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Rape victim who set herself ablaze dies

Updated Mar 15, 2014 01:04pm


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Paramedics and policemen move the body of a rape victim from a hospital in Multan on March 14, 2014. — Photo by AFP
Paramedics and policemen move the body of a rape victim from a hospital in Multan on March 14, 2014. — Photo by AFP

MUZAFFARGARH: A girl, who set herself ablaze in in Bet Mir Hazar area in protest against a police report which helped her alleged rapist obtain bail, succumbed to her injuries today, DawnNews reported.

Sources told that she died at 9 am Friday morning.

Moreover, the main accused in the alleged rape was rearrested today whereas the investigating officer was also arrested.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani took suo motu notice of the incident today.

He moreover sought a report from District Police Officer Muzaffargarh and summoned Inspector General Punjab on March 17.

In his remarks, Chief Justice Jillani questioned as to what justice the Punjab government was providing to its people.

Earlier on Thursday, a local court had granted bail to the main accused in the alleged rape, following which the girl went to the Bet Mir Hazar police station and lodged a protest with an investigation officer for favouring the accused in his report.

She had later doused her clothes with petrol and set herself on fire outside the police station in the presence of her younger brother. Some passers-by and policemen had taken her to Jatoi Civil Hospital. She had been later shifted to Nishtar Hospital in Multan because of her critical condition.

Nishtar Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Shaukat Malik said the girl had sustained 80 per cent burns.

According to sources, the 18-year-old girl was returning home from her college on Jan 5 when the accused, along with his four accomplices, allegedly raped her in a deserted area.

— With additional reporting by Malik Tahseen Raza


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Comments (43) Closed

Zeeshan Khan Mar 14, 2014 12:17pm

what a country we have. Shame on justice as usual...

Ravi Dallas TX Mar 14, 2014 12:25pm

Very sad to read this.RIP. Who takes more blame rapist or the judicial system? One more similarity between India and Pakistan.

Naziruddin Mar 14, 2014 12:27pm

Incidentally she is not the daughter of a judge nor a police officer. Sham police and judiciary.

Pakistani Mar 14, 2014 12:31pm

It is inhuman to treat girls coming out of their homes to seek knowledge, these sick minded peoples must be treated strictly so others must learn lesson from it. God bless her.

Muzammil Hussain Mar 14, 2014 12:33pm

Now daughter of east has to ablaze her to prove that she was victimized. If I was asked by God, I should have preferred to be born in a jungle rather than this ferocious society.

Mashman Mar 14, 2014 12:43pm

As usual injustice done, Chief Justice takes suo motu notice and story ends.

Baluch Mar 14, 2014 12:56pm

This tragedy is overwhelming and deserves action at the highest level from the Government. If the system of justice in the land does not protect the innocent, the weak, the meek, the females, the children, the minorities, all the foreign charity handouts in the billions of dollars will not prevent the gradual erosion of human values from our society - and coupled with our underdeveloped state, will result in an untenable situation.

Abid Mar 14, 2014 01:00pm

Right on time. Looks like another justice suo motu in making.

Anees Mar 14, 2014 01:01pm

If proved guilty, let's BURN the culprit(s) in the same way. You will see the drastic reduction in such heinous crimes.

Frankenstine Mar 14, 2014 01:21pm

this is typical example of our Judicial system.... we should hang rapists first of all our judicial system is abysmal and then the so called Human Activists raise their voice against Capital Punishment .. what else do we expect in a country like this.. when the criminals have no fear what else di u expect from them... and at the end the Suo Mutos and some suspension.. RIP Judiciary ..

sultanmahmood Mar 14, 2014 01:24pm

@Anees: Another daughter of Hawa, citizen of the land of pure ended her life after failing to find justice. Will the court ever be able to do justice to her even after her death or the culprits including the corrupt police officials abetting the criminals will go scotfree as usual.

Yaseen Mar 14, 2014 01:28pm
  1. Before anyone terms her act as suicide and among the severe sins in our religion, please do know that God is the most merciful and knows what was in her heart that no one else knows.

  2. She has not taken her life away but has given Shahadat for a cause and may God Almighty blesses her like all Shuhada.

  3. Pakistan, how many lives will be lost at the hands of corrupt officials and injustice

  4. Pakistan, the least we all can do for this country is to accept we are a corrupt nation and STOP GIVING BRIBE FOR WHAT YOU KNOW IS YOUR RIGHT AND WHERE YOU KNOW YOU ARE WRONG!!! It has to be a collective effort to eradicate this crime.

Yaseen Mar 14, 2014 01:29pm

Judge Sahab, please note it was your own local court that granted bail to the accused, what justice "your" courts are serving.

Abbas Mar 14, 2014 01:37pm

Good Governace Simple steps of our Goverenment. 1) Call APC. 2) Negotiate with Accused. 3) Forget about the Victims.(Victims Better to Killed themseleve like this innocent girl.)

Ayaz Ahmad Mar 14, 2014 01:44pm

A very sad incident. I ask the CII's head take a note of this as well. Instead to making victimization of women and children easy he should come forward to tell people what he has to say.... and we know what he would say!

Riz Mar 14, 2014 01:53pm

She did it bcz she was convinced that she will not get justice, what a shame, you claim for independent judiciary and media now days and common people still suffer misery and hopelessness. if she would have been treated justly ,she would have been alive, her suicide depicts the image of poor justice, and pathetic law enforcement system of our country. the slogan of independent and powerful judiciary was a total drama where judges were made celebrities.

Fiz Mar 14, 2014 01:54pm

What a tragic thing to happen! A resounding slap on the face of the judicial system of Islamic Republic of Pakistan where people like Musharaf and that rapist knows how to duck justice but victims have no right to get one.

MPasha Mar 14, 2014 02:02pm

Very sad and tragic. We need to make example here by punishing the responsible (both rapist and officials) to the highest level. I hope and pray it happens....

shoaib Mar 14, 2014 02:03pm

Another sorrowful incident of lawless society. it has shown the injustice and oppression of the poor by influential and powerful persons. It is very awful for a girl to be dishonored by sinners and then to be blamed as liar. may be this thing compelled her to take such action.I think all govt officials along criminals responsible for this brutal act should punished strictly.

syed Mar 14, 2014 02:15pm

RIP sister, our stagnant and corrupt system have let you down, you are free from your agony.

To the rest of us,

If we cant protect our women, what else can we protect?

Kub jago tay tum log?

akram Mar 14, 2014 02:17pm

The courts are in desperate need of reform, the system is meant to deliver justice, it has become a money making exercise for lawyers, we need urgent reform so the courts actually dispense justice and they guilty are punished. Only then will people have faith in the courts.

Waseem Mar 14, 2014 02:23pm

Alas, we have the CM of the Punjab, whose daughter's guards thrashed a bakery boy for not selling cake after closing hours, and here is another daughter. Sometime, I think what people makes what they are, hard stone like hearts, and calculators like brains.

mba Mar 14, 2014 02:35pm

No words to express the sadness. In the first place, Pakistan should refrain from calling itself an

raj Mar 14, 2014 03:12pm

Chief Minister of Punjab should resign and people who voted them in should demand clarification rather than blindedly follow braaderism.

raj Mar 14, 2014 03:13pm

Aur judicery Musharraf ka insaaf karney chalain hain.

Muhammed Ali Mar 14, 2014 03:22pm

Public castration for the culprit & anyone helping him escape justice.

amir Mar 14, 2014 03:25pm

alas ! she had been born to see this day. What a pathetic country we are living in . I request to the incumbent government , Please, if u can't run the country justly , hand over it to the army . shame on you :(

IBN-E-ASHFAQUE Mar 14, 2014 03:37pm

Shame on Democracy. Shame on the Justice system of the country particularly the judge and the police officers preparing the documents submitted to the courts that led to the discharge of the criminals. This is a very very sad day for Pakistan. Not one of the holy fathers have spoken in this case. Shame on Pakistan. May Allah have mercy on us.

Hamza Mar 14, 2014 03:39pm

India is executing the 4 rape criminals, while our country is protecting, so sad news. how we can say that we are independent.

AHA Mar 14, 2014 04:04pm

Rest in peace.

We failed you.

I failed you.

Taimur Mar 14, 2014 04:06pm

RIP The daughter of Pakistan We are ashamed that we are part of nation which has become so senseless that several such incidents happen and we keep on claiming Pakistan "Fort of Islam". Thiis is beyond humanity. Case should be registered against CM Punjab. Unfortunately, PTI which claimed to be real opposition party in Punjab is also silent after they reached deal with government.

Mansoor Mar 14, 2014 05:41pm

A Statement just before dying is the only true statement. Case is closed. We will wait for the verdict which will never come..........full stop. This was crime against state and failing to punish, the Now Guilty, would be a dark spot on the sham Judiciary and democrats.

roxana Mar 14, 2014 05:45pm

I guess the guy who is giving a thumbs down to all these comments believes in rape and injustice!...who are you?. you must have a mother but do you have a daughter or a sister who could face a similar fate?...shame on you. no go ahead and give me a thumbs down.

Beacon Mar 14, 2014 05:53pm

Another very sad incident...First we saw criminal negligence of CM Sindh which killed nearly 50 children in Thar - NO enquiry, NO report, and NO one arrested so for - Now we saw inefficiency of CM Punjab, who didn't provide justice to innocent girl and she died ultimately - NO enquiry, NO report, and NO one arrested so for....How unimportant, petty and valueless we are for our Politicians and Judiciary.

Raza Mahmood Mar 14, 2014 05:55pm

Sorry to hear this news, but it's all too common. Nothing will change in that country. The police are corrupt, so is the judicial system. All emphasis is on the high profile trials but the lower courts do not seem to take any notice of crimes at low levels. Until, you have true justice in Pakistan I'm afraid, you will continue to see this. The real power is with the common people of Pakistan and only they alone can change their destination.

GM Mar 14, 2014 07:48pm

All these people from rapists to judicial system to Govt. responsible for her sufferings and death will be standing in front of a bigger court system in front God Almighty one day and she will be smiling because He is the best Judge.

Akay Mar 14, 2014 08:20pm

What is this Suo Moto? What is the reason to take one and why taken so late, when the poor girl lost all the battles.

What will happen to the man accused and police officer, NOTHING!

Just another karwai and the whole nation will forget about the whole incident, similar to that of the 5 year old baby girl rape.

Where is CII? Are not these mullah's came up with a suggestion to void DNA test for the rape victims?

Whole nation should be sorry in creating and being part of this deteriorating society.

Total SHAME!

Sarwat Mar 14, 2014 09:40pm

who is responsible for her death? I would blame the jury/judge who granted bail to these clowns along with the investigating officer. And in the end Pakistan's justice system. Why is our justice system reactive as oppose to proactive. Judges and law makers it's high time to earn your salaries and some respect from the people you swore to serve.

ali mirza Mar 14, 2014 10:23pm

And this is the major reason as to why Shahid Afridi said 'girls are better if they stay at home cooking'

IKE Mar 15, 2014 02:19am

Facts and Drama: - protest against a police report which helped her alleged rapist obtain bail - Fact

  • main accused in the alleged rape was rearrested - Drama

  • the investigating officer was also arrested - Drama

  • Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani took suo motu notice - Drama

  • He moreover sought a report from District Police Officer Muzaffargarh and summoned Inspector General Punjab on March 17 - Drama - Police will investigate its own crime? Right

  • a local court had granted bail to the main accused in the alleged rape - Fact - Why this criminal judge is not arrested?

  • She had later doused her clothes with petrol and set herself on fire - Fact - Such extreme act by a child should put shameless Punjab Govt into comma. But nothing will happen.

There is no hope in my PK it is in the hands of vivacious.

As if Mar 15, 2014 06:46am

Its so sad to hear this news. They showed on TV when she set herself on fire. The next day we had these news. I think that as well as the offender and the police. An inquiry should done on the judge as why he handled the case so lightly that the victim felt more riducled that she felt she had to commit suicide. Its sad when I think that the present leaders think that if they prosecute Mashraff they will have resolved all the problems involving providing justice to the ordinary people.

May God bless my sister.

khanm Mar 15, 2014 02:56pm

Who is responsible for her death? Every single Pakistani for not putting enough efforts to questions our justice system. which failed to provide prompt justice. For justice delayed is justice denied.. we are becoming a sick society.. If we don

concerned pakistani Mar 16, 2014 12:48am

Since the victim is burned to death for not getting justice from the system. Only way to revamp the system is to "burn" those responsible who took bribes and lined their pocket.

Swear to God this girl who burned her self today instead should have blown herself up taking along the police who let this happened in front of the police station. Just imagine what kind of next generation these people will breed.

I am no Taliban fan but One thing I like about Taliban they provide justice right here right now if PTI or any other party comes with revamp of Pakistani judicial system I will not just support them but will join them.