stick-wielding activists of the two parties also pelted each other with eggs. PTI workers are blocking roads in the city to protest against the government, said a police officer.

Police use water cannons on PTI workers

- Screengrab from DawnNews
- Screengrab from DawnNews

11:30 am — Tyres burnt by activists

Police officer Ahmad Bilal says PTI workers have burned tires in Faisalabad. Bilal says there were some clashes between PTI Chairman Imran Khan's supporters and security forces.

- Screengrab from DawnNews.
- Screengrab from DawnNews.

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