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The common capital of India and Pakistan


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-Illustration by Khuda Bux Abro.

It was not just the land that was partitioned. Hearts, minds, behaviours and emotions had been partitioned long before so the final division could be made ‘smoothly’, and it went as smoothly as expected. The ground was pulled from underneath someone’s feet, while the sky was pulled away from another’s head! Millions of people neither belonged here nor there, only those who were to lead the new states remained. The new leaders had not only been involved in dividing the state but also dreamt of ruling the new countries in the name of religion and nationalism. A single announcement managed to create a border that cannot be seen anywhere except in books, files and maps.

It was as if a wall was erected in the courtyard of a large, lively house. Those who lived and played together would sulk one moment and reconcile with each other the next. Their hearts beat together as one. If they liked a certain tune, they all sang it together. If they got drunk, they danced in harmony with each other. Their souls were fragrant with the scent of the soil; their breaths were perfumed with the same culture. But the formation of the wall of hate and treachery neither divided nor affected their breaths, their heartbeats.

It doesn’t matter whether the leaders belong to this side of the wall or to that side. They have always sowed seeds of hatred within the divided hearts of their nation in order to prevent the demolition of the wall erected within their hearts and minds so that not only their rule would be established but their sustenance is guaranteed, as well as their luxuries.

What does it matter if the people on this side or that of the wall live below the poverty line? Forget having healthcare and education, what does it matter if the people are deprived of basic needs like ‘roti, kapra aur makan’? Instead, not only did they build mountains of weapons but they also filled their own homes with the money they earned from the sale of weapons.

On one hand, both countries are atomic powers. On the other hand, they have no electricity, water, gas or petrol. We line up for CNG and other fuels; there is no electricity neither here nor there. We say it’s ‘loadshedding’ and they call it ‘katoti’. At night, their footpaths are full of sleeping, homeless people. A similar sight can be seen on our roads at night. We have katchi abadis and they have slums. Piles of rubbish litter our streets and theirs. There are armies of beggar children on both sides of the wall. But we still stand amongst the developed nations with our heads held high, saying that we are atomic powers. They stand in dhotis and we in old, torn shalwars.

-Illustration by Khuda Bux Abro.
-Illustration by Khuda Bux Abro.

The awam here and the janta there are stuck in the clutches of the same kind of leaders. We hear cries of “Corruption! Corruption!” from both sides of the border. They are ruled by the bureaucracy, businesspeople, politicians and the army. Similarly, we are ruled by the bureaucracy, politicians, waderas, businesspeople and the army. Everyone is related in one way or the other. The pundit rules there, while the mullah rules here. They both fear love as it were their mortal enemy. Each tells his people to follow the ‘true’ path. Each considers his path as the right one.

Everyone has their own path and destination. Your job is merely to follow in their footsteps, not think and question your leaders. Just close your eyes and follow them because it is their responsibility to take you to the destination. The revolution is on its way. We have kept walking on for the last 65 years, losing generations in the process but we still hear that the revolution is on its way.

When the talks of lessening the distances begin, steps are taken to increase the distances. Firing occurs, throats are slit or sometimes you’ll hear a blast. Then all measures announced to decrease the bilateral distances are either completely withdrawn or remain as mere announcements. The nationalist politicians in both countries begin to speak in a common jingoist language. The media in both countries lets go of all control, trying to gain higher ratings. If they could, they would bring the two armies to a confrontation or blow up both nations with a single bomb.

The public of both countries breathe, smile, laugh and cry together. Their grief and happiness are the same. Films, drama and songs are the same for both; while someone from Calcutta hums the tunes of Mehdi Hasan, someone else in Peshawar is a great fan of Jagjit Singh. Their hearts beat together. Their dreams are the same. But this wall between the two countries has been elongated and heightened instead of being shortened. Those who keep fortifying it don’t know that its height cannot prevent the winds, scents and the sounds of music and laughter from travelling across the border.

-Illustration by Khuda Bux Abro.
-Illustration by Khuda Bux Abro.

Poetry, literature, history, philosophy, theatre, dance and music are our common capital. How are you going to stop these? What methods will you use? The people think at an equal level and are not dependent upon you anymore. Whether it is instruments, voice, art or literature, the roads have opened for them.

The world is getting closer everyday and you are adamant on not saying hello to your neighbour.

Our children would like to benefit from each other’s developments. They wish to study and learn from each other’s teachers. The fearful atmosphere spread by our leaders has greatly harmed our previous generations. For goodness sake, let the new generations familiarise themselves with their culture, traditions, art and literature. The entire world is coming closer but we are being kept apart from each other every single day.

Why are we forbidden from knowing about ourselves? Why we are not allowed to look into the mirror? We are supposed to be each other’s reflection. Why are we being forced to look into opposing directions? Who has ever been saved by weapons? Only love can save us! Please cut the crop that you have been cultivating for the last 65 years. And just let us be.


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The author has dabbled in every form of the visual arts. An activist to the core, Abro’s work deals with social themes and issues ranging from human rights to dictatorial regimes. He is currently working for DAWN as an illustrator.

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The author has dabbled in every form of the visual arts. An activist to the core, Abro’s work deals with social themes and issues ranging from human rights to dictatorial regimes. He is currently working for DAWN as an illustrator.

The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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Milan Jan 26, 2013 06:28am
If you go for such a microscopical analysis every man is an island...even the people living in a single family are different from each other.
Milan Jan 26, 2013 06:24am
Good thinking...I too dream for a world without walls...
Milan Jan 26, 2013 06:34am
Yes.. let an eligible guy come forward.
Puneet Jan 26, 2013 04:41am
Please worry about the status and situation of muslims in your country. What is the life Muslims living in Pakistan facing bomb blasts and begging IMF every day ? Are you a self appointed Khalifa of Muslims ?
babu Jan 26, 2013 11:08am
i agree with Mohammed apart from food and clothing ,maybe some music ,Indians and Pakistanis have no cultural connect.Each may claim his culture and religion is superior,if it is true ,prove it by showing the world which region and religion is progressive and tolerant ,which country gets rid of poverty,educate its masses and improve its standards, then that religion and country is great.
Kolsat Jan 26, 2013 05:03am
You can always get up pack and take your family and anyone else who wants to settle in Pakistan. Indians have long known that most Indian Muslims long to live in Pakistan because they think their lives will be better if they united with their Pakistani brothers and sisters. Go good riddance I say.
harshal Jan 26, 2013 09:46am
indian muslims are very happy in india all minorities from both countries are passionate about their countries. people from pakistan needs to be settle down for their economic progress . we should love, follow and apply our religion and respect one-anothers religion. religion should not come in economic progress. let god give some head to this polticians and leave people in peace and happy
Gurdeep Jan 26, 2013 05:58am
The best comment.
Rash Jan 26, 2013 08:16am
What does haryana have commen with tamil Nadu and what does Asam has in common with Delhi?
vjaiswal35 Jan 26, 2013 08:04am
Dear Sir, It is for people like you this article has been written. You have completely missed the spirit of the article. You have said "Abro forgets that there are 200 million Muslims in India whose hearts and minds are with Pakistan and Pakistanis." No Abro has not forgotten this what he is adding is that not only the Muslims of India but all other people of India irrespective of their caste and creed and religion have their heart in Pakistan. The division is artificial. And I agree with him completely. We love you bro......
Prany Jan 26, 2013 08:01am
Go away, no one in India will stop you! Good riddance for us in India.
Khalid Jan 26, 2013 07:55am
I know for a fact that Indian Muslims are just as anti Pakistan as others in India, so stay where you are as proud and forward looking Indian Muslims (as you guys like to be called).
Dave Jan 26, 2013 04:26am
Dear Khuda Bux Abro I appreciate your ideas. At least you tried at a basic level and might have converted one or two for secularism. I feel you understand that you can not compare apples with oranges but your ideas are towards conciliation and collaboration and that is the main thing.
Abu-Salmaan Jan 26, 2013 03:24am
I agree to Parammeswaran N.S comments to great extent but would like to add what many people don't know that actually Gandhi by not accepting the Muslims demand for giving them special quota in the Government which was acceptable to the British Rulers (as the Muslims rightly felt that they will be left behind by denying them their rights by Hindus in every field of life after the end of the British Rule) was responsible for the partition of India. M. A. Jinnah was man of principle and very high character and nobody could bribe him even by offering the post of Prime Minister of India. The political posts and positions given to some Muslims in Indian government are not the true reflection of the common Indian Muslims but an eyewash for the rest of the world.
Native Tribes of India Jan 26, 2013 03:40am
The first claim for entire south-asia is supposed to be of primitve adivasis /tribal people who were native to India. As later on with the arrival of aryan culture & subsequent arrival of islam during medieval period, now its home to several beliefs & culture. No matter how much hinduism try to influence the native population with casteism/aryan superiority & other bull-shit, but still at the same hinduism adopted the tribal Gods & gave them different names of sanskrit & added in to hindu pantheism, there by making a cosmopolitan culture called indian culture. But Islam being the off-shoot of Abrahamic monotheism religious beliefs was altogether a different story, trying to overshadow anything existing outside its frame of world-view. Henceforth Sub-continent was divided all in the name of religion. The astonishing thing is who knows about theology / God etc better than the tribals/bushmen ? Is it there only one language does God/Gods/spirits/nature are aware of ? Is there no form/single form/all forms does this One God has ? Is it a single/multiple sense organs needed through which we can sense God ? Is the Gods/God/Spirits/Nature simply speaks in human voice but not appear in human form to Abrahamic prophets / hindu priests ? Pakistanis have to come of out of this mindset being too narrow minded about theology & be open & pluralistic society to accept God/Gods/Spirits/Nature/No God school of thoughts. Who knows better than tribal bushmen who are forefathers of all of the present day modern humanity...
indian Jan 25, 2013 05:15pm
Weldone Mr Khuda Bux Abro.Hat Off To U
BRR Jan 25, 2013 11:53am
one had already served as President... and if there is another, he will get a chance... wait and watch.. so far Indians havent seen any one in the likes of Mr.Kalam !!
Akhter Shareef Jan 25, 2013 07:45pm
What about Modi and Co. When publicinstitutions are up against the minorities, when Thakre and his associates (so called RSS wing) never get punished, where is the trust???. Wake up guys, India is far from shining. I'm a liberal muslim from India, and may be more patriotic than most hindus. We are far from realising the impact of unjust treatment of minorities. Once they driven to the point of no return, they will have nothing but to revolt. Learn from history. US is spendining an enormous chunk of money to bring back the African Americans, who were for more than hundred years, neglected and ignored. You can not, as a government or as an educated individual, ignore the fact that, 20% of the Indian population (u may dispute the #) be left uneducated and impoverish. Eventually they rise up for their rights and social equality. In economic terms, 200 million people will suckup enough of your resources that you may not have enough to spend on further growth of your country. If 20% of your body is amputated(chose which portion you would like), how effective or productive you would be???. Think again!!!
Bbbb Jan 26, 2013 01:13am
All the fingers in a hand are not equal. Similarly, all the minorities are not treated equally. Some of them are more equal than the others.
Bbbb Jan 26, 2013 01:10am
True only 2-3 provinces of Pakisthan share common culture with India, bit how many of the Indian provinces share the common culture? How many of the South Indians even speak the same language? And how many of the South Indians would like to share the prevalent culture of New-Delhi?
Virendra Jan 26, 2013 01:06am
Pakistan and India are divided by barrier of religion - this is a barrier man can never overcome. Germanies were united, UK and Ireland are in great terms now and Koreas will join in future. India and Pakistan can't. So stop living in a dream world. Our ancestors screwed us and I for one, don't mind living in a poor and corrupt country rather living in a poor, corrupt and fundamentalist religious country. India is in a transition phase right now - just like Europe was in renaissance- you can see by gamut of conflicts in ideas, protests and social changes. We are late by many centuries but at least we are changing. But this ensures, hopefully, my kids and their kids will have a much better and peaceful life than me. Much better than the kind you are preparing for your kids. Good Luck (and I mean it!)
Bbbb Jan 26, 2013 12:59am
The whole idea of the partition was to create a separate homeland for Muslims, in the areas which comprise the Muslim majority, and a homeland for Hindus, of areas which comprise of Hindu majority. And the governments of both countries would protect the rights of minorities. Not to resettle all of the population. Where did you get the idea from? And also in the original resolution of partition, there was the mention of two separate countries for Muslims, one in the north-west, and the other in the east. Even the name propose by Ch Rehmat Ali, Pakistan, was derived form the parts that were to be the proposed areas of Pakistan,. "P" from Punjab, "A" from Afghania (Proposed name for the area, what is now K-Pk),"K" from Kashmir, "S" from Sind and "TAN" from Baluchistan, No mention of Bengal, as it was by then treated as being a separate future country. It was by the efforts of Maulvi Fazal Haque (Sher-e-Bengal) that East Bengal joined Pakistan, only to be separated again, by the unfortunate circumstances, and the follies of the then demagogues, on both sides and by the physical efforts of those who were opposed to the idea of a homeland for Muslims. By the way are you not happy that at least some of your fellow Muslims are out of the shackles of BJP, Narendra Modi, Gang rape of Delhi, Bapu...and ....
Chaman Jan 26, 2013 12:32am
How true. Love you my brother
sameer Jan 25, 2013 11:37pm
@ nazar Ahmed. Indian will be more than happy for all 200 million to travel back to Pakistan. Thank you. But a fact, except few Pakistan trained twisted minds, most of them would still prefer to live in india. Your so called unmah is nothing but a bigot, back word, factory of terror.
Anush Singh Jan 25, 2013 05:10pm
Nazar: So, what's stopping you from moving to Bangladesh or Pakistan? Sell your property (if any) and just move to your "pyaara pakistaan" and see what it feels like to be a Mohajir. Good luck. India can do without thankless people like you. Anush
Shahjee Jan 25, 2013 11:07pm
I appreciate Abro shab's wishes but we must have a reality check. We are in times when India is almost hijacked by Saffron terrorists. They are not just ruling Gujarat, they are eying to oust Congress Govt. from center too. This congress is also the same who prides itself on dividing east and west Pakistan. So while our writers are shaping public mode to be friendly with India, opposite is going on in India since last 10 years when India has enjoyed more economic gains then Pak and when Pak is the place where war on terror is going on over a decade. We must educate common Pakistanis on this and bring shame to India for 70,000 murders in Kashmir, continue occupation of poor Kashmiries and other terrorist acts as finally accepted by Indian ministers, in international community. Pak must also destroy all terror groups which are being used by external players like Saudia for sectarian killings and who are also available on rent for other agencies. Only armed group should be the army and no one else.
GoodCop Jan 25, 2013 03:25pm
Please leave as soon as possible..And don't speak for all the muslims in India..I know many who are perfectly happy to be in India rather than in Pakistan or Bangladesh..BTW do you not know so many bangladeshi muslims are taking refuge in India?
Gautam Jan 25, 2013 10:50pm
Khuda Bux Saab, Very good article and thoughts. i appreciate it. Personally i feel that it may take 2 Generations to solve Ind-Pak problems. We dont need War or controversies to get it done. We just need Akal. We need more people like you. Keep up the good work! GS from Germany
Z Khan Jan 25, 2013 10:38pm
Mr Abro I don't know what your age is but if you are anything under 65 than I am surprised to see such kind of article from you. I, being a 30 odd year old Pakistani can tell you one thing with utmost certainty that I love my country to bits. I have respect for India and Indians but it offend me to see articles like yours getting space in a highly respected Pakistani newspaper like Dawn just because you seems to be in pain over something which happened more than 65 years ago. we have to accept ground realities. we have a long standing existential dispute with India for the past 65 years which has been accepted by the world in the shape of UN resolutions. we have already suffered a killing blow in the shape of military aggression from the said country in 1971 and make no mistake they will repeat the same whenever they get an opportunity. as a result being a small country we had to acquire weapons and military strength which was way beyond our means to defend ourselves against this big aggressive neighbor and as a result generations of Pakistanis suffered economically. I am from that generation of Pakistanis who remember these hard facts. I am for peace and all this Aman ki asha thing but it seems guys like you take it to the next level.
Cyrus Howell Jan 24, 2013 12:23pm
Similarly, we are ruled by the bureaucracy, politicians, waderas, businesspeople, the army and those who have clothed themselves in the mantle of the Edwardian Englishmen. Each mini messiah tells his people to follow the
Nasir Kazmi Jan 25, 2013 03:22pm
Ok Then compare your self with Afghanistan where you will find 34 provinces.
Akram Jan 25, 2013 09:56pm
I'm shattered to hear that.
Peace lover Jan 25, 2013 07:51pm
Good article - I think most of the people who commented here (including a good number of Indian readers of Dawn which is a positive sign) are missing the point! We just need to be good neighbours who share common culture like for instance USA and Canada. No need to bring down borders. I don't think I would like to be called an Indian because I was born in a new country and am proud to be a Pakistani. Currently I'm in New York and have travelled to Europe and globally, but never been to India which is sad. Might not get visa even if I want to! That has to change. We need to trade with each other and make things easier for people to travel and do business. Besides some incident like a Mumabi attack or firing across the border stops the process of dialogue and generates hate. Do we wonder who gains from that - Military or terrorists or whoever? We need to stop investing in defence and feed our people first before anything else. A peaceful and loving atmosphere across both borders would be a good step towards that goal!
Jagdish Jan 25, 2013 04:54pm
Sour grapes
Ajmal Khur Jan 25, 2013 09:47pm
There appears to be several commenters here who are rewriting history. 1. India before 1947 was never a single, contiguous country. It consisted of hundreds of states. 2. What is popularly known as "Partition" was actually the creation of three nations in that area. 3. Pakistan was imposed on Jinnah and the term "Pakistan" was used metaphorically until it became obvious that the Brits, Patel and Nehru were bent on a physical Pakistan.
umesh bhagwat Jan 24, 2013 12:26pm
That's the spirit! Agar awam ekta chahti hai,to duniya ki koi taqat use rok nahi sakti!
Kumar Jan 25, 2013 04:52pm
Please , your are welcome to move
Jagdish Jan 25, 2013 04:52pm
The community that invests in education and peace are most economically secure. Even in UK and US, Indian community is more prosperous as a community due to its hard work and investment in education. For every Gujrat there are a million success stories.
Jagdish Jan 24, 2013 12:23pm
I like the article but it has over simplified the situation by trying to equate India and Pakistan all the time. For instance - India was not created on lines of religion as mentioned in the article.. No Pundit rules in India.. all religions are equal and anyone can become the PM, President, Party Leader, Army head, Captain of the Indian sports team, etc.... we are the same people ... but the world sees India as more liberal in views, advanced and accepting of differences
K G Surendran Jan 25, 2013 01:42pm
This applies more to Pakistan - the mullah has huge influence there but the pandit has no such influence in India and after 66 years we have drifted so far apart that this nostalgia is misplaced all because some Muslims thought they could not be ruled by their Hindu brethren but in today's India religion is not a consideration but increasingly merit is irrespective of your faith - APJ Abdul Kalam is so popular because he is a great human being and a fantastic Indian. Yes what is common on both sides is our POVERTY and of course, corruption but what is uncommon is the way the two countries are tackling it A lot of Indians, after seeing the problems in present day Pakistan heave a sigh of relief However, it is extremely important that as neighbors our governments should behave in a matured manner but when one is dealing with Pakistan one has to be realistic since we are dealing with a ARMY having a STATE where the political leadership has no powers, so more often than not the dialogue process is always disrupted
Ramesh C Manghirmalani Jan 25, 2013 02:48pm
Just aand simply Fantastic- It means a lot to me and I cried
Ajmal Khur Jan 25, 2013 09:35pm
You need to read Abul Kalam Azad's book. Your perception is beclouded.
Nasfan Jan 25, 2013 09:41pm
Talk about yourself and not for all Indian Muslims. No one is stopping you to go to Pakistan. OR even better, just jump into Arabian sea its the same thing and you'll get the same feeling. Idiots like you are the reason why Muslims are not trusted. Saale khate yahaan hain aur chahte vahaan jaana. Jao koi nahi rokta lekin sare musalmaanon ko badnaam mat karo. sabka dimaag itna kharaab nahin hai.
Ajmal Khur Jan 25, 2013 09:28pm
You need to look at the pre-1947 map of "India". It consisted of a gazillion states and was never a single, contiguous, country. What is erroneously called "Partition" actually laid the foundation for the three countries that exist in that region today.
Ajmal Khur Jan 25, 2013 09:33pm
You're re-writing history. Patel and Nehru conspired with the British to create Pakistan. Jinnah did not want a physical Pakistan until it became clear that the three entities mentioned above were bent on giving the Mslims an infirmed country. Jinnah did not want to divide Punjab and Bengal. Pakistan was imposed on Jinnah.
Aamir Jan 25, 2013 02:05pm
Nazar Saab I feel empathy with your cause, one can only imagine the heartfelt emotional grief you must be suffering on a daily basis.I think you should take your kin and immediately relocate to the land of the pure so that you can be one with your Ummah.We will miss you but our hearts will be glad that your brothers will treat you well , I mean please refer to MQM for help in settling in. Alvida
bharat4peace Jan 25, 2013 09:01pm
Good article. I would like to say that people of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh irrespective of their religious belief have one one unique culture. The Muslims of Pakistan or Bangladesh are different from the other Arab Muslims where they will never be accepted as equals. I wish I can see these countries unite during my life time.
against slavery of beliefs Jan 25, 2013 08:40pm
I dont think indians have problem in electing Muslim prime minister but unfortunately they are wary that he will create one more partition. Muslims in India still attached to jihadi Pakistan unfortunately (not the intellectual pakistan), I still see majority of them celebrating openly wins of pakistan cricket team against India. Check with your muslim friends in cities like hyderabad and Mumbai. Check their comments in dailies like siasat. I would love to see leaders worthy of trusting but we see only fools like owaisi. People like MJ Akbar, Javed akhtar are well respected. President APJ Abdul Kalam was mobbed like a rockstar by 1000s of postgraduate scholars in a delhi conference. Produce if capable one secular leader whom hindus can trust, who has worked for the development of india from grass roots instead of playing to the gallery of muslim fanatics, I dont think Hindus will have problem with it. In their history they never bothered about the religion of king. But Muslim kings took it as weakness of native hindus and they had a problem with hindu religion. Probably every religion person except muslim religion can become prime minister of current India. I feel Muslims in India want to bring their own muslim brother as Prime minister not by trust but by rapidly multiplying and voting enbloc. which is the truth. Go and see yourself how many kids neighbouring hindu has and how many kids muslim has. If hindu has two muslim has 3. That is the firm undeclared belief running among them.
saurabh singh Jan 24, 2013 12:48pm
Unfortunately the people like you are shrinking at a rapid pace in both India & Pakistan, because of lack of literacy proper knowledge and guidance given by our institutions. People are not so intellectual today because 99% of them are either hungry or striving throughout in meeting their basic needs Again i will say political leaders are responsible for that.
Aiza Jan 24, 2013 12:44pm
Well that is a truth which needs strong modifications! So I don't agree with you, but let us not end up in the same old trap. Dear awam on both sides, we want the same bright future for our children so lets stand together. Enough is enough.
Anush Singh Jan 25, 2013 05:18pm
Tariq: The Two nation theory was demolished a long time ago when Bangladesh was created. And now you have the Sindhis and Baloch's fighting for a separate country. And then India probably has more muslims than you guys do (or very close). And when Pakistanis (and Indians) show up in the US and beg for Citizenship, what happens to the two nation theory. By that logic you should stay put in Pakistan. But the truth is that the world is moving away from religion and people want love, peace, development, etc. Not some jingoist solgans about God and religion to divide people. May Allah have mercy on your miserable soul and show you some light. Anush
Raj Jan 25, 2013 06:59pm
Nazar, all Indian Muslim is not non-believer of co-existence. Most of them know that the country separated on religion basis gets the separatist mindset based on culture (against Bengali Muslims) and sects (Ahmedis, Shias) too. I agreed on all the similarities between India - Pak listed by the author Mr Abro, except between the armies. This is the only listed difference I can say Indian army hardly interferes into the matters of civilian Govt. Everything else is just correct.
NASAH (USA) Jan 25, 2013 01:48pm
"Those who keep fortifying it don
deep Jan 25, 2013 10:27am
Poetry does not help - lamenting does not help. I wish you would ask your government to just solve cases and get the criminals to book - even with samjhouta - it was our police that got to col purohit - had we decided that we will not get to the truth, the innocent muslim boys nabbed would have been in jail. So instead of equating pakistan and india which I find extremely distasteful - please look inwards - and political expediency or not, I am glad we are looking at the so called terror camps of the sangh.
Naseem Meer Jan 25, 2013 07:57pm
Shah Ruk Khan said it all !
Rahul, Indai Jan 25, 2013 10:11am
well I appreciate the comparison but some facts are wrong, Indians are not ruled by an army secondly I personally have traveled to pakistan in 2005-2006 at the time when pakistan was a booming economy but at that time also one can feel the suffocating environment in cities and one can observe the difference in development and environment after crossing the amritsar border. Lot of things have changed since 65 years while India has gone forward and accepted pluralism, tolerance, modern science and accepted good things from western world while pakistan is going back to the 7th century medieval world.
Nazar Ahmed Jan 25, 2013 10:12am
Mr. Abro forgets that there are 200 million Muslims in India whose hearts and minds are with Pakistan and Pakistanis. We were betrayed and we were left behind, not able to settle in the land that we fought so hard for. Muslims in what is now India were the most passionate about our Pyaaraa Pakistan. the 1951 Liaqat-Nehru Pact put a stop to all that. Partition was a magnificent idea but incomplete Partition is bad for us Muslims. We should be allowed to resettle in Pakistan and in Bangladesh so that we can become one with the ummah.
Aiza Jan 24, 2013 12:33pm
Back to humanism! Could not agree more. Very well written, right from the heart - and far away from calculating and cheap politics that has been going on both sides of the border. We want a change, we want this subcontinent to flourish. We do not have any more patience or any thing left for the medieval wadera-system. WE WANT CHANGE NOW! Vote for Imran Khan, our last and only hope!!!
Sangat Singh Jan 24, 2013 12:33pm
I wish that people to people take the actions irrespective of the leaders.
Dr Khan Jan 24, 2013 01:34pm
Another masterpiece by Khuda Bux Abro. I want to add another thing to your list of similarities between India and Pakistan i.e. diseases. Throughout my life as a medical student I read books by British and American authors except one subject i.e "parasitology" written by an indian author Mr. Chatterji. The reason was very simple, the prevalence of these parasitic diseases is almost same in India and Pakistan.
a.k.lal Jan 24, 2013 01:41pm
very nice to read this kind of sentiments
Manoj Jan 24, 2013 01:42pm
Sorry to say but india has changed a lot in last 1 decade..... would have been possible in previous century but now its not acceptable to indian public .... infact it will give sleepless nights to indians if such idea is ever considered by india.....pakistan image has taken a deep dive in mind of indians and world as a whole ....
Feroz Jan 24, 2013 01:54pm
There is a fatal flaw in your narrative when you say that the Pandit rules in india like the Mullah in Pakistan. No Sir, you have to look at the World after getting out of the comfortable cocoon of Religion. India is a secular country out of choice, not compulsion. The reason we Indians are secular is because we hate being told how we should live our lives, what we should wear and how we should conduct ourselves by religious leaders of all colours. Secondly, India is not ruled by its Army who cannot decide the policies of the country or give direction too. We prefer to have it that way -- Army Chief will report to the Defense Secretary who has to report to the Defense Minister. The Government frames rules of conduct for all Army personnel, which have to be strictly followed, talking to the Press is not allowed, nor can the army decide its own budget and every rupee of the Tax payer has to be audited. Gen V K Singh the last Army chief was removed from his post and his retirement benefits seized for trying and playing to the gallery. India is a country with a glorious past that all Indians are proud of -- after the British looted the wealth and ran the task is to rebuild it brick by brick and reclaim it with hard work, sincerity and determination. All those who share common goals can join hands or we respect them for wanting to go their own way. We would not like to copy others but would rather adopt best practices from experience. Obstacles will come but they will be crossed with fortitude and dignity.
Syed Jan 24, 2013 01:55pm
Yeah, Instead of Pakistan, USA must be compared with India...
Md Imran Jan 25, 2013 04:45pm
Stop equating Pakistan == India. Pakistan is far more progressive, superior and culturally different than India. India has 5000 year old caste system that it refuses to let go, 75% of the people live on less than $1 a day, it has no roads and no water. These facts have been published by esteemed Indian journalists themselves like Arundathi Roy, KP Nayyar etc.. Yes, Pakistan has some problems with governance, but we dont have the same level or poverty or unequal society like India does. Besides, like Quaid said, we draw our inspirations from difference sources, our culture and heritage is from central asia and arab, India's core heritage is native and has not evolved. So such simplification of equating 2 nations is wrong, and hurts the sentiments of us Pakistanis.
heera Jan 24, 2013 02:05pm
By the way, its newer generation who has nothing to do with pakistan....I dont even care what is pakistan.....Stay out in your own land leave us alone....thats all we want...No friendship ,no enemity......
Akram Jan 24, 2013 02:12pm
Sir, aap azeem hain.
Jagdish Jan 25, 2013 04:45pm
Please check world opinion about India? For every gujrat like incidents, there are several instances of communal successes in the last 60 years...muslims are more free in India to practise their faith ask a Ahmediya, Shia, Bahai, Bohras, Sufis, Barelvis, Deobandis ...Christians, Paris, Sikhs...they are all part of the Indian mainstream..
Ahmed Sultan (India) Jan 25, 2013 04:43pm
When I will have the majority in lok sabha, I'll be the PM
common Jan 24, 2013 02:16pm
@Jagdish: you nicely described the 'Principles' of India but is it also 'reality' of India?
Silajit Jan 24, 2013 02:19pm
Agreed with most of the sentiments expressed. One blemish might be the rule on both sides by the army. This is not true of India. While Pakistan is an extreme end of the army having unlimited power, the Indian army (unfortunately) gets very short shrift in India and has less than zero political power.
jamil Jan 25, 2013 04:38pm
Actually I traveled to India in 2011. I discovered that Pakistan was a much better place to live. In Pakistan not only the lives of our average citizen was much better and egalitarian than in India, we don't treat our people as "untouchables". In Pakistan we have terrorism due to foreign power meddling but our people don't attack each other as community and butcher our self just because we belong to different religions. Yes we had a late start in democracy but we are building our democratic institutions on more sound footing now. I am glad we are Pakistan now.
Chaman Jan 24, 2013 02:35pm
Beautiful article. If we all stopped berating each other and find ways to dismantle the artificial wall of mistrust and mutual hatred, we can make progress and help each other improve lives. I pray that happens. We all have mutual responsibility to live in peace and harmony. If we don't let the clergy and politician shape our thinking, their power wil erode over time. We have to starve them of their blood lines, our blind trust and suport. If we realized that the real power resides in us and not with them, our destinies will improve. How long can we live in hate and hostility. It is sapping our energies and demeaning our souls. Let us begin to think on our own, shape our own views and perspectives and collectively build the subcontinent. We have the world class IQ, let us strengthen our EQs. Let us bury the hatchet and start afresh.
farhaz Jan 25, 2013 01:53pm
Are u sure that those 200 million Muslims are with u...?!!!
Refugee from Gujrat, Punjab Jan 24, 2013 02:44pm
Abroji: It was hearteninng to know that someone in Pakistan thinks the way you do. More heartening to know that you can express your thoughts in DAWN. Your comparison of India and Pakistan is only partially true. One is at least trying to change; the other digging in even deeper to hold the status quo. Haider Ali in his book Duel has a statement to the effect that: In 1947 Pakistan was created as a state not as a nation. Your analogy of the wall partitioning a court yard in a family is very relevant.
Amit Jan 24, 2013 02:54pm
distances do not make differences, differences make distances...
Oli Mukherjee (@piercefanatic) Jan 24, 2013 02:58pm
@Jagdish: Indians are not as free from communalism as we would like to believe.We need to look at our own mirror of communal riots,maltreatment of lower castes and a lot more before we realise that our notion of secularism is not as strong as we would like to believe. And as I have come to learn amongst a few Pakistani friends, homes of Pakistan are quite as secular as homes in India(not all homes on each side of the LOC though).
Oli Mukherjee (@piercefanatic) Jan 24, 2013 02:59pm
Nazar me rehte ho jab tum nazar nahi aate, yeh sur bulate hain jab tum idhar nahi aate
Anoop Jan 25, 2013 01:52pm
Mistaken. Not country(India would win that hands down in that too), but idea of the country, the system. Secular, Democracy trumps over Islamic Republic all the time.
VA Jan 25, 2013 11:10am
Before that entire train filled with Hindus were killed, next Hindus to Muslims. Not one sided. Our justice system punished both side people.Understand it. Justice takes time as they do not want to punish innocent. India truly system works and system improvement is going on. Do not make false predictions sitting on other side.
anup Jan 25, 2013 01:51pm
@Khuda Bux Abro Everything is true , except a few . Neither Modern India was not created on the basis of religion nor any Pundits rule here . I will be the first one to slap that pundit who chants against others . Not Religion , we only see capability . But I am not at all moved by your writings . If we were a same culture or we had a same capital , then Personalities like Mr.Laden would not have stayed some 35 kilometers away from Capital. We don't possess such culture at all. Whatever may be the current situation , we consider our land is the land of mahatma and Buddha's . Thanks
Jagdish Jan 25, 2013 01:43pm
I speak for the majority and do not take pride in being an apologist.. I honestly believe I said nothing wrong when I said India was not created on religious grounds and is secular allowing anyone with talent to succeed.. I gave example of PM, President, Army Chief, etc.. nothing wrong in that at all.
Fonzarelli Jan 24, 2013 03:36pm
"All religions are equal" are we to forget the Mumbai and Gujrat riots in which innocent Muslims were murdered based on their religious beliefs, while the authorities stood by and watched the slaughter. A Muslim PM or President is just a pipe dream. It is a fact that Muslim areas are impoverished and underfunded when it comes to education and employment. I think the words "advanced and accepting of differences" is still a long way off for this democracy.
Morad786 Jan 24, 2013 03:42pm
Substance is more important than form! Look at the underlying issues as a sociey and take the Bollywood spectacles off!
Aaron Murphy Jan 25, 2013 06:43pm
These riots you mentioned are just few dark spots in the history of India. But such riots and bombings make history of Pakistan. Every day pakistan news is full of bombings and killings. Not a day goes by where one religious/sect/ethnic/ideologic group massacres/bombs other religious/sect/ethnic/ideologic group in pakistan. You conveniently forget these facts. Only Muslim areas are impoverished and under funded? I can show you equally impoverised and under funded slums/areas where other religious people live in India. Do you know the history of Indian prime ministers and presidents? Do you know how many of them were from minority religions? Hint - our current prime minister is from a minority religion. You must get your facts right.
VA Jan 25, 2013 10:58am
Why did n't you check with Muslims from South India and write here?.
Da'Greek Jan 24, 2013 03:43pm
One difference. Us hindus (majority of them) dont go to the temple or follow the pundit. A majority of them would if at all visit temple a couple of times a year (at the most) and that is because they dont worship their religion. We do like it and love it but thats where is stays...we do not feel the need to congregate with the same fervor. So what is it that we do while not in temples...we are pursuing knowledge through studies, or money through a job or business. Is that really bad (I know the popular thought running through the mind is, ofcourse baniya auur kya karega)...but how does it harm anyone or lead us down a dangerous path...thats a question one needs to ask oneself
Mohammed Jan 24, 2013 03:46pm
I respect the intentions of this piece, however it oversimplifies the relationship between India and Pakistan , its peoples and has a rose tinted view of history.
saira Jan 24, 2013 03:49pm
we should unite to fight our real enemies: poverty, hunger, illiteracy
citizen Jan 25, 2013 04:37pm
i like the spirit of peace and love in the article. Truth is not so poetic. Pakistan was born out of hatred of then Muslims towards Hindus. This hate based on religion has not gone away. Kashmir and terrorism is the current symbols of Muslims hate towards Hindus. Until Muslims will treat Hindus with Love and live in Harmony, this friendship will remain dream.
John Jan 24, 2013 04:01pm
You are writing against Jinnah and his followers? You are writing against those who demanded to be separated from Hindu India? You are writing against those who did not see a future in Hindu India? You are writing against those who changed the Pakistani History text books so that Pakistanis can hate Hindus, Jews and other non Muslims? You are writing against those who will cease to exist if your dreams come true.
rita Jan 24, 2013 04:29pm
I don't understand the Pakistani affliction with religion. India does not have Pundits dictating our lives. What unfortunately let's the uneducated and useless political class call the shots is our lazy attitute and the famous "politics is a dirty game, who wants to get their hands soiled".
indian Jan 24, 2013 04:30pm
what is this obession of nuclear weapons with pakistan/india. cant be there any discussion which out mentioning nukes. no matter what subject we take there is always nukes. poverty-nukes, friendship-nukes, trade-nukes, bilateral issues-nukes, religion-nukes, culture-nukes, eat-nukes, sleep-nukes, puke-nukes. as if there are no nukes, then automatically all the ills will just disappear. as if every paise earned are spent on nukes. they are just deterrence, and should be mentioned only on extreme national security issues. depiction of garlanding, worshipping nukes, mentioning nuclear-armed-pakistan, nuclear-armed-india on every third word in a sentence feels so cheap and degradation of intellectual capacity of desi civilians. i have not heard military/political men mentioning nuclear weapons as often as depected in press. atleast in india, dont know about pakistan. Pls STOP using nuke word. Only use when relevent. For god sake...
Naim Naqvi Jan 24, 2013 04:39pm
Its just simply beautiful article that touched the heart.
rob Jan 24, 2013 04:40pm
True- partition was horrible. Why dpon't we ask those that wanted this?
Ahtasham Jan 24, 2013 04:44pm
This is an excellent article. We should have good relations. It will be good for both countries. Kashmir issue should be sorted out, which is a thorn in the peace process. Congress Party in India is very diplomatic in dealing this issue but it is not reciprocated by the Military and sussequent pakistani Governments. Most of the time, Pakistani Government and Military plays the role of hardliners as BJP of India. Peace will benefit Pakistan more than India in terms of trade and help them boost their economy. Pakistan will have a much bigger market for their products and better educational instituitions for their kids at much lower tuition.
Naim Naqvi Jan 25, 2013 11:22am
Very good realistic unbiased comparison indeed.
jee Jan 24, 2013 05:28pm
hei, this article catch sensitive attention and tried to explain feelings of hidden minds with sypathy and care,,its hardwork ,naturally writer have a point,,so so butt on the other hand i m very surprised to read comments butt congratulate Dawn news taht make every effort to bring facts in the form of news and articles,and also congratulations that ,,, all hindustan/bharat/india read Pakistani news paper(deniel or accep dont care reading Pakistani news papers) and posts comments or discuss its really amazing. ((really proud that Dawn news paper is the first news paper of Pakistan,now ))
mayank Jan 24, 2013 05:48pm
just loved the article
R.K.Mohindra Jan 24, 2013 06:22pm
Listen to Mr Jagdish's blog. Similar are my thoghts too. Emotionally written, but we are miles apart. India is not a theocratic state. Pakistan was not supposed be one either, according to its founder. But look what it has become or has been made by those who inhereted Pakistan. It is a sad commentry on the two nation theory. For proof, read Mr Khuda Bux Abro's article. Is it one nation or two nations ? Please don't compare the two. India has left Pakistan in dust bowl a long time ago.
S. Baluja Jan 24, 2013 06:25pm
I agree whole heartedly.
Nitin Jan 25, 2013 06:00pm
First, I wanted to reply you but then I read other comments and then realized I should not. I hope you find peace and true meaning of life somewhere.
Truth is bitter Jan 24, 2013 06:45pm
Ok that is one side of the story. Let me tell the other side. Indians think their cultural root exists in their soil. Pakistanis believe their cultural root comes from Arabia and Persia and the very idea that they are different from Indians in every aspects forms the basis of the formation of their beloved mother land. Homeless people, poverty, beggars are common in most of the world nations especially Asian nations and to some extent in developed countries. But ambition of a common Pakistani is to avenge for Bangladesh and settle score in Kashmir. Common Indian on the other hand aspires to earn respect among the peoples of the world and become a leader of the world despite his short comings. Speaking of electricity, mid night satellite picture of India is far brighter than Pakistan
tariq malik Jan 24, 2013 07:36pm
anyone can become the PM.... plz give chance to anyone from Muslim populace of india
tariq malik Jan 24, 2013 07:41pm
Mr. Khuda Bux Abro, if you like India this much than why don't you just shift there? Have you forgotten the basis of "TWO NATION THEORY"? Do you consider MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH" less intelligent than your own self? have you forgotten the many lives lost both by the PAKISTAN ARMY and our nation in the last many years?. Please wake up from your sweet dreams and come to normal.
jose thomas Jan 25, 2013 11:32am
...paragraphs of nothingness...full of meaningless froth signifying nothing...
PakAm Jan 24, 2013 07:49pm
Mr. Bux, how many Indian authoers, writers, journists and tv host are singing your song? The answer is none, on the contrary they are all playing war tunes. In Pakistan you guys have your heads in sands and body in the air that does not exists. You better start believing in gravity as a physical force or it it will hit you when you land on the ground of reality. Love hate relationships are the biggest strains on one's emotions and Indian and Pakistanis need to learn how to be indifferent as far as
Kausar.talat Jan 24, 2013 08:19pm
Pakistani passport of the author should be taken away and he be deported to India as a gift with one way ticket. May be he will then realize the value of pakistan
ahmed Jan 24, 2013 08:20pm
they should allow hazaras to leave for india
suresh kumar Jan 24, 2013 08:31pm
Everybody from both sides of the wall should read this article which really is HISTORICLE FACTS. Politicians from both sides of the wall are the REAL ENEMIES of the people. Please keep spreading this message and help all of us to live in peace.
Dr.Raj Jan 24, 2013 09:08pm
A common Indian looks at pakistan in the same way a doctor looks at a septic wound. Sorry Pakistani's but this is how we look at you folks. And who in his right mind would like to have a septic wound on his body??? We are good the way we are, lets build some better borders.
Mohan Menon Jan 24, 2013 09:10pm
Is this an article of seriousness or a story board of a possible bollywood flick.Damn funny narrative.It is pitiable that the author and many of his likes are still in the hangover of partition.For Indians they hardly care anything from that time,if they are bothered at all about Pakistan it is the possible terror threats from there.Behave maturely in words and deeds and have a healthy relation with India.And for God's sake if Pakistan wants to improve,stop comparing with India as there are hardly any similarities.
Different View Jan 24, 2013 09:39pm
I like your almost poetic take on India and Pakistan relations. I wish it was that simple to mend the ties. Don't be under the impression that you are alone who feels that the two countries should be closer to each other. Many people have shared your pain for years. We, the people, of the two countries know very well how similar we are. India had extended the hand of friendship many a times before. I wouldn't blame Indian leadership for not trying. I think Pakistan needs an open minded and visionary leader like Jinnah, who will guide Pakistan in the 21st century.
Dr.Raj Jan 24, 2013 09:58pm
Ekta for what?? does the world not know how the pakistanis ate their minorities, and how the population of minorities decreased from a double figure in percentage basis to 2% as per the latest census. Do you think that many number of people just vanish into thin air??? non man with common sense would like to have any +ve relation with these folks.
Kris Jan 24, 2013 10:35pm
Mr. Abro Sahib, your presentation here in "Dawn" made my day. I wish the walls of hate between India and Pakistan come down for our present and future generations as it happened to the wall which existed between East and West Germany.
anand Jan 25, 2013 03:44pm
My dear friend Nazar,for faking your identity as Indian muslim,you need to appear little more convincing.I know of thousands of US-based Pakistanis who claim to be of Indian-origin in all gatherings whenever they meet Americans.I have great respect for them & they are my friends. Please tell me your details,I can help you in getting Visa to Pakistan or simply mail me from your computer at and I can locate your exact position.Just try once. I assure you of all my help.
indian Jan 25, 2013 03:44pm
Anu Jan 24, 2013 11:47pm
Suresh Jan 25, 2013 12:12am
Thanks - wonderfully written and said, heard many times and still cant get over it. I wish in my lifetime if we could remove the man made barrier (LOC), it will be the greatest achievement of India and Pakistan, why cant our people move freely just like the birds, winds and animals. Why cant we both be tolerant and accept each others. See the Berlin Wall gone forever and Germany is a great power and stronger than any other Euro country. Respect Khuda Bux Abro.
Shridhar Subrahmanyam Jan 25, 2013 12:19am
Jagdish, you are absolutely right. The problem is that most Paksitanis do not want to acknowledge this one fundamental difference between our two nations. The Chief Justice of India is a Muslim and so is the chief of Intelligence Bureau. The Army chief is a Sikh, the Air Force is headed by a Christian, our PM is a Sikh and the Defence Minister is a Christian. We have our problems with the narrow mindedness among the more old fashioned and conservative elements. However, 60% of our population is below 40 years of age and they don't care what religion or sect you belong to as long as you are a patriotic Indian. We take pride in that fact as we are unique among developing nations to have that kind of diversity and still continue to be a democracy and a secular country.
rahul Jan 25, 2013 05:46pm
in india there is no katoti of light as pakistan no que on gas connection nd petrol lins like pakistan
Inamullah Jan 25, 2013 12:32am
The article is an intellectually extravagant and depicts the true picture on the both sides of the border in a very convincing manner. Thanks to the writer that he dealt the India Pakistan Relation outside the purview of the Kashmir, siachen, sir creek, water disputes and gave a humanistic perception of the relation. The article is worth cherishing and a lovely read for all times.
Alex Jan 25, 2013 01:06am
Just do not under stand how this author compared a secular democracy to a mere religious society. Such a sad state of lack of communication...
Ashish Jan 25, 2013 02:08am
Do you mean to say that Muslims were the ones demanding independence from Hindus? Not the other way round? I am afraid you're right.
Anush Singh Jan 25, 2013 02:42am
Umesh: I really wish and hope that both Indians and Pakistanis will realize that we are playing the game set by the British rulers before they gave us independence. They used the mutual distrust and competition between Nehru and Jinnah to divide a nation that was genetically and culturally one people with different religions. I think both Indians and Pakistanis have proven the British right - Only the Brits could rule united India. I hope in the future both sides will realize that we are culturally and many other ways very similar. All this nonsense of pakistanis being of Arab descent is sad. Hope they look at themselves in the mirror and realize their true origins. Until then, there will be some form of crisis or the other. Everyone needs to know their roots in order to feel complete. A civil request to everyone - Please refrain from abusive and foul language. We are in the 21st century. Unless you want to prove that the brutes left some of their offsprings behind. Anush
JP Singh Jan 25, 2013 02:59pm
Yes true - isnt it time we tried to reconcile to becoming one Nation again. IMAGINE !!!!!
Venkat Jan 25, 2013 03:45am
Enjoyed listening to the Urdu sound bytes. May your tribe increase Abro!
Anoop Jan 25, 2013 01:30pm
The reality of India is there were ZERO Hindu Terror attacks in India, in a population 1/6th of Humanity(1.3 Billion) in 2012. For the same period I can name 50 Islamic Terror incidences in the same time period for the Muslim world(1.4 Billion).
Aaron Murphy Jan 25, 2013 05:32pm
Indians and Pakistanis are different period. Now I see the great sense of Jinnah. He is a great visionary who did a great favour to India by getting rid of Pakistan. Thank God I cannot even think of undivided India, where foreign dornes would be attacking India on a daily basis and there would be a great civil war in the country killing thousands of people daily. Forget about foreign direct investments, developement, progress and peace.
Observer Jan 25, 2013 04:10am
What useless article. If trade, economy, science, and technology cannot be the biggest common element between India and Pakistan, nothing can be. Trade and cooperation in education and technology is what is needed much more. Wake up visual art people. Live in world of reality.
J Saeedi Jan 25, 2013 04:11am
I appreciate Mr Abro's emotional sentiments. The question is how can we let bygones be bygones! Lessons have to be learned from history....not forgotten. A very pertinent analysis in Maulana Abul Kalam's book (in the 30 odd pages which which were held back and now released) results in this conclusion that the Cabinet Mission Plan was turned down by Congress (after it was accepted by Muslim League & the Congress) when the respected Indian statesman Pandit Nehru became it's President in 1946. There were definite communal undertones in this decision within Congress....this was the time in history when the majority community should have shown statesmanship and should have honored the agreement. Pakistan is now a vibrant reality and will come out of it's current tri
Dhanus Jan 25, 2013 04:34am
Why are pakistanis so obsessed with India??? You guys mingle with your central asian brothers and become like them.
Oracle Jan 25, 2013 04:37am
It is easy to say I am better than you. The question is not who is better than whom ( like meri tumse badi hai...) the point is what can be ! It is easy to hate, give your ego a massage - but is it so difficult to empathise ? It is easy to become a "SHER" (tiger) , but is it so difficult to be a HUMAN BEING? Humans are the only animal who can watch their thoughts. Have we stopped analysing our thoughts ? Have we stopped being human ? We want to live in the world with a false sense of bravado without ever achieving anything individually in life. We have individually not been able to conquer our dark side (of hatred, lies, jealousy, violence, will to put others down.......) but we want to conquer others to prove that we are stronger ? What is that strength which ridicules another human being but is not able to help him ? Mitti se aaye hain, Mitti mein mil jayenge, Chale the Hawaon ko nam dene;
rich Jan 25, 2013 04:46am
india and [akistn is quite different, in behaviour,food,culture ect, pakistn have some similarity with indian punjab/haryana delhi ect but that is not even 5% of indiaa population our thinking in terms of attitude towards life religion is so different, u havee mentioned common taste for music but then a english song which is a hit in the west is also hit in india that does not make us similar, good things are appreciated everywhere, some arabic song are very popular in india bec of its catchy tunes what should be the point is though we are different, we can live togather that should be our motto, Richie
Dev Jan 25, 2013 04:52am
Foundations of both countries are different, India practices religious equality while Pakistan do not, in fact religious minorities are prosecuted in Pakistan, even the law is against them. India is governed by politicians and the army has limited role, while in Pakistan it is just reverse, the real power is with army while politicians are mere puppets who can be overthrown at any time.
Krishna Jan 25, 2013 04:53am
It was first pakistanis who seperated from India saying that hindus and muslims are two seperate nations and that they can't live together.. we agreed.. and now they say we should come closer..If we had to come closer then why the hell did pakistan get seperated from India.. I think it is better for both the nations to live their own life without bothering and comparing
Siddharth Manu Jan 25, 2013 12:35pm
Written from the heart of a true human being. I am totally with you and I feel the same pain.
Mark Edward Croy Jan 25, 2013 01:02pm
brilliant essay...thank you
jen Jan 25, 2013 05:13am
India is secular(means everyone can practise their faith without fear), Pakistan is Theocratic(Anything except a particular version of Islam has to be eliminated). India is a shining example of living and let live, pakistan is a shining example of a warped mind. India's population is 120 crores and pakistan's is close to 1/6th of India's. The only established fact out of partition is, If Muslims are allowed to manage any country, that country is going to be a disaster. Period.
Shankar from India Jan 25, 2013 05:55am
Great article, in the spirit of friendship! As a people we also need to sour-search instead of blaming the politicians for all the ills. I am 61 years old and go to temples regularly, once a week. Not once has a poojari or pundit ever said anythig againt Pakistan to me. The Hindu religious leaders in India are powerless and can influence nobody! If they preach hatred they will be put behind bars. There are some political leaders who may spew hatred against Pakistan but that has little effect on the general public in India. What creates maximum bitterness in India are stuff like the Mumbai attack and the beheading of its sodiers. Unfortunately India sees Pakistan as being full of people who harbour extreme hatred towrads India. In India, the ruling party, the Congress, genuinely wants friendship with Pakistan but I am afraid the general sentiment in India is a mixture of worry and anger towards Pakistan.
Dinesh Jan 25, 2013 05:55am
Yes there are so any similarities and it is pity that we are not friendly nations despite being similar Main point of difference is that Pakistan always tried to be different from idea of India and had that not been the case may be need for Pakistan wouldn
nitindivekar Jan 25, 2013 06:04am
As a human being I feel sorry for the peace loving people in both countries. The way Indian media handled the beheading news was outrages. Beheading is not a news phenomenon both Indian and Pakistani soldiers have been beheaded in the past by each other which is nothing but barbaric.The most unfortunate thing was the dancing of Indian politicians and government on the tunes of media. Both nations have made their armed forces holy cows, we can not question them and we have to believe their version of story. when journalist from one side of the border is interviewed over some conflict he is seen as the spokesperson of governments and when he accepts some hard facts about his own country he termed as an agent. I hope someday we will grow up to understand that we can be nationalist without hating each other,
Anoop Jan 25, 2013 06:07am
"It doesn
Pakistani Jan 25, 2013 05:29pm
Mr. Puljoseph, as far as peace is concerned, I agree with you and Mr. Abro. That said, India and Indians must realize and accept the partition. Pakistan can never be a part of India again. This fact must be accepted by both people of India and leaders of India. Similarly, I don't agree with people in Pakistan wanting to invade India in any way. I believe, both countries should respect each others' borders and boundaries. Partition of Indian sub-continent happened for a reason. You can still witness the reasons during Gujrat massacre, demolishing of Babri Mosque, and similarly, the reasons are also apparent in Pakistan, where Hindus fear for their lives. Extremism is not just in Pakistan, but it is also in India, only the faces of these extremists and terrorists are different. If both India and Pakistan learn to live without dreaming of conquering eachother, then only both the countries can progress in real sense and the dividents can received by common people who are dying of hunger.
JP Singh Jan 25, 2013 02:37pm
why dont you cross over ???
khoso Jan 25, 2013 07:00am
rahul Jan 25, 2013 07:01am
i see article after articles saying poor public was divided by politicians...and there is lot of love between people...that is simply not true...pakistan was created after muslims (including those who now comfortably live in india and have no sense of guilt or shame) overwhelmingly voted for muslim homeland and then as part of direct action day forced hindus out of their motherland.... I will not blame muslims entirely because so called pseudo seculars in hindu community includes congress..even today work against their own community like they have been since muslims first came to india...
Komal S Jan 25, 2013 07:06am
I have been following Dawn for well over 5 years, and it is interesting to see the number of articles in Pakistan talking about bringing the walls down. There are lots of people in Pakistan questioning the religious divide. On the other hand in India lots of voices are saying, glad that Pakistan was separated and we do not have to deal with the headache. It might be worth analysing the changing mindset on either side of the border
Parameswaran N.S Jan 25, 2013 07:10am
Kudha Bux Abro The spirit of the article is appreciated. However you have contrived to create an artificial equality between Pakistan and India. This is totally wrong and unacceptable. India and Indian leaders never wanted / supported or fought for partition. It was Jinnah and his ideological mentor Allam Iqbal who propounded the hypothesis that Muslims are a separate "QUAM" in terms of religion/culture/food/attire and hence cannot co-exist with the IDOL Worshiping Hindus. It is the MUSLIM leadership which fought for / demanded / and agitated for a Islamic Pakistan. Nehru and Gandhi fought this and Mr Gandhi even went to the extent of offering the post of PM to Jinnah. But the Muslim League indulged in Blackmail of the fledgling Nation by demanding extreme levels of autonomy for "So-called" Muslim areas and specifed no of seats for Muslims etc etc which went against the SECULAR moorings of the Independence Movement. When this was rejected and rightly so the MUSLIMS partitioned India. This is the reality.
Joe India Jan 25, 2013 07:31am
Nice one & I Appreciated your intention. But one correction with Mr.Jagdis bhai's comment - "I like the article but it has over simplified the situation by trying to equate India and Pakistan all the time. For instance
makraja Jan 25, 2013 05:25pm
dont agree umesh if we dont even lament then we accept what happened was right! adios my friend
Saurabh Jan 25, 2013 07:45am
Do not blame leaders all the time. They do not drop from the sky. Majority of public elects them and these leaders only do what their people want them to do. I have never met an Indian (except maybe Muslim Indians) who wants friendship with Pakistan. Maybe in border areas, some families who had root in Pakistan want to meet people from other side of the border.
Jagdish Jan 25, 2013 02:18pm
You are welcome to disagree. But I do not want to generalize and reduce facts just to be agreeable.
Ganesh (India) Jan 25, 2013 07:56am
Keep on dreaming bro... Now a days I see this increasing tendency in most Pakistani writer's to identify themselves with 'Subcontinent' culture. They dont have humility to accept it as Indian Subcontinent as rest of world identifies it. There are 25 - 30 provinces in India where as there are 3-4 in Pakistan. At best only 2-3 provinces of Pakisthan share common culture with those in India. How can author refer both India and Pakistan tries to equate both countries?? I dont want to hurt ordinary Pakistani citizen by this comparison but that is the fact.
amit Jan 25, 2013 08:00am
Yes, even "liberal minds" think that wall was erected by both sides, so that they can be equated. obviously 'liberlas of other side are not as liberal buit conditioned but wish to be presented as liberals. Fact is at the time of independence, true democratic leaders even muslims like Maulana preferred India. Kahn Abdul gaffar, never digested the idea of pakistan, becuase he was true patriotic. It is handful of people who wanted to encash the opportunity to become political masters by fooling people on name of religion. Effects of such Sham country are visible to everyoner in full galore, howeverr patriotic ego of these liberals is blinding them from the truth.
Hamid(Mumbai) Jan 25, 2013 02:14pm
well a muslim has already been the president of the state earlier(APJ Kalam) and inshallah one day another muslim will be PM of the state... sabke aakhon ka nishaan, mera pyara hindustan... long live INDIA.
A Jan 25, 2013 02:11pm
That may be your opinion, It is certainly not ours!
Bbbb Jan 25, 2013 08:26am
Last time I checked, there was no barrier on the use of the Internet, every one is free to shout his/her heart out. But even in the most modern societies, you would like to emulate, there is a fence between adjoining houses, the kids just gather at the weekends, in the park outside, or a nearby open place or a wide road to play cricket. Now, if you ban cricket, that is a worry.
MKB Jan 25, 2013 08:28am
Thank you Mr. Khuda Bux for your very frank and straight talk. But Sir is it fare to equate both in single frame? I think no. India was not born or immerges. It was there, it was there for thousands of year. It had been only cut in to pieces by the few people who suddenly think that they are different. But India had over come that trauma. Give nation a constitution which has been drafted by not a Pundit but by an out cast. Today India has Brahmin President, Muslim Vice President, Sikh Prime Minister, Muslim Chief Justice, Muslim Foreign Minister and the list is long. She does not see her son & daughter in the prism of personal belief. India never refuges any one. All came and gone, but they did not able to change of the heart of thousands of years soul of India. The big animosity of today is; they want to change that soul of India which had been nourished, evolves year after year
Puljoseph India Jan 25, 2013 08:30am
It really Good as well as thinkable statement. I appreciate the author about his willingness, thought of millions of people of both countries. the brotherhood war efforts should be avoided and try to take necessaries to combine like Germany. It can be happened. If happened, we will be fourth the world supreme power nation. But the both countries politicians never allowed
Umesh Gupta Jan 25, 2013 08:44am
Why lament Mr Abro. Things are not going to change.
usa Jan 25, 2013 05:20pm
one mistake now india is not ruled by pundit.they have become one of the worst class in hindu economically
Nobody Jan 25, 2013 08:58am
And the race begins to prove which country is better then the other...