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Beginning of a new Pakistan


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IMRAN Khan has launched the beginning of a new Pakistan. Imran’s dream will come through slowly as time passes and the people mature. So it is not a loss or victory for anyone. This is a beginning of a new way of thought, commitment, implementation, accountability answerable to the nation.

The people are never going to remain silent again like the way they let a corrupt government rule for five years and didn’t do anything. And this is the warning to the government to be installed.

Do not repeat the past mistakes and make use of this opportunity to save Pakistan to take us out of this morass, to stop begging the rich countries in exchange for our principles, patriotism and our land and to change our foreign policy in the interest of the country.

Do get out of the Afghan war by expelling the Afghan refugees back to their own country and sealing the borders with the help of the army. To stop drone attacks killing innocent Pakistanis.

Stop the transport of drugs and arms; make reforms in education, medical facilities, civic amenities. Stop violence and ensure security of the citizens and the country, and provide power, water and food.

We should eradicate poverty, waderas, landlord and other mafias responsible for the destruction of the country. To this end, the nation is not going to keep quiet anymore.

We should not miss this opportunity to save the country, our homeland, made by one man who gave us our rights and the one man who has a dream of saving it.

So let his dream come true like the dream of Pakistan became a reality.

S. BABAR Karachi

Imran and KP

IN Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), the PTI has emerged as a leading political party, though PTI Chairman Imran Khan was focusing on Punjab. Nawaz Sharif has said Imran Khan has a right to form the government in KP.

It will be an acid test for Imran Khan to show good governance in KP. If he delivers better than the other provincial governments, then the people may elect him as the next prime minister. If he fails, he will be wiped out forever.

Imran Khan should handle KP very cautiously because the people there have tried many parties in the past through general elections.


PTI should show maturity

PTI needs to show more maturity. They have to define their priorities and recognise that their greatest challenge is the governance of KP. While one does not expect them to be corrupt, it remains to be seen how they tackle the Taliban. Will they appease and, consequently, facilitate them or combat them. Law and order is a provincial subject. Shooting down drones is not; neither is foreign or defence policy.

As far as accusation of rigging is concerned, it must be pursued in a proper manner, without causing any disturbance. At most they would get a couple of more seats which would be excellent as we need a stronger voice in the opposition.

The expectation that they would win the election is unrealistic.

DR. A. AHMED Karachi

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Salman Omer May 19, 2013 02:27am
AS A NATION we are corrupt to the extent that we look forward to elect our representative who could help us to avoid police insults and streamline our daily corrupt practices. ( which is now an institution within itself). We have not been educated that the MNAs or MPAs our not the Municipal heads. Therefore very rightly our rulers like Shbaz Shareef boost on Making Metro Bus service and the incoming PM promises for a Bullet Train. We are proud of making Danish scoold equavalent to Achison College as if that college was a symbol of pride. Our priority was not to improve the standard of normal govertment schools. I feel we have missed the bus as with a nation only 25 percent litterate you cannot expect a better results. Keep your struggle on Mr Imran Khan.
Riaz Ahmad May 19, 2013 04:34am
If they urgently implement much needed institutional reforms, free the police and bureaucracy from political control, pursue a ruthless anti-corruption policy with relentless drive, everything will fall in to place. PTI have studied in detail, both the Turkish and the Singapore political models that have really worked and changed peoples lives, they don't have to reinvent the wheel. PML-N and especially PPP and the mob syndicate MQM will try their level best to make sure PTI government fails in KPK. If PTI succeeds in KPK, it will become the dawn of real revolution in Pakistan
Riaz Ahmad May 19, 2013 04:36am
It is people like you who live in the world of dream. Those who dare win in the end.
Agha Ata (USA) May 18, 2013 06:17pm
I believe PTI can be a POWER, no matter where it sits in the National Assembly. With a strong political will, it can crate a small Pakistan right here in KP, with the people who are united, disciplined, and have strong faith in their leader and in future as an example for the whole of Pakistan.
Mahesh May 18, 2013 05:21pm
To S. Babar Saheb: what should be the attitude of Pakistan towards its minorities sir, mainly hindus, christians and shias?
caz May 18, 2013 07:40am
Dream on...