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Many enthusiasts of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf are disappointed that the tsunami could not happen. The more considerate analysts, however, think that tsunami or not, the party has done well. It has risen from the status of minnows to become the second most voted party of the country in almost no time. Its gain is substantial and its future bright. I tend to agree but what is disappointing for me is that the PTI is not only the change it had promised to be, it isn't any change, not even the change of faces in many instances. It has joined the fray and become one of the lot. I am afraid that by the next elections, it will be hard to distinguish it from others. Here are the four reasons why I think so.

Number 1: PTI walas are blind followers too

Just like their PPP and PMLN counterparts, the PTI walas take their party as a cult, if not as a religious sect. They are the believers, the followers and the mureeds and I find it antithetical to being a political worker.

They are not critical of their party policies, stands and statements. Being critical of 'their own' party policy is considered a sin in our political culture and PTI has not changed that. The behavior is graded as a kind of disloyalty which in essence is a feudal trait. So instead of engaging with their party fellows and opponents in productive political dialogues on issues of importance, they take it upon themselves to defend, justify and cover up all of their party leaders' deeds and words.

Their main locus standi in politics is that while all the rest are corrupt, they stand tall, untainted and clean. Their main vow is to rid the country of corruption which they present as the panacea. But when the party allows some of the known corrupt politicians into its ranks belying its biggest motto, its workers not only do not object to it but keep supporting their party with the same enthusiasm. That's so typical of Pakistani parties.

Political leaders love hordes of unthinking followers. They do not promote critical thinking among their cadre nor do they institute mechanisms within their parties to facilitate critical appraisal of party policies. The same holds for the PTI.

Number 2: They hate and demean their opponents

I think a certain level of inebriation with self righteousness is allowed to all political workers but it becomes a problem when it gets so much to ones head that they start identifying themselves as a different species and superior ones, of course. This arrogance effectively blocks the way of political dialogue and debate and even public interaction with others.

PTI walas have three responses for their opponents. They consider the good majority of all those out of their party flanks as senseless goofs destined to suffer. They are the unfortunate lot; the wretched of the earth who have failed to see the light and missed the opportunity of their lifetime just because they could not recognise it. They mostly live in villages. The PTI walas pity them.

On the second level are those who are not the simpletons, stuck in traditional rots as they are semi-educated, live in cities, small or big and have articulated political pursuits. But what perplexes the PTI walas is that if someone has even an iota of political sense, how can he or she support any party other than theirs? So they are the ones who have been tricked into submission and blindfolded by their leaders. They frustrate the PTI walas, who think that these political puppets only deserve contempt.

Then, the last is the gang of gazetted criminals – the upper crust of their opponent parties, their leaders and representatives. They are all branded as looters and plunderers and the main cause of all the ills of this country, unless and until they are reborn as PTI stalwarts.

Number 3: They too suffer from the conspiracy theory syndrome

When it comes to theorising political phenomena, the favorite ploy of all Pakistani parties is to define them as a conspiracy, mostly hatched by foreign forces. That reflects upon the intellectual poverty of the party ideologues. They have no vision, no plausible answers to the complex questions that the current political discourse poses.

Conspiracy theories are easy to sell. They put the blame on forces that exist outside ones purview and their acts are beyond one's ability to deliver. So there is little that could be done except scolding the evil forces. The modus operandi of these forces is invisible and complex so any event could be twisted to fit the theory. So you have suicide attacks by forces that target innocent Muslims and then attacks that are carried out by forces so that Muslims could be blamed for these.

From the Taliban to Malala, from Balochistan to the Mumbai attacks and from Ayla Malik's fake degree to Aleem Khan's multi-billion rupees land scam all are not what they appear to the naked eye. They are all conspiracies.

Conspiracy theories defy that politics is a comprehensible science, and that interests of groups and classes can be articulated and pursued as political causes through carefully designed strategies. They instead, convert people into hapless victims who have no other recourse than to bow before their charismatic leaders.

In Pakistan's political culture, conspiracy theories substitute a sound political ideology; they proxy for long term vision. PTI's reliance on conspiracy theories is no less, if not more, than others.

Number 4: Their party is not structurally different from any other

A party with a democratic structure has never happened to this country. There are cults driven by 'charismatic' personalities. There are mafias run by gangs of criminals. There are congregations lead by clerics. There are dynasties and fiefdoms but no party. PTI boasted to gift the country one, but it hasn't.

None of its acts show it is any different from the others. The PTI party elections were a sham. Organising intra-party elections is a legal requirement for all. There are 250 political parties registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan and they have all fulfilled the requirement. Doing the same ritual with the exalted media fan fare does not make them any different. More importantly, this democratic superiority does not reflect in any of the party's behaviors and decisions. The Chief Minister of KPK has three of his close relatives elected on the seats reserved for women. The same is the case with the parties that did not have 'democratic party structures' and are branded as dynastic by the PTI. So whether or not the PTI had genuine intra-party elections, the political culture, the end result remains the same.

The same is the situation in all other aspects. PTI too awarded tickets to the same old clique of politicians that included fraudsters, tax evaders and fake degree holders.

But what's more irksome is that every now and then we come to know about some silent, selfless warriors waging a heroic struggle within the party and sacrificing their career, life and what not, and then suddenly they find reasons to revolt. These valiant revolutionaries who had, we are told, forgone opportunities worth millions of dollars and instead opted to serve the party generally fall out for very petty gains. Even more irritating are their antics that follow the bold revolts. Shireen Mazari resigns and rejoins. Fauzia Kasuri resigns and rejoins. This makes it evident that the party has not institutionalised internal decision making and like any other, it too, survives on a system of patronage flowing from the top.

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Tahir Mehdi works with Punjab Lok Sujag, a research and advocacy group that has a primary interest in understanding governance and democracy.

He tweets @TahirMehdiZ

The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

Comments (150) Closed

Asjad Jul 23, 2013 03:17pm

Their followers have no sense of the political heritage and baggage other parties carry.

noobguy Jul 23, 2013 03:36pm

In Pakistan one who knows how to manipulate the people is considered a good politician. It is completely the fault on part of the people of Pakistan who are (kept) blind and are uneducated. We must educated our country to get rid of these performers.

Wali Muhammad Jul 23, 2013 03:44pm

Countless times, IK himself and CM KPK have explained regarding the reserve seats issue, but the article is well written in a sense that the author depicts himself [objectively] and does not seem to challenge the existence and acceptance of PTI within the public.

Ali Khan Jul 23, 2013 03:46pm

It is Aleem Khan sir, not Aleem Dar.. :) .. I doubt umpire Aleem Dar will have billions in his accounts to return...

Although I am a PTI supporter, I agree with your observations..

Zaigham Jul 23, 2013 03:56pm

Excellent analysis...

Omair Jul 23, 2013 03:58pm

Now is the test for all parties. Lets see how they perform in the their respective provinces. Criticize those who have misused power.

H Jul 23, 2013 04:00pm

Tahir bhai give me one reason to believe that this blog is any different from hundreds written in the last couple of years. No originality. Presumptuous 'PTI walas pity people living in villages', libelous 'internal party elections were a sham' and the best bit was Aleem Dar's billion dollar land grab...Aleem Dar the ump? no wonder he missed Broad's huge edge in the Ashes test the other day.

H.Ali Jul 23, 2013 04:02pm

I think a lot of articles are written about PTI which means it is the most popular party in the country and it is just only two months after election and I think they will do a lot of good things in near future...

farhan Jul 23, 2013 04:02pm

Dear mehdi sahab, I totally agree with you on the article please kindly add reason number five. Pti walas have the god gifted ability to issue fatwas and ghaddari certificates..... buy 1 get 10 free.

AJ Jul 23, 2013 04:30pm

No doubt, some of the alligations are partly true but even then all of it is just a fraction of what you find in other two main parties. No talk of PPP as their acts speak for it, MLN is 70% filled with Musharaf discards and similar no. of proved corrupts. There women are 65% from only one city and all of it is family based. They have never held party elections and its more like a kingdom where Sharifs alone have 12 family members at the top of the party. PTI is a new party, which surely has organisational problems but even then far far better than any other option.

Osama Jul 23, 2013 04:32pm

Tahir Sb,

I'm a PTI 'wala', I thank you for writing this article, there is some truth to it, but regardless of that, there is also some generalization to it. We should all accept criticism with an open heart and some of the points you raised are very valid and something that does concern alot of PTI walas.

Since you 'research' democracy as well as governance, I urge you to spend some times among the bureaucracy halls of KPK. I feel your fact-based research will be force to reveal that the change is already taking place.

If PTI wanted 'revolutionary' change, it would have not participated in elections, they have opted for 'evolutionary' change.

s.rehman Jul 23, 2013 04:36pm

You have to give the party some time to draw conclusions. PTI is being attacked left right and center by print and electronic media. Corruption is prevalent in Pakistan. Incompetency is rife..So PTI cannot convert humans into angels ..they have members who are Pakistanis and unfortunately we are like that as a peoples. The culture will need some time to change so stop being so impatient. At least leadership is clean look at the leadership of all the other parties.

saad saeed Jul 23, 2013 04:37pm

5 reasons PTI has changed our political culture: 1) Karachites came out against all odds and voted for PTI. What happened next needs not to be reminded again and again 2) The educated and increasingly becoming apolitical class was engaged and they voted their hearts out for PTI 3) PTI has taken the first step of holding intra party election which were no doubt fraught with malpractices, but hold on, it was the first step and that too on a path which has not been trodden by anyone in this country. At least we have taken the first step 4) PTI has carved its place in a bi party system which was in reality an eye wash. 5) PTI followers do not blindly follow their party. For example the most scathing criticism of the awarding of the ticket and the use of helicopter by the KP CM came from within the party and its social network followers. And we will inshalla vote for this truly democratic party instead of the Baby Bhuttos and Sharif Clan

Usher Jul 23, 2013 04:55pm

@farhan: This is the problem with whole punjab.

Asad Shaikh Jul 23, 2013 05:01pm

Should've written more about PTI the party itself then the facebook/twitter fans. Misguided headline to your piece.

M Dawood Jul 23, 2013 05:08pm

very analytical.........and truly observed...........this is what pti is at the end of the day.......above all this is what pakistani politics is at the end of the day...........the change that some intellectuals dream of will never surface via voting in this society in its current state

UlHaq Jul 23, 2013 05:30pm

Very well written article and one of the very few who came out with such a good analysis of PTI as a party. In my experience, 100% of PTI supporters (they are usually from Punjab and KP) fits this pattern. Being a Karachi-wala, what I find disgusting is their lethargy and total hatred for other linguistic groups and political parties. Although most of the PTI supporters I know are educated but I am sorry to say that I found them to be self-righteous, doubled-faced bigots who hates masses, considering them to be illiterate and thus devoid of the capacity (and hence of the right) to make decisions for themselves and their country.

Anon Jul 23, 2013 06:07pm

This one's a little late... I think a week passed before Dawn was able to dig out something new... come on guys... keep pace up!

Agha Ata Jul 23, 2013 06:29pm

First, I have an objection against using the word "PTI Wala" that shows what you think of all of them. This is a derogatory term used by the British to describe certain Indians, and later on, used by Indians too for themselves. But this is the first time anyone has used it for a political party, so it has a different connotation. What if I say, Ji walas, PPP walas MLN walas . . . ? There are better words to describe the followers of a political party like followers and members etc. for journalists, which would be more acceptable to educated readers. Second, It is so easy to criticize any political party Pakistani style. All you have to do is to find out a few weak points and exploit them. Is there any party in the world at the moment, or has been in the world in the past, which has or had NO WEAK POINT at all? Third, If the author was the recruiter of the members for PTI, where would he get honest, incorruptible people, in Pakistan, to join PTI? Fourth, the author appears to be so disappointed and frustrated of all political parties that he paints a very dark and sad picture not only of the PTI but also of the entire past, present and future of Pakistan. So what do we learn from this article?

Waleed Khan Jul 23, 2013 06:44pm

Tahir Mehdi Saab, PTI supporters havn't been imported from Mars. they are pakistanis.

jibran Jul 23, 2013 06:55pm

Imran's understanding of the Fata is limited to reading some romantic, nostalgic memories of British political agents stay in these agencies in pre-partition days. His mantra of talks with taliban before the elections is no more in sight, now he says 'there are 35 groups fighting the state in KP'. Is not it an admission of difficulty of pursuing a negotiated end which has been his consistent stand so far. Why to meet General Kiani in closed door meeting? because he does not want to be seen as taking a public stand against taliban but behind closed door there is no harm in acceding to the request of use of force against them. If u want to give him credit, than he is learning on the job but perhaps it is too much to admit one's error in public.

Z Khan Jul 23, 2013 06:56pm

to start with, PTI walas haven't come from the Mars. they are you and me and their mindset is also the same which will take some time to change but to their credit they aspire & strive for the change to happen to us, both as individuals and as a society, and that's the main thing. so do not expect them to start behaving in a certain way which you feel is the ideal way. give them some time & space. in my opinion they are still better than the rest by miles. as for as your logic is concerned that PTI is a cult than I will strongly defer. I do not blindly follow PTI. for me and millions like me,its a political party and I will support it till it follow the slogan of change and good governance.and trust me the vast majority of the educated lot think the same way. the moment it decided to change track than I will stop supporting it.I have not an iota of doubt about it.

Munir Jul 23, 2013 07:18pm

Four reasons or 400 reasons, do not ask PTI for more than what the nation has thought its worth to be. With 25 odd seat in hand, you want it to clean the filth of 60 years? The nation gets what it deserves, be it a lion to eat the flesh of the nation or an arrow to pierce its heart, why the PTI should be focused more than what the nation should gave it to do on its political canvass?

GH Jul 23, 2013 07:35pm

Nicely written. Bear in mind when the PTI chief talks, try to study his body language. It shows a proud and arrogant personality. In some cases his words spit venom against people he doesn't like. We all know too well when he was captain how he dealt with other players, and what he would say about Karachi crowd at he stadium. His mine set has trickle down to other levels as well.

Guest63 Jul 23, 2013 07:56pm

@M Dawood: Dear agree to your consent on the blog , its the reflection of how our society looks at and practice the politics , No change is envisaged even after another 65 years I am afraid , that Educated lot you are hoping and dreaming for , WILL NEVER emerge , the population explosion we are facing and will keep on facing for many decades , will produce hard core Hand laborers in such majority that even if we could double our literacy rate in the next 6 decades , the educated lot with the mind set being created in our education system , WILL NEVER prop up those thinking and analytically minds , even in simple equality let alone in majority , that our political system or the system of Governing & Governed , will ever bring that change .........

Iftikhar Ud Din Khattak Jul 23, 2013 08:03pm

Habibi I don t know about Tahir Mehdi, but this article is completely biased and he was actually stamped his perceptions on PTI. Indeed calling Intra Party election shame is really disappointing. There are always problems in such democratic process, My question is what about recent #ELECTION2013 which was the most controversial in the history of Pakistan. Instead of highlighting other parties undemocratic nature he is blaming PTI for it.

Looking at political marketing trend in recent past, It is actually PTI who has made it possible to leverage the impact of Social Media in modern day of global village. How comes he can ranked it as " Doing the same ritual with the exalted media fan fare does not make them any different" Again something which is not logical but biased.

About reserved seats, I think the matter has been closed after official statement from our spokesperson, Those three ladies are never CM's relatives but are member of the party when Pervez Khattak was PPPP's minster.

Indeed Imran khan has never given tickets to electable s what he has claimed, we have seen many well know heavy weight politicians were not part of PTI in election, reason was very simple Imran khan told them clearly we shall never give tickets on biased bases. I want one single example of our candidates who were fraudsters, tax evaders and fake degree holders ??? Aila Malik has been issues a show cause notice on her recent fake certificate matter. PTI has told her very clearly, we shall not give her ticket if she was found guilty.

Sheren Mazari left the party, because of her concerns as ideological worker which was latter on solved. Fozia Kasuri actually behaved very differently, we love and respect her contribution in the party and ranked high in the book.

This article is very unfair especially when he has blamed us for nothing. As PTI worker I think my answers are enough to satisfy him.

M aslam Jul 23, 2013 08:03pm

@AJ: Is 17 year old party is called new Party? Just compare actions taken by Federal Government and KPK Govrnment. As usua KPK governement achievement is full of demands from others, agitation, and false promises, while all other 3 provinces start working. Wake up Sid.

Dawar Naqvi Jul 23, 2013 08:08pm

Well Written.

This is a problem with Imran Khan.Imran Khan has two faces.He does not like Urdu Speaking people at all, he is racist. What he did with Karachi base cricketers its not hidden.

dr khan Jul 23, 2013 08:44pm

PTi is not a party of angels but when you have to chose between demons u always go for the lesser ones PTI in comparison to others is a lot better at least Imran is trying.

pathanoo Jul 23, 2013 08:48pm

An excellent article, accurate and well analysed.Absolutely agree with the author. If you don't agree. Fine. Look at Imran Khan's actions on foreign affairs, Drones, Taliban....he says nothing but cliches and makes promises without offering any mechanism or process of delivering on those promises. Hasn't offered one solution to alleviating poverty, deficit in education or helping industrial revival in Pakistan. As I have said repeatedly,"IMRAN KHAN IS A LEGEND IN HIS OWN MIND." AN EMPTY MIND.

AHA Jul 23, 2013 09:08pm

I support PTI, even thought I strongly disagree with almost everything that PTI stands for. But I disagree with all other parties even more. I want Pakistan to give PTI a chance, and then make the final judgement.

Khan Jul 23, 2013 09:16pm

Oochi mama mehdi has touch the raw nerves of PTIans now get ready for the abuse from PTI fan club

Shamoon Jul 23, 2013 09:17pm

Article presents healthy criticism and we should accept it as such. As far as the thought process of PTI walas is concerned, that can be judge by their comments on the article. Most come out to be sensible and mature minded people, willing to listen to opposing views and accept the weaknesses while elaborating the strength of their party.. This frame of mind is so different then the culture of mudslinging prevalent in other parties to defend heir leaders. Last word, PTI has moved from crawling to walking only recently, let us wait to see how it runs.

Zia Jul 23, 2013 09:51pm

@s.rehman: But I think problem is this pti walas is not a worker he is only mureed of Imran khan if khan sahib said night he fellow him like a blind man so this is a sickness of pakistani people

Sheikh Jul 23, 2013 09:54pm

@saad saeed: You hit the nail bang on the head. These Opinion Pieces at are truely laughable. "They hate and demean their opponents". Really? That is considered a reason why PTI is not different from any other party? Why not the color red and green in their flag. It's the same colors ANP and PMLN have hence the three parties must be the same.

amna Jul 23, 2013 09:55pm

PTI is unable to deliver in KPK 50 days have already been passed and number is reaching to 90 days. They claimed that they will change Pakistan in 90 days. They are not even able to change KPK.

khalil merchant Jul 23, 2013 09:57pm

IK was corrupt before even coming into politics so what can be expected from him. He was into spot fixing, gambling, adultery , drinking and you name it and he had.

The Power of Reason Jul 23, 2013 10:20pm

A very well written and cogent article. It could have been even more comprehensive if the writer had covered the following two aspects as well.

  1. The core of a political party is built by rising through through a graduated process from local government up during which they build grassroots support and learn the ropes of governance including how to administer and use the bureaucracy to achieve the political objectives. The failure of the arab spring is largely attributed to political parties emerging from the fringes and winning seats on the basis of fresh new promises promising the moon only to get stumped when they meet the reality of governance. PTI's first 45 days portend a similar outcome unless the party learns fast.

  2. Imran Khan has fallen into and following the similar gutter politics with which so much of pakistani politics suffer. He proved no different when he made personal tirades against shahbaz shariff and nawaz shariff, has now created a personal vendetta against altaf hussain and continues to act as an angry young man not commensurate with the attitude of a major politician or one aspiring to be one.

Shah Jul 23, 2013 10:34pm

The reason it could not change the culture, up to this point, is because change takes time. I do not take anything seriously from the genius that thought that there is such a thing as a "Hindu Pashtun". The leftist commentators are delusional, conspiracy theorists, and worst of all, wrong.

PTI walla Jul 23, 2013 10:47pm

Reading your article was a delight. Proved the saying haters gonna hate. One thing I'm most certain of that you yourself voted for 'peer' Khan on 11th May. I voted for him because of the obvious reason, who else? It

ZX Jul 23, 2013 10:58pm

Totally disagree with this article Number 1. PTI walas are blind followers too: They follow Imran for what he has done for Pakistan over the years and no one can reject his work.

Number 2: They hate and demean their opponents: Common Pakistani has been sick of all the parties long before PTI was popular. This has nothing to do with PTI. Even if PTI did not exist we would still hate all of them.

Number 3: They too suffer from the conspiracy theory syndrome: Are you not from Pakistan?? Do you not know how things work over here?? Everyday your rights are violated and you expect us to accept this as it is?

Number 4: Their party is not structurally different from any other: Yes the system is not working well. It needs to be improved.

Raj Kumar Jul 23, 2013 11:16pm

We Indians always knew that Pakistan is a failed state. Alas it has come true. Noone wants to have anything to do with this country. But our only hope was also Imran Khan, an Internation hero. It seems that Pakistani's establishment is so self-destructive that they also destroyed their only hope and probabaly the only hero that Pakistan has ever produced.

Agha Ata Jul 23, 2013 11:17pm

@M Dawood: IF . . . .

Ghani K Jul 23, 2013 11:20pm

Well IK &PTI gave you an alternative to dump dynastic politics but you still believed in status quo & voted for PML(N),MQM & PPP. Who is to be blamed ?

Pakorhay do Jul 23, 2013 11:47pm

Give. Them. Time.

DAWN is a bit too sickeningly liberal at times. Yes I am a liberal and PTI's conservatism bothers me just as much as it bothers you. However, you are completely wrong in judging a party on a two month performance. Why do I never see articles about how PMLN's performance so far? They have far more experience than PTI. Why aren't they being questioned?

Masood Haider Jul 23, 2013 11:56pm

The most unfortunate part about the PTI is that it is a party of retrogressive thinking. No sensitivity to women's issues and the blind religiosity that has earned its leader the not too inappropriate nick name of 'Taliban Khan'. It is unreasonable to think that the murderous and savage campaign of killing the innocent people of Pakistan is being fueled by the Drone attacks. The aim of the Taliban is nothing short of the establishment of a world wide 'Caliphate'.

Abu Saleh Jul 24, 2013 12:26am

@saad saeed: Very well replied. I would just like to add that the conspiracy theory phenomenon is a national thing and comes with illiteracy. PTI followers, alone, cannot be blamed for that. Unfair analysis.

jacksonville Jul 24, 2013 12:36am

The writer has examined just one section of the followers and have made sweeping remarks about the party. The particular set of people addressed in this blog exist in every political party in the world. A complete generalization.

Parvez Jul 24, 2013 12:39am

You can't make a silk purse out of a sous have to work with what you have.

AR Jul 24, 2013 01:00am

PTI has indeed change the political culture but not upto the expectations.

jacksonville Jul 24, 2013 01:03am

@M Dawood: That is one of the most hollow argument one can give .."when an educated society will emerge at large and elect on the basis of whats right and wrong..." it doesnt take a graduation degree to figure out the right from wrong...the institution of democracy needs to be strengthened first and electorial process made transparent..

aamir Jul 24, 2013 02:18am

I voted for PTI in 1996 and 2003. I wouldnt call myself a die hard PTI supporter. PTI must bring a refreshing change in Pakistani politics. For instance, IK doesnt see anything wrong with our judiciary,why? I fully agree on the point of PTI spreading and supporting any and every conspiracy theory thats in the market. IK must come out and show his full support to Malala. Is it not a concern for PTI supporters that one of its parlimentarian asked the govt to release Mumtaz Qadri? who is IK standing with? Taseer or Qadri? or is Qadri an innocent victim of US/Israeli/Indian propaganda too? I vote for IK but honestly, it wasnt easy. IK got votes because of public's disgust for PPP and PML. Next time around, PTI wont have that advantage. Plus, our society must accept and respect sacrifices made my other politicians belonging to other parties. Many of them were innocent and got killed while fighting for "insaaf". We must not waste our energies on criticizing Ghulam Ahmed Bilour. Instead, we must channel our energies appreciating Bahsir Bilour, who even IK feels was a good man. Every one I heard on TV had good things to say about the man. Why do we not think of him when we think of our politicians? He was killed by intolerant bunch in our society. One advise I would give to every party in Pakistan and that is to preach and practice tolerance. Only man that preached and practiced tolerance is President Zardari. Jul 24, 2013 02:22am

very well written PTI need to take some notes

Iftikhar Ud Din Khattak Jul 24, 2013 02:47am

I don t know about Tahir Mehdi, but this article is completely biased and he was actually stamped his perceptions on PTI. Indeed calling Intra Party election shame is really disappointing. There are always problems in such democratic process, My question is what about recent #ELECTION2013 which was the most controversial in the history of Pakistan. Instead of highlighting other parties undemocratic nature he is blaming PTI for it.

Looking at political marketing trend in recent past, It is actually PTI who has made it possible to leverage the impact of Social Media in modern day of global village. How comes he can ranked it as " Doing the same ritual with the exalted media fan fare does not make them any different" Again something which is not logical but biased.

About reserved seats, I think the matter has been closed after official statement from our spokesperson, Those three ladies are never CM's relatives but are member of the party when Pervez Khattak was PPPP's minster.

Indeed Imran khan has never given tickets to electable s what he has claimed, we have seen many well know heavy weight politicians were not part of PTI in election, reason was very simple Imran khan told them clearly we shall never give tickets on biased bases. I want one single example of our candidates who were fraudsters, tax evaders and fake degree holders ??? Aila Malik has been issues a show cause notice on her recent fake certificate matter. PTI has told her very clearly, we shall not give her ticket if she was found guilty.

Sheren Mazari left the party, because of her concerns as ideological worker which was latter on solved. Fozia Kasuri actually behaved very differently, we love and respect her contribution in the party and ranked high in the book.

This article is very unfair especially when he has blamed us for nothing. As PTI worker I think my answers are enough to satisfy him.

Dawar Naqvi Jul 24, 2013 02:53am

Well ritten. PTI has failed to accomplish any substantial goals. PTI party is not structurally different from any other wadera party,

Dr. Sohaib Rana Jul 24, 2013 03:53am

Mehdi Sahib I think If PTI could not bring Change then Nawaz Sharif sahib will Bring A Change....As He Changes his statements regarding end of Loadshedding...:)

Hassan Jul 24, 2013 04:02am

Writer is criticising

salim khan Jul 24, 2013 04:20am

@saad saeed: 6th reason. PTI is, in fact, the Pakistani Taliban Imran group.

Zawar Saleemi Jul 24, 2013 04:48am


Ignorant people like you need to know their party better before giving comments. Aleem khan is president PTI lahore.

No wonder you vote for khilaaris like Imran khan, or wait, do you think its the bollywood actor imran khan eh?

Mohammad Ali Khan Jul 24, 2013 05:03am

All members should know the history and evolution of their parties.They should be familiar with all the rules governing their parties.They should try to make their parties cohesive where an open and transparent culture should prevail.They should continue to strive to improve their parties where good ideas are accepted and incorporated thru a disciplined process.We should create a good process and follow it.This way things move forward,may be slowly,but the longterm progress is maintained.


Iqbal Khan Jul 24, 2013 05:31am

PTI is the best option by far. Criticism and self analysis is a healthy exercise. With time PTI will mature and I feel can give Pakistan the best chance to come out of troubled waters. Next elections inshAllah!

Jalaluddin S. Hussain Jul 24, 2013 07:46am

Abolition of feudalism, spread of basic education and separation of religion from political governance, will help in the long run. In the meanwhile, be patient and let democratic institutions be strengthened through evolutionary process.

ashok Jul 24, 2013 09:10am

It is not failure of change agents in isolation, recently they failed every where, Tahrir square, IK'S political vision. Anna Hazares here in India. This is simply for the reason that they all believed in change of ruling set up, authorities, governments etc but not in change in moral values of society, change in people.

Abdul Wahab Jul 24, 2013 09:16am

The person who wrote this article is so stone-blind in his hatred towards PTI that he cant see the big picture. PTI is not like the rest of the parties, they are a lot different in every way, shape and form from them. Its so sad to see that people as educated as the blogger can be so naive and ignorant of reality. Atleast PTI has a certain moral ground that it stands on..What moral ground does PPP, PML-N, PML-Q ANP, MQM, JUI-F, J-Islami stand on??..They are individuals in some of the parties that i mentioned that are principled, free of corruption charges, and those that have Pakistan's best interest in mind. But the party or leadership of that party that cannot that. Its all about leadership in the end. Out of the current crop of political leaders we have in Pakistan, Imran is the finest of them all, bar none.

mahan Jul 24, 2013 09:46am

@Asad Shaikh: I think you may need glasses. Because the title fits the article perfectly.

hilal Jul 24, 2013 10:11am

PTI does not hate any opposition party. PTI hates what older opposition has done to Pakistan. How can the new generation not dislike the culture of promoting family politics, doing business while killing Pakistan, fighting like childish gangsters in Lyari and telling banned orgs to kill outside Punjab, taking out IMF loans which is basically going to sell Pakistan, giving away PK's land to other countries, promoting ethnic division, killing people on ethnicity, killing merit, fighting a handful of cities when Pakistanis are capable of filling all of Pakistan with cities and growth. How can anyone patriotic not dislike these actions? That's what PTI says. People need to be ready for change and they have to begin by changing themselves, by letting go old parties and working for a progressive Pakistan.

Rashad Jul 24, 2013 10:24am

Every new party when it begins seems like the ideal "tsunami of change" PPP in its infancy was the first true political party to be formed after the Muslim League, and in its inception was to be the guiding light of so called political awakening in Pakistan and with that achieved hge success all over Pakistan. Political parties in Pakistan are fast becoming like eating out places. Any new place opens up people rush to it and make it a success, regardless of price, quality, taste or anything, just has to be new.

The rise of voter turnout is attributed to much the same reason and majorly due to the media generated awareness, sure the people are fed up but in time unfortunately they will come to realise that PTI was and is not the solution because they are more or less tainted in much the same way as the other parties. You can't change the character of the person sittin in the chair just because he starts wearing shalwar kurta.

Farah Jul 24, 2013 10:40am

My two cents: If PTI want to hold their position as a truly democratic party, the party chief must step down every 4 or 8 years and make way for other faces to be elected in that position (and that means not being nominated in intra-party elections over and over again). This might initiate some sort of democracy in Pakistani politics where all other major parties are led by the same face until death. I would hate to see PTI fall to the same fate, and it worries me to think what would happen of PTI without Imran Khan.

PS: I'm a PTI wali

Mazhar Hasan Jul 24, 2013 11:05am

There is no hiding the fact that like all other political heads Imran Khan does not tolerate dissent. He lacks the cool demeanor that is so very vital in the political arena. He is suddenly aroused, his facial expressions and gestures depicting his annoyance if things go against his wishes. Intra party elections will not bring about any meaningful change in the party policy because like all other political parties it is a one-man show. Agreed, people did vote for PTI in the hope that it would bring change. PTI has gotten an opportunity in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa to implement its policies and deliver good governance. The question is: Would it be able to? It should not forget that it is now or never. My gut feeling is that it is a tsunami that never was! (with apologoies to my dear friends in PTI).

Sheena Jul 24, 2013 11:52am

Like others, PTI is not the angels party, very true and why we are expecting them to be angels when we as a society are full of corruption, intolerance and so many other bad deeds. It will take time to reach to a desired level but unfortunately we in general don't have much time or may I say we are not ready to give time to any party to emerge as saviour of the country. Unfortunately from the beginning, we have been engaged in leg pulling of each other specially in politics. From a recent era on national lavel Nawaz pulled BB then Musharaf pulled Nawaz then Zardari pulled Musharaf then Nawaz pulled Zardari. Now same has been practiced in provinces. Imran Khan also seems to be a victim of this policy by himself and for himself. We are drowned in anarchy by the dirty politics. Only a good governance and clarity in national & foriegn policies will be required to save Pakistan. Accept the one as your leader who could provide you the good governance no matter then if he would be Imran/Nawaz/Altaf/Zaradari else all are same with different names.

Ahmed Jul 24, 2013 11:52am

Give PTI and other parties at least six months to function. But meanwhile don't let them rest ; challenge every decision that is against public good. Even PML n being 5 yrs in opposition do not have viable policies of national concern ; energy, terrorism, corruption , economy etc. All political leaders are lazy lot. Even judiciary is working on Suo moto only. US 5 mln spent only to get Tauqeer ( Ogra fame ) from Dubai to Pak. Even he will go scot free. Media raises an issue for a few days & then moves on to bigger corruption case.

Not a single highly corrupt head of organization has been convicted & sent to jail. Only the poor are convicted. It's a massive joke with the nation. Still, let's give some time to PTI.

Mr.T Jul 24, 2013 11:58am

Either you want to be famous by saying against PTI, just want to check what's the reaction of public ? there's no other reason i guess, Coz there's no full stop for 4 or 5 or 1 reason of not bringing the tsunami. TSUNAMI CAME BUT NOT AS YOU & MANY OTHER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE.

Left is Right Jul 24, 2013 11:58am

Very rightly pointed out by the writer. If PTI wants to be a true representative of the educated middle class, it should distinguish itself from others and positivley take the criticism being hurled in its direction. Simply following the mullahs is not the way to go forward.

Irfan Jul 24, 2013 12:29pm

@aamir: No,never, I don't think any one is patriotic to Pakistan than IK. He is very much serious but team to run country he needs people like Asad Umar, Fauzia Kasuri etc. in the party. For the last 67 years we are experiencing two parties but result is a big ZERO. We are fail in all fields. If IK could not give a system to this country & free this society from corruption we better prefer to migrate somewhere else.

Shane Hashmi Jul 24, 2013 12:37pm

@Farah: I'm surprised you haven't been following PTI although you're a PTI wali. Imran Khan pledged on the 23 March Jalsa that no party chairman will be allowed to hold more than two consecutive terms.

PTI Lover Jul 24, 2013 12:38pm

I totally disagree with writer . how can you sir rejected that imran khan does not do any thing for pakistan... He build Shukat Khanam hospital and won the 1992 worldcup for pakistan. in 1992 worldcup everyone against him. that he will do capantacy for pakistan team..Thanks Allah pakistan win 1992 world. Now in peshawar he start anohter grand project build another shukat khanam hospital. if you compare imran khan with nawaz shareef .nawaz just earn money. Please sir dont reject the work of son of nation and legend imran khan. And you can see change in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa they bring alot of change. We not hate other parties . We hate old polotics system. Best wiches for you , for PML N , for Imran khan, for PTI and spcially for Pakistan.

PTI Lover Jul 24, 2013 12:41pm

@Asjad: totally disagree with you brother..PTI have Brain like ASAD Umar. He left 57 lack per monthly salery and come to pakistan to join PTI..

Nemah Jul 24, 2013 12:48pm

Though I voted for PTI, I completely agree with your first, second and fourth argument! The second being the prime reason why there is so much of hatred against the party!

Irum Jul 24, 2013 12:50pm

@Agha Ata: We learned that PTI followers by painting themselves as holier-than-thou are not achieving anything. The way they engage with other party followers is very polarising and divisive. Their my-way-or-you-are-damned attitude would do nothing to improve political discourse in the country. Since they sell themselves to be the only beacon of hope for Pakistan, they are judged by those standards. If they exercised a bit more humility and held their party more accountable, they'll get less flak and the debates might focus on real issues rather than the childish my-leader-is-bigger-than-yours stuff.

Irum Jul 24, 2013 12:57pm

@UlHaq: Absolutely agree with you. I find the average PTI follower's arrogance totally alienating, which is why I would be ashamed of being considered a PTI supporter even though I did vote for the PTI. PTI followers' post-election whining, arrogance (especially the part about being so much better than the 'masses') and sense of entitlement made me wish I hadn't. Do the great educated PTI wallahs realize that they belong to the same class that has benefitted the most from Pakistan often at the expense of the 'masses'? If they went and investigated how daddy (or granddaddy) made his money, most of them might not be so self-righteous.

Sarah Khan Jul 24, 2013 01:12pm

@Farah: According to PTI constitution chairman can be elected for a maximum of two terms. Each term spans 4 years.

Farabi Jul 24, 2013 01:18pm

The arguments made in the article have various flaws in reasoning. In the world of logic, such reasoning is classified as a

imran Jul 24, 2013 01:22pm

We all have to understand the basics of every problem, PTI is just a word, it becomes reality when people take their shape into this. Word is never incorrect or wrong, infact every word is different from the other, but its translation which lets it down, and i am afraid in case of PTI its us people. We people have never changed, and thats why PTI is what you see. Fair to say their few fundamental problems in the party, which you would expect anyway. But the bigger question is are we ready to question ourselves? Writer has its own opinion, but writer needs to understand its him and me who have to change, if we are not going to change, forget anything will change us. Imran Khan has lots of problems, but yet he is untainted, he is tubborn, in some ways thats wrong, but in some ways it right as well, because he will stick to what is correct regardless of his people trying to bend him with force. Its harsh to say, but we Pakistanis have become people who need someone like Hitler, stands on our heads all the time with a stick so we dont do anything wrong. Thats what we are today, weak beliefs, no respect to our religion and values, ready to sell ourselves. and the result is here. Start changing yourself and your beliefs, and your PTI will change. But i really hope PTI succeeds in bringing prosperity to people, its tough and hard, but i can just hope. But its your and my job to bring this change more than PTI.

Non-PTI wala Jul 24, 2013 01:40pm

@saad saeed: It appears if you are a PTI wala then you are educated and patriot else you are not!

Aniket Jul 24, 2013 02:45pm

The title of this article is a bit ill-conceived. How can one party, which just rose to some prominence in the last couple of years, be expected to change a political culture which has been developed over 66 years?

And the four key points of this article are so obvious. Of course the PTI supporters will do as other parties do; they are after all mostly products of those other parties, and only joined PTI recently.

In my view, there is nothing much to differentiate between PTI and other parties, except perhaps a few members among the top leadership. But to get their work done, even the top leadership depends upon the mid-level leaders and karkuns, and therefore, the party cannot behave too differently from the remaining ones. At least not right away. But here's where the role of leadership comes into play - if the top leaders of PTI, despite the compromises they have to make, keep up their ideals and long term vision (it appears they do have them) and remain at work, things may slowly change over time. And for this, they need to keep a different incentive system in their party.

PTI cannot be written off right away, as this author seems to have done. Give it some time, and I dare say, that time frame has to be at least ten years. That's a minimum of how long things like these take to evolve in a democracy.

mushtaq Jul 24, 2013 02:55pm

@amna: fully agree to your comment pti mission was only to get power nothing else this is their last time they are imature unprofessional and politician of no class

Fawad Jul 24, 2013 03:41pm

@Farah: FYI, as per the party constitution the chairman cannot serve the office for more than two tenures. Current one is counted as first - another tenure of 4 years and then IK will not be the chairman of PTI

Ali Jul 24, 2013 03:47pm

Very factual and well written. To all PTI wallas writing guys should not say you r typical pakistanis, you always claim to be some supernatural beings.....what applies to commoners like us doesn't apply to you you need to show show higher moral and intellectual standard as you are the change seekers....Mr Medhi is writing you PTI wallas and you get offended, what about trolls....;)

moeen Jul 24, 2013 03:48pm

dear writer you r very impatient for pti....but where were u before u will not give a chance to the people of pti..u want to grow mustered in hand i belive ...take it easy and let them work ...where ever they r ruling they r good ..but ..centr/punjab/balochistan is not on pti the moment....if he had beeN a PRIMMINISTER than u can talk about them...wait and see.....

Shirazi Jul 24, 2013 03:53pm

@hilal: PTI is a different party. It targets opposition when in contest. It talks of change and puts the bad eggs from every party in its basket. It uses pain of its leader to attract voters. It gets into a childish fight with any party not taking PTI seriously. It feels ashamed to tell us the achievements and changes brought by by its start (tareen, Kasuri, Legharis,Asif, Hashmi, Qureshi ) when they were in power. It stands for equality, liberal and progressive thoughts and signs agreements with those who ban woman voting, burn education institutes and kill innocents. Certainly we a party of change. Shirzai.

Khan Jul 24, 2013 03:59pm

to me PTI is nothing but Pakistan Taliban Ittehad!!!

Yesterday, in three different talk shows, three reps of PTI including Asad Umar, Ali Zaidi and Murad gave three different statements on the FIR against the PTI MPAs killed in KPK. Ali claimed to name TTP in FIR, Murad said TTP has not taken the blame so they will not be accused, Asad dint know anything... now thats what you call a united party!

Speak against TTP then face the nation my friends.

its simple Jul 24, 2013 04:12pm

i simply dont agree with the title.. its NOT "failure of PTI to change political culture " rather WHY HAVE WE FAILED IN CHANGING THE POLITICAL CULTURE OF PAKISTAN" .

Adnan Jul 24, 2013 04:22pm

Good article, well written argumentative writing, useful for social science students with one mistake, i.e. generalization! PTI will not change anything? It has already brought educated middle class into thepolitics. It is a change. I am not a PTI supporter. But Just remember Any generalization is bound to be wrong no matter how well formed it is.

Ali S Jul 24, 2013 04:44pm

I voted for PTI, but I agree with the author. This may sound blunt, but Naya Pakistan was a failed experiment in hype-making. I greatly respect IK on a personal level, but he's clueless as a politician and lacks the mettle (or might, which is the alternative in politics) to deal with heavyweight issues - which he will have to face the brunt of as KPK's leadership - with a cool head. He's cutting all friendly ties with other important parties (PMLN, PPP, MQM) left, right and center.

It seems that amidst all the 'tsunami' drama, IK kind of lost the plot - PTI's top-tier leadership is now filled with career heavyweight politicians whose only purpose is to remain at power at whatever cost. Most of PTI's urban supporters are upper and middle-class kids who have no clue what political sacrifice means, and most of its working class supporters (in KPK) voted for it because of IK's hyperbolic stand towards drone attacks.

PTI has handed over its educated portfolio to JI in KPK, and is still holding out for talks with TTP. Hope you enjoy your Naya Pakistan. I'm a PTI voter and ex-supporter, but truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

Asad Khan Jul 24, 2013 04:48pm

Blah blah blah! Yes, everything wrong with PTI and everything else hunky-dory with Pakistan. I wonder if PTI hadn't won KP, would Tahir Mehdis of these so called research groups be wasting their time with it. But now the daggers are drawn. What about the millions of Pakistanis who are fed up with the system, and who are looking for a better life for themselves and their children. Are they all wrong and should they just give up on Pakistan? The current election and its aftermath is a case in point. People of Pakistan are denied their right to a free and fair election and the whole system including the judiciary and the executive goes up against them. Now they have to wait five more years for another chance. In the meantime the downward slide of the country continues, but NO, it is PTI which is to blame.

Salim Akbani Jul 24, 2013 05:30pm

PTI - had a very confused message, beyond the standard mantra of all political parties - End Corruption, better economics etc. etc.

The party kept its feudal and religious roots, with ever challenging either. It got the votes of the disgruntled and a few hopefuls. To win, come into power and sustain itself, the PTI and it s leadership will have to demonstrate a clear departing of the feudal and religious ways. The future generations will not identify with undemocratic non secular parties.

Pakistan, is desperately in search of a progressive party to move forward. PTI was the hope.

masoud Jul 24, 2013 05:36pm

1) Imran Khan wanted to correct all ills of the society with a magic wand. 2) Inter party election of PTI was a mis-calculated action, Several PTI top men took it as insult. 3) Imran Khan resorted to foul language criticizing Nawaz sharif & others. 4) Iron hard attitude of Imran Khan forced the general public twice.

Kashif Jul 24, 2013 05:50pm

Give it a time, if it doesn't emerge & not perform as per expectation, they will vanish just like ANP. But hold on

Salman Jul 24, 2013 06:11pm

Excellent article and an opportunity for the People to realign and rethink. Keep following PTI but please tolerate others opinion too. There are many good points in the article which can save many young people if they are rational sand ready to learn and want to improve PTI, although it would be difficult it seems.

shuji86 Jul 24, 2013 06:25pm

well ! PTI seems to be like Ganga where those who left parties for the sake of being the boss get a jump have a clean chit and they are like wow we are now that Pak and Saaf... Sorry but in circles among top bosses of PTI and at lower level fight is for the seat not for the right.

Saifur Rahman Jul 24, 2013 06:34pm

Dear Friends: The writer has discussed a system of democracy that we see in Western countries and analyzed PTI from that point of view. But to introduce such a perfect democracy and make it work, a Nation in addition to many other factors needs at least 95% literacy with poverty level bellow 5%. Is Pakistan ready for such a democracy? We think India is the largest democracy of the world--Is that really true? India

Dr Zahid M Shah Jul 24, 2013 06:46pm

@Aniket: I hope the writer is unbiased and not under any influence from any corners .

Fare comments . I donot agree with the four reasons theory of this article . These reasons were,are and will be evident by one way or the other in some quantity as these have entered in pakistani genees in the last 66 years . These are the human errors which can be rectified .

What I think is good in PTI is that it has provided a hope and further plateform where these 'reason' can be dealt with appropriately . A word of humble suggestion to the writer that he is serving an easy option as a pakistani to point out these reasons only while PTI has started taking difficult route to deal with these and try to rectify these as much as they can . They are not trying to build a nation of angels but nation of better people ." PLEASE TAKE A RELATIVELY LESS EASIER ROUTE TO BE PAKISTANI TO DEAL WITH THESE REASONS UNBIASLY IF YOU CAN MY DEAR PAKISTANI "

salman Jul 24, 2013 07:24pm

honestly pti should not even waste time on this educated middle class. The so called educated middle class have a habit of cribbing and nothing else. Rural areas are the real pakistan it should focus there. Pti won in kpk because it won seats from the rural areas as well.

koogee Jul 25, 2013 12:37am

Good points. but PTI supporters are a far more heterogeneous group than other party followers. I think there is a chunk of supporters who do criticize and ask for explanations from the party.

saqib Jul 25, 2013 01:18am

They have failed because they want to rule a province without even mentioning law and order as a concern. While this is the biggest issue in the country, especially KPK. Out of fear or whatever they are keeping silent. But they are failing in every field because law and order will not let them implement any plans.

Mustafa Jul 25, 2013 04:50am

Allama said: Pani bhi musakkhar hai hawa bhi hai musakkhar. (Tyrants have captured water and the air).

Deep state of the status quo is very deep indeed, but the deepest point is the same one that was defeated in Iran, Iraq and Turkey and China.

Self fulfilling prophecies as the one being made by Tahir are one of the instruments of the deep state.

Dr. A Khan Jul 25, 2013 05:08am

There was only one reason, Imran Khan did NOT lead as Imran Khan. That 's all. Let us wait for the next Imran Khan

Mawish Jul 25, 2013 05:09am

Totally incorrect analysis. PTI has already changed our political culture. Creating political awareness amongst the youth of Pakistan , giving people the courage to fight for their rights, becoming the second biggest political party in a 2 party system, positive steps already taken in kpk by their govt, raising issues which were never raised before such as corruption, voting rights, independent foreign policy, local govt system. The list goes on.

ali ahmed Jul 25, 2013 06:12am

PTI is Pakistan Taliban Ittehad. It has no clarity in its policy.

NASAH (USA) Jul 25, 2013 06:35am

@PTI Lover: But Pakistani politics is no cricket.

NASAH (USA) Jul 25, 2013 06:39am

Unless there is a mass exodus of dissatisfied corrupt from the two other mainstream parties to the PTI -- PTI is dead on arrival by the next national election.

Great analysis.

NASAH (USA) Jul 25, 2013 06:56am

PTI's undoing is their victory in KPK -- it is like a shotgun marriage between a groom in teens to a bride in her 60's. What Imran wanted was the Punjab damsel and she said no -- and that fall crushed Imran's heart and he doesn't know what to do with KPK.

Mrs. C Jul 25, 2013 07:07am

@Ali S: You're misinformed, JI doesn't have the education portfolio. PTI does. Your ignorance of the facts is leading you towards your incorrect conclusion. Stay ignorant, stay biased.

ilyas Jul 25, 2013 09:02am

Two classes in our nation. Jahil,& Parha-Likha Jahil. The latter is more dangerous.

Sarah B. Haider Jul 25, 2013 10:00am

Very apt. Sad to see the comments here. Supporters got so much emotionally charged that instead of coming up with a solid counterargument (in case they had opposing viewpoints), most of them just proved point 1 and 2 from the article through their responses.

Hira Ahmed Jul 25, 2013 10:41am

Very well written. Couldn't agree more. Now wait for the comments from the PTI followers. Wait for the abusive and harsh comments about the author and other political parties and the rest of the population who are not following PTI. Also they may claim that this article is written by members of some other political parties who want to destroy PTI. Delusional, I know.

Atif Jul 25, 2013 10:50am

@Mawish: Yes voting rights! Where they entered a pact not to allow women to vote and now shop in Karak. Welcome to Pakistan Talibani Insaaf!

Zubair Jul 25, 2013 10:54am

Two points I would like to make.

The first being that there are no parties with true democratic structures. I would say that Jamat-e-Islami does. Though I disagree on many of their policies and have never voted for them, I must commend them on their management style. Their previous leaders have been from different provinces and they have a good representation from almost all areas of society.

Second, I am not a PTI Fan-Boy and i agree with the assessment in the article and my stance is the only difference between MQM and PTI supporters is that PTI has more education on their side. Also I agree that as of right now PTI's performance has been very poor. They made outlandish claims and now simply can't fulfill them and blame others for it. But having said all that, keep in mind Rome wasn't built in a day. It will take time. We are already looking at a maturing political climate within the country. ANP and PPP are reduced to insignificant and regional parties. We already see PML-N working in a more mature way than before. They did not interfere in NWFP (KPK for the young) with PTI's right to form government, which was the right thing to do. They are not going for an army witch hunt, which is also a mature decision. And they are actively looking at the energy problem.(Disclosure before hand, i support PMLN at the moment). PTI, while it may have the same political leaders, have more mature followers than most. I think they currently feel to possessive about their party and this will be good in the end as they will hold their leaders to a higher standard than others. If they don't perform, then elections will reflect that. It is still a young party, and judging it on a higher standard is a bit premature. They should be given time to find a balance before we pass comments.

At least thats my opinion.

AA Jul 25, 2013 11:08am

The fundamental reason for PTI's failure is the nature of the crowd it is trying to change.

Khalid Jul 25, 2013 01:55pm

Very true, those who cannot change themselves can't bring change for others.

usman Jul 25, 2013 02:33pm

From PTI, one expects. From others, not possible : simple.

Wahab Jul 25, 2013 02:34pm

@Atif: You're misinformed. PTI didn't enter either pact. Check your source. PTI is the only party that did NOT enter into that pact regarding KARAK, every other party including your "progressive" ANP and PPP along with PML-N are with Molana diesel on this. Only PTI is against it so better do some homework before you open your mouth.

MA Jul 25, 2013 02:53pm

@Asad Khan: "People of Pakistan are denied their right to a free and fair election and the whole system including the judiciary and the executive goes up against them."

Above sentence pretty much sums it up. Being a PTI supporter i believe Imran Khan's Tsunami prediction was bang on but he and his party members and most of us underestimated the internal and external powers. Once again, system won and nation lost. Call it a conspiracy or whatever you may want to call it. Time never lies. it only spit out the truth when people demand for it.

Ali Jul 25, 2013 03:26pm

I am a big supporter of PTI but agree totally with the 4 points raised in this article. These are not theories but very well defined reasons which will make the party end up just like the others. We also made a lot of claims before the elections and going against them and justifying with absurd reasoning will never help us achieve what we believed and most of all why we voted?

Mumtaz.Rizvi Jul 25, 2013 03:49pm

very well said mr tahir mehdi, you have correctly sketched about PTI,to me PTI is nothing but another name of Jamat-e Islami and seems like a political wing of TTP. since i am well aware of their true instinct so i did not vote them

ailly Jul 25, 2013 03:52pm

WOW, could not even think about such a nice article, however my observations are different as follows as why PTI could not bring change....

  1. CEC inability to hold free and fair elections
  2. bribes in elections ranging from R.O to Voters
  3. PMLn clandestine grip on R.Os/ Police in Punjab and
  4. corruption among other law and order maintaining agencies used during elections..
Mumtaz.Rizvi Jul 25, 2013 03:55pm

@Mawish: voting rights!!! you got to be kidding me. the whole world knows that the deprived the women from voting in rural areas and district of kpk, PTI is nothing but a mouth peace of jamat-e islami and taliban

Mumtaz.Rizvi Jul 25, 2013 03:58pm

@salman: nonsense and rubbish are the two words one can say in reply to ur post

Mumtaz.Rizvi Jul 25, 2013 04:22pm

@Ali S: well said ali , i agree with you

Umair Jul 25, 2013 05:08pm

PTI future now links to performance in KPK...

aku Jul 25, 2013 05:20pm

Nobody is perfect, neither is PTI. We are a corrupt, indisciplined, intolerant nation. Few good men coming togehter will not change this overnight. But still PTI is our best hope for change.

Natasha Jul 25, 2013 05:51pm

Don't understand when will pakistanis stop getting caught by the yelled and emotinally loud speeches ! Just getting crazy over entusiastic speeches has led this condition of country this is something which is way older.. When i saw so much craze capturing all the people of pakistan one by one i was like why the heck they don't think and start following before any practice of their promises ! All i am saying supporting is not a bad thing but one should just not start getting emotionally attached , use your brains and wait for the conclusional faces of what they say then decide !

Ahad Jul 25, 2013 07:04pm

It looks like PMLN Paid content,

No body asked from PPP and PMLN they ruled for more than 20 years each,

Now , why you blaming PTI without any reasons, it is less than 90 days since forming government by PTI

It takes atleast 4-5 years to clear the garbage of 65 years, please improve your understanding

We confident that PTI will bring revolution.

Ahad Jul 25, 2013 07:07pm

@Mawish: Well done Mawish

Salman Jul 25, 2013 07:41pm

Okay Tahir Mehdi, you've given 4 points, you're certainly entitled to your opinion. To counter, There are 7.7 Million reasons on the other side of the scale. Fair enough?

Khalid Mumtaz Jul 25, 2013 07:42pm

Excellent article. The player leader has nothing better to do after getting an historical opportunity to demonstrate some claims in KP than to malign and accuse MQM. He also needs to have a medical check up in London despite having the Shaukat Khanum hospital at his disposal. Apparently the doctors in Lahore are only trained for the checkup of lesser(poor) mortals. The campaign blitz on TV was the most extensive of the three parties mainly participating, costing billions of rupees. Any questions asked about source of funds? We should not forget that there are only status quo choices available to the masses to choose between tweedledum and tweedledee. I would have thought that the so called educated youth of Pakistan were wiser than demonstrated by the so called tsunami wave.

Khan Jul 25, 2013 07:46pm

Mehdi, with all due respects, postmortems the political culture of Pakistan adding one more body that is still alive. The comments may represent parties who had many opportunities through front and back doors focusing their loot and plunder. PTI a young party, with insufficient funds and few so-called strong candidates like it goes on in our feudal led political culture (Patwari culture), did more than well compared to big brothers. Anyways, it would have much better if Mehdi would have suggested solutions and positive direction on promoting the culture PTI did introduce instead of wasteful commentary.

Sikander Fayyaz Jul 25, 2013 08:50pm

I am member of PTI. Not just a member, I even contested provincial assembly's election on PTI's ticket. In principal I agree with most of what has been written in the article, except the last one. At least not fully.

Adeel Gohar Jul 25, 2013 09:28pm

The four reason mentioned above in the blog take far away the victory of 11 May elections. PTI walas must changed their attitude and behavior about others. All people which have little bit reservations about PTI policies, abused by their "mureeds" on social media as well as on all channels. PTI walas must have to take ethics classes with their party leaders. PTI is a real party but operated as previous practice.

Pak Sar Zameen Jul 25, 2013 09:55pm

Don't understand the whole passage to be honest. What do you expect them to do so soon? Look brother Tahir, you have to understand the situation; this is somewhat similar to the post Bush era, where Obama with all his might still struggles to bring change. Give PTI a chance, it is by far a better party; time will prove this. Have patience Tahir saab; one day you'll agree with the rest of the "blind believers". PTI has been given the toughest region to play with; imagine ruling a province where possession of ammos are part of the culture, paying bills is unheard of, education is a mere dream. These things need to get out of the mind set of the Pashtoons then you'll see the change. And mark my words, if not next term then the one after it, PTI will be in majority. Patience is a virtue we Pakistanis don't possess!!

zeeshan Jul 25, 2013 10:06pm

Total Unanimity of views by the author

zeeshan Jul 25, 2013 10:08pm

@ailly: exactly the same allegations are raised by all parties after loosing elections since 1950's

Qureshi Jul 26, 2013 12:42am

Of course I go through all the worthy points/comments and lines raised my fellow friends, I do respect their all Opinion by keeping all my association and relation with PTI I am a street worker of PTI and I will Continue this Insallh. The Bottom Line is that my nation is still lacking to understand their leaders, Before Casting a Vote to know its value is more important. until we r not knowing this fact, Hope of changing is just a day dreaming.. Imran Khan did his best now it was the Nations turn to let others know regarding their decision but we missed it... and I don't think anybody can does it better than Imran Khan.. the sort of Election Campaign he ran it was Phenomenal, did his best to make the nation aware, he succeeded in some Areas of the Country Like KPK and some part of the Urban ares of Punjab and Sindh but this is not enough to change the System. Any ways we are still very hopeful that one day the Nation will let the world know regarding their decision that Imran Khan is their true leader and they want to see a New Pakistan a corruption free Pakistan where people will enjoy the at least the basic rights of their Life, like Peace and Justice So be hope full do support PTI Inshallah the Day will surely Come. God bless All of Us God Bless Pakistan.. Pakistan Zindabad. Please let me know what u say...

kdspirited Jul 26, 2013 02:00am

This article has painted a picture of PTI's performances with very broad strokes. Without specificities listed in each instance. In any emerging party that has gained popularity the way PTI has it has its growing pains. Lessons learnt from this election is dont under estimate the powers of money and corruption. If you think that the shear power of people and their confidence in you is going to grant you victory you are seriously mistaken. PTI set standards for politics in this country that has not happened in our democratic history. The need for a manifesto led to issue based politics instead of legacy based. Plan and mobilization of the party to have grass root election bringing to the forefront young no name people into politics from humble backgrounds. PTI did not succum to JI rules and voted for women seats in KPK parliment. They kept education ministry under them so that KPK can be a progressive province for every man woman and child.The reason why you see old faces in their party is because the people of our dear nation voted for these people to be part of the party. PTI put them through their criteria of scrutiny to make sure that these people declared their assets and filed their taxes, gave up their dual nationality and brought all their asstes to Pakistan from foreign banks.

Mohammad Sadiq Zafar Jul 26, 2013 08:31am

Pti will bounce back and strike back hard ...... 30 % damage this time , God willing 75%+ next time ! Its a legacy for peace and justice and shall always be .

JAVAID KHAN Jul 26, 2013 08:43am

The author has not discussed the real reason why PTI lost.This party lost because of massive scale rigging in Punjab and Karachi.Looking at the recent events after the elections its very clear that Election Commission,Judiciary,military establishment and local administration joined hands to bring PML N in power.Why is EC and Judiciary so far refusing to varify the thump impression of the 5 consituencies?Mr Najam Sethi was rewarded lucarative post of Cricket Board Chairmanship for his support to PML N in Punjab.I know of several families who were deprived of their votes in Karachi.The polling station was locked inside at 3 pm and these families were told that "your vote has already been casted"

Salman Jul 26, 2013 08:43am

Though I am very disappointed with kpk's performance but it would not be fair to say that they can't deliver it's to early to judge lets say its just first 5 overs of 50 over match opener didn't played well but it is still long way to go and don't forget captain is still in the game . Pti is still better option if not the best . Why kpk for pti ! I would say a VERY WELL PLANED RIGGING to trap pti's future, a second largest party got just enough seats to make government in kpk where Molana D has a significant seats with courtesy of PML N for each other and he is desperate to pull khan's leg in fact he is hanging with it despite of huge vote bank in Punjab pti is no where in Punjab , khan claims for best team selection now is the time he has to prove his record these are not the normal conditions but very deficult he should get envolved with kpk government himself as they are like new domestic team not aware of the competition (the bigger picture) I can't think why they can't performe what thing stops them they might feeling very tired after election compain but I think one week is more then enough to take rest unless they become lazy and planing to wake up at the end of the tenure last 1 or 2 years , I am affraid this old fashioned thinking could be result in cancer for pti's future which could not be able to treated in shoukat khanam .

Salman Jul 26, 2013 08:52am

It's too early to criticise give pti some time.

Mushtaq Jul 26, 2013 09:19am

Number 1: PTI walas are blind followers too My Response: Some may be. But the rural followers of of all parties are the same. The educated PTI followers discuss, debate and question. Politicians who have joined PTI expressed their surprise at the freedom of opinions and debates within PTI. PTI workers have actively sought other opinions to help them better their campaign. An example is the Karachi PTI Student wing which invited Talat Hussain to critique them. Which he did, as only he can. Number 2: They hate and demean their opponents My Response: The honesty and integrity of PTI Chairman, Imran Khan is what inspires PTI followers. To condemn corruption and thievery is absolutely correct - and our past and present leadership are guilty of staggeringly brazen plunder, these last 15 - 20 years of Pakistani You surely cannot write this paragraph with a straight face? Number 3: They too suffer from the conspiracy theory syndrome My Response: Some PTI supporters might believe conspiracies. Just like some supporters of other parties do. PTI is the only party that issued comprehensive policy reports before the elections, which spelled out their plans for tackling Pakistan's problems. PTI followers supported these reports. This means they supported the well-planned approach PTI has taken. Hardly the stuff of 'conspiracy theories' Number 4: Their party is not structurally different from any other My Response: A political party's 'structure' is determined by the leadership and PTI's elections did that. Every analyst, journalist and political observer has said that PTI's elections were exemplary, bold, visionary, something no other party dared to do. Even if they disagreed with the timing of the PTI elections, they still admitted it was unique in Pakistan's history. That clearly separates PTI from all the other political parties (except for JUI), where only family members can become party leaders. PTI may have some questionable politicians who recently joined, but that has nothing to do with structure. And there is a vast gap, a glaring difference between the leaving/joining of Shirin Mazari and Fawzia Kasuri, and other politicians leaving/joining their parties. Other politicians do so for seats, money and personal gain. Both Shirin Mazari and Fawzia Kasuri left because of ideological reasons. They said so. And both rejoined because of ideological reasons. Because it is Imran Khan's PTI that personifies those ideals.

H M Jul 26, 2013 12:20pm

A useless article serving no real purpose! I'm surprised at the fall of journalism standard at Dawn!