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LAHORE, May 11: The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) may be down after Punjab ignored its call for ‘change’ on Saturday, but it is not out.

“Overall the PTI has emerged as the second largest national party, capable of playing the role of a strong, active opposition in the National Assembly and independently forming the provincial government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” Asad Omar, a central PTI leader, told Dawn.

Omar sounded confident of a future for his party in national politics and did not appear disappointed at its poorer-than-expected electoral performance in Punjab.

“The number of seats the PTI has secured from Punjab is probably a little less than what we had expected. Overall, it is a great day for the PTI because it has emerged as the second largest national party and will be able to independently form its government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and play the role of a strong opposition (in the National Assembly),” he said.

“Did we expect more seats from Punjab? Yes, we did. But we had never expected to (obtain majority seats from the province and) form government at the centre,” he frankly admitted. He, however, said it was a little early to say anything on the number of seats the PTI would win because the results were still coming. “The picture will clear by the morning and we (PTI leadership) are meeting on Sunday to determine our course of action,” he said.

Omar ruled out the possibility of the PTI becoming part of a coalition at the national level, but did not rule out partnering with some smaller parties to form its government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa if it did not obtain enough provincial assembly seats.

Supporters of Tehreek-e-Pakistan, headed by Pakistan’s cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, celebrate the victory of their supported candidate in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Saturday, May 11, 2013. — Photo by AP
Supporters of Tehreek-e-Pakistan, headed by Pakistan’s cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, celebrate the victory of their supported candidate in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Saturday, May 11, 2013. — Photo by AP


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Syed Hussain May 12, 2013 08:18am
Syed May 12, 2013 05:00am
PTI should try to devise an independent foreign policy limiting imperialist power's influence. Economy can improved if we bury the interest regime. Our masses can get awareness if we focus on quality education and positive role of media and judiciary.
M Nafeez May 12, 2013 04:40am
Corruption and mafia once again won in Pakistan. May God seriously help Pakistan out in the next 5 years.
observer May 12, 2013 04:41am
Statement 1- The Educated youth support PTI. Statement 2- PTI has won in KPK. Coclusion- KPK is full of 'Educated Youth'. If not, revisit Statement 1. This time around replace 'Educated Youth' with some other category. BINGO!
M.Waseem A May 12, 2013 04:16am
Well done Imran .We are down but not out!
Kamal M Sheikh May 12, 2013 03:13am
My fellow citizens wherever you are, we might not have a naya Pakistan, but we do have a naya that is naya 25% Pakistan. I do not want anyone to get disheartened since these are still excellent results for a party that only ever had one NA seat. Now if we can do a good job with our quarter and invest it wisely, we will have a whole dollar in 5 years, I can guarantee you that.
KHAN May 12, 2013 01:13pm
Congratulations KPK ,you have again proved that you are most sincere , intelligent and brave people.And now the whole world will see it.After 5 years,you will see that every province will follow you.I hope Imran Khan does not disappoint the people of KPK,and form government there.
sohail yousaf May 12, 2013 11:51am
pti great job done from one seat in 2008 to the opposition party in 2013 ,wish you a very good health imran khan.get well soon imran.we have voted for you in kpk.please make sure your strategies for eradication of law and order situation first,and do your best in kpk so that you set a great example for rest of the pakistan and after 5 years all pakistan's people select you to be a prime minister of pakistan.
Iqtedar Ahmed May 12, 2013 07:56am
We hope PTI will make KPK a model province.
Ilyas Kashmiri May 12, 2013 06:34am
And Karachi shot itself in the head. RIP
ASIM May 12, 2013 06:32am
best said...salute to you ..ASIM KHATTAK salute you.
Ilyas Kashmiri May 12, 2013 06:32am
We are done with Pakistan. If you don't want to change yourself we cannot do anything. Good luck on the road to Mazzar Shrif.
Muhammad Farooq May 12, 2013 06:06am
musical chair game continues, PTI failed to break it. But they should play the role of effective opposition and let the new government complete its term.
Mustafa Ali May 12, 2013 06:10am
By coming out and voting despite of all the threats, we as a nation have given our mother land a great gift on Mother's Day. Our first step towards change. Pakistan Zindabad
El Cid May 12, 2013 05:54am
Please take a course in Logic101. You need it bad.
Syed May 12, 2013 05:51am
Shot itself in foot ? I think they shot themselves in the head.
Nasir May 12, 2013 04:57am
Well done PTI....Consider this as the beginning. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
ali May 12, 2013 05:33am
Excellent job done by the youth of Pakistan. Its the new begginings of a better furture and empolyment for the youth. Congrats to you all. A job well done!
rohan May 12, 2013 03:26am
Well done Imran ........
imtiaz May 12, 2013 03:22am
Imran's constituency was on internet only.
El Cid May 12, 2013 03:46am
Punjab just shot itself in the other foot...
tanweer May 12, 2013 05:26am
Dear 'observer' , not sure if you ever been to KPK or just rely on stereotypes of Pathans. In terms of percentages , KPK youth are actually more educated than rest of Pakistan. There is also a bigger percentage of people in higher education. And please don't insult the educated people in rest of Pakistan who voted for PTI. I don't know if you know this, but even the candidates who lose in election, get lots of votes. Unfortunately educated people are a minority in Pakistan
Ajit Kumar Das May 12, 2013 05:37am
There is always a special feeling for Imran Khan in India. From his early play boy image, he emerged as a genuine fast bowler, sending down his thunder bolts on enormous swing to unsettle the opponents on the cricketing field. Now, with his fighting spirit and dedication, he is engaged in his unique endeavour to create a
MQ May 12, 2013 05:37am
I agree. Quick wins in KP will be the initial way to go.
MQ May 12, 2013 05:35am
PTI --- great job done. Changing the psyche of people takes time --- lots of time. KP will be a model case for PTI and with its sincerity of purpose, commitment, belief in inclusive institutions and intellectual capital it will succeed.
Shahid May 12, 2013 05:19am
I think Sharifs will do a good job. Although Imran would have done a better job but last time Sharif's were around Pakistan did progress well economically. Although, our far fetched dream of a country free of corruption will still stay a dream but I think PTI in opposition will keep the government honest. Just my 2 cents.
zab May 12, 2013 04:03am
PTI this is time to be proud of your achivement. Do justice with KP and make it as Quaid E Azam dreamed . In NA don't let them loot our country once again prove a strong opposition. Our aim is not to win election but Naya Pakistan. Keep the shirt safe because we will wear them again remember what happened in 1987 we lost ........................than 1992......champs . INSHALLAH
Syed May 12, 2013 04:51am
The best job that PTI can do from KPK govt and from being in the opposition at national level is to change the foreign policy in Pakistan's favor, Build economy after you secure your direction.
Such Bolo May 12, 2013 03:28am
Dark day in Pakistan's History Nothing changed Corruption won again. No one from punjab has the right to cry for load shedding, gas shortage, corruption , selection on sefarish etc. I sure hope those who elected corrupt party again pay the price so that their generation to come remember it But then again ghulamana Brain do not questions they just follow like sheeps
RANGO May 12, 2013 08:47am
salim May 12, 2013 08:58am
yes & they wrote worst for them in history book.
imran May 12, 2013 09:02am
wd kp u did good, we karachians tried and thought we will win 253 and 250 seats but lost due to rigging
Bilal May 12, 2013 09:23am
Imran Khan Sahab, you did your best, and we are NOT disappointed. Pakistan will NEVER forget what you have done for it, and what you continue to do. People of Pakistan will be always in your debt. PTI's journey has just started. And we can be certain of one thing, it will go a long way. You set out to break the two-family system and in that you have succeeded completely. Allah rewards richly the individuals who serve his people tirelessly and selflessly. GOD BLESS IMRAN KHAN. GOD BLESS PTI. GOD BLESS THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN.
Syed May 12, 2013 09:31am
Best moment to say good bye to ANP in KPK and bring in KalaBagh dam for fruitful discussion to solve the matter once for all..
mohd raj May 12, 2013 09:34am
fools never learn, They make the same mistake again and again. keep it up looser.
SK May 12, 2013 09:37am
This Election further reinforces the notion that if you win only Punjab you win the election. I am surprised at the massive crowds who frequented Imran Khan jalsas. Only now learned that half of them were fake and onlookers and half committed to PTI ideology. I as a foreign observer do not discount massive rigging in some constituencies in Punjab too. However I salute IK for being so committed to this nation who is still at an embryonic stage of developing real political conscious
SK May 12, 2013 09:41am
Allow me to second that.
M Haneef May 12, 2013 10:07am
PTI be proud of what you have achieved against all odds of the monoply of two corrupt juntas helping each other against wishes of the new generation. Dont be disappointed. PTI will head a new government in the province , you can demonstrate to the world ,what can be achieved ,these corrupt leaders can not even visualise even in their dreams. Well done PTI. Welldone Imran khan. May ALLAH give you good health and long life .Amin
dawood May 12, 2013 10:21am
go & revisit the number votes. PTI is also the second largest party in Karachi
wrkhan May 12, 2013 10:51am
It is the matter of shame for us that we elected again corrupt people to form a government.
Zahrah May 12, 2013 10:59am
Bravo .. your comment is a true reflection of what PTI is all about .. Imran wins, Pakistan wins!
Naheed May 12, 2013 02:46pm
You are right, because only educated people can go online and find out the truth, Nawaz won due to 70% uneducated voters and Shahbaz's Punjab Govt. working for him.
Seeker May 12, 2013 05:34pm
Dear Observer Please do take off some time, visit KPK and OBSERVE. I was pleasantly surprised when I did the first time. It certainly has the highest percentage of educated youth despite the limited resources. Get your facts right and fix your logic. Wish we could learn a few things from them here in the rest of Pakistan including a little humility
observer May 12, 2013 05:42pm
"I don
observer May 12, 2013 05:43pm
Now is a good time. Deliver.
observer May 12, 2013 05:45pm
And now a course in Logic for you. TTP is present in strength in FATA, KPK and South Punjab and so is the PTI. Go figure.
Fahad May 12, 2013 06:40pm
Right. Oh well, we can be assured of one thing: Nawaz Sharif's not going to do anything to educate the people because if he does, they'll see him for what he is and vote against him next time. Feudal politics at its worst.
farid May 12, 2013 08:19pm
Punjab and sind has again shown political immaturity. They should only blame themselves for being ruled by vadaras, nawabs and choudhries. We Pusgtoons have shown that we are real patriots who want change in this country. Next five years will show that PTI government in KPK will improve the lives of this province.Good luck Punjab under Sharif brothers.
farid May 12, 2013 08:20pm
Imran is a pushtoon and he will keep his words.
farid May 12, 2013 08:25pm
Tariq Mehsud May 12, 2013 08:37pm
Mashallah heartiest congratulations and as it's been talked five years from now IMRAN KHAN will be the next Prime Minister look at the votes PTI have gained in only seventeen years good job guys keep it up.
emad May 12, 2013 08:53pm
Imran you the real leader unfortunately these people missed the chance and again wait for another 5 year of miseries that we can expect from PML-N party with no vision for this country, they will offer laptops, taxi , long bridges really that what a people need then congratulate to those voted for PML-N in punjab.
Ahmed May 12, 2013 09:41pm
and what makes you say Karachi shot itself in the head??? Every single person I know in Karachi (I've lived in Karachi 29 years, imagine how many people I'd know) voted for The Imran Khan. What we saw in the results were NOT AT ALL a reflection of the people's we ALL voted for the great King Khan, how does that mean we shot ourselves in the head??? Dude, you might be from Punjab and might have instinctively reacted to what people saying about Punjab shooting itself in the foot. (which in my opinion is true) but please dont forget we are all Pakistanis and shouldnt just make instinctive isulting remarks about other parts of Pakistan without proof (even with proof for that matter lol)
MNK May 12, 2013 09:47pm
The people of KPK have spoken and given their trust to PTI. The people of KPK needed a break from everything that happened to them during the last several years. Now is the time for PTI to deliver and change this province into the best forever.
Muslim May 12, 2013 10:49pm
My request to all political parties and politicians, do not spread hatred against each other for the power, this has caused major damage to Pakistan, Accept each party's mandate, live and let live. Lets not be a party in blame game, lets work for the betterment for Pakistan and its people.
Khan May 12, 2013 11:17pm
Congrats The KHANS of KPK....You guys are the leader of pakistan..Welldone..May your Provicne be the BEST in Pakistan and proof that you made a right decision..May Allah help us all
paki May 13, 2013 02:06am
my centiment exactly. PTI will do good in KPK inshallah and will show the rest of pak that what it can do. in a way its a blessing in disguise. if pti came in power now, then maybe due to some people still not giving it enough credit to rule, will be fed up of PML and PPP (10yrs of backtracking) and at next election will vote of PTI. we'll see this when all the jalsas of PML and PPP and MQM etc will be next to empty. then these parties can't rig votes since there was no support for it. inshallah.
Hidayat May 13, 2013 02:48am
People of KPK has once again proved that they are free from Biradaris, Waderas and Jagirdars and can vote party of their choice without any fear. Big pellars were fallen there on May 11; I salute to the people of KPK.
Irfan May 13, 2013 05:53am
PTI has to prove whatever they had a plan for NAYA Pakistan. They should implement the same for Naya KPK so far... and become hero. Regarding PML-N, Lets see if they can fulfil their promises. If not, then PTI would not let them stay for 5 years.
jeff May 13, 2013 06:08am
I just cannot believe people in Pakistan did not want a change.Change is always good in the country. This was a best opportunity to do that. To me Imran was so sincere,and honest, I would certainly given Imran the chance to run the country. People of Pakistan please do good for your country not for individual.
ALi Murtaza May 13, 2013 07:58am
i think that imran khan will fullfil the pakhtons hope and also work sincerely in opposition in national assembly .. now his govt in kpk is a big challange for him if he sticks to his words and is successful in getting the positive results whatever he claimed before election during campaigning process he will soon become the prime minister of pakistan in the next elections.....inshallah he will also get seats in punjab as well in next elections the next elections Ali Murtaza
azhar May 13, 2013 08:56am
agree I see only KPK people understanding democracy. They ousted PPP, PMLN, MMA and now ANP for their corruption and not delivering position. PTI has a small chance of making the govt in KPK and if it does and deliver next election PTI will have something to base upon, something to show.
Waqar Khan May 13, 2013 11:34am
I think it's in the best interest of Pakistan, and PTI to work with Nawaz, so PTI can get its full support in KPK, and show the nation that the change the meant for the whole nation, is shown in at a micro level in KPK....instead of fighting lets work on the common ground...and PTI has to play it smart...and not take it personal, it's about Pakistan as a whole, not a party such as PTI. Thanks.
Waqar Khan May 13, 2013 11:39am
Eventually if PTI get the fully support of the central government to mandate it policies in KPK...or else PTI can't do's not like the US, that the States are sovereign from the Federal Government...In Pakistan, the central has much more power....thus if Imran Khan want a better for its party, and Pakistan, and want to show the effects of it policies to the whole Pakistan, at a micro-level in KPK; it has to work with Nawaz. Instead of sitting in the opposition, Imran should work with Nawaz and help him see his true vision.
Tayyab May 13, 2013 11:46am
No need for PTI to play smart. We have already seen many oversmart people during the last tenure. Now the time has come that we should play FAIR. If they get government in KPK fine if not, be in opposition and let them make government in KPK. FR will simply stay away from KPK to blame PTI.
as May 13, 2013 11:55am
Azeem Khan May 13, 2013 12:39pm
we are Muslim and nothing else. Don't give chance to our enemy that we are something else. Pls improve vision
Azeem Khan May 13, 2013 12:43pm
Don't blame us.We don't know where our votes gone
saleem May 13, 2013 02:09pm
You can't blame blame people of Punjab and Sindh(Karachi). People came out but our govt, Army,ECP, Police are to blame.
saleem May 13, 2013 02:10pm
Well said
Omar May 13, 2013 02:27pm
Here, here. But I think Imran will have some challenge in KPK because Fazlu is already conniving with PML-N to keep Imran from forming government in KPK. Let's hope that he forms the govt in KPK and shows remaining Pakistanis and the world what can be done when honest people are elected as leaders.
Muhammad Naveed May 13, 2013 04:14pm
I congratulate my KPK brothers for opening their hearts and minds for PTI. Unfortunately we in punjab and sindh and balochistan could not do great in favour of change and imran's vision of pakistan. But please keep trying and stay steafast we the general public still support you have inshallah if you perform better in KPK you will have a chance to govern whole pakistan and liberate us from feudals and street vagabounds in punjab sindha and balochistan. Wish other parties in KPK respect pubic mandate including JUIF and INDEPENDANTS. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN. Hope we protect our minorities and represent islam in its true spirits Long live pakistan and its inhabitants.
Naveed Glasgow, UK May 13, 2013 04:17pm
Stay connected PTI Supporters and stay positive.
Zinda Dil May 13, 2013 06:43pm
PTI is all of Pakistan , the only party lead by a non corruptible leader.
Tariq May 13, 2013 08:01pm
It would have been great for PTI to have won overall but it is no mean feat to have won in KPK and this would give IK the all important experience in governing at a government level so as to stake claim as the premier at the next elections, Inshallah! Congratulations IK, PTI and Pakistan!
Gulbaz Mushtaq May 13, 2013 09:40pm
As usual, the moon of Naya Pakistan is firth sighted in KPK :). Salute to Pakhtoons. We, the Punjabis, failed to turn tables in our favour. Long Live Pakistan.