Container Run: 'Azadi' is a mobile app away

14 Aug 2014


Screenshots of the game Container Run from Google Play.
Screenshots of the game Container Run from Google Play.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan may have been helpless in the face of containers dotting his 'Azadi' march route, but for one enthusiastic "Mr Khan", jumping over the bulky objects is as easy as pie — thanks to the recently launched android game called Container Run.

“Mr Khan wants to reach Islamabad but the highway has been blocked by containers and his vehicle cannot go any further. Not only he’s furious, he’s determined to go all the way if nothing else on his own feet,” reads the synopsis of the newly launched game.

The app was released by Eccentrica Technologies, which partners with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (perhaps that explains the conspicuous inclusion of a PTI flag).

The trend of releasing android apps relating to current affairs has become increasingly commonplace, with Angry Imran in 2012 – a rip-off of Angry Birds developed by a bunch of Imran Khan’s fan – and the recent car-smashing Gullu Butt.

While the games are conceptually brilliant, gaining instant popularity owing to their timeliness, they all have had minor - and some major - technical and design flaws, most probably due to being released in a hurry.

Container Run is quite poor graphically, and in terms of playability.

Reviewers on Google Play complained of “horrendous gameplay” and “bad controls”, while some seemed to like it only because it featured Mr Khan.