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Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud killed in drone attack

Updated Nov 02, 2013 09:49am
This file photograph taken on Nov 26, 2008, shows Pakistani Taliban commander Hakimullah Mehsud speaking to a group of media representatives. — AFP Photo
This file photograph taken on Nov 26, 2008, shows Pakistani Taliban commander Hakimullah Mehsud speaking to a group of media representatives. — AFP Photo
This file picture taken on Nov 26, 2008, shows Pakistani Taliban commander Hakimullah Mehsud (L) firing from a rifle. — AFP Photo
This file picture taken on Nov 26, 2008, shows Pakistani Taliban commander Hakimullah Mehsud (L) firing from a rifle. — AFP Photo
TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud. — File Photo
TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud. — File Photo

PESHAWAR/KARACHI: Hakimullah Mehsud, chief of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), was killed in a US drone strike in the North Waziristan tribal region on Friday, intelligence officials and the Pakistani Taliban said.

Intelligence officials said the Pakistani Taliban supremo was leaving a meeting at a mosque in Dande Darpakhel area of North Waziristan when the drone targeted the vehicle he was travelling in.

Drones continued to fly over North Waziristan on Saturday. Witnesses in the towns of Mir Ali and Miramshah reported that Mehsud's supporters were firing at them in anger.

Pakistani Taliban militants said funerals for the TTP chief and other militants killed in the drone strike were held on Saturday in various parts of North Waziristan.

They further said that a meeting of the Taliban central shura (council) was underway at an undisclosed location to decide over the next leader of the militant organisation adding that their decision in this regards was expected to be made today.

Five militants, including Abdullah Bahar Mehsud and Tariq Mehsud, both key commanders and close aides of the TTP chief, were also killed with two others injured in the drone strike, multiple sources confirmed.

Some of the sources said that a cousin and a paternal uncle of the proscribed organisation's chief were among those killed in the drone strike.

Taliban sources told that Hakimullah was shifted to a hospital in the wake of the drone attack but succumbed to his injuries on the way.

In the first eyewitness account of his death, a Taliban fighter said on Saturday that leader Hakimullah Mehsud's body was “damaged but recognisable” after a US drone strike hit his vehicle,

Locals said the drones had been carrying out low flights in various parts of North Waziristan since Friday morning.

The area of Dande Darpakhel is located five kilometres (three miles) north of Miramshah, the main town in the North Waziristan tribal region, and is said to be a stronghold of the Pakistani Taliban.

Friday's strike came nearly a day after three insurgents were killed in another drone attack that also targeted a militant compound near Miramshah. The US unmanned plane was still flying in the area after the attack.

Hakimullah Mehsud: A brief profile

Mehsud has been reported dead several times before. But late on Friday, his death in the drone strike in the North Waziristan region bordering Afghanistan was confirmed by several intelligence, army and militant sources across the country. Moreover, the Associated Press also quoted a senior US intelligence official as confirming the strike, saying the US received positive confirmation Friday morning that Mehsud had been killed.

Who will succeed Hakimullah

The South Waziristan Taliban chief, Khan Said Sajna alias Khalid, is likely to succeed Hakimullah Mehsud as TTP chief.

Chief of Mohmand Taliban Umar Khalid Khurasani is also a strong contender for the slot as he is the only surviving senior Taliban commander who had directly commanded operations under Hakimullah.

Mullah Fazlullah, chief of the Swat Taliban, is another senior commander but unlikely to replace the assassinated TTP chief for not belonging to the Mehsud clan.

The Latif Mehsud arrest

Hakimullah's death in the drone attack came weeks after the arrest of TTP No. 2, Latif Mehsud by American forces in Afghanistan last month was made public.

Latif was arrested as he was driving along a main highway sparking a row between Afghan and American officials.

Some quarters dubbed the arrest as an attempt by Afghanistan to gain leverage over Pakistan by cultivating an alliance with the Pakistani Taliban.

Latif was elevated to the position after a US drone strike had killed the Taliban's then second-in-command, Wali-ur-Rehman, was killed in a drone strike in May this year.

Government's reaction

Strongly condemning Friday’s US drone attack in North Waziristan, the Pakistani government reiterated that these strikes are a violation of the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Foreign Office Spokesman Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry in a statement said there was an across the board consensus in Pakistan that these drone strikes must end.

He said the government has consistently maintained that drone strikes are counter-productive, entail loss of innocent civilian lives and have human rights and humanitarian implications. Such strikes also set dangerous precedents in bilateral relations, he added.

The spokesman said these strikes have a negative impact on the mutual desire of both US and Pakistan to forge a cordial and cooperative relationship and to ensure peace and stability in the region.

Condemning the drone strikes, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said these were aimed at sabotaging efforts to establish peace in the country.

“A delegation was about to be sent for talks to the Taliban tomorrow (Saturday),” the minister said hinting that a "senior militant commander" may have been killed in Friday's strike. Nisar's statement came before public confirmation that the senior militant commander was Hakimullah.

Earlier on Friday, Pakistani Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid had said the Taliban had had “no contact” with the government, a day after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said a process to initiate peace talks had begun.

Moreover, speaking in a rare interview with the BBC last month, the TTP chief had said that the Taliban were ready for serious talks with the government and would welcome such an effort.

Reaction from the US

The CIA and the White House declined to comment on the reported death.

Speaking to Dawn, Jen Psaki, spokeswoman for the US State Department said: “We have seen those reports but we don’t have anything for you on that. The reports just came out. We have a close cooperative relationship with Pakistan on various issues, including counter-terrorism but I do not have anything specific for you on Pakistan on this report.”

Imran demands govt to block Nato supplies

Reacting to the incident, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan – a strong opponent of US drone strikes – demanded the government to immediately block the Nato supplies going through the country. His party is set to table resolutions in the KP Assembly and the National Assembly on Monday in this regard.

Khan, on Thursday, had said his party had the capability to stop the Nato supplies and warned that his words must not be taken lightly. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is one of two routes through which Nato supplies move in and out of Afghanistan.

The incident comes a week after Sharif urged US President Barack Obama to stop drone strikes during a meeting in Washington.

On Wednesday, the defence ministry said 317 US drone strikes in the country's tribal areas had killed 67 civilians and 2,160 militants in Pakistan since 2008.

US drone attacks are deeply unpopular in Pakistan, but Washington sees them as a vital tool in the fight against militants in the tribal areas along the border with Afghanistan.

The Pakistani government has repeatedly protested against drone strikes as a violation of its sovereignty. But privately officials have been reported as saying the attacks can be useful.

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Nov 01, 2013 07:56pm

I suspect Nawaz has reached a tacit agreement with US President to let these strikes continue. There is no other explanation for this spike in these strikes after his recent visit to USA.

Nov 01, 2013 08:54pm

lets hope we finally got the big fish

Nov 01, 2013 08:55pm

good job......kill all the pakistani negotiations. we Pakistanis really support the drone strike because we know 90% of the victims are militants who kill innocent civilians. Bravo!

Nov 01, 2013 09:20pm

lets hope we got the big fish

Nov 01, 2013 09:42pm


Nov 01, 2013 09:44pm

It is completely non sense to say that Drone attacks would be useful as it kills many civilians who have not done any mistake... After killing these innocent civilians the thinking of revenge in their close relatives cause them to become militant.... Stop Drone Attacks... Stop Drone Attacks.... After the Death and on the DAY OF JUDGMENT you would be asked about your oppression... MAY ALLAH MAKE MUSLIMS STRONG AND MAKE THEM OUT OF THE OPPRESSION OF NON MUSLIMS......

Nov 01, 2013 09:37pm

It is completely non sense to say that Drone attacks would be useful as it kills many civilians who have not done any mistake... After killing these innocent civilians the thinking of revenge in their close relatives cause them to become militant.... Stop Drone Attacks... Stop Drone Attacks.... After the Death and on the DAY OF JUDGMENT you would be asked about your oppression... MAY ALLAH MAKE MUSLIMS STRONG AND MAKE THEM OUT OF THE OPPRESSION OF NON MUSLIMS......

Nov 01, 2013 09:59pm

Well done USA

Masood Siddiqui
Nov 01, 2013 09:58pm

Subanallah. These no-good fanatics giving bad name to Islam should be exterminated systematically.

Nov 01, 2013 10:09pm

killer of thousands of innocent pakistanis has been sent to hell......

Editor at
Nov 01, 2013 10:11pm

Not sure if sarcasm or ... did NFP write this?

Nov 01, 2013 10:19pm

If true, this is the best news of the week!

Nov 01, 2013 10:25pm

Drones should be extended to all of Pakistan.

The argument against Drones is truly silly, especially in a country like Pakistan.

A few years of Drones in all of Pakistan will reduce Terror by 50% I am sure in its neighbourhood.

Masood Mukhtar
Nov 01, 2013 10:29pm

Go drone go; eliminate the enemies of pakistan and Islam, who are killers of thousands of innocent persons.

Nov 01, 2013 10:30pm

Congratulations to Pakistanis....Mubarak ho

Nov 01, 2013 10:32pm

Pakistan has become a battle ground, lets accept this bitter reality that our state has failed to protect her soil, it doesn't matter its was Osama or Mehsood who are killed, the point is its foreigners who keep on killing people on their will, we are mere spectators.

Nov 01, 2013 10:32pm

Pakistan has become a battle ground, lets accept this bitter reality that our state has failed to protect her soil, it doesn't matter its was Osama or Mehsood who are killed, the point is its foreigners who keep on killing people on their will, we are mere spectators

Robin Akbar
Nov 01, 2013 10:26pm

It is a great news. Drones are needed to kill these type of terrorists without the loss of US young lives.

Friend of pakistan
Nov 01, 2013 10:37pm

Terrorism has only one outcome - violent end. Unfortunately, one terrorist died but many others will be born. I hope this will destroy TTP.

Nov 01, 2013 10:45pm

What made Hakimullah come so close to Miramshah which is a major Cantt and HQ of an Army Division? Did the Army lay a trap for him and then passed on the information for the drone strike? If so, this is major sabotage of Govt's overture to TTP.

Nov 01, 2013 10:43pm

Does this guy have nine lives? He has been reported killed before.

Imran Akram
Nov 01, 2013 10:48pm

Thank God, finally!

raja hindustani
Nov 01, 2013 10:51pm

I hope people demanding justification over US drone attack will get their answer now after this...

fahim khan
Nov 01, 2013 10:52pm

That is the only language these killers of innocent people understand. Will Imran Khan be chosen their new leader?

Nov 01, 2013 11:03pm

Great news!! Can all these talibs stay in one spot for a strike??

Pyarali Khoja
Nov 01, 2013 11:15pm

This is the reason we must support US government for drone attack on terrorist. Those terrorists have killed more people than drone attacks. Not only that but drone has killed a lot of terrorists. God forbid if those terrorists were alive, they would have killed moe innocent civilians in Pakistan. Just remember what happened to brave Malala.

Nov 01, 2013 11:33pm


Nov 01, 2013 11:39pm

Good for Pakistan.

Let Malala return to Pakistan.

Nov 01, 2013 11:45pm

Where there's a will there's a way.

Nov 01, 2013 11:53pm

well done US ... Keep up good work

Nov 01, 2013 11:56pm

Nawaz should send a thank you note to Obama for taking care of a mass murderer.

Iqbal khan
Nov 02, 2013 12:11am

Congratulations to all civilized people.

Nov 02, 2013 12:21am

Great News for Pakistan. Well done America.

Robin Akbar
Nov 02, 2013 12:25am

Good news. Job well done by drone. Congradulations to all those who had help in removing this very bad guy from this world.

Nov 02, 2013 12:25am

Thank You USA

Nov 02, 2013 12:30am

Another blow to initiating peace talks, thanks to drone strikes Pakistan can never have peace

Uzair Ahmad Khan
Nov 02, 2013 12:33am

"Lets hope for the best and plan for the worst" as they have killed the father of Pakistani Taliban and now they will take revenge against Pakistani Government and KP Government because of which there will be much loss of life and also on the top of their hit list will be KP Ministers. "God Bless Pakistan".

Nov 02, 2013 12:52am

Good thing for Pakistan and the world. The drones are doing what Pakistan government is not able to for years! Hats off Drones.

Nov 02, 2013 12:45am

well done US, keep up good work.

farooq Mughal
Nov 02, 2013 12:55am

Finally a good news from Pakistan.

Agha Ata
Nov 02, 2013 12:56am

Sorry for the death of Hakimullah Mahsood, a brave and courageous man, and I am also sorry for the hundreds of people he killed directly or indirectly in his life time, most of whom were innocent. May Allah do justice with those killed, and show compassion for Hakimullah Mahsood who murdered them. A word for them who grief for him: Hakimullah mahsood caused a thousand mothers , wives, and daughters and children grieve. Now you know the pain of a loss of someone you loved.

hamza khan
Nov 02, 2013 01:00am

is imran khan going to condemn this?

Nov 02, 2013 01:13am

Good job USA. Bravo! Blood of 50000 Pakistanis on the hands of these butchers. Hopefuly, US will clean up this mess further.

Nov 02, 2013 01:14am

He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. We should not weep for this mass murderer

Nov 02, 2013 01:25am

good job americans---now pakistani public will pay the prize by 100s of people being killed in retaliation---not a good strategy but pakistani govt and army is fool.what happened after baitullah mahsood was killed,severe retaliation and 100s of general public paid the prize but americans dont care since only pakistani are dying in retaliation and TTP will have new commander--more brutal than hakeemullah

Nov 02, 2013 01:57am

I am so happy for his or any TTP death, who cares how these people die, as long as they are gone faster from this world!

Nov 02, 2013 01:58am

Thanx god that at least American is capable to KILL these TERRORIST.

Nov 02, 2013 01:54am

This thug is associated with over 40,000 Pakistani civilian deaths - Pakistan should celebrate and USA should be applauded. Good riddance.

Robin Akbar
Nov 02, 2013 02:04am

Praise God. Drone are the answer to kill such terrorists. Respectfully, Robin

Laeeq, NY
Nov 02, 2013 02:24am

one less evil in the world.

john malik
Nov 02, 2013 02:31am

Pakistan army should be thankful to US.

Nov 02, 2013 02:41am

Drone strikes are an attack on our sovereignty. The Americans killed him because he was causing trouble in Afghanistan. Our Army did not request this strike. If Imran Khan was in power he would have shot down this drone. Everyone please protest, in your own way, this attack on out country.

Nov 02, 2013 02:45am

About time! Thank USA for "sending this beast out of physical existence" and expediting his journey to where ever he may now be having justice served upon him! The drone strike "merely helped him expedite his journey out of this world"

Nov 02, 2013 03:25am

US doesn't want peace talk between Pakistan and TTP succeed. They want us to keep killing each other.

Nov 02, 2013 03:44am

it's funny how our PM is touring around the world while the US government is cleaning our backyard...

Haji Mustan
Nov 02, 2013 04:03am

Wow! Bravo. Thank you so much Obama. This is the best present Obama has given to our useless government.

Nov 02, 2013 04:08am

Alhamdulillah! Now talks can begin.

Nov 02, 2013 04:11am

His killing is good news for the people of Afghanistan. Drone strikes serve a vitally important mission. Hope drone strikes continue and target soon those terrorists, who commit heinous acts of cross-border terrorism,in Afghanistan, with the backing of the Pakistani security establishment.

Reign Forrest
Nov 02, 2013 04:43am

"Condemning the drone strikes, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar had earlier said these were aimed at sabotaging efforts to establish peace in the country."

The Pakistani government has been living such a hypocritical life that it is likely they HELPED carry out this particular strike even though they're now blaming the U. S. for it. Mehsud was an enemy not just of the U. S., but of Pakistani establishment, too.

Nov 02, 2013 05:04am

One less dirt bag- What Pakistanis could not do, Americans did it for them.

Nov 02, 2013 05:12am

This is a conspiracy against Pakistan, Some external elements don't want peace in Pakistan, so all attempt is being made to sabotage the peace process between Pakistan and Taliban. It is not good for Pakistan.

Nov 02, 2013 05:09am

Live by the sword die by the sword.

Nov 02, 2013 05:32am

Congratulations to all humanity for elimination of the killer of thousands of innocent citizens

Nov 02, 2013 05:42am

Love to hear such irony, 1. "The Pakistani defence ministry Wednesday said 317 US drone strikes in the country's tribal areas had killed 67 civilians and 2,160 militants in Pakistan since 2008." Means for every 3 civilians, 100 militant terrorists are killed! 2. Yet there is "Strong condemnation of the Friday

Nov 02, 2013 05:50am

He is killed many times in the past !

Robin Akbar
Nov 02, 2013 05:45am

Thanks to all those who help to remove this bad guy from our world. Nobody should feel sorry about him. Pay the peace of God be with all of us.

Syed Ahmed
Nov 02, 2013 05:49am

Whenever talks with Taliban are about to commence, one of the key Taliban leader is killed. The advocates and supporters of world peace does not want peace in Pakistan.

Nov 02, 2013 06:12am

shabash US, few more gone, thank you.

Nov 02, 2013 06:18am

TTP must understand that once again, this has been done by USA who don't want peace talks to be initiated. As such TTP should not boycott peace talks.

Nov 02, 2013 06:27am

New mehsuds will keep on coming. We need to talk peace otherwise this vicious circle will continue.

Nov 02, 2013 06:37am

Good riddance.

Nov 02, 2013 06:39am

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Nov 02, 2013 06:58am

Live by the sword die by the sword. Justice served

Nov 02, 2013 08:37am

He has met his maker. Great. But why is the Pakistani Government scared.

Nov 02, 2013 08:47am

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Nov 02, 2013 08:46am

That's great...Good that US is doing cleansing work for Pakistan. but it would have been better if pakistan could have done it himself. no point just blabbering of violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity etc etc. Either Pakistani government is in agreement of drone attacks or they just can't control the american activities on its soil. In both cases, its pakistan who is at lose. plus they are ensuing more attacks from stubborn/brainwashed terrorists. US is definately winning the war. One, they are having their revenge, two are they are keeping terrorists busy with Pakistan so that they have minimum time for thinking of US: Risk minimisation.

I hope Indian scientists and defense companies can come up with sophasticated drones/UAVs quickly to aid for forces. they we can also give the terrorists death which they so deserve wihtout putting the lives of our soldiers in danger and their funeral too.

Hamid Ali Tabatabai
Nov 02, 2013 08:57am

Orya Maqbool Jan and his followers must be sad, their leader and killer of thousands of Pakistanis is now dead. Where are they going to go now?

Nov 02, 2013 09:29am

All of Pakistan can rest in peace now.......thanks to drones

Nov 02, 2013 09:53am

Thank you Americans. You are Pakistan's real hero. Their govt is impotent.

Nov 02, 2013 10:37am

Justice served.

Allah is the best judge. Now he will be in front of Allah to answer the brutalities he had committed by killing so many innocent people in the name of Jihad.

Nov 02, 2013 10:53am

"Strongly condemning Friday

Nov 02, 2013 10:55am

Life is a full circle. He finally got what he gave to others.

Nov 02, 2013 11:06am

US could have done it earlier,WHY NOW? It is now becoming clear who wants Pakistan to remain in chaos. It is also clear that Taliban have spies in their midst. How has US confirmed this death? These are the questions that need to be examined. As far as PML N is concerned ,it remains clueless as it was always.

Nov 02, 2013 11:09am

Good riddance.

Nov 02, 2013 11:46am

Pakistan can not do anything more than condemning the drone strikes by Americans. In fact, in their minds they are happy that some of the bad elements they themselves can't dare to tackle are being eliminated by these strikes.

Amir Cheema
Nov 02, 2013 12:02pm

Narrow minded people are concentrating on killing of a terrorist Hakeem Ullah Mehsud and missing the big picture. The only way to finish TTP is to take away their motivation to fight (wage Jihad) USA and its supporter (Pakistan) and this can only be achieved by ending American drone strikes and dissociating from USA's war on terror. Ending drone strikes and dissociating from war will put an end to recruitment of TTP and its motivation to fight ("Jihad") Pakistan. (currently USA's Partner in the fight against self proclaimed Jihadists-TTP). TTP will announce another leader and this bloodshed consisting of drones and suicide attacks will continue. Think. End drones, negotiate, start peace. Otherwise another 40000 people will die in another ten years and our enemies will keep laughing at our stupidity.

jamshed khan
Nov 02, 2013 12:19pm

Why was he killed just before the talks were about to start with TTP? Did he know too much? Is it possible that he was an american stooge and the americans did not want him to give away any secrets during the proposed talks? This should be a lesson for traitors of the country and the people.

Shaji Syed
Nov 02, 2013 01:00pm

Best news in a long time, those who seek talks like beggars with terrorists should be ashamed of themselves and learn a lesson from this drone attack, Pakistan should be thanking the US for doing the job that Pakistan should be doing.

Nov 02, 2013 01:23pm

May God have mercy on his soul. Amen

Nov 02, 2013 01:16pm

For the first time i feel sorry on the killing of a Taliban. The Anti-Pakistani forces are trying to sabotage the dialogue and peace process in Pakistan.

Nov 02, 2013 01:31pm

Knock knock! Who's there? Drone strike! Drone strike who? Drone strike your dead HA HA.... Another one bits the dust sadly 2 more brainless ideas will take his place...Drone strike again HA HA

Nov 02, 2013 01:24pm

This is a great news. One more enemy of civilized society is gone. God speed US and drones.

Nov 02, 2013 01:52pm comments ?

sanjay mittal
Nov 02, 2013 02:12pm

A short violent life in which he just killed and killed. And then was bombe out.

Did he really achieve anything positive in his stay on earth?

People who become Taliban must be captured and made to read books of all religions and then on romantic poetry. The idea of romantic poetry is the very anti thesis of the violence these killers propagate. Then only maybe their mindset will change. Otherwise another replacement will come in.

Nov 02, 2013 02:58pm

Heard the latest Joke....TTP Chief was directed by the Indians...and many believe it !!

Nov 02, 2013 03:25pm

Much that I am against TTP like any Pakistani, I find it highly suspicious and may I dare say malicious, that whenever Pakistan is close to having peace talks with the Taliban, Americans somehow destroy any such prospects. Past examples include killing of Naik Muhammad and Baitullah Mehsud. Is it just a coincidence that Hakimullah was killed just a day before a delegation of Pakistani Government was to meet the TTP leaders in ground breaking peace talks? I don't think so.

Meya Khail
Nov 02, 2013 04:23pm

Pakistan Government needs to shut up regarding Drone strike, if the Paki army doesn't like the Drone then they should invade North Waziristan and clean the area from extremists!

Nov 02, 2013 04:19pm

He was a devil and is responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent Pakistanis. However, killing him at this point of time cast meaningful doubts regarding US sincerity in supporting peaceful dialogue process between Pakistani Government & the Taliban. Surprisingly, US took four long years in his detection & killing him mere a day before when Pakistani Government was resuming much awaited negotiation on 2 November 2013. The apprehension of his Deputy by US forces in Afghanistan in Oct 2013 is also a point in this regard. Wao, the US could negotiate with any Taliban or Al Qaeda but the same right is not given to any other country. Alas, if the US act indiscriminately against anyone who is involved in perpetuating heinous crimes & brutality against the mankind.

Nov 02, 2013 04:50pm

Thanks USA . Our beautiful world get rid of one evil person.

Agha Ata
Nov 02, 2013 05:56pm

Taliban can learn one lesson from their leader's death. If they want to fight their enemy, they must learn to read and write and they must learn sciences. Unless they, their children, MALE AND FEMALE are educated they cannot even begin to understand the power of their enemy. This is the second time they are facing the GREAT MIGHT of science, first they ran away from Afghanistan, when Americans never even set a foot on the ground and Taliban couldn't even hide in caves of Tora Bora. when the smoke bombs from sky filled them. So, stop fighting, get education and live like human beings!

anti taliban
Nov 02, 2013 06:07pm

good riddance

Nov 02, 2013 06:15pm

I think Pakistan has to thank US.......... instead of blaming

Nov 02, 2013 06:37pm

Best news ever!! what goes round comes round

Agha Ata
Nov 02, 2013 07:24pm

Sorry, I have no time to grieve for Pakistani Taliban Chief Hakimullah Mehsud. I am still busy grieving with thousand mothers whose children were murdered by him.

Nov 02, 2013 07:18pm

he reaped what he had sown! he chose path of evil and destruction and Allah gave him his wish of hell!

gagan sarkar
Nov 02, 2013 07:24pm

@Shaji Syed: Pakistan is playing double game and the world knows it.

Bill Gates
Nov 02, 2013 07:29pm

What can I say.. USA doing Pakistani Govt's Job of getting rid of these Evil people. Best news of the day. IK you need to learn from US how to gun down terrorist.

Nov 02, 2013 07:57pm

Thank-you USA ! keep-up the good work.

Nov 02, 2013 07:58pm

Indeed the end of a devil. But it would work as a unification event for taliban. It will bring all the scattered groups of taliban on the same page. At the same time it has provided an opportunity to pak security agencies, if they are effective enough, to gain leverage over the controllers of TTP by bringing a more suitable person in command to achieve their goal of peace talk.

Nov 02, 2013 08:26pm

@jamshed khan: Typical and oh! so intelligent analysis!!

Nov 02, 2013 08:29pm

@Agha Ata: If the taliban get an education and learn science, they may even develop their brains enough to make them capable of understanding of the rule of law rather than the rule of the jungle and to stop thinking that their primitive mindsets are the ultimate truth.

Nov 02, 2013 08:33pm

Khas kam jehan pak.

God bless America for doing what the Pakistan government should have done 10 years ago, and in which case 50,000 Pakistani soldiers, police and civilians killed since then by the taliban would be alive today.

Nov 02, 2013 08:56pm

Pakistan should allow Indian drones as well and India doesn't need air base like America needed. India can give Pak similar aid. It will be beneficial for both the countries. Pak can summon and appose Indian drones in public like they are doing against US.

Abdul Ghani Wajid
Nov 02, 2013 09:26pm

Thank you Allah for getting rid of this terrible person.

Nov 02, 2013 09:19pm

@Bong: of course.. its pakistan..its evryones fault except theirs.zeropersonal of the pure remember..haha

Nov 02, 2013 10:16pm

This is very good new for peace talks. As the new TTP commander will have incentive to go for peace of face the same as his predecessors :).

Roxana R
Nov 02, 2013 10:31pm

"Condemning the drone strikes, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said these were aimed at sabotaging efforts to establish peace in the country." And all of the militants relentlessly killing military, police and many civilians in the thousands within Pakistan is pro-peace on the part of militants? Excuse me? What a warped perspective.

Nov 02, 2013 10:37pm

@Zeeshan: If Taliban leaders are taken out one by one, of course the peace will automatically return to Pakistan. No need for a discussion if the discussion partners are made to vanish. Even a weaker partner is much better to bargain with. Is this simple fact so difficult to understand?

Nov 02, 2013 10:31pm

@Amir Cheema: There were no drone attacks when Al Qaeda and Taliban declared war on US and the west as a whole. If you think that drone attacks is a motivation for Taliban to attack Pakistan then I am afraid you are suffering from wishful thinking. End of drone attacks will empower the Taliban, not weaken them and they will continue their atrocities on Pakistani citizens with impunity. Taliban's agenda is to impose their own version "Shariah law" and nothing less. They will consume Pakistan as they have Afghanistan. Even if they come to the table for peace talks, they will demand power in the government or else no peace will be offered by them. Taliban have the upper hand so they control the talks.

Nov 02, 2013 11:12pm

@Agha Ata: The Taliban are medieval barbarians The drones are bringing them to the conference table

Nov 02, 2013 11:12pm

@Agha Ata: they should also realize that their enemy is the one who participated in its creation; so u cant fight the 'creator' :)

Nov 02, 2013 11:40pm

@Akmal: Agreed! All terrorist must be killed.Pakistan should be cleaned from all the -ism and lashkars to make it a land of peace and prosperity for the common people

azmat khan
Nov 02, 2013 11:39pm

@Hamid Ali Tabatabai: Orya Maqbool is a mulla.

Nov 02, 2013 11:50pm

Imran Khan should be ashamed, He never spoke so strongly against the killings of hundreds of innocent civilians all over Pakistan than the TTP leader. Justice was done by drone that could have never been done by incompetent Pakistani leaders. If this is the only way we can bring the justice, bring it on. There is no way to talk and reason with Jahilans.

azmat khan
Nov 03, 2013 12:07am

It is not confirmed talks between Pakistan and Taliban are under way.Would they start or not. America has never committed that during Pakistan- Taliban talks it would halt drone strikes.So when America found an opportunity it struck and killed Mehsud.Why should it have missed the chance.Talks or no talks are concern of Pakistan, not Amerca's.Mehsud is gone many more are to follow.Better Taliban should surrender immediately. Imran and others of his folk are playing a losing game.

Nov 03, 2013 12:11am

For a change let's take out a rally in the streets of Pakistan in support of US.

Nov 03, 2013 12:23am

we can look at it both ways - 1. these jihadi's have nothing to loose and new one will keep coming. 2. getting rid of their leader will scare the next one and the one after that.

no matter how you look at it, its good to get rid off evil. we cant let these monsters kill our kids. there is no way that any educated person will ever support these militants. and those who are saying - we must stop drone attacks, there is only one question - who is running our country ? will we ever have the guts to kill bad elements in out own country. Our country is run by militants - hiding behind our "leaders". give it 2 more years and Mr. sharif will be either dead or flee to london to avoid some charges. we dont know who is working for who, who is taking billions of dollars in aid from US(yes we still get it, so does afghans), we dont know who is running the show and who is writing the script. If we have guts and are sons of allah, then we should pick up weapons and clean up the extreme elements. Giving a statement in a rally full of people is easy. Mr. Imran khan - why dont you see how these militants are impacting our daily lives for so many years. Atleast america is smart to kill the bad elements. if we dont do it, they will. so thank them. seriously - thank them. i will teach the same to all my kids and generations of my family - americans are helping us. we have given up on freedom and hope, they havent, We need to learn from them. All we do is live in stone age, hiding behind made up religious agenda, suppressing women. Learn from Malala. Stop this bigotry.

Hope we look beyond our silly brain washed ideas religion and look forward to a peaceful country. Amen.

Nov 03, 2013 01:06am

You can bomb people, but how do you bomb institutionalized hate?

New Taliban Leader Named

Nov 03, 2013 01:59am

@Amir Cheema: Their motivation is to establish their own Government in Pakistan and talibanise the entire nation. Can one not see the writings on the wall?

Ali Vaqar Awan
Nov 03, 2013 02:58am

A great news to hear that Hakeemullah Mehsud, the devil got killed by drones. He did nothing good but continously killing innocent people. There should more drone attacks on extremists as it is a better way wipe out thier existance. Dialogues can only be held when both parties are civilized. However, not with TTP the murders of humanity. Its time that our army should take extensive action against these militants who are challenging the writ of the state and want to impose thier draconian laws by force. These drone attacks on extremist should have been carried out long time ago. Only this way Pakistan can attain peace and move towards prosparity.

Nov 03, 2013 03:29am

any one who is against peace talk, which unfortunately i see in abundance, are the true enemies of Pakistan. thinks fellas, how come Pakistan overcome a force without dialogue infront of whom powers like USSR and US have failed. i hate taliban but i am rational too. Pakistan can't just afford too external and internal enemies or i am afraid to say this federation may very well collapse altogether

L Ahmad
Nov 03, 2013 05:35am

Taliban blight on Islam, you have no place in this world.

Nov 03, 2013 06:46am

Why do you think Pakistan need to involve in resolving Afgan and Afgan Taliban? If US is sabotaging Pakistan's talk with their Taliban and if it is your internal matter, the former is their internal matter and why do want to "leverage"? Why dont you help them by handing over Mulla Omar?

Nov 03, 2013 07:18am

Pakistan is in such awful position where She can neither fight with Taliban for long time nor can negotiate with them freely. If there is fight there is blood and if there is talks there is blood again because of drones attacks like this.Why USA is not using drones on Afghan Taliban? Only because US wants to talk to them to save the skin of US army And if Pakistan wants to talk to Pakistani Taliban to give peace a chance, there efforts are sabotaged by drones attacks only to spread more terror and more instability in the region. Keeping such attacks will keep the armed industry of US never shut down and moreover there is no US army in Pakistan to face the reaction. That is called killing two birds with one stone.

Nov 03, 2013 07:26am

Thank you USA!!!

Nov 03, 2013 08:47am

RIP !!

M. Aamir Nawaid
Nov 03, 2013 09:04am

Finally, the murderer met his fate. No matter who killed him and why. It was a job well done. People who are now crying on his death should be ashamed of themselves. He killed thousands of innocent Pakistanis and attacked our military installations.

We should now strike the TTP Shura Council when they meet to select their new chief and get rid of all evil. Hatf can be used to carry out this strike.

Nov 03, 2013 11:36am

@Meya Khail: Well said.

Nov 03, 2013 12:45pm


No it is not co-incidence, just continuation of same malicious series of preplanned intentional acts.

Nov 03, 2013 01:04pm

TTP retaliation should be against only super power of the world and not against the people of pakistan.

Irfan Baloch
Nov 03, 2013 01:23pm

recall that same chief was all proud after killing the Pakistani General? what goes around comes around he is present in the execution video of Col Imam who was mercilessly killed by Taliban scum

Nov 03, 2013 01:47pm

I think we are the only nation which gets so worked up on the death of a cold blooded murderer. And all those out there wanting to talk to these savages , what are you guys on ?Reasoning with them is like asking cancer to go away . you can wish all you want but we all know what happens if you don't cut it out .For once I must appreciate the good a drone strike can bring , my only regret is Bahut dair kee mehrban aatey aatey. No beast so fierce but knows a touch of pity, I know none therefore am no beast. Shakespeare.

Nov 03, 2013 03:31pm

One has to understand the hierarchy structure of the tribal system of the frontier. Unlike the usual Pyramid structure accustomed to the subcontinent like Chaudries, Vaderas or Sardars on top of the pyramid controlling the masses, tribal system is like a Cube where several stakeholders and elders are at par with each other. If one goes there are hundreds to take the seat. Hakimullah is another story just like Baithullah or Naik Mohammad and many others in the past. There will be many more to follow in coming years and they will again be replaced. This unique structure of cube would not make a vacuum in the absence of Hakimullah.

Nov 03, 2013 05:18pm

America wants to disrupt peace prospects in Pakistan...If they are "sincere", they should kill the remaining commanders, the leaders of the Shura too...they knew where he was all along, they know where the remaining leaders are right now as well...A swift drone attack on them now would destroy the top brass once and for all

Nov 03, 2013 05:20pm

Instead of thanking US Government for killing the dreaded terrorist who is responsible for killing thousands of pak civilians and soldiers, Pakistan government is bashing them on the name of drone strikes. US drone strikes are successes mission as it keeps theoverall low casualties and high success in killing the targets. Pakistan couldnt hv killed him by itself. Pakistan is lost its wisdom to take right decision

Nov 03, 2013 05:48pm

Imran Khan comes out again as a confused foot in the mouth, Taliban without beard.

We never heard this eloquence when he Christians and Shias were killed. His voice roars when the Taliban die

Salim A
Nov 03, 2013 06:20pm

I hope this mass murderer goes straight to hell.

317- Drone strikes with 67 civilian casualties. Compare that to the thousands of innocents that have died from their brutal attacks.

Once again the US has done what the PK Army and politicians have failed to do - defeat these killers.

Salim Akbani
Nov 03, 2013 06:32pm

@salim: Imran Khan, instead of making lofty claims and threats should make the journey personally to see how peaceful these terrorists are. He should take a few women from his party and have them sit down with the Taliban and negotiate a truce. Let's see how that works out for him or the women in his party. No one is stopping him.

Nov 03, 2013 08:47pm

If killing this guy was meant to intimidate/mold Taliban, then its a complete failure but if it was meant to expose innocent Pakistani public to a vengeful retaliation, then its a success. Only time will decide.

Nov 03, 2013 09:38pm

@Sid: US does not 'have' to use drones in Afghanistan. Brave US and Afghanistan soldiers are carrying out operations against them every day.

Nov 03, 2013 10:20pm

@Khan: Excellent point.

Nov 03, 2013 10:17pm

@ahmedj: We need to be clear whether we consider these individuals (irrespective of which system they are product of) as our heroes or enemies. Please don't confuse the already confused nation led and governed by fools. I am happy that our army is not mourning the death like some in our nation.

Fazal Rahmat
Nov 03, 2013 10:46pm

I read most of the comments here, it's so sad that some of you are condemning the drone sticks in Pakistan. You might have a reason but I think we all have seen this non-sense bloodshed for so long, we don't even care until our loved one's get killed or kidnapped. We are becoming a senseless and soul-less animals. I don't have words to thank "AMERICA" for this noble job. I wish one day, innocent Pakistanis go to bed and get up in the morning with no fear of any suicide attacks, no fear of getting kidnapped their daughters because they are going to schools to learn, no fear to lost any of their loved ones because they go to work to support their families. Enough is enough, no one is safe. These terrorist do not discriminate, you are Sunni or Shia, Punjabi, Phatan, Muhajir or Sindi, raja, chaudri or khan, they will kill you, to make the number and show the world how cruel they are, you are not a human in their eyes. These Taliban's are cancer to our society, to our country and to our religion. You don't want to wait and see if cancer will go away. The only cure to this cancer is detect early and fight aggressively to kill cancer viruses and stop spreading. Any one who is sympathized with these thugs are equally responsible to this chaos in the country. Our government and sensible citizen own a big THANK YOU to AMERICA to kill OBL and Masoud.

Nov 03, 2013 11:23pm

Terrorist come to Pakistan cities and do violence. They run out and hide beside the border. US drone attacks them. We blame Americans for killing those that are doing violence in major cities of Pakistan. What can I say?

Tayyab partage 200 pieces avec vous !
Nov 03, 2013 11:52pm

why PTI is so much in anger over the death of great terrorist who himself claimed, the death of thousands of innocent Pakistanis.We should be disgraced that the job of our security forces , America is doing.At last he got his faith.

Nov 03, 2013 11:59pm

Looks like it is in the interest of Pakistan Military for the conflict to continue in order to not their relevance be reduced if the peace prevails

Nov 04, 2013 12:56am

Hakimullah Mehsud got, what he has been giving to others.

Nov 04, 2013 01:59am

@Asad: And what about the souls of his victims ?

Nov 04, 2013 03:04am

How many Pakistani soldiers were killed by this good looking monster. America has done a great favour to Pakistan . May be another child like Malala zai wont be shot in the head. SW

Nov 04, 2013 03:19am

It's war & neither side spares the other. Better come to table & interact possitively rather than killing innocent people or getting yourselves eliminated. Wars have brought no solutions.

Nov 04, 2013 04:52am

Have you guys seen ' Sholay'? you have 2 choices. Either be '' the darpoq gaon waley'' and keep feeding Gabbar's goons ( through sacrificing awam and military officials, peace talks and what not) or be ' Jay - Viru ' and you all know the result.

Nov 04, 2013 04:59am

now atleast Politicians have a nice point on discussion table with Talibs. '' peace or this? choice is yours'' one has to talk on equality, not just beg peace from other.

Nov 04, 2013 07:46am

Correct action would have been for the government of Pakistan to tell Taliban that if they do not surrender, more of their leaders will be killed. Unfortunately all leaders except Pervaiz Musharraf are scared of Taliban.

Nov 04, 2013 07:47am

@John: yes....Thank you USA

Nov 04, 2013 10:21am

I am confused was he a hero or villain for Pakistanis

Nov 04, 2013 10:16am

I am confused was he a hero or villain for Pakistanis

Nov 04, 2013 10:38am

@khalid: Sane people like you are the only hope for Pakistan. May Allah bless you. Regards Manoj

Nov 04, 2013 01:58pm

Justice served

Nov 04, 2013 02:54pm

Asalamualykum, Its is all because of General Musharraf. It is because of him only US entered Pakistan. He is the one who gave space west to kill our brothers in Afghanistan. If we look at the US wars, the lost to Vietnam and withdraw from their. and now today its a peaceful country. Apart from that country everywhere there are killings going on. This thing didn't enter in the corrupted mind of Musharraf. He is the enemy of all Muslims, Taliban irrespective of Pakistani or afghani. And every time when PTT come to negotiate, US kill the leader. So US don't want peace in Pakistan. They just want to prove that Pakistani nuclear weapon is not safe and will try to grab it. And this man Musharraf gave shelter to these venamous

Nov 04, 2013 03:00pm

Sad loss of a life

Good for the infiltrated Taliban's in the militancy movement who homed the drone to the target.

Fellows could now collect the bounty on his head .

Nov 04, 2013 04:15pm

@Aftab: I am not passing my judgement on heroes or enemies. Weren't you happy on previous deaths of several Taliban leaders in last decade? What was the outcome? The problem is the flawed understanding of the tribal governing life, which many of us (including you) are unaware. Why in the past whole of the subcontinent was under the British except the North west of India. My endeavour is to explain the centuries old system which people cannot differentiate. By killing one individual doesn't make the end to the menace.

It is a faux triumph.

Khan Laala
Nov 04, 2013 04:21pm

I think, Pakistan should seriously start developing their own drones or start diplomatic struggle to acquire the technology from US rather to give foolish statements against Drones attack. Apart from the wrong timing of the strike on Hakeemullah that is obviously doubtful When US is behind it. I think its a lethal weapon to eradicate your enemy with the least possible disaster. Seriously,If few of the Drones would be fired by Pakistan after getting technology we would be in great position to get Talibans to their Knees. Reason; US Drone is seriously annoying Talibans because of the damage occurred in the attacks as their main leadership is always at the target of Drones. The only reason they put up yet is the killings of innocent civilians (in my point of view either those civilians are hostage or supporters of Talibans, whatever be the case those are not more than few hundreds in comparison to thousands of those have been killed by Talibans in suicide attacks). On the other hands media Talibans (i.e supporters of Taliban in Media) have some pathetic reasons like sovereignty etc etc. Once the attacks would be conducted by Pakistan itself, then Media Talibans would have nothing to claim about sovereignty at least and their total focus will be shifted to killings of civilians but for that Pak Govt could have more stronger reason of least casualties than by the fully armed operation in that area. US Drones are less frequent and executed by their own wishes but when it will be controlled by Pakistan, the more focused and frequent attacks would leave Talibans with no choice except to surrender or vacate the area. Than if necessary, Pak Government may proceed for Table talks else "beating the drum infront of a deaf person" will be continued like now.

Nov 04, 2013 05:23pm

@Fazal Rahmat: My only question to my brother is why US wants to do this? Why is US so worried about what happens in Pakistan? Find answers to these questions and then claim your point. US led war in Iraq killed over 100,000 people, how do you justify that? US led war in Vietnam killed thousands, killed thousands in Afghanistan so far. If US needs to protect its land, they should do whatever they want but their land only you can't go around and kill people fearing they would have killed you next year, like they know what is going to happen next year and who is going to do what. I have absolutely no sympathy with these talibans killed by drones, the only problem i have why US is killing them, 1st they spoonfeed them and then kill them just to achieve what you and me can't understand. This is job of Pakistani Govt and Pakistani people to protect their country, don't ask US to do your job or say thanks to such atrocities. These drones might have killed few extremists but how about innocent lives killed with it, how do you pay the price of one lost life. Talibans kill innocent people as well, but in return we dont have kill more innocent people, find a way to only either stop it or kill the culprit. I seriously struggle to understand that people in Pakistan believe these drones do good to Pakistan. Stop believing in facts given to us by corrupt politicians, corrupt media and corrupt army.

Nov 04, 2013 05:57pm

I see the comments from pakistanis and I have a feeling that they are from Mars. Their thinking is entirely different and they want to see what they want to see in all situations. I do not know if it comes to them naturally or they any course or take any unani medicines for this.

Nov 04, 2013 07:33pm

@vijai: Contrary to what you imply, with just a couple of exceptions, the vast majority of posts below are applauding the US for doing what the Pakistan Army should have done, i.e. putting an end to this mass killer. Your post indicates that it is you, not the vast majority of writers below, who are suffering from delusional thinking. This is typical of many spiteful, petty-minded Indians who want so hard to see all Pakistanis become taliban-slaves like Imran Khan that they actually start seeing that. Just like you have done by ignoring the vast majority of posts below that indicate great satisfaction at the death of this murderer Hakimullah Mehsud.

Nov 04, 2013 07:39pm

@Imran: Only you and your beloved Taliban are right all other are corrupt that's why Taliban are eliminating Pakistani nation gradually Good very Good one day you and your beloved Taliban will be the only creature on the face of this earth

Nov 04, 2013 08:17pm

@Imran: Yes Pakistani people have a lot to think that these drone do good to Pakistan because we could not able to eliminate the enemies of state and people like Naik Muhammad, Bait Ullah Mehsud,Hakim Ullah Mehsud and so on with all our efforts and loss of a lot of our young and experienced soldiers the drone did it and we real Pakistani keep on supporting these drone attacks until and unless all enemies of state are destroyed for ever

Nov 04, 2013 10:34pm

Our government is so incapable to handling any thing. You become a terrorist and when they couldn't retaliate you, they will beg for peace talk. Why peace talk with murderers of so many people? you can't handle talib how will you handle the rest of the world? Our government is retarded, weak and coward

Nov 04, 2013 11:12pm

Death is nothing to rejoice about, but a common enemy is dead. He has been responsible for the senseless killings of thousands of innocent Pakistanis. He was responsible for the attacks on our bases in Afghanistan, and proudly claimed the attempted

Nov 04, 2013 11:36pm

Well Done USA, now please finish off the remaining as soon as possible.....

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