CHAKWAL: As many as 15 people were injured in a sectarian clash in Pinwal village of ChakwalFriday.

Later, hundreds of Shia Muslims gathered at Tehsil Chowk where they protested against police alleged indifference.

According to sources, Shia Muslims were going to hold a Majlis and a procession in Pinwal village, some 7km away to the north of Chakwal city.

However, few weeks ago ASWJ and Shiite Muslims locked their horns in a legal battle about the procession.

According to Shia leaders the local court allowed them to take out the procession but the leaders of ASWJ are of the view that the court only allowed holding Majlis not for taking out any procession.

On Friday evening when a procession led by Shia leader Syed Ahmed Ali Shah reached near Pinwal village it was allegedly ambushed by the activists of ASWJ who pelted the participants of the procession with stones.

“They attacked us with axes, stones and clubs and our fifteen people were injured including myself,” Shia leader Syed Ahmed Ali Shah said while talking to Dawn.

“First the members of Shia sect attacked us and they were paid by the same coin”, ASWJ district chief Qari Nadeem Yaqub Farooqi said.

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah put the whole responsibility on the police as according to him police failed to provide security to them.

“We had submitted an application before district police officer (DPO) in which we told him about threats being given to them,” Syed Ahmed Ali Shah said.

He said that the DPO marked the application to Deputy Superintendent of Police Amjad Dogar who acted as a silent spectator during the clash.

“We would continue our protest unless a case is registered against those who attacked us while we also demand action against the police officials who failed to provide security to us,” Syed Ahmed Ali Shah said.

On the other hand Qari Nadeem Yaqub Farooqi said that impartial inquiry should be conducted and the responsible of the clash must be punished.

Repeated attempts were made to get the version of DPO Dr. Moeen Masood but he could not be conducted as he was striving his best to cool down the protesters at Tehsil Chowk.