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Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addresses the Parliament in Islamabad on June 24, 2013. – AFP Photo
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addresses the Parliament in Islamabad on June 24, 2013. – AFP Photo

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told the National Assembly Monday that the government would put former military ruler Pervez Musharraf on trial for treason, charges punishable by death or life imprisonment.

He told the lower house of Parliament that the newly elected government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) will file a written request before the Supreme Court to try former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf for treason under Article 6 of the Constitution.

Sharif said the former president had committed treason by abrogating the Constitution and he should be tried under the law.

The premier moreover said Musharraf would be tried for imposing a state of emergency in the country in 2007 while also suspending the Constitution.

Earlier, Attorney General of Pakistan Munir A. Malik informed the Supreme Court that the government was fully committed to initiate high treason case against the former military ruler and his abettors according to the provisions of the Constitution.

The AG submitted a written statement before the three-member SC bench comprising Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Ijaz Afzal Khan during the hearing of petitions against Pervez Musharraf for imposing emergency in the country on November 3, 2007.

“Given the primacy of the issue in the struggle for upholding the spirit of Constitution, the federal government will proceed in accordance with law and also take political forces into confidence through a consultative process so that the collective will and wisdom of the people of Pakistan is duly reflected in further process in this behalf,” said the statement.

The attorney general stated that the government would need time to frame the whole process. However, the apex court adjourned further hearing of the case till June 27 while directing the AG to further explain the government’s stance on the issue.

Leader of Opposition in NA Syed Khurshid Shah welcomed the prime minister's speech in NA and said that the pictures of all past dictators should be removed from the parliament premises.

He said that people rejected those who called the Constitution of Pakistan a meagre piece of paper, a reference to another former dictator General Ziaul Haq.

Other members of the NA sitting on opposition benches also extended their full support to government in its decision to try the former dictator.

Following Shah’s address, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi said his party would support every constitutional step taken by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The premier later took the federal cabinet into confidence over government's response in high treason case against Pervez Musharraf.

Comments (210) Closed

El Cid Jun 24, 2013 12:32pm

No favoritism please. President Zardari, Dictator Musharraf, General Kayani, Ambassador Haqqani...all traitors.

Hang them together in Islamabad Square that future generations may take 'Ibrate'.

Gerry D'Cunha Jun 24, 2013 12:46pm

Saudia Arabia saved Nawaz Shareef's life in the hijacking case. Will Saudia Arabia reciprocate the same for Musharraf?

atts Jun 24, 2013 12:47pm

well so much for the nawaz's islam......... he doesnt practice the forgiveness faith

Ahmed Jun 24, 2013 12:59pm

Bad decision, he (Nawaz Sharif) should remeber he is back in the country because he signed off an NRO created by him.

S.G. Jun 24, 2013 01:05pm

"mayn darta warta nahin hun"

Dr.Amjad Karim Amjad Jun 24, 2013 01:08pm

Will other criminals those caused for death of thousands innocent, stealing national wealth and causing whole country to sink will be punished with honesty and justice. Today Pakistan has reached where all criminals leaders participated to eliminate development roots and would they be liable for punishment? However, if honesty did not prevail (which is expected) then God's punishment is already underway for them. Let's see how billionaire Nawaz Sharif who is wearing 4.3 US$ million wrist watch wins the game while country has layers of poverty.

Raheem Ahmad Jun 24, 2013 01:12pm

There you go Nawaz Sharif. Showing your real colors! Yes, hang him for saving the country at every international forum. Something that you don't even have the capability to stand up with convincing arguments to international audiences.

Musharraf has made mistakes but he has never been corrupt to cheat Pakistan for his own good as you and your brother have done. Never forget that we all will have to stand before the Almighty to answer for our deeds in this world.

Subiyal Abbas Jun 24, 2013 01:28pm

A strange happening indeed, but what are the repercussions of this?. Can the country withstand the immense pressure of this extraordinary trial in its entire history at such a critical time , where we are facing multitude of problems including that of terrorism against the state.

Hassan Jun 24, 2013 01:29pm

If he is tried under 6 of the article than all those who provided him tacit legal cover they should also be tried under the same article. Not only this all those who are involved in plane hijacking case they should also be tried under the same article.

M.Sajid Jun 24, 2013 01:43pm

Pursue Looking forwad strategy like Nelson Mandela did to steer thecountry out of the woods.

Mobashir Ahmad Jun 24, 2013 01:44pm

Most probably, my comment will not be published in this newspaper. I believe that PM Sharif needs to stay out of the case of Mr. Musharraf. The PM needs to fix the many problems facing the country: which include extremism/terrorism, energy crisis, lack of education; failing economy, etc. Additionally, the reason that Musharraf took over from Mr. Sharif, in 1999, was because Mr. Sharif ordered the commercial airline on which Musharraf was traveling to not land in Pakistan airspace. It is also my opinion that if the PM does not address the immediate problems facing Pakistan that most probably the armed forces will again take over Pakistan due to the increasing instability in the country.

Muhammad Farooq Jun 24, 2013 01:52pm

What about the abrogation of the constitution of 12th October 1999. Actually he should be tried for the first abrogation. He was not alone in the Second abrogation. All members of the cabinet, the Generals of his time who were very close to him must also be involved.

Ayesha F Jun 24, 2013 02:16pm

Its sad to see that more public money is going to be laundered on revenge than accountability of the excess expenditures of the preceding government. The treasury is empty, yet no actions ensue to investigate or put to trail the embezzling activities of the PPP government. Constitution of 1977 is a piece of paper that really is redundant given international practices. What you respect is the people you serve, not the documents that give you a loose framwork for serving, especially when that framework has so many loop holes that parliamentary corruption becomes a norm and gains protection of that very document.

fida sayani Jun 24, 2013 02:18pm

All former Pakistani dictators, dead or alive, be tried for treason under Pakistan constitutional law. Their pictures and plaques, where their names are mentioned should be permanently removed from the buildings. This should be reminder to the armed forces that they are paid only to defend the frontiers of the country and not to meddle in the civilian affairs. Besides the future recruitment in the forces be limited to sindhis and baluch to bring them at par with Punjab.

kalim wahidi Jun 24, 2013 02:19pm

This is a very bad decision by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Nawaz Sharif. The story of late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutoo is likely to be repeated. Pakistan does not value its heroes. Pervez Musharraf saved Pakistan at a very crucial juncture of history. The constitution of Pakistan is not the law of Quran and Sunna that cannot be abrogated in the interest of security of Pakistan. Let good sense prevail and they refrain from such action and let Musharraf free.

LOL Jun 24, 2013 02:23pm

I guess this means that Nawaz Sharif will be ousted again before his term is over. Dont play with fire. somethings are better left alone. Like Mr. Sheikh Rashid said, "if its the old Nawaz Sharief then he will not complete his term". He is doing same things he did before. Talking about rule of law. I ask CJ what happened to BB murderes? 2. What happened to memogate? 3. What happened to Arsalangate, 4. What happened to all the looted money in swiss banks? 5. What happened to Nawaz Sharif loan case?.. CJ we trusted you but you are being directed also and have lost your vision...

khalid Jun 24, 2013 02:28pm

Gen: Musharraf's acts, however unpalatable for some affectees, were to save the country from some unworthy; he brought prosperity & dignity to the country. What about the politicians who eroded the very foundations & disgraced the country, the damage they inflicted is of greater dimension, what are you doing about them or are you part of them ?

r.s.soni Jun 24, 2013 02:32pm

sir, this is a good photo of ex coas and premier of pakistan. befitting the occasioin.

Shafqat Hussain Jun 24, 2013 02:38pm

I don't think civilians are strong enough to try military man in Pakistan. By now Musharraf must have realized biggest mistake he has ever made is to return back. A deal is expected very soon. Shafqat Hussain

fiaz Jun 24, 2013 02:40pm

Yes he should be BUT Mr Prime Minister what about your mob attack on High court judges???

kc Jun 24, 2013 03:06pm

Well if this article 6 existed at the time of coup then how come the coup was legitimised ' on the doctrine of necessity'. When the power is taken over by use/ threat of use of force the constitution stands suspended. In the instance case the dictator had to resort to issuing PRO to help him rule-would in the circumstances the charges stand the scrutiny of unprejudiced minds. Risk of backlash from the army need also to be factored for sake of Pakistan. May good sense prevail. Lastly treason is commonly understood to mean actions helping the enemy and not tinkering with constitution!

Anum Hameed Jun 24, 2013 03:05pm

Mr. Nawaz Sharif, please stop taking personal issues in NA and discuss the national challenges like power, health, education, etc. Be sensible and stop acting like rubbish personal, please

Faisal Jun 24, 2013 03:13pm

This is good. Tit for tat. Tables have turned now and the dictator should go to jail for doing many wrongs

Shaikh Mohommd Jun 24, 2013 03:16pm

Nawaz Sharif should take immediate steps to proscute Musharraf. Such an action will deter any future military take-overs.

Mujtuba Jun 24, 2013 03:22pm

Shame on you Nawaz, you forget the days when you and yours friends, party worker jumped on supreme court. I still remember that video when they are jumping over supreme gate to attack Chief Justice. Shame Shame

SPar Jun 24, 2013 03:28pm

One right move in Pakistan.

Mateen Jun 24, 2013 03:35pm

This is just personal revenge hahaha.

Partner Jun 24, 2013 03:41pm

Article 6 cannot be applied to one individual, those who supported him are today in my cabinet and some of them have also joined the PML-N. The MMA, the MQM and the PML-Q supported him. Ager 12.10.1999 kay aqdam ko CJ Sb, validate nahee kartay to 03.11.2007 na hota.

Partner Jun 24, 2013 03:49pm

Article 6 cannot be applied to one individual, those who supported him are today in my cabinet and some of them have also joined the PML-N. The MMA, the MQM and the PML-Q supported him. Ager 12.10.1999 kay aqdam ko CJ Sb, validate nahee kartay to 03.11.2007 na hota.

IBN-E-ASHFAQUE Jun 24, 2013 04:08pm

It may look legally the right thing. However, selective justice is injustice.

Zahid Hussain Jun 24, 2013 04:17pm

Nawaz Shareef seems pledged to uphold rule of law in the country and bring those to justice who violated law and enjoyed US blessings.It is commencement towards getting rid of deep rooted dictatorship in Pakistan.

abd Jun 24, 2013 04:20pm

Please not only the miltiary dictators but also all who gained power and who were brought in by the military dictators including judges,politicians etc

ONLOOKER Jun 24, 2013 04:17pm

Nawaz Sharif cannot forget and forgive Musharraf. But then Musharraf did act in a way which had to invite this. The Supreme Court is bound to give an unfavourable verdict and sentence him either to life imprisonment or worse hanging.

Zavia Jun 24, 2013 04:19pm

Very well done!

Jabran Jun 24, 2013 04:31pm

Musharaf was the only Pakistani leaders to stand up to the Taliban. This is his reward? Shame on you Nawaz!

Naeem Syed Jun 24, 2013 04:53pm

Mr Prime Minister, Your decision to try Musharraf reeks of revenge Politics. Musharraf has committed the crime of abrogating the Constitution, as have other Dictators from Iskander Mirza to ZAB to Zial ul Haq, but then what you Politicians have done to the Country's Innocent mandate is also nothing less than Criminal. You ,Yourself are a fermentation of Dictatorship. In spite of all your indignation and bluster the only progress we have ever made has been under these Dictatorships. Democracy is in it's infancy and however alien it may sound we have to establish it as a tradition ,in order to pave the way for a better future for our Children. Please do not make any more Martyrs, Just show him the door, the mercy that he showed you, send him to Saudi Arabia for repentance and to become a better man. It seem that it worked for you,and we hope you will do more good for the Country than he did.

Usman Ahmed Jun 24, 2013 04:58pm

So many problems with the country and he wants to take his personal revenge. in 2 years people will be wishing for the PPP government.

stehen Jun 24, 2013 05:07pm

There you go.Any body who has no guts to face terrorists,and cannot solve country`s problems, will keep media busy reporting on the trial, and process of re looting the country will start.An honest person like Musharraf should never have gone there,except to be burried . Now the odds are stacked against with biased supreme court and Vindictive Leader( who supposedly "had forgiven him") is showing his real nature and proves he did really try to kill him in 1999 by not allowing his plane to land.

waheed Jun 24, 2013 05:10pm

Why only him? Discrimination again... Why not Nawaz Sharif himself for ordering a commercial airliner with serving Military Chief in it along with all military secrets and flying over India to land anywhere else but Pakistan? Why did he endanger the lives of so many passengers on board for safeguarding his government? Why not Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (posthumously) for becoming a prime minister when Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman had the clear victory in polls? And ensuring that the country is split into two? A main reason for Bhuttos close family terms with Ghandis' especially Indira Ghandi.

ali khan Jun 24, 2013 05:13pm

mr nawaz doesnt seem to learn from the past. he should let bygones be bygones. if these people contiune down this path god knows what might come in return. And personally i think of musharraf a hero so does does the silent people of this country. he did alot more good than bad. how many leaders of our country can we say that about?

Agha Ata Jun 24, 2013 05:19pm

Nawaz Sharif is guided by the spirit of Zia Ul Haque. It is easy to guess what he would do and to what extent.

Jamshed Khan Jun 24, 2013 05:23pm

Mr Sharif, do you not have anything else to worry about other then your old revenge? We voted you in to solve nation's problems and you seem to be back to your old tricks. Remember you are highly unlikely to get another chance if blew this one up. Please spend your energies positively.

Sayeed Altaf Hussein Jun 24, 2013 05:30pm

Sharif should also be tried for hijacking and corruption. His daughter should be tried for having an innocent person beaten up for doing his job. All the other politicians should also be tried for corruption including Zardari (for Mudder of Murtza Bhutto) and his son. The judges who supported Musharaff should also be tried. The son of the powerful poticians and the son of the chief Justice should be tried for corruption and the Chief justice should resign from public office for his sons corrupt dealings he closed his eyes to these dealing and then and only then justice would be delivered. Can not just try Musharaaf and let all the others scot free.

Guest63 Jun 24, 2013 05:41pm

A brave and a step in the right direction But its a political gimmick to the extent that , decision to call article 6 with respect to Oct 1999 and Nov 2007 decisions of General Musharaf , fall flat on its face with the PM and his party when You have proven Musharaf's accomplice not only among your fold But until recently one of then was The Law minister (Hamid Zahid ) , how on earth you will give justice to the estranged General , when you have double standards within your old fold ?!? Hamid Zahid is made now Minister without portfolio But he is enjoying the perks at the cost of the public , while you start the case of his so called leader of the pack .

Khalid Jun 24, 2013 06:13pm

This is exactly the action that most people expected from PMLN. I am not against any legal action but how about treason for trying to divert the flight of the head of the armed forces to any country as long as it is not Pakistan. What would that come under as far as the legal experts are concerned. We would all like to see the agreement that Mr. Sharif signed before he left Pakistan?.

Syed Ahmed Jun 24, 2013 06:28pm

For the information of the wise people, Pervez Musharraf proclaimed emergency in the country on November 3, 2007, and held the constitution in abeyance, whereby meaning that it was made temporarily inactivity or suspended, in common men

Akbar Jun 24, 2013 06:30pm

Last line of this article says: He said Pakistan must be a true democratic state with all nationalities having equal rights.

Pakistan only has one nationality, which is Pakistani. The Baloch might have meant 'ethnicities', since last I remember, Balochi nationals were still Pakistanis.

MJ Syed Jun 24, 2013 06:34pm

Thank you. It was about time to stop beating around the bush and deal with the real problem and real question. Are we Pakistanis really ready to be done with dictatorships for ever? Trail is the right course of action. It should be ensured that the trial is fully fair and transparent. i hope the army also is on board on this issue. Enough is enough. . Jun 24, 2013 06:38pm

Sure they will try him.This of course is also Known as revenge!

malick Jun 24, 2013 06:41pm

Good decision must be started from Oct 1999 to catch others too. General Ayoub Khan and Ziaul Haq expired now. Nabeel Gabol who is interested to start from 1958, he should first get a law passed by Parliament that Gohar Ayoub and Ijaz ul Haq will be punished because of fathers. Asghar Khan case guilty should be trialed too including who took money to steel election.

Kamal Khan Jun 24, 2013 06:37pm

Pakistan is facing more serious issues than trailing PM. Mr Nawaz Sharif please focus your attention on how to deal with terrorism and energy crisis.

Gul Hamaad Farooqi Jun 24, 2013 06:51pm

Actually Musharaf harmed Pakistan by attacking on Kargel to fail Nawaz Sharif mission for friendship with India and to economy cut on Defence budget he was pleasing America and attacked on Lal Masjid so if he was executed no body would dare to violate constitution of Pakistan

Qamar Jun 24, 2013 06:51pm

Musharraf's biggest crime against Pakistan was the NRO that allowed criminals and thugs back into power. The crooks and criminals ruled the country during the last five years and stole EVERYTHING. Now, we have a bankrupt country that will not be financially stable for a VERY VERY long time.

SH Jun 24, 2013 07:07pm

Nawaz Sharif, really hasn't matured as a stateman. Still the same old vindictive NS. There is no real upside to this.....please focus on the security situtaion/terrorism and the power crises and show true leadership.

Riaz Jun 24, 2013 07:08pm

Whatta shame! These politicians are utter shameless. If they are asking a trial for Gen. Musharraf, then Nawaz Sharif should be tried for treason as well 'coz he was the one ordered Gen. Musharraf's plane to circle in the air and didn't let it land when General saheb was returning from Sri Lanka. That is an attempt to murder - and attempting to murder an active Chief of Army Staff is treason from the Country (especially when you are an active serving PM of the "so-called" democratic country). If the country was running smoothly without any hiccups in financial, law-an-order, and other sectors - then I don't think any millitary ruler would even think about bringing in the martial law. These politicians leave no stone un-turned, which leaves no choice but to oust them. I commend General Musharraf for his bravery, and extremely skillful leadership during the years he served as the President of the nation. Pakistan succeeded in all areas during the years of his rule. Since he left the post, look at what has happend to Pakistan - these civilians don't know how to run the nation! To hide their incompetence, they blame others and this time dictators! If Nawaz Sharif is so genuine and Pakistan lover, then why did he run out from the country - to save his life - that was the only motive. If BB and Zardari were so Pakistan patriots, then why did they run out from the country? Did Gen. Musharraf do the same thing? No! He came back for the nation to prove his patriotism! Salutes to Gen. Musharraf - you are nation's true Hero!

khan Jun 24, 2013 07:10pm

It will be great if all those who has subverted the constituition,or sided with the one who did or supported and made it legal should be tried.If only one person is tried,and punished,this will give wrong signal to other nationalities.

Riaz Jun 24, 2013 07:19pm

@Gerry D'Cunha: No, because, Nawaz Sharif's daughter is married in king's family ... Gen. Musharraf is only linked with Pakistan - not Saudia! Only Allah can save him - and justice will prevail! Long live Gen. Musharraf!

kashif Jun 24, 2013 07:23pm

hello Mr. Sharriff, Trying Musharaff is not important now!!! First stop the killings of innocent Muslims and minorities. Reign in the Shaitans that are causing fear and havoc!!! Time to settle scores later

khan Jun 24, 2013 07:26pm

Why only Akbar Bugti only,there are baloches being killed today,You think Nawaz should be tried for that

Pakistani Jun 24, 2013 07:25pm

This is hypocrisy personified. Mr.NS has a personal grudge against Gen. Musharraf and he is desperate to settle the score. Going by the logic, should Mr. NS not be charged for being untruthful to the people of Pakistan by constantly denying the existance of an agreement through which he was given a safe passage to Saudia. In the end, it was the Saudi Intelligence chief who had to come in person and wave the signed paper in front of the entire media. Pathetic.

Riaz Jun 24, 2013 07:27pm

@Ahmed: Bad decision was on Gen. Musharraf's part when he left Nawaz Sharif go on exile to Saudia. If NS would have been tried for hijacking case, I am sure he would have gotten a death penalty - and that would have been the BEST thing ever happend to Pakistan! We all are now paying for what Gen. Musharraf didn't end properly.

mehmood bhanji Jun 24, 2013 07:32pm

Can we just move forward

Banarsi Sharma Jun 24, 2013 07:39pm

Some county will involve to get him out of Pakistan. Saudi Arabia rulers made arrangement for Nawaz and provided a palace to live in. Some former General have already spoken the way the General Mush is being treated. Or Khaki's will arrange coup. Either way the circumstances will push the county to shattered situation.

HM Jun 24, 2013 07:57pm

Nawaz Sharif you should concentrate on pressing problems for the country ie. terrorism and economy. Learn from Mendella learn to forgive and move forward. If you wish to try all generals and judges involved should also be tried who were party to coup.

Owais U. Jun 24, 2013 07:56pm

@Raheem Ahmad: You may want to backtrack the claim of him not being 'corrupt': the assassination of the Bugti family, the ousting of the Chief Justice via unconstitutional means are just a few worthy to be claimed fraudulent action. Regardless, I feel sorry for a leader that lead the nation into the World ranks be treated in such treason.

Owais U. Jun 24, 2013 08:02pm

@El Cid: I am afraid your mentality of publicly hanging everyone is the root cause of fundamental idealism stored in your mind. This is not the solution to every problem, my friend. A death can never be celebrated, be it of your worst enemy. You are going against the laws of nature into the world of barbarism.

pathanoo Jun 24, 2013 08:12pm

We shall see what really happens. Once Mian Sahib, Nawaz Sharif, has done thumping his chest and gotten all the mileage out of how serious he is about punishing the former dictator for destroying democracy in Pakistan; Musharraf will be allowed to leave on medical grounds. Then, he will never come back and Pakistan will move on. That is my prediction now and has been from the day they started going after Musharraf. This is all a Dog & Pony show.

Tariq Mehsud Jun 24, 2013 08:12pm

I am confident my statement will be posted on this platform the problem with Mr. Sharif is that as soon as he gets reins of power he and and his power mongers start meddling with the business which is not their I think instead of dragging himself in to Mr. Musharaf he should stick to his promises regarding fixing the many other problems of the country if he can and let the supreme court of Pakistan decide his fate and do what you have promised to your voters in the elections or after five years your party will be wiped out like ppp by the people of Pakistan.

Naeem Malik Jun 24, 2013 08:13pm

This is the right way to try and close the door to all future military coups and dictators.

Khan Jun 24, 2013 08:17pm

A common man may not be knowing regarding the "Article" on which Musharraf is being tried on by Mr.Sharif's demand and our Honorable PM has forgotten the Article number in which Taliban can be tried those who have killed thousands of Innocent Pakistani without changing constitution. It looks like changing constitution is more heinous offense than killing an innocent Pakistani. If this is the case then Musharraf should be tried.

Sajid Ali Jun 24, 2013 08:29pm

LOL, Do you wish to complete your term and continue with democratic process? As for accountability, start with Ittefaq Foundry !!!

Muhammad Ahmed Mufti Jun 24, 2013 08:36pm

This is politics of hypocrisy. Looks like PM has realized that he cannot fulfill the lofty promises he made in his campaign and now he going after the irrelevant issues. What will the people of Pakistan gain from the politics of vendetta. With time passing by it is becoming evident that the refurbished Nawaz Sharif has learned nothing from the past.

Junaid Jun 24, 2013 08:38pm

Well Mr Shareef turned Sharif is all out to take his revenge from Musharaf. The greatness of Musharaf is that he prefered to return to his beloved country and has a will to face the courts of Pakistan instead of runing away and hiding in Saudi palace and steal taxes from his own country. Musharaf has no plans to build a Palace in a country where people live next to the sewage drains. Mr Shareef himself has been involved in the contempt of court cases, which he seems to have forgeten.

Imran Jun 24, 2013 08:36pm

Mr. Musharraf came in and saved the country when the so called democratic government and the its corrupt politicians had driven the country to the edge of economic cliff. Musharraf brought us out of the days of economic disaster to where foreign investment and development of infrastructure was at it highest in history.

What Pakistan needs is someone who can deliver prosperity and development in all sectors. We have suffered enough in the name of democracy and its corrupt players hogging the game. We need a strong system like that of Singapore's, (UAE, Turkey, China).

Current electoral system has failed miserably. (Bombings of certain party campaigns by TTP, biryani votes / bribery by PML-N, rigging of ballots by all, etc). The same corrupt people will keep taking turns under one or the other party. Hopeless.

Salman Jun 24, 2013 08:37pm

@El Cid: you forgot Nawaz shareef or you think he shouldn't be hanged ?

ali Jun 24, 2013 08:47pm

One thing we have make sure that all of us are accountable not here but in front Allah one day. Please be careful while passing your judgement. Criteria or rule of law is same for all not base on class and we can find many occasions in our beloved prophet's life( Salla Lahoo Alha wasalam. Who leads Mushraf in Power, if you are going for trial its really good but justice applied to everyone. Let's be fair and capture everything before moving forward otherwise its a bias judgement. I want to see strong Pakistan with respect, love, harmony, peace and fair judement to all the citizen. Bring the old days back we trust and respect each other.

abdul Jun 24, 2013 08:53pm

its sad decission to pakistan,no one honest peson to save pakistan,who honestly serve pakistan & people of pakistan.shame of pakistan politician who looted pakistan and make $a/c in foreign contry.

Aman Jun 24, 2013 08:49pm

Here we go again! Do you think army will take this humiliation sitting down? If Mr. Sharif cannot improve the life of average Pakistani, it is going to be deja vu again! When will they learn?

Assad Jun 24, 2013 08:53pm

@El Cid: Lets add you to the list too.

athar Jun 24, 2013 08:57pm

This is personal revenge & nothing else. Musharaf saved the country & did not break the constitution otherwise Pakistan existence was not possible today. Moreover the constitution made by stupid Parliamentarians who are not educated, unprofessional & corrupt & elected based on provincial basis not on marit and that's why country is facing lot of problems & have no image in international world. Democracy should be based on merit not on numbers otherwise Presidential system is much better at least which is based on merit. History of Pakistan shows that country has developed when it was Presidential system, The politician only looted the country & spoiled all the citizens & made them corrupt

Shahpur Jun 24, 2013 08:55pm

@Gerry D'Cunha: However, it appears, Musharraf does not want to cry and runaway from justice.

Ram Jun 24, 2013 09:02pm

Mushi, a chauvinist in uniform, not only created unrest in the region by igniting Kargil war but also is a fanatic who tried to divide Indians on the basis of religion during his visit to India (He did receive a befitting reply from a Maulana though, then) . A uniformed bull, who thought will get away with 'rampaging' ideas, implemented with the help of his idiotic sub-ordinates, is rightly getting what he deserves... I am hopeful, that his man is thrown behind bars for the rest of his life ....

H Chaudhry Jun 24, 2013 09:09pm

A step in the right direction to say the least! These rogue army generals needs to be tried and punished for declaring war agaisnt an elected Government. Its high time now that Army of Paksitan is put under a tight leash. They cant win wars against India but keep over running governments.

asif Jun 24, 2013 09:13pm

just politics to hopefully appease the balochis and taliban. musharraf is seen as a US agent who was tough on terrorists. nothing will happen, an ex army chief will never go to jail yet alone be executed in pakistan.

najamuddin Jun 24, 2013 09:19pm

PPP Khurshid Shah has rightly proposed to remove the pictures of all dictators from Parliament and public buildings, but why his party with clean majority in National Assembly did not do the same during their long tenure? PPP did not cooperate with Supreme Court in trial of their benefactor Musharraf without whose treacherous NRO most of PPP leaders and their allies been still facing the pending court cases. Before Musharraf there was no suicidal attacks, no load shedding, no Talibanisation, but now the Talibans terrorists are freely targeting from public to private, from defense to commercial and personal centers/oulets from Khyber to Karachi at their sweet will. Musharraf left the people of Karachi on the mercy of deadly terrorists and criminals. He abrogated Constitution twice. He deposed and captivated top 55 judges not submitting to his dictatorial designs. Nevertheless, he should be given a chance of free and fair justice.

shamayal Jun 24, 2013 09:25pm

No army general has been tried for treason since the creation of Pakistan. Those who separated East Pakistan (Yahya Khan, Tikka Khan, Gen. Niazi etc) were never held accountable for their war crimes. Even if Musharraf is being treid for treason, his good freinds (Saudi Arabia, UK, USA) would give him Political asylum. This is what was happened to Nawaz Sharif himself after 1998 coup. Lets see what our kangroo courts decide about Musharraf's fate.

Nasir Jun 24, 2013 09:29pm

My my, how the table has turned. The accused has become accusee

Bilal Habib Jun 24, 2013 09:31pm

I am not a supporter of PML-N, but the brave step Sharif has taken is highly commendable. Noose should be tighten against all dictators, second step should be to remove Zia from the Islamabad territory. We need prosperity, we don't need these people in uniform to decide our fate.

Em Moosa Jun 24, 2013 09:37pm

At last the game begun. The sharifs have put themselves again in trouble. Do you think every body is Kiyani in the army core of generals ? Or Sharifs want to play a game with army by divide it and rule. This dangerous man who can hijack the plane of chief of army staff of the country which was also carrying children of Karachi Grammer school who went to Sri Lanka to participate in the swimming competition, can hatch any conspiracy for his family's rule. If it goes like this, these so called sharifs who themselves involved in lot of malpractices including attacking on the supreme court will be there in Islamabad only for next six months. The corrupt chief justice will not even save him as well as the King Abdullah. I am doubtful these sharifs who have so much love for India are actually working on Indian agenda to bring Pakistan a puppet state of Maha Baharatha. In the other words he is an Indian agent being pampered in Pakistan.

mateen mirza Jun 24, 2013 09:40pm

If this government will get bogged down by putting previous political leadership on trial then we should simply write-off the future of this unfortunate country. Mr. Sharif get on with governance, you have a huge task at hand of bringing law and order to the country so that people may feel safe on the streets. This would, needless to sat help in bringing FDI in the country.

zack khan Jun 24, 2013 09:50pm

@Sayeed Altaf Hussein: I totally agree.

asif Jun 24, 2013 09:47pm

can any authority figure in pakistan be held to their word? the amnesty scheme is now null and void even though it was a government scheme. any initiative from the government should remain valid once it is implemented and till such time that it is terminated, how can the supreme court pass judgement and make it retroactive? if the government legalizes alcohol consumption today for a period of five months, can the courts issue orders in eight months to arrest people who purchased and consumed the alcohol during the period that it was legal? nawaz sharif commited to not engage in any vengeful action towards musharraf before the election. what happened? does any government or politician or judge have any credibility?

ahmed Jun 24, 2013 09:51pm

Clearly the pro-dictator anti-democracy comments written below are by individuals who do not reflect the views of the average Pakistani as expressed in the May 11 elections. Even the opposition (except for the pro-dictator MQM) is fully supportive of the government elections!

zack khan Jun 24, 2013 09:53pm

@Faisal: what wrong doing, if you are on a plane and someone tries to divert that which could result in fatal accident, what would you do to that person! Nawaz is lucky he is alive, if I was musharraf I would have hanged on attempted murder of 200 plus people. Yes, Musharraf deserve this, he did not do what he should have done.

Omar Jun 24, 2013 10:05pm

First of all Musharraf's action was wrong, but looks like Nawaz Sharif has not learned anything, was hoping he has matured. Is he naive enough to believe that the army will let him do this!!!

He is again starting to act the way which brought him down last time.

Tojo Jun 24, 2013 10:09pm

As long as the trail is fair, transparent and not vindictive in seeking personal revenge, it may be acceptable. However, the risks and consequences are enormous as no one knows how the Country's Armed Forces would react to the latest announcement.

(Dr.) B.N. Anand Jun 24, 2013 10:05pm

@Khalid: That is indeed witch hunting. After all, Mr. Sharief was also allowed to leave the country on the generosity of Gen. Musharraf. Otherwise Mr. Sharief had no chance to come out of the prison. There might have been some understanding between parties concerned. Gen. Musharraf had also facilitated the return of Benazir and we all know the end she met. Is the history repeating? That will be indeed a tragedy for the country as it seems still following what used to happen in Moghul history.

Pakistani Jun 24, 2013 10:08pm

Brave decision. He must be hanged only then civilians supremacy can be achived.

Tanvir Jun 24, 2013 10:20pm

Nawaz Shareef's thrid government shall meet the same fate as two others before that and decision to try Musharaf by the government of Nawaz Sahrif is a step towards the failure of Nawaz rule. Army dictators always came into power in Pakistan when they saw a political turmoil. If Politicians will create political turmoil again, army dictators will come again regardless of the outcome of Musharaf's trial.

samonrusty Jun 24, 2013 10:40pm

A man whose entry into politics was courtesy Generals Jilani and Zia-ul-Haq wants Musharraf tried for violating the constitution. Personal vendetta and not principles seems to be in play here.

Deepak Talwar Jun 24, 2013 10:44pm

This will be very unwise Mr. Sharif. Zia ul Haq sent Bhutto to the gallows on trumped up charges only because he was afraid of Bhutto's mass appeal. Zia became a despotic dictator and the most despised man in your country's history. Surely you don't want to go down that route and be remembered the same way. It'll be wise to let General Musharraf gracefully retire without any further humiliation.

Asif Kidwai Jun 24, 2013 10:47pm

@Zahid Hussain: How stupid your reasoning is, no wonder we have the biggest thug and thief back in power. So now you all should be happy to hear his bogus speeches and see pakistan fall further into dark ages because he has dual nationality so he can run and hide anytime he is trouble. Woo what a nation we are...........just as corrupt as the ruler.........."Allah put leaders based on the deeds of the nation" you there you go who voted for this scum...........

FM Jun 24, 2013 10:49pm

What warped sense of priorities... while the country is literally on fire with daily incidents of terrorism, target killing, kidnap for ransom and the economy caving in from power blackouts and complete breakdon of law and order, the newly minted PM pulls this out of his hat of magic tricks to divert attention. And it seems to have worked as all our news channels are only talking about Musharraf's trial now ! God help Pakistan.

Khalid Jun 24, 2013 10:56pm

@fida sayani: I would much prefer any selection to be based on merit. NOTHING ELSE.

Zeeshan Jun 24, 2013 10:58pm

Oh for Godsake...we are not interested to see Musharraf being tried for treason or else. We need some relief, law and order, corruption free environment. This government is just following the foot steps of PPP by keeping the common people watching news programs and debates which has nothing to do with the daily lives of us. Shame on this government and to those who have brought this government to power.

Imran A. Jun 24, 2013 10:59pm

With everyone watching what will be his first move to justify the reason he wanted to become PM. It turns out clearly, he doesn't care about the people, about the country, about so many problems. Instead, he jumps to being vindictive. Nawaz Shareef, May Allah be vindictive on you and your family. I really do.

Khalid Jun 24, 2013 11:02pm

@LOL: Chief Justice has disappointed the nation. He certainly showed his power and changed the Prime Minister of Pakistan but sadly he has not changed the lives of the masses. They still suffer every day. His selective justice is almost equal to NO JUSTICE. What has he done to eradicate the bribes culture in our legal system?. I would have liked him to announce that if anyone connected with legal profession is found to be taking bribes, he will be hanged. Come on CJ prove to the nation that you are sincere and honest. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN

Khurram Jun 24, 2013 11:08pm

Just another example of how oblivious the political leadership of Pakistan is to the current state of affairs within the country. Terrorists are running around with guns blazing murdering innocent civilians and now foreigners as well. They've started destroying our historical landmarks. They're daring the democratic government to stop them if they have the guts to do so. Majority of the citizens are deprived of basic necessities such as electricity, fuel, medicines and clean drinking water. All the politicians can think of in these dire straits are settling personal vendettas and causing more chaos within the already instable federation. What good is that going to do? The country is in a tail spin spiraling downwards, please wakeup and recognize who the real enemy is and what the real issues are before its too late. May Allah (SWT) help and guide us all.

Khalid Jun 24, 2013 11:07pm

@Sayeed Altaf Hussein: Sayeed, I couldn't agree more. You have said everything I wanted to say. Well done. We need to do what Turks did (and are continuing to do). Becoming Prime Minister doesn't mean Mr. Sharif is free to do whatever he like.

Agha Ata Jun 24, 2013 11:14pm

Then who will run the government?
Sayeed Altaf Hussain, of course. :)

unwanted Jun 24, 2013 11:13pm

its just not the right time to do so mr sharif. please don't. I am not an Army entusiasist but I know the ramifications of such a decision. already a whole lot of military rising stars have met mushahid hussain (senator for standing committee for military development or whatever it is) and complained about the treatment of the former army chief. Army is full of optimists who want to bring a china sort of system hybrided with Islam. please stop this non-sense.

ivehadit Jun 24, 2013 11:16pm

Will the Government go the extra step and also charge previous dictators (postumously) and confiscate properties and wealth they may have illegally acquired. They may also want to consider revoking the "law of necessity" rulings of previous High Court judges.

Or they may want to reconsider a repeat of the ZA Bhutto judicial hanging and see Mr. Musharraf off to exile for all time to come, which may be less traumatic for the nation which is reeling under a severe law and order crisis, a severe economic and infrastructure crisis, and an insidious terrorist movement that threatens to destablize the country from within.

Raja Jun 24, 2013 11:21pm

This is nothing but revenge. Nawaz needs to grow up and concentrate on terrorism, economy and put country back on track.

Ali Jun 24, 2013 11:26pm

Good. Accountability is a must, if Musharraf is spared of accountability then lets take out everyone else from jails too. This culture of only poor go to jails has to stop now. In all countries, everyone goes through accountability not because of revenge but because that's the only way of stopping this to happen again. Musharraf will exert all pressure from friends but I hope Nawaz will stand b the law on this

Irfan Jun 24, 2013 11:25pm

Product like Nawaz, Zardari, Maliks, chuderies, khawajay, etc are available at every corner of Pakistan. We have huge supply of this one product, you loose one? you can get another one right away, but at the cost of masses. Good move Mr. Sharif ... you have nothing better to do for Pakistan except to satisfy your ego.

HONEST BELIEF Jun 24, 2013 11:33pm

@waheed: Agree with you 100%. Nawaz Sharif must be tried for treason as well for endangering the lives of the people on the plane as well as a serving Military Leader. He should also be tried and hanged instead of being exiled for a few years.

Shahbaz Khan Jun 24, 2013 11:47pm

@Khalid: I wonder how NS felt breaking the news surrounded by Musharraf's cronies in the NA, most of whom won the election on PMLN tickets!

Mustafa Jun 24, 2013 11:55pm

No Pakistani courts can try Nawaz Sharif. Only Pakistan's Army has that unwritten power that they may use when when the country is in crisis.

LEO Jun 25, 2013 12:04am

What is more important in the country electricity , jobs, terrorism, corruption or TRIAL agains innocent man whose era was was the best in the history of Pkistan.

Faiz Khalil Jun 25, 2013 12:09am

Good decision......

Pasha Jun 25, 2013 12:09am

Vendetta politics should stop. High time. Nawaz Sharif promised us removal of load shedding and now he is back tracking on it and making excuses. He should free his mind from the past, recognize his own follies too of how he brought the house on himself by treating shabbily the previous COASs and look forward. He should rise above self and what happened to him a result of his own actions. In the past five years media has been so one sided and reported so wrongly that the people think Musharraf is a bad person. Reality is different. Nawaz Sharif's priorities will lead us down an abyss from where we will never be able to climb back. God save Pakistan. Except satisfying his own ego he will gain nothing for Pakistan.

Jehangir Jun 25, 2013 12:15am

This is a sea change - a civilian government taking a dictator and an usurper to task, I don't think this is entirely motivated by personal vendetta- as a matter of fact it may have been a lot more less dangerous for NS had he ignored Pervaiz Musharaff. But this constant derailing of democracy has to stop and somebody must be made an example of. I'm glad that the NS rose to this challenge. Good luck

karamba Jun 25, 2013 12:18am

Another example of 'democracy is the best revenge'. PPP took it out on the people, Nawaz is taking it out on Musharraf. This is the fate of people who vote these clowns to power who have nothing to do with serving them.Democracy is only for these charlatans to exercise their power and take their personal agenda to the next level and make plenty of money while at it.Democracy zindabad.

Haroon Jun 25, 2013 12:20am

Mushy should be hanged dry. Why should dictators be above the writ of the state. He deserves a fair trial but if guilty hang him as per the law.

Adam Malik Jun 25, 2013 12:52am

Its better to follow the commitment to form Truth and Reconciliation Commission aiming to reveal the truth and also to compensate the victims of dictators - those are in thousands since Ayub Khan to Musharaf

Shami t Jun 25, 2013 01:30am

How wrong we're people of Pakistan when they voted for nawab shareef who hasn't wisen or matured up why should Musharraf be tried for treason when there are more corrupt politician including mr nawab shareef who should be tried

Fazal Jun 25, 2013 01:35am

This was the only and only objective he wants to come into power. why not hang to those official who made affect so many Pakistani and made their life miserable.

Parveen hanif Jun 25, 2013 01:41am

Mr nawaz shareef there r more immediate problems to be solved than be vindictive n taking your revenge in just few months people will wish to have you out

Omar Khan Jun 25, 2013 01:53am

Can I ask all of you readers a question? Do you believe, that Mian Jee while sitting in his comfy Raiwind lodge and enjoying phajay kay pai have enough will and resolution to hang and imprison the highly decorated soldier who bled and fought in two wars againt INDIA and winning an medal for galantary while defending his country with his life and blood?

Aftab Jun 25, 2013 01:55am

Nawaz Sharif is an intelligent and capable leader. Everybody in Asia became very happy as PML-N won the majority and elected Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister. His action is in the right direction to punish the dictator and ensure no military leader dare to take over the power in the future. He is the person who will prosper Pakistan and bring peace and stability in Asia.

sameer Jun 25, 2013 02:01am

@Khalid: Well said dear brother. This government has nothing better to do and again they will make an issue with the army and they will be kicked out. First all I am not a supporter of any group in Pakistan. But one thing is quite clear that it is because of the army that Pakistan is a safe country. Army has done a lot and is still doing alot. All our neighbors today are quite just because of the army. What did democracy do in the last 5 years. Leaders stole the wealth and made everyone poor and this is called open theft. Nawaz sharif should learn a lesson from the past, move on. If you can divert a plane and let 250 die with no fuel then you should be behind bars too. shame on you a great leader.

mark Jun 25, 2013 01:57am

Present and past Military dictators are watching careful

Parveen hanif Jun 25, 2013 02:03am

Shame on you mr nawaz shareef you are no saint one of the most corrupt politician of Pakistan clean yourself first it's not even a month and you have showing your true colour a man of revenge . You will have similar fate what you give will always come back

shaq Jun 25, 2013 02:03am

what a shame

Syed Ahmed Jun 25, 2013 02:25am

For the information of wise people, Pervez Musharraf did not commit high treason. The later proclaimed emergency on November 3, 2007, and held the constitution in 'abeyance'. The term inserted in Article 6 on or about 19 April 2010 through the 18th amendment with no retrospective effect. Pervez Musharraf neither abrogating nor subverted 1973 Constitution and therefore Article 6, than in force, was not attracted. Article 6 altered through 18th amendment cannot be applied on Musharaf. He is being dragged in the courts out of sheer vengeance.

Muhammad Akram Jun 25, 2013 02:41am

Pakistan has so many problems, and yet Mr Sharif's priority is revenage on his political foe. I thought he forgave General Musharaf 4 times during the election. If General Musharaf is a traitor then everone is a traitor to Pakistan especially those who voted for Mr Sharif. His only mistake was to let these choars into country under NRO. May God Save Pakistan from these choars and liers.

Khalil Rahman Jun 25, 2013 02:43am

@Khalid: That was not an illegal act given the intentions of a deposed General and his cronies to take over the country in retaliation. General Mushraf exactly did the same. Army took over the country. Now you will ask why Nawaz deposed Mushraf at the first place, my dear that was done under constitution due to Mushrafs blatant act of Kargil without letting the Govt know or asking people of Pakistan. Today Pakistan is in Stone Age compared to the Nawaz era before Musharaf.

Until and unless we bring the Army under the rule of law we cannot call it a democratic country, it is being dictated by a subordinate institution like Army by defecto; also mention that I served the Pak army for couple of decades and I know ins and outs in this institution as well.

Khalil Rahman Jun 25, 2013 02:45am

I appreciate the accountability in this country. Musharaf must also be tried for the DEATH of over ONE THOUSAND INNOCENT ARMY PERSONNEL in the Kargil, the incursion which was his brainchild. Nawaz ordered to divert his plan under illegal circumstances given the intentions of a deposed General and his cronies to take over the country in retaliation. General Mushraf exactly did the same. Army took over the country. Now you will ask why Nawaz deposed Mushraf at the first place, my dear that was done under constitution due to Mushrafs blatant act of Kargil without letting the Govt know or asking people of Pakistan. Today Pakistan is in Stone Age compared to the Nawaz era before Musharaf.

Until and unless we bring the Army under the rule of law we cannot call it a democratic country, it is being dictated by a subordinate institution like Army by defecto; also mention that I served the Pak army for couple of decades and I know ins and outs in this institution as well.

Ameeds Jun 25, 2013 02:46am

All those who assisted any Dictator should be tried under article 6. This should include people who supported Zia and Mushraff. Why just one person? Why not all the stooges of Zia era as well. Oops sorry, didn't realize that our current prime minister was Politically nurtured by Zia. Instead of going for a revenge, why not pass a law that doesn't allow military to never take control of the country again?

El Cid Jun 25, 2013 02:48am


Hasan Hasni Jun 25, 2013 03:04am

@Khalid: Gimmick of the new PM. Accountability shall be across the border not for chosen one. Sad but expected

SH Jun 25, 2013 03:08am

Unfortunately, Nawaz Sharif still has not matured into a statesman. He's the same old vindictive NS. Mr. Sharif your focus should be resolving the security situation and the energy crises, education-for-all and alleviation of poverty. Instead your prime focus seems to be revenge. Truly unfortunate.

ahmed Jun 25, 2013 03:15am

@Dr.Amjad Karim Amjad: If all Pakistani politicians are tried for various offense, 99% will be behind bars.

Shahpur Jun 25, 2013 03:21am

I hope it is not a fake threat by Nawaz. I hope he is man enough to charge Musharraf for treason. As it appears Musharaff is not not crying and he is not going anywhere.

El Cid Jun 25, 2013 03:24am


Ayaz Jun 25, 2013 03:35am

Nothing is going to happen to Masharaf. This is just a simple game played by the hidden hands to pacify Baloch Nationalists/Separatists. The duration of the court prioceedings will be sufficiently long to get the steam out of the Baloch separation movement. Nawaz and Baloch are essentially being used.

ahmed Jun 25, 2013 03:37am

Let's be fair and try all politicians for the wrongs they have done. It will be interesting to see the results -- may be 99% will be convicted.

Jaani Jun 25, 2013 03:44am

Musharraf should have hanged Nawaz Shareef back when he could.

pathanuk Jun 25, 2013 03:52am

Nawaz sharif hasn't learnt his lesson he cant touch Musharraf the army will take over and this time they wont send him to Saudi Arabia he will be hanged.

Syed Inam Jun 25, 2013 03:56am

@Ayesha F: Excellent, my regards, these words should be on front pages of all newspapers of the country. This country is at the brink of collapse and he is talking like this. This fellow should be a village chief and not be the country's chief executive.

kirther Jun 25, 2013 03:56am

Not a good idea to use the floor of National Assembly to put pressure on Supreme Court of Pakistan. Using one institution to interfere in the functioning of the other will yield very negative results beyond control. Moreover in civilized societies nobody is allowed to directly or indirectly put pressure on courts and hopefully the Chief Justice will not fall in their trap.

A.Mirza Jun 25, 2013 04:03am

The most corrupt traitor Nawaz Sharif trying the most patriotic man in Pakistan Pervez Musharraf. Sad sad situation!

ahmed Jun 25, 2013 04:26am

May be constitutionally it is the right things to do ....but at this time in our history when our own home grown terrorists are killing their countrymen and the foreigners alike I wonder why Nawaz has short term memory. He needs to focus these gigantic problems instead of wanting to get Mush whom courts have already tangled up pretty good. As we know best example of revolutionaries in the PMLN are Aqeel Anjum, Saad Rafique and Hanif Abbassi...with exception of Saad they are status quo and extortion and corruption masters to except these kinds individual to rise above petty politics is beyond their capacity. Nawaz played the card of a mature politician for a month and now he is back to Aloo Goshat or Karahi Gosht, his usual staple because he can't stand the daal and Sabzi.

Saeed Jun 25, 2013 04:40am

@Sayeed Altaf Hussein: How do know you so many thing .murder of murtaza and all corruption . Are you witness these things or you heard from your barber. Please people of if you don't have any solid prove , than best answer is I don't know. Over here we are talking about obvious and proven events.

Ibrahim Jun 25, 2013 04:46am

This is a sad day for Pakistan. Instead of taking the high road, Mr Nawaz Sharif is once again displaying his true colors. We never learn from history do we. With the mind set that he has, it is doubtful if he can complete his tenure.

Nasr Jun 25, 2013 05:14am

In our country our we are at that stage where the moral, values have plummeted good virtues have been forgotten and jealousy and revenge have sneaked into our blood. The very new prime minister wears a 4.5 million dollar watch at his inaugural ceremony and is now on a mission of vendetta. A mission that may be worse than a Tit for Tat. Of course you are the captain of the Shareef Team and you can do it. If you can show off such a hefty sum on your wrist then you are the PM and you do can slam handcuffs on anyone

Rizwan101 Jun 25, 2013 05:20am

At least now we know for sure that Nawaz will do NOTHING for the country this time around either. Country is falling apart. People are scared to out of their homes. There is no power to light up a blub. Economy is in shambles. Of course I don't even need to mention the terrorism. Yet, he is not concerned with any of that because he knows that he doesn't have the desires or the skills to fix any issues. The only things he is capable of doing is to exact his personal revenge at the expense of the country. What a coward and a joke.

Yawar Jun 25, 2013 05:34am

Nawaz Sharif jee and CJ jee, the people of Pakistan need jobs, food, clean water, education, health facilities, law and order, progress, trade, foreign investment, etc. etc. We are least interested in your personal vendettas.

Ali Jun 25, 2013 06:09am

Default culture of Pakistan is Martial law, democracy is an exception. So, we cannot pretend, as if Pakistan was in an unusual state, when Musharraf took over. Also, the short instance of democracies, always turned out be disaster. Leaders looted the country, brought the economy down, laundered the money out, got huge loans & put them on hold using mechanisms like court stay orders & disputed properties, made laws to avoid paying taxes, dismantled local bodies & funneled out the money in pockets of senators & officer bearers. & denied every wrong doing. Now they want to get Musharraf, who they think is one with leanest neck. Everybody is acting like angels.

ifti Jun 25, 2013 06:09am

@Khalid: well said....

MW Jun 25, 2013 06:06am

Dear PM, Govt's energies and focus need to be first diverted to imminent economic and development issues. While in principle, trying the former pres. may be the right thing to do, it may give the signal that you have come to the end of your wits and looking to instead provide sensational fodder to media and public.

This may prove to be a controversial issues and has the potential to divide, rather than unite the people - at a time when people really need to come together on economy, development and education.

In principle, rule of law is supreme, justice should be served and the transgressors duly punished. Ask you self - can you wait to dish out the justice? may be in the near or far future, while you focus national resource where they are needed now.

Sir, you have been elected to serve the people, please serve the people before you serve your vendetta. Yes, Vendetta! you can deny, but that's what it appears to be. You know perception is reality. It may prove out to be dirty business with the potential of hastening your departure from office

For goodness sake, please, for once think of doing the right thing - have a strategy to improve the lot of your people. Pakistani's are sick and tired bearing the burden of shameful inaptitude of their leaders.

Ali Khan Jun 25, 2013 06:22am

Wow. What goes around - comes around. Musharraf is a CRIMINAL of the century, next to Hitler. He finished our beloved country Pakistan forever in the world's eyes. Put him in prison rest of his life. Alla ho akbur.

SubhSubhBol Jun 25, 2013 06:55am

@Sayeed Altaf Hussein: At this rate, you will demand that everyone gets beaten up.....

stephen Jun 25, 2013 07:16am

sure,and let looters of the country incl the present leadership go free . Nawaz Shreef wants to keep the attention away from himself so that he and his " hawaris can loot the country".Remember during his last tenure he emptied the banks of all the foreign exchange. I think that is what he was referring to when he recently said,"I WANT TO START WHERE I LEFT OFF".

Sikander Jun 25, 2013 07:55am

Barrister Ahmed Raza Kasuri is simply pathetic and useless. His comments are against public interest. Public wants to know what Pandora box will reveal and what will emerge out of it. Barrister has to work for justice and to keep work fair trial for his client and not to threat to disclose the names of collaborators and abettors. All those involved should be held responsible for aiding and abetting treason.

farooq Jun 25, 2013 09:34am

..... finally, Sharif has shown his true colors. I was hoping that he would have evolved into a maturity. Or, Sharif should seriously worry about himself if his advisors put him up to this issue. Now I believe, this is a diversion tactic to get people looking in a different direction. Country's security, economic and energy crisis are so critical, that the Government in Power should not have the time to scratch their head for 5 years. Sad, sad day in Pakistan. If Pakistan cripples, all of us fail. WAKE UP sons and daughters of Pakistan...!!!!!

MSid Jun 25, 2013 09:47am

@Jabran: Musharraf is the reason behind many of the problems Pakistan is facing right now, including the drone attacks and the energy crisis. For the first time in history a military dictator would be put on trial- its a great step!

farooq Jun 25, 2013 09:52am

The decision is a reflection of the mind set of people sitting in National Assembly. There is a serious lack of (much needed) FOCUS on part of elected members of assembly to address much dire issues. Mr. Sharif and elected members are dangerously underestimating time and energy required to fix more dire problems.

farooq Jun 25, 2013 09:57am

@fida sayani: ....well done Sayani for promoting your agenda of sectarian when Pakistan is already at a critical juncture....

Rashid Ahmad Jun 25, 2013 11:17am

I believe the Government is on the right course of action to try Musharraf, the former dictator, for high treason as he had abrogated the Constitution of the Pakistan in order to sieze power by overthrowing a legitimate government. Those senior military officials who aided and abetted him should likewise be brought before the court. Let the force of law prevail.

Ashraf Jun 25, 2013 12:04pm

Dictator Sharif and buddy judges trying to punish the savior of Pakistan. A person who took the right decision to avert Pakistan from being thrashed into stone age. Allah Almighty is the biggest but wisdom must prevail; ground reality is that had Musharrad not taken that decision Pakistan would have suffered irreversible damage and the country would have been turned into something similar to Ethopia or even worse. Dicatator Sharif has a filthy mind and poisonous instincts but Allah willing, justice will be achieved and the real culprits Sharifs and Zardaris will experience the same fate as did ZA Bhutto, Sheikh Mujib and Indra Gandhi. Sharif hatched conspiracy to kill Musharraf and several others on board in air and now he is PM for the third time. ATC sentenced him to life, the family pleaded mercy and were allowed an exit by Musharraf as sign of grace and mercy and now he is trying to show his old revengeful mentality. Musharraf said right in his last speech "Pakistan ka Allah hi Hafiz"

Ashraf Jun 25, 2013 12:16pm

Dictator Sharif and buddy judges dirty game plan. Sharif convicted by ATC for plane hijacking, pleaded mercy to Musharraf and was given a safe exit, an act of grace by President Musharraf and now Dictator Sharif back to his old revengeful mentality. Its useless to expect justice from buddy judges. Dictator Sharif and his abettors will soon be held accountable by the real judge Allah (SWT) and hope will him, his cronies and all Sharif's and Zardaris will soon be cleaned up by the justice of Allah (SWT). InshaAllah Sharifs and Zardaris fate will be held accountable for their henious crimes.

Raja Jun 25, 2013 12:24pm

Nawaz was once warned by his father Mian Sharif "Do whatever you want but don't mess with Army" but he did anyway so we all know what happened after that. Every time Nawaz gets power he gets carries away. If he doesn't fix country's problems quick, people will put him out of power sooner than he thinks.

Gerry D'Cunha Jun 25, 2013 12:49pm

musharraf should have followed the 'lion and cat's' riddle,how the cat got saved from the lion for not showing how to climb the tree in danger - he let nawaz go free to saudia arabia and now himself in trouble - we pakistanis don't learn lessons from our past mistakes and hence fall ourself into trouble.

Sundar Jun 25, 2013 01:01pm

I guess this will serve as a deterrent against any future coups by military chiefs. They will think twice if they want to disturb the democracy. Good for Pakistan.

Imran Jun 25, 2013 02:04pm

Nothing is going to happen to Musharaf. NS cant do anything, he hasnt got guts to do anything, problem is him and our Judiciary have teamed up and will do what they want for their own personal interests and agendas. But Pakistan Army will never let anything ridiculous happen to it or its men.But then on the other side I support the trial because no one should be above law and everyone needs to be treated equally, which means Mr. PM NS needs to trialed as well and there is already a case against him (proven) but not implemented (I know it will never be implemented). But again looks like NS is still ignorant as a monkey. Have not learnt anything from past, but what else or more can he do, thats his calibre. He will never care about your people who voted for him, in a year or 2 time all these who voted for him will start cursing him and then he will be thrown out. NS is even worse than Mr President in my opinion, atleast Mr President does everything openly unlike our PM. Couple of months ago we all were hearing its time to make or break Pakistan. But most of us now know what have we done, all these claimants of changing Pakistan are gone. Whole of pakistan made a huge mistake in getting NS into power, sooner than later we all will pay the price. I personally think we made another mistake by sidelining IK, not saying he was a perfect choice, but he deserved the chance and i have a feeling he might have been the best option out there. But again its down to people to change, if we keep trusting people like NS, Zardari and CO, then there you go. Deal with it. As you sow so shall you reap. No one should have any sympathy for us, because we dont deserve anyone's sympathy.

El Cid Jun 25, 2013 03:06pm


El Cid Jun 25, 2013 03:12pm


El Cid Jun 25, 2013 04:12pm

@Owais U.:

anonymous Jun 25, 2013 05:01pm

@Khalil Rahman:

i think during military era, Pakistan has done significant development in the field of IT, medicine, and textile, i think we should hang Nawaz Sharif and Zardari because they robbed all the treason of people of Pakistan with their inconsiderate attitude and corruption, musharraf did'nt commit the corruption. Atleast we should learn the courage from him that he is actually facing all the accusations against himself without leaving the country while Nawaz escapes away to Saudia, leaving his all party members and lovers un supported.

zeeshan Jun 25, 2013 05:04pm

@Khalil Rahman: total unanimity of views

Naeem Syed Jun 25, 2013 05:51pm

What a shame, Mr Prime Minister you still haven't learned your lesson.Put Musharraf on a plane and send him packing and get on with the job we gave you to fix our problems on emergency basis.If you want to indulge in your personal vendetta, then do it on your own time and dime. Why have you not announced a general amnesty and asked every Pakistani to bring their ill gotten gains back without fear of any reprisals or taxes. Set an example by doing it your self first. Don't waste time in the petty women's squabbles. Just get on and do your Job. PPP has faced oblivion in the Country's lash back for incompetence and it's inability to solve our problems. You know some of us think if Imran can create such a Tsunami then what would he have done if he was at the helm of affairs in Pakistan? History has not been kind to you in your last two round this is the final one so get on with it

Syed Jun 25, 2013 07:24pm

Yet another invitation to Army to come and rule. Do you really think Army will let this happen lol what a joke

Ajay Vikram Singh Jun 25, 2013 07:45pm

Those who live by the sword, die by it. and musharraf is no war-hero. all his achievements are made up, product of nepotism and chaploosi. he is just good at acting, a charlatan par excellence. He is a selfish, narcissistic, dumb coward. Also a thief. set a precedent in pakistan that democracy and rule of law is above ALL. no exceptions. Lets say, tomorrow an indian army general, no matter how many medals he would have won in wars, try this type of stunt of derailing a democratic govt. we will shoot him in the streets like a dog. its as simple as that. Constitution, democracy, rule of law is 'the thing'. rest all are just servants to it. That's the way. a sincere advise from world biggest and highly successful democracy. God bless pakistan.

faisal Jun 26, 2013 12:23am

@Yawar jee you must this its ok to over throw the government.

independentthinker Jun 26, 2013 02:41am

Here we go again! It appears the only reasons our leaders want to get into politics and try to run the country is a) to make tons of money and 2) to settle past scores. Shouldn't his top priority be improve the welfare of our people, rid the country of Talibans, who have literally crippled us - but no! He is going after this one man - who had thrown him out of power and now it is his turn to get even. What a sick game - at the cost of continuing to make the lives of our ordinary citizens miserable. I don't think he was elected for this purpose.

aleem Jun 26, 2013 06:59am

Its good to go by law & persue Article 6. All the collaborators of former dictators, all the judges/generals/officials/Parliamentarions validating, excersing Govt authority, seving the dictatorial Regimes should be hanged. Why Musharaf alone?

mateen mirza Jun 26, 2013 08:54am

This is what happens if you vote the same old trash back in to power. The country missed a good chance to bring fresh blood in to the government. Unfortunately, they do not know any better than to fight to take revenge while the country is in a desperate need to be simply governed.

Majid Jun 26, 2013 11:54am

Mr Nawaz should think about people demands and fix the energy crisis which has caused 8 hours without electricity. children suffer in school and hospital suffer to treat the wounded without fans not been turned on and high tec machinery. Its a complete Joke.

me Jun 26, 2013 12:58pm

I am really shocked..........what is PM's priorities? The entire country is burning with terrorism and he has a better ageand.

Imran Jun 26, 2013 01:42pm

@Ajay Vikram Singh: Thanks Ajay, I appreciate your input, i think in ideal world thats how it should be done. But you are not looking at the flip side of it. Lets say elected parliament is only doing one thing and that is looting public money and destroying your country. There is no one out there to question them, they have immunity so cant be tested or trialed. Judiciary is biased and having their share of it. There is no one in the parliament to object or stop this cruelty. Now in that case how would you stop this insanity? People coming on street? not quite the option because then it turns out to be Syria situation. I am not saying Army should be allowed to jump into this, but then Pakistan is different from whole world. India is different, things over there are different to pakistan. Your parliament might be corrupt but as much as Pakistan Parliament. I just need an answer who would stop top leadership in situations like that from doing all these crimes, corruption and selling the integrity of the country?

Sayeed Altaf Hussein Jun 26, 2013 02:11pm

@Ajay Vikram Singh: So what do you do with the democratically elected dictators, such as Sharifs and and Ghandis and all the other corrupt politicians? Musharaff

Sayeed Altaf Hussein Jun 26, 2013 02:21pm

@El Cid: Hijacking a plane is!

Sayeed Altaf Hussein Jun 26, 2013 02:32pm

@stephen: You forgot to mention the Punjab Bank which they (Sharifs) cluded and robbed to the extent that the bank was bank crupt and the Director left the country to avoid prosecution.

Sayeed Altaf Hussein Jun 26, 2013 02:37pm

@Omar Khan: If he does that he will be writing his own death warrant. Public and army will not tolerate. Khayani has already made comments regarding this matter.

El Cid Jun 26, 2013 03:37pm


riz Jun 26, 2013 04:08pm

Once again Nawaz,s own person lust for revenge is more important than the whole issues of the country.

Mashraff did more good for Pakistan than all these corrupt politicians ever did for Pakistan.

They just want to loot without no one watching over them. Don,t you mister Emir of Pakistan.

bilal from atlanta Jun 26, 2013 04:34pm

Musharraf has committed war crimes against the people of pakistan by selling our nation to american bombings in the north. He deserves to rot in the prison for the rest of his time and let Allah judge him after his time is up. but he along with bush/rumsfield/cheney are war criminals.

bilal from atlanta Jun 26, 2013 04:37pm

Anybody that was in the govt at the time of usa incursions into north, or now, if they agree with usa policy to bomb our people in the north, they are all war criminals. And it DOES NOT excuse ANY politician who is happy going along with it. Come on Pakistan, show some dignity and class. your citizens are being murdered and bombed in the name of war on terrorism and you are sitting and drinking chai and watching TV and having another day at the office! what a shame!

asif Hussain Jun 26, 2013 04:48pm

Well Done Nawaz , You are the greatest leader. Now lets see how Mash cries behind bars. Nawaz Sheriff , Emir ul Mohaminin of Pakistan no one can stop us. Pakistan loves you.

Under Nawaz sheriff, pakistan will overtake india next year and will soon be the new superpower.

Long live Nawaz Sheriff , Amir ul Mohminin.

Abdul Qudus Jun 26, 2013 05:06pm

I never cared about Military dictators, but apparently the bickering politicians of Pakistan started inviting them since 1958. Among all the dictators probably Musharraf was less authoritarian. Most likely he did not have the intention to seize the power. He was a hand on Commando General which Pakistan never had. He tried to take back the lost territory of Kargil sector. He was successful, but it was Nawaz Sharif who under the American pressure lost it to India. Musharraf & more than 100 Pakistanis could have been killed if N. Sharif's order for not letting PIA plane land in Karachi. On the other note Akbar Bugti was an anti Pakistani tyrant. If he was killed because of challenging Pakistani sovereignty, then he well deserved it. What makes me sad that the traitors are trying Musharraf for treason.

zeeshan Jun 26, 2013 06:42pm

@anonymous: in the field of must be kidding...for the sake of entertainment lets add space and astronomy in to it as well

malik Jun 26, 2013 08:34pm

Prime Mininster should now write a letter to re-open cases against Zardari and also try him for treason in memo leak scandal.

PM should also write to UK to immeditely deport Altaf to Pakistan for his comments on breaking Pakistan, altaf should also be tired for treason.

If PM wants to charge Musharaf and then everyone who supported Musharaf should also be tried that include Shujhaat and Pervaiz Elahi.

Believe me there are plenty of Pak politicans that should be tried for treason.

Usher Jun 26, 2013 10:21pm

@El Cid: Had it been done by a non- Punjabi prime minister against a Punjabi chief of Army staff what Sharif did against Musharref, you must have considered it as a great act of treason. Just imagine the same situation between Zardari and Kyani (COAS) where Kyani's plane is forced to land in India & the reaction by Punjab

Arif Jun 26, 2013 11:25pm

The present government of Nawaz Sharif and the past Zardari government should also be tried for treason besides all the Judges who are taking out their personal vindictiveness against Musharraf; they should also be held responsible for treason for approving martial law. Why just Musharraf "because he belongs to a minority group and neither does he belong to a corrupt pervasive family"? The Sharif brothers have committed numerous crimes which are all punishable. Zardari do I need to elaborate. The massacres carried out in Karachi and Baluchistan every day-who do you think supports them.

Naved Jun 27, 2013 01:33am

@El Cid: This might be your personal analysis, not army analysis. If Musharraf would be tried and punish like some people are expecting then all army generals should be ready to face the different type of allegations and cases in future In case any thing bad happens to ex-army chief then it would be very bad for the institution. So the chances are that if matters go beyond a certain limit, than army will play its role in the matter, either directly/openly or indirectly/covertly. World knows that Musharraf has done a lot of good for the country. Common people and business man still remember the rapid progress made in his era. The power hungry politicians and right wing political parties are doing a lot of propaganda against him. But their baseless allegations will not change the reality that Musharraf has render a lot of value-able services to this country. Its a fact that he is a human being and he has made some political mistake also, anyhow, he does not deserve, what some people are trying to do with him tactfully.

N.K., Jun 27, 2013 02:18am

This is not new in Pakistan. When the new successor comes he killed old one. Now Nawas sheriff terms comes, he will 100% kill that old detector as the old one had made a mistake last time but this guy won't. by putting a brukha of democracy so that he can build his political career . Actually there was no democracy in Pakistan because all the party selected their senators most their relative & friends from their head office. No party has asked the local people of the constituency to select their own senator who is best for them. All party high command selected who is fit for them were sent to contest the election. This was not election but selection. This is called democratic directorship. And the another important factor is when the dual citizenship law comes, all most all party supported. In this way all politician got good opportunity to steal money and do self exile and only wait till get new chance for stealing the money and come to Pakistan to create opportunity how to steal money as they have already powers. All politician are playing blame games but under the table they shook the hands for sharing the percentage. No politicians are showing interest in education, health ,infrastructure ,removal Jamindari because they don't want the people must be educated and make more demands which becomes obstacles in their stealing business. To reach their goal ,focus on lot of Madrasa. and keep the people away from real knowledge and social justice. I have not seen any politician really think that Pakistan is my country and we have move forward as they have dual citizenship. So western country is main and Pakithan is cousin. Pakistan is totally lost and I don't think anybody can save it .This is my opinion which could be wrong. Thanks for giving me a opportunity to share my thoughts. God bless you guys.

Mohammad Kaiser Sayeed Jun 27, 2013 03:58am

Making himself a laughing stock again.Asking Supreme Court to declare Musharaf a traitor .Nawaz should see the Indian program "Conclave" on utube and judge whether Mush is a traitor or not, he defended Pakistan, its army and ISI with utmost patriotism Nawaz has the lowest IQ as a leader and the worst is, he does not want to listen to intelligent people He should concentrate on energy crisis,terrorism and other vital issues

Sohail aslam Jun 27, 2013 06:25am

Abdul Qadus I agree with you all the way. When does killing a traitor make you a traitor. All other politicians were to scared to deal with the likes of Bugti.

Erik Jun 27, 2013 11:15am

@bilal from atlanta: What are you doing in Atlanta? Go home!