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ISLAMABAD, June 6: The Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) which has already decided not to play any mediatory role in peace talks with Taliban warned the PML-N government on Thursday of a “complex situation” after withdrawal by the militant organisation of its offer for talks. It urged the government to create “conducive environment for reconciliation”.

“Let us try to create a conducive environment for talks and reconciliation, otherwise we will end up fighting insurgency for years and the chance for national building will be lost for decades,” a JUI-F spokesman Jan Achakzai quoted Maulana Fazlur Rehman as saying.

Talking to Dawn, Mr Achakzai said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman believed that reconciliation with the Taliban would not be possible if coercive measures continued to be taken.

“We have to take them on board, otherwise we will not be able to maintain sovereignty in Fata whether because of Taliban challenging the writ of the state or drones violating our sovereignty,” said the Maulana.

According to the JUI-F chief, nearly 50,000 people had so far lost their lives because of terrorism, but if “we do not find a solution, there will be more losses incurred”.

Maulana Fazl said it was understandable that the establishment was not ready to talk to Taliban as “our officers and soldiers are dying”. But, he claimed, military operations had not contained militancy over the past decade and it was time “to face it straight”.

The JUI-F chief suggested that “work should start soon to remove the disconnect between all stakeholders on Fata and the Taliban insurgency.”

A few days ago, the JUI-F chief had stated that his party was no more interested in playing any role in bringing Taliban to the negotiating table after realising that the country’s powerful establishment was not in favour of any such process.

He claimed to have the information that the army had no interest whatsoever in peace talks and reconciliation and, therefore, there was no environment for any talks.

Soon after May 11 elections, the JUI-F and the PML-N had started discussing a power-sharing formula and the two parties had also constituted committees to finalise it.

Earlier, the JUI-F had claimed that both parties had agreed that talks with Taliban would be held through a “grand peace jirga” as agreed by the mainstream political parties in a “declaration” at all-party conference organised by the JUI-F in Islamabad on Feb 28.

But now the JUI-F feels that the PML-N appears to have lost interest in it after the Taliban withdrew the talks offer in the wake of the killing of their impor-tant commander in a drone attack.

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Mustafa Jun 08, 2013 08:53pm
@Pathanoo. Well Said.. Unfortunately Muslims all over the world judge a Muslims by his appearance (specially Beard and Turban) and not by his conduct whether he is a thief, killer, militant or terrorist or their helpers and sympathisers.
Gohar Jun 07, 2013 08:41am
Lets hope these Mullahs and iliterate bearded men also request the Taliban to make a ''conducive'' environment by not blowing themselves up, or killing innocent civilians either. Time has come to wipe out these crazy terrorists and anyone who sympathizes with them. Lets not forget how this is the same Jamaat Islami was opposed to the creation of Pakistan, and then once made came flooding over and demanded that it be turned into an overly religious state and started persecuting people of different faiths...!
Hafiz Nazar Hussain Jun 07, 2013 05:38am
Government must take extraordinary cautionary approach in talking with Taliban because, firstly most of them are infiltrators, secondly even the so called Pakistani Taliban have foreign support and thirdly all agreements concluded with them so far, have invariably not been honored.
Hassan Jun 07, 2013 05:38am
wake up PML-N you got another chance and still following PPP path........they did the same every where people were dying and these were enjoying in their fortresses
Mustafa Jun 07, 2013 02:44am
Maulana Fazlur Rehman claimed to have the information that the army had no interest whatsoever in peace talks and reconciliation and, therefore, there was no environment for any talks. It is very shocking to hear accusations against the Army who are sacrificing their lives to save Pakistan and will continue to do so without fear.
Mustafa Jun 07, 2013 04:41pm
@ Gohar Well-said. It is time all Pakistanis should use judgment to decide what is right and what is wrong and who are their friends and who are their enemies.
pathanoo Jun 07, 2013 04:08pm
It is people like Fazlur Rehman who have protected Taliban, TTP and other terrorists. He is a sectarian politician who has no solutions for Pakistan's ills. His whole solution consists of hiding behind Islam, blaming others and spreading conspiracy theories. I don't think Pakistani people will fall for his deceptions any more.