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Expectations from Nawaz


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HAVING great expectations, Nawaz Sharif has emerged as a new leader quite contrary to what he was during his previous terms. He now looks more confident with a set direction to follow.

During his next term as prime minister I can foresee him:

  1. Curtailing rampant corruption.

  2. Building good relations with all its neighbours giving priority to Pakistan rather than be a proxy in trying to solve problems of other countries before his own.

  3. Doing free trade with all his neighbours, with all of them listed as Most Favoured Nation.

  4. Curbing militancy by consensus, counselling and negotiating rather than by the barrel of the gun.

  5. Ensuring that awards, grants, funding, etc., benefit the people at the grassroots level.

  6. Paying attention to the energy crisis and bringing in cheaper energy by promoting green energy in the country.

  7. Bringing peace to Balochistan by offering business and job opportunities to the deprived youth and the downtrodden rather than by the barrel of the gun.

  8. Conducting detailed geological exploration in the country, specially in Balochistan, and assisting and offering subsidies to the locals, empowering them with technical support by the government to enable them to take up mining activities themselves.

  9. Paying attention to the processing and upgrading of minerals and their export. Supporting mineral - based industries for value - added end products.

  10. Resolving the issues between the Tethyan Copper Company and the government of Balochistan that can change the fate of the province and the country.

  11. Making Balochistan a haven for foreign investors in terms of minerals, renewable energy, tourism and agriculture and ensuring unrestricted travel of foreigners/foreign investors to the province.

The opposition, therefore, should adopt a positive approach and make valuable recommendations to benefit the people and the country.


Karachi situation

PEOPLE are out on the streets in small numbers now and perhaps the crowd will get bigger to ask for the change Karachi needs; now is the time for the new central and provincial governments to take steps as soon as they come into power.

Regardless, the political temperatures need to be brought down otherwise undesirable situations will develop that will hurt the people and the country.

Time is now to change the attitude and focus on the country’s progress.

M. HASAN Karachi

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ayesha200bc May 22, 2013 06:28pm
Yes, Mr Shareef is all sweet, sugar and honey only till he gets the real powers, and after that the entire country will vanish from his sight like in his previous tenures. On what reveries these wonderful expectations are structured i fail to understand. Those who have true intentions at least, show some performance during any of their office time. Wasn't the time Mr Nawaz Shareef while ruling the nation in the past was enough, for him to show his competency, then what is the guruntee that now this new incarnation of the Shareef's will make a difference. Mark my words --not a single step towards any advancement, or prosperity of Pakistan. ---
asfand62 May 22, 2013 04:32pm
Mr Masti Khan Sahib I really want to see all what you have said in your letter to editor. But knowing Nawaz Sharif in the past three times in power, I really do not see him doing all that. Here are the reasons. He will be rewarding those who helped him win the elections. Thus the number of ministries will remain the same or they will go up in number. He will have to place ministers who can not even spell the word minister since he will have to reward those who helped him in winning the election. Curbing the corruption is another area where he will be facing problems. A lot of old faces helped him win the elections from Punjab. These people will be asking for a price. Either Nawaz Shsrif pay them form his own pocket or let them lo the country is yet to be seen. His term in PM office is not going to be an easy one. My humble opinion. May Allah prove me wrong. Asfand Yar Siddiqui Sacramento California
M Aslam May 22, 2013 08:45pm
Mr. Asfandyar I disagree with you. Only and only Nawaz Sharif and his party has will, strength, capability trust and track record to solve the problems and deliver something to the nation. They have prepared and present their plan. They are working day and night to resolve the issues practically while your leader "Imran Khan" is still in Election compain moode and had no plan to do anything. Despite slogan of change he select his CM the person who changed multiple parties. What is his delivery level after May 11, all nation is watching very well. Country or Province could not be run only on abusing the opponents and giving false unrealistic promises. Now he has time to prove himself.
M. Alvi May 23, 2013 01:55am
I have no hope of any positive steps in the right direction, because he is proven corrupt and inept. I watched his speech that he gave in Lahore recently. He did not mention the word "corruption" even once. He was repeating the phrase: God blessed us with success this time and God will bless us next time. Is he elected for praying or acting?
Yawar May 23, 2013 01:59am
I feel Nawaz Sharif will favor Lahore over Karachi and Peshawar, Punjab over Sind and KP, and Northern Punjab over Southern Punjab. I hope I am wrong.
Abid S Mustikhan May 23, 2013 02:13am
Dear Siddiqui Sahib, Your reservations are well noted but I truly feel that this term for Nawaz as well as for the country is the most crucial where life and future of 180 million people are at stake....THIS IS THE LAST OPPORTUNITY....EITHER MAKE IT OR BREAK IT.
asim May 23, 2013 02:49am
@Abid Musti Khan Sahib . Very nice! now wake up ,time for breakfast.