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Shahzeb murder case: SC orders police to produce accused in court

Published Jan 07, 2013 05:25am


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Supreme Court of Pakistan. — Photo by AFP

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Monday expressed dissatisfaction over police report on Shahzeb murder case, DawnNews reported.

A three-member bench of the Supreme Court was hearing the suo moto notice taken by the chief justice over the Shahzeb murder.

The Inspector General of Sindh Police Fayyaz Leghari appeared in the court for hearing.

During the hearing DIG-South Shahid Hayat said that according to the records the main accused in the case Shahrukh Jatoi had traveled to the UAE under a different name and adding that the information of Shahrukh arrival in UAE was conveyed by the counsel general of Dubai.

He also said that it is a common malpractice under which people traveled using someone else’s name.

“Interpol was contacted for the arrest of the accused”, said Shahid Hayat.

The Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said in his remarks that IG Sindh and DIG should have been suspended but other than that the sub-inspector was suspended over the issue.

Moreover he said that the attempt was also made to close the case by registering the second FIR.

The CJ also said that influential people were behind the murder and IG Sindh also knew that who is responsible for the murder adding that police gives the opportunity to the accused to escape.

“FIA had assisted the accused to escape the country by giving wrong information,” said chief justice.

The court dismissed the plea submitted by the police to postponed the deadline for 15 days and instructed them to arrest the accused by tomorrow.

Directing the police to present Shahrukh Jatoi in court on Jan 10, the bench adjourned the hearing to the said date.


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Comments (23) Closed

Tahir Jan 07, 2013 07:02am
When will the Apex Court take notice of the rampant lawlessness and impunity that plagues our society in general? The justices dilute their mandate by getting embroiled in matters that should be dealt with by local authorities. The court ought to concern itself with the systemic problems in the society
A Ercelan Jan 07, 2013 06:46am
so much fuss over a single murder in DHA, but sleeping on the murders of hundreds in baldia factory.
Emmad Jan 07, 2013 06:38am
Let not our hopes extinguish yet, its just the beginning of a new day. Imagine thousands of those cases, which are murdered cold blooded but never are reported , registered or heard. ..... This alone case has sent clear message to all Vadeera and notorious powerful people that they also can be dragged in the court.
Imran Jan 07, 2013 06:35am
This has become quite common for some time. The only difference is that (late) Shahzeb's father was a DSP. I was threatened in 2011 by some VIP after his car banged into mine at a traffic signal. ?? His guards snatched my car keys from the ignition and pulled by my hair. Those guards were proper uniformed ones. City was karachi. I am sure there are countless poor souls like myself out there who have no way to take those official criminals to task. Sad and shows a crumbling system.
Maaz Jan 07, 2013 06:35am
If thats the situation of a country`s law and order, where a DSP is fighting to get justice for his murdered son. I can`t even imagine the situation of under-privileged and the masses......!! Even Supreme Court`s Order are not implemented properly (or being delayed wilfully) to give extra an attempt to save the killers (rather powerful killers). i.e. Feudal Elite...
Khalid Jan 07, 2013 10:32am
This is the test of judiciary and police force in Pakistan. The people are too powerful as they are friends of the people in high positions. I was surprised to read in Dawn yesterday that the fatherof one of them has reported to have said that everything has been sorted out. God know what that means in real terms but a layman like me can only assume that pribes have exchanged hands already. Also, how come one of the accused left the country without going through the proper immigration process. That clearly shows that people in the know can do anything, literally. Kill and leave the country. What a shambles it is. These boys should be captured and brought to justice and made an example of. Otherwise, people of Pakistan will never forget the judiciary, police and politicians. Never.
Nony Jan 07, 2013 07:07am
It is very good that we see powerful people being subject to law. like it. SC must ensure that justice should be made available to every citezen of country not only to those where people and media put pressure and compel SC to take notice, rather courts should now start being proactive.
Syed Ahmed Jan 07, 2013 06:09am
Hang all these blighters upside down from the nearest lampost and you will see how quickly this filthy lot will change. Murderers, looters and other assorted scum of the earth should realize that running away from Pakistan will no longer be a solution. Many decades ago the State of Israel started the poilcy of kidnapping Nazi war criminals and bringing them to justice in Israel, the most famous of which was Adolph Eichman. A new government in Pakistan may choose to adopt a similar policy. You may keep your ill-gotten wealth in Swiss Banks but it would be of no use to you when you are hanging upside down in Kot Lakpath.
Chumpa Jan 07, 2013 12:19pm
What about the innocent health workers administering polio vaccines who were gunned down?
Tariq Jan 07, 2013 06:12am
Ugly events and repulsive role of police and executive to protect criminals is the cause for rise in incidences of violence, murder, rape, extortion and kidnapping for ransom in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan.
Muhammad Jan 07, 2013 05:46am
What is next? As usual as per our (Pakistan) past history, the case will be forgotten in coming days despite Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had taken a suo motu notice in this case.
Saleem Jan 07, 2013 07:11am
Doesn't look to me like. It seems progress is being made to nab the culprit, even from overseas. Lets hope the murderer is caught and punished soon.
ishrat salim Jan 07, 2013 05:35am
Cleaning is needed in Khomeini did....
KS Jan 07, 2013 07:29am
Well at least praise CJ for whatever he is doing to get the family of the poor kid justice.
Husain Jan Jan 07, 2013 07:24am
Although brother Muhammad is very right in his comments as influentials are never punished in our God gifted country. Even if he is arrested our history shows that he will likely to be bailed out, the case will go on lingering till it goes off the minds of masses /media and then nothing is likely to happen in the end. It is getting more and more apparent that this country is now left only for Wadera and Choudhry saheban. Let's hope against hope that the accused will not be let off and our CJ saheb will follow the case till its end.
Fayz Jan 07, 2013 07:00am
The case will not be forgotten InSha Allah. This suo motu notice will reach its end. Shahrukh will be punished for what he has done, and so would be his backers.
Naeem syed Jan 07, 2013 11:06am
A humble request to the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan. Sir, for too long the involvement of the authorities in aiding and abetting the influential and their scions Get away with any and everything has to be stopped at some point to really have a law abiding Society. Sir, I would request that all the Police, Immigration any one else found to have helped these criminals escape the country be tried right alongside of them for obstruction of justice. This was the sworn duty of these officers to uphold the Law not to withhold the Law. The public has also got to wake up from the pathetic state that they have hid themselves. If we let someone just trample us they will do it over and over again. Wake up people! Today it was Shahrukh Jatoi exercised his lineages right to trample and kill with audacity, but it is also our right to live in a law-abiding, God given Equal rights Society without fear. In today's Pakistan who is to be feared more, the criminal who does what he does or the Police who don't do what they are supposed to do.So who is the real criminal. Sir you can only do so much. Your Suo Moto action has brought a ray to focus on this culture of Favors by the law enforcing agencies. Sir, now let there be spotlight on them. Send every one of those involved in this obstruction of justice to jail so that no one again dares to be a law unto themselves.
mazhar Jan 08, 2013 10:32am
May Allah help us & Pakistan and throw away these rubbish people who are killing innocent people and asset of Pakistan - Another young & highly educated brain killed.- Mazhar Rashid
Tahir Jan 07, 2013 07:01am
When will the Apex Court take notice of the rampant lawlessness and impunity that plagues our society in general? The justices dilute their mandate by getting embroiled in matters that should be dealt with by local authorities. The court ought to concern itself with the systemic problems in the society - rather than specific cases no matter how jarring a particular event may have been.
Asad Jan 07, 2013 09:27am
I beg the Supreme Court to make this case an example for every one. I think Allah provides us with opportunities through these tragic events to change our destiny. This is the time to get rid of the elitism, opprtunitism ,waderaism, jageeraism and prove to each and every Pakistani that no one is above law. No amount of money or influence would save you if you commit a crime. I beg the police officers and every one who is involved in this case to see in this young mans eyes their own future generations. Please don't miss this opportunity. It is indeed a blessing in disguise.
asiya Jan 07, 2013 08:23am
we all want justice,
Akram Butt Jan 07, 2013 09:18am
Chief Justice is doing his best but society is so corrupted that what a court can do ? we need to change the mind set of peoples do not worry things will change soon or later for better. How long these kind of injustices can go ? imagine is arrest of accused of possible ten years back ? things are changing be patient
SK Jan 07, 2013 03:13pm
Thank you CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry!