Hindu migration brings tears

August 24, 2012


TEARS rolled down my eyes when I read reports about the Hindu migration to India. The continuation of lawlessness, abductions, forced-conversions and life threats, it seems so, had compelled the Hindus to think about abandoning their centuries-old established homes behind and move to India, from a land that was purely created to safeguard a Muslim Minority who felt insecure in a Hindu-dominated society.

Hindus and Sikhs were living here harmoniously with the local people when the concept of a pure Muslim homeland (Pakistan) was not invented yet.

The Hindus successfully and effectively contributed in developing local businesses to make sure the easy supplement of various commodities to people.

Their valuable efforts in the development of a diversely rich civilization can not be ignored.

The government’s inefficient officials, as usual, are refuting these reports to hide their failure about the disgusting law and order situation which caused an emotional and psychological disorder. Now it is seemingly futile to expect any miracle from the government, but one thing which we can truly and essentially do, with a head down because of shame, is to say: sorry Hindus, we could not do anything for you.