KHAIRPUR/MIRPURKHAS, Aug 24: Pir Pagara Syed Sibghatullah Shah, chief of the Pakistan Muslim League-F, has urged Hindus not to migrate from Sindh and asked his disciples to ensure safety of the community in their areas.

He gave the instruction after a delegation of the Hindu community from different districts of Sindh met Pir Pagara in Pir Jo Goth.

Lachmandas Parwani, a former member of the Sindh Assembly and head of Hindu Panchayat, has welcomed Pir Pagara’s support to the community.

In a press statement, Mr Parwani said: “We (Hindus) are real heirs of Sindh and patriotic citizens. After assurance of protection to Hindu community by Pir Pagara we vow not to migrate from Sindh.”

The statement was issued after a delegation sent by Pir Pagara called on the Hindu community leader. Jadim Mangrio, an MNA, led the delegation.