Female peace activists carry photographs of gunshot victim Malala Yousafzai during a protest rally against her assassination attempt, in Peshawar on October 10, 2012.—AFP Photo

PESHAWAR: The banned militant organisation Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which claimed responsibility of shooting 14-year-old peace activist Malala Yousafzai in the head, issued a statement Wednesday, using Islamic Shariah to defend the attack.

In the statement sent out by TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan from an undisclosed location, the banned outfit said that although they do not believe in attacking women, “whom so ever leads a campaign against Islam and Shariah is ordered to be killed by Shariah.”

The assassination attempt on the life of the young National Peace Award winner has drawn widespread condemnation from the government, political parties and civil society groups, terming it a bid to silent voice for peace and education.

The statement says that it is “not just allowed … but obligatory in Islam” to kill such a person involved “in leading a campaign against Shariah and (who) tries to involve whole community in such campaign, and that personality becomes a symbol of anti-Shariah campaign.”

Malala had won international recognition for highlighting Taliban atrocities in Swat with a blog for the BBC three years ago, when the Islamist militants burned girls’ schools and terrorised the valley.

Her struggle resonated with tens of thousands of girls who were being denied an education by the militants across northwest Pakistan, where the government has been fighting the local Taliban since 2007.

The Taliban statement further challenges – with Quranic and religious references – condemnation of the assassination attempt on the tender-aged girl, adding that it is a clear command of Shariah that any female playing a role in “war against mujahideen” should be killed.

"If anyone argues that she was female, and then we can see the incident of killing of wife by a blind companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because she used to say demeaning words for the Prophet and the Prophet praised that act," it argues equating the TTP act with that of a the prophet’s companion.

The statement goes on to defend the attack with a reference from the time of Hazrat Khizar, a revered figure in Islamic history who was described as a righteous servant of God and endowed with the qualities of unmatched wisdom and mystic power.

“If anyone argues about her young age, then the story of Hazrat Khizar in the Quran (states that) while traveling with Prophet Musa (AS), (he) killed a child. Arguing about the reason of his killing, he said that the parents of this child were pious and in the future he (the child) would cause a bad name for them,” adds the statement.

Malala Yousufzai, who was also nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize by advocacy group KidsRights Foundation in 2011, had raised her voice against the militants’ ban on and threats against education for women in Swat.

The Taliban spokesman defends the education-ban in the statement, saying: “Tehrik-i-Taliban’s crime wasn’t that they banned education for girls. Instead, our crime was that we tried to bring education system for both boys and girls under Shariah. We are against co-education and secular education system, and Shariah orders us to be against it.”

The statement further defends the assassination attempt, blaming the media for spreading “propaganda against Taliban mujahideen with their poisonous tongues.”

“If anyone thinks that Malala was targeted because of education, that is absolutely wrong, and propaganda of media. Malala was targeted because of her pioneer role in preaching secularism and so called enlightened moderation. And whomsoever will commit so in future too will be targeted again by TTP,” it adds.

Zahir Shah Sherazi contributed to reporting for this article.

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Comments (217)

October 11, 2012 3:23 am
Wow! So many downvotes for every right-thinking comment? So the nation is made of 20% fundamentalists who want to take over the 80% righteous ones?
October 10, 2012 6:27 pm
Has IK ever used the word "terrorist" in any statement about the TTP? NO! For all the suicide bombs and other mayhem that has taken near 40,000 Pakistani lives ( and maimed and injured probably twice that number ) over the last decade, IK has somehow never challenged the TTP for their actions!
October 11, 2012 7:51 am
You are right perhaps. But fact is a fact; USA are good in finding self destruction seeds, specially in this part of world.
October 12, 2012 4:13 pm
TTP stop comparing your actions with Hazrat Khizar or any other pilars of Islam. You cannot be an advocate for Islam if you provide interpretation of a Quran Surah completely out of context to further your personal agendas.
Ram Krishan Sharma
October 11, 2012 9:42 am
Yes , we all know that Islam is about Love and Peace but in theory only and not in practice.
October 11, 2012 7:28 am
More harm is done to the religion (Islam), when it's leadership comes into the hands of the ignorant people like TTP or Taliban or illiterate and uneducated Mullahs, than any enemy of Islam or Muslims can cause to it and that is what is actually happening in regions and areas where the literacy rate and education is at its lowest and minimum. Because, whatever right or wrong they preach, people think that is Islam and will follow it blindly as sheep follow the leading sheep even if it is taking them to their disaster into a deep ditch. TTP and Taliban are doing exactly the same because everyday they prove by their dastardly, inhuman and cowardly acts that they are even worst than the lowest kind of animals, like pigs and apes, as shooting 14 year old school girl with gun bullets on the pretext of doing service to Islam are distorting the image of this great and peaceful religion in eyes of the Non-Muslims throughout the world and are actually the biggest enemy of humanity, and therefore, should be wiped out from the face of the earth.
ahmed khan
October 10, 2012 5:10 pm
this is all to defame IMRAN KHAN . because he was there 2 days before and having a soft corner for Talibaan .
Cyrus Howell
October 10, 2012 9:02 pm
If Waziristan is part of the country of Pakistan your government does not control it, and these savages do not consider themselves a part of the country or they would have stopped what they are doing years ago in compliance with Pakistani law, which they obviously refuse to recognize.
Dr Dang
October 11, 2012 10:03 am
I guess its time to follow a constitution rather than a book which has laws that some follow & some dont.
October 11, 2012 12:11 pm
Those who deploy grisly violence to protect their ideology cannot be the torch bearers of truth. These narrow minded rascals must be chastised.
Cyrus Howell
October 10, 2012 9:20 pm
Oh, I'd say that is the Pakistan Army's job.
October 10, 2012 5:54 pm
The Taliban spokeperson's has stated that they will target anyone who preaches moderation so this is clearly a war between the extremeist and the moderate. The situation now is that the extremists have recognized that they are waging a war and are readily fighting it. Whereas moderates being moderates have not recognized that they are in a war. They should. The extremists should be very afraid that once the other side fights back then that will be their end.
October 11, 2012 3:29 am
Malala was not doing anything against Islam or Shariah, it is these illiterate Taliban who are doing everything against Islam and Shariah.and they have wrongly branded themselves as mujahideens although they are nothing but ruthless killers .The army should go against them more forcefully and eliminate them.
October 10, 2012 5:23 pm
When will you wake up and take your religeon back from these murderers, shame on you for continuing fto allow this to happen
October 11, 2012 3:44 am
They need to be given the ultimatum - put down your arms or we will hunt you down.
October 11, 2012 8:01 am
Ofcourse none. This will kill the reason for killing hundreds' other per day.
October 11, 2012 5:14 am
People can always find reasons to mold the reality in their favor and justify their obvious inhuman acts, Even Iblees had reasons not to bow before Adam and he argued Allah Subhanahu taala for that with reasons, but just because he had some false reasons should we believe??? Of course a big NO. For us the life of the Holy Prophet is a road map to lead our lives and if these people (talibaan) are the true Muslims they should follow the track He (SAW) followed when even His worst enemies used to praise Him and trust. Holy Prophet never killed anyone just because he or she didn't believe what He(SAW) preached but he actually convinced the whole world with His matchless character and righteous preaching with peace. He even forgive all blasphemers and disbelievers when He conquered them on Fatah-e-Makka and in return they embraced Islam. These so called Muslims are not even muslims and are working on a global agenda to defame Islam in the whole world and i am very sorry to say they are succeeding so far and the reasons behind their success is our ignorance for Islam. We read thousands of articles on internet and watch movies but don't bother to read about our very own religion. We only know what we heard from Mulla in the mosque and never crosschecked with references. We recite the Holy book Quran but never bother to read the message in it. so what is happening to us is right and is only because of us all.
October 11, 2012 4:25 am
Brother Ehsan,You know ver well ,what Malala did has nothing to do with Shariah.In my opinion you guys need to educate your self with Shariah and Islamic education. Since when Getting education is against Shariah and judging and killing a Muslim Shariah.
October 10, 2012 6:49 pm
I am an Indian and must say Pakistan is a very lucky country to have such a courageous, articulate, brave girl-citizen with such a beautiful and big heart. Am deeply disturbed by what has happened to this child. I pray to God she becomes well soon. Not only Pakistan, but the world needs her.
October 10, 2012 7:12 pm
I just hope this young girl gets well soon. Islam is all about Peace and Love. That is message given by our beloved Prophet. Now a days Taliban or Mulla's twist his teachings to their needs. If these people will not get justice here I am sure they will get it in after life. Again my prayers and tears are for Malala. May Allah give you shifa and long life!!!
October 10, 2012 6:02 pm
I read muslims talking against the activities of so called Talebans. However, I do not hear or see Muslims in Canada or USA talking against them. They live in west and continue to criticise Americans. At the same time, they support American companies like Walmart which are filled with them with their families (in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada). I am just amazed at their double standard. For any problem they encounter in Pakistan, they point finger towards USA without realizing that the other four fingers are pointed towards them. Please wake up and do something to gain respect from the world.
October 10, 2012 8:43 pm
Dear Saad(DXB). i appreciate your comment and thought. I would like to ask you just a little question. based on your line of thought, why do Pakistan proclaim itself to be the champion and saviour for the cause of islam when islam has nothing to do with pakistan in any point of history?
October 10, 2012 4:35 pm
I am speechless after reading their views on Sharia.
October 10, 2012 7:15 pm
What a pathetic cowardly act, silence a young girls' voice with a bullet to the head? Can't they just use words to counter what she believed in ...if they thought it was wrong? No wonder they are damaging Islam more than spreading the religion. Every act will be judged by Allah Subhanatala on the day of judgement. We can have an opinion towards things we deem wrong, but we cannot take the law in our hands to assign punishment. Their explanation is even worse, clearly defining their lack of intellect and expertise. Time to put this insanity to an end. I hope the law enforcing authorities have the energy to clear their throats even....
October 10, 2012 7:04 pm
Have these criminals forgotten the greatest moments in the history of Islam when Holy Prophet (pbuh) declared that no one seeking protection would be harmed after Mecca was conquered? Have they forgotten his visit to Taif when he was badly injured by stones and so much blood flowed down from his body and the injured ankles that his shoes were filled with it. His servant Zaid, losing his patience at this brutal treatment by the people of Taif, asked the Holy Prophet to curse them. But the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who has always been merciful to the mankind, refused to do so. Instead of cursing the people he prayed for them. He said, “Oh my Lord, forgive these people, for they know not”.
Ahmed j
October 10, 2012 4:49 pm
Does Ehsanullah Ehsan now proves the point that his actions are the same of Hazrat Khizar (AS). Does he want us to believe that Ehsan and his gang receive divine revelations. How could he compare this cowardly action with Hazrat Khizars account with prophet Musa. Those were divine intervention from God and his action shows meanly cowardice action under the garb of religion. Ehsanullah Ehsan must be challenged on a public TV Live show and face the true educated Ulema of Islam. I am sure he will not be able to defend his actions. He has proved he is a coward. If he really wants to follow Islam and gives examples of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) then he should fight a jehad like him, FACE to FACE and not like attacking people in dark hours. The Prophet and his companions never attacked secretly and in dark hours.
October 11, 2012 4:29 am
TTP always talks about killing people in the name of relgion. I guess this is their only interpretation of every conflict.
October 10, 2012 7:07 pm
Today I was seeing in photo gallery of Dawn newspaper in which one Pakistani saying every mediaperson can locate Taliban Representatives why is it so that our Army is unable to locate them? This is a real question on part of a man in street to ponder on. This must be another Taliban statement drafted by Pakistan Army.
October 10, 2012 7:07 pm
They are our enemies and must be destroyed at all cost.
Cyrus Howell
October 10, 2012 8:53 pm
Well I guess then they are the blasphemers.
October 11, 2012 9:48 am
You left Islam because of some of its followers :) You are very smart; Instead of studying your faith and understand it, you chose to study the talibans
Ghalib Khan
October 10, 2012 5:22 pm
Yes, it is time they should tell either they are for Pakistan or these Taliban.
October 11, 2012 9:54 am
TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan from an undisclosed location: What a joke, the technology has gone beyond adges but unfortunatily we paki got no tech. to trace so called undisclosed location. All these stories are nonsense
Sohaib YAHIA
October 10, 2012 4:33 pm
Pity on us that we are now going to understand teachings of Islam are through these killers of humanity and tolerance; the core lesson that Islam teaches.
October 10, 2012 11:41 pm
The Islamic system has not failed, we have failed Islam.
October 10, 2012 6:52 pm
Taliban should be crushed.
October 10, 2012 4:49 pm
God help us all if any part of sharia ever becomes a part of UK laws, even for practicing Muslims; as 50 years down the line, the current equal rights of women in this land would be totally eroded and become history.
October 10, 2012 11:44 pm
This is yet another wake up call for the Pakistanis. They should seriously think about making Pakistan a secular state where rights of every religion is gauranteed and the government's job is to create opportunities for people regardless of their religion and ethnicity. However, we have had many wake up calls in the recent past and our response as a nation each time is to hit the snooze button. I am sure after initial condemnation, we will be collectively hitting our snooze button and go back to dreaming about Khilafat and Pakistan being an Islamic Republic.
F Hyat
October 11, 2012 2:00 am
I'd really like to know which Quran and Hadith these people read.
October 11, 2012 4:23 am
Very well said, sir. I stand with you 100%
Muhammad Akram
October 10, 2012 7:11 pm
Sorry the TTP is made up of evil people who are enemies of Islam, Pakistan and the people of Pakistan. I suggested they and their followers and supporters in Pakistan should be shunned and eliminated before they destroy Pakistan. If they justify killing of men woman and children, as they do, they have nothing to do with Islam or the common humanity. They are are just enimals, and there is no point in arguing with them.
Ptimes K
October 10, 2012 11:29 pm
So many comments against Islam and Sharia.
Gregory Johnson
October 10, 2012 11:33 pm
Why does Dawn or any other newspaper even give the terrorist TTP a forum to air their views. You have given the TTP terrorist organization a nice long article and forum to extal their psychotic and warped views. The news media who publish such rubbish are just as guilty as the terrorist group/individuals who spew such nonsense.
T Shah
October 10, 2012 5:20 pm
Where are the Saudis? Why do they never speak against these evils in Pakistan? Why only the EU and Americans? Shame on the silence of the Saudis who should be lecturing the Taliban and these Afghani criminals.
October 11, 2012 9:29 am
It is time for Liberals of Pakistan to talk openly and clearly and act strongly with full force.keeping quite means that you are giving them space and they will spread.
October 10, 2012 6:29 pm
TTP statements show that Islamic scriptures do contain material that can be used to justify violence against women, against children and also against anyone who critisizes such violence. Let me state that many offensive references can be found in scriptures of many other religions too. But, gradually over last few decades and centuries, most religions have been subjected to reforms. Such references have gone in background. Some fringes in other religions still support such offensive ideas but that is only in words, not in deeds. All governments control any offensive actions with heavy hand. Unfortunately, in Islam such reforms have not occured. Attempts to reform, such as by Sufis, did not get main stream support. What is needed in Islam is that reformists movements are encouraged and that violence is suppressed vigorously.
October 12, 2012 11:45 am
Shariah never allows killing of innocent. It is a childish defense.
October 11, 2012 6:10 am
excuse me! But the Taliban are not muslims, and a Fatwa should be issued against every single one of them along with a bounty.
rahim khan
October 11, 2012 4:22 am
Dear All, Can anybody challange to the argument and example from quran and hadith provided by TTP. Are these arguments and example are correct? If yes then TTP are correct. You can not asked for selective justice for selected one. If you follow shariah and as TTP said that they acted as per shariah, then how can you blame them?
October 10, 2012 5:15 pm
We now have to start WAR against Taliban. Enough is enough.
saad bangash
October 10, 2012 5:15 pm
As a pathan, I am seriously thinking of picking up my gun and shooting a few taliban.
Sameer Khan
October 10, 2012 6:54 pm
Saudis are wrong. A “kingdom” is not a way of governing Islamic state. Islam neither forbids women from education nor does it forbid them from working. Islam (read Islam, not Saudis) never treats women as second grade citizens.
Cyrus Howell
October 10, 2012 9:12 pm
One of these days.
October 11, 2012 4:23 pm
Well said.
October 11, 2012 7:45 am
Mind you Mr. Malik but even if they are against co-education...they dont have the right to take law in their own hands and go on a killing spree as they do.....who in the world has given them right to kill innocent people ????? Are they representatives from ALLAH to judge who is right and who is wrong?????
Ahmad German
October 10, 2012 8:27 pm
Time will come Inshallah that TTP will be wiped out completly. We will get you Taliaban, you are destroying our country and killing innocent women and children. You are using our Islam for your evil activities.
Rashid, Karachi
October 11, 2012 7:46 am
Taliban are well versed in teachings of Islam. They are at least honest, about their beliefs and way of life...unlike many of the so called leaders who loot public money.
October 11, 2012 3:47 pm
so they have got every right to kill an innocent girl, right?
October 10, 2012 4:31 pm
How about some minister announcing a reward for the attackers of Malala? Why not appease the extremist all the way?? Who cares about the country where its elders can not protect its future generation from the darkness that has befallen over it?
October 11, 2012 12:17 am
I have left Islam just because of the people of its followers. I am very peaceful since I left my religion of birth. (Down I hope it is not blasphemy to print).
Karachi Wala
October 10, 2012 4:48 pm
It is clear that Taliban are playing the game what President Bush played with Pakistan. Either you are with us or against us. There was and is no in between. Looks like The Taliban are determined to bring bad name to Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to world over. I would like to know what Pakistan's mainstream religious leaders have to say to this current TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan' fatwa? I would like to hear especially from Mr. Munawar Hasan of JI and Moulana Fazlur Rehman of JUI, Hafiz Saeed, and people from RaeyWind. This time they need to be clear cut and say whether they are with TTP or against them. If they are against them (which is very unlikely), then they need to come out and fight with them, shoulder to shoulder with Police and Pakistan military.
October 11, 2012 7:41 am
DITTO. That is the only right thing to do.
aijaz hamirani
October 10, 2012 4:28 pm
Taliban or any other name does not matter , the action and deeds of those mercenaries are horrible,,so we should be more alert to avert those elements from our society and keep them off from Islamic brand name, they should not be called Taliban, but they should be called , barbarians, mercenaries,and hardcore criminals, now it is very much clear to take those elements seriously to task and award capitol punishment.
Adnan Farid
October 11, 2012 7:21 am
"Malala was targeted because of her pioneer role in preaching secularism and so called enlightened moderation. And whomsoever will commit so in future too will be targeted again by TTP" I wonder why the President of Pakistan cant say something similar about the TTP , ridiculous
October 11, 2012 3:30 pm
Because they only give fatwa which is for their own benefit. 1% of all ulemas are true in pakistan.
October 11, 2012 3:28 pm
They are illetrate, narrow minded predators who are roaming wild. None of them have even opened the Holy Quran and have tried to understand its meaning. Their leaders are afraid of losing the power if their sub ordinates are educated. So neither they let their women study nor they study themselves.
Ali Abbas
October 10, 2012 6:36 pm
We Pakistanis rant and rave about "foriegn conspiracies" by India, US and Israel. If we objectively look at the menace of talibans and their twisted version of Islam, then with one voice we must condemn Saudi Arabia, Quwait and Qatar, these are the "foreign conspirators". These countries were initially responsible for transporting this sickening interpretation of a peaceful religion. We should get rid of all influence by wahabi Islam and cut ties with all arab counties that follow this version of Islam. No matter what price we have to pay as a country, no "petro-dollars" are worth this degradation of our country. Special laws should be passed against preaching and practicing this version of Islam and someone should ask Mr. Chief justice to take suo moto notice against the madrassas that teach this venom. If this young girl can take a bullet than our judges and political leaders should take some risks also. All these idiots were out on street to protest a silly movie, why Pakistanis are not out on street protesting this in full force. They should come out in force and burn Taliban madrassas and their hide-outs.
October 11, 2012 7:01 am
they know everything but they want govt not islam, they are doing everything aginst the islam...
malik awan
October 11, 2012 7:00 am
taliban said that they are not against of girls education, they are against of co education. and there they are on right side,
October 11, 2012 8:24 pm
What a shame! After this inhuman act, no law, not even Sharia justifies shooting an innocent girl, whose only crime is that she wants to be educated! So much righteousness is a product of misguided people, who take law into their own hands and call it in the name of religion!
October 11, 2012 10:08 am
What to study.. Seeing the actions of followers is enough.
October 10, 2012 5:42 pm
I don't believe these Taliban are normal humans to begin with. The stuff that's coming out of their mouth is equivalent to psychopath, sociopath combined into a person suffering from delusions and schizophrenic at the same time. Even the cavemen would be scared of them. And since when Prophet celebrated or praised the death of another human being? It seems like they are reading altered versions of Quran.
John Anderson
October 10, 2012 9:46 pm
The problem with Pakistan is that the bravest man in Pakistan is a 14 year old girl.
October 11, 2012 2:33 pm
First I would like to say Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is a terrorist and a militant group who are not Muslims and not defending the Islam I believe in and our great prophet PBUP have taught us and guided us. They are Savage rodents who need to be pesticides for good. I believe none of so called protector of Sharia even know about Sharia or even studied about Sharia law, I don’t see any Islamic Scholars or people who have dedicate their life to study and educate Islam in TTP. These TTP are low life free loaders who are being financed by someone who want to prove Islam is a violent religion. I am not a scholar in Islam but I can say Islam or our prophet PBUP don’t teach us to murder children’s and women regardless of anyone following sharia law or not. I was taught if one have to spread Islam, has to done by example and love and peace. I was told to love your neighbors, brothers and sisters not to kill them because of their opinion. They need to be stopped otherwise world will believe in there version of Islam not what God and prophet taught us. My Prayers and sympathy goes to Malala and her Family. God give her quick recovery and doomed these TTP animals.
October 11, 2012 6:47 am
the stage is set for a battle between 'moulvi's islam' and 'rational islam'.
October 12, 2012 9:30 am
Imran wants to stop drone attacks because it kills 100's of children like Malala every week. Only difference is they do not contribute to BBC fourms. Therefore their lives are much cheaper.
Amjad Wyne
October 11, 2012 2:23 pm
They need the permission of the govt of Pakistan - If, as you two suggest, the government has no role to play - good or bad - then why are they all raking in salaries and benefits.
October 10, 2012 5:16 pm
Now they want to compare their vision with prophet Moosa. God gave him the vision to see beyond. These idiots have no vision and this is totally un islamic. Where are the people with sympahy for Taliban's? Where are the peace marchers againt such a sick act and ignorant version of Islam?
Syed Abbas
October 11, 2012 2:01 pm
Ab nai subh dunya mein aane ko hai
October 11, 2012 2:00 pm
For the first time in my life, I lost hope in Pakistan, its Military and Leadership. Will the civilized world, UN or someone help this country and come to the rescue of the 160 million victims from this Shiateens,
m. mushtaq haji
October 11, 2012 12:38 pm
Talibans are trying to proof that guns are stronger than pens.QURAN AND HADITH are full of examples of pardons and forgiveness,but taliban gave two unconfirmed reasons to kill an innocent girls ,and the muslims are ready to accept and justify there barbaric act.I would say go after them before they declare all of us kafir.They are the enemy of ISLAM,they are showing the world that muslims are tolally intolerant.They are against girl education ,they are against co-education,they are against every type of education.When our PROPHET(PBUH)said acquire knowledge even if you have to go to CHINA he definitely didnt mean to aquire islamic studies,because he himself(PBUB) was the one and only source of islamic knowledge,and also no mention of any diffrentiation between man and women.
October 11, 2012 1:57 pm
so according to these people and if everyone in the world were to be muslims then my sister will not be educated ?and I won't have a wife who can teach my son ? and my mom would not know how to read or write ???????
October 11, 2012 1:56 pm
A barbarism act done and supported by TTP.
October 10, 2012 4:46 pm
Can anyone deny the facts Taliban gave for attempting to kill Malala? They are quoting from Quran and trying to implement God's law (sharia). And you wonder why the civilized world is against sharia.
Amin Amdani
October 10, 2012 4:57 pm
Once again, the beasts who call themselves Taliban have shown their true face with their manifestly barbaric action. This one time, please, authorities in Pakistan, go after those who carried out this cowardly act, arrest them and punish them to the full extent of the law. If we do not act now, this will only embolden these cowards.
Ayaz khan Yusafzai
October 11, 2012 9:58 am
They are the real blasphmers by calling unislamic Sharia an Islamic Sharia.
David R Finn
October 10, 2012 5:19 pm
I am not a Muslim. I am nonetheless convinced that Islam is mankind's greatest religion. I am further convinced that the Messenger (pbuh) is the greatest figure of religious history. But the Prophet (pbuh) was not Genghis Khan. His greatness did not consist in the threat of death for those who did not follow his way. Ibn Ishaq tells of Tufayl of the Bani Daws who heard the word and professed Islam. He returned to his people but could convert only his wife and father. He grew angry that his people ignored the Truth and asked the Prophet (pbuh) to curse them. Instead the Prophet (pbuh) prayed for their guidance and instructed Tufayl: "Return to your people, call them to Islam, and deal gently with them." My understanding of the Messenger's greatness is that it lay, in large part, in his profound humility, greatness of heart and kindness. His counsel, I understand, was that women, children and old men were not to be killed for any reason. His counsel was that he was the best Salaf, the best model for us. Would he have counselled the shooting of Malala Yousafzai? Did he argue against schooling for girls? Did he counsel the murder of fellow Muslims? Did he kill or try to kill them? Is Ehsanullah Ehsan of the TTP a spokesman for the greatest religion and the greatest figure in religious history? Or is he rather a spokesman for Genghis Khan?
October 10, 2012 6:24 pm
No it doesn't. It means 'Voluntary submission to God'.
ahmad bashir
October 11, 2012 5:26 am
I have gone through the all news items related to the attack on "malala" , i was wounder why we are biased on the attack.Both Parties i,e Malala and Pakistani taliban are responsible for the provocation of Attack i,e Taliban attacked on the unarmed mature girl and that Mature girl were involved for the provacation of Pakistani Taliban as she openly supported the Anti pakistan and Anti Muslim state(USA) despite the fact she know it is USA who is responsible for the killing of thousand of innocent Muslims throughout the world and in general and thousands of innocent Pakistani(poeple from Swat, Blochestan etc). so my humble submission to all the the intellectuals, journalists, Civil society members etc to come and discuss and debate the grass root problem which became the BASE for the the sufferings and instability in the Pakistan
Gerry D'Cunha
October 11, 2012 11:16 am
ahmad why can't your ulemas stand up and issue Fatwa against every single one of them along with a bounty. they are good in giving fatwa on other matters
October 11, 2012 11:13 am
Are you serious or is this sarcasm?
October 11, 2012 9:45 am
That is why they have destroyed girls only schools!
October 11, 2012 9:44 am
Sharia Law has nothing to do with this barbaric group. Sharia demands you to educate yourself and others!!! A bunch of criminals that's all they are.
John Smith (@Freedomfan35)
October 11, 2012 12:21 am
How can anyone in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world support these monsters. They need to be eliminated
October 10, 2012 5:48 pm
exactly. and maybe these 'educated ulema', wherever they are in Pakistan can volunteer and show up on the media, condemn this attack and shed some light on why this was absolutely wrong and demonic under Sharia and Islam. but you know, they wont. Our 'ulema' are also spearheading the jahalat in this country. The only thing they can condemn and froth at the mouth about is 'Amreeka' and sectarianism and who should be a muslim and who not or incite to kill people on live television. THIS is not where they will ever speak up - brethren in disguise to that taliban nutcase,
Saad (DXB)
October 10, 2012 7:04 pm
Talibans of Pakistan's TTP are nothing but gangsters who misuse Islam's name. They take protection money from Drug Lords, they rob Banks to finance their evil campaign and brainwash young kids to committ Un-Islamic act of suicide bombing. TTP is nothing but a bunch of Kafirs and are all going straight to hell
Cyrus Howell
October 11, 2012 9:16 am
Harsh words, but the Taliban are not a part of Pakistan. They want something else.
October 11, 2012 9:14 am
who are these individuals who are voting down such comments? Taliban supporters I can only assume.
Cyrus Howell
October 11, 2012 9:13 am
Cyrus Howell
October 11, 2012 9:11 am
They want power. If Islam does not justify their conduct then in the true spirit of ignorance they twist words to mean what they want them to mean.
Cyrus Howell
October 11, 2012 9:08 am
There is no justice in this world.
Mariam jan
October 11, 2012 9:07 am
I? don't think the Taliban shot malala yousafzai its just more anti Islamic propaganda. Why is it that I have NEVER seen any live video footage? of the Taliban saying they did not believe in educating women? Why is it always the media reporting somthing that they claim to have heard from the Taliban say or do? The West wants to demonize Islam and people that support? Shariah so that the Muslims will want to become secular and abandon the idea of the Khilafah....this what this boils down to.
Cyrus Howell
October 11, 2012 8:54 am
If the Pakistan Army is unclear about their duty because the Taliban pose as religious men who then is going to fight them?
Cyrus Howell
October 11, 2012 8:50 am
Pakistan needs to get well soon.
October 11, 2012 8:44 am
appreciate your thought brother
Cyrus Howell
October 11, 2012 8:45 am
The make up their own truth. Sad that Pakistan does not want to free their victims from the Taliban's control over them.
October 11, 2012 8:41 am
The devil can quote scriptures for his own purposes...
Guy from across boarder
October 11, 2012 8:37 am
Firstly pray that this girl fully recovers and continues her crusade. Looking at her, I don't know which man (is the guy who shot her really a man!!!) in his right spirits could shoot her. You should be a coward of the worst order to shoot a brave girl like her. Secondly hope this is a tipping point in the history of pakistan where in the ppl understand who is their real enemy and strat destrying them. Rational ppl all across the world behave decently and I hope the rational pakistan takes inspiration from this and destroy the war mongers!!!
October 11, 2012 8:34 am
Raat Bhar ka hai Mehman Andhera, Kiske roke ruka hai savera.
October 11, 2012 8:34 am
In Pakistan anyone can commit a heinous crime and later justify it with Quran and islamic laws.Then all religious people will start debating in terms of islam. Later they will reach a conclusion that the root cause is the US , Israel and India!. This crime does not have anything to do with islam.Only fools will argue in terms of religion with terrorists and their actions.No condemnation or prayer will solve this issue.Only ruthless action by state can root out this evil from pakistan.
October 11, 2012 8:15 am
They said she is against islam, thus implying they are islam. I would ask who gave ypu this authority to declare people whatever you want. you are nothing but cowards and criminals. To call your self defenders of islam and shariah you need to be human first which you clearly are not. So keep these rediculous justifications to your self because no one in their right mind will ever beleive that . At least have the decency to shut up after doing something so inhumane . you do not represent us muslims you are the scum of this earth and allahs fury will be upon you soon inshallah.
October 11, 2012 8:10 am
You are spot on. Same question goes to US drones. Whose permision they need to target Ahsan?
October 11, 2012 8:08 am
A slap in the face of 160 million coward Pakistanis !! Shameful people who cannot even protect their daughters !
Azhar Ayaz
October 10, 2012 10:03 pm
What TTP spokesman is saying Totally wrong interpretation of events and total denial from the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and Quran. Hpw can these criminals ever be considered as followers of Islam? They have sharp condradictions with Islam. Their practices deserve punishment according to Shariah and that is: they be stooned/hanged till death publically.
October 10, 2012 10:06 pm
October 10, 2012 10:08 pm
This is not Islam and that is not Islam. This is all I hear after tragic incidents like these. I hope Malala recovers from this tragedy. Its time we start realizing that its best to leave religion (Islam) out of stately affairs, this propaganda and now full blown delusion of an Islamic state has gotten us no where. I hope we realize this soon and unit to fight this cancer of religious fanaticism.
October 11, 2012 11:35 am
ha ha ha ha see some/many people still back TTP !! God help pak.
Dr Siddiqui
October 10, 2012 4:31 pm
No drones for this killer?
October 10, 2012 5:07 pm
By Taliban’s account millions of Pakistanis are liable to be beheaded
October 10, 2012 8:39 pm
The Muslims are a very confused lot. The Taliban can very easily prove that all of their actions are supported by, or literally taken from, a line from the Quran or a quote from a Hadith – and that is the source of confusion among the Muslims.
Tanvr Afgan
October 11, 2012 12:06 am
While the TTP is misguided in its approach and has committed a barbaric act the NGO people should take care as to not expose her further.
Najam Nawaz Saqib
October 10, 2012 5:06 pm
To Tehrik E Taliban Pakistan : I am a bigger supporter of implementing Islamic Shariah in whole Pakistan and establish the writ of Allah in this land of pure than you but i hate the way you are trying to do (which is obviously not your aim as you are just american puppets and you have nothing to do with Islam). This is not the way of Rasool Allah SAW. This is not the way of prevailing Shariah.
October 11, 2012 11:29 am
who is in-charge TTP, Goverment, Mohammad, sheriah?,
October 11, 2012 9:20 am
Our Holy Prophet S.A.W did not put people to the sword to embrace Islam or Shariyah. Which brand of Islam these Taliban spreading. They dont know even the basic things about Islam hurting and killing unarmed innocent civilians. Shame on them.
Cyrus Howell
October 11, 2012 9:21 am
It could be.
October 11, 2012 9:49 am
nonsense, just for their own cause!!!
sajjad shah
October 10, 2012 10:29 pm
Oh what sort of bravery they got, they have their own definition about Islam and Shariah . This cowardly act shows their flaw towards the understanding of Islam. Whosoever is involved in this brutal activity to attack a teenager innocent girl is beast and cannot be called a human being.
October 11, 2012 3:53 am
Malala you are great and GOD bless you Zindabad Malala
MAH, Abu Dhabi
October 10, 2012 5:01 pm
Taliban are so focused on the word Shariah that they have forgotten the word Islam - it means peace!
Naveed Khan
October 11, 2012 11:54 am
"They call themselves Mujahedeen" Still they have no authority to kill some one when our courts are functioning. Unacceptable. I salute this girl.
Capt C M Khan
October 10, 2012 5:00 pm
Shame on you beast TALIBAAN for defending this cowardly attack by using Quarn and Sharia. No wonder the five billion other people on this call us BUTCHERS. Keep on de-faming Pakistan and Islam for the US DOLLARS that you are receiving from the enemies of Islam, you have nothing to do with Islam...it is so sad leaders like Imran, Nawaz, do not Unite against you and accept your barbarism.
Saad (DXB)
October 10, 2012 7:02 pm
Ofcourse they are wrong. 90% of the Muslims world has moderate to extreme dislike for Saudi Arabia. Just because Islam originated from what is now Saudi Arabia, does not make this country the ''Ówner'' of Islam. If you wish to look at moderate Muslim states, Malaysia is a prime example, followed closely by the UAE.
October 11, 2012 4:57 am
They were citing Musa. Read again...
Dr Siddiqui
October 10, 2012 4:30 pm
Plain hoodlums roaming freely with guns in a country torn by chaos and deep political corruption and a lack of organized administrative movement to subdue them.
October 10, 2012 5:37 pm
They have a point - these Talibanis. Even the Saudis have implemented laws prevent women from going to work, moving out without Mehram, driving etc. There is no need to act politically correct when you are an "Islamic republic". Surely Islam must have prescribed treating women as second grade citizens. Saudis cant be wrong - can they ?
October 10, 2012 5:38 pm
Why on Earth some one waste his time to defame an already DEFAMED person who can not justify his points and only crams about DRONESSSSS!!!!!!!!
October 11, 2012 9:32 am
Malala studied in a Co-Ed !!! Are you Sure ???
Ijaz Mir
October 10, 2012 5:38 pm
our up coming leader Imran Khan is the biggest supporter of TTP, wants to stop drone attacks. should answer this dilemma. Pakistan should take action and clean up this filth from waziristan , otherwise surrender to TTP. choice is yours?
S. Roy
October 10, 2012 7:15 pm
When it comes to Taliban - and that goes for any fundamentalist, regardless of religion - there is ABSOLUTELY NO room for any rational discussion. The following well known story comes to the mind of this reader. A scorpion wants to cross a river but cannot swim. So he approaches a frog to take him on his back to cross the river. The frog is astute enough to say that the scorpion "will surely sting me and I will die." The scorpion points out that if he stings the frog, he will die too – by drowning. The frog thought that it would therefore make sense and asked the scorpion to hop on its back. When it reaches mid river, scorpion stings the frog. As it is dying, the frog said “Why did you do that? Now I die and you drown! It’s not rational”! To which the Scorpion replies, "What did you expect? I’m a scorpion. It is in my nature to sting and has nothing to do with rationality." This young courageous girl who started to write in protest at very young age of eleven knows that her pen is mightier than any sword (or any AK-47 or some such gun that these Taliban cowards used). Unlike many, many others, she knows fully well that Taliban CANNOT bring any good to any society. No matter what one disagrees with, violence - in any form - MUST not be used. One can use ones voice to speak; one can use one's hand to write - if one disagrees. One MUST not use one's hands to hold any weapon or not, to hurt ANYBODY. To do it otherwise is nothing short of being a barbarian. Violence has NO place in a civilized society. Of course the detractors will use anything to justify violence. They will use religion (religion has caused most mayhem in human history), they will use comparisons (arguing that others commit violence - so it is justified??). But those are cowardly logic. The ONE and ONLY thing that the Taliban knows is to kill. They cannot build schools or hospitals where one can be educated or cured. They cannot produce literature or any form of arts that can be enjoyed by many. They cannot build roads that can help people to move. Have they ever done anything to bring happiness to anyone? Most religions profess that God - if there is any - is all merciful. The reason why God is all merciful is because God is ALSO thought to be omnipotent. Thus God will NEVER be bothered about puny insults from anyone. However, such thoughts are only rational. Precisely Talibans are scorpions - nothing more and nothing less. So what does one do with scorpions? There is only one thing one can do! One simply squashes them!! However it begs the following question. Are the general public in Pakistan up to it?
T. Ramakrishnan
October 11, 2012 5:54 am
The public outrage is unexpected and welcome. Hopefully, the energy and emotion generated would be channeled in to constructive action. The government and public charities should open a number of girl's schools in the area. Army and police should train armed civilian volunteers to protect the schools, children and their families. It is also important that main line religious leaders condemn these acts and their perpetrators. .
October 10, 2012 5:41 pm
These acts has nothing to do with any religion,set aside Islam. These terrorists are funded and trained by the foreign forces from Afghanistan.They must be hanged. Brave daughter of Pakistan and she gives me a hope that the core of the Pakistan is still peaceful and love Islam in its true sense.
October 10, 2012 5:03 pm
why spend money on drones.. this TTP and more so the views they stand for are more powerful than drones. The kind of ideology they are preaching and the more so the gravest culprit of all, the ruling class and the populace at large of the open society that is standing in acceptance/tolerance, is sooo criminal and against the universal live-let-live ideology.... ; this thinking itself will CONSUME the country. I as a human being first and then an Indian, hope the sane muslims in pakistan find a foothold in this murderous landscape and rescue this avalanche of an tragedy from getting any worse.
October 10, 2012 10:40 pm
well said brother. Islam is peace but bad people misuse the religion. What a shame
Cyrus Howell
October 10, 2012 8:07 pm
"Now a days Taliban or Mulla’s twist his teachings to their needs." That should be a crime.
October 10, 2012 8:08 pm
May god bless you Malala. She is like a man in the otherwise murky world of Pakistan. She gives hope the all is not lost in Pakistan.
October 10, 2012 8:07 pm
Judgement day? If the modern day people interpret islam this way; imagine how it was those days ??
T Shah
October 10, 2012 5:03 pm
Please stop calling these evil criminals TALIBAN, please only call them JAHILAN. These evil uneducated, monsters have nothing to do with Islam or Shariah, they are so backward and evil, they are working for the devil. Most of these people are supported by Afghanis and Pakistani government should now wake up and send all Afghanis back to Afghanistan, they are barbaric, primitive people, we cannot live with them.
October 10, 2012 7:51 pm
WOW!!! Ali Abbas, you are my HERO.
Concerned Muslim
October 11, 2012 12:09 am
I am really interested in knowing how all these "statements" by the TTP are released. How is it that even in this day and age of technology the govt. can't track phone calls, internet posts, emails or even posted-mail for that matter! Why is nothing being done to track down these barbarians? They should be hanged in public!
October 10, 2012 5:19 pm
What kind of religion these talibans are following? is it really written in sahih books that Prophet praised the act of blind companion who killed his wife because she used bad words for Him? First thing should be to not consider everything in these books to be sahih or ordinary humans will keep turning into Talibans.
October 10, 2012 8:06 pm
Great analogy. If the modern day people interpret islam this way; imagine how it was those days ??
Cyrus Howell
October 10, 2012 8:06 pm
"I bit you but, you knew I was a snake before you took me in." African American proverb
October 11, 2012 12:01 pm
For crying out loud! Islam does not teach us to kill!!! Stop interpreting the Quran when your don't have the capability to. You coward animal, come out of your dungeon and speak up for yourself if u believe u did the right thing?
Cyrus Howell
October 10, 2012 8:04 pm
Every act will be judged by Allah Subhanatala on the day of judgement. No. Pakistan has to take responsibility and stop them now. I don't know any religious person who is not going to wait for The Day of Judgement.
October 10, 2012 6:14 pm
Dont say it is nothing to do with religion or Islam. Taliban get their strength from religion, claiming to be better Muslims than many. Talibinization is purely based on religion, may not be your religion, but it is a religion and their own religion which they believe. No one need authentication of others to be called as religious. Maximum one can say it is their religion and not my religion.
October 11, 2012 5:03 am
I am agreed with some readers, that the media and the civil society will not provide any room to the TTP for describing their irrational and un-Islamic agendas. it is ours and our governments historic mistakes that we didn't bring quality education to our rural areas specially in tribal areas. only the education can enlightens our people to understand what is right or Islamic or What is wrong Un-Islamic. Just because of that reason where so called contractors of Islamic uses the minds of innocent people and specially young ones and then they act like Malala's Incidents and justifying through these stories.
October 10, 2012 6:08 pm
It is now the job of real 'Ulemas' to teach these deranged people the true teachings of Islam. If what the TTP claims is true then SAM BACILE and his evil gang must be true as well because they pick up their 'inspirations' from the same garbage of history.
October 10, 2012 5:58 pm
It would be very educative for newbies like me to know the "correct" interpretation of Quranic incidents refered to by the Taliban. I am afraid dismissing these references merely as divine interventions don't suffice.
October 10, 2012 6:07 pm
Totally wrong interpretations, and self-concocted arguments! Sayyiduna Khidhr's (Peace be upon him) incident was an isolated event in this context, and he had categorical true knowledge through revalation. Now, are Pakistani Taliban claiming to have revealed knowledge?! It is a total violation of all the principles of Islamic jurisprudence to present such a false and wrong judgement. Children should be shown great love, respect and dignity. And even if a juvenile commits a wrong act, no person or organisation can inflict harm or kill him/her, it is the responsibility of established Law-enforcing agencies in State. Similarly, other arguments have all been painted completely wrongly by Jalihan (Pakistani Taliban). To Jahilan: Guys, you are doing to Islam which, perhaps, some of the rigid enemies of humanity have been unable to do so!
October 11, 2012 4:46 am
I don't agree with your limited reasonong. Sorry.
October 11, 2012 4:46 am
Heard of petro dollars?
Lakhkar Khan
October 11, 2012 7:59 am
Gul Khan, You can only talk to normal beings. You cannot talk to crazy, uneducated (Islamic or non Islamic), radical murders. KPK government talked to these terrorists to make peace, which lead to these barbarians going even further by invading Bunir, which It eventually lead to Swat operation. I would rather Pak Army talk to them while pulling trigger pointed to their heads or throwing them out of a flying helicopter.
Rose Bayless
October 11, 2012 3:53 am
the Taliban has got to go DOWN
October 10, 2012 7:44 pm
How low can one get, cowards. Attacking innocents and then justifying it by saying it's a sharia law. They have mad their own laws, they something people who want power and authority do. People need to stand up against this kind of event and especially against people who follow this extreme ideology. Every time I pray I pray for justice for Malala and the other people who were harmed in this incident, and also for pain for those who are involved in this incident. People who hurt others in the name of religion are cowards no matter who and what they follow. These cowards will use any excuse that will allow them to spread fear. It has never been about religion,sharia or any others excuses they use, its always been about power and money. Corrupt souls and corrupt minds do nothing but cause pain and destruction in any society. InshAllah their will be justice for people like them both in this world and the hereafter. Last, but not least, Pakistan or any other country where such barbaric acts are committed, the people of that land must stand up and take actions that stop these so called people of God.
October 10, 2012 7:43 pm
WOW. What a nice idea. Let us do that
October 11, 2012 10:24 am
This is Pakistans babaric people who misinterpret Islam to their own cowardice behaviour;Islam does not forbid women from being educated
October 11, 2012 5:29 am
Taliban is a strategic asset of Pakistan, so said a famous general.
October 10, 2012 7:35 pm
We Pakistanis are so poor that we just follow the western life style , she was promoted by west and she was working for west. i am not justifying her shooting , but why you people are just giving her too much importance ? not only Taliban are siick in our society we all are siick , we do not have our thoughts. we always revolve around the western media and follow them.
October 10, 2012 6:39 pm
How can Pakistanis label Ahmedis (state sanctioned), Aga Khanis and Shias as un-islamic but are okay with accepting hate filled murderous monstors such as the Taliban as muslims? Is that who they identify themselves with?
October 10, 2012 7:35 pm
I laud the owners of dawn and its management this article. It is better to know the whole story before forcing a judgment.
October 10, 2012 9:54 pm
My question do you all think TTP have some secret agenda or Whatever they doing not for there personal gain but for Religon. Don't they pray and try to follow religion sincerly. If they are doing something evil why don't Allah clear thing from them. May be they are right path of Islam and spiritually .And Please don't blame mullah , CIA, RAW, or PPP or political parties.
Does not matter
October 10, 2012 7:34 pm
A message for the Pakistani people. This might just be a starting. It is in Swat right now or remote areas, but if you guys don't put pressure on your government and Army , it may become the story of Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi too. Wake up before its too late.
October 10, 2012 5:30 pm
Sharia is against harming women and children. Period.
October 11, 2012 4:56 am
Ridiculous! Islam never teaches us to assasinate the women, children and oldage people and even any innocent person. Molding the lessons of Islam and Verses of Quran in the way as you needed is totaly against the Islam. In the period of Holy Prophet (PBUH) whenever muslims takeover any state they usedto allow the safe passage to childrens, females and old peoples. Even whenever any troop send by Holy Prophet (PBUH) for Jihad, HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) always usedto give the instructions that be merciful with FEMALES, CHILREN & OLD PEOPLE.
Gul Khan
October 10, 2012 5:29 pm
why in the world you guys say Imran has a soft corer for taliban? just because he says to talk to them instead of fighting them doesnt mean he has a soft corned for them?>
October 10, 2012 4:26 pm
i am sorry but the islamic system has failed and those who still dream of some kind of khilafat need to wake up.
October 10, 2012 6:01 pm
If we can criticise Hinduism for its advocacy of caste system in Indian society then why we do fall silent on Sharia inspired violence in Pakistan?
Gul Khan
October 10, 2012 5:27 pm
Only if these illiterate Taliban knew what Islam meant?
October 10, 2012 5:27 pm
Americans did not drive these barbarians into Pakistan. Pakistan's army raised them in the name of strategic depth.
October 10, 2012 6:46 pm
If these laws come under Islamic laws , then it should be dumped immediately .So called dreaded terrorists are scared of 14 year old gir
logic suggests...
October 10, 2012 7:15 pm
well they cant do this without funding from somewhere...
October 10, 2012 5:25 pm
After reading this article i am shocked. All these facts ??? I always thought that Islam was all about peace!!!
October 11, 2012 4:43 am
No. Indonesia has more moderate muslims. The largest Muslim populated state with the friendliest people on earth.
syed sadruddin shah
October 12, 2012 2:46 am
Many agencies r working behind such situation v should go 2 depth f this incidents wh occur n sawat with our innocent child ....................
October 11, 2012 4:44 am
very well said abbas..this is what real thinking...
Ram Krishan Sharma
October 10, 2012 5:25 pm
Thanks Dawn for enlightening us about Islamic Sharia Law and the examples given by the Taliban in support of their action . No one can change a Law which has come from God is the biggest problem facing the Islamic world.
October 10, 2012 5:11 pm
You just washed off your responsibilities by calling them American puppets. That was easy.
Satyameva Jayate
October 10, 2012 5:25 pm
Very few Pakistanis would find anything wrong this logic. Very sad.
October 11, 2012 5:31 am
After taliban's reply i am confused who is right and who is wrong ?
October 10, 2012 5:10 pm
What is being said here in the name of Islam, If wrong, then i would like to hear from the other side.
October 10, 2012 5:13 pm
What on earth is wrong with these people. Justifying killing a 14 year old girl because she went to school. Pakistan should never have supported the war on terror. The Americans drove all the crazy idiots from Afghanistan into Pakistan. They do not have the capabilities to fight the Americans and they try to be religeous heroes by killing children. Disgusting....... We have crazy idiots like him in India as well for instance today a politician said " Rapes can be prevented if girls are married off earlier". Thank God, it was just a statement and the politician is not heading a militia. We should create a new country in the Indo-Pak border and send crazy idiots from both countries to live in it. They can then kill each other. The remaining people can live in peace atleast.
October 10, 2012 6:03 pm
What a weak references Talibans arguing on? Prophet Muhammad can not appreciate killing of a woman. Read Prophet Muhammad's journey to Taif and what Taif people did with Prophet Muhammad. Also read the incident of a woman who used to throw garbage on Prophet Muhammad. In these incidents, Prophet Muhammad remained kind and humble and forgave them. Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Khizar were prophets of Allah. Talibans are not prophets and do not have ability to understand the purpose. It was Prophet Muhammad who gave respect to woman and equality in the society. Prophet Muhammad's own wife Hazrat Khadija was business woman and used to travel cities and countries for business. What kind of shariya Talibans talking about? Talibans were the people who have disgraced Islam and its teachings. They will teach us Shariya who are sitting at undisclosed location?
October 10, 2012 5:51 pm
Dinesh, you are absolutely right!!!
October 10, 2012 5:51 pm
The only way to get rid of taliban menace is to declare them enemy of Islam and declare Jihad against them. Those who lie and label what their leader says as Islam. The word of their leader is not the word of Allah.
Afsheen Fazal
October 11, 2012 2:59 am
Allah will save and protect her again and again and again which is a bigger slap on the faces of TTP than any that a human can inflict. Allah is great and so Karen hHis ways, TAlibans are a monster we have created ourselves, they are being fed by an uncoathe, frustrated society of ours which doesn't have much imagination left to it. TTP kills and tells there are people in our society who kill and never even bother to tell why they did it. So this is a wake up call, learn ure religion and practice it with love the way Allh would want u to, that would be our personal safeguard against minsters like TTP.
October 10, 2012 5:20 pm
Making a child their enemy and trying to kill her from the shadows? These men are deluded cowards. May they be blessed with remorse, shame, and awareness before they die. May Malala be blessed with all of the loving care, kindness, and help that she needs to be healthy, well, and strong.
Amjad Wyne
October 11, 2012 2:56 am
The point is not Malala's age or gender - the point is that she stood up for education and learning of girls - did Taliban ever hear the word, "Iqra"?... Did they ever hear the prophet's words, "learn even if you have to travel to China". I am not sure which shariyah books they read!
October 10, 2012 6:22 pm
You have wrong interpretation of Islam. There is a hadith from prophet Mohammad (PBUH) "Education is incumbent upon every Muslim men and women".
Gerry D'Cunha
October 11, 2012 8:07 am
100% correct
October 10, 2012 9:23 pm
I stand in support of women's right to education and be heads of state. Islam stands in support of women and we will do all it can for women to be equal partners to men. Imam Yahya Hendi FB: Yahya N. Hendi yahyahendi@gmail.com
October 10, 2012 9:02 pm
These people are sick.They are misusing the laws of sharia.The people of Pakistan should rise against these criminals.
October 11, 2012 2:22 am
This proves that the Taliban and its spokesman has very little understanding of the Quran
October 11, 2012 2:12 am
The Islam taliban use is their own invention. True Islam will never kill anyone. The taliban are the reason that the Muslims hang their heads in shame. These talibans should be declared non muslims.
an khan
October 11, 2012 12:40 am
Malaysia is not a moderate state.Malaysia doesn't have equal rights for minorities.Only Muslim country which is moderate is Turkey.
Satyameva Jayate
October 11, 2012 1:42 am
Get Well Soon. Pakistan needs you.
October 11, 2012 1:34 am
Dawn, Can you please open a separate page/article where we can write our prayers, and thoughts for Malala? There are many like me, an Indian Hindu woman, plus even Pakistanis living abroad that are praying for her speedy recovery. Can you please post a page for this? I also saw a few Pakistanis have written poems for Malala in Urdu,( which I sadly can't understand) so we can all post these poems, prayers and thoughts. Thank you.
October 11, 2012 5:04 am
Ali Abbas sir, What ever you are saying is true but will not work in your pakistain as your who nation lives on petro dollar
Concerned Muslim
October 10, 2012 11:52 pm
Thank you for this David. The saddest part of all this is that Muslims themselves have no idea of what their religion actually is. There are glaring flaws in all of the arguments that the TTP has given yet there is no religious scholar who has come out and pointed those out.
October 11, 2012 12:34 pm
thats the irony mate.. if you are not able to understand that, god save pakistan hereon.
Mandar J (Mumbai)
October 10, 2012 8:33 pm
she is next generation Benazir... god bless her...
October 11, 2012 1:56 am
This is a wakeup call for moderate pakistanis. Wake up and take charge of your countries destiny. This is an atrocious crime against pakistan
October 11, 2012 7:40 am
Really?. No matter what anyone's views are, one can not muder anyone who doesnt agree to these. Does this basic fundamental of human rights help you understand?
October 10, 2012 6:51 pm
Where is Imran Khan and his statements?
fareed murtaza
October 11, 2012 1:14 am
Islam doesnt teach violence against violence - Lets keep working like Malala one day peace will be the winner.
October 10, 2012 4:36 pm
This is the result of the government not educating the populace, intead they were putting the money in the military and creating a new capital (aka vacation area to get away from poor people in Karachi).
October 11, 2012 9:38 am
This is even worst than the movie made by the west. The taliban release such movies every now and then. Why don't the public come to the streets now? Wait, let me answer that, because Taliban will bomb the protests, right?
mazhar masud
October 10, 2012 7:11 pm
I am not sure we should even allow them the platform to explain their point of view. By now we should be very clear about what they want and who they really are, bunch of thugs and criminals .
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