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The foreign ministry also condemned the killing of the US ambassador and staff members in Libya. -File Photo

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Wednesday condemned the airing of an anti-Islam film which sparked a riot in Libya that killed the US ambassador and three other American diplomats.

“The government of Pakistan strongly condemns the airing of a defamatory video clip in the US, maligning the revered and pious personality of Prophet Mohammad,” said a statement issued by the foreign ministry.

The statement said the film would provoke hatred and had hurt the people of Pakistan.

“Such abominable actions, synchronised with commemoration of atrocious events like 9/11, provoke hatred, discord and enmity within societies and between peoples of various faiths.”

The film was made by an Israeli-American, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The film has been promoted by controversial US pastor Terry Jones, who has drawn protests for burning the Quran and vehemently opposing the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York.

“The event has deeply hurt the feelings of the people of Pakistan and the Muslims all over the world,” the foreign ministry statement added.

“Pakistan is a strong proponent of inter-faith harmony and believes that all manifestations of extremist tendencies must be opposed.

Islamabad also condemned the killing of the US ambassador and staff members in Libya.

“The government of Pakistan strongly condemns the killing of US ambassador Christopher Stevens and several other staff members in an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya,” the statement said.

Stevens and three other US officials were killed when a mob stormed the consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi.