Blasts in Malakand kill 15

Updated 17 May 2013


Rescue workers helping a man injured in the blast in Malakand. -Photo by Zahir Shah Sherazi
Rescue workers helping a man injured in the blast in Malakand. -Photo by Zahir Shah Sherazi

PESHAWAR: Two bombs exploded near separate mosques after Friday prayers in Malakand Division’s Bazdara area killing 15 persons and injuring at least 100 others.

Deputy Commissioner of Malakand Amjad Ali confirmed that 15 persons were killed and dozens others injured in the two blasts.

"The explosive was a timed device planted apparently among the pillows and sheets of worshipers inside the mosque," said Amjad.

He said both mosques remained open throughout the night, which is when the culprits may have planted the bomb.

An eye witness, Aalam Khan, told that two blasts rocked the Bar Kalley and the main Jamia Masjid of the Bazdara region immediately after Friday prayers.

“At least 12 bodies were brought to the Palai Hospital whereas only 30 of the 100 or so injured were treated at the Palai Hospital. The remaining casualties were referred to Dargai and Mardan hospitals.”

Another eyewitness Israrullah said the first explosion rocked the Upper Bazdara mosque.

“People from the mosque in the Lower Bazdara area immediately rushed to the site of the first blast. This is when the second blast rocked the Lower Bazdara mosque,” he said.

The second explosion causes the roof of the other mosque to collapse, killing one person.

“The huge blast occurred as soon as the prayer leader had finished the Friday sermon,” said Waseem, a young boy injured in the explosion.

Nine of the injured are being treated at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, while fifteen were being treated at Dargai Hospital, where the condition of some of the patients were said to be critical.

Security forces imposed a curfew in the area which is 35 to 40 kilometres to the border of Buner District. An emergency was also imposed in Dargai and Mardan Hospitals.