Missing Persons

Out of the abyss

ENFORCED disappearances remain a persistent blight on fundamental human rights in the country. Recent exchanges...
Published 22 May, 2024 07:13am
Missing links

Missing links

As the past decades have shown, the country has not been made more secure by ‘disappearing’ people suspected of wrongdoing.
Updated 27 Apr, 2024 10:33am

Missing the point

IN a change of heart, the caretaker prime minister attended the hearing of the Baloch missing persons’ case in the...
Published 01 Mar, 2024 07:48am
No longer the periphery

No longer the periphery

The secure and comfortable centre in Pakistan — of politics, privilege and policy — is being overturned by the marginalised and oppressed.
Updated 02 Feb, 2024 10:33am

Missing empathy

Those who have assumed responsibility for the country must start putting out fires, not stirring up more trouble for future generations.
Updated 15 Jan, 2024 10:07am