PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif shows copy of his party’s 2013 manifesto to journalists in a press conference at Lahore Press Club in Lahore on Thursday. – Photo by INP

LAHORE: The chief of the main opposition party of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif on Thursday launched electoral manifesto of his party for the upcoming polls in the country, DawnNews reported.

The brand new manifesto of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) puts renovation of economy on top priority while energy crisis gets second spot as it also pledges to end corruption, provision of employment and quick inexpensive justice.

Despite severely criticising the MQM-backed Sindh local government act, which was later repealed by the PPP on Sindhi nationalists’ opposition with PML-N patronage, the party also vows to conduct local body elections across the country after assuming power.

Launching the manifesto during a largely attended news conference at the Lahore Press Club, the PML-N chief said the document was an all embracing agenda for bringing real change and revives confidence of people.

Sharif vowed to make economy an impregnable force of the country, saying the party, in this regard, will increase the national exports to 100 billion dollars with collaboration of the private sector.

“We will build a new Pakistan where peace should prevail and people would enjoy economically healthier life,” he said adding that special measures would be their priority agenda to bring significant improvement in industrial as well as agriculture sectors so that the country would cope with global challenges and developing economies.

On the issue of new provinces, the PML-N chief vowed to continue struggle for creating Hazara, South Punjab and Bahawalpur provinces.

He said, a strong defence was imperative for the country and it would be made invincible by equipping with ultra modern and scientific techniques to maintain balance of power in the region.

He said a cabinet committee on Defence and National Security headed by the prime minister would be established to maintain democratic oversight of all aspects of foreign and defence policies, ensure that all institutions i.e. civil or military act in accordance with the law and under the instructions and directives of the Federal Cabinet.

Needs and requirements of the armed forces would be met under all circumstances, and strategic assets would be protected.

He said a specially deigned employment programme will be designed to generate three million new jobs in public and private sectors including one million each in IT and SMEs sectors Minimum wages of workers will be gradually enhanced to Rs 15,000 per month.

The PML-N, he said, would strive to eventually provide a house to each Pakistani family through pubic-private partnership. “It will revive the economy, double the GDP growth to over six per cent, reduce budget deficit to 4 pc, reduce the country's dependence on foreign loans and assistance, revamp state enterprises eating Rs 400 billion, decrease tax rates, ensure lower interest rates and make Pakistan emerge as one of the top ten economies of the world in 21st century.”

He said all major export sectors would be sales tax free, an Export Import Bank (EXIM) would be set up.

Nawaz Sharif said the government would improve tax to GDP ratio to 15 per cent by 2018, informal economy will be brought into the tax net, reduce tax evasion, reduce the number of federal and provincial taxes.

Short and medium terms measures would be initiated to end loadshedding in 3 years, invest US $ 20 billion to generate 10,000 MW of electricity in next five years and permanently eliminate circular debt.

High priority would be given to import gas through pipelines, intensify oil and gas exploration, develop Thar coalfields by setting up of at least 5,000 MW of new coal fired power plants under the IPP mode in Sindh, develop alternative sources of energy.

He said agriculture would be turned into a fully viable economic industry, high priority to be given to development of livestock and fisheries sectors, reclaim and irrigate additional land for allotment to landless, women haris and tenants and achieve food security.

Sharif said the PML-N government would introduce a transparent system of income support programme for needy families with special focus on widows, orphans and girl child.

National Education Emergency will be declared to eradicate illiteracy on war footing basis, a vision 2025 for Pakistan's education shall be formulated to transform the country to be among world's best and a uniform system of education will be introduced step by step while education budget would be enhanced to 4 per cent of GDP by 2018.

Computer labs will be established in all govt high schools, Danish schools will be set in all provinces, HEC will be given greater autonomy, vocational and technical education will be promoted.

A new national health insurance card scheme will be introduced for free treatment of children, senior citizens of over 65 years and families with low income.

He said the government would promote participation of women in national development, give preference to women teachers in primary education, enact and improve legislation on violence against women, expand micro credit for female borrowers and inheritance and property rights of female heirs shall be safeguarded.

A dynamic National Youth Policy will be implemented through skill development programme to create one million positions for apprenticeship, self employment loans would be extended, services of youth will be utilised in national literacy programme and youth will be involved in governance at local level.– APP/

Core Manifesto

1. Economy

Revival of Economy

Industry and Trade


Creation of Job oppurtunities

Tax Reforms

2. Energy

Energy issue will be resolved in 2 years

3. Agriculture and Food Security

Environmental Protection

Food Security

Social Protection

4. New Framework for Social Change







5. Democratic Governance

Local Government

Civil Service Reforms

Police Reforms

IT and E-Government

6. Science and Technology

Nano Technology and Bio Technology Revolution

Fuel Cell Tech

Satellite Launch Capability

Renewable Energy Tech

7.  Employment Challenge


Overseas Pakistanis

8. Media, Art and Culture

9. Inter-provincial Harmony

Maximum autonomy to provinces

Fair water distribution

Inter-provincial drainage accord

National Language bill


Trust and reconciliation commission

Inter-provincial youth programs

Development Monitoring

Federal job quotas

Illegal immigration and border control

New provinces, media strategy, Balochistan

10. Speedy & Inexpensive Justice

11.  Accountability and Anti-Corruption

12. Foreign Policy

13. Militancy and Terrorism

14. Implementation of Constitution



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