India accused of violating Indus Water Treaty


.— Reuters file photo
.— Reuters file photo

LAHORE: Pakistan expressed serious concerns on Sunday over construction of Kishanganga Dam and termed it a clear violation by India of the Indus Water Treaty (IWT).

It also said that four other proposed dams on the Chenab would be in violation of the treaty.

According to officials, the objections were raised by the Pakistani IWT commissioner during the first round of a meeting with his Indian counterpart who had arrived here to discuss disputes between the two countries.

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Pakistani authorities raised objections to the diversion of Chenab water by India by constructing hydropower projects, including the 690MW Ratli Dam, 1,000MW Pikkal Dam, 1,190MW Karthai Dam and 600MW Kero Dam and said this was a violation of the treaty, the officials said.

“Pakistan has also raised objections over design of the Kishanganga Dam that may reduce the required water discharges to Pakistan. And it will be a clear violation of the IWT,” an official said.

He said the authorities had urged Indian IWT officials to change the dam’s design. The officials from the two countries would discuss all issues in detail during the next round in order to resolve them amicably, he said.

Published in Dawn, August 25th, 2014