Police vehicles & tax

25 Feb 2014


CRIMINAL elements use stolen vehicles for their activities. They drive vehicles with duplicate number plates. According to reports, none other but the police department has 3,000 unregistered vehicles.

Since 2007 no police vehicle has been registered with the excise and taxation department. The police department has not paid registration fees close to Rs241m to the excise and taxation department while the amount in dues of old registered vehicles is Rs40m.

The excise and taxation department, Sindh, has sent many reminders to the police department but after the passage of six years neither the dues have been paid nor the unregistered cars are registered. The police are either using vehicles without registration or with duplicate number plates.

According to government statistics, 3,212 four-wheel vehicles, 826 motorcycles, pickups and cars are being used by the police without registration.

Such a situation is dangerous as terrorist groups can take advantage. It is seen that vehicles with duplicate number plates are used for arms smuggling, explosives and kidnapping cases.

The excise and taxation department should issue documents and tax tokens to each vehicle for getting standard number plates. After completing these formalities, the department should issue the letter for selling the vehicle to showrooms.

The authorities must also ensure that number plates are not covered, and MNA and MPA seals or customised plates are not used.

Zulfiqar Ali Meerani