DERA GHAZI KHAN: The residents of Sakhi Sarwar are again in the grip of a deep sense of insecurity as threat pamphlets allegedly by the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan were seen on the walls of high schools a couple of days back.

The city, named after the saint, Hazrat Syed Sultan Ahmed, had witnessed twin deadly suicide attacks on the saint’s shrine on April 3, 2011.

The recent pamphlets contained threats by the TTP of attacks on Eid Milad rallies. They also asked the policemen to sport beards or their vehicles would be targeted.

Police took away the pamphlets, however, they neither registered a case against the defunct outfit nor did they succeed in getting any clue to the person who had pasted the pamphlets.

Allah Ditta, a custodian of the shrine, said similar letters were seen in the city in 2009 and 2010, but instead of arresting the accused and improving the security, the district police had imposed a ban on mystic dance, Dhamaal, and despite that, twin suicide attacks had occurred in 2011.

He said the people were feeling a deep sense of insecurity after seeing threat pamphlets as the police and secret agencies had failed to trace the persons behind the pamphlets.

After the surfacing of the threat letters, police and civil administration high-ups visited the city several times to take stock of the situation.

Police high-ups are keeping a mum over the matter, however, an officer of Sakhi Sarwar police station confirmed that pamphlets were found on the walls.

Sakhi Sarwar is divided into two different administrative systems, one is in the control of the Punjab police and the other is being controlled by the Border Military

Police. Commandant of BMP Riyaz Khan said the pamphlets were found in the police area of Sakhi Sarwar and not in the area of the BMP.