Modern Mardan locality in bad shape

January 05, 2014


MARDAN: Sheikh Maltoon Town Mardan, once considered the most developed and advanced residential area in Mardan district, has now turned into a dilapidated locality.

Thousands families from different rural and urban areas of Mardan and other adjoining areas had shifted to the town after its foundation in 1980.

Initially, the town had some advanced facilities compared to old localities in the district but now, the residents complain about lack of amenities.

President of the Sheikh Maltoon Welfare Organisation Bakhtiar Khan said the town’s drainage and sewerage systems were a shambles.

He also said water pipes in different places were broken, while drainage system often remained blocked causing sewer and sewage water to flow on the roads and streets.

Mr Bakhtiar said proper planning was not done by an experienced consultant before the laying down of drainage and sewerage system in the area.

Amad Akbar, a resident, said roads and streets of the town were in a very bad shape causing rainwater to gather there even after small rainfall.

He alleged that most officials of the Mardan Development Authority were involved in the purchase and sale of town plots and therefore, they were unable to pay heed towards the resolution of the residents’ problems.

Tariq Mehmood Yousafzai, another resident, said the municipal committee, Tehsil Municipal Administration and Mardan Development Authority charged those living in the town for facilities but didn’t perform their duties diligently.

He complained about shortage of drinking water and said water tanks were built in the R Sector at the cost of Rs3 million 15 years ago but they had never been used.

He said the government provided adequate funds to the MDA to address public problems but the latter had ignored the town.

Kamaluddin of Mardan Welfare Organisation said the town residents regularly paid water charges to the MDA but they were supplied water for two hours only daily.

He also complained about poor lighting of streetlights.

He alleged that the MDA officials had misused the Rs170 million provided by the government for the town’s welfare.

Another town resident, Abid Shah, complained about rampant use of residential units for commercial purpose and growing robberies.

He said the residents’ repeated requests to the MDA for resolution of their problems had fallen on deaf ears.

When contacted, Deputy Project Director of MDA Pir Kamal Shah said the authority had planned drainage and sewerage systems for Sheikh Maltoon Town and had sent the plans to the relevant authorities for approval.

He said the MDA had expedited work on repairing and building streets, roads and parks in the town.