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Peace award for Malala

Published Aug 22, 2013 07:06am


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Malala Yousufzai. — File photo
Malala Yousufzai. — File photo

MALALA Yousufzai has been awarded a prestigious peace prize for her courage and determination. Malala was the latest in a line of notable recipients of the Tipperary International Peace Award.

In her acceptance speech before an audience of around 200 in Irish town of Tipperary, she appealed to governments around the world to change laws that discriminate against women and children.

She also said she would rather be remembered as someone who campaigned for the equal right to education than as someone shot by the Taliban. Martin Quinn, Tipperary Peace Convention secretary, said he was delighted the teenager had agreed to accept the award in person.

“Malala now joins the illustrious list of past recipients of the peace prize, which includes former prime minister of Pakistan, the late Benazir Bhutto,” he said.

Malala was hit just above her left eye by a bullet which grazed the edge of her brain.

She was eventually airlifted to Britain and treated at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The teenager has remained in the UK, where she returned to school in March and continues to campaign for every child’s right to education.—Monitoring Desk

Comments (39) Closed

Javed Aug 22, 2013 08:11am

Could not change home but wants to change the world.

sagacious Aug 22, 2013 08:24am

Which peace? Where?

Rajab Ali Aug 22, 2013 10:21am

Without taking away any credit for her stance and sacrifice, the west never let go any opportunity to use Malala and Mukhtaran Mai like people to cover their millions of killing all over the world.

Nasim Aug 22, 2013 10:51am

Enough of Malala. She will play victim forever. I am so sick and tired of 13th Century Politics in Pakistan

Cosmic Lion Aug 22, 2013 02:28pm

You go Malala! These fundamentalists' faith can be shaken by a 10 yr child!

ismaeel khan Aug 22, 2013 02:38pm

peace is pro active approach of saving lives, what about ones who are involved is reactive approach of saving lives, I am referring to Abdul Sattar Edhi ,without exaggeration he deserves a Nobel prize for each year of his life for what he has doing and been doing. Malala is getting good publicity, and Edhi's sb efforts been taken for granted.

santzzurich Aug 22, 2013 04:52pm

Government should inlcude these kind of heoic people's history in the school text book, that will inspire the future generation. History only mark remarkable people

Noor Aug 22, 2013 06:04pm

@Rajab Ali: Very well said

Akram Aug 22, 2013 06:20pm

For those ready to criticise Malala I ask you, before opening your mouth. What have you done for Pakistan?

the critics generally do nothing but talk. That is why we are in the mess we are in, too many talkers not enough do-ers.

Lakhkar Khan, Pekhawar de khkulo khar Aug 22, 2013 07:06pm

@ismaeel khan:

I agree with the part or Edhi sahab getting an award. No one is trying to compare these 2. There is a difference between Malala and him. He is a saint like humanitarian and Who dedicated his life to serve human kind and she is a child peace activist who almost lost her life to get her message across. They both are Pakistani role models in my humble opinion.

Lakhkar Khan, Pekhawar de khkulo khar Aug 22, 2013 07:09pm



You sound jealous or you are just a simple individual. Either way, get some help.

Afzaal Aug 22, 2013 07:11pm

I am appaled at some of the comments, what else does our nation want from this girl. She got a bullet in her head for speaking up the truth, does anyone else in our messed up nation have courage to even speak up against what's actually going on in the country. Instaed of blaming the little girl look at your own actions. She deserves peace award and I hope she gets more.....

Afzaal Aug 22, 2013 07:12pm

@Javed: You expect a teen age girl to change the entire nation. What are you doing to make a change she got a bullet and you only sit behind your computer write trash..

veryoldlahori Aug 22, 2013 07:13pm

@Nasim: then welcome to the 21st century politics of lying to your electorate, going to war and killing by drones whomever you want where ever you want.

Riaz Aug 22, 2013 07:16pm

There are 100s of people that strive to get educated, and them gets killed ... no one ever talks about them ... Malala just started blogging and got famous ... enough of Malala now ... what peace has she brought to the country? What has she done to educate the girls? Just voicing is out doesn't make any difference ... sitting outside of the country, it is very easy to say things ... if that is what makes one a hero, then give awards to Altaf Hussain ... he's been sitting outside of the country and says things every day, but doesn't do anything. Malala is just like that! I am now downplaying her story ... but enough is enough ... she's gotten enough publicity ... now it is time for someone to do something rather than just talking.

Nizamuddin Ali Ahmad Aug 22, 2013 09:27pm

Enough is enough. Do not forget the lady who was killed by Land grabbing criminals in Karachi. Who kept on working for poor people besides threats and finally giving her life. Malala happened to be there, nothing more than that.

M Khaleeq Aug 22, 2013 09:27pm

Don't worry Malala, enemies of Pakistan are against you. Carry on with your mission, You are the Voice of every single deprived Girl in the whole world.

M Khaleeq Aug 22, 2013 09:37pm

@ismaeel khan: Not fair to compare 16 year Malala's education for young girls of the World. Abdul Sattar Edhi's contribution are great for the humanity in general. His contribution are mainly in Pakistan and probably some countries abroad. Malala's campaign is for the young girls of the whole World.

gangadin Aug 22, 2013 10:24pm

Malala and her father should return to Pakistan and campaign for the education of women and children in Waziristan.

Joe Aug 22, 2013 10:38pm

@Rajab Ali:

(Quoting you) " Without taking away any credit for her stance and sacrifice, the west never let go any opportunity to use Malala and Mukhtaran Mai like people to cover their millions of killing all over the world." (end quote)

Nonsense. Can you name one award given to her by any "human rights" organization in an eastern or Muslim country? Any real, tangible, actual award for human rights? At least organizations in "the west", which you so readily condemn, have the care and guts to actually do something real and tangible for her and the causes she represents.

It's so easy for you to ignore the positive and instinctively point the finger of blame elsewhere.



Fulan Kishwar Aug 23, 2013 12:18am

Education is good because knowledge is good. Knowledge is light. But if we leave it up to the "First World", the education that they will make compulsory will be the one that limits the minds of children to just the physical and material world... it does not allow them the freedom to encompass the worlds beyond the physical, precisely those worlds that give meaning and purpose to life, that make the concepts of truth, goodness, and beauty to be objective realities and not just subjective notions that are relative and arbitrary. Malala is young, and one can only hope that her Western benefactors will allow her to gain a true education that includes the metaphysical and ethical aspects of reality. Perhaps then she can have a better understanding of how the enterprise of education has become a tool in the hands of the secular-liberal Empire, mainly for the purposes of indoctrination and for the benefit of their economic hegemony.

Ravi Aug 23, 2013 12:54am

@Nasim: Malala is a light in otherwise dark Pakistan, caught in fundamentalism, intolerance among different sects of Islam and 7th century culture. We should be supporting her fight against taliban who are bent on keeping girls uneducated in addition to terrorising innocent fellow muslims.

zafarov Aug 23, 2013 02:48am

@Nasim: Malala is no victim nor does she need to pretend to be one. She has triumphed against the death worshipping TTP with such incredible valour, determination and strength of character that the world was astonished. When the cowardly assassins shot her and left her for dead, she rose again like a Phoenix. Today she has become a global icon of courage, enlightenment and justice and also an inspiration, especially for children all around the world.

asad Aug 23, 2013 03:56am

@santzzurich: Don't you think she is being used against Pakistan, She is still a kid and is used to destroy the image of Pakistan Aug 23, 2013 05:21am

Well done, MALALA Yousufzai" you are brave hero of Pakistan and bright future of children's education rights through all over the world.

NASAH (USA) Aug 23, 2013 05:37am

@Nasim: Actually -- Malala is a refreshing change of 21st century politics in a 13th century country.

Raheem Uddeen Aug 23, 2013 03:53pm

AWARD for Malala, being USED as an agent for the WEST...! What about those innocent children, boys and girls or all ages being killed in DRONES attacks? No one is even counting, let alone any help or justice being brought forward. DRONES attacks are carried out by proven International Terrorists and criminals sitting in Washington and London and no one is accountable while awards after awards are being offered to people such as Malala and her father.!

AHA Aug 23, 2013 04:31pm

@ismaeel khan: I agree that one simply cannot compare the efforts of Abdul Sattar Edhi with the blogs and speeches of Malala. Edhi Sabeh belongs to a different league.

But one also cannot derecognize the need to do something to save the future generations of Pakistan, to secure the rights of women and girls, and to somehow re-humanize the people of Pakistan. Malala might just be a figurehead (or even a puppet) in these efforts, but these are very, very important issues, and Malala, just by her being there, is playing a very important role.

Maserati Aug 23, 2013 06:17pm

@asad: "The west is destroying the image of Pakistan" Really, I think we are doing a fine job of it ourselves!

zafarov Aug 23, 2013 10:01pm

@gangadin: Why? So that the TTP gets another opportunity to assassinate Malala and also her father?

Dinesh Aug 23, 2013 10:59pm

@asad: lol ... "destroy the image of Pakistan" what image buddy ? yes now people may say

Dinesh Aug 23, 2013 11:02pm

@Nizamuddin Ali Ahmad: just happened to be there ..... what would you do if you happened to be in her place?

Munaf Aug 24, 2013 04:06am

Great public relations propaganda. Kudos must go to you all.

hamid Aug 24, 2013 05:19am

@Maserati: how the west is destroying plz explain it

utpal dutta Aug 24, 2013 06:42am

Congrat Malala. Hopefully someday you can run for the prime minister or the president of your country. We all are proud of you around the world. Alla gives more power and courage to you.

shafeeq Aug 24, 2013 12:04pm

Hope for the malala but I advise you just come back Pakistan and do the something good for girls in KP etc.

shafeeq Aug 24, 2013 12:04pm

Hope for the malala but I advise you just come back Pakistan and do the something good for girls in KP etc.

Arshad Mahmood Aug 24, 2013 12:30pm

Right of life is more important then right of education. Mala should ask west to stop drones attack on innocent people and children. Then everyone see that west is really respecting her or not. Then we see the value of Malala in the eyes of west.

human Aug 24, 2013 01:44pm

@santzzurich: please i am a pakistani and i know how west use such people , as they have been using our politicians and army people ,,, MAlala on text books hahaha please if u dont know about pakistan dont write about it