HYDERABAD, Feb 15 Hyderabad District Nazim Kanwar Naveed Jamil has expressed satisfaction that as a trustee (Ameen) of two million people of the district, he has served the people to the best of his abilities and had left no stone unturned in this regard.

Recounting achievements of the district government, he said it had carried out massive development works in the district and given a road map to the future district government.

Addressing reporters at the press club here on Monday, he said that when he had taken over the charge of district government, there were only two non-functional filter plants. But the district had built five new filter plants and the sixth one was near completion. Now 100 per cent population of the city was getting filtered water.

This water would be enough till 2027 for the increasing population he added.

He said that in the absence of a sewerage system, boats were requisitioned during heavy rains in 2006, but now a new sewerage system laid by the district government could dispose of a massive quantity of rain water within 24 hours.

He said giant standby generators had also been purchased to drain out sewerage water in case of load-shedding.

He said the district government had laid a network of asphalt roads throughout the city.

The Nazim said he had constructed 40 new parks and playgrounds and added that the district government had also set up treatment plants to protect Phulelli canal from pollution. He said he had also got prepared a master plan of Hyderabad for future.

Mr Jamil said that the district government had established a library with thousands of books in the Holm Stead Hall and also reserved a plot in Qasimabad for the reading facility.

The district government had also spent a huge amount of money outside its jurisdiction to provide basic facilities to the people of Hyderabad and the region, Mr Jamil said.He said that $500 million goods were being exported from Hyderabad region to 41 different countries and added that to facilitate the businessmen, an expo-centre had also been set up in the city which was he third centre after Karachi and Lahore.

The district government had renovated 88 historical buildings and also taken up the matter with the federal government to declare many such monuments as national heritage, Mr Jamil said.

“I am proud that we have preserved the history and the legacy of Hyderabad,” he added.

In the education sector, he said the district government had converted 310 Sindhi and Urdu medium schools into English medium schools where 30,000 students were studying.

He said the district government was providing free course books to all the 30,000 students.

Though colleges did not come under the jurisdiction of the district government. but it had renovated and repaired 22 colleges and also constructed a new girls college in the thickly-populated area of Hyderabad.

In the health sector, he said, a trauma centre had been established and many new hospitals had been constructed while the existing once upgraded.

He said the district government was also providing free vaccination to the hepatitis-B and C patients and also conducting free medical tests of those diseases which otherwise cost Rs8,000.

He said that all the 41 union councils of the Hyderabad district, including rural taluka as well as cantonment, had been provided garbage lifting trucks while mechanical sweepers had been purchased for the Hyderabad city.

He said the district government had also launched Gulistan-e-Sarmast housing scheme for the poor people.