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Father's day 2

August 09, 2012


Stay fit during Ramazan The article Stay fit during Ramazan by Shahida Paracha (YW, August 4, 2012) was useful. The writer comprehensively described the measures we need to take to keep healthy, active and fit during the hectic days of Ramazan when chances of the body getting dehydrated are more likely. I would like to mention here that some people abandon most of their day-to-day activities during Ramazan because they find themselves less energetic when fasting. I would advise all those people to eat healthy and light food during Sehr and drink plenty of fluid or simply plain water to stay hydrated the whole day. Also it is necessary not to gorge on deep fried snacks such as pakoray, samosay, rolls, white gram chaat, etc., during Iftar, rather eating fruit salad and other such water-rich stuff will contribute to your better health and will also help you feel more active and energetic during fast. Ramazan is meant to purify our mind and body from toxic substances. Therefore, eating light and living a simple life is the key to spending the month of Ramazan, the way it is meant to be. Khurram Baloch, Karachi i

London Olympics Olympics 2012 issue of the Young World magazine (July 28, 2012) was superb! I appreciate YW team’s effort in this regard. The information about the Olympic Games as well as the overview of the Olympics stars were wonderful. It not only enhanced my knowledge about this mega sports event but also made my weekend interesting by giving me good articles to read. Aslam Jahangir, Quetta i II It was a delight to read Young World on July 28, soon after watching the stunning opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Thank you very much Young World for bring out such a nice issue dedicated to the Olympic Games and the write up Stars that will shine at London 2012 by Ambreen Arshad was excellent. It informed us beforehand about the athletes who are going to perform well and it helped us in selecting events and participants to watch. The book review and quiz related to Olympics were also interesting and I have saved the copy of that issue as part of the collection of my favourite books and magazines. I was too young to enjoy or understand the Olympic Games four years back, but now I am thankful to Young World that it has made my Olympic experience a wonderful one by giving me such important information beforehand. Shahzeb Sultan Lahore i

Poet’s corner Poet’s corner is a very good platform that YW has provided to young poets for displaying their poetic talent. Every week, I see various poems written by children — some are very well-written though some are average, but as it is said that practice makes a man perfect so is true for those children, who at this stage, can’t write very good poems. They are just required to keep writing and one day, they will be able to write very good poetry for sure. With Young World at your side, you don’t need to worry as the Poet’s corner of the magazine gives equal opportunities to all kid poets. Sarah Usman, Lahore i

Plagiarism or inspiration? This is with reference to the many letters published frequently in the YW magazine about the issue plagiarism. Some people complain about plagiarised stories while some about copied poems. I would like to mention here that if a story or a poem is 100 per cent copied from somewhere, it would of course be considered as cheating! Changing some words or characters’ names but keeping the theme exactly the same is plagiarism, while picking any idea from some source and working on it and modifying it by adding our own ideas is not cheating or plagiarism, rather considered as taking inspiration, which I feel is not bad! There are many filmmakers, musicians, story writers who do the same and critics appreciate their efforts. So why it’s considered plagiarism when it comes to children who have just begun to write! I must say that you should not copy others’ work 100 per cent, but taking inspiration from any source is not a bad thing to do. After all it polishes our skills and makes us able to develop our own ideas in the long run. Tooba Naz, Karachi i