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Abdul Qadeer Khan registers party for vote

Published Nov 28, 2012 10:48am


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Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. — File photo

ISLAMABAD: Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, who is regarded as the father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb, has registered a new political party to contest for the first time general elections expected next year, officials said Wednesday.

Many Pakistanis regard Khan, 76, as a hero for building the Muslim world's first atomic bomb but in the West he is considered a dangerous renegade since admitting in 2004 to selling nuclear secrets on the black market.

In July, he set up the Tehrik-i-Tahafuzz Pakistan to contest the 2013 elections and to campaign for an end to endemic corruption.

But attendance at his public meetings has been sparse and Dr Khan is unlikely to emerge a serious contender at the ballot box despite his popularity.

A spokesman for the Election Commission of Pakistan confirmed to AFP that the Tehrik-i-Tahafuzz Pakistan was among 19 new political parties whose registration was approved on Tuesday.

The election is expected to mark the first time that a democratically elected civilian government in Pakistan completes a full term in office and hands over to a new, elected administration.

The party’s secretary general Chaudhry Khurshid Zaman said Dr Khan had yet to decide whether to stand himself for election but that as chairman, he would guide the party through the campaign.

“Our party has been registered, we will take part in the elections with full strength,” Zaman told AFP.

“The whole country is burning, price hikes, unemployment, the energy crisis, poverty and other heinous problems have made public life miserable.

“Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has joined politics to change this face of Pakistan and he is the only hope. All other political parties have failed.”

No date has been announced for the polls, but state media has quoted Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira as saying they would be held in May.

Rohail Akbar, a spokesman for Tehrik-i-Tahafuzz Pakistan, said the party would form an alliance with right-wing parties, but not those in government or main opposition party Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz headed by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Dr Khan admitted to selling nuclear secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea, but later retracted his remarks.

In 2009, he was freed from house arrest in Islamabad, although he remains under pressure from the authorities to keep a low profile.


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Comments (29) Closed

Morad786 Nov 28, 2012 02:51pm
nice wish! the world of national and global politics and interest do not work thar way...
Hasan Askari Nov 28, 2012 03:05pm
Imran Khan, AQ Khan, Sher Khan etc Khans only rules Bollywood not Pakistan politics
shafeeq Nov 28, 2012 02:18pm
please only support to imran khan. this last hope for bright pakistan, if not then we do not need pakistan
Asim Nov 28, 2012 05:48pm
Wow, Great Decision...
Muhammad Nov 28, 2012 10:00pm
He should join Imran Khan and campaign with him as a surrogate. Lots of people will listen to him if he stays out of politics himself, but joins, like others have done. At least, just endorse Imran Khan.
adam memon Nov 28, 2012 09:35pm
if the ideology of imran and khan saab is same then they should join together. God bless our beloved country. Updated comment.
AL-HILAL Nov 28, 2012 12:53pm
Gove him a chance. Let the people decide.
Haque Nov 28, 2012 01:24pm
100% agree
abc Nov 28, 2012 11:19am
Best political option for Pakistan will be a joint goverment of Imran khan and AQ khan. Then there will be no stopping for Pakistan to reach its glorious destiny
TKhan Nov 28, 2012 06:10pm
First I am going to build a device to wipe out the human race and then rule them. Well done Mr. Khan.
Zahidsaltin Nov 28, 2012 05:15pm
He should have supported Imran Khan. Forming a party and then getting 0,0001 % votes will not be a good image for Dr. sahib. People respect him for what he did for the country but no one regards him to be politician stuff.
Bilal Nov 28, 2012 11:55am
What has AQ Khan got to do with Politics? Why doesnt he serve in his own field? Everyone thinks he is the saviour of Pakistan, no body wants to do his own job with sincerity and dedication.
Mr.T Nov 28, 2012 11:47am
world cup is not bigger then nuclear... but maybe they join after election, it's better to have more good parties then corrupt parties in the nation...
Kamal Nov 28, 2012 10:50am
For God's sake give up and retain your dignity to whatever is left of it.
anwar kamal Nov 28, 2012 11:02am
Now he is a respected person.But whenever he formed a political party,will be controversial and lost respect.He had a done a lot for the country.To serve the country power is not necessary.Willingness is enough.We the general public with you.
Faisal Nov 28, 2012 01:41pm
Right politics is the best thing (and most constructive) you could for your people. We need patriots and intellectuals like him in the politics.
khan Nov 28, 2012 02:07pm
No one like one man show.
Mushtaq Ahmad Nov 28, 2012 11:41am
Khan Sahib (Hero) please streathen the other KHAN (Imran) already doing A good job for Pakistan
shah Nov 28, 2012 12:17pm
Its too late to compaign.
khan Nov 28, 2012 02:08pm
I Agree.
adam memon Nov 28, 2012 03:42pm
If the idiology of Imran and Khan Sahib is same then they should join.God bless our beloved country.
Asif Kahsmiri Nov 28, 2012 11:28am
You should go and join Imran Khan. Best of Luck,
Muhammad Farooq, ON, Canada Nov 28, 2012 02:30pm
looks like it will damage Imran Khan's vote bank, their agendas are similar. Imran Khan should proactively seek cooperation of Dr Khan. In the same way Dr Khan should also come forward and join hands with IK or else both would be losers.
khan Nov 28, 2012 02:22pm
I think so you misunder stood. AQ Khan need build our genration, he don't need any any position. He will provide us right path. He don't need any position only need strong Pakistan. AQ Khan is the honest pakistani after qaid-i- azam. and all other politician. not like know.all theif parties there.
sam Nov 28, 2012 01:48pm
I respect your feelings and loyalty. But I am doubtful you are not the soldier of this war.
khan Nov 28, 2012 01:58pm
Alhumdullah. Mr. AQ Khan do not need any compaign. His a well known popular person in the world.
mohammad shafiq Nov 28, 2012 02:49pm
i would sooner trust Abdul Qadeer Khan than Imran khan anyday
Riz Nov 28, 2012 04:41pm
Get rid of ethnic discrimination and empower people. Wait and see that every single individual will excel in there expertise. It's a shame and a massive shame as being a Muslim country that we put ethnicity before nationalism and sometimes religion.
saqib Nov 28, 2012 12:52pm
whats going on with him seriously he needs to do something really constructive, sane people are doubtful that imran will come or not