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September 15, 2012


Invention of video games

This is with reference to the article How video games were invented by Sa’adia Reza (YW, June 23, 2012). It was an informative article which answered the query of many hardcore gamers.

Every time we plays video games, we appreciate the person who invented it but it is also very important to know about the history behind the invention of these extensively-used boredom killers of the modern times. It was nice reading this article with bundles of interesting facts about the invention of games.

R. Baig, Via email

Eternal profit

This is with reference to the story Eternal profit by Elya Tanweer (YW, August 25, 2012). The story was written beautifully and gave the readers an idea of how one can lend a helping hand to the poor.

I request the Young World team to continue publishing such great stories.

Haroon Karim, Turbat

Abilities of a different kind

Hats off to the Young World team for bringing out such a wonderful issue with great sensitivity and emotional intelligence! The cover story of the September 8, 2012 issue, Abilities of a different kind by Zahrah Nasir was a heart-touching article that made me realise our mistake that we often make ‘unintentionally’ — the mistake to treat physically-challenged people around us ‘differently’!

The writer beautifully explained that these people should not be labelled as ‘disabled’; they are different from us simply because they are ‘differently abled’! When we will understand this simple fact, the physically-challenged people around us too, will get their due rights in our society.

Sara Karim, Karachi


The issue of September 8 of Young World, It’s the abilities which count, was one of the best so far. It was a very good effort by the YW team to discuss a very sensitive issue that we come across everyday, but we tend to be very insensitive about it.

We, both on an individual and collective level, do not treat people with any disability in the right manner. They are just like us and they deserve all the rights that we have, however, they are either denied the rights that any 'abled' person has or they are treated so differently that they don’t like the extra attention they get.

I would like to point out that one of the main problems they face everyday is that of mobility. Hardly any of our buildings are made keeping in mind the easy access of wheelchairs and there is no concern for disabled people on public transport. How they function in their daily life without getting their full rights and government support is simply due to the tremendous willpower and courage that they possess.

I am very grateful to Young World for printing such a nice cover story and the article Exceptional and empowered, was also very interesting. I look forward to more of such serious and sensitive issues being discussed in this magazine so that children can learn to be more sensitive to the issues around them.

Great work! Farooq Ahmed Islamabad

Monsoon: magic or misery?

This is with reference to the article Monsoon: magic or misery? by Mohammad Niaz (YW, September 8, 2012). The writer truly said that in our part of the world, rain, besides being a blessing, becomes a curse too.

I witnessed this when recently due to rainfall in Karachi; I got stuck in a massive traffic jam at Sharae Faisal!

I along with my parents had been returning from Clifton and we took the Sharae Faisal route to get back home and the rainfall, which indeed was ‘not so heavy’, caused us suffer for hours in the traffic mess and we reached home at 12 in the night. We were terribly tired and exhausted and I prayed to God to not give us any more rain if this is the outcome of this blessing!

Usman Ali, Karachi